Edward Tuccio Ridgefield, CT Has Been a JDRF Member Since 1998 by edjtuccio


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									  Edward Tuccio Ridgefield,CT

JDRF Member since 1998
        Volunteer with JDRF

Edward Tuccio Ridgefield, CT has been working as a
volunteer with JDRF since 1998. As a charitable organization,
the primary aim of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
(JDRF) is to improve the lives of anyone who is affected by the

He was also one of the walkers at Walk to Cure Diabetes. He
was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 12 years old and he
has given his best efforts towards spreading more information
about diabetes so that one day a cure could be found.
       Real Estate Professional

As Chief Financial Officer at Tuccio Development, he uses his
expertise in the areas of structuring, analyzing, sourcing and
negotiating highly complex transactions. Tuccio Development,
the family owned general contracting firm designs and
custom builds high quality luxury homes.
       Dedicated Professional

 Edward Tuccio ran the NYC marathon in 1993 and he
also ran the boys and girls club turkey trot.

 He is an avid golfer and he made hole in one in
Okemos VT in 2000. He is also a Ridgefield hockey and
baseball coach.

Edward Tuccio, Ridgefield, CT has been working in the
real estate industry for many years. As a strategic
thinker with a passion for devising creative ways to
solve problems he has the ability think on his feet.
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