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 For each stage of your
company's life, there may be
financial needs that require
outside funding. The funding
types for the different stages
are called:
You have two choices when deciding which type of
capital funding you want for your company. You can
go for debt capital or equity capital.
           Types of debts



To determine the type of funding you should go
after, ask yourself questions like these:

•Could my company even qualify for debt

•Am I willing to lose my house if the company
goes under?

•Will I be able to make the monthly payments to
pay off the debt?

•Will the lender give me more money if I need it?
           Equity capital

Equity capital is funding provided by
people or firms who want to own a part of
your company and reap some of the
rewards when your large and successful
company goes public or is acquired by
another larger and even more successful
company .
Or, for equity financing:

•Would investors even be interested in my

•Am I really the control freak people say I
am? Is that a problem?

•Am I really okay with someone going
through my confidential financial
•Am I going to be able to give investors the
information they need?

•Am I going to have a problem sharing my
hard-earned profits?

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