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									The Alamo

   By Katharine
   San Antonio

 The place in San Antonio,
 The Alamo, was originally
  called The Mission San
Antonio de Valero.    It was
 built in San Pedro Springs,
   San Antonio, in 1718.

 Some People think the name
 Alamo, came from a grove of
cottonwood trees growing on
the water’s edge, of the river,
  Acequia. Alamo, being the
      Spanish word for
   1820’s and
  Texas used to belong to
  Mexico. Starting in the
  1820’s people from the
United States began moving
 to Texas and by the early
    1830’s U.S. citizens
    outnumbered Texas
  Mexicans. They wanted
independence from Mexico
   and started the Texas
    Revolution in 1835.
William Travis

       At the Battle of the Alamo that
             began in February 1836,
              William Travis wrote a
          letter to get reinforcements
              that said," I shall never
          surrender nor retreat. I call
               on you in the name of
            liberty, of patriotism, and
             dispatch…VICTORY OR
  The Battle
The Battle of the Alamo
   lasted 13 days and
 ended on March 6th,
1836 with the death of
all the fighting Texans.
  After the battle, the
  Alamo was in ruins.

 Santa Anna sent Suzanna
 and her Daughter Angelia
Dickenson, two of the only
   survivors, to tell Sam
Houston about Santa Anna’s
  Santa Anna’s
  Santa Anna’s success at the
   Alamo, a few months later,
 inspired the remaining Texas
 army to win a decisive victory
  at the Battle of San Jacinto.
Charging into battle during the
  Mexican’s siesta, led by the
   battle cry, “Remember the
      Alamo!” The Texans
   slaughtered the Mexican’s
army and captured Santa Anna.
   Legend has it that he was
captured when trying to escape
  while wearing ALL women’s

   In May 1836, Santa
 Anna signed the treaty
of Valasco and removed
the Mexican army from
  After the
  The Alamo, after the
 battle, was in terrible
condition. Apparently,
  there was a fire near
 the Alamo and burned
down most of the trees
       close to it.

  •March 2004 - a movie
entitled The Alamo premiered
  at San Antonio’s Majestic

•2005 – The Daughters of the
Republic of Texas finished an
   upgrade of the Alamo.
So Texas ended up with a
   pretty good result. I
 would be proud that you
  live in Texas, because
   Texans fight for what
they have. You can visit
the Alamo in San Antonio
   today and learn more
  about how much it is a
  part of Texas history.

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