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									   How To Get Rid Of Dark
    Circles Under The Eyes

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One of the complaints that dermatologists commonly hear about is dark circles under the eyes. This
under-eye flaw has a tendency to age us much more than facial lines or white hair. When this flaw

persists, it may be something hereditary in nature, case in point, it is more commonly seen among Asians

and Africans. Age is likewise a contributory factor to under-eye discoloration, because the skin

surrounding the eye becomes thinner as you go older, consequently making minute blood vessels under

the skin more prominent which in turn add a bluish hue to the skin.

                                                  It is also said that the darkening of the area under the

                                                  eyes is brought on by a reduction in the volume in the

                                                  area around the eye which subsequently makes a hollow

                                                  feature that looks darker than the other parts of the face.

                                                  This usually occurs as a result of aging, dehydration,

                                                  and lack of sleep. Fatigue can cause paleness of the skin

                                                  and thus, makes the blood vessels under the skin more

                                                  exposed. Under-eye discoloration can also result from

                                                  health conditions such as allergies, anemia, and liver

                                                  problems. A number of medications, especially those

                                                  that dilate blood vessels, can also bring about dark

                                                  circles under the eyes.

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What you can do

Concealer and makeup can certainly help cover under-eye pigmentation. If you have a mild discoloration

under the eyes, a liquid concealer is a better choice. Those that have more noticeable discoloration should

use cream or cake concealers. Making lifestyle changes can also help. You should eat a healthy and well-

balanced diet, take vitamins and minerals, and drink plenty of fluids. You have to sleep for eight hours, or

at least have more than four to five hours of uninterrupted sleep and find ways to lower your stress levels

through exercising or starting a new hobby. Smoking can also cause changes in your blood vessels, so

giving it up can also lessen under-eye discoloration.

                                                        The best dark circle eye cream are those that have

                                                        hydroquinone or kojic acids since these ingredients

                                                        are known to be effective at reducing discoloration.

                                                        Additionally there is study which demonstrated that

                                                        cosmetic products which come with plant-based

                                                        compounds just like Brazilian suma considerably

                                                        improved the appearance of dark circles under the

                                                        eyes. Another product you can look at is Clarisonic

                                                        Opal sonic infusion system which as the term

                                                        indicates infuses a specially formulated anti-aging

                                                        sea serum by using sonic technology. Clarisonic

                                                        testimonials from consumers are very encouraging

                                                        and many of those who have tried it say that this

                                                        product can truly deliver results as promised. Check

                                                        out more Clarisonic reviews here.

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