Chronological Worksheet by Gallows



           The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development is an equal opportunity employer. Auxiliary aids
             and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. TDD Relay Alaska 1-800-7708973
                                       Chronological Worksheet
                              Name:            ____________________________________
                              Address:         ____________________________________
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                         Email:           ____________________________________
                         Phone:           ____________________________________

Job Objective: ___________________________________________________________

                                    Summary of Qualifications

Employment History:
Employer, City, State _____________________________________________ Dates: ______________

Employer, City, State _____________________________________________ Dates: ______________

Employer, City, State _____________________________________________ Dates: ______________

Employer, City, State _____________________________________________ Dates: ______________

School _______________   City________________ State_________ Program of Training ___________________________
School _______________   City________________ State_________ Program of Training ___________________________

                                           References on Request

                          (Put these on a separate page and hand in at the time of the interview)

                            Functional Resume Worksheet

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                              Name:              ____________________________
                              Address:           ____________________________
                              Email:             ____________________________
                              Phone:             ____________________________

Job Objective: ___________________________________________________________

                                    Summary of Qualifications

Specialty Area: (Example Customer Service, Construction, Administrative)

Specialty Area: (Example: Food Server, Driver, Bookkeeper, Daycare Provider )

Employment History:
Name of Employer__________ Name of Position___________________ Dates worked____________

School ____________   City___________ State________________ Program of Training ____________________________
School ____________   City___________ State________________ Program of Training ____________________________
School ____________   City___________ State________________ Program of Training ____________________________

                                           References on Request

                          (Put these on a separate page and hand in at the time of the interview)

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                                       Sample Cover Letter
                                                John Q. Public
                                              123 Anywhere Lane
                                             Anchorage, AK 99517
                                       (907) 000-0000 or (907) 000-0000

February 23, 2007

South America Corporation
123 South America Boulevard
South America, AK 99687

Re: Bookkeeper Position

Dear Hiring Manager:

Please accept this letter in response to your need for a Bookkeeper which you recently advertised in the
Anchorage Daily News.

I am enclosing a copy of my resume for your consideration and would like to call your attention to the areas of
skill and achievement in my background that is most relevant to this position:

                              Over 12 years bookkeeping experience for various businesses with Anchorage
                              Extensive experience with various computerized accounting systems.
                              Experience with computer operation systems and expert knowledge in all MS
         Office programs.
                              Exceptionally organized and resourceful with a wide range of clerical skills.
                              Ability to operate various types of office machinery including fax, copier, printer
         and PC.
                              Willing and eager to learn new skills with excellent customer service skills.

I look forward to a personal interview to further discuss my qualifications as they pertain to this open position.
I can be reached at either of the above numbers. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am confident I am
the employee you’ve been waiting for.

Best regards,

John Q. Public

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                              Sample Reference Page
                                        John Q. Public
                                      123 Anywhere Lane
                                     Anchorage, AK 99517
                               (907) 000-0000 or (907) 000-0000


You’re Good Boss
Joe’s Painting and Hardware
123 Any Name Street
Anchorage, AK 99503
(907) 000-0000

Sandy Superstar
Sandy’s Star Apparel
444 East Sandy Road
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 000-0000

Alye Incomefree
Joe Moe’s Java Joint
555 Superman Avenue
Grayline, AK 99577
(907) 000-0000

Revised 3/20/2008                                                 Page 6
                                       Sample Resume
                                             John Q. Public
                                           123 Anywhere Lane
                                          Anchorage, AK 99517
                                    (907) 000-0000 or (907) 000-0000

Job Objective: A position as journeyman carpenter with Alaska Home builders.

                                  Summary of Qualifications
                    Get along well with employers and co-workers
                    Work well as a crew member or independently
                    Experience handling power tools
                    Able to lift 50 lbs repetitively and safely
                    Current Alaska Drivers license with an excellent record

Relevant Experience:
    Construction Labor
                    Operated jack hammers, compressors and power tools
                    Built and placed forms, plywood and wall systems
                    Prepared walls for painting information
                    Constructed columns and beams
         Concrete Placement
                    Constructed concrete forms
                    Poured concrete by pump, bucket, barrow and shovel
                    Dug, spread and leveled dirt and gravel using pick and shovel
                    Painted interiors and exteriors using brushes and rollers
                    Performed prep work including masking, sanding, and filling holes
                    Removed old paint using paint remover and wire brush

Employment History:
Construction/General Laborer Self               1980-1983              Oakland, CA
Warehouse,      Jack of all Trades              1984- 1991             Bogus, WA

Educational Background:
Certificate/Diploma              School Name/location
Diploma                          Booker T Washington,         Dallas, Texas
Certificate of Hard Knocks       Workharder University        Barre, Vermont

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                                  Sample Thank You Letter
                                               John Q. Public
                                             123 Anywhere Lane
                                            Anchorage, AK 99517
                                      (907) 000-0000 or (907) 000-0000

February 23, 2007

South America Corporation
123 America Boulevard
South America, AK 99687

Re: Bookkeeper Position

I would like to thank you for taking your time to interview me yesterday for the Bookkeeper position within
your company. I enjoyed meeting you and learning more about your company. It has been my goal to work for
your company for a number of years now.

My enthusiasm for this position and the work it entails, as well as my interest in working for South America
Corporation, was strengthened as a result of our meeting. I believe that my education and experience fit nicely
with the job requirements for this position. I am confident I will make a significant contribution to your
company and will help increase productivity and efficiency.

Please advise me if you need any further information. You can reach me at either of the above telephone
numbers. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Again, thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

John Q. Public

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              What is ALEXsys?
                    Alaska Labor Exchange System

    A statewide job bank to assist job seekers and employers.

                What can it do for you?
                  You can create up to 10 on-line resumes
                You can search jobs across the state of Alaska

     Employers can search your resumes online and call you!

                       NEED HELP?
               Ask an Employment Specialist

                     Registration and an on-line resume
               are required if you are drawing unemployment!

                        Ask about scheduled workshops!

Revised 3/20/2008                                                Page 9
                             ALEXsys – Job Seeker Registration Instructions
                                 Note: When selecting an option “single click” only.
                    Use the back and next buttons on the application page and not in the browser.

              - A Full Registration in ALEXsys requires:
                     A. Registration   B. Resume   C. Background Information

              - Personal Information you will need to complete registration
                     A. Work History B. Education History C. Licenses, Certifications

     1. Access ALEXsys at:

     2. Browse around.
        There is a lot of information given at this site. It is important that you read all instructions
        carefully. When you click on a link, you will immediately go to a new page for entering
        information. For help click the “?” next to each section.

     3. Select: Click on start here to enter the registration process in ALEXsys.

     4. Select: Option 1 - Create a User ID and click Register

     5. Select: Individual – and a page for entering information will come up.

     6. Create a unique User ID (ex: your initials and last name; jqpublic) and Password. Be sure to
        write it down and keep it in a safe place. Your User ID is permanent and cannot be changed.
        Create a hint to remember your password. Fill in required (*) fields. Click Next at the bottom of
        each page to continue. After 4 pages of registration are complete, the next button will take you
        to a page for creating your resume.
                               There are two parts to completing a resume.
                                     Part I - 5 steps: Establishing a Resume
                                   Part II - 9 steps: Background Information
                    Remember to click “Save this Resume” after this section is complete

     7. Select: Resume Builder - this will take you to a page to create your resume

     8. Select: Create a New Resume – when complete, your resume can be viewed by employers
        searching for employees. Take your time; be accurate and thorough. Remember you can modify
        these sections later. Under each text box, spell check and sample text is offered. Use the Next
        and Back buttons at the bottom of each page to continue or return to previous page. If the
        information requested is not applicable, select “This step does not apply to me” at the bottom
        of the page. This information can be edited when applicable. Click Next on the last page and
        your resume will be displayed.

     9. Select: Save This Resume – you now have a professional resume that can be:
        A. Emailed, faxed or uploaded to employers on the internet,
        B. Viewed by employers when they use ALEXsys as a Virtual Recruiter

                    You have completed your Registration in ALEXsys. CONGRATULATIONS!
                          Go to Page 2 for instructions on Job Search and Job Alerts

Revised 3/20/2008                                                                                          Page 10
         This section will show you how to Job Search and set Job Alerts. Once completed and set,
      ALEXsys will send you automatic Job Alerts on new job postings that match your job search criteria!

                               Remember to click on the “?” for help on each section.

                                                   JOB SEARCH

     10. Select: Job Search on the Navigation Bar under Quick Menu. This will take you to the page
          with 3 map options to select a region in Alaska where you are looking for work. From there
          choose the search criteria for jobs that match your skills. Such as: Anywhere in Alaska,
          Economic Region or Borough. Once you select the area for your job search, you will find up to
          11 searchable features such as: Occupation, Employer, Job Order No., etc.

     11. Select: Job Title to view information about the job. If no jobs to match your criteria, you can
          Change Job Search. If you wish to apply for the job click on Display more information on
          this job at the bottom of the page. Follow the application instructions. After completing the
          application process, you will be taken back to the job description page and you can choose to
          apply for another job by choosing the option Choose another Job below the Display more
          information on this job button. If you do not want to apply for that job click Choose
          another Job link to get back to the job list.

                                                   JOB ALERTS

     13. Select: Save This Job Search at the bottom of page after completing the job
          search criteria. Enter title of search, select the time schedule and the alert option: such as
          email, message center or both, for ALEXsys to perform the search for you as your Virtual
          Recruiter. If a match has been made you will be alerted to them by email or in your message
          center. The message center is located in the Navigational Bar under Other Services >
          Message Center.

     14. Select: Select Another Job Seeker Service to view more of what ALEXsys
        can do for you as a tool in looking for work, training, or career exploration.

                      The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development is an equal
                    opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon
                                       request to individuals with disabilities.

Revised 3/20/2008                                                                                          Page 11
          Accompanied        Enacted                 Negotiated
          Accomplished       Encouraged              Obtained
          Acquired           Enforced                Officiated
          Administered       Enhanced enlarged       Operated
          Advised analyzed   Established evaluated   Organized
          Appraised          Examined                Originated
          Approved           Exceeded                Perceived
          Arranged           Executed                Perfected
          Assembled          Exhibited               Performed
          Assessed           Expanded                Persuaded
          Assisted           Extended                Piloted
          Assured            Facilitated             Pioneered
          Budgeted           Formalized              Placed
          Catalogued         Formulated              Planned
          Commanded          Fostered                Presented
          Communicated       Generated               Presided
          Compared           Governed                Processed
          Compiled           Guided                  Procured
          Completed          Handled                 Produced
          Composed           Headed                  Promoted
          Computed           Hired                   Prompted
          Conceived          Identified              Proposed
          Conducted          Implemented             Provided
          Contrived          Improved                Recruited
          Controlled         Improvised              Rectified
          Convinced          Increased               Redesigned
          Coordinated        Induced                 Reduced refined
          Corrected          Influenced              Related
          Correlated         Initiated               Repaired
          Corresponded       Installed               Represented
          Corroborated       Instituted              Researched
          Counseled          Instructed              Reshaped
          Created            Insured                 Resolved
          Dealt with         Integrated              Retrained
          Decreased          Intensified             Revised
          Delivered          Interviewed             Satisfied
          Demonstrated       Invented                Scheduled
          Designed           Investigated            Secured served as
          Determined         Judged                  Serviced
          Developed          Led                     Sold solved sorted
          Devised            Located                 Sponsored
          Directed           Maintained              Strengthened
          Displayed          Managed                 Structured
          Distributed        Manufactured            Supervised
          Drafted            Marketed                Supplied
          Drew up            Mastered                Surpassed
          Edited             Mediated                Synthesized
          Educated           Mentored                Tested
          Effected           Moderated               Trained
          Eliminated         Monitored               Transcribed
          Employed           Motivated               Undertook

Revised 3/20/2008                                                         Page 12
                       FUNCTIONAL SKILL HEADINGS
          Accounting Skills      Operation Financial     Outdoor
          Additional             management              Planning
          Administrative         Financial Planning      Problem solving
          Advising               Fiscal Analysis         Program
          Analytical             Food Service            development
          Artistic               Food service            Project development
          Assessment             management              Public relations
          Budget Preparation     Foreign language        Public speaking
          Building maintenance   Fundraising             Purchasing
          Bookkeeping            General office          Quality control
          Cash handling          General maintenance     Record keeping
          Clerical               Grant writing           Report writing
          Communication          Human service           Research
          Computer               Interviewing            Sales
          Computer Programming   Inventory control       Sales management
          Construction trade     Investigation           Secretarial
          Consulting             Language                Shipping/receiving
          Cooking                Leadership              Social service
          Coordination           Machine operation       Special
          Counseling             Management              Supervisory
          Craft                  Marketing               Supply teaching
          Creative               Mechanical              Trade and Craft
          Customer Service       Merchandising           Training
          Data processing        Military service        Trouble Shooting
          Entrepreneurial        Office management       Vehicle Operation
          Equipment              Oil field               Warehouse
                                 Oil field service       Word processing
                                 Operations              Writing
                                 Operations management   Writing/editing

Revised 3/20/2008                                                              Page 13
Examples of Qualifications and Relevant Personal Characteristics
    ____ years of experience in all phases of (your field) .
    ____ years of professional level (your field ) experience.
    Current ADL and flawless driving record.
    Certified (welder) (nursing aide) (fork lift operator) (Hazmat).
    Able to work evenings and weekend shifts.
    Current Class A (B) (C) CDL, with ( type ) endorsements.
    Own a set of hand tools.
    Extensive finish wood carpentry experience.
    Able to lift (50) (70) lbs safely and repetitively.
    Heavy drywall and metal roof experience.
    Operate a delivery truck, forklift and pallet jack.
    Thorough knowledge of the Anchorage area.
    Excellent customer service skills.
    Proven ability to serve angry or upset customers.
    Computer literate type (        ) wpm accurately, 10-key by touch.
    Knowledgeable in MS Word, Excel and Power Point Excellent communication,
    grammar & spelling ability.
    Working knowledge of the Internet, Excel and Word.
    Cash handling, bookkeeping and 10-key skills.
    Professionally manage busy phones in a fast-paced office.
    Comprehensive understanding of accounting principles.
    Prompt, reliable and easygoing.
    Self motivated, reliable, organized, and detailed-oriented.
    Work equally well independently or as a team player.
    Able to multi-task and have strong people skills.
    Work well with a wide variety of people with different personalities and backgrounds.
    Perform duties in an efficient, quiet and effective manner.
    Enthusiastic, quick learner.
    Enjoy working at a fast pace.
    Willing to work overtime when necessary.
    Superior safe work history.

Examples of Work Related Duties

Administrative Assistant
    Greeted and directed visitors to destination.
    Provided information and brochures about services offered.
    Operated telephone switchboard to receive incoming calls.
    Scheduled appointments and routed calls.
    Registered visitors to facility.
    Transmitted information or documents to customer.
    Used e-mail, fax machine, copier.
    Set up and maintained alpha-numerical filing system.
    Distributed mail and messages for employees.
Revised 3/20/2008                                                                    Page 14
         Typed memos, correspondence, travel vouchers.
         Resolved complaints from customers and public.
         Received payment and recorded receipts for services.
         Coordinated and directed office services.
         Assisted in budget preparation and prepared annual reports.
         Ordered office supplies and maintained receipts.
         Filed and retrieved corporation documents, records, and reports.
         Ordered office supplies and maintained receipts.
         Planned and organized conferences.
         Read and answered correspondence.
         Made airline and hotel reservations.

Accounting Clerk / Bookkeeper
     Account reconciliations; data entry; month-end reports.
     Analysis, reconciliation and audit of electronic fund transfers and credits.
     Reconciled detailed credit card reports for several departments.
     Prepared daily deposits.
     Prepared customer statements monthly.
     Knowledgeable in most database and accounting software.

     Mixed and served alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks to patrons.
     Collected money for drinks served.
     Ordered liquors and supplies.
     Current TAMS card.

Baggage Handler
     Loaded and stored baggage on passenger train.
     Inspected tags to ensure that baggage is routed to designated train.
     Loaded baggage in Cars according to destination recorded on tags.
     Unloaded baggage from train into trailers at destination.

Building Maintenance
      Replaced defective electrical switches and other fixtures.
      Pained and repaired woodwork.
      Repaired and replaced plumbing fixtures.
      Repaired plaster and laid brick.

     Prepared menu items which required heavy grill cooking.
     Followed recipes and product directions for dishes.
     Seasoned, cooked and tasted menu items.
     Sliced and chopped meats, cheeses, and vegetables.
     Prepared a variety of desserts and decorated cakes.
Cashier / Retail Sales
     Assisted customers with merchandise selection.
Revised 3/20/2008                                                                   Page 15
         Took orders from villages and packaged merchandise.
         Cashiered and handled cash.
         Reconciled receipts and submitted daily deposit.
         Loaded and unloaded packages.
         Stocked shelves and conducted weekly inventory.

Cocktail Server
     Took drink orders and served beverages to patrons.
     Computed bill and accepted payment.
     Took orders for and served hors d’oeuvres.
     Requested identification from customers when legal age was in question.

Data Entry Clerk
     Entered alphabetic, numeric from source documents into computer.
     Compared data entered with source documents.
     Compiled, sorted and verified accuracy of data entered.
     Kept record of work completed.

Daycare Provider
     Instructed children in activities to promote social and intellectual development.
     Planned individual and group activities for children.
     Supervised children during playtime to ensure safety.
     Read books to small groups of school-age children.
     Structured activities to instill respect and concern for others.
     Conferred with parents when necessary.

 Dental Assistant
     Assisted dentist during examination and treatment of patients.
     Sterilized instruments and set up instrument trays.
     Recorded medical and dental histories of patient.
     Exposed dental diagnostic x-rays.
     Made preliminary impressions for study casts.
     Poured, trimmed, and polished removable appliances.
     Fabricated temporary restorations.
     Instructed patients in oral hygiene and plaque control programs.
     Recorded treatment information in patient records.
     Scheduled appointments and prepared bills.
     Completed insurance forms, and maintained records.

     Took multiple incoming phone calls and dispatched technicians.
     Entered information on current jobs into PC computer.
     Responsible for all communication between the customers and company.
Driver/ Courier
     Daily routing, pickup, and delivery of goods.
     Performed up-keep and maintenance of vehicle.
Revised 3/20/2008                                                                        Page 16
         Completed all pick-up and delivery paperwork.
         Delivered merchandise, loaded and unloaded trucks and trailers

Dishwasher / Busser / Kitchen Helper
     Scraped plates, bussed tables and washed dishes.
     Operated automatic dishwasher and washed pots and pans by hand.
     Kept kitchen and work areas clean and sanitized.
     Provided coffee, bread and water services
     Cleared and reset tables

Hostess / Host
     Scheduled dining reservations
     Arranged parties and special services for diners
     Greeted and escorted them to tables and provided menus.
     Adjusted complaints to patrons.
     Ensured prompt and courteous service to patrons
     Inspected dining room serving stations for neatness and cleanliness.
     Requisitioned table linens and dining room supplies.
     Totaled receipts at the end of shift, to verify sales and clear register.

     Cleaned and sanitized bathrooms and kitchens
     Vacuumed, mopped and swept floors
     Made beds and dusted furniture
     Washed and folded towels and linens
     Emptied refuse

Fast Food
      Prepared foods, such as pizzas, fish and chips, sandwiches , and tacos.
      Sliced meats, cheeses, and vegetables for salads.
      Prepared and served coffee and fountain drinks.
      Served orders to customers at window and counter.
      Operated cash register and handled cash.
      Opened and closed restaurant.

     Swept, mopped, scrubbed, and vacuumed floors of buildings.
     Operated floor cleaning and maintenance machines.
     Commercial cleaning of office buildings and restaurants.
     Vacuumed, swept, mopped, dusted, sanitized bathrooms.
     Cleaned walls, ceilings and windows.
     Cleaned plant equipment and building fixtures.
     Used steam cleaning equipment and a variety of hand and power tools.
     Applied sealers to wood or concrete floors.
     Gathered and emptied trash.
     Notified management of need for major repairs.
Revised 3/20/2008                                                                Page 17
         Removed snow from sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas.
         Used blower and spread snow melting chemicals.
         Dusted furniture, walls, machines, and equipment.
         Cleaned and restores building interiors damaged by fire, smoke, or water.
         Cleaned chimneys, flues, and connecting pipes.
         Mowed and trimmed lawns and shrubbery.
         Sprayed insecticides to prevent insect and rodent infestation.
         Set up and removed decorations, tables and chairs for events.
         Knowledge of floor scrubbers and extractors.

     Prepared and graded terrain.
     Applied fertilizer, seed and laid sod lawns.
     Planted and transplanted shrubs and plants.
     Mowed and trimmed lawns, using power mower.
     Trimmed shrubs and cultivated gardens.
     Cleaned grounds, using rakes, brooms, and hose.
     Watered lawns, trees and shrubs.
     Dig trenches and installed drain tiles.

Laborer / Construction Laborer
     Painted, installed plumbing, heating and electrical fixtures.
     Built and repaired cabinets, doors, framework and floors.
     Installed windows, frames, flooring, and trim and hardware.
     Repaired plaster, painted and built scaffolding.
     Estimated amount of lumber and other materials required for jobs.
     Finished wall surfaces with paint, wallpaper and paneling.
     Took measurements and assisted car.
     Expedited and delivered materials to construction site.
     Competent with nail banger and all power tools.
     Installed kitchen and bath counter tops.
     Built and repaired decks and porches.
     Installed floor coverings, including tile and carpet.

    Repaired and overhauled engines, transmissions and differentials.
    Repaired and replaced pistons, rods, gears, valves, and bearings.
    Overhauled carburetors, blowers, generators, distributors, starts, and pumps.
    Repaired manual and automatic transmissions.
    Repaired, realigned and adjusted brakes.
    Rewired ignition system, lights, and instrument panel.
    Replaced shock absorbers.
    Installed radios, heaters, mirrors, and windshield wipers
    Repaired radiator leaks and adjusted headlights.
    Rebuilt crankshafts and cylinder blocks.
    Performed service checks, overhauls and repairs.
Revised 3/20/2008                                                                    Page 18
         Disassembled and completely rebuilt engines.
         Performed general engine maintenance.

Personal Care Attendant or Certified Nursing Aide
     Fed patients unable to feed themselves.
     Set up oxygen tents portable x-ray machines, and other equipment.
     Prepared food trays and fed patients.
     Bathed, groomed, and dressed patients.
     Assisted patient to walk.
     Turned bedfast patients to prevent bedsores.
     Transported patients to operating and x-ray rooms.
     Measured and recorded food and liquid intake and output.
     Administered massages and alcohol rubs.
     Measured and recorded vital signs.
     Sterilized equipment and supplies.
     Administered medications as directed by physician.
     Administe5rs catheterizations, bladd3er irrigations, enemas, and douches.
     Cleaned room and changed linen.
     Stored, prepared, and issued supplies.

     Greeted and directed visitors to destination.
     Provided information and brochures about services offered.
     Operated telephone switchboard to receive incoming calls.
     Kept reception area clean and neat.
     Scheduled appointments and routed calls.
     Registered visitors to facility.
     Transmitted information and documents to customer.
     Used email, fax machine, copier.
     Set up and maintained alpha-numerical filing system.
     Distributed mail and messages for employees.
     Typed memos, correspondence, travel vouchers.
     Resolved complaints from customers and public.
     Received payment and recorded receipts for services.

Sales / Retail
      Built client relationships and provided quality customer service.
      Sold products and services.
      Cashiering and cash handling.
      Refolded and straightened clothing.
      Unloaded merchandise and stocked shelves.
      Took inventory twice a month.

Crab Processing
     Separated claws from crabs.
     Broke shells for claws and crabs, using metal rod.
Revised 3/20/2008                                                                Page 19
         Picked meat from shells, using knife and fingers.
         Inspected meat and discarded meat not meeting company requirements.
         Placed meat in containers for further processing.
         Weighed and recorded containers on scale.
         Packaged and sealed containers for shipping.

Fish Cleaner
      Cleaned fish aboard ship or on a line.
      Scraped scales from fish with a knife.
      Cut and cleaned fish and washed with hose.
      Sliced fish for further processing into boneless slices of fish.
      Unloaded catch from fishing vessels.
      Packed fish in containers.
      Remove slime from fish to prepare for canning.
      Wrapped, weighed and labeled fish.

Roe Processing
     Removed viscera and egg skeins.
     Separated viscera from egg skeins by hand.
     Weighed baskets containing egg skeins and recorded totals.
     Examined egg skeins for imperfections.
     Separated egg skeins, according to size and species of fish.

Security Guard
        Patrolled premises to prevent intrusion.
        Ensured security of doors, windows, and gates.
        Monitored entrance and departure of employees, visitors.
        Warned persons of rule infractions or violations.
        Evicted violators from premises when necessary.
        Called police or fire departments in cases of emergency.
        Set security system and ensured its operational use.
        Wrote reports to track property damage or theft.

Supervisory Duties
        Supervised and coordinated activities of a team of ____ employees.
        Trained and assigned work to employees.
        Wrote and gave employee performance evaluations.
        Inspected work performed to ensure conformance to company standards.
        Conferred with staff to resolve production and personnel problems.
        Recommended personnel actions, such as hires and discharges.

             Assisted customers with account inquires and transactions.
             Extensive use of teller machine.
             Operated 10-key and general office machines.
             Performed data entry and daily reconciliations.
Revised 3/20/2008                                                              Page 20
Truck Driver
        Drove truck with capacity of more than 3 tons.
        Transported materials to and from specified destinations.
        Applied knowledge of commercial driving regulations and area roads.
        Prepared receipts for load picked up.
        Collected payment for goods delivered and for delivery charges.
        Mai9ntained truck log, according to state and federal regulations.
        Maintained radio to receive delivery instructions.
        Loaded and unloaded truck.
        Kept truck in safe running operation at all times.
        Inspected tires, lights, brakes, gas, oil, and water.

     Received, inventoried, and stored stock items.
     Recorded data manually and on the computer.
     Verified accuracy and receipt of items.
     Located materials and supplies from stock.
     Issued stock items to workers and recorded all transactions.
     Packed, unpacked, and marked stock items.
     Delivered products, supplies, and equipment to designated areas.
     Prepared inventory balances price lists, expenditures and reports.
     Received and filled orders.
     Examined stock items for defects and reported damage.
     Drove truck to pick up incoming stock or deliver parts.

Revised 3/20/2008                                                             Page 21

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