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									                 ~Viiil ii\' I,
                   ,tM A            l'        ,"
                    f   :\   <~.t    lj            >.

                                          CASTRO VAllEY, CA. 94546



1969 & 1972                               OCT08(11) 1973
October 1973 Petrograph
This is the monthly bulletin of the MIneral and Gem Society of Castro Valley, Inc., a Mem-
ber of the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc., and the American Fede-
ration of rJineralogical Societies, Inc. Editor: Martha L. Peters, 19294 Lake Chabot Rd.,
Castro Valley, CA, 94546.


PRESIDEN'I"S MESSAGE: Is it October already? That means it is time to get ready for our
Open House (November 11th) and our Armual Show (March 2nd a.Dd 3rd).
   Billie and Allen Ashley will be our Co,-Hosts for the Open House this year. They wi.ll
be needing help on the saws and wheeL:; in the Lapidary Shop, help in the Jewelry Room, in
the Library) et cetera. So, if you would like to help, contact the Ashleys.
   Anyone who is planning to put a case in our show (and you ALL should), remember, all
cases MUST be wired for 3-wire. We could use help to rewire the club cases. We will get
the material, but it is just too time,-consmn:ing for just one or two to do all of them. If
you are going to use a club case) and cOIJ.Id possibly rewire the case yourself, it would be
a big help. I keep saying "we" when I should say Jim G1iebe. See him about helping.
   See y'ou at the next meeting. Jim Ewing.

Meeting Dates              1    Sunshine Girl                8     Pebble Pups               17
President's Message        1    Jewelry Jargon               9     Pick IN' Shovel Treas.    17
Minutes, General Meeting   2    16 Years Ago                 9     Community Services        18
Minutes, Bd. of Dir.       3    Mineral Id. Class            9     Coming Up                 18
Helpful Hint               4    Membership                  10     CFJlfJS Newsltr. Digest   19
Treasurer's Report         4    News Release                11     Rocking Thru The West     21
October 12th Meeting       5    500 4-WD Fence Shafts       12     Mail, Exchange Bull.      24
Open House                 c;   Ye Olde Count rye Store     12     Elected Officers          27

Field Trip Oct. 28th       6    Picture, Managua, Nic.      12     Appointed Com. (,'hmn.    27
Field Trip Aug. 26th       6    Profiles                    13     Notice                    27
Field Trip Aug. 11th       6    Classified Ads              14     Dues                      27
Cab-Of-The-Month           6    Sardonic Cautions, Vanes    14     PETROGR~PH Policy         27
CFMS Cleanup               7    Screenings                  15     Rules & Schedules         28
Lapidary Rap               8    Chips & Quips               16     Shop Site & Parking       28
MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING          ing on the show now We will need

SEPTEMBER 14, 1973.                                plants. Start cases , aildst.!n'tyour
                                                   handicrafts for the boutique. Janet
         The meeting was called to order at        Tate and Helen Miguel are the chair-
   7~   50 P. M. by President Jim EY"ring.         men for the boutique. The name of the
                                                   show will be Yrpick and Shovel Treasures."
MSC, Kenneth MacKenzie / Roy Le Roy, that          Ethel Wolf won $10.00 for her suggestion.
   the minutes of the June meeting be ap-          The show dates are March 1, 2, and 3.
   proved as printed in the July PETRO~
   GRAPH.                                       Editor: Martha Peters needs to be informed
                                                      public services performed by our mem-
COMMITTEE REPORTS                                  bers. Don't be bashful. Let her know
                                                   when you speak to groups, etc.
Treasurer:    Jack Peters, absent, no report.
                                                Education Chairman: Martha Peters said we
Receptionist: Jeanne Evans read. the list         have had two meetings of the Mineral
   of guests and new members.                      Id.entification Class We had to turn

                                                   away several people.
Program Chairman: George Strauch - next
   month's program will be Mr. Chris Rojan      Hostess:     Caroline McKaskle had no report.
   on Structural Damage of Earthquakes with
   films of the damage of the Managua           Membership Chairman:     J·ea.>J. Pfefer - dues are
   earthquakes.                                   due.

Field Trip Chairman: Del Jones - the Field      Federation Director:     Virginia Owens had no
   Trip for October will be on the 28th            report.
   for Green Onyx at the Hitchcock Mine.
   There will be a charge of $1000 for the      Li!?r~ri~:  Billie Ashley needs help on
   first 10 pounds and 25¢ a pound thereaf-        Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
   ter. Meet at the Silver Dollar Cafe in
   Lower Lake at 9:30 A. M.                     Sunshine Girl: Janet Tate reported that Bob
                                                   Christensen, son of Roy and Lydia, was
Shop Foreman: Glenn Tate said we will need         killed in a traffic accident. She also
   $20~60 for the electrical work to bring         reported that she had. received thank-you
   the cases up to code.                           notes from Harold Mahoney and Alberta
MSC, Pat McCully / Blue Andrade, that the
   club spend the $200.00 to bring the          Historian:     Helen Iv
                                                                      dgue.l - no report.
   cases up to code.
                                                Scholarship:     Hazel Peterman - no report.
Project Showcase Chairman: Glenn Tate said
   it will take $250.00 fo build 6 six-foot     Publicity:     Jeanne Lower - no report.
                                                Cab-Of-The-Month: Blue .Andrade explained
MSC, Martha Peters / Marie Le Roy, that the        the use of ribbons instead of trophies.
   club spend the $250.00 necessary for the        One will be awarded in the Masters and
   construction of the club's cases.               one for Juniors. A Junior may enter
                                                   into the Masters after winning high
Beginners' Instructor: Glenn Tate said             score in the Juniors. Only a couple of
  this is a good time to take your free            stones have been turned in so far.
   lessons. Please contact him if you are
   interested.                                  Old Business: Outgoing shop instructors
                                                   should turn in their keys to the shop.
Show Chairman: Roy Le Roy said the budget          There are not enough keys to go around.
   is larger than before   0There "Till be a
   boutique this year. P'.cofi ts from the      New Business: Me1l1~bership cards vrill be
   boutique will go for ce.ses  0 start work-      checked. at the shop starting in October      0

                                    _ _ _ _~_ _ _ _ _ _ _~ti;PJled to the next .~
PETROGRAPH                                 Page 2                                October, 1973
MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP    I~ETING =      Nunemann, GlelLn Tate, and Jean Pfefer.
SEPTEMBER 14, 1973.
                                                 Non-Voting Commlttee    ~Qairmen   Present:    Phil
   Only paid up members will have use of         ~ Clarke; Ha::zei Peterman, end Ed Peters.
   our shop facilities.
                                                 ~n-Voting   Committee Chairmen Absent:
~respondence:    announcements or flyers to         <Jeanne Lower, Vern Korstad, Bev Ewing,
   the following shows - Valley of the              Ben Owens, Janet Tate, and. J'eanne Evans.
   Moon, Mojave, Festival '73, Pomona Show,
   Coalinga, Whittier, Gallileo, Mission         Members Present: Roy McKaskle, Bob McFate,
   Peak at Fremont, and a Faceters' Fair            and Marie Le Roy.
   and Workshop at the Santa Clara County
   Fairgrounds.                                  MSC, Dora Collins / Jim Gliebe, that the
                                                    minutes of the previous meeting be ap-
Announcement: Jeanette Korstad announced            proved as printed in the PETROGRAPH.
   the opportunity to sell some of the
   jewelry you have been making at the           COMMITTEE
   South County Branch of ~1ildren's Hos-
   pital Art and Cocktail Party.                 Treasurer:    Jack Peters, absent, no report.

      Anyone having club cases should bring      Progra."!l Chairman: George Strauch said Chris
   them in to the shop for rewiring.                 Rojan of the U. S. Geological Survey will
                                                     have a program. about the "Structural Dam-
Juniors: Dora Collins said the Juniors               age of Earthquakes" at the October meet-
   need tumbling material and tUlllbled              ing.
                                                 Field Trip Chairman: Del Jones said that a.n
Door Prizes: Winners were guests Leeann             October 28th date for a trip to Hitchcock
    Coffelt, Valerie Rodrigues, Evelyn Pop-         Mine for green onyx has been set.
  . ieh, and Ida Wilkie. Winning members
    were John Boyd, Jeanne Rvans, and George     Shop Steering Cammittee: Ed Peters, no re-
    Strauch.                                        port as they had no meeting this month.

MSC, Blue Andrade / Glenn Tate, that the         Show Chairman: Roy Le Roy reported that the
   meeting adjourn. At 8: 55 P. M., the             dealers f fees have been raised by $1.00
   meeting was adjourned.                           per foot, and the Ad,11ission Donations
                                                    have been increased to $1.00 for adults
                   Respectfully submitted"          and 50¢ for children.
                   /s/ Ednah Antunovich
                   Edneh Antunovich,             MSC, Ed:''1ah Antunovich / Virginia Owens, that
                   Secretary.                       the club reimburse Roy Le Roy for the
                                                    cost of the sign paper for last year's
===========================================         show in the amount of $39.00.

~~~~~c~~~~~         ____ ____
                           ~   ~~~
                                     MEETING     Federation Director:     Virginie, Owens had
SEPTEMBER 17, 1973.                                 nothing ne'l{.

      At 7:45 P. M., President Jim Erring        Hostess      Caroline McKaskle, no report.
   called the meeting to order.
                                                 Editor:   Martha Peters - nothing new.
Voting Board Members Present: Jim Ewing,
   Blue Andrade, Ednah Antunovich, Jim           Librarian: Billie Ashley would like ideas
   Gliebe, George Strauch, Vi:rginia Owens,         for books to order for the library. She
   Del Jones, Roy Le Roy, Martha Peters,            needs help for Tuesday and ~lursday even-
   Caroline McKaskle, Billie Ashley, Helen          ings.
   Miguel, and Dora Collins.
                                                 Ju,nior Mentor:    Dora Collins - nothing new.
       Members   Absent~   Jack Peters, Dave                       (Continued to the next page.)
SEPTEMBER 17, 1973.                                   TRK~Sl~ERfS REPORT,AUG 1, TO AUG 31, 1973.

Sunshine Girl:    Janet Tate, ill, no report.          Corr@ercial Account August 1, 1973 $ 1,907.18
Scholarship   Chairma~:   Hazel Peterman, no           Shop Income              $267.97
   report.                                             Dues                        572.50
Cab-Of~The-Month:  Blue Andrade said only               Advanced/Returned
   three stones have been turned in for                 Jewelry Class $579.80
   September so far.                                    ID Class         50.00
                                                         County Fair      5.00
Historian:    Helen Miguel, no report.                  AFMS Fund        36.00
                                                        Security Bars 100.00
Door Prizes: Ben OWens would like some                  Refund/Grainger 97.80
   good material ••• only the kind that you             Misc. Income     14.45 883.05         1,723.52
   would like to receive yourself.                    Receipts plus Cash                    $ 3,630.70
Old Business: November 11 has been set for             Shop
   Open House. Allen Ashley is chairman.                Rent            287.79
   Dora Collins will be Clean Up Chairman.              Utilities        33.06
                                                        Supplies         62.97
New Business; George Strauch is to compose             PETROGRAPH
   a letter to the Federation about dona-              Miscellaneous
   tions and their tax status.                          Taxes, Ala. Co. 43.75
                                                        Dues, refund      6.00
Corre€e2ndence: Free subscription offer to              Door Prize Ch. 50.00
   "Faceter Magazine II • Rock ac'1d Gem maga-          Treas. stam.ps,
   zine is offering subscriptions through                 Le(lger         7.67 107.42
   the club with part of the price being               Others
   returned to the club.                                AFMB Fund        36.00
                                                        AFMS Profit
      Bob McFate asked permission to enter                from picnic    48.25
   the club's case in a show.                          Grainger          99.96 184.21           759·23
                                                      Commercial Acct. AU.g. 31,' ,1973     $ 2,871.47
MBC, Dora Collins / Del Jones, that the               Savings Acct                            1,499.74
   meeting be adj ourned. ~I'he meeting was           Building Fund                          10,474.26
   ad.j ourned at 8: 30 P. M.                                                               $14,845.47
                    Respectfullysu~~itted;                                  Respectfully submitted,
                    /s/ Edhah Ahtunovich                                    /s/ Jack Peters
                    Ednah Antunovich,                                       Jack Peters, Treasurer.
===========;================================           Why is it opportunities always look bigger
                                                       going than coming?

1-]ELPf-UL 1-11 nT                                     Of all the troubles great and small are
                                                       those that never happened at all.

   Any machine with which you are polishing            If there is no way out, there is a way up.
or grinding which has a shaft that comes
out through the center of your wheel, don't            A wish is a desire without any attempt to
use a metal retaining washer. Use plastic,             attain its end.
lucite, or anYthing not metal.
                -Bill Walsh, Member.                   Fear brings more pain than does the pain it
                                                       fears.              -Apples Of Gold.
PETROGRAPH                                     Page    4                               October, 1973
                                                           freshrr~nts   for the             meeting and

OCl 12 mEET.                                              would like tc bring something for the next
                                                          meeting, it wUI be gratef'lllly !'wcepted.
                                                              1.1he delicious cookies (8.Jld most of them
       PROGRAM CHA.IRMAJIJ"" GEORGE ST'RAUCE              were homemade) were through the generosity
                                                          of Bernice Bennett, Laura Fengel., Thea
OCTOBER PROGRAM - Tl1El October program will              Bailey, Dora Collins~. Serena Hanselman.,
be an. illustrated tall: :by Nt'"              Roja1:m    WalJ:ace e.:nd CarolYl1. Harrell, John and. Kathe-
of the United states Geological Srrx'"17ey in             rine Canning, Bev Ev.Ting, :Kay Baker, ]'ern
which he will show us an overview of the                  BrOlIITl, Janice Delfino~ ltrt Emich" Al Bryant,
effects of' the earthquake at Managua, Nica'P             Joe Duarte, Loren and. Lillian Dowell, Mary
r8gtlao Mr:. Rojahl1. has been to Managua                 Ackerman, l 'ina Bl;Tke, LlJ.c:Llle Boyd., Keith
t'wice since the gueketo study its e:ffects               Ruth, Billie Ashley, M. Gebhardt, and. the
and, at the time of this:w:dting~ is on his               Gliebe fs.nrl.l"y. (Editor' sNote: Please sign
way. to 'that city once again. The talk vTLll             your full na'1ie TAThen you eheck in your good-
be accompanied by coiorslides 1rfhioh ",rill              ies so we can get it correct in the PETRO-
show r,;tructural da'1lage' and.\\r.il1 8111P12a::3iZEl   GRAPH.)
th.atdamage was most serious :tn old.er,                      T!o,anks to the t]11'ee young lacti€!s, Cathy
poorly designed structures ~ 1~:le fSoults                Ewing, Cathy Pasquini, aTld KatJ:.w Sloan, f'or
rLL.'1nihg throu/?)l the city of' M8Jlagua, which         their wonderful help in setting out the re-
is situated bet'ween Lake Managu.@, and: LsJr.e           fresl'.llnenis and. ser-ving the punch o.
Nicaragu.a, will be :illustrated.•                            Bouquets to Maxie Le Roy for being so
    Mr. Roj aJ:u1 is w'ell qua.lif::!:e3. t.o speak on    graciouEily the coffee hostess.
this Erttbject, having a M.S. Degree :i:n                     Ma.ny thwiks to all who helped your ner~
Structu:ral EnginE;ering frc)m Ste,nford Uni~             vous Hostess On her first night, and, es-
versity and is em:p10yed by the USGS as a                 pecially, to Glerm 'I'ate , without whom there
structural engineer wo:r;king on earthqu:ake              would have been :'10 coffee.
problems. Mr:. Raj     ab.nis the chairman o:f' a
conference on the Managu:a Earthque.keo This              +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
c:onference will be l':i.eld inSa,n Frexlcisco on
November 29tl1 ~Ylct 30trl     Th.Ei confe:'ceXlee


will be sponsored by the Earthq;1ake Rl1gi-
neering Resea;rch Institute and '>frill be a,t~
tend.ed by experts in this field, :including
several from Nicaragua.                                    OPEl'\f HOUSE WILL BE ON NOVEMBER 11;) 1973.     v,JE

LL~ST MONTH 13 PRCXiRAM '.,., A deligh1:Jf'l:.l film on
                                                          WILL NEED HELP TO CI,EAN UP THE SHOP FOR THIS
t.he "indti;structible,l{;l..i&nond entertained us
at the General Memoorsh+:p Meeting ofSep':"                OCCivnON.     THERE WILL BE Al-I AUC'IIIQN, ,sO GET
temper 14th. liThe Magie Of Dia"llor~ll.s!t ",ras a
fi.lm of beauty a,.'!.d italso,tau.ght· the view-          SOME MATE:RIALTOGETHER FOR THIS YEARLY EVENT
ers a, f'e'ltT :facts about dlamortds • Sponsored
by de Beers Consolia..ated Mines;i. this movie            WHICH IS SO ;lYIUCH FU1if.   SAVE TEE DATE..
impressed. us with the heS;tlty arid desil's,bil,;;
i ty of these stones. A remark by one of                  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++{-+++++++++++
the audience was that 111 ne1"er cared about
diaulondsbefore, but, now", I like them. It               A man ilg not bId unti.lregrets take the
                                                          place of d.reaxlls.
             HOSTESS .... CAROL MCKl\SKLE:                 Nothing is all 11\1'TOng. HV'en a elockthat has
                                                           stopped rmm.ing is right t'wice a day.
    For the October 12th meeting, 1<\1':1.11 those
'with the last names beginning with tb.e let~              Death is not extingu.ishing the light; i t is
tel's f through R please bringt'I!ITo d.ozen               putti.ng out the la..ll:p because dawn has come.
cupc a.k.e s •
    Those 1tifi th last mUl1es begin:ccL:ng with i'1.      There J.s nothing perm.al1.e:n.t but change.
through l! who were not a,ble to              re-
PE'I'R OGRA.PE                                      Page 5                                      October, 1973
                                                     By Robyn Wilcox, Member.
                          Del Jones,               The Mineral end Gem Society of Castro
                          Field Trip Chmn.     Valley was represented at the Cleanup, that
                                               was sponsored by the Bureau of Land Manage-
   T~e next field trip will be held on Sun-
                                               ment and the Forest Service at Davis Creek
day, Octbber 28th at the Hitchcock Mine out    on August 11th and 12th, by five of its mem-
of Lower Lake. We will be guests of the        bers.
Santa Rosa club with John "Jack" Burris,           The group assembled at the Lassen Creek
one of our Past Presidents, as Leader.         Campground a few miles northeast of Davis
   We will meet at the silver Dollar Cafe      Creek.
in Lower Lake at 9: 30 A. M. From there, we        The group was divided into several sec-
will drive out to the r~Dcho The last few      tions: a trash clean up posse; a willow-
miles ~dll be by four-wheel-drive or high      planting s<quad to plant willows along a seve-
pickups, (no ca.m;pers). The owner will use    ral mile stretch of Lassen Creek; a platoon
his truck to ferry people to the diggings.     to trim a firebreak running through the for-
   Now that I have told you this much, may-    est; and a gang of fence-destroyers who took
be I should tell you that it will be for       down an old and abandoned drift fence that
beautiful green onyx.                          had been trapping and maiming deer.
   The charges will be $1.00 to dig for the        On Sunday, the host club from Alturas
first ten pounds, and 25¢ a pound thereaf-     gave all of us our choice of collecting
ter.                                           areas: gold sheen obsidian,·rainbow obsidi-
   This will be the only time the claim        ~D, obsidian needles, or blue sheen obsidi-
vall be open this year with no promise that    an.
it will be open next year.                         The members from Castro Valley were: the
   Tools needed: heavy - gads, sledges,        Parkers, the Wilcoxes, and Jack Zawitkoski.
pry bars.
   Harold Johnson will be leader for our       Editor's Note:   Thank you, Robyn, for your
contingent.                                    writeup.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

                                               CAB- OF - TI-IE -~~ 00
   1----1 U
    (J     G 260
                          Del Jones,
                          Field Trip Chmn.              By Blue Andrade,   amah.
    On Sunday, August 26th, 1973, twenty-      October-------Jasper, Round, Half Dollar.
seven people showed up atop the Anderson       November------Agate, Teardrop, double crown,
Dam., ready for a day s outing. The weather
                                                    .            30x40, back polish.
was beautiful (a little brisk early in the     December------Jasper, 32x48 , Bola.
                                               J~Duary-------Agate, Round, Dollar Size,
morning) and when we started to hike around
the lake, it warmed up real quick.                               back polish.
    There was lots of material to sort         February------Jasper, Square, any size.
through: magnesite, agate, ruld jasper.        March---------Agate, 38x32 , Bola, back
    I think everyone got plenty of material:                     polish.
it was mostly a matter of being choosy         April---------Jasper, any f'ree form, must
about the pieces to bring back around the                        show skill such as bezel and
leclges.                                                         crown.
                                               May-----------Agate, Round, Half Dollar,
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                      double cabbed.
SAVE BETTY CROCKER COUPONS FOR ~rlE SCHOLAR-   Ju..De----------Jasper, 40x30, 30x22.
SHIP FUND. GIVE THEM TO HAZEL PETERMAN.           Please bring the Cab-Of-The Month to the
HELP ELIMINATE lAND POLLUTION.                 General Meeting. Give them to Blue Andrade.

PETROGRA.PH                               Page 6                                   October, 1973
                                                                                          Cam ing
WHO?                   CFMS - THAT MEiLWS YOU                 0


WHERE?                Approximately 7 miles east of
                      Chinese Camp on Hwy 120-right                                Dead
                      across the street from Moccasin                              End
                      Fish Hatchery-right at the                                               Work
                      junction of Hwys 120-49 Turn
                      left-road marked not a through
                      road-2/10ths of a mile down is
                      work area-2/10ths mile more
                      turn right for camping.

                      Approximately 11 mi~Les 'f/\fest of
                      Coulterville on Hwy- 49~at junc-
                      tion 49/120 go straight al1e ad.                       G

WHEN?                 9 A. Me, Saturday, October 13.

BRING?                Water. Dry camp. Heavy gloves
                      for working. Will need tables
                      for potluck.

NOTE:                 Large campers, motor homes,
                      trailers should cam-p at Mocca-
                      sin Point back 3 miles on Hwy
                      120 towards Chinese Camp.

POTLUCK?              saturday night.                 Larry stewart
                      at the guitar.                                                                  MOCCAS IN POINT POWER
                                                                                                      HOUSE LOCATED RIGHT
FIELD TRIP? Sunday to local areas.                                                                    NEXT TO FISH BATCHERY
                                                                                                      ON HWY 1+9.


One reason wily a dog is such a lovable
creature is that his tail wags instead of
his tongue.

Friends are made by many acts .0 and. lost by
only one.
                 -Apples Of Gold.
PETRCGRAPH                                                                  Page 7                             October, 1973
                                                          "PROJECT SHOli\!CASE" is starting to move
                                                       forward. They have the approval of the
                                                       general membership to spend the money, and
                                                       the committee has eome up with a working

                             SHOP NEWS & NOTES             As yet, I have not received. the new 24"
                             By GLENN TATE,            se,w blad.e for the shop, but I was told i t
                             SHOP FOR&VfAN   0         is on the ·v.ray.

                                                          I have a couple of projects that need
                                                       to be done in the shop, and. I (lon't have
                                                       time to do them. If someone would like to
                                                       help, let me hear from you.

                                                          This month's Lapidary Hint was submitted
   Well, thil1.-gs seem to be looking up in            by Mr. Rockhound_, himself (Phil Clarke). I
the shop. We at:'e starting to get a little            hope you will be able to underste;nd it be-
better attendanee this month.                          cause, when I talked. to Phil on the phone,
                                                       he had. just taken 2 Tablespoons of Castor
   I guess everyone must be satisi'iecl with           Oil and he was not talld:ng too good.
things in our shop. I never got one reply
to the questionnaire I put in last m.ontb.' s               Phil sez, 'When you ha;ve small stones to
Shop Notes. ,.                                         finish, dop them to a nail head and then
                                                       clarr.!.p them in the vice and sand. them with
   All members who have not paid, their so~            small strips of sandpaper. 'l'his is a very
ciety dV.es by October 1, 1973, ·(\d.ll not be         good method, because a wooden dop stick i<Jill
able -Co use the shop facilities.                      break, and, also, the sanding in this manner
                                                       will assure you of a symetricaJ.. cab."
    Our shop is for paid. L~p me:rnber;..s, only-.
W'e will be checking membership cardG, so             -=================================~===========
please pay you.I' d:tles so you caY). continue
to use the shop equipment.
   The time is dravnng      nee.r for O'Ll.r Open
House at the shop. If       you would like t'o         By Janet Tate.
help, please let Allen      .A.shley kn .)'IIT. I'm

sure he eould use some      help in getting the        A cheery cat'd ·vra.s sent to          on
shop in order.                                         September 18th. Phil hasn't been sick in
                                                       bed, but he has not been feeling well. for
(Editor's Note: Allen Ashley :is chairman              some time.

of the Open House, and Dora Collins is the
Clean Up Chairman.)

     The following members havp COIll;pleted
their instruction on the Meader Method of
                                                       We were sorry to read. in the        "- rI J
Cutting Cabochons for the montll. of Septem-
                                                       paper that Bob Christensen        cI j
ber: Doug. Ra;wlings) Dallas Ravflings , Joan.
                                                       was killed in a traffic accident.
1'ri.rnble, Don Kellar. This month's Instruc-             A sympathy card was mailed on September
tor was Glenn l'ate.
                                                       lOth to his parents, Roy an.d. Lydia Christen-
                                                       sen who are members of our club.
   Anyone l,;ho has a society showcase,
please return it to the shop so that we can
get them rewired for the upcoming show'. If
                                                       Those wilo have suffered much are like those
you d.o not return the case, you 'will be              who know' many languages; they have learned
responsible for the rewiring or you will
                                                       to underste..:nd. all and be understoocl by a,ll.
not be able to use it in our 1974 show.
PETR OGRI\.PH                                                                             October, 1973
                                                  16       YERF~S                 RGO
       JEWELJ1Y                                      Looking bt;wk in the PETROGR.A.rn files is
                                                  fun. Here's whs.t we fou.nd in the October,
                                                  1957, issue:

       JRf1GOn                                    "TIME AND PlACE OF NEXT MEE'l'ING ,~ THE RE-,
                                                  DOUBTABLE J. G. ENNES THE SPKA.KER - Mr. En~
              By Peggy Halverson.                 nes has stood before us on two other occa-
                                                  sions, making those (","venings really enjoya-
    During the past few weeks, there has          ble as well as informative. He has a,..rmounc-
been talk about the lack of help in the           ed the old method of sand-casting jewelry as
shop. Responsibility for casting and              being passe and unreliable. He will give us
cleaning up the shop after the session            a demonstration of new methods of casting
seems to be left up to just a few people.         jewelry that, knowing Mr. Enne s, will be re-
I don't think this is fair. Please, those         vealing indeed. Mr. Ennes is a real humor-
of you who leave early, clean up the area         ist but he is, at the same time, a remarka,-
you. vlere w·orking in. If you smoke, empty       bly fine technician •••• '1:'he place wilJ_ be The
the ash tray and clean it. It only tekes          Cherryla.nd School on Willow st., Hayward ••••
a couple of minutes and it saves a cO~lple        The kick-off will be at 8 PM SHARP •••••• rr 0

of minutes to clean up after you.                                      k**,
                                                  If MINERAL IDENTIFICA'rION CL.A.SSES NOW AT SA.l\f

   As far as the casting goes, it (!lould be      LORENZO, CASTRO VALLEY, AND LIVERMORE HIGH
awfully nice to see a few volunteers to           SCHOOLS - As ha.s been announced before, Jack
teke over the casting once in awhile.             S'llumate is teaching the willing the differ-
                                                  ence between one rock from another. Shumate
    What we would like to do is to assign         is well qualified in the subject. His
two people to cast for a month, and then          classes are from '7 to 10 PM at the San Lor-
c:hange 8.lJ.d have two more people cast the      enzo High School, Moo.d.ays. It
next month, etc., so that it will give eve-
ryone a chance to not only help out but to         "Then we have·our own Vic Johnson holding
give everyone time to work on his O\ro jew-       forth at the Castro valley and Livermore
elry.                                             High Schools. Vic! s c.lasses are Wednesdays
                                                  from 7 to 10 PM at Castro Valley High., and
   No one is too old or too young to learn        '7 to 9: 30 PM at Livermnre High. An inter·-
how to cast. There I s nothing like the           esting thing about VIc -Ghat now comes to
satisfaction of saying you made your jew-         light~    he has taught for more then 31
elry from the start to the finish.                years. His credentials entitle him to teach
                                                  13th and 14th grades in ,Tunior College.
   I wotlld. like to thw.k Ralph Durra:.'1t for   During his college days he worked in the
volunteering to take care of watching the         gold :mines of Grass VaLley, Ca,Lifornia. rr
motors once in awhile.

   If you would like to help out, pJ.ease
let me know. It would be a help greatly
appreciate(l by many.

                                                       The Mineral IdentificatIon Class has been
T'o.e vmrst thing that happens to a man may
                                                   going along very wellw-ith an a.lmost perfect
be the best thing that ever happened to hIm
                                                   attends,nee. There have been four sessions
if he doesn't let it get the best of him.
There is no failure save in giving up.
                                                       Colonel Johnson is to be complimented on
                 =~pples Of Gold.

PEI'ROGRAPH                                   Page 9                                 O«!tober, 1973
                                                                                           Joseph & E0rely:n. Pop:ich,

                            mE. S                                                          22038 Cameron St.,
                                                                                             ~ ~+'Y'o V~" 1 e-"
                                                                                           C ",,1:3 v." 0,.1._ y,   CA_, 94546 •

DUES                                                                    RE                 Earl Walker,
                                                                                           3281 Arizona st.,
                                                                                           Oakland, CA., 94602.

            ELlnQUEnT                                                                      P,sSOCIATE MEMBER

                                                                                           Tom Delfino, AMN, 570~829-277
              By Jea.1'l Pfefer, Membership Chairman.                                      CMR. Box 3196,
                                                                                           Mountain Home, AFB, Idaho, 83648.
ST~~2ED ENVELOPE TO JR~N PFEFER, MEMBERSHIP                                                GWk~GE     OF ADDRESS
945660 THE DEA..DLINE IS OC~'OBERo Ul"S'I'                                                 'I'homas Depolo, remove family members,
PE'I'ROGRAPHo                                                                              .185  :Warmer st.,
                                                                                           Felton, CA, 95018.
NUMBERS BEFORE OCTOBER FOB. 'I'HE ROSTER.                                                  'l\;,d & Betty Harris,
CALL ,JF,lti\[ PFEFER AFTER 6: 00 P. M.                                                    4425 Camb:d a St.,
                                                                                           Fremont, CA, 94538.
                                                                                           Rusty McFate,
M9~tin                   & Melva Bentson,                                     886-0238     1911 State Hwy 525, #5,
3322                Len.ard Dr.,                                                           Oak Harbor, Wash 0, 98277.
f'<~   <.,(L 1,,(_)
\,JO",\;)   1.,->   _
                         'I"'~ 1 '10',)--,
                          \ Q".J..,    .
                                             ../.t::..,       9k:;lj.6·
                                                              .   1./   _ e

                                                                                           Kathy Gliebe,
                        (~, ,~I'oan ~'I'i:m:ble,                              582-3979     6565 Fabado Tarde #'7,
J:1e:c:r:1 ,:s.,,- Jim,                                                                    Goleta, CA., 9310'7.
4,(,82 ,jural)i Way,
Cast:co Valley, CA,                                           9)+546.                      CHANGE OF TELEPHONE

Rick Frudd.en (a JU!lior),                                                                 Charles Shaver,                              530-4394
232 Iyy Dr.,
Orind.a, Cl.l., 94563.                                                                     w.     Conrad Watson,                        569-4423
Ja;sr VaLle,                                                                  531-4337     ADD
2983   Burd.eck Dr.,
oakla.1'ld, CA., 94602.                                                                    Geraldine R. to Pa,ul W'o Wallace.

Bormy Isaacson (a Junior),
JJ.512 Larimer Way,                                                                        ALways speak the truth and you I 11 never be
Castro Valley, CA, 94546.                                                                  concerned with your memory.
Hal &; Gerry Roclrigues,
                                                                                           Happiness consists in activity--~it is a
L01:'i & Valerie,
                                                                                           I'lmning stream, not a stagnant pooL
26498 FlarrrLngo Ave                                      0   ,

Ha:yv;rard, G.4., 94544.
                                                                                           May- you LIVE all the clays of your life       0

Henry- & Mar,jorie Franklin,
                                                                                           If I keep a. green bough in 1l1.y hear.t, the
                                                                                           singing bird will come.
833 Lester .l1.ve 0.'
Hayvrard, CA., 94541.      (See next column.)                                              HUllJ.orum is not where you live; it IS ·wllat you
Mind unemployed is Mind unenjoyed..                                                                                       Of Golcl.
PETROGB..APH                                                                        Page   10                                      October,   1973
                                                          Olancha, Dove Springs, Rand Mountain-Rade-
                                                          macher area, Devils Playground, Stoddard
                                                          Valley, Melville Lak.e, Cadiz Valley, Danby
                                                          Lake, Shavers Valley, Palen Valley-Ford Dry
                                                          Lake, Little Chu.ckvralla, Plaster City, Impe-
U. S. Dept. of the Interior - Bureau of                   rial Sand Hills south of Highway 78, Butter-
Land Management, California Office, Aug          0   31   cup Valley and Dumont Dunes northwest por-
VEHICLES ON DESERT                                             rrSpecial design" classifica;tions--~areas
                                                          for which a specie.I, detailed. plan vnll be
   The U. S. Bureau of Land Management to-                prepared to provide for vehicle use together
day released for public review and corili~ent             with related facilities and controls such ,),,8
its draft plan for managing recreational                  c8.c"'llping areas, use boundaries and access
use of off-road vehicles on the California                roads---would be given the Eureka Dunes, El
Desert.                                                   Mirage Lake, Shadow Mountain, Kramer Hills,
                                                          ,Johnson Valley, the Need.les area, Pinto Ba-
    'rhe preliminary plan proposed 22 non-                sin, McCoy Valley, San ]i'elipe Hills, Super-
use or closed zones, 15 open areas and. the               stition Hills, the Turtle Mow."'1tain perime-
bulk of the desert in various restricted                  ter, Ivanpah Valley, Pinto vJash, Dav-ies Val-
categor'::Les s '1ch as confining vehicle use             ley) ,Jawbone Canyon, Dum.ont Duner:; southeast
to f;xistirc: or desig11atecl roa,cls Etl1.d. trails ~    portion and Mecca H:Uls perimete;:       ,>

   Se-J'enteen areas are recommended. for'                   Land.s with n specia.l d.eGign" and. 11 open"
"Spec::':..l design" for intensive management             areas which have been identified as suitable
to ease conflicts among uses and protect                  for competitive events such as moto::ocycle or
natural resources.                                        dune buggy races are: Kra.Incr H:LIL;: ShadoW"
                                                          Mountain, cTohnson Valley, Han<i-"Radmao,chel:
     "'l'his draft plan provid.es a 1I18..nagement        area. (incluci..ing Reo. IvIountaJ.n)) Pla~~ter Ci t,y)
:framework for the maximum recreational u.se              Irnperial Dunes south of Highway 7'13;; I'A.Ien
c)I' the California Desert consistent with                Dry Lake, Ivanpah L8.ke and Stoddard Valley.
p:r-otectj.on of natural resource and environ-            Several long d.i,~lta:lJ.Ce ra·cecourc~cr:; for motor~
mental va.lues," said J. R. PenY1Y, Ca"li:t~or~           cycle8 also would. be desigrw;ted.
niE'" Sta.te DireGtor for DIM.
                                                             On the remainder of the national re""'
    "We axe asking nOli1/" tha;i; the Fill)lic study      source lands of the desr::rt) vehicle use
this draft and make their comrn.ents <1'.1d. re-          would be restricted cit-hey to roads and
cOll1J.uendations to us by October 16 in order            trails designated by thrc; Bureau of Le...nd Man-
that their input can be con3idered. in the                agement or to existing roads and trails, un-
final plan which w'e will complete by Novem-              less specie,lly designated as in the case of
ber 1, II Penny' said.                                    cross-co1L~try racecourceso

   Area.s proposed in the plan for closure                    'l'r avel would be limit.ed. to "designated"
to off-road vehicles are: Darwin Fe.lls,                  roads and tra,lls in high priority management
Desert Tortoise Preserve (Kern County),                   s"reas because of known resource values which
Amargosa Canyon, Cla,rk Mountain, Kelso                   could be subjected to increased damage by
Dunes) Tu.xtl.e Mountains interior, Bigelow               vehie,le use.
Cholla area, Whippl.e Mountains) Orocopia
Mountain, Salt Creek, Desert Lily area" San                  In areas restricted to "existing roads
Felipe Creek, Coyote Mountain, Painted                    and trails, travel would be perrtj.tted~ only
Gorge, Fossil Canyon" Yl,'.ha Basin, Imperial             on existing roads and trai.ls defined as pub~
Sand HiJ~ls north of Highway '(8, SaJ.i.ne Val~           lic ways habitually traveled. by vehicles go~
ley north end, Plank. Road historic site,                 ing from one place to 8..nother "lifJ.ich mayor
Crucifixion Thorn area, Amboy C}:'ater) 8.nd              may not have been mairrtalned by a government
Mecca Hills interior.                                     body and which 8,re clearly visible and have
                                                          evidence of previous Ut"1e. It is understood
   Recom.rnended for "open" designation, with             that nature sometimes eli:mi.nates evid.ence of'
           no restrictions at this Gime
PETHOGRAPH                                           Pe.ge 11                                   Ozetcber,   1973

use in washes, and this circumstance should                                                            e
not be construed as elill1inating vehicular
use under this designation.                                        By Helen Miguel & Janet Tate.
                                                                           Co - Chairmen.
'rhe maps which were included in this re-
lease will be posted in the Society shop.                     The second "Sewing Bee" will be on Monday
Have a look at it.                                         October 15, 1973, at the workshop from 10:00
                                                           a. m. to 2:00 P. M.

                                                              Coffee will be ready. Bring a snack and

500 4-WD CLUB                                              your sewing basket. It's nice to get to-
                                                           gether and visit.

                                                              We had quite a selection of patterns and

mBRS FEnCE                                                 ideas at the first "Bee", which will be
                                                           available again.

                                                              The members who came the last time are
Oli'I? A MINE SHAFT WHERE A 12-YEAR-OLD MOTOR-             now working on their projects.
                                                              Don't forget your patterns, tracing paper
   Five hundred people representing the                    and pencils and IDEAS!
Southern Area, California Association of 4-
Wb.eel-Drive Clubs, have fenced 77 hazard.ous
abandoned mine shafts in BLM's Riverside
and Bakersfield Districts.

   On one weekend they set 741 steel posts,
then went back the next weekend and strung
2t miles of barbed wire on top of If;: miles
of 42 inch wire mesh fence.

    The four-wheelers, representing 39
clubs, furnished all digging and fencing
equipment, including an air driven jackham"
me:c. BLM bought the fencing materials at a
cost of $2,675.

   'I'he shafts are in the Kramer, Randsburg
and Garlock areas.

   Del Vail, Riverside District Manager for
BLM, and Lou Boll, Bakersfield District
Manager, joined in commending the four-
wheelers for a "fantastic contribution.1t
                -BLM NEWS BEAT.

The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a
knowledge of our own ignorance.
                                                                street scene in Managua, Nicaragua, after
Teach thy tongue to say,    I   I do not know   I •
                                                                the recent earthquake. For more on this
                                                                subject, came to the General Membership
A peck of common sense is worth a bushel of                     Meeting on October 12th, when Mr. Chris
learning.                                                       Rojahn of the U.S. Geol. Survey will give
                 -~les Of Gold.                                 an illustrated talk.

PETROGRL\.PH                                          Page 12                               October, 1973
                  By Jeanne Lower.

   The moment you enter the doCt.ble front
doors of Judy Biondich's house, you know
that you are in the home of someone who
loves beauty---natural beauty, ~Dd the
beauty of craftsmanship and art.

   IJocated on a hillside corner lot, the
house, which Judy pla..Dned, offers an unob-
structed view to the bay,       and I just
                                 ft • • •

love looking out the windows,!! says Judy,
who added, however, that she hadn't real-
ized how bad the air pollntion has become
until they noticed how many days the smog
is so bad they can't see the bay,

   "They" are Judy, husb2.illd Don, son Matt,
and daughter Amy. Also to be include(l~ al-
though probably less aware of their aestht-
ic surroundings, are miniature Schnauzer,
Willy, and chinchilla Persi&'l, F'agin.·                      Pretty is as p~'etty does is Judy Bion-
                                                              dich in her fl.ome, in her jewelry work,
    Even these pets attest to Judy I s sense                  and in her a'~:·,.'active person.
of beauty, for Fagin is quite the most lux-            -========:====:;=====::,::::;:::::..-..';;:::::.:;==========-===========
urio~sly f.luffJ feline one has ever seen,
and Willy is his complement in coloration                  from natural mineral formations, faceted
and. markings.                                             g~ms, or baroqueso

   Jwiy had been taking lessons at the Cas-                   She is currently' interested in using
tro Vall.ey Adobe jewel:ry class c;lass for                crystals in her settings, working her de-
some time, when one of her friends told her                signs to best show off the stones. She and
about the Mineral and Gem Society classes.                 her husband e.ttend most of the nearby gem
                                                           club shows, always alert for good material.
   She visit.ed the shop one Thursday after-
noon, when the jewelry class 'y,Tas under way,                Several months ago, Judy decided "to go
and about three months later joined the So-                commerciaL rr She is affiliated with a group
ciety. She took her beginner's lapidary                    of multi-media craftsmen who put on monthly
lessons; but her first love is metalwork,                  shows at shopping centers or similar loca-
with her primary interest in designing and                 tions.
crafting rings. She does intricate work,
without the use of a wax gun, and her de-                     In this regard, Judy wanted it stressed
signs range from the charming to the fan-                  that long before she took this step, she was
tastic. However, all of her rings are                      doing her work at home with the complete
wearable.                                                  jewelry workshop her husband had given her
                                                           last Christmas.
   She has developed a technique which
makes her rings fit well on the finger ~nd           She is aware that our Society is a non-
not slip around, despite the often beavy        profit organization with mutually owned fa-
patterns on the face of the rings           0   cilities for the use of members in pur sui t

    Although Jud;V cuts a cabochon~ almost             j
                                              I of a hobby. And, as a hobbyist, she still
                                                attends the shop regularly on Thursday af-
all. her designs incl.ude one or more stones, __!.~~E~~g.ns~~o~._~~~~>...~._. ___ ~LQg~_~~~9:....!_<2-.J2~~ 16 ~~l
PETROGRAPH                                 Page 13                                            October, 1973
CLRSSlflED                                                                                                f~DS                       FREE TO MEavlBERS.     Cil..LL 538~2959.

WANTED                                           WANTED
Linoleum squares, any size or shapes, in         LIBRA-RY HELP. We
  either stickem or none-stic:k, for shop           the librs:ry at the shop. Tuesdays and
  clean up, month of October. Bring to              Thursdays are not being manned. Please
  shop any you have lying around. Dora              offer to help even if y'Ou can! t come on
  Cr)llins.                                         every oecasior. If there are a number of
                                                    people to draw on) it won't be hard. on one
                                                    person. Billie Ashley is the new Librari-
         to elean up, wash cabinets, end            an. Tell her to put your name on the list
  paint shop. A paper will be on the Li-            of available I i bra:d.s.n.s •
  brary desk to sign, give date, vihen to
  start. Dora Collins.                           WilliTED
                                                 Helpful                                         never
                                                    ean have too many           'lneze are picked up                                                 0

                 The Door Prize Chairman needs      by other bulletins, so if you have a good
  doo~:' prizes.   Make it good material)           hint, le+j f S sp:::'ea/J. it around..
  good i tem.8, or what have YOLL Ben Owens. +--: ___~_____'"_,_~"_,_,___ ~_,~__~,~,_~,___~_,
                                               I LOSE SOMETHING?
FORSALE-----~--------~~~-~--~----·fThere are sever3,1 items at the shop w'cd,~'-
L(~O,ne lOft, Saw, ~od,el, ST-Ioti:Fa~ker-'--,
    B.Lade) tlU"(;o" Drl ve:; $100. Rongn cabolng
                                                                                                                 --I        ,were left behind at one time or anoth~r:
                                                                                                                              If y'ou are mi.ss:Lng something" check Wl th
    material and tumbl:iLng materiaL Rose.,mond                                                                               the Shop Inst:"uctors.
    tvIcCLi.ll.y·               6

                                               J                                                                             SARDOI~IC CAUTIONS
    12# 'I't.Erib.;.c[·) double, als,=i ext::>:'Gl, :parts)
    4;25000" Rc's8;mond JVic:Cull.y.
                                                                                                                             ABOUT MINE
-C~l ·l·:~·~n·r::;:---~d                                                  ]-B-;~:;-:;y"":j:';1''':'-:-'-'-T-;-:--:}-;:---
1\J.t.   ;p.)~\:,

                    l't::,:    v       ..l. i.J    -         !y!O

                 !Y. grind:icg cOll1~bo) like :lei·] - l~ yrs.
                                                                        ~e ~ -,L\) .t1Lg_'-;.. .I..-,\~,U04 __,ax \.

                                                                                                                             \-lAZARDS                      FRUM THE AF'M::3 NEWS-

     _ . ....<.:; O'JC'-L°'.-!]_ 1 0110'+·1-, ~ 6 ++
    (')"L(~          v     ....L
                               \,..>   '~...
                                      00-t_.       V
                                                     $~[)" '" nn (.
                                                       J./'"  JV
                                                       .-I.,..,\..,.-                ..!-.   ~

    I,.,      ,r.             Goleeke, 362 j+ Sute.r                                         st   0)   CJaklaml)                Rock hu.:'1ting in :n:i:r.:d:o.g a:.ceas) especia.lly
    G./j"           9L~619.                                                                                                  oId ones) can be ha~[.1,rd.ous. That Heool,
                                                                                                                             sweet-tasting fY springiA!ater may be seeping
                                                                                                                             from old workings loaded. w:Lt.h a;rsenic and
                                                                                                                             blue vitriol. W~ater t.1:J.at will copper a
    or couples                being trained.                                                                                 knife blad.e in thirty second.s 'will embalm a
    :for the cafeteria job at our show. Would                                                                                human before lunch" Lack of plant :Ufe in
    like back up help in the kitchen this                                                                                    w'ater could. denote poison.
    'the Show Chairman, Roy Le Roy', at 278-                                                                                    Abandoned mine shafts are often covered
    1.882.                                                                                                                   with boards a.nd. poles, later v.ri th mos sand.
                                                                                                                             leaves. Insurance paid. up? A slight de·-
WAfifTED                                                                                                                     pression S'J.Y'roc:.nded by dump rubble probably
Reports fromall members who~;re-done any-                                                                                    means tt8..::' tte first set of .shaft ti.m:bz~rs
  thing which would qualify as a comrrfuni ty                                                                                are gi Vilig way- u   Take "',     along. It is
  service. We will try to have a "Commu.ni~                                                                                  dark, 200 feet down.
  ty Service" page or column every month,
  We win. need as many reports as poss.i ble.                                                                                     Tunne L:; aT';'; fascined:;ing booby traps    Q

  Volunteer to d.o something in th;~ c;omrrmnJ.=                                                                              TiimberiJ)g was             there to hold unstable
  ty NOW"                                                                                                                                                 (ConLinuecl to page .~,Q  0   )

                                                       We don't want to see "t~his f~lass discontinu.ed
                                                       as there is a d.efirJj. tE~ group who are
                                                       ested. T'iley'].l ::;ome back after the Id.
                                                       Class, Sam.
                                                             DARLKI\lE !iWQUINI made another adorable
                                                       owl a.'1d presented it to VIRGINIA OWENS. It
                                                       is a real work of arto            wsat taIent!
                                                             JACK AND ROSE PETERS have been und.er the
                                                       weather off a.:nd on~ think they e;re work=
                                                       lug too hard.
                                                             HaNe you ever noticed that GEORGE STRAUCH
                                                       wears very bright ct;l,sual shirts'? There's a
                                                       reason for that. He sometimes has to be in
                                                       a traff:i.c area to photograph highway condi=
                                                       tions, etc., and. the bright shirts make it
                                                       safer for him. WE LIKE the colors, and they
                                                       look good on George.
     RICK ASHLEY got married around July 28th                ERNESTINE JLWD l1LiROLD WISEMAN have pur~'
 to a young lady ne..m,~dSara,from Victorc~            chased a lOVely retreat. ~I'hey just happened
 ville. Rick is the son of Allen and Billie            to see it, happened to like it, and happened
Ashl9!: , active members in our club.                  to buy it. We ,(,Jere given this scoop before
     Our ±'riend, BEN FONTANA, has been under          their family kne'ir>r of :i t, but it should be
 the tNeather. As of today, September 24th,            alright to tell by now. W110 could keep a
 he hasn't been out of the house for three             secret IrHAT long?
weeks 0      He misses his friends 8',:nd his                EDNAH ANTUNOVICH was wearing some really
 friends miss him.                                     high platform shoes. She said they were
     PHIL CLARKE hasn't been feeling too               comfortable. They mLlst have added at least
great, either. He s walking around and
                      I                                two inches to her height.
talking, as usual, but all is not well. He                   EV'ery time we see HEI,E:N MIGUEL J she has
 is ha'virlg some tests, a Go 10 se:ries, arHI         on a different pi3xrtsmit:fit. Heien is very
we hope they f 11 cure him of whe;t aiIs him.          enthusiastic. about rrYe Ol.de Coun:tr~re store"
     The ED PETERS are having a corn feed for          and ,TAl~ET TltTE is as           &iB a, l:i.ttle bee.
 six. tile love corn, and we saw a lot of it           These two wiil d.o well, (ire think. All you
on the we:y to Forestville sortle time ago.            ladies out tl'wre are a.ske\J. to:mike something
 There the id.ea was born. It was a comedy             for th.e store   0

to find a date when all could come, but it                   We hope it isn't a secret that GF&llil.:§
has been settled. It will be served up in              S';r:RAUCH is maki:::J.g a s.lide progrD.ll1 on HOTt,)' To
country style with "country" setting. 'I~he            Lim, a Case. He 'vlS,ij shootin.g                    las+;
PHIL CLARKES and. the BEN OWENS are the                Fric1a;y- night (September' 21st) at the shop.
lucky (?) guests~                                      Helping out were the LE                 OHENS, a.l1.d the
     GEORGE JLWD MARY ACKERMAN of San Jose             E(Utor" George was                      ve:;:::y-fine cam.~
have been making it down here for the Mine~            eras and. other impressive equ.ipment. We are
re.l Id. Class.                                        a:.r:tXiOLlS to see hcrv1'      turn out. There
     JJ::M: CARROLL sa;ys the U. S. isn't doing        will be a_nother photo session or two soon to
so badly. Some friends of his recently                 fill in the story.
crossed. the U. S., and they founct. things to               We would like to mention some NEW ne.:.rnes
be pretty prosperous      0   The COUIl.try is still   in this column, but rw one gives the editor
mighty 1k.YJ.d 1I>Tholesome, they se_id. It; 's        any news. Come on) call in some news~ will
amazing; how much buffeting 1k.YJ.d abuse it csn       you?
stand and yet "sail on".                                     We have rrd.. ssed. LOUISE PALJVJFR at the meet-
                                                                              '=""=""=   ..,""'~~~~.

     So many of the carvers are going to the           ings. Still studying ha.-cd" Louise'?
]\funeral 10.. Class, that SAl>1 STANLEY is tak=             BLUE JLlIfDRA.DE needs 8, whisk b:coom. to brush
ing a 1!vacation" as Instructor o[1'1:1e cS.rv-        away all thathai.r. In addition to the prop
ing class. The evening will still be open              comb 5 he should have 8" wl"d.sk broom. We sug-
to carvers, and help can be had from Z~                gest that he get a regulation size stra;\lT
IVTARTIN or LEN TRLMLETT, so, if you \irant to                     C~1t off the hand.Ie ~ and it should. be
carvB, godown to the ~shop e.:rryv;r13xy.              al)out the r:i.ght .size X'O!' all thG):t ha:i.r.

PE;TROGRAPH                                      Page 15

      One nice thing about dues time 'is the
 fact that many people write a little note
 to include with their checks. JEAN PFEFER
 sent us a few of the notes and ~we have
more than usual this time to write about,
but don't let that keep any of you from
calling the Editor with little observances
for this collmm.
      EVERETT AND EDNA. PTTTINGER sent in their                                   ZOE MARTIN 1 S
Associate Membership dues. They wanted to
be sure they received the PETROGR~H. They
said that they had been in Paraelise for
over six weeks. They gave a yard sale to
dispose of extras they had when they moved
                                                                Cldl S+QUIPS
from a larger house. They have had. lots of          The Carving Class consisted of only two
co~peny from the Hayward area and have en-        or three members! the last three Wednesday
joyed it thoroughly. They plan to join the        evenings   Severial of our regular carvers

local club in Paraelise.                          are attending the Mineral Identification
     We were sorry to hear that TOM p~~ DOLO-     Class which happens to be on the same night.
RES BARNES f son is sick with acIeteriora-
tion of the hip bone. He is such an active            01;:::'   mentor, Sam Stanley, says he
little boy. It must be hard on them all.                         to lead the class due to the

      "1'.AD" TOM DELFINO says he .Ekes the Air   heavy work load he is carrying.
Force but does not care to make it a ca-·
reel'. Tad removes aircraft. skin, detects           We shall miss him, but try to get along
any faults, corrects them, and replaces the       the best we can by helping eaeh other. We
skin. He also is on the honor guard VJ:1:'lich    want Sam. to knoWvle shall be happy to see
provides eeremonies at military funerals.         him any time he cares to d.rop in.
He gets a little rockhounding into his
schedule whenever he carlo                           We decided to sit at one table when there
     CLIFF AND ERMA. GEORGE sent in their dues    are only three or four present in order to
for tb.e Associate Membership. R8Jl1l\. praised   save on :Ughts.
the PETROGPAPH. She mentioned th'aI they
have built a hobby shop which double8 as a
guest house. She describes it as looking          PROFILEe.,        CONTIl\TUE~

like ,Judge Bean s court vn.th ced.ar bea~s,

overhang roof over porch, ced.ar railings,        "The people there are so great," she says.
and a hitching post. And, eactus grows all        She goes not only to continue to learn, but
 'round. She said that she had talked with        because it is fun. For Judy is not a person
ISABELLE JOHNSON recently on the phone.           WJ.:l0 likes art--=that is to say, things=--
    A note from L. <T. GOLEEKE asked JEAN to      above people. She likes to work in groups
{trop his wife from membership. We gtJ.ess        and h13,s been involved in several serviee or-
that she just isn It a "rockhound"  0    Lo J.    ganizations, r8.JJging all the way from. Cub
sent in an ad for the Classified. page  0    He   Seouts and ErA to ~r.he Seventh Step Founda-
is remodeling his rock shop and putting in        tion chapter in San Leandro. For her, crea-
some new equipment.                               tive activit~T is not an eseape but rather a
    .;TUNE COLLARD has been suffering with        way of sharing her love for beauty with
asthma. She said she would stay away from         other people.
the meetings until she had it under eon-
    Now, didn't you enjoy hearing about all       The bigger a man's head gets, the easier it
our friends?                                      is to fill his shoes.
     YOU should contribute something to this
column. and get YOUR NAME mentioned or one        Past experience should be a guide post, not
of your friend?s NAME.                            a hi telling post.   ~Ap:pl~s Of Gold.

PE'l'ROGRAPH                                Page 16                                    October, 1973
                                                   for your ideas, and we will get in touch
                                                   with you to work them out.

                                                   I would also like to see some of you Jun-
                                                   ~ors put in a case because I am going to try
                                                  -GO get a whole corner for the Junior Pro-

                                                  We need a lot of help if you want to work
                                                  for your club.

                                                  P. S. We will print all the ideas we are
                                                  going to use so everyone will know.
Junior Mentor                  Dora Collins
Vice President
                             David Guinasso
                               Rich Raymond       PICK          4-SI~IOVEL
Secretary                    Vickie Allwein
Treasurer                     Craig Emerson
Reporters (1) Jody Collins (2) Tom Collins
                                                  T REASURES                       ~a~~~~~   Roy,
           (3) Sally Hempy (4) Diane Melody
                                                     Please add the following name to the list
   The shop attendance has been slow for          of Show Committee Heads:
this SUlll'l1.er, but, now that sehool has
started, things should be picking up. I                 Bruce Burke - Club Case Expeditor.
know that the less kids you have, the more
room there is to work, but it's nice to              We have had our Show Committee Meeting
have more than 3 or 4.                            with some tentative plans made and a new
                                                  budget started.
Aug'.lst 25th, we had 8 ,Juniors: Richard
Mollenkopf, Thomas Collins, Phil Eads ' J orl'"      Tne 1974 budget will be higher (what
      •                                    uv     isn't?). We decided to raise the fee
Colb.ns, David Guinasso.
                                                  charged our dealers and, also, will increase
September 1st, we also had 8 Juniors.             the admission donation to $1.00 for adults,
                                                  and 50¢ for children. After all, what other
September 15th, business sure picked up.          entertainment could you get for $1.00? Cas-
We had 15 Juniors and 2 beginners, so, I          tro Valley' alw'ays has a good show. and we
guess vacation time is over.                      are going to try to make this one- even bet-
I krlOW only 2 Juniors turned in a cab for
September, but there should have been more.          To Members who are not sure if they
Well, starting September 22nd, we will have       should put a case in the show, I would sug-
some pretty nice jasper for Cab-Of~~Qe-Mo.        gest that you attend some of the shows put
material, so you kids had better start cut-       on by other clubs. Look at the cases on
ting if you want to get ribbons for your          display and see if you think you can do as
cases.                                            well or better.

We ha:ve nothing planned for October, and,           You can go either competitive or non-com-
as far as I know, the shop will be open all       petitive. The main thing is to have some-
month, so start your Christmas gifts early.       thing people will want to look at.

We are also starting to make plans for the           These other shows will also give you
March show, and what we are going to do in        ideas on how to display, how to line the
the show., so, if anyone has any ideas,           case, how to make risers, etc. You can also
please put the idea down and w¥ name on it,       see how NOT to do it. They are not all
or Vickie Allwein 's., ancl put it in the         good. Don't put things off too long. March
Jnnior cabinet. I                                 comes fast.
PETH()GI\.A.PH                            Page     17                               October, 1973
commUniTY                                             GEORGE STR~UCI--i
                                                      POPULAR SPKRD
SERUICES                                                 George strauch reports that he has given
                                                      12 progra..111s this year for gem and mineral
                                                      organizations in the follo\lTing cities: Cas-
WILCOXES SI~OW                                        tro Valley, Napa, Liverrnore, San Francisco,
                                                      Santa Rosa, Crunpbell, Sonora, HaY-Vlard, and
                                                      Concord (all in California), and one in
I-\\\JO TALK TWICE                                    Charlotte, North Carolina.
                                                         George is a popular speru~er for ma.l1Y
    On the second Tuesday of this past month          reasons. Some of them are the fact that he
(August l4th), the Dorcas Circle -;f Eden             is an excellent photographer (professional)
United Church visited the hobby shop of               and his pictures are all beautiful as well
Grace and Robyn Wilcox to see a demonstra-            as informative, his talks are on rockhound
tion of cutting a.l1d polishing rocks and a           subjects, which makes them very appealing to
short discussion of the kinds and natures             the rockhound audi.ences, and he is very gra-
of' the stones that rockhounds collect.               cious and accommodating about accepting the
    The discussion of the formation of gem            invitations he receives.
rocks and where they are found. was most in-             We are very pleased that George repre-
teresting. T'ile collecting of tfpretty"              sents our Society so well and he makes a
rocks seems to start in early childhood,              wonderful impression wherever he goes.
and, while most adults seem to get too busy              The year isn't over yet, so d.on't be sur-
to continue the hobby, they still retain an           prised to find. that he will have more to re-·
interest in "pretty stones lt •                       port later.
                                                         Thw.k you, George, for telling us of your
                       +++                            activities.

     On 1'hursday, August 23rd, the Agape Sup- .-+++'++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
per Grou-p of Eden United Church had their
regular weekly dinner at the home of Robyn
                                                      CO f\ Jl
                                                         I \II
                                                                11\ G U P
                                                                                     Lapidar.L J'ourna,l
and Grace Wilcox so that all of them could
see a rock shop in action and view the many
                                                  oct. 6 & 7 NAPA, C!..\.LIF - Napa Valley
kinds of rocks that lapiclarists collect.
     The group is a family supper (but very                         Rock & Gem Club.
informal) organization, consisting of babes       Oct. 6 & 7 NEVADA crr¥, CALIF.            ~
just learning to walk to grandparents o. .                          County Gem & Mineral Soc.
     All have, at one time, (or still are)        Oct. 6 & 7 OAKLAND, CALIF. - Tne East Bay
picked up rocks that attracted. their at-                           Mineral Society, Inc.
tention because of their color or shape.          Oct. 6 & 7 S&TiT MlitiEL, CALIF. -, Marin
                                                                    IvTj_rleral Soc.
     We had a very interesting discus:=don of
the formation of gemstones, and. their col- r     oct. 13 & 14 SAl'T JOSE, CALIF. Campbell

                                                                    Gem and. Mineral Guild.

lecting areas, as well as a demonstration
of cutting, shaping, and polishing tech-          Oct. 20 & 2l COALINGA, CALIF. - Coalinga
                                                                    Rockt'1.ounds •
                                                  Oct. 27 & 28 DALY Crry, CALIF. -, Daly City
                                                                    Rockhound.s, Inc.
                                                  Oct. 27 & 28 srr BELENA, CALIF'. - Napa, Co.

Love cannot be wasted. It mak.es no d.iffer-                        Rockhounc1s. FIRST SHOW~
ence INhere it is bestowed, it always brings      Nov. 3 & ~. SA CRillVlEN'I'O , CALIF. - TIw Sa,c-
in big returns.                                                     ramento Mineral Soc. , Inc.
                    -Ap;eles Of. Golel.           Nov. 3 & 4 SAN FRi\,NCISCO, CA.LIF'. - Gali-
1'11e only way to have a frieild17to be one.                        leO Gem Gui1cL,
                             Of Gold.•
PETROGMPH                                      Page 18                                   October, 1973
                                                          WashiD,gton.) De Co
                                                               More united.          in presenting these
                                                          vieliVs hS,13 helpEod         , but even greater
                                                          effort is needed. if' federal regulation of
                                                          the use of             lands is to be tempered to
                                                          the wishes of collectors. Zahn said. it is
                                                          probe:ble that from 15 to 20 percent of pub-
                                                          lic lands 1)11..l.l be closed. to 8X'.y acti vi ty ,
                                                          but most of the rest '\dll be open to them,
                                                          perhaps by permit in gI'uc.ps of 25 or more.
                                                               An Outd.oor National Reereation Plan, now
~   W On Thursday, August 23, 1973, Governor
                                                          being prepared s,nd likely to be ready by De-
Ronald Reagan signed into law a bill re'-
                                                          cember, will be the guidebook for federal
 quiring all carrwer-truck pass~ngers t? ~ave
                                                          plarLU:ing for many years. Club members can
 some means of com.Iilunication 'wlth the drlver
                                                          get copies in public libraries and should
of the vehicle in which they are riding.
                                                          study it while there is yet time to make
      The bill requires that passengers iso-
                                                          views known.
lated in the rear of a camper or truck must
                                                               Zahn specifically urged individ.uals to
ha:-\Te a signal device which will enable them
                                                          write the Department of the Interior to
to gain the driver's attention. The device
                                                          atnend the w.lning laws and rrrineral leasing
can be either visual or an audible one,
                                                          law's to include hobby minerals 130 as to give
 such as a horn or a buzzer.
                                                          non~comlllereial colleetorf,3 a break ai:ld to
      The new law does not apply to campers
                                                          preserve collecting areas. Congressmen
'wi th sliding window's between the cab and.
                                         °t11             should be urged. to includ.e fossil and mine-·
camper compartment or t 0 campers Wl"_ tfw~lk  ~
                                                          ral collecting for educational a:o.d. scienti-,
through" between cab and camper section.
                                                          fic purposes and as a hobby in protective
      For SAFETY's sake, install some sort oi~
                                                          legislation alc,a
:Lnt Jer-eom sys tem l. rIy)vr recreational. ve-
                  -       I 0

                                                                           ... V·is.;
hiele!                                                                                  ,~~.~:~~~,--~.,~

                                                           "GEMS" FROM o.~m PAST'
                                                               Graveyard POl::.'lt - sy-ncn~'1!1 for treasure
·-~jSlcom..pliance with 2"o.evv statl;.(',e pa3sE~d
                                                          for Rockhounds.               have found and. taken
by Congress in July, the J!'ore8t Service has
                                                          out large amo(mts of bE:autif;"ll geln m::l,terial.
announced. that it will no longer charge
                                                          from this widely kEOWTl agate location. But
fees for most fall1ily campgrom1ds and bOe1,t
                                                          how many have learned the history of the
ramps.                                                    mornlInent +;h,~tt marks the location of the
    B'ees wiJ.l c:!ontinue at only' abol;~t 30 of
                                                          early=,day cemetery for which the site was
the 2,221 campgrounds in the national for=
est system. Fees have been dropped at 99                       The monumen:t an,d plaque was the brain
boat launching ramps.                                     child of Earl VanDeventer of Caldwell, Ida-
    ~he new law prohibits the government
                                                          ho, and. Mr. and Mrs. Haro:ld MahoI'.ey of Oak-
from charging the public to use basic rec=
                                                          le"nd, Calif. (Nathalie Ma.'f1oney ha,d. been
reational f"acil:i:tjies unless tb.e 131 tes are
                                                          long active in CF'MS activities a.l1.d. she
highly developed and. maintained.
                                                          passed away last Il1,Onth.) Early' in 1953,
                     =Monterey Peninsula Herald.
                      8714773. ~-~~                       they set about enlisting the help of their
                                                          mw..y rockhound friend.s ~ and, on Sept. 19,
                                                          1954, the project 1jiJ'as completed.. On that
                                                          d"'+e ;; +1.1e ded'l eatl on neremonies were held;
                                                            ~v    t..Jl~    ~~.,,'~       ~~   _

                                                          over 100 enthusiastie people ",rere there.
THE WASHINGTON SCEL1E - Kenneth Zahn reports                    Tb.e money to fina,nee the project liVas con-
progress on public relations...                           'trib1..'.ted> by members of the California :B'ed.e~
    Some progress was maile int;r;e last ;)res"r          ration of Iili:ne~ralogiea.l Societies and. of the
.in .impressing Congress and_ the fed.eral De-            NorthW'est Fed.eration of Mineralogical Socie-
partment of the Interior vJith the vie\\!S and            ties. The land. w'as d.o'1ated.          G. W. Hawkins
needs of m5.neral and fossil collectors 9 re-              of Homedale. The bC'oYlze                was made
ports Kenneth Zahn, AFMS representa;t~'i~.\~re:'_:=L:n_L~_~,,~~_~~~~,-L~~:';;:;;;;';;:;'::;;':;:~:::-";~~~7::-'~~::
PETROGRAPH                                          Page 19                                            ()cLorJer 9 1973
CFMS NEWSLETTER DIGEST,     CONTTITURD~             are hard preBseci to remember tIle last case
                                                    to be prosecuted. (Be sure to read Tom
the late Fred Klin1\. of Canton, Ohio.              Eva~ns' s~rticle in the Sept. BLM NEWS BEAT.
    ~~e monurnent bears the names of persons        A fascinating portrait of these ancient art-
buried in nearby uDmarked graves, but it is         ists.)
primarily an expression of "rockhound
friendliness" from those who have collected         (Editor' s Note~ Our P.~merica.n Indian petro-
in that area over the years.                        glyphs should,n't be compared to those in
             -From an article in Gr~1S ANTI         France and Spain. According to THE STORY
              MINERALS, Nov. 1951~o                 OF ART by E. H. Gombrich, "Tile Cave of Las-
                                                    caux in France with paintings round the
                      +++                           ceiling made some 30,000 years ago" is pic..,·
                                                    tured on page 19. On page 21, HAnimals
VAl'ifDALS LOOTING MOJAVE OF PRICELESS    CARV~     painted some 15,000 years ago" are pictured
INGS.                                               in the cave of Altamira, Spain, and also
    The Mojave Desert is a giant treasure           in the cave of Font de Gaume, France." These
chest of prehistoric Ind_ian art   0   But this     are different civilizations far apart in
great national heritage that took more than         time e,nd they each have their place. Those
5,000 years to create is being lost to van-         done 15,000 years ago in Altamira and Font
dals.                                               de Gaume are beautifully done, delicate in
    From small-time souvenir hunters to             detail and filled in with shades of color.
black marketeers, they descend on the pet-          Tiley have been protected in the caves. If
rogl;yph sites in their four~'\tib.eel (lri ve and  our tourists go to see them, it is no won-
other off~road vehicles armed,\!rith high-          del', for the Americarl Indian art is quite
speed drills, jack hammers, and even bull           different. )
dozers, intent on !"ripping off" as much of
this priceless heritage as their vehicles 4-~~~--------~ ------~---------------------
                                                     MINES 2 CONTINUED.
can carry. Working at their present rate             ground fifty years 9..,gO. If you want to play
of d_estruction, in 15 years, they will have         Atlas, thump a stud to test its soundness.
destroyed, in one way or another, all the            In untimbered tunnels, beat on that frac·>
ancient rock carvings from the more than             tured spot where a seam meets the (,I7a11.
1,000 sites in eastern California.                   It's possibly a key rock holding up a ten-
    "Ike" Eastvo1d, a 32-year-old free lance         ton tombstone~--your own.
writer, photographer, and lecturer, is con-
ducting a photographic inventory of the                 Fool around with old dynamite. It be-
petroglyphs for the ELM. He estimates that           comes hair-triggered over the years. Folks
of the 10,000 ble,ck e,,nd whjte photos snd          will know w-~ere you were last. If you live,
1,000 colored slides he has taken, one-              being called ('Wingyrr or frTI::tree-F:inger Jill"
fourth could not be taken again.                     is not so bad.
    Ironically, American tourists spend
thousands of dollars to see the prehistoric             Let the kids play under the old ore bun~
art in the c~~es of Fra.nce and Spain when           ker or in the caustic soda bin, but if you
they have e, far greater display in their            like it clean and sudden, toss the old
own backyard. Eastvold states, !!The Mojave          quicksilver flask into the evening campfire.
Desert alone has more prehistoric art tha.n          We all gotta go sometime.
a.ny other area in the world." He believes
California desert petroglyphs go back in                Experience is a great teacher, but cer-
age to at least 3,000 to 7,000 years B. C.           tain experiences are neither enlightening
Do you realize that makes them 9,000 years           nor beneficial, especially when the intend-
old?                                                 ed recipient has been biologically terminat-
    Eastvold feels that museums, lm.iversi-          ed by the lesson itself, meaning, the guy
ties, and public agencies contribute to the          got clobbered a.nd croaked.•
vandalism by publishing the unprotected lo-                                ·>By Herman Janny from
cations of the rock carvings. Fortunately,                                   Rock Rollers.
Nevada and Arizona have tsken measures to
preserve and protect their pet:rogl~rphs    0        Swallowing your prid_e occasionally will
    There is a federal law against removing          never give you indigestion.
or dJ3.maging petrogly-phs but ELM officials                               -Apples Of Gold_.
PETROGRAPH                                      Page 20                                   October, 1973
                                              tions. We set off on our jaunt to the first
                                              location which was the sagenite hill about
ROCK I f\lG TI-1RU                            seven miles out of town and is fairly easy
                                              to find.
THE ,W ES T ~~m~:~~ Korstad,                     We found that another couple from Oregon
                                              was digging there and joined them. They had
   We left Castro Valley on July 3rd, and     some fine pieces, so we got to work.
struck out for the far mountains. On July
4th, we reached Winnemucca, Nevada, and          We were lucky and ran into a good seam
took the highway to McDermitt.                soon after. After digging and chiseling un~
                                              til dark, we decided to camp right there
   It was hot ~~d sultry, so we decided to    under the stars and continue the next day.
take a side road to Paradise Valley in the
Humbo1t Mountains to cool off.                   We finally had a huge boulder out by
                                              noon, and sighed with relief. That was
   We stopped at the Ranger Station and in-   enough; we packed up and left the rest for
quired about road conditions and camp-        another day.
grounds. Paradise Valley is still an ac-
tive community, but many of the buildings        From there, we went on to Mountain Home,
are ab~~doned, making the area partly a       Idaho, where we met Tom Delfino, who is a
ghost town.                                   member of our club ancl is stationed at the
                                              Air Force Base nearby.
   It is a lovely little valley nestled at
the base of the Humbo1t range.                   He was glad to see us and we struck out
                                              for Bruneau Canyon, which W8.s a mistake.
   Assured that we would have no problems,    Everyone we talked to said ftDon't do it.
we wound our way up the mountain range        It is impossib1e!fr
through a bea~tiful and lush green part of
Nevada very few see.                             But, we had visions of Bruneau jasper;
                                              so off we went for sixty or so miles from
   We were very happy we came that way.       the village of Bruneau off into the sage
The road was dirt and winding, but service-   brush plateau where the Bruneau River has
able.                                         cut a deep c~~yon. What a road!

   We found the Humbo1ts picturesque,            It was impassible, impossible, and a
green, and with many mountain streams tum-    nightmare! It was a dirt road: dusty,
bling down the mountain sides.                rocky, rutty, gullied, and had ,mighty sharp
                                              rocks. It almost shook our camper into
   Up and over, and we found a lovely for-    pieces.
est camp at Lye Creek in the aspen grove
along one of the ridges.                         After we had gone fifty :miles, we met a
                                              car and trailer cowing out; so we inquired,
   The next day, we stopped at an opal dig-   "How far? HoW bad?Yr
gings on the other side of the range and
tried our luck.                                  We found out that he was a dealer from
                                              Nampa, Idaho, and he had been down into
   We found some opal in the lava rock, but   Bruneau Canyon for six weeks, digging jas-
nothing very good.                            per.

   We wound our way down the mountain to         He showed us some. BEAUTIFUL! He told
McDermitt. It is a surprisingly active        us it was very difficult to get in, and that
little community on the Oregon=Nevada bor-    the next fifteen miles would take two and
der, ~~d you can get information and a rock   one half hours of slow, five mile per hour
location map at the local rock shop.          driving.

   lhe owners were very friendly and help-                   (Continued to'the next page.)
ful and ave
PETROGRAPH                               Page 21                             October, 1973
ROCKING THRU THE WEST, CONTINUED.                    in the Surpmer as e~vell as in the winter. In
                                                     contrast,The Craters Of The Moon was' a vol=
     We diciYJ. i t believe him, but he was right.   eanic wilderness.
What we faced was ten times worse than w~at
we had come over. If Vfe haCL.'1' t come so              This is a very recent ,lava f'low; a,bout
fa:!:', I would have turned around.                  two thousand years ago. We stayed in the
                                                     c~Yfipground there and hiked the trails over
   We made it, but WITH LUCK! (If we had.            the lava flows, fields of' lava, to the
had a blowout or a breakdow.o., we 'would be         cones, tUQ~els, and eaves.
there yet.)
                                                        It was very impressive. No vlOnder they
    No one. was there; no one caYfie in. No          used this area to train our astronauts be~
one goes there except crazy rockb.ouncls .like       fore they went to the moon.
                                                        Two days later, ·v.Te arrived at Spencer,
   I don' t know how others got all that             Idaho, way off in the northeast cOrner of
beautiful Bruneau jasper in the past.        It      Idaho. It is a small hamlet of :forty or so
just doesn't seem possible.                          souls, sheep and cattle.

   We camped on the rim, an.d, after supper,            We fOUlld that there are two opal diggings
Tom and I walked down into the canyon.               on the same mountain: Jeppeson and Wilson,
                                                     and Stettler's.
   What a climb! One and one half miles
straight down, it was. We found that the                We tried both at fifteen dollars a day,
dealer had dynamited one whole wall and              and were very satisfied. '1.'he opal is found
taken 'out the best stuff; only chips 8nd            in poekets and must be chiseled out. It is
broken fre.gments remained.                          hard rock rnining.

   We gathered up about fi.t'teen pounds each           Both owners were very helpful and dide all
and hiked but. It took us a.J.:m.ost two             they could to see that we got something.
hours. What an ordes.l!
                                                        Lik.e all good gem material, it is b.ard to
   Sufficient to say, we did r::ot go back           find; so, you must work hartt, and at 7,000
the next day. We made i t back to eiviliza-          feet elevation, that is hard! But we tried.•
tion lIall shook up", bnt much the v.riser.
                                                        Jeppesonfs claim is new and not too well
   I v.Tould say, "Don't go there; it isn't          developed as yet.; while Stettler! s is older,
worth it!tt                                          better bulldoze(l, end easi.er to get at. It
                                                     really takes two days to find. out huw to do
   We left Tom the next day and heacled for          it and get some good material. You have to
Spencer, Idaho. We traveled the back roads           experience it to understand.
through the Sawtooth range, the Bitter
Roots ,a.YJ.d the Targb.ee National ]'ore8t8.            Stettler intends to sell his claim; so,
                                                     anyone interested in the future should write
    These are mighty high mountains, and             first for details. It is a long way to go
partly covered by snow. ':['he scenery was           :for nothing.
spectacular: trees, lush meadows, wild
:flowers, streams and rivers.                             Stettler has a man working for him who
                                                     demonstrates each evening how to cut a.YJ.d.
   We stayed in forest camps all the way.            work. Idac1-J.o opal. You should go to this de=
Twice, we came down to ci vilJ_zation to see         monstration the first night to find out what
other sigl1tS: Sun Valley, and 'I'he Craters         :i t is all abuut.
Of The Moon.
                                                        It is a gamble, but there were some fine
   1ney were both unusual experiences. Sun           specimens taken out the clay we were there.
Valley is a beautiful valley surrounded by
mountains which makes it a pleaS8):lt place                          (Continued to the next page.)
PE:TROGRAPH                                    Page 22                                October,   1973
ROCKING THRU THE WEST   CONTINUED.                 Our next stop was Cody, Wyoming, home of
                                                Buffalo Bill, where we relived ttthe winning
   The opal comes in seams in pockets, and      of the west". The William F. Cody Histori-
must be cut out and sliced. It is better        cal Museum has three divisions: one con-
to m~ke triplets out of it.                     taining memorabilia of Buffalo Bill; another
                                                an extensive collection of the Plains In-
   From Spencer, we took a logging road         dians (Crow, Sioux, Arapahoe, Cheyenne, and
across the Targhee Mountains to West Yel-       Shoshone), and the third was an art gallery
lowstone that had been recommended to us by     with collections of famous western artists:
the Ranger   It turned out to be a fine
             0   ,                              Russell, Remington, Catlin, and others.
road with no logging trucks, and gorgeous
scenery.                                            The largest wall mural shows Custer's
                                                 Last Stand on the Little Big Horn.
   From West Yellowstone, we went up to
Quake Lake to see the huge rock slide that          'rhe trip from Cody to Sheridan took us
created the lake fourteen years ago. We          through the spectacular Big Horn Mountains
were relieved that we had not cmnped there       and Shell Canyon.
fourteen years ago when we passed through
on our way to Glacier National Park and             We stopped at a rock shop and were told
Canad.a. We were there one week before the       that the petrified wood ru1d dinosaur fossil
earthquake. Twenty-eight people are buried       beds near Shell Canyon were cleaned out long
under that rock slide.                           ago; so we went on and found a quiet camp-
                                                 site in the Big Horns.
   Yellowstone is a popular place, and we
had trouble finding a camp site, but we            We wish we could have lingered longer and
were fortunate to find one in Canyon Camp-      have done some fishing here.
                                                   There is a rock shop there called The
   There are no "begging bears It any more;     Painted Hills. You should stop and see his
they helicopter them into the back country      collection.
whenever they come around.
                                                    It took us a d.ay to go seventy miles be-
    It is a beautiful park, well kept up,       tween Sheridan and Buffalo as we stopped to
wi th broad highways ~n.d plenty to see. We     visit three museums and. two battlefield
stayed five days Ck"ld enj oyed every minute    si tes along the v.ray.
of it. There is so much to see.
                                                   For a person interested in art, don't
   Yellowstone is so green ruld mountainous     pass up the Brad£ord Brinton Memorial Mu-
you think of Yosemite when you see it.          seum which is located on a ranch twelve
                                                miles south of Sheridan. There are more
   I even tried fishing, but no luck. I         paintings by Russell and Remington here
saw some big ones caught, though, sixteen       than anywhere else, plus rare documents of
inches long.                                    Willi~m Penn, Washington, Lincoln, etc.

   We even went rockhounding here; but NOT         The historic battle sites of the old
in the park. We went out of the north gate      west are near here: Fetterman's Massacre,
and up into the Galletin National Forest to     Wagon Boxfight, Ft. Kearney, Fort Reno, etc.
Tom Minor Basin looking for the petrified
forest; but it:,was::too inaccessible on the       We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves wandering
high ridges up steep mountain sides. So,        through the west. The next installment will
we satisfied ourselves with a few chips         be on the Black Hills where we headed next.
from the flows down the ravines. We enjoy.:..
ed the scenery: tall Galletin Mountains,            The sign of our MGSCV on the sid.e of our
glaciated valleys, and a lovely forest car-      camper has caused many people to stop and
peted with grass an~ wild flowers. This          chat with us. It is really a conversation
mountain range rem~nded us of the Trinity        piece. llWell, we're rockhounds,'too," ,or
Alps.                                            ftWhere do you find gold?"
PETROGRAPH                                  Page 23                             October, 1973
                                                   County-, Inc., San Ca:-r los         Septemher,
                                                   1973. "People inglasa                may as well
                                                   answer the doorbell!!!
                                                      "If the world's supposed to be getting
                                                   smaller, how come they keep raj. sing postal
                                                   rates'£ (( Today I s Cl1.uckle, S. J. Mercury.
                                                      n                            , -
                                                        A dime goes a long way these days. You
                                                   can carry one for weeks before you find
                                                   something it will buy. rt Of'f the Cireui t
                                                   (Denver Post).
                                                     r'FACETERS FAIR - 197!.~ ~ January 19 & 20,
                                                   Gateway PaVillion, Santa Clara County
                                                     "Mr Leonard Ludel, Director of the Amer=o
                                                   ican School of Diamond Cutt:fuJ,g of Gardner-
                                                   ville, Nevada, will be present and demon-
                                                   strate his unique ski11s ••• Mr. Ludel is a
                                                   master diamond cutter.tf
                                                     "Individuals are invited to display
                                                   cases of faceted stones as well as cast or
EXCHANGE                                           handcrafted jewelry set with faceted
                                                   stones. Should they choose to enter into
NAPALITE, THE, Napa County Rockhounds, st.         competition, awards will be made in the
  Helena, Ca., September, 1973. "VINTAGE           following categories:
  GEMFEST 1973 - We will sponsor our very
  first Gem and Mineral Show in late Octo-         1       ~   Five best cu.t stones. Stones will be
  ber. In the past we have put on gem a.nd                     cut from quartz, color and size op~
  mineral shows in conjunction with our                        tionaL Cuts wi.l1 be a MA.BQUIS, an
  rummage sales. This time we are going                        Ef)ilERALD, an Oy'{I,J.JJ a STANDAED BRILLI~
  all out.!!                                                   ANT, end one cut optione.L JUDGING
    "'We will hav"e upwards to forty exhib-                    WILL BE ON WOEI\M.'\HSIHP ONIJY. ,{'hese
  its. Guest displays trill include Trophy                     stones shall be mcmnted on a sty-ro~
  Winners in CFMS and AFMS. "                                  foem base meaimring 1" x 6" X 12" and
    "Six dealers will serve the needs of                       covered with white velvet materiaL A
  our hobbyists with the very latest in                        special case 'i,rill be ft1.rnished.
  supplies and equipment - to say nothing
  of minerals of outstanding beauty and                2   =   Best case of faceted stones. Cases in
  value. II                                                    this category shall conform to and be
    IIWe will serve food and snacks and bev-                   judged by CFMS E1JJ..es.
  erages and will have hourly door prize
  drawings. !!                                     3       ~   The best single piece of jewelry. One
    "Grab bags will be on sale. T'fle con-                     piece of jewelry set with one or more
  tents will not be edible, but will do                        faceted stones will be judged for ORI-
  well for the 'trick or treaters' later                       GINALITY and WORKMANSHIP.
  that week."
    tiThe October Bulletin will carry fea-           trAIl entries will be accepted on a first
  ture articles about our exhibitors and                 first serve basis so get entries in
  dealers."                                        at once as none vd11 be accepted after the
    IIFIELD TRIP NOTE - It has been reported       space available is fLlled."
  that the Getchel Mine (Nev.) durr~ is open         "October 31 is closing date for guest
  to collectors. Permission to enter must          exhibitors to Sllbn1,it the Guest Exhibitor
  be granted by the resident geologist, and        Contract."
  a waiver must be signed... II                      ff Coordinators are:

    IIWith a little luck you may find beau-
  tiful Realgar end Orpiment specimens. lI         George and ~tillie Staples, P. O. Box 215,
                                                   Sacramento, CA 95801 (916) 922=6302.
GEMJ3, Gem & Mineral Society of San MCoteo                       (Co%1tinued to the next page.)
PETROGRAPH                                   Page 24                                       October, 19'73
         BULLETINS                                  found in southern ,Japan indicates the in-
                                                    sects have been around at least 180 mil-
GEM CHAT, Merced Gem & Mineral Society J            lion years, reported. by scientists in To-
  Merced, CA, September, 19730 'ellis bul~          kyo.fl'
  letin had a nice article 8,bout 'tRock Col-         frNOTICE ~ Recreational Vehicle Owners -
  J.ecting 'Eastern' Style: Geo & Carol             Mr. Roy Leschinskey of Fremont was cited
  (R8,smussen) •                                    last December for pe.rking his mot orhome in
     Here's an interesting stor~r~ llPerllaps       his o1ilrn driveway. He was put in jail for
  one of the most interesting things that           several hours and finally allowed to post
  happened to us, happened 8,t the CFMS ShO'IIT     $250 bond before he was released."
  in Turlock. Norwood '\l.TaS attencUng the           1rThis is a court test case to prove
  business meeting and I decided to sneak           these city ordinances against parking of
  off by myself and see some of the show.           Recreational Vehicles unconstitutional.
  1 was at the Swap Area and was viewing            Mr. Leschinskey is trying with the help of
  some of the things being traded. I                C.OeR.L. and all of those who will donate
  glanced up and my eyes cal 1.ght the nam.e        to his trial fund. to help all RV owners     0   "

  STRANGE on someone else's name tag, and
  I had never laid eyes on the man before.        PEGMATITE, San Diego Mineral & Gem Society,
  Since I am also interested in Genealogy,          Inc., San Diego, CA, September, 1973. "Did
  I tapped him on the shoulder and brought          you know' that as of J\me 11, 1973, no mo-
  attention that he had. MY na;me. Well, we         tor vehicle with d.etachabl.e type auxiliary
  sta.rted. comparing notes, name,s, and.           m.irrors extendi.ng more than six inches be-
  places starting with wherevre were born.          yond the sid.e of either fender line may be
  Both discovered we were from. the same            operated in national parks, except when
  state, adjoining counties, ~~d in the end         the motor vehicle is tm·;ring a second ve-
  found that we had the same Great Grand-           hicle. (1
  f'ather. (Our Grandfathers were broth~              We found the article about a Kingston
  ers. ) One never knows what will turn up          Lapidary Society Field Trip refreshing and
  at a rock swap. II                                a bit different in color than our field
     IIWhat makes it even better i,3 that I         trips. The language used is the main se-
  liked the gentleman very much and hope            cret. Somehow the English of an English-
  to get better acquainted in the future.           man is so much more enticing than ours.
  (In case any of you are scratching his
  head in wonderment, J11.y maiden narlle vaB     MICHIC'",L\N IAPIDARY SOCIETY BULLETIN, Michigan
  Strange also.)"                                   Lapidary Society, Detroit, Michigan, Sep-
     IIElton and Laone Strange are very ac~         tember, 1973. rtWords of Wisdom"----
  tive in the Castro Vo,lley clv.b. Elton is
  the Lapidarist in their farr.ily and tho'                  ffDID is a word of .ACHIEVEMEJ'IT
  he has only been a rockhound for 3 years,                    WONfT is a word of RETREAT
  he took second place in a Cabochon cate-                     MIGHT is a word of BEREAVEMENT
  gory at the Turlock show, 'which must be                     CAN f T is a word. of DEFEAT
  something of a record. 1t Doris strange,                     OUGHT is a word DUTY
  Editor.                                                      TRY :1.s a word of each HOUR
                                                               WILL is a word of BEAUTY
UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR,                      CAN is a word of POWER. It
  Preliminary Draft - September 8, 1973.        ROCK CHIPPER 2 T~, Ro~- Ann Gem & Mineral
  California Desert O. R. 'V. Recreation           Club, Medford, OR, September, 1973. We
  Management Plan. This plan will be on            are pleased to see that our former mem-
  the shop bulletin board. One side is a           ber, Aileen Bergersen, is now the Editor
  map end the other side is an ex--plana,tion      of THE ROCK CHIPPER. itA vacation consist-
  for all designated areas shO\~'TI on front       ing of 2 weeks is 2 short: you arrive
  page map - in numerical order.                   home 2 tired 2 return 2 work and 2 broke
                                                   not 2."
MINERAL .MEMO'S, Antioch Lapidary Clu.b, An-         flAshland to Ashwood and d.ust to dust"
  tioch, CA, September, 1973. "COCKRC1L\CH         was Aileen Bergersen's variation on last
  FOSSIL FOUl\TD. A fossilized cockroach                          Continued t~ the.n~xt ~~2-
PETRCGRAPH                                 Page 25                                Oclober, 1973
EXCHAl~GE   BULLETINS                               an urgent mE~8sage:        'Come up quickly. The
                                                    ship is sinking! 1"
  month I S article by the Lo:ren Dowells. It          rrDIAMONDS, NOT AN OSTRICH'S BEST FRIEND.
  was the sa:.m.e story out of another' sper,s-     Unlike the girl~ (rib.ose best friend. is the
  pective. Good reading.                            d.la"'l1ond~, the ctiamDnd. is the enemy of an
ROCK CHIPS, Mission Peak Gem & Mineral. So-            rrLittle more than a century ago the os-
  ciety, Fremont, C~, September, 1973.              trich was slaughtered    <-    not ror its plum-
  "They call it legal tender, that green            age but for its gizzard. II
  and loveJs stuff.                                     "About 12,000 birds were shot in a sin=
  It S tender when you have it ~ but v.rhen
     I                                              gle season. In just one of :t;hE!se birds
  you donft = it t s tough! II                      were found 53 diamonc'ls II

GEM-N-I, ~.tIE, Santa Rosa Mineral and Gem        AIJBURN ORE=BIN, Mother Lod.e Mlneralites, Au-
  Society, Santa Rosa, CA, September, 1973.          burn, CA, September, 1973. fiNO TIME FOR
  "He was a loser. Every-thing he tried~             CRYING 1'H.E BInES ~, We have been in worse
  went sour, so he decided life wasn't               trouble before, but never berore :have we
  worth living.!!                                    tru:en it so h~rd.. We are not a stoic peo-
    "He got a rope, a gun, a can of gaso-            ple, but neither are we cry-babies, not
  line, a bottle of poison and found a               until now, that is 0    The truth of the mat-
  limb that hung out over the river. He              tel' is we don't really have that much to
  tied the rope to the limb and to his               cry about. Our country never has been and.
  neck, poured the gasoline over him, swal-          never will be perfecto We had. a violent
  lowed the poison, held the gun toward his          birth and have lived. from crisis to crisis
  head, lit the gasoline and jurnpecL"               ever since. In the process of growing up
    "He shot the gun, but m.issed his head           we invented~ a way of l.ife that is the envy
  and hit the rope. That dropped him in              of the rest or the world.. We cannot move
  the river and put out the fire. He swal-           to a better place because there is no bet-
  lowed. so much water that he threw up the          ter place. We certainly have no monopoly
  poison and he said that if he hacL'J 1 t been      on national tribu.latlon:s. Nor do we have
  such a darn good swimmer he WOllld have            even one problem ·t.hat is uniquely ours.
  drowned!"                                          As for COllInan p:roblems they axe more se~
    "A rock crystal (qua:::.~tz) tflat weighed       vere elsel;There. ~raxes are higher in Brit-
  5~ tons 1i>TaS found in IY'Linas Gerais, Bra-      ain and infJ.ation is worse     1'he smog in

  zil."                                              Peking is deadlier than i t is ·in Los An-
    "A calei te crystal weighing 1+0 tons            geles. Corruption in Italy is a way of
  was found in Taos County, New Mexico."             lit")e
                                                          0  Bv~gging is commonpJ~ace in Pa~ris       0

    Nice item~ !lWeep Not For 'l'he Favro. It        In the Soviet Union all. conSllmer goods are
  It seems he has a better chance then the           in short supply. Vio.lenee in Ireland
  domesticated animal ••• indeed, true.              makes our frontier days look tame. Israel
    This bulletin was loaded with field              is surrounded. by armed. enemi.es and. her
  trip maps. They sure are going to be               citizens are threatened ab:road. Millions
  busy!                                              of children in d.ozens of countries are al~
                                                     ways hungry. Millions never go to school
AGATIZER, THE, South Bay Lapidary & IvT.i.neral      at all. This is all another way of saying
  Society, Manhattan Beach, CA, September,           that we should put dovm the crying towel.,
  1973. "I always pass on good advice. It            stop scourging ourselves ", and look a,"
  is the only thing to do with it. It is             round. The rest of the wor.ld. would settle
  never of any use to oneself !I Oscar
                                0                    for our problems in a flash. We may not
  Wilde.                                             be at the peak of our form but we are not
    "Two hundred winers raced to Angledool,          falling apart, either. We have mueh to do
  Australia (pop. 101) when an opal strike           and no time for brooding.    11Sacramento
  was reported. This was the second time             Union.
  the town mad~e the newspaper; first time,
  it rained in 1950."                                  That's all for this time.
    "Reminds me of the deep-sea oj.ver ·(Mho
  had just reached the bottom when he got
PETROGRAPH                                   Page 26                                       October,   1973
Blue & Gold                                      P. 0 BOX 2145
                                                   0                                            Selenite

                                      SOCIETY          ~        SYMBOL

                                      CA.STRO   VALL~IF.,        94546

                                        ELECTED OFFICERS FOR 1973-74
President~                  Jim Ewing;20i25 Sapphire st., Co v. 94546.                             537-'7098
Vice"·President:            Blue .Andrade., 567 Cherryway, Hay. 9454l.                             276-4647
Secretary:                  Ednah Antunovic:n, 20.16 San Antonio Ave., Ala. 94501.                 522-4214
Treasurer:                  Jack Peters, 6311 Contra Costs, Rd., Oak. 94618.                       54'7-0211
Direct 0:::' , ! 71- '74:   George strauch, 20269 Yeandle Ave., Co V. 94546.                       581-6436
Director, '72-'75:          Dave Nunema.."h'l, 8278 Jtmiper Ave.• ,Newark, 94560.                  793-4409
Director, '73-'76:          Jim G1iebe, 3283 Barlow Dr., C. V. 94546.                              538-0778
Federation Director:        Virginia, Oii<TellS, 171.20 Via Piedras, Se~1J. Lorenzo, 94580.        276-2256
Field TTip Chairma..l1:     Del Jones, 1338 Sheridan Lane, Hay. 94544.                             782-1.~178
Shop Foreman:               Glenn Tate, 22173 N. 6th st., C. V. 94546.                            538-8378
Show Chairman:              Roy Le Roy, 17061 Via Perdido, San Lorenzo, 94580.                    278-1.882
Editor:                     Martha Peters, 1929L~ Lake Chabot Rd., C. V. 945460                   538-2959
Hostess:                    Carol McKaskle, .591 Via Manzanas, San Lorenzo, 9~·580.               278-7311
Li brari aXl:               Billie i'l.shley-, 17'781 Mayflower Dr •., Co v. 94546.               582-7459
Historian:                  Helen Miguel., 15515 Maubert Ave., San Leanclrc, 94578.               276-4354
Membership Chairman:        Jea..l1 Pfefer, 7609 Ashford Way, Dublin, 94566.                      828-3308
Junior Mentor:              Dora Collins, 26428 Mockingbird Lane, Hay. 94544.                     782-7238
PaDt President:             Roy Le Roy, 17061 Via Perdido, Sa.'1 Lorenzo, 94580.                  278-1882

                                     API'OIN:r.ED CCj.MMI'I"I'EE CHilIRMEN*
YLlblicity:                 Jeanne Lower;- 4b17 La:i:rrence Dr., C. V. 94546.                      537-6151
School Co-Ordinator:        Vernon Korscad., 17917 Beardsley st", C., V. 9451+6.                   537-9485
Eec:eptionists:             Jeanne cv-ans, 17452 Via Est:::'ella, San Lorenzo, 94580.              276-4517
                            Bev Ewing, 20125 Sapphire st., C. V. 94546.                            537-70 98
Parliamentarian:            Phil Clarke, 1600 15J..st Ave., San Leandro, 94578.                    351-828 9
Door PX'l.zes:              Ben Owens, 1'7120 Via Piedras) San Lorenzo, 94580.                     276-2256
Show Ru.les:                Phil Clarke) 1600 15lst Ave., San LeancLro, 94578.                     351-8289
Sum:;hine Girl:             Janet Tate, 22173 No 6th St., C. V. 94546.                             538-8378
JohY'J1y Horizon:
Gc:hole.;rship Fund:        Hazel Peterme.,r!.~ :L73!+ J)+ls'l; Ave., San Leandro, 94578.          357-4324
Shop Steering:              Ed Peters, 19294 Lake Chabot Rd., C. V. 94546.                         538-2959
Project Showcase:           Glenn Tate, 22173 N. 6th st., C. V. 945 1       +6.                    538-8378
Education:                  Martha Pet.ers, 19294 Lake Chabot Rd., C. V. 945~6.                    538-2959

*These Committee Heads a..re without voting privileges within the scope of the Bd. of Dir.

NOTICE: Membership Meetings are held every 2nd. Friday of the month (any changes will be
noted) except in the months of ~ruly and August, convening at 7:30 p. m. at the Cherryland
School, Western at Willow St., Hayward., Ca. Refresbments are served. Movies or guest
speak.ers on pertinent subjects are featured in addition to the strictly business session.
DUES: $9.00 per Family per year; Single Membership $6.00; Junior $2.00; end Associate
Membership at one-half rate.
PETROGRAPH POLICY: Anonymous contributions cannot be considered for publication in the
PE1'ROGRAPH. If requested, the contributor's name will be withheld. from original materiaL
The source of other material will be indicated for proper credit. Permission is granted
to reprint PETROGRAPH items when credit is given.
NOTE: Labeling, Collating, Sorting, a..l1.d Mailing are done by Marie Le Roy, Roy Le Roy, Ben
Fontana, Virginia Owens, Martha Peters, Ed. Peters, and Hazel Peterman. The "stand-bys"
a:..ce Paul Brown, Lorraine Dalrymple, Joe Dua..rte, Janet Tate, Janice Delfino, Phil Clarke,
Maurita Clarke, Rosamond. McCully, Pat McCully, Lois Malchus, and Jeanne Lower. Printing
by Martha and Ed Peters.
10 (a) Open to all Members over 12 years old.    ENTER through the alley-'way off Wisteria
   (b) Under 12 years must be accompanied by     Street and turn right at the rear of the
        a responsible adult.                     lot. The SHOP is the yellow-tiled build-
2. Shop Fee is 65¢ per session. Prepaid. Fee     ing directly behind Jenna's Pizzeria with
   Ticket for 10 sessions is $5.00, a value      plenty of' PARKING  0

   of $6.500 A special Saturday rate (for
   Juniors) is 25¢.                                         S HOP & PARKING
30 Open 7:30 to 10 P. M., Monday through Fri-            2830 Castro Valley Boulevard, C.V.
   day, Wednesdays from 9:30 A•.M. to 12~30            W        TELEPHONE: 581-9430
   P. M., and Thursdays from 12:30 to 3:00 P.          I --------                -- - - - --1

                                                       S E:NTER HERE
   M. No Shop on General Meeting nights.
4. Slab saw run by Shop Lnstructors, only.
   Slabbing rate 5¢ per sq. in. Jade and
   Tremolite 10¢ a sq. in.
                                                          -0--          - --1
5. Use of equipment subject to approval of             I
   Shop Instructors. HEFJ) YOUR SHOP lNSTRUC-
6. Co-operative cleanup after each work ses-
                                                           CJ               I
                                                                            I PARKING

7. Jewelry Classes meet TlJ.esd.ay evening and             [=L-----~                         SHOP
   Thursday afternoon and evening.
8. Juniors meet from 9:00 to 12:00 noon on
                                                           ! ] ! :Beauty
   Saturdays as scheduled by the Junior Men-
9. Carving Class meets on Wednesday evenings.
                                                           Regal    r::J
                                                                                School   JENNA'S

                                                  CASTRO VALLEY BOULEVARD            1'0 U

PETROGRAPH, The Monthly Bulletin of:                                                    BULK RATE
The ]\tIineral & Gem Society of Castro Valley, Inc.,                             U. S. POSTAGE PAID
Ma~tha L. Peters, Editor,                                                         Sli..N LORENZO, CA,
1929~' Lake Chabot Road.,                                                           PERMIT NO. 42
Castro Valley, CA, 94546.



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