THE MATCH by ewghwehws


									THE MATCH

Your solution to
-   Collect reference letters from your Polish
-   Apply to do ‘audition rotations’ at schools
    where you might want to match in your
    preferred field(s)
-   Schedule USMLE CS and CK. I’m not
    kidding. Do it NOW!
   Canadians apply for MCCEE (you have to
    write this even if matching in US)
 You have Neurology with Dr. J. You are a
 Learn how to properly present patients,
  write pt. notes, SOAP notes and how to
  dress well.
 Get ref. Letter from Dr. J and your
  resident. Letters from residents count for
  less but get one anyway.
May ctd.
   Apply for rotations in Rochester and
 Enjoy summer in Krakow
 Finalize rotations
 Study for USMLE
   Begin Electives and collect LORs
     When asking for LORs provide a CV,
      Personal Statement plus cover sheet and
      stamped addressed envelope.
 Study for USMLE
 Write USMLE CK (or in Aug)
 Begin ERAS application (opens July 1)
 More electives & LORs (have at least 4 in
 Write CK if not done already
 Fill out ERAS application and write
  Personal Statement.
     Get your friends and colleagues to edit your
      PS. There are several online examples.
     AMA tips
 Submit ERAS application as soon as
  humanly possible
 Start filling out Canadian application
  (opens mid-sept).
 Get interview clothing and practice
 Write MCCEE (Can)
   Interview season begins. Most interviews are in
    Dec/Jan but spread them out so you don’t burn
   Interview tips and sample questions online at Relax, it’s fun .
   Send thank you notes to your reference letter
    writers and also to your interviewers as you go
   Proofread MSPE
 Deadline for Canadian documents to be
  submitted to CaRMS
 Bulk of interview invitations have been
  sent out.
 If you want more interviews mid Nov is the
  time to start contacting programs directly.
  This often works.
 Again with the interviews.
 Try not to schedule electives over xmas
   Happy New Year!
   Interview high season
   Rank schools as you go along and make notes
    because they all start to blur together.
   Canadian interviews are in late Jan/early Feb
   Submit rank list. Scores MUST be in by now.
    Can always change after certified so do it early.
   Back to Poland! Yay!
   Canadian Match Week!!!!
   US Match week!!!! You have this week off so
    can make up elective time if needed. Or go on
    holiday to Egypt.
   Find out if you matched
     If you didn’t, Scramble
     If you did, find out where on the Thu of Match week.

   Canadian 2nd round begins
 Work on J1 visa paperwork if needed
 Prepare for ECFMG certification
 Get grad photos done
   Celebrate! You’re a doctor. Go save
 CK: Study using 1st aid, toronto notes,
  USMLEworld/Kaplan qBank
 CS: 1st aid for the Step 2 CS is plenty.
  Act out scenarios with your friends and
  time yourself.
 There’s a long and complicated application
  process so start early.
 Documents can be notarized on Grodzka
  50 for 50 zl. They will rip you off if they
 Use same material as for USMLE and you
  will be super-prepared. It’s fairly easy and
  they give you plenty of time.
Researching Programs
 FRIEDA (the best one)
 ValueMD
 Student Doctor Network
 US News and World Report
Interview tips
 Be prepared
 AMA tips
 Research each program individually &
  make notes of q’s you want to ask
 Attend dinners if possible
 Observe fellow interviewees to see if they
  are people you would like to work with.
Sample Qs
   -why you ended up in Poland,
    -why you want the residency spot in the first place at their institution
    -why you want to come to the States
    -why that specialty
    -what are the challenges the specialty faces
    -what are some of the downfalls of that specialty
    -what is your strength
    -did you take a course for the steps, if yes/no, why?
    -tell me about yourself
    -what do you like to do for fun
    -what do you do in your spare time
    -are you ready for residency
    -why should I pick you
    -you heard all the good parts about this program, what do you think are its bad parts
    -why this geographical area (ex. what interests you about doing a residency in state x?)
    -what are your expectations from this program
    -which medical health care system is better (I had to answer about American vs Polish vs
    -what do you know about the medical health system here vs all the other places you have been
    exposed to
Canada vs. USA
   Stay near family/friends
   Return of Service req’d except in Manitoba
   Need visa for USA and considered for fewer
   More opportunities in USA & not in separate
   Some programs are longer in one country or the
    other. (ex. FM is 2y in Can, 3y in USA)
   23/32 people went through a match
   3/3 matched in the UK
   1/4 matched in Canada
   14/17 matched in the USA (?)
   1/32 is staying in Poland
   18/23 matched successfully
   4 are going through 2nd round in Canada
   Stop worrying, just get your act together and do
    it! 

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