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									Media Kit

We love what we do.
lululemon athletica was founded on the belief that great athletic apparel can help people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives. It’s our passion, and it drives us in everything we do. So, from our humble beginnings sharing space with a yoga studio in Vancouver, we’ve built a company that takes its inspiration from yoga: Balance. Harmony. Culture. In nine short years, we have become one of the fastest growing athletic apparel companies in the world – with 80 locations and counting, 2300 employees and a growing range of technically advanced athletics garments and gear. But for us, the most exciting thing about all this is that we’re working to make the world a better place. Is it any surprise that we love what we do?

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Our company history
This is not an assembly line After 20 years in the surf, skate and snowboard business, lululemon founder Chip Wilson dropped in on one of Vancouver's first yoga classes. He was blown away by the intensity of the workout. And the post-yoga glow was as intense as anything he had experienced during his surfing and snowboarding days. To Chip, it was clear that yoga was a force to be reckoned with. At that time (1998 – but who’s counting?) mainstream yoga clothing was dominated by heavy-duty cotton and polyester blends that, to Chip, seemed unsuited to the rigours of serious yoga practice. With his background in technical athletic fabrics, Chip opened a small retail space that shared its area with a yoga studio. So it went: Chip and his team working on yoga clothes during the day and those clothes being put to the test in that same space during the evening. And this harmony between designing products and actually using them turned into a foundational lululemon belief: that a company can only be truly great when it has a close relationship to the communities it serves. lululemon athletica has continued to build from the foundation of these core beliefs and is today one of the fastest-growing athletic apparel companies in the world.

Technically advanced garments and gear
lululemon athletica creates yoga-inspired athletic apparel for both women and men. Our garments are made by athletes for athletes to accommodate a range of athletic pursuits, such as running and dancing. We design with function as our top priority; whether it is our locking zippers, cuffins, thumb holes or ponytail holders, everything has a purpose. Innovative designs produced with technical fabrics maximize performance include: luonTM is our signature fabric and offers moisture wicking and four-way stretch for a full range of movement. SilverescentTM is made with real silver fibres which are woven into fabric. It is anti-stink due to silver’s natural anti-microbial properties and is excellent for high-sweat activities.

lululemon Ambassadors
It’s research without the boring The innovative, performance-based designs emerge not only from the creative minds of the designers and their personal athletic experiences but also from the feedback of lululemon’s local ambassadors. From yogis and marathoners to cyclists and dancers, lululemon forms partnerships with ambassadors, a group of unique individuals who embody the active and healthy lifestyle that is at the heart of the company. lululemon encourages and promotes these local experts who make positive health and fitness contributions in lululemon communities. Ambassadors are asked to test the limits of the product and provide valuable design feedback. Their feedback was critical in developing the initial products and it continues to contribute to lululemon’s vision of making the most innovative and functional athletic apparel.

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lululemon Culture

Elevation At lululemon athletica, we have an original intent: to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness. We plan to do this through our people. Our company culture is one of empowerment and personal responsibility. We offer employees the tools to learn about themselves and reach their potential greatness. Without a doubt, the incredibly talented people that make up lululemon are largely responsible for the company’s success today. We believe in the power of goal setting. And we are not just talking about work goals. ALL employees at lululemon set one-, five- and 10-year career, health and personal goals. The goals are then displayed in the halls of the Store Support Centre and the backrooms of our retail locations for everyone to see and support.

Community Engagement
Our Community At lululemon athletica, we believe that every person hired, every garment created, every store opened, every customer educated and every yoga class attended contributes to building a legacy within each community. We advocate for socially responsible business decisions and encourage our employees to make responsible lifestyle commitments that positively affect our local and global communities. We are committed to manufacturing our products in good conscience and in turn are committed to improving the communities where our factories operate. Our Store Development team is passionate about our planet. We use low VOC paints, energy-efficient lighting, reclaimed wood flooring, showers for staff where possible and many other initiatives to help minimize our footprint. We are also currently constructing a LEED-certified head office in Vancouver. Charitable Giving To allow the stores to have an impact on their local communities, lululemon initiated the Charitable Giving program. Each year, the stores select up to eight charities in their community and give the power of choice back to their customers by letting them choose which local charities they would like lululemon to support in their name. lululemon athletica also supports the Centre for Integrated Healing and Silken Laumann’s Active Kids. Based in Vancouver, the Centre for Integrated Healing provides proactive cancer care that complements traditional cancer-fighting methods. Canadian Olympian Silken Laumann’s Active Kids is a program dedicated to preventing childhood obesity.

A glossary of lululemon terms
In developing our unique approach to doing business, we’ve had to develop some new terminology. Ultimately, we found that much of the language associated with traditional business models didn’t speak to our vision. Here’s a quick glossary of lululemon terminology: lululemon term Educator Manifesto Greatness Feedback Guests Goals Guest Education Center (GEC) Store Support Center (SSC) Rough Translation Employees that work on our retail floor They live our core values and educate on our products A truth check. What we live by What we all aspire to Thoughts from our individuals in our communities What makes innovation possible Our beloved customers Tools that help us achieve personal success For all questions and queries, please call 1 877 263 9300 lululemon athletica Head Office

Our Leaders
Chip Wilson
Founder, Chief Product Designer & Chairman of the Board

Chip Wilson is a passionate entrepreneur and visionary who is best known for his creation of lululemon athletica. Chip founded the dynamic, yoga-inspired athletic apparel company in 1998 with the mission to create components for people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives. As founder, Chief Product Manager and Chairman of the Board of lululemon athletica, Chip influences all areas of the company. Chip’s career in the apparel industry began with Westbeach Snowboard Ltd. in 1980. As founder and CEO of this surf/skate/snowboard clothing company until 1997, Chip gained significant experience and knowledge. He has used this to successfully lead lululemon to its current position. Chip holds a BA in Economics from the University of Calgary. In 2004, he was named Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year for Innovation and Marketing by Ernst & Young. Chip maintains a healthy and active lifestyle with a regular exercise routine that consists of hiking a local mountain three times a week and seeing a personal trainer at least twice a week. Other interests include reading and staying apprised of new and emerging athletics. Chip’s greatest accomplishment is his family. He is the proud father of five boys and is happily married to his wife Shannon.

Christine Day
President, Chief Operating Officer and CEO Designate A 20-year Starbucks veteran well-acquainted with high growth retail, Christine Day is no stranger to innovative thinking. Christine joined lululemon athletica in January 2008 as Executive Vice President of Retail Operations and transitioned into her new role as President, Chief Operating Officer and CEO Designate in April 2008. All of this, and she still finds time to pursue other passions such as running, practicing yoga, and spending time with her husband and their three children. After joining Starbucks in 1986, Christine held several senior management positions including Co-President of Starbucks International and most recently served as President of the Asia Pacific Group from July 2004 to February 2007. Christine has a BA from Central Washington University, is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program, and is currently is a director of Select Comfort Corporation.

Additional Leaders:

John Currie CFO

Mike Flood CIO

lululemon athletica quick facts and stats
As of June 1, 2008 Founded 1998 in Vancouver, British Columbia Who we are A yoga-inspired athletic apparel company Passion Creating components for people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives Original Intent Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness Founder Chip Wilson, former founder of Westbeach Snowboard Ltd. Products Yoga inspired athletic apparel and accessories designed for both men and women Locations Total: 80 including Canada, USA, and Australia. Employees 2300 Stock On July 27, 2007, lululemon athletica listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (LLL) and NASDAQ (lulu). Website www.lululemon.com

lululemon goes public
On July 27, 2007, lululemon athletica listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (LLL) and NASDAQ (lulu). For further information on Investor Relations, please visit investors.lululemon.com.

Resources Media Website media.lululemon.com Media Contact Sara Gardiner Community Relations Manager media@lululemon.com Store Support Center/Head Office 2285 Clark Drive Vancouver, BC Canada V5N 3G9 Namaste.

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