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WiMAX service providers have a rich environment to create real business, not only providing
services to traditional customers, but also to developing a solid ecosystem with other technology
developers which are seeking for enhancing their WiMAX-based developed products. This
developed ecosystem facilitates certain advantages for all ecosystem partners and such
advantages are reflected to customers.

Save thousands of hours. We have done all the work for your organization. This report includes
by country: Operator, City, Frequency, Status, and Type.

This report also includes a WiMAX services technical overview that consists of architecture,
standards, other technologies, applications, and services.

Report Benefits:

Introducing 589 WiMAX deployments in 150 countries

Introducing 504 WiMAX service providers working in 316 cities

Analysis for Fixed and Mobile WiMAX deployments based on IEEE 802.16d and IEEE 802.16e

Analysis for WiMAX deployments in 316 cities including profile information, operators,
suppliers, and operating frequencies

Comparison of WiMAX deployments in each city to Country and World based on number of
deployments and WiMAX profile

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