RHINO SKIN SCAFFOLD PLANK SEALANT
The Problem with Wood               Sealing the Wood is Key              Originally formulated to protect
                                                                         our Pin-Lok planking from the
All wood scaffold planking starts Indian Mill RHINO SKIN is an           effects of rot, we soon found
to deteriorate the moment it is epoxy resin based water-soluble          that RHINO SKIN will work on all
put into use. Water, dirt, mud, product formulated specifically          types of wood normally found on
chemicals, and improper storage to protect scaffold planking             the jobsite.
are all facts of life on the from the effects of water and
jobsite. The single largest factor normal jobsite chemicals. RHINO
shortening the life of premium SKIN can be rolled, sprayed, or Traction
scaffold planking and destroying brushed on to scaffold planks and
                                                                           Once a worker’s feet leave the
your investment is exposure to other wood surfaces to protect
                                                                           ground, his productivity drops
the elements and the
                                                                                      to roughly 50% of
damage caused by
                                                                                      what it would be on
water and rot.
                                                                                      solid ground. If he is
Wood is a living                                                                      unsure of his footing,
product.     It    will                                                               it will drop even
absorb       moisture                                                                 further. You don’t
easily, and when                                                                      have to take our
a plank’s moisture                                                                    word for this, just
content goes beyond                                                                   take a stopwatch
19% the plank loses                                                                   to your jobsite and
one fifth of its                                                                      see for yourself. To
strength due just to                                                                  achieve maximum
being wet. Worse,                                                                     productivity on the
with a high moisture                                                                  job, you need to
content mold, fungus                                                                  provide your workers
and bacteria will                                                                     with a steady work
begin to grow inside                                                                  platform that will
the wood eating it                                                                    give    them      sure
away from within                                                                      footing.
and      permanently           Exposed wood scaffold planking is a considerable
                                         investment on any job site.                  Various types of
destroying its cellular
                                                                           grooves cut into the wood do
structure. This damage may not the wood from environmental
                                                                           provide more traction but also
be visible from the outside of damage. With this product, you
the plank.                           can easily double the life of exposes the wood to potential
                                     scaffold planking.                    water and chemical damage.
                                                                                         Problems in Dry

                                    RHINO SKIN with Grip Seal
                                    Aggregate is the best solution                       Environments
                                    we have found so far. While
                                    allowing positive traction on                        In a dry environment, wood
                                    wet, slightly muddy or slightly                      planking can lose too much of
                                    iced planking, it seals the plank                    its moisture content. Under
                                    against the elements, protects                       severely dry conditions, wood
                                    the wood from the sun’s UV, and                      can warp or crack as the internal
                                    greatly lengthens the life of the                    moisture evaporates.
                                    plank. Add to these factors the                      Intermittent dry and wet, as
                                    increase worker productivity                         in rain showers followed by                            Rhino Skin Sealant and Wood
                                    due to positive traction on the                      dry and sunny, can be even                             Protectant on a Pin-Lok Scaffold
                                    scaffold planks, and you can see                     more damaging. As the wood                             Plank for the ultimate in strength
                                    why we developed RHINO SKIN.                         absorbs water, it will swell,                          and durability.
                                                                                         and as it dries it will contract.
                                                                                         This movement sets up extreme
                                    RHINO SKIN is available in liquid
                                    form for do-it-yourself applications                 stress in the plank and can cause
                                    with a simple spray applicator. Call                 damage rapidly. RHINO SKIN
                                    for more information.                                works to prevent damage in
                                                                                         these conditions.
                                                                                         Sealing planks with RHINO SKIN
                                                                                         provides a skin-like barrier which                              Scaffold Plank Tester
                                    RHINO SKIN dries to a translucent
                                    coating, allowing the wood grain to                  dampens the effects of varying
                                    remain visible for easy inspection.                  temperature and humidity. When
                                    When applied to a decorative wood                    sealed with RHINO SKIN, the
                                    surface, the natural beauty of the                   planks do not absorb moisture
                                    wood is preserved.
                                                                                         when it is wet or humid, and
                                                                                         do not lose moisture when the
                                                                                         weather turns hot and dry.

                                                                                         RHINO SKIN Grip Seal is also
                                                                                         available with aggregate. When
                                                                                         applied onto wood, the aggregate                      For more information on our complete line of
                                                                                         provides a protective, non-slip                       products contact:
                                                                                         finish for areas where high traction
                                                                                         is needed.

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