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              HIGH LIFE
                     Leon High School 550 E. Tennessee St. Tallahassee, FL 32308 (850) 488-1971 Vol. LXXXVII No.3
Celebrating 86 years as the voice of Leon.                                                                   November 2005 Issue
                                                                                                                                     May, 2004

 Is Leon the best?
By Meghan Meehan-Draper
                                                                                                                                   Online grading
                                                                                                                                   system arrives
High Life Features Editor
                                                                                                                                   By Caroline Whitney
   Leon High School has a long -                                                                                                   High Life News Writer
standing tradition of excellence. It has
consistently been ranked among the                                                                                                    For most teachers, the maintenance
top ten Florida high schools in the num-                                                                                           of students’ grades is a constant source
                                                                                                                                   of annoyance. Students are constantly
ber of National Merit Scholarships
                                                                                                                                   pestering their teachers about what
awarded each year, and Leon has the
                                                                                                                                   their grades are. All of their prying is
highest average SAT scores out of all
                                                                                                                                   enough to drive a teacher insane. Not
the high schools in its district. It was
also named by Newsweek as one of                                                                                                      With the invention of OASIS (Online
the top AP schools in the country, rank-                                                                                           Academic Student Information System)
ing higher than any other school in Leon                                                                                           students can now access their averages
County.                                                                                                                            directly from home. All that students
   With achievements like these, it                                                                                                need to do is log their student numbers
seems like Leon could quite possibly                                                                                               into the OASIS login page, type in their
be considered the most accomplished                                                                                                six letter password, and presto: instant
high school in the county. But not ev-                                                                                             grades.
eryone views Leon this way. The                                                                                                       “OASIS is a good service that stu-
question is: what exactly do others Aerial shot of Leon High School                                                                dents and parents can use to easily ac-
think of Leon High School?                                                                                                         cess student’s grades,” said Billy Epting,
                                                                                                                                   Leon’s Assistant Principal of atten-
                                         and the guitar program has been thriv-      Leon’s admirable athletics. Lara              dance. “OASIS started at Leon this
              Academics                  ing for over 20 years.                      Schmertmann, a sophomore at Chiles,           year. As of right now, having OASIS is
      Fred Varn, the District Four Vice      Fellow Chiles student, junior Jen-      said, “Leon has a tradition of good           something teachers can voluntarily par-
Chair for the Leon County School nifer Skene, disagrees.
                                                                                     athletics.”                                   ticipate in, but as of next year it will be
Board, gives Leon the utmost praise.         “From what I’ve seen, their arts are       Rickards senior, Cathy Lambright,          a mandatory requirement. Hopefully,
    “Leon has a great student body, not top notch,” Skene said.
                                                                                     has a similar opinion. “Leon has bet-         by next semester all of the teachers will
great teachers and administrators, and       Sheila Costigan, the District One       ter sports [than us],” she said.              be logged in.”
is loaded with years and years of tra- Chair on the Leon County School
                                                                                        However, Garrett Savage, a senior
dition,” said Varn. “Academically, it is Board sums up Leon’s arts programs                                                        Continued on page 4
                                                                                     at Lincoln, begs to differ. “Sports
one of the top schools in the nation.” shortly and sweetly.
                                                                                     wise—Lincoln dominates,” he said.
    Rickards senior, Nick Wilde,             “Leon High School is one of the
agrees with Varn.                        most respected schools in our state for
                                                                                                                                    Teachers receive raise
    “The students show great intelli- performing arts,” Costigan said.                               Strengths
gence. The greatest thing about Leon                                                     Leon is known for its strengths and            Every teacher in Leon
is the variety of classes you can take                                               its ability to benefit all of its students.     County is getting a five per-
                                                             Sports                  Varn noticed that “[I] personally
there,” Wilde said.
                                             Leon can brag about its athletics,                                                      cent raise of their previous
    Lauren Brautigam, a sophomore at                                                 [know] of many parents who have
                                         too. Though the recent football sea-                                                        salary. This decision was
Chiles, concurs.                                                                     moved to make sure their son or
                                         son has been less than impressive, both     daughter could attend Leon.” Leon               first approved by the Leon
    “Leon seems very advanced com-
pared to most schools in the county,”
                                         boys’ and girls’ soccer teams are           has many things that other high schools         County School Board, then
                                         ranked top in the state, and both boys’     in Leon County do not.                          the teachers themselves.
Brautigam said.
                                         and girls’ basketball teams led the dis-        “Leon has a rich history,”                  Teachers have not received
                                         trict last year. In addition, Leon’s crew   Brinkworth noted.
                    Arts                 team always places well at every re-                                                        a raise in a few years and
    But what about Leon’s arts? Leon’s gatta they participate in and Leon’s vol-         Skene added, “They also have
                                                                                                                                     this decision is being en-
chorus department consistently per- leyball team always has exceptional              more school spirit and pride.”
                                                                                         “Leon has money, a variety of               joyed by many.
forms well in all festivals, as does seasons. Both boys and girls tennis
Leon’s drama department. Leon’s teams are the reigning city champs.                                                                                          By Kany Aziz
band just celebrated its 56th straight
superior at district marching festival,
                                             Many non-Leon students recognize          Continued on page 7
November                                                                         Editorials                                                                       Page 2

Leon’s dirty dilemma                that, but then I realized that I    find it much more convenient           they probably don’t want to         any other option. More trash
                                    probably shouldn’t be so            to pitch their lunch remains           go on a rigorous, sweaty run        cans should be added, or the
                                    picky.                              NEXT to a bin instead of IN-           because they have just been         current trash cans should be
                                       Scattered around the senior      SIDE it.                               cleaned. Likewise, if the se-       emptied more often.
                                    bowl are ant-infested candy            I’m not saying everyone at          nior bowl is clean, people             We really need to put out
                                    wrappers, greasy fast food          Leon litters. Ian actually takes       probably won’t feel the desire      an extra effort to keep the area
                                    bags, smooshed french fries         the initiative to pick up after        to thoughtlessly dump their         clear of eyesores. Leon is fa-
                                    and crushed coke cans. It is        people, and I know others              cherry limeade cup on the as-       mous for its beauty. Let’s not
By Julia Clarke                     disgusting.                         who are equally good                   phalt. If an area is already        carelessly destroy it with our
High Life Editorial Editor             I have seen (more than           Samaratins. I’m merely as-             messy, people generally figure      icky, empty lunch bags.
                                    once) garbage carelessly            serting that a sizable number          that one more piece of trash           A few years ago, the envi-
   My good friend Ian               tossed three feet away from a       of students at Leon do litter.         won’t make a big difference.        ronmental club’s slogan here
Copeland and I were stand-          trash can. I want to know              The first solution to this          In fact, it does.                   at Leon was “Littering makes
ing in the senior bowl recently,    what makes it so difficult to       trashy problem is obviously               The second solution is add-      you trashy.” It truly does.
casually waiting for a mutual       actually put it in the basket.      making sure to deposit our             ing more trash cans and emp-        When we litter, we are hurting
friend to offer us a ride up to        The most concentrated area       garbage into the receptacles.          tying them more often. I’ve         a tiny piece of the Earth. It’s
the Nettles Building. She           of litter at Leon is the senior     I guarantee that if we tried to        talked to some classmates           downright cruel, and it must be
didn’t, but that’s not the point.   bowl and the junior bowl. This,     be responsible for our trash by        about picking up after them-        stopped.
   As we sluggishly climbed         of course, makes sense be-          tossing it in the bin, fewer           selves, and they repeatedly            Our environment is slowly
up the stairs, Ian picked up a      cause these parking lots are        people would litter. The rea-          complain about the lack of dis-     dying. We have to protect
Gatorade bottle from the            where many students walk            son for this is because the            posal space. Students often         what we have left. Just re-
ground and tossed it in the gar-    through after returning from        cleaner a place is, the less likely    see that the trash cans are piled   member to throw it in the trash,
bage bin.                           lunch.                              people will want to trash it.          high, so they throw it on the       not on the grass.
   At first, I wanted to tell him      For some reason, students           After people take showers,          ground because they don’t see
that he should have recycled

Letters to the Editor_____________
   If a student earns an “A” in     in the classroom, but the ma-       are no doors, we do not have           iors stinky meat, and the se-          My cell phone still worked,
a class for both nine weeks,        jority of teachers do not. If       any privacy, and the mirrors           niors spoiled meat?                 but it had a scratch across the
obviously she or he knows the       Leon is to keep this rule, then     are rusty. A few of the mirrors           Camaura Scott                    front, and the battery dies out
material well enough to exempt      it should go for both students      are bound to be broken by the                                              more rapidly than usual.
the exam. I think that by al-       AND teachers. If teachers           end of the school year.                   Both my hat and my cell             These items were taken
lowing the exam exemption           think it’s unfair that they can’t      The lockers are too small;          phone have been confiscated         away after the bus bell rang. I
policy, students will work          eat and drink in the class then     one of my books fills almost           by the administration               think that students should be
harder to get good grades in        this rule should just be taken      half of my locker. The PE                 The phone was returned,          able to use hats and cell
their classes and be able to ex-    out of the rule book.               lockers are even worse be-             but the hat, which happened         phones after school hours.
empt their exams instead of             Ashley Bynum                    cause they can’t fit both the          to be my favorite, was “lost.”         Larry Campbell
relying on them to bring up                                             books and the backpacks
their semester averages.               Leon High school is an old       students have to bring to
   Kyle Johnson                     school, and it needs some re-       class.
                                    modeling and updated tech-             Terrance Riggins
    I’ve been going to Leon for     nology.
four years now, and there has          The roofs in some of my             I am a freshman, and I
always been one rule that re-       classrooms are missing tiles,       don’t like being called
ally bugged me: no eating and       and the media center should         freshmeat. At the pep ral-
drinking allowed in the class-      have more modern flat screen        lies, all the other sopho-
room. Yes, that rule puts a         computers. The PE classroom         mores, juniors and seniors
slight stop to rats and ants, but   has old desks and destroyed         call the freshman class
it is not fair that Leon teachers   books. Some days it is too          freshmeat. We can’t help
and staff are allowed to eat        hot, and other days it is really    that we are new here.
snacks and drink soda while         cold.                                  If we are freshmeat, then
teaching a class.
    Granted, some teachers say
                                       The bathrooms are built
                                    very strangely. Because there
                                                                        why aren’t the sophomores
                                                                        freezer-burned meat, the jun-
                                                                                                                        The High Life
that students can eat and drink                                                                                      The High Life is the official student newspaper of Leon
                                                                                                              High School. The newspaper staff controls all aspects of content
  The Leon High Life Staff                                                                                    and design. Kevin Record, the journalism teacher and advisor,
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                                                                                                                           Phone 488-1971 ext. 2630 Fax 922-5311
November                                                                          News                                                                       Page 3

 Rumors of rivalry proven false
By Kany Aziz
High Life News Writer

   Last year, cheerleaders were one of
the high points of pep rallies with loud
music and fast moves. On the other
hand, the dance team was trying out
slower beats and focused on the art of
   However, because of the slow songs
the dance team chose, the pep in stu-
dents paused as the dance team
   This year, the tables have turned.
   “The dance team is causing mass
excitement during pep rallies and ap-
pealing to the student body. In con-
trast, many believe the cheerleaders are
doing routines that are not widely ap-
pealing and not expertly done,” junior
Amelia Woodworth.
   Has this sudden shift caused a con-
troversy or rivalry between the two
teams?                                      The dance team and the cheerleaders performing at a pep rally
   According to dancers and cheer-
leaders, there is no rivalry.                towards the dancers.                         other…I like the dance team better,”         Nan O’Kelly, the cheerleadering spon-
   Junior dancer Stephanie Dick de-             Junior cheerleader Christine Kessler      freshman Amanda Dwyer-Luse said.             sor, said.
nies any negative feelings toward the        said “No” to any sort of competiton.            “Both teams compete in skill and             During Homecoming week, the
cheerleaders and was mildly surprised           “You can’t compare them,” senior          coordination and in how well they per-       cheerleaders and dancer had agreed
that this was an issue.                      cheerleader Sarah Beneke said.               form,” sophomore Avan Aziz said.             to have dinner together before a game.
   “It’s different. Dancers are dancers         “I’m straight with all of them,” jun-        Although much of the student body         But because of the busy schedules the
and cheerleaders are cheerleaders,”          ior cheerleader Kerri Ashby said.            feels this way, there are some who dis-      two teams had, they were not able to
Dick said.                                   “There are things that are said around       agree.                                       meet. Instead, they will meet some-
   “[The] dance team doesn’t have any        school but if you think about it, most          “I think they’re both good,” senior       time during Basketball Homecoming.
enmity towards the cheerleaders,” se-        of us are really friends.”                   Tai Tran said.                                  One of the reasons the dancers and
nior dancer Lauren Waller.                      Yet, it is hard for the student body         The sponsors also deny rivalry and        cheerleaders were surprised about this
   “In the old days, the cool thing to       to believe that there is not at least a      even competition.                            issue is because many of the members
be was a cheerleader,” junior dancer         competition between the two teams to            “I don’t think they feel that way,”       on either team have friends on the other
Betsy Rogers said, “but not anymore.         prove themselves.                            Ms. PatWeaver, the dancers’ sponsor,         team.
The dance team is equally as good as            “They try to outdo each other when        said about the dance team. “We do a             Whether there is a competition or
the cheerleaders, and the school loves       they dance,” junior Todd Barham said.        different style dance. I don’t think it’s    not, both teams bring pride to Leon
watching us both perform.”                      “I think there is [a competition],”       a competitive kind of thing.”                and appeal to the students.
   Cheerleaders also rebut the matter        freshman Donecia Hills said.                    “They like to support each other in
declaring that there is no opposition           “I think one team is better than the      pep rallies and performances,” Ms.

                                                                   Dear Eden,                                            him I like him without actually saying it?
                                                                   I have a big problem. I have a crush on one of             Boyfriend Wanted
                                                             my teachers. Well, actually on an intern. Everyday
           Dear Eden,
                                                             when I come to class after lunch, I see her face be-              Dear Boyfriend Wanted,
           I have had a crush on my friend since sixth
                                                             hind the warm glow of the projector. I can’t focus                Don’t let a one-year age difference bother
  grade. Although he goes to a different high school,
                                                             on my work while she’s in the classroom. What               you. It should mean absolutely nothing. I would
  I still find myself thinking of him daily. Just this year,
                                                             should I do?                                                suggest waiting a week or two, flirting your heart
  we have started to talk on the phone again. He
                                                                   Hoping for Detention                                  out and then tell him that you “kinda have a thing
  has promised to come to my sporting events, but
                                                                                                                         for him.” Not saying it directly gives you (or him) a
  he never comes. This makes me angry because I
                                                                   Dear Hoping for Detention,                            way out, in case things get awkward or he flat out
  always support him. How do I get rid of this crush?
                                                                   Usually, I would say that age doesn’t effect          says no. Just don’t let the age difference get in the
           Stomped by Crush
                                                             “true love,” but I’m going to just take a stab at your      way and be sure to stay his friend even if it doesn’t
                                                             age and say that that’s illegal. Very illegal. Sorry, but   work out. That usually lasts longer anyway.
           Dear Stomped by Crush,
                                                             even if you really like her, you can’t officially “pur-           Eden
           You may enjoy spending time with your
                                                             sue” her until you’re 18. If you truly love her, don’t
  crush, but if he’s not reliable, you may not want to
  date him at all. If he has made promises and doesn’t
  keep them, that is a sign of immaturity and lack of
                                                             send her to jail.
                                                                   Eden                                                      Need Advice?
  respect. If these sporting events mean a lot to you,
  you should consider telling him that you’re disap-
                                                                   Dear Eden,
                                                                   I like this boy and we are friends but I want
                                                                                                                               Ask Eden at:
  pointed when he doesn’t show up. If he doesn’t
  change, you should walk away. There are more
                                                             more out of our friendship. He is a year older than
                                                             me and I am intimidated about the age difference.
  fish in the sea.
                                                             Plus I don’t even know if he likes me. How do I tell
November                                                                         News                                                                  Page 4
                                                                   Another win for crew
                                                                   By Julia Clarke                       “The whole team works            in boats. Books apparently
 Mix-It-Up day goes well                                           High Life Editorial Editor         hard every day. We have a           appeal to them as well. The
                                                                                                      common goal of having the best      men’s team, collectively, had an
   On Nov. 15 the Gay-Straight Alliance, Fellowship of                The men’s varsity crew          boats in the state. We train for    approximate B average (un-
Christian Athletes, Ladies of Distinction and the Human            team at Leon is proving to be      fitness, strength and technique     weighted) at the end of last
Relations club hosted Mix It Up at Lunch.                          one of the best in the state and   every day, so [crew is] one of      season.
   Mix-It-Up at Lunch is a day designed to work on bring-          perhaps in the country. Re-        the most demanding programs            “The people on crew are
ing down stereotypes and social barriers in school.                cently, the men’s team was in-     in the state,” Ash said.            very hard workers on not only
                                                                   vited to a regatta in Boston,           The boys trained on ergs,      the team but also in school,”
   This was Leon’s first year participating in Mix-It-Up.
                                                                   Massachusetts, on the Charles      which are athletic machines         said junior Scottie Mitchell.
GSA, FCA, LD and Human Relations teamed up to help
                                                                   River.                             that simulate a rowing experi-      “Many [rowers] are leaders of
break down stereotypes and segregation in their own groups            According to the Leon crew      ence. They also trained on          their class.”
and over the school. Students were encouraged to eat lunch         website, there were 7,000 row-     boats. They practice daily in          Senior and captain of the
in the cafeteria on Tuesday to participate with the four clubs.    ers from all over the world par-   the crew portable located on        women’s crew team, Abie
The focus of the day was to meet someone new and change            ticipating in the Head of the      Leon’s campus and at Lake           Bigham agrees.
people’s minds about how they viewed certain people or             Charles regatta.                   Hall.                                  “Many [Leon male rowers]
cliques.                                                              Leon’s varsity eight boat          “The men’s varsity eight         are being asked to row at pres-
   The club sponsors are excited about this opportunity.           participated in this regatta. On   boat also recently placed first     tigious schools such as
   “I’m pleased that these groups could work together,”            the boat were rowers Ryan Ash,     in the Head of the Hooch re-        Princeton and Penn,” Bigham
GSA sponsor Scott Brown said. “[Working together] is part          Evan Anderson, Joe Bobroskie,      gatta in Tennessee, with a time     said. “We are all very proud of
                                                                   Justin DeVust, John Ingle, Mat-    of 15.18.5. To finally finish our   how well they’ve done.”
of breaking down the stereotypes.”
                                                                   thew MacNamara, Nick               [distance] season with a big           Sprint season, which begins
                                          By Jessica Moody         Rillstone, and Greg Stepina.       victory was special for the         after winter vacation, requires
                                                                   Valaree Fowler was the cox-        whole team,” Ash said.              rowers to compete in 1,500 to
Car crash with Leon students                                       swain. They finished 17th out         Lauren Bryant, a senior and      2,000 meter races. Ash expects
   On Oct. 28 two Leon students, Handley Champion and              of 61 collegiate and high school   member of the girl’s crew team,     more success.
Jack Lane, collided with another car, resulting in a traumatic     crew teams with a time of          was very proud of these ath-           “Our fall season was excel-
accident. Both students had minor injuries, including cuts         17:48.375. They were 4 th          letes.                              lent, so we are all anticipating
                                                                   among the high schools rowing         “I thought the boys did very     one of the best sprint seasons
and bruises. Both students had to be cut out of the car by
                                                                   in this event, according to the    well in Boston, and I think         in the men’s varsity history,”
the fire department, which reported that the students’ lives       website.                           [they] will continue to do well,”   Ash said. “Winning state
were saved due to the fact that they were wearing seat belts.         Ryan Ash, a senior and four-    Bryant said. “They work hard,       would be the ideal way of end-
The car accident happened on the corner intersection of 7th        year member of the Men’s           and deserve success.”               ing my rowing career at Leon.”
Avenue and Mitchell Avenue.                   By Kany Aziz         crew team, said the training for      But these nationally recog-
                                                                   this event was quite intense.      nized athletes are not only good
Can the Principal
   Last year, more than six thousand cans were collected
for the Second Harvest charity. These cans were given to
needy families for the holidays. This year, Student
Government Association (SGA) is repeating this procedure
with the hope of helping more families. Can the Principal is
from Oct. 31 to Nov. 21. SGA reported that they would
like to receive the same amount of cans, if not more, from
student body.

Class meetings provide opportunity
   As of this year, the sophomore class has taken the initiative
to have a class officers meeting every nine weeks that
includes all students. This new system was implemented so
that the unheard voices around Leon would be heard. The
sophomore class officers hope that this will reduce
complaints and embrace a wider range of opinions.                  Men’s varsity crew

Custodian appreciation                                             “Oasis” continued from page 1
   The week of December 5th to 9th, Interact, French                  of the teachers will be logged it.”              two academic years.
Department, Anchor and National History Honor Society                 Some question the legitimacy of OASIS and            “I don’t know why Mrs. Hall didn’t install
are dedicating their time to show their appreciation for the       whether it insures any privacy.                     OASIS last year,” said Rocky Hanna, Leon’s
custodians. Donations and support are greatly appreciated.            “There is no way students could tamper with      newly inducted principal. “As soon as I came on
                                                         Aziz      their or other people’s grades. Everything is       board, it was something I wanted to implement.
                                                                   password protected,” Epting said.                   When school started, I contacted OASIS.”
Passwords not online anymore                                          Most teachers are finding the installation of        “Having OASIS is extremely helpful,” said
                                                                   OASIS extremely helpful to themselves and           sophomore Christina Welch. “Normally you have
   Starting this year, the passwords for the search engines        students.                                           to wait until the end of the grading period to get
on the Leon High School web page have been taken off                  “OASIS is good because it enables students       your grades from teachers and you don’t know
                                                                   to access their grades from home,” said Pam         if you’re missing work. This way you can moni-
and have been put into pamphlets. Last year, students could
                                                                   Owen, an English teacher at Leon. “Lots of          tor your grades and make sure that everything is
go online to get the passwords. However, it also allowed
                                                                   students don’t know they have missing work          in order.”
people who were not students or faculty members to use             until it’s too late to do something about it and        In general, the use of OASIS has generated
these search engines. Since Leon pays to have access to            this way they can figure out what they’re miss-     positive feedback. What is yet to be seen is how
these search engines, only Leon students should have those         ing and turn it in for credit.”                     teachers and students will use the program to
privileges. To get these informational pamphlets please see           Some wonder why OASIS was just imple-            their advantage and how the program will hold
the librarians in the Media Center.                                mented into Leon this year. Chiles and Lincoln      under years of use.
                                                      Aziz         have been actively using OASIS for the past
November                                                                     Features                                                                    Page 5

Greg Carter: money on his mind
By AnnaLaura Rehwinkel               sophomore, Carter says it                                                                              school, Carter plans to attend
High Life Features Writer            took some getting used to, but                                                                         either Tallahassee Community
                                     last year, his junior year, was                                                                        College or Florida A&M Uni-
    Senior Greg Carter is a se-      the best so far.                                                                                       versity. He is thinking about
rious guy. Mature and fo-               He is popular, but reserved.                                                                        majoring in business so that one
cused, for the most part, he has     Carter knows a lot of people                                                                           day he can open his own.
a one-track mind: making             but has a group of close                                                                               Eventually, he wants to move
money and securing his future.       friends, including best friend                                                                         out of Tallahassee so that he
    Carter enjoys the finer          Mike Roett, who he hangs out                                                                           can establish himself in a place
things in life, like expensive       with the most. On the week-                                                                            with fresh ideas and experi-
clothes and eating at nice res-      ends, he enjoys going out and                                                                          ence other cities.
taurants. In order to do these       having fun with older friends                                                                             Whatever he decides to do
things, he works hard. Em-           in college.                                                                                            with his life, whether it be
ployed at CiCi’s Pizza as a             Although he likes to have                                                                           opening his own business or
cook, he works anywhere              fun and party on the week-                                                                             trying his hand at acting, it is
from 25 to 30 hours a week.          ends, most of the time people                                                                          the general consensus of both
    Carter works because he          find him to be serious and                                                                             his teachers and friends that he
genuinely likes what he does,        mature and know that he                                                                                will succeed.
and working offers him feel-         “doesn’t like to play a lot.” He                                                                          Liberal Arts teacher Jason
ings of financial security. He       describes himself the same                                                                             McCray predicts a very suc-
sometimes finds it hard to bal-      way, adding that he speaks his     Greg Carter                                                         cessful future for Carter.
ance work, school and home,          mind and has great fashion                                                                                “Greg is an awesome,
but keeping busy helps him           sense.                                                                  Carter participates in         hardworking student that
                                                                        fan ever since.
stay out of trouble and on his          In addition to hanging out                                        school productions for Drama      strives for excellence,”
                                                                           “I told Greg recently that I
way to achieving his goals.          with friends and working,                                            and was recently cast in          McCray said. “He is headed
                                                                        wasn’t sure what it was about
    Although he is an average        Carter also enjoys acting. He                                        “Autobahn,” a play comprised      for greatness, and I am wait-
                                                                        him that made me know he’d
student and says that “school’s      is currently a student in Mr.                                        of six scenes all taking place    ing in anticipation to see the
                                                                        be a good actor, but something
all right,” Carter likes Leon, es-   Rod Durham’s Drama I class.                                          in cars.                          man he turns out to be.”
                                                                        told me he would be,” Durham
pecially his friends. Coming to      Durham has been his biggest                                             As for plans after high
Leon from Rickards as a

Dance etiquette: trash vs. class
By Meghan Meehan-Draper
High Life Features Editor               “I don’t like it when              “It’s really bad when            “Boys should dress                 “ You don’t always
                                        girls get off beat                 boys just stand there            nicely, be polite to               have to shake
   After Homecoming, many               when they’re                       swaying back and                 all the girls, and                 everything your
students questioned the dance           dancing. Seriously,                forth.” - senior                 always be gentle-                  mama gave you.”
behavior of their classmates.           it’s painful.” - junior            Justine Finley                   men.” - senior Ross                -senior Wendy
But what exactly is dance eti-          Tim Hoover                                                          Holcombe                           Golden
quette, and how do Leon stu-                                               “Bumping and
dents feel that they should be          “Don’t try to grope                grinding is
dancing at school dances?               girls when they’re                 something you do in
                                        dancing. That’s                    private, not at a                “I hate the kid who                “Grinding is the only
The High Life asked students
                                        nasty.” - junior Tori              school dance.”                   tries to break dance               type of dancing,
about their dancing do’s and
                                        Whitney                            -senior Jessica                  in the middle of the               really.” - junior
                                                                           Dickey                           crowd.” -sophomore                 Jovonte Lamar
                                                                                                            John Frank
   “I hate it when the
   girl I’m dancing with
   walks away when                      “Girls shouldn’t get
                                                                           “The worst is when               “Boys – if you see a
   I’m trying to dance                  so loose that they
                                                                           boys put their hands             girl standing by
   with her.” - senior                  bring a crowd.”
                                                                           on me and try to                 herself, go and
   Greg Williams                        - senior Travis
                                                                           restrict me. It’s best           dance with her.”
                                                                           to just have fun and             -senior Kim Overton
                                        “Find the rhythm!”                 be crazy.”
                                        -senior Tommy                      -senior Caroline                  “Anything goes, as
                                        Nocera                             Floyd                            long as it’s legal!”-
   “Make sure you’re                                                                                        senior Elise
   not too skanky.”                                                                                         Worchel
   - sophomore Rose
   Miller                                                                  “It’s so annoying
                                        “Dance at your
   “I hate dancing                      partner’s ability, not             when people sing
                                                                           the song when they               “I like dancing with
   alone.”                              your own.”
                                                                           are dancing!”                    my date AND with
   - senior David                       - sophomore Evan
                                                                           - senior Robert                  my girlfriends.”
   Gleber                               Huffman
                                                                           Smith                            - senior Carter
                                                                                                            Mallison                       1909 Thomasville Rd.
November                                                                      Features                                                                          Page 6

Tough teachers require more than hard work
By Elizabeth Nelson
High Life Features Writer

    Everything has an opposite:
black and white, night and day,
teachers you like and teachers
you dislike.
    After surveying some of the
student body at Leon, three
teachers were the clear
winners of the “hardest
teacher” award. These
teachers are Mrs. Kim Garcia,
Mrs. Judy Miller, and Mr.
Richard McHenry.
    Kim Garcia, an Algebra II
Honors teacher, has often
heard comments that her class
is difficult. Garcia attributes this
accusation to the majority of
her students just coming out of
middle school. In middle
                                       Algerbra I & 2 teacher Mrs. Judy Miller                                 Chemistry teacher Mr.Richard McHenry
school, students were allowed
to use note cards and retake
                                       it’s a weekend, holiday or          used to memorizing facts.
tests that they did poorly on.
                                       whatever, [students should]         Chemistry, McHenry says,
Garcia believes that because
                                       expect to spend at least an         isn’t based on memorizing
she teaches an honors class
                                       hour on homework each               things. It’s based on problem
her students shouldn’t receive
                                       night,” Easton said.                solving.
the “middle school perks.”
                                          Garcia’s fellow math                “Those people that are
    Garcia agrees that her class
                                       teacher, Judy Miller, had similar   good problem solvers have an
is hard. She teaches at a quick
                                       things said about her class.        easy time with [Chemistry],”
pace and assumes that all her
                                       Miller was unavailable for          McHenry said. “It’s going to
students have a strong
                                       comment, but students had           be hard until people
background in Algebra 1. She
                                       many things to say about both       understand that they have to
also assigns homework almost
                                       her Algebra 1 and Algebra 2         use problem solving skills.”
every night. But although she
                                       classes. Junior Karis Needham          McHenry also purposely
agrees her class is hard, Garcia
                                       struggled in Miller’s Algebra 2     makes his tests challenging, but
does not consider it hard to
                                       class because of the enormous       not hard to pass. He doesn’t
                                       weight placed on tests.             want to have half of the class
    “If a student pays attention
                                          “I’m not a good test taker,      make a 100 percent on his
in class, does their homework
                                       especially in math,” Needham        tests because he says those
every night, and asks for help
                                       said. “It was hard to maintain      students don’t get to show off
when having difficulty, they
                                       a decent grade in a class that      all that they know. He sets his
should be able to pass my
                                       was predominantly test-based.       tests up so that if the student
class,” Garcia said.
                                       I got confused so easily, and I     gets half of the questions right,
    Garcia doesn’t purposely                                                                                   Algerbra II Honors teacher Mrs. Kim Garcia
                                       often forgot what I was             they pass the test.
make her class difficult. The
Mike Jones (46%) vs.                   supposed to do. I just blanked         Some of the things
material she has to teach is                                                                                      AP Chemistry student and        students don’t know what the
Kanye West (54%)                       out.”                               McHenry requires his students
hard, but Garcia feels that if                                                                                 sophomore Jeremy Jarrett           rules are,” McHenry said.
                                          Not every student that           to do, help them prepare for
Coldplay (63%) the material,
her students learnvs. the                                                                                      thinks it all depends on what         McHenry says by the
                                       passed through Miller’s class       college. These things include
Killers done
she has(37%)her job.                                                                                           side of McHenry a student          second semester, his
                                       had a hard time. Sophomore          reading through and recopying
    Former Garcia student and                                                                                  sees.                              relationship with his students
Fall Out Boy (56%) vs.                 Jenny Foltz believes having         the day’s notes every night and
Leon sophomore Danielle                                                                                           “Mr. McHenry is a really        changes because his students
All-American Rejects                   Miller for Algebra 1 helped her     the large amount of math
Spisso agrees with Garcia on                                                                                   funny guy, as long as you’re       begin to understand and follow
(44%)                                  work ethic.                         practice done in class.
the class’ difficulty level.                                                                                   on his good side,” Jarrett said.   his rules. According to
                                          “I think Mrs. Miller was a       McHenry believes this will
    “Saying Mrs. Garcia’s                                                                                         Students that aren’t in         McHenry, his students think he
Gwen Stefani (67%) vs.                 really good teacher for me          significantly help his students
Algebra 2 Honors class is                                                                                      McHenry’s class, however           changes, but in reality, they just
Mariah Carey (33%)                     because she actually expected       when they get to college
tough is an enormous                                                                                           have quite a different             get used to following the rules.
                                       something of me,” Foltz said.       science and math classes.
understatement,” Spisso said.
Abercrombie & Fitch                                                                                            impression.                           There will always be
                                          Combine a difficult teacher         Sophomore Lydia LaSeur
(40%) vs. Hollister a lot
“Not only was it (60%) of                                                                                         “I can hear him yelling from    teachers whose bark is worse
                                       with a close-to-impossible          doesn’t consider McHenry’s
homework, the tests were                                                                                       Coach Rice’s room,”                than their bite. Although
                                       subject and a major problem         Chemistry Honors class
Hot Topic and I had her
impossible(21%) vs. when                                                                                       sophomore Julia Guyton said.       students may gripe and
                                       arises. Miller’s hardest class is   difficult.
Pacsun pregnant, so she was
she was(79%)                                                                                                   “He sounds colossal.”              complain their way through
                                       Math Analysis which can be             “I don’t think Mr. McHenry
Banana Republic (28%)                                                                                             But McHenry isn’t as much       class, these teachers are
                                       taken only after a student has      is hard. You just have to think
vs.Sophomore Naveed
     Gap (72%)                         completed Trigonometry.             in his class. He’s the kind of
                                                                                                               a mean teacher as he is a strict   among the most respected
Easton thinks the amount of                                                                                    enforcer of the rules.             people at Leon.
                                          Chemistry teacher Richard        teacher who doesn’t just give
Starbucks (76%) gives is
work Garcia vs.                                                                                                   “I don’t have a lot of rules.
                                       McHenry believes students           you the answers. He makes
unreasonable. (24%)
Black Dog Café                                                                                                 But if you start making
                                       struggle in his class at the        you find them yourself,”
    “You’ll have loads of                                                                                      exceptions to your rules,
                                       beginning because they are          LaSeur said.
busywork every night. Even if
November                                                                  Features                                                                        Page 7

Students seeing stars
Celebrities are everywhere,                                                                               Chesney at his tour bus on one     I was at an FSU football game
                                                                                                          of his concerts. He was awe-       selling drinks, and Burt
including in the lives of the           “I met Brad Pitt in Los Angeles                                   some,” sophomore Amber             Reynolds stepped out in front
                                        at a movie premier,” junior                                       Pafford said.                      of me,” senior Julie Chen said.
By Caitlin Gillmore                                                                                          McKenzie McHugh, a se-              “Bo Bice used to live next
High Life Photography Editor            Rachel Trotman said. “He was                                      nior, got her picture taken with   door to my brother in
   Tallahassee may seem like
                                        really sweet. He had his arm                                      actor Danny Glover when he         Birmingham,AL. He’d come
                                                                                                          was at FSU for the Seven           over all the time for dinner.”
a small city, but many                  around me.”                                                        Days of Opening Nights. “He       junior Melissa Larko said.
Tallahasseeans have met
                                                                                                           was very friendly and big and        Senior Amanda Gonzales
people far beyond the bor-
                                                                                                           tall,” she said.                  spotted Nick Lachey and Jes-
ders of their southern town.
                                     nilla Sky,” junior Katharine       New York when he was film-           “My mom’s boyfriend at          sica Simpon at an airport.
   Many Leon students, in
                                     Dudley said.                       ing a movie. She bumped into      the time was really good           Gonzales also saw Britney
fact, have met people from the
                                        “I met Deon Sanders when        him while he was buying pizza     friends with Ricky Carmichael,     Spears driving next to her in
exclusive world of Hollywood.
                                     I was seven. I was at my           for the movie crew.               so he came over and had din-       traffic in Las Vegas.
   “I met Ryan Cabrerra at a
                                     godmother’s house for a               Sophomore Imani Diop           ner with us,” sophomore               Waylen Roche, a junior,
concert,” sophomore Amy
                                     barbeque,” senior Melissa          said, “I’m related to Kanye       Lindsey Harrison said.             says that he has met so many
Weaver said. “He was dating
                                     Scurry said. “He was married       West, and I met T.I. in a club.      “I met Brad Pitt in Los An-     celebrities “it would take
Ashlee Simpson at the time, so
                                     to my god sister.”                 I also rode around on Trick       geles at a movie premier,” jun-    years” to list all of them, in-
it was her concert that I met
                                        Senior Kaylin Seckel didn’t     Daddy’s tour bus when he          ior Rachel Trotman said. “He       cluding actresses Meryl
him at.”
                                     have such a close encounter.       came to town.”                    was really sweet. He had his       Streep and Maya Rudolph.
   Senior Lauren Bryant met
                                     “I touched Keith Urban’s              Senior Caitlin Meehan-         arm around me.”                    Director , Jonathan Demme is
Steven Tyler, the lead singer
                                     boot,” she said.                   Draper said that she is related      Senior Tommy Nocera met         also a good family friend.
of Aerosmith. “I got his auto-
                                        “I met Michael Jordan in a      to Paris Hilton. “Her great       actor Jared Leto in a club in         Whether a student coinci-
graph and took a picture with
                                     fancy restaurant in Puerto Rico    grandfather is my great uncle,”   London. “My friend and I           dentally ran into a celeb on the
him,” she said. “He’s really
                                     over the summer,” sophomore        she said. Meehan-Draper has       hung out with him in his hotel     street or canoodled with a
                                     Alex Matteo said.                  also met Bernadette Peters        room afterwards,” Nocera           star in L.A., Leon has the
    “I met Tom Cruise in New
                                        French teacher, Pascale         and Natalie Portman.              said.                              hook-up in Hollywood.
York when he was filming Va-
                                     Shaftel met John Travolta in           “I hung out with Kenny           “During my freshmen year

Continued from “Is Leon the best?” on page 1
       ...classes, and indoor        forms.                             perience. The boys are long
hallways,” said Wilde.                  Lambright and Wilde both        haired, preppy, and wear
“Rickards lacks all.”                said that Leon lacks diversity.    Hollister andAmerican Eagle.
   Savage sees the positives               Students                     The girls wearAbercrombie.”
about Leon in a completely              In terms of the student body,      Savage notes that “the stu-
different way. “I heard that         Leon has quite the eclectic        dents seem kind of ‘I’m bet-
Leon has a lot of hot girls,” he     population, which is why           ter than you.’”
said. “It’s supposedly the hot       Costigan insists that “Leon has       Costigan, a former Leon
spot for hot chicks. And             to work harder than other          teacher and a parent of three
Leon’s building is the coolest,      schools to ensure that all stu-    Leon graduates, has a soft
a nice campus.”                      dents find a way to succeed.”      spot for Leon, but she also
       Weaknesses                       Other high school students      gives the school wise advice.
   Leon also has its weak-           view Leon in a similar way.           “Leon cannot rely on its
nesses and its enemies. Some         “Leon is the type of school that   long history of academic ex-
Lincoln students (Leon’s most        you see in the movies,” Wilde      cellence. The school needs to
infamous rivals) “hate” Leon,        said. “It has jocks, preps,        create and sustain new pro-
according to Savage. “It’s           stoners, thugs, nerds, and band    grams that will afford students
only generated by four years         kids.”                             a chance to excel in career
of people telling me that Leon          “Leon students are the ma-      and vocational training,” she
[stinks.] It’s like, ‘if you don’t   jor partiers,” Wilde added.        said. “I know this: Leon can
have anything mean to say,              Ann Dietrich, a sophomore       no longer claim to be number
don’t say anything at all.’”         at Chiles, affirms Wilde’s as-     one in academics, athletics,
   Brinkworth thinks that            sumption. “I have heard [that]     and performing arts like it did
Leon trails behind Lincoln and       Leon has a lot of druggies.”       ten years ago. All one has to
Chiles academically. Skene              Lambright sees Leon in an-      do is read the Tallahassee
                                                                                                           Hand Tossed Traditional Alabama
comments that Chiles “has            other way. “Leon is the typi-      Democrat to see other high         Style Pizza, Calzones, and Salads
more money and better facili-        calAmerican high school ex-        schools leaping ahead.”
   Schmertmann argued that
Chiles surpasses Leon in tech-
nology, saying “we have a lot
of really nice technology like
SMART boards and wireless
   Brautigam said that a
popular phrase at Chiles is
“the devil wears red,” in ref-           Look for Jenny’s Lunchbox II at 337 Dewy St.
erence to Leon’s athletic uni-
November                                                                     Features                                                                        Page 8

Leon students talk tattoos
By Megan Spille                                                                                                                                     “I wanted one, a pretty
High Life Features Writer                                                                                                                      one,” senior Ivy Selters said.
                                                                                                                                               “So I had a friend design
   Despite how common tat-                                                                                                                     something with my name in it.
toos have become in this gen-                                                                                                                  I love the way it came out.”
eration, many people still have                                                                                                                Selters has her name tattooed
some reservations.                                                                                                                             in script on her back, sur-
   When most people imagine                                                                                                                    rounded by angelic wings and
a person with tattoos, a ste-                                                                                                                  a halo.
reotypical “rebellious,” “anti-                                                                                                                     Between the cost, the fact
social” and even “biker” man                                                                                                                   that tattoos are very much per-
comes to mind. This is not the                                                                                                                 manent and parents’ uneasi-
case as far as Leon High                                                                                                                       ness with the idea,, a lot of
School students are con-                                                                                                                       people who want tattoos can’t
cerned. For one thing, the                                                                                                                     get them.
majority of Leon students that                                                                                                                      “Tons of kids say their par-
have tattoos are girls.                                                                                                                        ents just don’t want to see it,
   “Believe it or not, I hear a                                                                                                                or they just simply don’t have
lot of men pass out in the                                                                                                                     enough money to afford one,”
chair,” said senior Caitlin                                                                                                                    Painter said. “One day, I will
Painter.                            Caitlin Painter’s tattoo of a kitten on the moon.
                                                                                                                                               have more tattoos. There’s no
   “I guess because women                                                                                                                      doubt about it.”
have a higher pain tolerance.           “The initials I have on my            “Oh, it definitely hurts; it’s   Egyptian culture,” Gibbs ex-         Tattoos are beginning to be
Plus, they say men try and hold     ankle are pretty big. A bunch         just a matter of how much it         plained. She has an ankh on     accepted as a form of expres-
everything in,” she said.           of people notice it. I was ner-       hurts,” Gibbs explains. “It re-      her lower abdomen, and the      sion rather than body art.
   Parents often set strict         vous when I got it done, but it       ally depends where you have          “Eye of Horus” on her lower          “This is a new generation,
guidelines for their children re-   ended up being worth it,”             your tattoo done on your             back. An ankh is the Egyptian   and the reasons have changed.
garding tattoos.                    Gibbs said.                           body. My ‘Eye of Horus’ tat-         symbol for immortality. “I’ve   People need to understand
   “If I was 18, I’d have it by         There was a time when             too is right on top of my spine.     always had a huge interest in   that teenagers are more ca-
now,” senior Laura Stafford         people who wanted a tattoo            The closer the tattoo is to the      Egypt, and the symbols also     pable of making decisions than
said. “My mom just won’t go         would merely choose a design          bone, the more it hurts. I was       mean something to me as a       they used to be,” Gibbs said.
for it. My brother’s already 18     they liked and rush into things.      kind of scared about it since        person.”                        “It’s time for them to get over
and she won’t let him get one       Students of this generation           the guy who did it warned me            However, not all tattoos     it. I’m proud of myself and I’m
either since he still lives with    have stopped doing that. Af-          about it hurting. But I got          have to have a sentimental      not afraid to express it. This is
us.”                                ter all, tattoos are permanent.       through it okay.”                    background to be meaningful.    who I am.”
   A lot of girls who want tat-         “They last forever, and               The fact that tattoos are so
toos or who already have them       that’s why I think if you really      expensive and the fact that the
don’t want them on a very vis-      want a tattoo, you can wait           customer wants to be certain
ible part of their body.            until you’re 18. I had to wait        that the artist they choose is
   “It’s common advice that         until I was of age,” Painter          safe and qualified discourages
tattoos on boys should be           said. “I’ve never thought that        many people from going
seen, and tattoos on girls          getting your boyfriend’s name         through with it.
should be discovered,”              or a little heart or something            “It’s all about reputation,”
Stafford said.                      like that was a good idea. You        Painter explained. “If the par-
   “Most people have no idea        should put as much thought into       lor has been shut down a
I have a tattoo. Even my            it as possible. It should really      couple of times, then it’s not a
friends were shocked,”              mean something. My tattoo is          good idea to get your tatt’
Painter said. “I guess because      for my pet cat, Pearl. I raised       done there. It’s already a lot
of the way I dress. My mom          her all by myself, so it means a      of work to keep them clean
is a psychologist and she has       lot to me.”                           and take care of your skin af-
three tattoos. I grew up think-         Painter’s tattoo is a draw-       ter you get one done, you            Ivy Salters tattoo of her name.
ing it wasn’t such a big deal.”     ing of her cat laying on a cres-      don’t want to worry about
   “I get weird looks all the       cent moon with a starry sky in        getting sick on top of that.”
time,” senior Britney Gibbs         the background.                           If the needles used on a
said. She has her initials in-          Some people claim that get-       person’s skin aren’t cleaned
scribed in old english on her       ting tattoos is virtually painless,   thoroughly, there could be a
lower leg.                          but many people maintain that         high risk of blood poisoning.
                                    it’s very painful.                    The same needle should never
                                                                          be used twice unless it’s ster-
                                                                              The most important thing to
                                                                          these students, whether they
                                                                          have their tattoo yet or not, is
                                                                          to be sure that they won’t re-
                                                                          gret it. Some of the most com-
                                                                          mon tattoos people have got-
                                                                          ten are memorials to loved
                                                                          ones, something to honor their
                                                                          heritage, or something to sym-
                                                                          bolize their deep appreciation
                                                                          for a specific interest.
                                                                              “Two of my tattoos are hi-
Britney Gibbs’ tattoo of the Eye of Horus.                                eroglyphics from ancient
November                                                               Sports                                                           Page 9

Fall sports go out with a bang
By Tom Postma                                                                                           School, a game in which senior Scott Dunlap
High Life Assistant Sports Editor                                                                       connected on a 42 yard field goal and all four
                                                                                                        of his extra point attempts. Dunlap was the only
    After months of grueling competition,
                                                                                                        player on the team to be named to the All-Dis-
Leon wants to prove it belongs in the top five
                                                                                                        trict first team (he was named to the team as a
athletic programs in the state as one team went
deep into district action, three into regional
                                                                                                           The Lions compiled a 4-6 record overall,
finals, and one team to the state finals.
                                                                                                        winning three out of their last four games.
                                                                                                           Overall, it was an up and down season for
                    Boys Golf
                                                                                                        the Lions, as they had win and loss streaks of
   Leon boy’s golf team, headed by second year
                                                                                                        two games or more.
head coach Mark Feely, had yet another out-
standing season. The Lions were able to ad-
vance to the regional finals, something they
                                                                                                           The Leon swim team finished their season
failed to do last year.
                                                                                                        with an overall record of 6-0 for the guys and
   Throughout the season, the Lions were con-
                                                                                                        5-1 for the girls. Both teams ended up with a
stantly battling cross-town rival Chiles, and
                                                                                                        successful season, as the boys and girls ad-
districts were no different. Chiles ended up
                                                                                                        vanced to regionals.
taking first place by one shot, but only after       Seniors Phillip Ashley and Brandon Parks.             Senior Whitney Shiveler had a great year as
the Lions were able to send it to a playoff.
                                                                                                        her only year as a diver; she took up diving
   The Lions, along with Chiles, advanced to           “Ending my senior year with a hole-in-one        shortly before the season began. Shiveler went
regional play. A total of nine teams competed        was great,” May said. “I might not be very good,   the entire season without losing a meet until
at Killearn Country Club. However, the Lions         but it’s something I enjoy and plan on doing       regionals.
did not advance to states, again losing by one       for the rest of my life.”                             On the boy’s side, the 200 medley relay
stroke, after holding a five stroke lead with
                                                                                                        team, led by senior Chris Emanuel is seeded
one hole left. The Lions finished 42 -4 for                             Volleyball                      second in the state.
the season.                                             The girl’s volleyball team’s season ended          “We’ve got a lot of great talent this year,”
   “It was a great season,” Junior Ben Smith         shorter than expected, as they were swept in       Emanuel said. “ We’re going to give it all we’ve
said. “We made a good run at the end of the          the district semi-finals by Lincoln High           got.”
season, but unfortunately we couldn’t pull it        School.
out in the end.                                             After a monumental season finale, a                     Cross Country
                                                     five-game loss to Chiles High School, hopes      The Leon Cross Country team has finished
                    Girls Golf                       were high to advance to regionals, yet Lincolnamong the top teams throughout the season,
   The Lady Lions finished the season with a         ended the Lady Lion’s run.                    and their hard work ethic paid off as girls’ team
sixth place finish at regionals. Paced by fresh-            The Lady Lions finished the season withadvances to the state finals.
man April Lee and junior Janet Gavalas, the          a 17-9 record.                                   The girls’ team, led by senior Leila
Lady Lions compiled a 14-4 record.                      “We had a good season,” senior Kim         Mattimore, who placed 10th overall at the re-
   Head coach Betsy Fisher enjoyed the sea-          Overton said. “Unfortunately things just didn’t
                                                                                                   gional meet, finished third at regionals, while
son as her girls were able to produce strong         go our way, but I was satisfied with the way  the boys’ team, led by freshman David
play when they needed too.                           our team played, we gave it our best.”        Twitchell , finished 8th
   Senior Susan May had a hole-in-one as she                                                          The top 15 individual runners and the top
ended her last season as a Lion with a strong                          Football                    six teams advanced on to state.
finish. Although the season is over, this is not       The Leon Lions football team ended its sea-    The girls finished 16th in the state.
the end of golf for her.                             son with a 31-20 win over Rickards High

Leons alternate golf team: frisbee golf
Frisbee golf is a yearly club here at of 10-15 people showing up but that
Leon High School.                         number is expected to rise once some
                                          of the main Leon sports seasons come
By Jared Casey                            to an end.
High Life Sports Writer                      Usually meeting on Fridays after
                                          school, the students that participate go
    Some of you might think, golf with to Tom Brown Park where there is a
a Frisbee? Yes, Leon does have a full 18-hole course set up.
Frisbee golf team. It is similar to regu-    The object of the game is very simi-
lar golf, but with a Frisbee.             lar to golf. Players attempt to throw
    Matt Guyton, who is head of the the Frisbee and make it into the “hole,”
Frisbee golf club, has been satisfied which is basically a pole that sticks a
with the turn out of how many people few feet in the air and has a basket on
joined. He had hopes to possibly play top of it.
it like a seasonal sport like other big      After the players have paid their
sports against the nearby high schools, dues, Guyton is hoping to be able to
but as of now it is just a school activ- let the players customize there own
ity.                                      Frisbee to a design of their choice.
     Recently there have been averages                                             Jacob Bonnell
November                                                                         Sports                                                                        Page 10
Yannic Maiwald: thriving in America
The culture may be new,                                                                                                                              women,” Yannic said. “Also, ev-
but his passion for soccer                                                                                                                           eryone has their own cars. We
has remained the same.                                                                                                                               did not have that back in Ger-
                                                                                                                                                     many. If you wanted to go
By Chris Reber                                                                                                                                       somewhere, you walked, took
High Life Sports Writer                                                                                                                              your scooter, or rode the bus,”
                                                                                                                                                     Maiwald said.
    First days of school are al-                                                                                                                        He plans on finishing out this
ways uneasy for new students.                                                                                                                        year of high school, then return-
But for Yannic Maiwald, first day                                                                                                                    ing to Germany to finish up his
of school nervousness was up-                                                                                                                        schooling, because in Germany
graded to a whole new level.                                                                                                                         they have up to 14 years of
    Maiwald had only two days                                                                                                                        school, not 12 years like here in
to adjust to a new country be-                                                                                                                       America. Maiwald hopes to be
fore coming to Leon High                                                                                                                             able to return to America for col-
knowing anybody. He was in a                                                                                                                         lege.
whole new environment, living                                                                                                                           “I hope to be able to pull away
a whole new life, but there was                                                                                                                      a good amount of American cul-
still one thing he could confide                                                                                                                     ture before returning to Ger-
in here in America, and soccer.                                                                                                                      many,” Maiwald said. “Master-
    Maiwald grew up in Bochum,                                                                                                                       ing the English language would
Western Germany. He attended                                                                                                                         be nice, too.”
Maria       Sybilla      Merian      Yannic Maiwald                                                                                                     Head soccer coach Allan Rice
Gesantschule (a.k.a. MSM High                                                                                                                        says that Maiwald has great
                                     dent because their daughter          said. “I was like, ‘What is going     play here in America, but they
School) in Germany before                                                                                                                            work ethic on the soccer field
                                     went to France as a foreign ex-      on?’ Just getting to 7th period       are basically the same,” Maiwald
coming to Tallahassee, Florida.                                                                                                                      and has the potential to be a qual-
                                     change student, and they felt like   soccer class was just such a          said.
    He said that high schools in                                                                                                                     ity player.
                                     giving something back. Their         great stress reliever for me.”            Maiwald greatly misses his
America usually only consist of                                                                                                                         “He is always hustling and a
                                     son, Joseph Walthall, is a senior       He is currently 17 years old,      German food, playing soccer
six to seven subjects, but in                                                                                                                        great team player,” Rice said.
                                     at Leon.                             and a junior forward for the Leon     back on the streets in Germany,
Germany, a person could have                                                                                                                            “Yannic is one cool cus-
                                         “Living with Yannic is cool,”    boys’ soccer team. Maiwald            listening to his German rap (fa-
up to 12 subjects on their sched-                                                                                                                    tomer,” senior goalkeeper Tho-
                                     Joseph Walthall said. “He is re-     loves the professionalism of the      vorite rapper: Bushido), and his
ule consisting of history, eco-                                                                                                                      mas Guthrie said. “You won’t
                                     ally laid back and very polite and   Leon soccer team, the great           family. Maiwald left behind his
nomics, religion, English,                                                                                                                           see him lose his composure if
                                     nice. He loves listening to his      coaching, and the great team-         brothers, aged fifteen and five,
French, German, computer                                                                                                                             he messes up on a soccer play.
                                     music and hanging out with his       mates he has.                         his six year old sister, and his
class, music, and so on.                                                                                                                             He keeps his cool like a ther-
                                     friends. He really eats a lot.          “Back in Germany, we play          father.
    He wanted to come to                                                                                                                             mos.”
                                     We’ve kicked the soccer ball         soccer in the streets or on the           “I don’t really get home sick.
America as a foreign exchange                                                                                                                           Maiwald has high expecta-
                                     around a couple times, and it’s      dirt. If you fell it hurt bad. Here   I’m having such a good time
student because he wanted to                                                                                                                         tions for this year’s soccer team.
                                     been fun.”                           in America, everything is so pro-     here in America I never think
experience American culture                                                                                                                             “I’m hoping we can win a
                                         Maiwald went to Leon on the      fessional. The jerseys, the           about home. [However] I miss
firsthand for a year. The Step                                                                                                                       state championship,” Maiwald
                                     first day of school with very        coaches, the grass fields, every-     my family, but I’m very lucky I
In and Pax companies are fund-                                                                                                                       said. “Soccer has been such a
                                     little English cultural back-        thing is so nice,” Maiwald said.      have a great American family,
ing his stay in the U.S.                                                                                                                             great release. Life has been
                                     ground. He could speak English,         Soccer is a really big deal in     which makes me feel better.,”
    Maiwald is currently room-                                                                                                                       stressful at times, but I have
                                     but did not know much about          Europe, according to Maiwald.         Maiwald said.
ing with Jody Walthall and                                                                                                                           been able to find solace through-
                                     American culture or customs.            “It is the biggest sport on the        He enjoys many aspects of
Donna Legare. They chose to                                                                                                                          out it all by playing soccer.”
                                         “[The first day of school]       continent. I thought there would      his new American life.
accept a foreign exchange stu-       was very awkward,” Maiwald           be major changes in the style of          “America has very good

Boys finish eighth, girls sixth in regionals
By Jared Casey                                 the next day.                                                                               by 40 seconds to a minute from their
High Life Sports Writer                           The boys this year placed fifth in the                                                   usual times.
                                               district races and 8th in the regional                                                          It made the times for Leon’s girls
    The Leon Cross Country team had            races. Unfortunately, only the top six                                                      seem a bit longer than usual leading to
a successful season lead by Head               teams advanced to the state races.                                                          the conclusion that the running course
Coach Allison Eagen. Both the boys’               Leon High Boys team is ranked sec-                                                       might have been marked wrong and a
and girls’ teams advanced from dis-            ond among the other schools, right be-                                                      little bit different from a 5k race.
tricts to regionals, although only the girls   hind Chiles High School. At the dis-                                                            Even though this affected all the run-
went to state.                                 trict races, which were held at the                                                         ners, this was still an unusual task that
    Coach Eagen was a great coach              Miccosukee Greenway, Leon placed                                                            the runners were not ready for. “I felt
who set high goals for the team this           5th, which took them to the regional                                                        that the Leon girls did well at the state
season and accomplished a great deal           level. At the regional races, Leon Boys                                                     meet. It was a great experience to be
of them by working on the teams’               came in 8th place.                                                                          there and to have qualified since we
weak points, according to team mem-               “We didn’t run to our expectations,”                                                     had not qualified since 1998. In order
bers.                                          said the captain of boys’ varsity team                                                      to qualify we had to beat many good
    Practices started in the summer,           junior Jared Black. Black had ex-                                                           teams. We placed 16th out of 24
giving the team plenty of time to prac-        pected the team to come in around 5th         Junior Jared Black.                           teams at the state meet, but we also
tice and prepare for the coming sea-           place before the races started.               out of 24 teams. Leila Mattimore was          beat all of the teams that did not even
son. Meeting at either the Miccosukee             “We have a strong team, but we can         the top runner for the girl’s team fin-       qualify,” Coach Eagen said.
Greenway or Winthrop Park, the team            be better next year,” Black stated.           ishing in 34th place.                             Over all, the coach was proud of
practiced every day during the week.              The Girls Varsity this year went all          However, there was one flaw at the         the cross country team this year. They
On Fridays, they would take it easy            the way to State which was held in            state meet. Coach Eagen realized that         obtained many goals by working hard
and focus on the race they would have          Dade City, Florida, and finished 16th         the times for all the runners were off        and staying focused.
November                                                                       Sports                                                                    Page 11
Tommy Brown:
the legend
                                    The last year to shine
                                    By Joy Weaver                     tober for the Interact Calen-
                                    High Life Sports Writer           dar Girls, she is president of
                                                                      the National Honor Society
                                       People look at Ashley
                                                                      and vice-president of the se-
                                    Williams and quickly
                                                                      nior class. Her GPA stands at
                                    guess that she’s a cheer-
                                                                      3.88 unweighted and she is
                                    leader. Her looks, style
                                                                      ranked no. 11 academically
                                    and standing at only 5-
                                                                      for the 2006 senior class.
By Sam Hollister                    foot-4 may be deceiving,
High Life Sports Editor
                                                                               Being a senior, Will-
                                    but Williams is the
                                                                      iams have plans for after
   Leon has had its share of        shooting guard and point
                                                                      graduation. She says thats
stellar athletes, but you           guard fot the Lady Lions
                                                                      she’s applying for Florida
would have to look back in          Basketball team.
                                                                      State University, but really
the history books to find the          Wearing no. 20, Will-
                                                                      wants to venture out. Duke,
best one.                           iams is a senior and has
                                                                      Washington, Princeton and
   Tommy Brown Sr, 76, re-          made big plans for the
ceived 15 varsity letters in five
                                                                      Brown are other schools
                                    2005-06 season. She’s                                                   Ashley Williams passes the ball during practice.
different sports while at Leon                                        she’s interested in. She wants
                                    focused on helping the
in the late 1940s.                                                    to major in International Re-
                                    underclassmen and being
   In addition to being able to                                       lations and hopefully one day         season would be very dif-          enjoy doing.”
                                    a leader.
throw a football with both                                            stand as Ambassador for Italy.        ficult but having Coach              The Lady Lions have
                                       “I’m very surprised
arms, Brown could allegedly                                              When asked about playing           Adolph Hicks as their              been district champs two
jump flat-footed over the           about the freshmen that
                                                                      basketball, Williams answers,         coach and great freshmen,          years straight and are hop-
hood of a car.                      have been coming out to
                                                                      “It’s fun and I enjoy playing.”       Williams is looking for-           ing for a third. On Dec. 16,
   “It was a small car,”            the warm-ups. They have
                                                                         She also adds that it’s re-        ward to her last year.             the Lady Lions will host the
Brown said in a recent inter-       a lot of potential and I
                                                                      laxing and such a big thrill to          “My biggest fans are my         Atlantic High game at
view at his Tallahassee home.       want to make sure that I
                                                                      be on the court.                      mother and father,” Will-          8:30p.m. On Dec. 17, they
   He explained that he             leave my ability for them
                                                                         Losing the five seniors            iams said. “They’re both           will play Fort Walton
taught himself to throw with        to go far,” Williams said.
his left hand after injuring his                                      from the 2004-05 season was           there for me and are great         Beach High at 6:00p.m.
                                       Williams is very well-
right shoulder while making a                                         surprising to Williams. Her           with helping in anything           Both games are being
                                    known around campus.
tackle.                                                               first thought was that the new        when it comes to what I            played in the Lions’ den.
                                    She was elected Ms. Oc-
   Brown played varsity
football, baseball, track, bas-
ketball and started the first
golf team at Leon, a two-man
team that he began in his jun-
                                    Chelsea Parmer: sophomore sensation
ior year.
   After graduating from
                                    Parmer has been a
Leon in 1947, Brown went
on to the Air Force.                regular on several
   After a year he moved to         varsity rosters since her
the U.S. Military Academy,          freshmen year.
where he was “not invited out
for football; he was instructed     By Kate Small
to report,” according to a          High Life Sports Writer
1978 story by Bill McGrotha
                                       If it’s a sport, Chelsea
that appeared in the Tallahas-
                                    Parmer, 15, has probably
see Democrat.                       played it.
   Earl Blaik, who was the             “I grew up playing sports.
National Coach of the Year          It’s just something I feel like
in 1946, coached Army at the        I have to do,” Parmer said.
time. The infamous Vince               This sophomore is now in
Lombardi was an assistant           her second year as a varsity
coach at the time, a man who        soccer player.
Brown did not have a very              Parmer has received an
high opinion of.                    Honorable Mention and the
   Coincidentally, Lombardi         Most Determined Award.
would later be entered into            She has played varsity flag    Chelsea Parmer on the soccor field.
the NFL Hall of Fame after          football for two years and
winning three consecutive           made the All Big Bend First       in sports started at a young age.     Wallace.                           Florida. She has always loved
NFL championships.                  team last year.                      “I am a very competitive per-          “(Parmer) is an amazing        the dentists and figured it would
   During his freshman year,           “I thank God that I was        son,” Parmer said.                    person and athlete,” Brittany      be right for her.
                                    blessed with the athletic abil-      Parmer has played soccer           Folsom, a friend, said.               She will continue playing soc-
Brown alternated at quarter-
                                    ity I have,” Parmer said.         since she was eight years old. She       Parmer enjoys spending          cer throughout high school but
back with the coach’s son,
                                       Parmer has played softball     has been involved in travel soc-      time with friends, loves the       is unsure about college. In
Bobby Blaik, on a team that         all her life. While attending     cer and softball for four years.      beach, and is a Florida State      sports, Parmer enjoys meeting
went 6-2.                           middle school at Florida State       Her positions include midfield     University fan. Parmer is de-      new people most.
   Brown switched to defen-         University School, she played     and forward in soccer. In soft-       scribed as outgoing, friendly,        Her goals for this year in-
sive safety for his sophomore       varsity softball. However,        ball, they include shortstop second   funny and very competitive.        clude the Honor Roll all year
year at Army.                       she has decided not to con-       and third base.                          This athlete wants to attend    long, making the First All Big
                                    tinue playing that sport.            As a huge fan Parmer has           a Division I school for college.   Bend team and going to state
please see “Tommy                        Parmer is influenced         watched NASCAR since her              Parmer hopes to go to dental       for flag football and soccer.
Brown” on pg. 12                    strongly by her father who        youth. She holds no. 2 in favor       school at the University of
                                    played sports. This interest      of NASCAR driver Rusty
November                                                                    Sports                                                               Page 12

Horton tackles Leon football
                                   ery red eyeliner. I opened        ever pole-vault, and yes, I      their masculinity. There-        “hi” to me and cheering me
                                   the door to my car and            hold the record. I now play      fore, I didn’t take any of the   on. They did this through-
                                   walked to the smelly,             soccer and flag-football.        jokes personally.                out the entire game. I
                                   grimy coach’s office.             So why am I embarrassed?            The girl’s always had         didn’t even play that night,
                                      “Alright Coach, I need to         Throughout the day I re-      positive responses. All of       but they still supported me.
                                   get that jersey.” He went to      peatedly received the same       them supported me; they             I started off that day with
                                   the locker room and came          surprised reaction. First        would inform me that they        anxiety and ended it with a
                                   back with the number 85.          they would stare. Then           were coming to the game          celebration. That morning
By Mallory Horton                  “Thanks Coach.” I jumped          they would ask me why I          just to see me in uniform.       I was embarrassed because
High Life Guest Writer
                                   in my car and drove to my         was wearing the jersey. I        A few girls expressed to         I was the only girl on a
Editor’s note: Horton wrote        assigned parking spot. I          would tell them I was on         me that I was their hero.        guy’s football team. I
this story for TCC English         grabbed the jersey and            the football team; they          Some girl even shouted           thought most people
and The Leon High Life is          tugged it over my head. It        would then proceed to look       out, “Girl Power” as I           would disapprove of my
reprinting it with her             was HUGE; it went below           bewildered and rephrase          passed by in the hall.           decision to be on a guy’s
permission.                        the bottom of my shorts,          the question by adding,             Did I really impact girls     team. Boy, was I wrong.
   I awoke with anxiety.           but my make-up matched it         “The GUY’S football              that much? Did they re-          The reactions I received
Today was the day. Would           very well. I stepped out of       team?” To make sure they         ally think of me as their        were surprising but noth-
I sink, or would I swim? I         my car, and encountered           understood the second            hero? Did I really posses        ing short of supportive. I
took my shower; blow               my first witness.                 time I would give them a         this “Girl Power”?               also came to understand
dried my straight, shiny,             “Mallory! Are you on the       gigantic nod, yes.                  That afternoon I was ex-      that I did possess this “Girl
brown hair; brushed my             Varsity Football team?” I            Why was it so hard for        tremely nervous, but the         Power.” I didn’t have to be
sparkly, white teeth; poked        was still; a deer caught in       them to believe? In 1999,        other Varsity players were       the star of the football
in my long, starry earrings;       the headlights. The blood         New Mexico’s Kicker,             very supportive. They con-       team; I didn’t even have to
and sprayed on my Lilu             rushed to my face as I re-        Hinda, was the first girl to     stantly told me that I would     play in the game. All I had
perfume. I sped to school          plied,                            ever score in Division I-A       do fine. I remember, be-         to do was be on the guy’s
and parked in the softball            “I am the kicker.”             football. She is one of          fore going on the field, I       team, go to practice, and
parking lot. I put on my              Why was I so embar-            many girls who have played       couldn’t click on my             dress out for the games.
make-up (I can’t look ugly         rassed? Everyone knew I           tackle football. So, why         chinstrap, and one of the        Girls understood it wasn’t
on my big day). Then I             loved football. I did gym-        can’t they believe me?           guys came over and               an easy task. Next game I
brushed my M.A.C. foun-            nastics for 11 years, and            Most guys were gener-         snapped it on for me.            will wear my jersey to
dation onto my face,               throughout elementary and         ally supportive. My guy             Were they being nice          school, and hold my head
smoothed on my creamy,             middle school I was stron-        friends supported me             because I was new or was         high. I am not only repre-
rose-colored blush, pow-           ger than all the boys. I am       100%, but even they made         it because I was a girl?         senting myself; I am rep-
dered my eyelids with gold         a former track and cross-         jokes. I’ve noticed guy’s           During warm ups, I had        resenting all girls in a guy’s
shadow and drew on my fi-          country runner. I am the          tend to put each other           to kick right next to the        world.
                                   only girl in my school to         down in order to showcase        stands; I heard girls saying

Tommy Brown
Continued from page 11                                                                                                        show up.
                                                                                                                                  “I never played at more than 155
    He also punted in every game.
                                                                                                                              pounds,” Brown said. “I was too small
    One of Brown’s best games while
                                                                                                                              to play professionally.”
at Army was against an undefeated                                                                                                 While you probably wouldn’t find
Michigan team that had won 25 straight
                                                                                                                              him on the football field anymore,
                                                                                                                              Brown still plays golf every Tuesday.
    Playing on the road in Ann Arbor,                                                                                         He once shot a 64 at Capital City
Brown punted out of bounds on the
                                                                                                                              Country Club, although he admits that
Michigan 16, 15, 11 and 3-yard lines.
                                                                                                                              he is now much more inconsistent with
He also intercepted a pass in the end                                                                                         his scores.
zone late in the fourth quarter to seal
                                                                                                                                  It has now been more than 50 years
the victory.
                                                                                                                              since Brown played collegiate football.
    Army went undefeated that season,                                                                                             “It was basically the same game as
which would be Brown’s last one at
                                                                                                                              it is now,” Brown said. “We had dif-
West Point.
                                                                                                                              ferent helmets.”
    Despite Earl Blaik’s determined ef-                                                                                           Brown, who will be 77 in Decem-
forts, Brown returned to Tallahassee.       Left: Brown playing for Leon High football in the late 40’s.
                                            Right: Brown in his Tallahassee home.                                             ber, still lives in Tallahassee with his
    Although he originally signed a grant                                                                                     wife, Lillie Brown, and their highly ex-
                                                                                          Brown also held the record for in-
to play at the University of Florida,       eight games during that 1950 season.                                              citable dog, Jay Jay.
                                                                                       tercepting three passes in a single game
Brown was ultimately convinced to              It was during his last game as a jun-   before that record was broken by           Although he doesn’t attend any of
play football at Florida State Univer-      ior that Brown entered the Florida                                                the games, Brown still keeps up with
                                                                                       Mario Edwards in 1998.
sity.                                       State record books.                           “All records are made to be bro-    Florida State as well as Leon football.
    “I was offered a hundred dollars a         While playing against Tampa, Brown      ken,” Brown said. “That punt is going      “FSU has been decent this year,”
month to go to Florida,” Brown said.        kicked an 84-yard punt, a record that                                             Brown said. “I don’t think Leon did
                                                                                       to be a hard one.”
“I had already made up my mind.”            still stands to this day.                     Brown’s football career ended af-   too well though.”
    Brown began his junior year play-          “My foot hit it when I was on our       ter three seasons at FSU. He received
ing safety. He also punted for Florida      5-yard line,” Brown said. “It must have                                             Editors note: Jared Casey as-
                                                                                       an invitation to a professional football
State, which went undefeated in its         gone at least 75 yards in the air.”        combine, but didn’t even bother to sisted in interviewing for this story.

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