THE GAMES by ewghwehws


									THE GAMES

By Jonas Melvin
 Cody Cochran
                Page 1

Introduction: Jonas, Cody and are in Jonas’s
house having a good time playing Xbox and
you decided to go to bed and when you wake
up, you are all tied up in a mysterious room
and theirs a person with a black mask and he
says if you want to live you will beat all the
games to live. So Jonas says what are the
games and the man in the mask says the 2
games are halo 3, and snow tubing. You will
choose the person to play the first game who
will it be
He points at you and says you are the
person who will choose who will play the
first game and the first game is halo 3. So
you have to choose Jonas or Cody.
Which do you choose?
Jonas? Turn to page 2
Cody turn to page 3
               Page 2

Jonas got chose first so this is what
 The man in the mask says we will go in a
different room you can watch through the
bullet proof window. So Jonas and the
man in the mask go in to the room and he
says we will be playing over here on the
72 inch plasma screen T.V.
grab a controller and being. After a long
four hours Jonas wins by one point. The
man in the mask is furious and demands a
re mach but Jonas says no and all of the
sudden the man in the mask says your
right and opens the door and says you are
free to go you won fair and square so go.
He walked to the door and left.
               Page 3
Cody got chose to do snow tubing, so this
is what happens... I fell on hard ice and my
face was bleeding, but I got back up and
continued. The man in the mask was in 1st
place and the race was over so, The man
in the mask says “You lost and now you
have to die.”
The man in the mask pulls out a gun and
points it right at us. Jonas kicked the gun
out of his hand and we ran to the door and
Cody opened it, but their were two outlets.
Do we go left or Page 4
Do we go right? Page 5
                 Page 4

Cody went to the left and he saw, poisonous
Cody ran as fast as he could, but the scorpions
came after him.
They were catching up but he couldn’t run any
faster he was starting to get really scared. He
ran through a set of doors and as he ran through
the doors they started to close. Cody jumped
through the doors and just as he landed the
doors closed.
                Page 5

Jonas says lets run right and Cody says
no lets run to the left but Jonas is all ready
half way down the long slightly lighted right
hall way. Cody sees Jonas and runs after
him. As they tern the corner they see
another door and they run through it. It
leads out side and we ran to our car and
drove away never to return.
              Page 6

Cody and Jonas are trapped between the
man in the mask and a locked door. The
man in the mask said, “Nowhere to run
children”. Cody said, “Nowhere but the
door, because I have the key”. The man in
the mask pointed the gun at us, so Jonas
punched him in the stomach and grabs the
Does Jonas, shoot the man in the mask
Page 7
Put the gun down? Page 8
              Page 7
Jonas points the gun at the man in the
mask and shoots him in the chest and they
make a run for it.
Cody says, “Let’s get out of here”.
Cody and Jonas go to exit and, the man in
the mask is dead.
Jonas and Cody were lucky that they were
still alive!
The End
              Page 8

Jonas has the gun, puts it down. Cody
stands his ground and shoots the man in
the mask in the head. Cody and Jonas ran
as fast as they could. The man in the
mask was bleeding so much that he died.
Jonas and Cody escape from the scary
dungeon and head home.
The End

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