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White Privilege_ As Apparent in Society and Conveyed Through Film


									 White Privilege: Apparent in
Society and Conveyed Through
          Slide Show by Drew Adams
White Privilege: Unpacking the
     Invisible Knapsack

       • Peggy McIntosh
      White Privilege Outline
• Peggy McIntosh: Unpacking the Invisible
  Knapsack---Key Concepts (10 min)
• White Privilege in Film (8 min)
• White Privilege as apparent in America
                                 (5 min)
• Review and Questions           (2 min)
             McIntosh: White Privilege

• “I have come to see
  white privilege as an
  invisible package of
  unearned assets which
  I can count on cashing
  in on one day, but
  about which I was
  meant to remain
  -McIntosh (71)
             McIntosh: White Privilege

• Privilege is sometimes inherent and almost always
• In most cases oppressiveness is unconscious and
• Many silences and denials surrounding white
  privilege are key political tools
• Great pressure to avoid but in order to face
  privilege one must give up the myth of
           Advantages Associated With White
• One can easily be in the         • Pride that your race created
  company of members of the          “national heritage”
  same race
                                   • Children will be taught of the
• When moving into a new house       existence of their race at every
  one can be somewhat sure
  neighbors will be pleasant         grade level
• Most likely not get hassled by   • Easier to perform simple
  store security                     business aspects from “white to
• See people of same race            white”
  positively represented           • Can find culturally traditional
    Advantages Associated With White
              Privilege (2)
• Skin color does not work           • Can speak in public without
  against financially reliable         having race play an issue in
  appearance                           audience’s minds
• Can protect children most of the   • Can do well in a situation
  time from people who may not         without being considered a
  like them                            credit to my race
• Able to see police as allies       • Never asked to speak on behalf
• Able to swear or wear second         of entire race
  hand clothes without it being      • Can remain oblivious to other
  attributed to bad morals or          cultures without being looked
  poverty                              upon harshly
    Advantages Associated With White
              Privilege (3)
• Can criticize government and       • Generally do not feel isolated in
  society without being seen as a        organizations
  cultural outsider                  •   Can feel free to take a job
• “Person in charge” is generally        without it being suspect that it
                                         was only acquired do to
  of the same race                       affirmative action
• Generally do not get singled out   •   Easily seek public
  because of race (traffic tickets       accommodation without fear
  or tax audits)                     •   Race will not work against legal
• Can easily buy objects featuring       or medical help
  own race (posters, greeting        •   Do not have to worry about
  cards, dolls, etc.)                    situations containing racial
                 McIntosh: White Privilege

• “ I did not recognize        • “Keeping most people
  myself as a racist because     unaware that freedom of
  I was taught to see racism     confident action is there
  only in individual acts of     for just a small number of
  meanness by members of         people props up those in
  my group, never in             power and serves to keep
  invisible systems              power in the hands of the
  conferring unsought racial     same groups that have
  dominance on my group          most of it already.”
  from birth.”
             McIntosh: White Privilege
          American Freedom
• Some of the power
  which whites come
  upon in society is
  thought of as being a
  freedom possessed by
  all Americans—
  however it is still
  laced with unearned
  advantage and
  conferred dominance
             McIntosh: White Privilege

• “Whiteness” is not seen as a racial identity
• Our daily lives are affected more by
  unearned power than any other silent
• More must be done in order to identify
  where lives are effected the most so that
  changes may slowly begin
          McIntosh: White Privilege

 “Disapproving of the systems won’t be
enough to change them. I was taught to
  think that racism could end if white
   individuals changed their attitudes.
[But] a “white” skin in the United States
opens many doors for whites whether or
 not we approve of the way dominance
       has been conferred on us.”
          --Peggy McIntosh (73)
         McIntosh: White Privilege

  Whites are taught to think of their
 lives as morally neutral, normative,
  and average, and also ideal, so that
when we work to benefit others this is
seen as work which will allow “them”
         to be more like “us.”
       White Privilege in America

   “White privilege, like any social
phenomenon, is complex. In a white
supremacist culture, all white people
 have privilege, whether or not they
 are overtly racist themselves. There
    are general patterns, but such
    privilege plays out differently
   depending on context and other
      aspects of ones identity.”
               White Privilege in America

  “When whites seek admission to a
university, apply for a job, or hunt for
     an apartment, they don't look
threatening. Almost all of the people
evaluating people for those things are
    white. They see a reflection of
themselves, and in a racist world that
 is an advantage. Even when whites
voice critical opinions, they are given
            --Robert Jensen
 “Guess Who’s Coming to
Racial Stereotypes and White Privilege
            Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

   Racial Issues and Stereotype
• In the film, it appears generally more
  acceptable for a white family to live in a
  large home
• In the 1960’s it is uncommon and a basis for
  stereotypes when a black man becomes a
  prestigious doctor
• Generally judged on skin color not
              Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

 Racial Issues and Stereotype (2)
• Inter-racial marriages looked down upon by both
• Whites generally say one thing about privilege and
  stereotypes, yet often act another way
• Wide spread belief that inter-racial children would
  grow up without a race and live a rough life
• All blacks are grouped together, something one
  does effects the way another one is viewed
     How Hollywood Portrays White
• Movies can and do portray
  many varied views dealing with
  white privilege and stereotypes
• Movies can reflect any and all
  stereotypes– not necessarily
  that of society
• Hollywood directors are
  predominantly white, therefore
  white privilege has a large
  effect on our views
• Movies are one of the most
  commonplace sources for
  instilling unrecognized white
  privilege into society
    White Privilege in Film (2)
• The way race in the movies is dealt with has
  changed drastically throughout the years
• The numbers of minorities involved in the
  film industry has been on the rise for years
• Filmmakers are now dealing with and
  embracing white privilege and stereotypes
  in a forward way
    For example, in The Battle at Elderbusch
         Gulch Indians are portrayed as

•   Hostile outsiders
•   Barbaric savages
•   Always shot from a distance
•   Portrayed so that audience feels no
    sympathy or compassion towards them
        More Recent Films
that take a forward approach to stereotyping and
White Privilege is often viewed
as a/an _______ oppressiveness

    unconscious /straightforward/ conscious
The comparison of white privilege to
unpacking a knapsack simply means
whites are equipped with ________
      hate/ assets/ fear/ disadvantage
  White Privilege Is Greater
 Depending on Other Factors
Such As Sex and Social Status:
       True or False?
White Privilege in Society is _______

     a. Earned through years of struggle
   b. Inherited at birth and dependent upon
    c. Granted by society for social status
 Whites purposefully use their
  status to discriminate upon
minorities and place them lower
           in society.
Will All Members of Society
 Ever Truly Be on an Equal
Playing Field and If So Is It a
     Question of Time?

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