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									Shopping for Organic Bedding - Melilea Greenfield
There are many reasons to consider purchasing organic bedding. More and more studies are being
conducted on the benefits of organic products. Some of the toxicology reports on typical non-organic
products like bedding are startling to say the least. Cotton used to produce bedding is treated with
pesticides which have been shown to cause cancer, respiratory diseases, behavior, and learning disorders.
They have also been known to cause nervous system disorders. Thinking about how much time you and
your children spend snuggled up under the blankets, breathing deeply while sleeping, has suddenly turned
frightening, hasn't it?

Knowing the risks of non-organic products is one thing, but what about the benefits of going organic?
Organic comforters and organic sheets are hypoallergenic and chemical free. This means that allergy
sufferers, the chemical intolerant, and people with sensitive skin can rest easy. Typically the materials
used are pesticide-free cotton, organic wool, and in some cases a foam material. An added benefit that
some people may not even think about is the circulation improvements in organic comforters and organic
sheets. Traditional bedding does not allow the air to flow freely and can cause a person to have
uncomfortable night sweats. Organic bedding is very effective at maintaining proper air circulation which
can greatly increase your comfort.

Shopping for organic bedding can get pretty confusing though, so where should you start? Some products
may claim to be "natural" or "green" but that doesn't necessarily mean they are organic. The USDA does
implement standards on the production of organic materials. If the product states that it is certified
organic then it is made up of 100% organic materials. If the product states that it is made with organic
materials then it must be made up of at least 70% organic materials. Stick with those two labels to ensure
you are getting the highest quality and purest materials.

Knowing that you can greatly reduce the amount of exposure to toxins and chemicals your body
encounters along with a 300% decrease in allergens in your bedding are pretty convincing reasons to start
shopping for organic bedding today! It should also be noted that organic sheets and comforters are low
maintenance and only need to be spot-cleaned. Certified organic bedding will be more expensive but your
health is worth it. Remember to look for the certified organic statement on your purchase and you will be
sleeping safe and toxin free in no time!

Samantha Laughlin is a freelance writer in the Los Angeles area. is a company that specializes in Melilea Greenfield, mattresses, and
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