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Sleepypod Air Earns Two Prestigious 2010 Editors’ Choice Awards
Revolutionary Pet Carrier Deemed a Best Product of the Year by Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy Magazines

Pasadena, Calif.—November 4, 2010—Sleepypod, a Pasadena-based company recognized for redefining pet products,
today announces that editors from Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy magazines have individually chosen Sleepypod Air as a best
product of 2010.

“We reviewed several new carriers for our Editors’ Choice Awards, and the Sleepypod Air stood out for thoughtful
design features,’’ says Ernie Slone, Dog Fancy magazine editor. “The breathable mesh makes it comfortable for pets, but
also easy to conform to differing airline under-seat storage requirements. The carrier is easy to secure to rolling luggage,
and hidden straps also make it a snap to fasten to car seatbelts, adding a measure of safety.’’

Each year Dog Fancy, the world’s most widely read dog magazine, culls through the year’s top new products to select the
best dog gear for our Editors’ Choice Awards.

“This is a big improvement on the cat carrier,” lauds Cat Fancy in its December 2010 issue. “It’s attractive, comfortable,
lightweight and convenient. I also like that it’s airline approved.”

On selecting its award for favorite products of 2010, Cat Fancy reported, “Cat Fancy editors went through oodles of
products to bring [readers] some favorites from the past year.”

Sleepypod Air’s Revolutionary Design
Sleepypod Air is a revolutionary carrier that redefines in-cabin pet travel by solving the size restriction dilemma. A
patent-pending design enables Sleepypod Air to contract in size to fit in the space below a range of airline seats during
the restricted times of takeoff and landing; once the plane is in the air, Sleepypod Air can be expanded to allow a pet the
largest possible space below an airline seat.

Key Features and Options
• Compresses from 22 inches in length to 19 or 16 inches in length
• Seatbelt straps on both sides allow Sleepypod Air to be safely secured in a car seat
• Top and ends open for easy access
• Trolley pocket to secure Sleepypod Air onto other luggage
• Large zipper pockets on both sides for essential travel items
• Removable and washable ultra plush bedding
• Easy-clean exterior

A pocket below Sleepypod Air’s bedding can hold a separately sold electrical Warmer Pad to help keep a pet extra cozy.
The Warmer Pad, designed to maintain a temperature of 102 F, plugs into a household electric outlet or an auto electric
outlet. The Warmer Pad is sold separately as part of the Sleepypod Mini Warmer Kit.

A video demonstration of key features and options can be viewed at

       2797 East Foothill Boulevard, Suite 110, Pasadena, CA 91107   877-763-6963 x5   FAX 213-341-1088
                                                                                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                          ®                                                           Media contact: Jane Skuta
                                                                                                         (213) 341-1088, ext. 5

About Sleepypod
Sleepypod’s vision is to create innovative, well designed, and functional products to complement modern, on-the-go
lifestyles. Our critically acclaimed products have earned the following awards:
• Sleepypod Air: Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice (2010), Dog Fancy Editors’ Choice (2010)
• Crater Dot: Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice (2010), Pet Business Editors’ Choice (2010), Pet Business Industry Recognition
  Award (2009)
• Sleepypod Mini: Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice (2008), Metropolitan Home Design 100 (June 2008)
• Sleepypod: Doggie Aficionado Reader “Best of” (2010), Bark Buckle Up Pet Safe Choice (2009), Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice
  (2007), Pet Product News Editors’ Choice (2007)

About Dog Fancy
Dog Fancy is the world’s most widely read dog magazine, celebrating dogs and the people who love them. First-time and
seasoned owners turn to the magazine for expert information and entertainment. Each issue includes cutting-edge
medical developments, health and fitness (with a focus on prevention, treatment and natural therapy), behavior and
training, travel and activities, breed profiles and dog news, issues and trends for purebred and mixed-breed dogs. The
magazine informs, inspires and entertains readers while promoting responsible dog ownership. Throughout its more
than 35-year history, Dog Fancy has garnered numerous honors, including being named the Best All-Breed Magazine by
the Dog Writers Association of America.

About Cat Fancy
Cat Fancy takes its responsibility as the world’s most widely read and recognized cat magazine seriously. The magazine
uses its influence to be a voice for all cats—from pedigreed to mixed breed, to those in need of rescue, including the
domestic cat’s wild cousins. The magazine’s 45-year tradition has celebrated the human-feline bond and promoted the
pedigreed cat fancy as well as all cats’ health, care, training, behavior, grooming, advocacy and rescue. The current
format’s inclusion of all these topics in addition to a new cutting edge focus on the feline’s impact on art and culture has
attracted high-profile celebrities such as Joe Mantegna and Jenna Fischer to be on the cover.


      2797 East Foothill Boulevard, Suite 110, Pasadena, CA 91107    877-763-6963 x5   FAX 213-341-1088

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