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									                                             AIR POLLUTION

Air pollution is the presence of one or more physical substance, chemical, or biological in the
atmosphere in amounts that can endanger the health of living things, disturbing the aesthetics and
comfort, or property damage.

Air pollution is the inclusion, or mixing hazardous elements into the atmosphere which may result in
environmental damage, disruption of general human health and degrade the quality of the

Urban areas is one example of a very large in the form of air pollution, in the urban areas in which
includes residential, transportation, commercial, industrial, solid waste management and the
establishment of industrial centers and surging production in the form of motor vehicles is one
source air pollution.

Industrial cities like these that make the global warming effect was rapid spread, if no balance. will
be many disasters that will occur such as floods, disease, earthquakes.

Impact of Air Pollution:

- Ozone Depletion

- Global Warming (Global Warming)

- Respiratory disease, eg heart, lungs and throat

- Disruption of reproductive function

- Stress and declining productivity

- Health and decline in mental abilities of children

- Decreased levels of intelligence (IQ) of children.

therefore let us increase the awareness of our earth green again.

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