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									                                                   Course Syllabus
                     Teaching About the Middle East
                          Offered cooperatively by Portland State University’s Middle East Studies Center
                           and the Graduate School of Education / Continuing Education Department

                                    TITLE: Teaching About the Middle East
                                    DEPT: Curriculum & Instruction (CI)
                                    LEVEL: 810
                                    NUMBER: K1553L
                                    TERM: summer 2012
                                    CREDITS: 1-3
                                    GRADING: P/F

Elisheva Cohen (; 503-725-5054; East Hall 314)

Download the registration form at (click on the “Registration Form” PDF).
Use the course information in the box above to complete the form. Bring the form and your tuition payment of
$55 (check or credit card) to event on July 20, 2012.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, this course prepares K-12 teachers to teach about a wide range of topics
related to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Through interactive and participatory lectures,
discussions, and activities led by scholars and experts in the field, participants will increase their knowledge about
the greater Middle East and explore various pedagogical approaches to teaching about the region. Participants
will receive a variety of teaching resources including maps, facts sheets, and lesson plans.

If you require accommodations, please inform your instructor immediately. Students with disabilities should
register with the PSU Disability Resource Center (503-725-4150; TTY or Relay 503-725-4178) to document their
need for accommodations and obtain support services.

"Preparing professionals to meet our diverse community's lifelong educational needs"

   1.  Attend “Global Education through Film” workshops on July 20-22, 2012.
   2.  Complete all reading assignments given before and during the workshop.
   3.  Participate in the lunch-time discussion group on July 21, 2012
   4.  Complete one of the following two assignments (a or b):
           a. Write a 5-7 page response paper reflecting on two or three of the films you watched during
               the course of the workshop. Submit paper to instructor, Elisheva Cohen, by August 3, 2012.
               Include the information:
                     i. What are these films about?
                    ii. What are some of the themes that emerge from these films?
                   iii. How can you use these films in your classroom? What challenges and opportunities
                        do these films present?
           b. Write a 5-7 page response paper reflecting on two sessions you went to during the course of
               the workshop. Submit paper to instructor, Elisheva Cohen, by August 3, 2012. Include the
               following information:
                     i. Name of session and instructor
                    ii. Summary of the sessions
                   iii. How will these sessions inform your teaching practice?
                   iv. Share comments on the presentation, the information, the presenter’s style, etc.
                        Were these sessions positive additions to the institute?
    5. Create one of the following teaching materials:
           a. Teaching Guide for one of the films you were introduced to during the institute (or a
               different film of your own choosing). The guide should include a summary of the film, a list
               of themes that run through the film, relevant standards and units, talking points on a main
               theme of the film that fits into your classroom (with an explanation of what unit the film
               would fit into), comprehension questions for students, analysis questions for students,
               resources for teachers or students to learn more about the topic, and a student project
               based on the film.
           b. Week-long teaching unit based on the project introduced in your field trip today (either to
               NW Film Center or Mercy Corps) relevant to the subject and grade that you teach. The
               teaching unit will be graded based on incorporation of correct information about the Middle
               East, use of new teaching strategies, and the use of appropriate teaching resources.
           c. Other week long teaching unit based on materials from the institute.
Email assignment in Word or PDF format to the instructor, Elisheva Cohen, at by August
10, 2012. Put “Credit for Teaching about the Middle East” in the Subject line of your email. Include your
name, PSU ID number, and the course number (K1553L) at the top of the paper.

Grades will be available on the PSU website starting___________. Note that PSU does not mail receipts.
After your registration and payment have been processed, you can print a receipt from the PSU website. For
instructions on accessing your grade, obtaining a receipt, or getting transcripts, visit and click on “Information for Students” on the left menu. If you need assistance
accessing your student records (grades, transcripts, receipts), contact Paul Beaulieu at or
503-725-8279. If you have billing or payment questions, contact Mark Mentzer at or

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