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					SEO Trends Says That Social Media Marketing
is on the rise because it has a great ROI and it
  can be micro-targeted at an audience. Sagar
   Kumar, Marketing Head of Solution Point, a
 leading Indian website development company
    that specializes in organic search engine
       optimization, says that all social and
  commercial organizations can benefit from a
      social media optimization offered by .
A quality search engine optimization plan is an essential part of
on-line marketing, even if your company is the only company in city
He was speaking during the launch ceremony of their Social Media
Services Offering through Convergence of Online Marketing,
Advertising and PR "If potential customers are looking for a product
or service that only you or a handful of competitors provide and they
cannot find it easily through Internet search, they will just give up A
website that is not search engine friendly is as bad as not having a
website at all The purpose of having a website is to create a
comprehensive online presence, regardless of the product or service
", he added In today's world, corporate barriers control customer
experiences rendered through various departments from product
marketing to customer service Giving all stakeholders a real voice in
that process - via phones, email, mail, participation and social media
- has been the antithesis of many corporate cultures for decades Mr
Kumar says, use of social media as a marketing
mix is better than hiring some urban-connected individual for getting
brand attention
 Firms should craft a strategy and understand what their business
objectives are And it means never, ever taking eye off the customer
and doing what matters - providing value to them After all, isn't that
what you're in business for? In the world of Internet, you never get a
second chance to make a first impression, every single piece of copy
or web page, every minute of video, every utterance you make can
become a decision point for someone It may be a potential
customer, a prospective employer, maybe even a family member
Make your actions count - hire the right social media agency
 Social media encompasses more than Facebook, Orkut and
MySpace (who still command popularity), and includes things like
blogs, wikis, and Twitter Of course, all of these mediums are still in
the experimental phase when it comes to ad formats and
measurement, ranging from the new Facebook Pages to the Twitter
Brand Sponsors As per Mr Sagar Kumar, Social Media Marketing is
on the rise because it has a great ROI and it can be micro-targeted
at an audience and it is much easier to scale up and scale down than
almost any other kind of Marketing With budgets for social media
marketing clearly on the rise, once best practices are established,
those remaining skeptical about the medium may also jump in, and
overall spending should continue to grow
 Perhaps, at that point, we can even conclude that social media is
indeed an industry Established in 2004, Solution Point is a leader in
Custom web development, programming and design solutions for
small and large business, agencies The company offers a wide
range of business-centered communication solutions, including
web-based content management, web design, graphic design,
custom web software applications, search engine optimization
(Organic SEO), and digital media solutions For more information,
call 91-11-4168-1410 or visit

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