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					                                 The Case Middle School
    Volume 6                                                                                           March
     Issue 4                                                                                            2010
  Produced by the Students of Punahou School, 1601 Punahou Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Punahou Book Drive:                         By Kaitlyn Yonamine                    grade.
                                                                                        In one of the eighth grade advi-
Bringing the Gift of                         T   he Punahou School Book Drive
                                                 is coming, and fast! This Book
                                                                                   sories, they have a book challenge
                                                                                   to bring in lots of books.
Reading to Others                           Drive started on
                                            February 9, and
                                                                                                       Other helpers
                                                                                                    have made signs to
                                            will continue                                           put up, and book
                                            through March 9.                                        marks for the books
                                               To get more                                          they donate.
                                            information about                                          There are three
                                            this book drive,                                        goals for this school-
                                            the Courier inter-                                      wide literacy initia-
                                            viewed Mrs. Cathy                                       tive.
                                            Kawano-Ching.                                              One, is to support
                                               How many                                             the K-12 book drive.
                                            books are col-                                          Two, is to raise
                                            lected total from                                      awareness of literacy
                                            the Book Drive?                        issues. And three is to encourage
                                               Mrs. Kawano-Ching told us that      our own literacy development.
                                            last year around 200 boxes of               The books in this year’s drive
                                            books were collected!                  will be donated to Na‘alehu El-
                                               What kind of books are do-          ementary School, Hawaii Literacy
                                            nated?                                 (reading rooms), Kokua Kalihi Val-
                                               There are many books collected,     ley, and Read Aloud America.
                                            ranging from age groups infant              You can visit the web site www.
                                            to adult. Most of the books col- if you want to
                                            lected, however, are for toddlers to   donate books to other organiza-
                                            around sixth graders.                  tions.
                                               How are students involved                In chapel, Mr. Jed Gaines, a
                                            with the Book Drive?                   representative from Read Aloud
                                               In the first grade, they have a     America, recently talked to the
                    Photos by K. Yonamine   100 Books Day. In seventh grade,       students about RAP, the Read
                                            we had a movie night where the         Aloud Programs, and to raise
                                            admission was one book. They           awareness at Punahou about
                                            collected over 300 books from the      illiteracy issues.

THE BAND                                    By Mackenzie Feldman & Mia Masuda         But like many other students,
                                                                                   THE BAND was cut from POPS.
Lends a Hand                                 T   he CMS Courier sat down
                                                 with a group of 8th grade
                                                                                      But did getting cut from POPS
                                                                                   stop this band?
for Haiti                                   girls who call
                                                                                                           NO WAY!
                                            “THE BAND.”                                                 after POPS
                                               But they’re                                              turned them
                                            not just any                                                down and the
                                            middle school                                               devastating
                                            band, they’re                                               earthquake in
From left to right, Alana Todd,             trying to show                                              Haiti struck,
Ellen Ashford, Ally Mullen, Ashlee          people that you                                             they decided
Grover, Kristin Nishimura, and              can make a dif-                                             to persevere
La‘akea Marquez. Not Pictured:              ference through                                             and change the
Roxy Kiesling and Kirsten Bishop.           music.                                                      message, lyrics
                                               Alana Todd,                                              and purpose of
                 Photo and Photoshop work   Ashlee Grover,                                              their music.
                by M. Feldman & M. Masuda   Ally Mullen,                                                   They chose
                                            Kirsten Bishop,                                             to dedicate
                                            La‘akea Mar-                                                their songs,
                                            quez, Roxy                                                  time, and
                                            Kiesling, Ellen                                             thoughts to
                                            Ashford, and                                                educating and
                                            Kristin Nishimu-                                            raising aware-
                                            ra have already began to make a        ness for Haiti.
                                            difference with their music.              Besides raising awareness, they
                                               It all started when they tried      raised $601.72 for Haiti at the re-
                                            out for the 2010 CMS POPS Talent       cent Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.
                                            Show, singing the popular song by         With lyrics like “Hot sweat and
                                            Boys Like Girls, Love Drunk.           blurry eyes, A hundred thousand
                                               Ally Mullen says, “We thought       people lost their lives, Haiti, stuck
                                            it would be great to try out and       under debris, Their door to the
                                            blow people’s minds with our mu-       future is jammed shut, But now
                                            sic and love.”                                          …continued on page 2
  March 2010                         The CMS Courier                                                       Page 2

Just in Case:                               By Kelly Correa & Kylie Ishii            Why: “It sounds cool.”
                                                                                     Natalie Tsukada, ’16
My Favorite
Song Is...
                                             F  or this edition of the Courier’s
                                                “Just in Case,” we asked:
                                            “What is your favorite song, why,
                                                                                     Song: Fireflies by Owl City
                                                                                     Why: “It’s very cheerful.”
                                                                                     Reed Morgan, ’16
                                            and who is it by?”                       Song: All the Right Moves by
                                              Here are the answers:                One Republic
                                              Jackie Kojima, ’14                     Why: I like the special effects.
                                              Song: Because You Love Me by           Adam Lowell, ’16

                                                                                      Song: Soul Sister by Train
                                                                                      Why: “I got it on my phone...”
                                                                                      Tiffany Chang, ’15
                                                                                      Song: Energy by Keri Hilson
                                                                                      Why: “It’s very deep.”
                                                                                      Aina Katsikas, ’15
                                                                                      Song: e Pele e by her Kumu (not
                                                                                   the original, but she doesn’t know
                                                                                   who it’s by)
                                                                                      Why: “We practice it in my hula
                                                                                   halau, and Pele created our island.”
Top (left to right): Jackie, Maxen,         Celine Dion                               Jessica Gum, ’15
Sydney, Natalie, Adam, Reed.                  Why: “...the lyrics are nice.”          Song: Love Song by Sara Berilles
Bottom: Tiffany, Aina, Jessica, Ms.           Maxen Chung, ’14                        Why: “It’s just a good song...”
Leekley                                       Song: All the Above by Maino            Ms. Leekley, 7th grade social
                      Photos by K. Correa     Why: “I just like it.”               studies
                                              Sydney Parish, ’14                      Song: All Star by Smashmouth
                                              Song: Follow Me by Uncle                Why: “Gordon sings it in advi-
                                            Kracker                                sory...”

                                            we have the key to help them out,      for Haiti?
                                            The key, it’s with you and me.”           Kristin Nishimura: We re-
  4 THE BAND                                  They were instantly recognized       ally wanted to share our love for
     …continued from page 1                 by UNICEF, who offered to fly          music and help people around the
                                            them out to Haiti free of charge.      world.
                                              UNICEF wanted them to help              La‘akea Marquez: We chan-
                                            rebuild houses, provide aid, and       nelled our personal loss into world
                                            share their love for Haiti.            wide loss. The destruction and
                                                                                   sadness really touched our hearts
                                               How did you start your              and “hit home.” We are more
                                            band?                                  fortunate than the people of Haiti
                                               Ally Mullen: We thought it          and so many others, so it is our
                                            would be a great opportunity to        duty to help out.
                                            show fellow students our love for         How did you come up with
                                            each other and music.                  those new lyrics?
                                               Who plays what, and how                Alana Todd: It was a major
                                            did you decide?                        group effort
                                               Alana Todd: Vocals                     Ashley Grover: We all put our
                                               Ashlee Grover: Keyboard. I had      hearts and minds together.
                                            been playing piano for nine years.        Ellen Ashford: I tried my best
                                               Ally Mullen: Guitar. I only had     but lacked in my lyrical abilities.
                                            three lessons but was able to pick        Ellen Ashford on Kirsten Bish-
                                            it up by using my ear for music.       op (who was not at interview):
                                               Kristin Nishimura: Backup           Kirsten was a major key in writ-
                                            vocals. I wanted to dance, but it      ing this song. She even wrote her
                                            wouldn’t have matched the song.        own triangle music.
                                               Ellen Ashford: Backup vocals. I        What’s your advice for peo-
                                            also wanted to dance.                  ple wanting to be in a band?
                                               Ellen Ashford on Kirsten Bishop        Ally Mullen: Seriously commit
                                            (who was not at interview): She        yourself, then practice a lot!
                                            plays triangle because she is good        Kristin Nishimura: Be excited
                                            at everything. She is also our         and passionate in everything that
                                            amazing band manager. She is           you do.
                                            great at hiking and taekwondo.            Ellen Ashford: Live by the
                                               Roxy Kiesling: Drummer. Ash-        phrase “you can do it”. Don’t let
                                            ley’s mom taught me how to play        others tell you that you cant. Find
                                            different beats and rhythms, and I     love in everything.
                                            just picked it up after awhile.           La‘akea Marquez: Have passion
                                               La‘akea Marquez: Vocals             and feeling no matter what you
                                               What made you want to play          do.
 March 2010                    The CMS Courier                                                  Page 3

Punahou’s Laptop                By Hunter Mee-Lee                        ate information, anyone can do
                                                                         anything on almost any article,
Rules and Regulations            K     ids are saying they are infuri-
                                       ated by the recent YouTube
                                blockage. Is it really okay to play
                                                                         from inserting a subtle (and mis-
                                                                         informed) opinion to deleting a
                                                                         whole page or vandalizing it.
                                online games on your computer?               Games are another thing that
                                What does “reputation” mean on           students wonder about. After 2:45
                                the blocked site page?                   p.m., students are allowed to play
                                    First off, YouTube was not           flash games on various sites like
                                blocked because of student viola-        Addicting Games and MiniClip,
                                tions. YouTube was supposed to be        however they are banned before
                                blocked since the beginning of the       school, at lunch, and — obviously
                                 year, but apparently it flew over       — during class. What kids aren’t
                                         IT’s heads.                     allowed to do is download game
                                               There’s nothing wrong     apps onto their computers. Games
                                            with YouTube, says Mr.       like Plants vs. Zombies (see be-
                                            Landgraf, but since You-     low) and Marble Blast are popular
                                            Tube is such a bandwidth     games that have violated the code.
                                            hog, it must be blocked          Something else that kids are
                                            because it clogs up Puna-    always wondering about is the
                                            hou’s network. Seventh       “reputation” feature on the web
                                            grade supervisor, Mrs.       site blocked page.
                                           Tyau, also said that some         “Reputation” has nothing to do
                                      YouTube videos would be con-       with a student’s grade or anything
                                sidered “inappropriate.”                 like that. The reputation is a fea-
                                    Another question kids are            ture in the filter itself that shows
                                wondering is about Wikipedia. For        what category that the web site
                                many people, Wikipedia is the first      falls into.
                                source for quick information. How-           Teachers recognize that there
                                ever, Wikipedia is often stereo-         are methods to bypass Punahou’s
                                typed as always being incorrect.         filter.
                                    This is not always true, as many         However, teachers and authority
                                articles are directly from encyclo-      figures around school trust their
                                pedia. However, since there is no        students to do the right thing and
                                filter for incorrect or inappropri-      have integrity.

Student Laptops:                By Michael Tome                          playing until the campaign and
                                                                         mini-games are fully completed.
a Double-Edged
(and Sharp) Sword
                                 A    virus can be described as a
                                      “harmful or corrupting influ-
                                ence.” A virus can also be de-
                                                                            Despite the game’s entertain-
                                                                         ment value, it quickly lost its
                                                                         momentum. Within approximately
                                scribed as an “infection caused by       two weeks, the number of stu-
                                an agent that multiplies.”               dents playing it during advisory

                                 I   n mid-January, 2010, a virus
                                     hit Pai Public.
                                    But this is not a mi-
                                                                         and after school dramatically

                                croscopic virus, or even
  As long as there are          a computer virus. This
                                virus happened to be
  computers, there will be      a game, a game called
                                “Plants vs. Zombies.”
  computer games, and               This game was
                                posted by a still un-
  considering how accessible    identified user who had
                                access to Punahou’s
  they are in these times to    Pai volumes. The game
  anyone with a computer,       was posted sometime
                                in mid-January, 2010,
  there will always be          and was accessible to
                                all students of Punahou
  the issue of how to           school for around three
                                days. Even though it
  balance entertainment         was removed from
                                the server, the game continued to           This is probably because of the
  and school work.              spread via mainly student flash          fact that the player’s scores in
                                drives to other computers.               levels and mini-games can quickly
                                    What made this game so con-          reach a maximum.
                                tagious? Plants vs. Zombies is a            However, this has not been the
                                tower-defense game, reminiscent          first time, or the only time, that
                                of arcade games of the past. The         students have had games on their
                                game play is of you strategically        computers.
                                placing plants that do a variety of         In fact, two-thirds of students
                                actions triggered by zombies being       surveyed admitted to having some
                                in range.                                type of game on their computers.
                                    This varies from plants that            As long as there are computers,
                                fire projectiles to plants that take     there will be computer games,
                                down zombies by dragging them            and considering how accessible
                                underwater.                              they are in these times to anyone
                                    The game is mainly you and           with a computer, there will always
                                the enemy both increasing in             be the issue of how to balance
                                strength, urging you to continue         entertainment and school work.
 March 2010                        The CMS Courier                                                        Page 4

Mr. Yorck: Only Male                      By Connor Lee & Zack Dang                  A: Well, it does at times, but
                                                                                  when I came to teach at Punahou
Kindergarten Teacher                       H    ave you ever walked into a
                                                class, only to find that you
                                          are the only one of your gender?
                                                                                  30 years ago, some female teach-
                                                                                  ers weren’t ready to accept me
                                                                                  because male teachers were new
                                          Well, Punahou Kindergarten has          back then.
                                          only one male teacher. Mr. Yorck           Q: If you could change to any
                                          has been teaching Kindergarten          grade or stay here, what grade
                                          for 30 years being the only male        would you switch to?
                                                  teacher.                           A: If that would happen, I would
                                                      Think how he must feel      stay here. I’m happy here. It’s the
                                                  now that Kindergarten is        kids. I love how they love to learn,
                                                  joining up with first grade —   and don’t want to talk back. I also
                                                  and he is still the only male   love watching them grow. Every
                                                  teacher. He will be one man     year, I have a reunion of the chil-
                                                  among twenty-six women.         dren I had in Kindergarten who are
                                                      We went to interview this   graduating that year.
                                                  “thorn among the roses” to
                                                  see what he thinks.                Over-all, Mr. Yorck seems to
                                                      Q: How to you feel about    love what he does. He loves his
                                                  being the only male teacher     job, and of course, the kids!
                                                  out of 26 other female             Right now, Mr. Yorck is working
                                                  teachers?                       on the book drive, trying to donate
                                                      A: It’s been hard, I’ve     and find donations for a school on
                                                  been here for 30 years, and     the Big Island, Na‘alehu Elemen-
                                                  it can be a challenging at      tary and Intermediate School.
    Mr. Jonathan Yorck                          times.                               If you ask us, Mr. Yorck is going
              Photo by C. Lee & Z. Dang      Q: Are your teaching methods         to be here for a long time, since
                                          different from female teachers?         he obviously has a lot of love and
                                             A: I have a different view about     passion for teaching children.
                                          teaching kids. I don’t baby them           Thirty years is a very long time
                                          as much, and I try to raise them        for a teacher to be the only male
                                          as a father would.                      teacher out of many females.
                                             Q: Does it feel a little weird at       Commitment is a good value to
                                          times to be here?                       keep.

Staycations for                           By Bridgette Dodge & Kara Dung          burgers for around $6.90, salads
                                                                                  for $3.40, both of which taste
Spring Break!                              S    pring Break is coming around
                                                the corner, and we all know
                                          that the econ-
                                                                                  good and are very filling.
                                                                                     There is also Killer Tacos located
                                                                                                      around the North
                                          omy is bad                                                  shore. For great
                                          and we need                                                 tacos, that are
                                          to make some                                                for $2.29.
                                          budget cuts.                                                   There is also
                                              But everyone                                            La Pizza Rina
                                          still wants to                                              located around
                                          have a fun time                                             South King
                                          for cheap prices.                                           street. They
                                          So we’re here                                               have sub sand-
                                          to tell you some                                            wiches for $6.95,
                                          things that you                                             and a medium
                                          can do during                                               pizza there costs
                                          Spring Break, right here in Hawai‘i     $13.00 (additional topping $.60.)
                                          for low prices.                            For dessert, you can go to Yog-
                                              There are many things that          artland or Menchies—great yogurt
                                          you can do here in Hawai‘i with-        for low prices — and the new place
                                          out traveling off the islands, like a   located in Kahala Mall, Red Mango.
                                          staycation.                                You can also, of course, go to
                                              First, you can go to the mov-       Ala Moana Center for great shop-
                                          ies. Here are some movies that          ping and even more tasty restau-
                                          are coming out during our Spring        rants. After you’re done, you can
                                          Break: Alice in Wonderland that         relax with a spa getaway at Solar
                                          comes out on 3-5-10 and Clash of        Nails located right the Center. For
                                          the Titans comes out 3-26-10.           a night out, your family might try
                                              You can also go to a great new      a local hotel stay for reasonable
                                          “town” called Chinatown for good        prices, like the Ala Moana Hotel or
                                          food and little trinkets at cheap       the Ilima.
                                          prices.                                    Then, to get some exercise, you
                                              Of course, you can go to the        can go hiking, like at Koko Head.
                                          beach, it’s free! After you go to       Cool down afterward with some
                                          the beach you can grab a bite to        shave ice from Koko Nuts located
                                          eat like at cheap lunch places like     in Koko Marina Center.
                                          Zippy’s, Costco snack bar, Cali-           If you still want to travel, you
                                          fornia Pizza Kitchen, Duke’s, Sam       can travel to an outer island, like
                                          Choy’s, and an island favorite that     Maui, for around $50.
                                          is hard to find. It’s Mitsquen, a          So, instead of going on a $700
                                          great bento place; they’re famous       trip for Spring Break, you can just
                                          for their garlic chicken plate.         stay here and do many fun, tasty,
                                              For other eateries, try Kua ‘Aina   and cheap things to do here on our
                                          located in Ward Center. They have       own islands!
 March 2010                          The CMS Courier                                                           Page 5

A Shock For America;                        By Kapri Lisehora                        on health care,” commented Sen-
                                                                                     ate Minority Leader Mitch McCon-
Massachusetts                                T   his past January 19, Massa-
                                                 chusetts made history. Previ-
                                                                                        Texas Senator John Cornyn,
Makes History                               ous State Senator Scott Brown
                                            (R) made an amazing victory over
                                                                                     chairman of the National Repub-
                                                                                     lican Senatorial Committee, also
                                            Attorney General Martha Coakley          declared: “Democrats nationwide
                                            (D).                                     should be on notice: Americans
                                               Brown won the special election        are ready to hold the party in pow-
                                            to take late Senator Ted Kennedy’s       er accountable for their irrespon-
                                            (D) seat, which he had held for          sible spending and out-of-touch
                                            more than 46 years.                      agenda, and they’re ready for real
                                               The shock for Americans was           change in Washington.”
                                            more than just Kennedy’s death; it          Massachusetts wasn’t the only
                                            was Massachusetts voting Repub-          rallying point Republicans have
                                            lican.                                   been wielding. Recent Republican
                                               The state had always been             wins in both Virginia and New Jer-
                                            known to vote Democratic, even           sey have boosted the confidence of
                                            though the majority of the popula-       the Republican Party and started
                                            tion is classified as independent.       to assure them that the political
                                               Losing Kennedy’s Senate seat          pendulum was starting to swing in
                                            had a major effect on Democrats.         their direction.
                                               Brown became the 41st Repub-             The communications director of
                                            lican seat, taking away the Demo-        the National Republican Congres-
                                            cratic “super” majority and disal-       sional Committee, Ken Spain said:
                                            lowing them the filibuster-proof         “Democrats will try to play this
   Senator Scott Brown                      votes which had already pushed           race off as an isolated incident,
       Photo courtesy of   President Obama’s Health Care Bill       but the recent spate of polling in
                                            through in late 2009.                    swing districts across the country
                                               A Democratic operative who            proves that Massachusetts isn’t
                                            advises members of congress said,        the exception of the 2010 election
                                            “My message to my clients? Jump          cycle, it’s the rule. Any Democrat
                                            ship now...Obama can’t help you.”        who voted for the health care bill
                                               Republican leaders around the         now knows how big of an albatross
                                            country have taken this election in      they will have hanging around
                                            stride, and are using it as a rally-     their necks.”
                                            ing point to prove to Democratic            As the political war continues
                                            leaders that their point of action is    to rage between the two main
                                            not appreciated by the American          political parties, American voters
                                            people.                                  will have to show their opinions
                                               “There’s a reason the nation          through their votes. Hopefully they
                                            was focused on this race: The vot-       will turn the country around for
                                            ers in Massachusetts, like Ameri-        the best, and continue to uphold
                                            cans everywhere, have made it            the country known as the United
                                            abundantly clear where they stand        States of America.

Will There                                  Viewpoint by Victoria Lee                   But it isn’t going too well be-
                                                                                     cause it is estimated to be about
Be Change?                                   P   resident Barack Obama of-
                                                 ficially became the 44th
                                            President of the United States on
                                                                                     $210 billion on the whole project.
                                                                                     Not only that, but it will also be a
                                                                                     ten-year program.
                                            January 20, 2009.                           President Obama hopefully
                                               Ever since then, he has been          plans to bring this into action,
                                            helping the                                                   which will give a
                                            United States                                                 total of 7 million
                                            with its eco-                                                 people jobs.
                                            nomic and                                                         He also plans
                                            financial prob-                                               to take some
                                            lems. But in                                                  initiatives for
                                            his first year of                                             health. His
                                            office, he had                                                wife, First Lady
                                            disappointed                                                  Michelle Obama,
                                            people because                                                had first sug-
                                            of the several                                                gested these
                                            setbacks and                                                  plans.
                                            the failure to                                                    In this plan, it
                                            explain his                                                   would be more
                                            plans to the                                                  affordable to
                                            public over the                                              all Americans.
                                            past year he has been president.         It makes it more affordable by
                                               When we elected him as presi-         providing huge tax cuts for middle
                                            dent, we expected him to take his        class people. This plan is also more
                                            job as president and expect some         sustainable and will help everybody.
                                            change.                                  The health plan will also even help
                                               In his first state of the union ad-   reduce obesity for children.
                                            dress, he was discussing his plans          Even though there wasn’t much
                                            so far as president.                     change yet, there will be more
                                               In his address, he planned to         change to come. President Barack
                                            create more jobs for people who          Obama and First Lady Michelle
                                            don’t have them and are strug-           Obama still plan to help and im-
                                            gling to make a living.                  prove the United States.
 March 2010       The CMS Courier                                                   Page 6

Tap or Bottled?    Viewpoint by Shirley Lin                 river, but a contaminated well in
                                                            the middle of a city. As much as
Which Will          I   f I offered you a cup of tap
                        water or a bottle of water, which
                                                            34 out of 103 bottles of water had
                                                            chemicals such as arsenic in them.
You Choose?        would you take out of my hand?
                   I know what you’re thinking. Of
                                                            I don’t think that’s very good for
                                                            your body.
                   course the bottled water is better          When the water is bottled, it isn’t
                   because it’s safer and it tastes way     shipped out until months later. The
                   better.                                  bottles sit in a hot and stuffy stor-
                       You may have heard about 8th         age room for months, letting the
                   grader Sean Ching who wrote an           chemicals in the plastic soak into
                   article last year about the pros of      the water you are drinking.
                   bottled water. Now I will be inform-        Tap water in California is sold for
                   ing you from a whole different per-      $1.60 for 1,000 gallons, about 1/10
                   spective of this age old debate.         of a cent per gallon. Bottled water
                       Tap water is much better than        is sold for an average of 90 cents
                   bottled water because it takes less      per gallon. If you buy water from
                   energy to produce, it is safer to        the vending machines, the water
                   drink, it is cheaper, and it is better   that cost you $1.50 for a single bot-
                   for the environment.                     tle actually costs over 10,000 times
                       Did you know that it takes about     the price for the same amount of
                   1,100 to 2,000 time more energy to       tap water.
                   package, produce, and deliver one           Even if you disregard the cost
                   liter of bottled water than it takes     of bottled water, you may consider
                   to treat the same amount of water?       that over 80% of the bottles we
                   So basically, the energy it takes        buy end up, when empty, in our
                   for you to get your liter of bottled     nearest landfill.
                   water, you could have gotten 1,100          That’s 38 billion bottles or 1.5
                   to 2,000 liters of tap water.            million tons of plastic.
                       When people think about bottled         Plastic takes thousands of years
                   water, they think about a crisp          to decompose naturally. So while
                   mountain scenery with refreshing         those plastic bottles sit in that
                   cool air. Right below is a clear river   landfill, lying under the hot sun,
                   with bright green bushes and grass       the chemicals in their plastic leach
                   hills. What they don’t think about       away into our water supplies. Not
                   is a dirty factory located in the        only is bottled water directly bad for
                   middle of a smoggy and filthy city.      your health, it also contaminates
                   That’s where much of your bottled        the water supply. So do the right
                   water comes from. The water does         thing, take the cup of tap water
                   not come from a clear refreshing         instead of the bottled water.

Fine               By CMS Staff & 6th Grade Reporters       in their study of China and the
                                                            Chinese language.
China               A   nimals, folk art, food and
                        games from China are just
                   part of the exhibit now showing
                                                               The exhibit has inter-
                                                            active activities, items
                                                            from the daily life of
                   over at the Wo Center, upstairs.         students in China, and
                      According to Mrs. Terrina Wong        there are even some
                   of the Center, the exhibit was de-       (miniature) terra
                   signed to support our first graders      cotta warriors.
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Defense Against                          By Michele Miao                        showed different methods to learn
                                                                                a list of things and we learned to
the Dark Arts                             D     efense Against the Dark Arts:
                                                most of us know it as what
                                                                                remember memories from our
                                                                                childhood that we already forgot.
Comes to Punahou                         Harry Potter excels at. But starting
                                         this year, sixth graders have had
                                                                                It was cool.
                                                                                    What was your favorite thing
                                         a chance to experience it in a new     you learned, and what were
                                         exploratory.                           you best at?
                                             Punahou’s Defense Against the          My fav thing I learned was the
                                         Dark Arts, or DADA, is basically       making up a story to remember a
                                         visualization, observation, memo-      list of things technique. I was also
                                         rization, 3D image manipulation,       best at that.
                                         whole brain integration, mental            Did you struggle with some
                                         math, and creativity all rolled up     of the things that you were
                                         into one exploratory.                  taught?
                                             The instructor, Mr. Wagenseller,       I didn’t struggle with anything.
                                         has taught the students some               Is there anything else you
                                         simple tips to stay focused during     would want to learn?
                                         class, and some hints to memorize          Oooh, I want to learn to read
                                         lists in a snap.                       people’s minds in some way IF
                                             Lisa Lewis, one of the students    that’s possible, but in reality I
                                         in the course for fall semester, was   think I learned A LOT and I don’t
                                         able to answer some of the CMS         think I have anything else to learn.
                                         Courier’s questions:                       If you could, would you do
                                             What were some of the              this class again?
                                         things you learned in Defense              YES!!!
                                         Against the Dark Arts?                     It may not require a wand and
                                             We learned how to do mental        teach how to repel dementors, but
                                         math with two digits and three         Defense Against the Dark Arts, the
                                         digits and he told us some tricks      Punahou version, seems pretty
                                         to make mental math easier. He         magical.

                                               For those seventh graders        between milk and paper towels.
                                           who can’t take the course, or        Imagine you spilling the milk,
                                           the sixth graders who didn’t         and using paper towels to wipe
                                           get in, here’s one of the things     it up.
                                           DADA students learned in this           Do the same things for the
                                           class.                               rest of the words. You might
                                               The Linking Technique:           wrap the French baguette in
                                           When you need to remember a          a three paper towels, and use
      Lisa Lewis.                          grocery list, your things-to-do,     the baguette to make a giant
                Photo courtesy of Lisa     or any list of words, the linking
                                                                                sandwich with ketchup in it, and
                                           technique can help you.
                                                                                clean the ketchup off the plate
                                               For example, we’ll use this
                                           list of words: milk, paper towels,   with dishwashing soap.
                                           French baguette, ketchup, and           The key to make your links
                                           dishwashing soap.                    memorable are using motion,
                                               Imagine a glass of cool milk     large sizes, and numbers. The
                                           on the kitchen counter. Make         milk spilled (motion), we were
                                           it vivid; add in as many details     making a giant sandwich (large
                                           as possible. The glass is three-     size), and we wrapped the ba-
                                           quarters full with milk.             guette with three paper towels
                                               Next, make a connection          (number).

uBoost Makes                             By Ellia Bower                         at and watch
                                                                                tutorial videos.
Points with Students                      S
                                              oldiers get medals, kings get
                                              crowns, but what do students
                                                                                   Once earning enough points,
                                                                                you can spend them on virtual
                                                                                room items to enter the room con-
                                            You may have received a sticker     test. Purchase furniture and pets
                                         for your efforts or a 4; that is,      to decorate your room.
                                         until now.                                You can even make your room
                                            uBoost is a student recognition     a skate park or Concert stage and
                                                              program that      rate your buddy’s room in the
                                                              gives points      room contest.
                                                              to teachers to       Why spend $299 on an iPod
                                                              award to their    touch when you can put your
                                                              students in       name in the sweepstakes for just
                                                              any way they      15 points?
                                                              please.              It is Valentine’s Day! Gift some
                                                                 You could      virtual flowers to your friends.
                                                              get points           If your mom won’t let you get a
                                                              by earning a      dog, donate to one in need.
                                                              100% on a            Give a dog a bone for just 15
                                                              Wordly Wise       points.
                                                             test, helping         How lucky are we to be going to
                                         out during study hall, or even for     Punahou School?
                                         perfect attendance.                       Reflect upon your blessings and
                                            Teachers can check out the site     give to a child in Haiti.
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Obscure Holidays:         By Amanda Nakanishi                      There’s another day like that.
                                                                False Confession Day which is on
Just How Many              W      e all know about regular
                                  holidays, like Valentine’s
                                                                Nov. 21.
                                                                   But while you can run around
Are There?                Day, St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s
                          Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving,
                                                                yelling fake false confessions, you
                                                                shouldn’t run around yelling that
                          April Fool’s Day, and Hallowe’en.     you killed someone, or that some-
                              But what                                             one is hurt, or
                          about the                                                lost etc.
                          holidays that                                               Not to men-
                          don’t get as                                             tion Stay Home
                          much credit?                                             Because You Are
                          Holidays like                                            Well Day. It’s
                          National Choco-                                          basically a day
                          late Covered                                             created by the
                          Cherry Day (Jan.                                         people at well-
                          3) or National                                 
                          Pie day? (Mar.                                              The main ob-
                          14, because the                                          jective is to call
                          number pi starts                                         into work and
                          with 3.14)                                               say you can’t
                              What other                                           make it to work
                          days do we not                                           or somewhere
                          know about?                                              because you are
                              There are some days that we       feeling well.
                          can shamelessly take advantages          It might get you in trouble
                          of, like No Homework Day (May 6)      though so you should think before
                          or National Goof Off Day. (Mar. 22)   you participate in this holiday. It
                              There’s also Blame Someone        takes place on Nov. 30.
                          Else day, which is always the first      These days are all really fun
                          Friday the thirteenth of each year.   and interesting to look for but be
                              This year it’s in August but      careful incase you get in trouble
                          when it comes around, think about     for doing something the day tells
                          all the possibilities that the day    you to do.
                          gives.                                   So tread carefully but have fun.

Google                    By Ale Hedlund                        fire in which James Harvey burned
                                                                a large man and a small dog made
Doodle                     G    oogle: the most popular
                                search program in the world.
                             Everyone knows the familiar
                                                                out of wood. Now, it is celebrated
                                                                by many people in Nevada.
                                                                   The cool thing about Google
                          blue, yellow, red and green logo of   Doodles is that they don’t show
                          Google, but there are many other      only popular holidays and events,
                          logos Google has had in the past.     such as the Winter Olympics hap-
                             The original Google Logo was       pening now (shown below), but
                          created by Sergey Brin using the
                          free graphics program, GIMP, in
   According to graphic   1998. In the beginning, the Google
                          logo had an exclamation mark,
                          much like Yahoo’s logo.
   designer, Ruth            In 1999, the official, and pres-
                          ent Google logo was created.
   Kedar—the person       It shows the six letters, each a
                          primary color, with the exception     they also show more minor things.
   who created the        of the L, which is the secondary         Sesame Street characters were
                                                                celebrated in November, last year.
   now famous logo—                                                Also, not only American holidays
                                                                are celebrated. Google celebrates
                                                                peoples birthdays and holidays
   the green L shows                                            from all over the world!
                                                                   The latest Google Doodles have
                          color green. According to graphic
   that “Google doesn’t   designer, Ruth Kedar—the per-
                                                                to do with the Winter Olympics
                                                                that are currently happening in
                          son who created the now famous        Vancouver. They show different
   follow the rules.”     logo—the green L shows that
                          “Google doesn’t follow the rules.”
                                                                types of Olympic events such as
                                                                curling, skiing and figure skating.
                             On August 30, 1998, Google            Google Doodles are not just in-
                          created it’s first Google Doodle.     teresting to look at. By clicking on
                             Every Google Doodle has to do      them, they direct you to different
                          with an event or celebration. Usu-    information about the holidays.
                          ally the Doodles come out
                          as the logo for a day on
                             The Burning Man Fes-
                          tival was the event that
                          Google used for their first
                          Google Doodle. It features
                          the original Google! Logo,
                          with a man-like figure
                          behind the O. This festival
                          started because of a bon-
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An Icy Way       By Julia Barruga                        and winter sports.
                                                            The Harbin Festival was a “cool”
to Cool Up        O    n January 5th, the annual
                       Harbin Festival in Harbin,
                                                         tourist attraction, but ice hotels
                                                         are another attraction. There are
Your Day         China kicked off its 26th year. The
                 Harbin Festival is one of the four
                                                         a total of seven ice hotels around
                                                         the world. There are ice hotels in
                 largest ice festivals in the world.     Finland, Canada, Norway, Roma-
                 Ice buildings and sculptures line       nia, and Sweden.
                 up all along the Songhua River.            The architecture of each ice
                                  The Harbin Festival
                              first began in 1963,
                              but there were many
                              interruptions in the
                              next few years due to
                              the Cultural Revolution
                              in China.
                                  It resumed in 1985.
                                  Before the Harbin
                              Festival began, many
                              ice sculptors worked
                              hard on making them.
                              The sculptors used de-
                              ionized water to make      hotel is very different. Most ice
                              transparent blocks of      hotels are built to look like igloos
                              ice. They also used        because of its stable structure. The
                              ice picks, chisels, and    structure is built out of ice and has
                              swing saws to create       steel framing. The walls, fixtures,
                              their sculptures.          and fittings are made entirely of
                                  The Harbin Festival    ice. They are held together with
                              started off with a fire-   “snice” (snow and ice) which acts
                              works celebration and      like mortar, which is used to build
                              the illumination of ice    a regular brick hotel.
                              sculptures.                   The ice hotels are reconstructed
                                  The festival had       every year depending on the tem-
                              many winter activities.    peratures.
                              Winter activities such        One of the most popular ice
                              as skiing, sledding,       hotels in the world, Icehotel, lies in
                              and winter swimming        Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Icehotel was
                 were some of the many activities        the world’s first ice hotel.
                 at the festival.                           Another famous ice hotel is
                    Temperatures at the festival         the Hotel de Glace, which lies in
                 have reached below zero degrees         Quebec, Canada. This was the first
                 both in Fahrenheit and Celsius.         hotel in North America.
                 Temperatures dropped to -30º               This hotel is a tourist “hotspot”
                 Celsius (-22º F).                       according to Quebec’s Tourism
                    Fairy tale palaces, pagodas, and     Department.
                 the Egyptian Sphinx were some of           These ice hotels are only two of
                 the ice sculptures at the festival.     the others.
                 At night the sculptors lit up their        One of these ice hotels are so
                 sculptures. The festival featured       famous that they were featured in
                 varies of architecture that goes        the movie ‘Die Another Day’.
                 back to its historical links.              Ice hotels and ice sculptures
                    The Harbin Festival attracts         are icy ways to cool up your day
                 many tourists to China. They enjoy      because they are enjoyable and
                 the varied types of architecture        just plain cool.

Fashion 2010:    By Victoria Mak                         type clothes are in fashion for
What’s In and     W     hat is in and what is out for
                        Spring 2010 fashion? Can
                                                             Elements of the future warrior
                                                         trend include metal plating, tunics
What’s Out!      you believe that solid colors, big
                 hair, heavy foundations, French
                                                         (especially in leather), chain mail
                                                         inspired detailing and tribal in-
                 manicures and super-spiked hair-        spired motifs.
                 cuts are out of fashion?                   Also, leggings are still in for
                   According to one of the most          2010. If you can’t figure out what
                               famous designers          to wear, then put on a pair of leg-
                               that ever lived, Coco     gings, an oversized top, and some
                               Chanel, “Fashion is       winter boots and you are good to
                               not something that        go!
                               exists in dresses only.      Long sleeve plaid lightweight
                               Fashion is in the sky,    country tops are still in and you
                               in the street, fashion    can wear them with or without a
                               has to do with ideas,     tee shirt belt. But beware, store
                               the way we live, what     all of your Ed Hardy wear away
                               is happening.”            until the Jon and Kate Gosselin
                                  But on the other       mess is over.
                               hand, hot pants and          Super-hyped hair and tanning
                               boy shorts, knee high     until you turn orange is definitely
                               and over the knee         out of fashion. So good luck and
                               socks, bow hand           make sure not to wear things that
                               bands and warrior         are out of fashion.
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Ko Olina,                             By Karrie Honnaka                      18,000 sq. ft. spa and 8,000 sq. ft.
                                                                             conference room.
the ‘Place of Joy’                     T   he Walt Disney Resort is to
                                           open in O‘ahu, Hawai‘i in
                                                                                 This place is going to have a
                                                                             restaurant that will feature foods
Wins Aulani                           2011. They officially announced
                                      that they were going to open a
                                                                             unique to the Hawaiian Culture.
                                                                             Also when eating at the restaurant
                                      Disney Resort in Hawai‘i on Oct.       for dinner you will have a alluring
                                      3, 2007. The great resort is to be     view of the sunset.
                                      located at Ko Olina Resort on the         Some of Disney’s Hawaiian
                                         (western side of O‘ahu).            Heritage is that in 1937 the Mickey
                                            It is a 21 acre ocean front      Mouse animated video Hawaiian
                                         property with a great view.         Holiday.
                                         Disney paid about $144 million         Walt Disney Pictures continued
                                         dollars for this great resort.      the Hawaiian theme in 2002 with
                                            Families will be able to dis-    the big hit Lilo & Stitch.
                                         cover the wonders of Hawai‘i. It       This is about a Hawaiian girl
                                         was designed to honor the local     that is trying to tame a unname-
                                         culture of the Hawaiian islands.    able alien by trying to teach the
                                            The resulting design is to be    meaning of “ohana.”
                                         a village celebrating Hawaiian         The resort will be called Aulani,
                                         customs and the traditions that     a Disney Resort & Spa, Ko Olina,
                                         we have here.                       Hawai‘i. It looks like this resort
                                         This resort is to include 350       has big plans and will be a big hit
                                      rooms. It is going to have a           next year.

 Aulani, In-Depth                      and purpose-built for families.          “I have worked at Disney
                                       Every activity and every aspect       since high school and will cel-
    Ms. Diane Hancock, Disney          of design even the rooms will         ebrate 30 years with the compa-
 Public Affairs Manager, answered      be family-friendly in ways that       ny this year. I am the manager
 some of our questions about the       only Disney can do. We will also      of Public Affairs and responsible
 Aulani Resort.                        deliver excellent guest service,      for media relations, community
    Will there be some characters      fun the whole family can enjoy        relations, internal and executive
 like at the other Disney Parks? If    an immersive Hawaiian experi-         communications. I’ve worked
 so what might they be?                ences.”                               on the announcements coming
    “This is our first destination        What are some of your              from the resort and the ground
 resort outside of the theme           thoughts about this Aulani?           blessing of the property, which
 parks. The focus of the resort           “We are excited to become          was one of the most rewarding
 will be on telling the stories of     a neighbor in Hawai‘i, and we         events; I’ve done in my career
 Hawai‘i. The Disney characters        traditionally work hard to be a       at Disney. We’ve been so warmly
 will make appearances, but we         good steward of the environ-          welcomed on O‘ahu and have
 haven’t booked their travel just      ment and to stay involved in the      truly experienced the Aloha
 yet.”                                 community.”                           Spirit. Regrettably, I won’t be
    What age group is the park            How long have you worked           moving but hope to visit of-
 aimed at? All families? Young         for Disney? What is the nature        ten. Our Vice President, Djuan
 Families? Just married couples?       of your job? How does your job        Rivers, lived on O‘ahu during
    “This resort will be influ-        relate to this park? Will you be      college and returned to oversee
 enced by the stories of Hawai‘i       moving to O‘ahu?                      this new resort.”

The Last                              By Flora Zhu                           get off the island, trying to send
                                                                             of a signal from a radio transmit-
of Lost                                T   he first episode of Season Six
                                           of Lost came out on Tuesday,
                                      February second, 2010. Season
                                                                                A mysterious booming, knock-
                                                                             ing trees down, continues to scare
                                      Six is the last season of Lost.        the survivors.
                                         Lost is a TV show about survi-         When they get a radio signal
                                      vors of a plane crash who don’t        from somewhere on the island,
                                      know where they are.                   they realize they’re not alone and
                                                        Among the survi-     someone has been on the island
                                                     vors, Jack Shepherd,    for 16 years.
                                                     a doctor, runs to          In the beginning of Lost, ev-
                                                     everyone trying to do   erything flashes back, and pasts
                                                    what he can to save      are revealed. In the middle of the
                                                    the dying or accom-      run of Lost, everything flashed
                                                    modate their needs.      forward, and the future was re-
                                                        As the night wears   vealed. Now, in Season Six, the
                                                     on, the survivors       story “flashes sideways,” meaning
                                                     hear a mysterious       there are two different dimen-
                                                     booming and crash-      sions and the story goes as what
                                                     ing, knocking trees     would’ve happened if Oceanic
                                                     down.                   Flight 815 landed in LA like it was
                                                        The main charac-     supposed to.
                                                     ters of this show are      Lost has been a huge TV series
                                                     Jack Shepherd, Kate     on ABC. It’s a show full of twists
                                                     (Katherine), Sawyer     and the unexpected - the outcome
                                                     (James Ford), and       surprising everyone.
                                                     Locke (John Locke).        Sadly, now Lost is ending. What
                                                        In Season 1, the     will be the end? Certainly not how
                                      survivors try to figure out how to     everyone will think it will end!
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New Technology:      By Kaylee Wedderburn-Pugh
                      & Hayley Morgan
                                                            is more than most laptops have.
                                                            You can also listen to music for 140
Apple iPad                                                  hours with the screen on sleep be-

                      J  ust a few weeks ago, Apple
                         announced a
                     new technology,
                                                            fore it has to be charged again.
                                                                                    The actual
                                                                                processor of this
                     the iPad. It will be                                       device is the new
                     officially released                                        A4 chip. If put
                     sometime in late                                           into the iPhone,
                     March of this year                                         it would be the
                     for the Wi-Fi only                                         fastest phone
                     version.                                                   out there.
                        The iPad is                                                 And just how
                     essentially a gi-                                          much does this
                     ant iPhone. It                                             iPad cost after
                     has a headphone                                            having the A4
                     jack, built-in                                             chip?
                     microphone, and                                                It depends on
                     connection dock                                            if you are getting
                     where you can                                              it with 16, 32
                     plug in the cam-                                           or 64 gigabyte
                     era connection                                             flash memory. It
                     Kit or the key-                                            also depends if
                     board dock. It can                                         you want a Wi-Fi
                     even run on the                                            only or a Wi-Fi
                     3G network, the                                            plus 3G network
                     same as the iPhone.                    model.
                        This version will be released in       The Wi-Fi only models start at
                     late April of this year.               $499 (16GB) and move up to $699
                        Its screen is 9.7 inches long. It   (64GB), whereas the Wi-Fi plus 3G
                     is also half an inch thin and weighs   models start at $629 (16GB) and
                     only one and a half pounds.            go up to $829 (64GB).
                        Apple is also planning on mak-         There are also a few accessories
                     ing apps specifically designed for     such as the iPad keyboard dock
                     the iPad. It is also designed to run   which connects to the iPad and
                     the 140,000 apps currently made.       provides an actual keyboard similar
                     It can also stretch the normal apps    to those of the PCs.
                     from the iTouch and iPhone to fill        There is also the protective case
                     the screen.                            that protects it from scratches but
                        However there are a few envi-       also doubles as a stand for the
                     ronmental requirements for this        iPad.
                     new device:                               In the future, there will be more
                        It operates best in between 32˚F    accessories, guaranteed.
                     to 90˚F (0˚C to 35˚C), and it can’t       The iPad is a pioneer in the world
                     operate in -4˚F to 113˚F (-20˚C to     of technology and electronics.
                     45˚C).                                 Hopefully in the very near future
                        Its maximum operating altitude      improvements will be added to the
                     is 10,000 feet or 3,000 meters.        iPad to insure that it becomes one
                        This incredible new tech even       of the greatest computer inventions
                     has up to ten hours of battery. That   of our time.

Older Technology:    By Brandon Yahiro                         Over the past years, the Apple
                                                            company has kept improving the
Apple iPod?           T   he iPod has changed our mu-
                          sic industry. The iPod allows
                     an easier way to download music
                                                            music player, from the mini iPod
                                                            shuffle to the big iPad (see story
                     from iTunes. iTunes allows you to         The music player just keeps on
                     buy music from its online store.       improving.
                     It provides the latest updates in         Right now, the iPad is the big
                     entertainment.                         talk around the world.
                        With the creation of the iPod          It is an iPod as well as a com-
                     Touch, it allows you to play           puter.
                     games on your iPod.                       It starts around 500 dollars.
                        The MP3 player does not allow          The creation of the iPod will
                     you to play these types of these       continue to improve in the future
                     games on the iPod.                     creating new versions of amazing
                        Also, the iPod now has internet     electronic systems such as a tele-
                     access which allows you to search      vision, computer, iPod, phone.
                     the web on the go.
                        The first iPod did not
                     have this feature.
                        In the beginning of time
                     the first music player was
                     called the phonograph.
                        It was made by Thomas
                     Edison in 1877. The next
                     after the phonograph was
                     the tape recorder. After that
                     a CD player was invented.
                        Then the last one is the
                     MP3 player.
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Where Your Dog                                       By Michelle Nagata                    bred at every heat cycle, at about
                                                                                           twice per year.
Might Have
Come From
                                                      I  magine being a poor, fright-
                                                         ened dog locked up in a
                                                     cramped cage. You
                                                                                              Eventually, they become unable
                                                                                           to reproduce and are often killed

                                                     have little food, water,
                                                     and socialization with
                                                     other dogs. This is what
                                                     puppy mill dogs experi-
                                                     ence every day.
                                                        A puppy mill is a dog
                                                     breeding facility that
                                                     cares more about profit
                                                     than the dogs’ well be-
                                                     ing. Conditions in puppy
                                                     mills are unsanitary,
                                                     and are barely even
                                                     cleaned, depending on
                                                     the mill.
                                                        Dogs are stacked
                                                     on top of one another.
                                                     These cages often have wired          or abandoned by the operators.
                                                     flooring, which may injure paws          From puppy mills, dogs are sent
Faces of misery: the production of                   and legs.                             to pet stores such as Petland. If a
puppies for profit.                                     They are fed dog food sent in by   dog is ever bought from Petland,
                Photos from,,
                                                     the load, sometimes with sweep-       chances are that it has health
                                                     ings off the floor.                   problems.
                                                        They never experience being           On average, vet bills range from
                                                     able to play with toys, receive       $40 to $400 per year, sometimes
                                                     praise and treats, exercise, take     even more. Owning a dog with
                                                     walks, or have basic grooming.        diseases and conditions will only
                                                        Puppy mill operators do not        add to that bill. It takes even more
                                                     remove sick puppies from their        checkups and medicine to care for
                                                     breeding pools, resulting in dis-     puppy mill dogs.
                                                     eases and health conditions such         All this could have been prevent-
                                                     as heart disease, kidney disease,     ed in the first place, if only puppy
                                                     blood disorders, deafness, upper      mill operators were responsible
                                                     respiratory infections, pneumonia,    enough to care for them and pro-
                                                     and heartworm.                        duce dogs of higher quality. They
                                                        These puppies can be marketed      care more about profit. Should
                                                     as young as eight months old. Bro-    dogs have to suffer this way?
                                                     kers may claim that the dogs are         If you would like to help bring
                                                     in good condition, when many are      puppy mills to an end, you can
                                                     later found to be ill. Breeder dogs   boycott dogs from puppy mills and
                                                     suffer with the puppies. They are     help to spread this information.

La Bohème,                                           Review by Jackie Emley                on working on his drama, which
                                                                                           he had burned to keep the fire
a Night                                               T   his year for the 8th grade
                                                          opera, the students saw La
                                                                                              While he is working, he hears a
to Remember                                          Bohème.
                                                        La Bohème is an original Ital-
                                                                                           knock on the door and a woman,
                                                                                           Mimi, asking him to light her
                                                     ian opera written by Giacomo          candle.
                                                     Puccini and was first performed          When he lets her in, he notices
                                                     in 1896. La Bohème has been the       her beauty, but also that she
                                                     inspiration for several modern        seems a little sick.
                                                     day movies, such as Rent and             Soon after both of their can-
                                                     Moulin Rouge.                         dles go out and they are plunged
                                                        Before heading to Blaisdell,       into darkness, then Mimi loses
                                                     most of students gathered in          her key.
                                                     Twigg-Smith pavilion to eat din-         Rodolfo finds it, but keeps it so
                                                     ner and discuss the opera.            she will not leave and so they fall
                                                        Many parents and several stu-      in love.
                                                     dents helped out, and 8th grade          After the opera curtain falls
                                                     choir teacher, Mrs. Scanlan, of       and everyone applauds, the first
                                                     course.                               intermission begins.
                                                        La Bohème is broken into 4            During the twenty-minute
                                                     parts, in the first part you meet     break, students can purchase
                                                     the two lovers.                       drinks and snacks, but not take
                                                        Before you meet them, you see      them into the theatre.
                                                     a group of two friends huddled           This is also a great opportunity
                                                     around a dying fire.                  to show off everyone’s dresses
                                                        Rodolfo, the writer and Colline,   and great outfits. Then they all
                                                     a philosopher.                        head back in, find their seats and
                                                        Then Shaunard, a musician,         watch the next three acts.
                                                     comes with good news—he has              If you are interested in seeing
                                                     a job for a rich English man and      La Bohème, it will be at Blaisdell
                                                     has enough money for rent, fire-      center until March 6th.
                                                     wood, and food.                          Or if you can’t make it, you
                                                        The friends decide to go out,      should check out Rent, which is a
                                                     but Rodolfo stays back insisting      modern version of La Bohème.
 March 2010      The CMS Courier                                                 Page 13

Percy Jackson,    Review by Leah Arakaki                   letters, which seem unreadable
                                                           to most, form words to help him
in the Movie       I  n the new movie, Percy Jack-
                      son and the Olympians – The
                  Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson, a
                                                           answer one of Mr. Brunner’s ques-
                                                               While Mr. Brunner leads the rest
                  demigod sets out on a quest to not       of the class around, Ms. Dodds,
                  only find his mother, but to return      Percy’s evil substitute teacher,
                  Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt.            takes him aside to “talk” to him.
                     Zeus’s master lightning bolt has          What really happens is that Ms.
                  been stolen – and Zeus is accus-         Dodds transforms into one of Ha-
                  ing Poseidon! Even though gods           des’s Furies. She lifts Percy into the
                  are forbidden to steal a god’s main      air, demanding the Lightning Bolt.
                  source of power, Zeus thinks that        But, Mr. Brunner and Grover Un-
                  Poseidon’s son stole it.                 derwood, Percy’s best friend, come
                     He demands the bolt back by the       into the room.
                  summer solstice, or there will be            Mr. Brunner demands that the
                  war.                                     Fury put him down, or he would
                     Percy Jackson was a troubled kid      severely hurt her. The Fury drops
                  – he has dyslexia, words scramble        Percy, smashing through the win-
                  when he looks at them, ADHD,             dow, and flies away.
                  and, sometimes, things he couldn’t           Mr. Brunner and Grover seem
                  explain happened. For instance, he       to be hiding something, but Percy
                  could hold his breath underwater         isn’t getting anything. Mr. Brunner
                  for 7 minutes, and he would come         entrusts Percy with his “powerful
                  up alive.                                weapon”, Riptide, which just hap-
                     At a class trip to the museum,        pens to be a pen.
                  Percy thinks he hears a voice talk-          Grover and Percy rush to his
                  ing to him. He looks across the          apartment. Grover tells Sally,
                  street and sees a man in a leather       Percy’s mother, what’s happening.
                  jacket looking at him. But, a bus            They try to rush out of the house
                  rolls by, and when it turns the cor-     but Gabe, Percy’s stepfather, stops
                  ner, the man is gone.                    them. But Grover beats him up
                     Mr. Brunner, the tour guide,          with his walkers.
                  leads the group through the mu-              On the drive out to nowhere,
                  seum. For Percy, the ancient Greek                       …continued on page 15

Percy Jackson,    Review by Sarini Saksena                 three, will at the age of 16 decide
                                                           the future of the world—whether
in the Book        P    ercy Jackson and the Olym-
                        pians series written by Rick
                  Riodan is one of New York Times
                                                           there will be a war or peace.
                                                              Percy is accused of stealing
                                                           Zeus’ thunderbolt. He is given ten
                  Best Seller and has been on the          days to return the thunderbolt of
                  charts for over a year.                  Zeus, the king of Greek gods, to
                     This widely popular series is         Mount Olympus in order to stop
                  based upon Greek mythology. Now          a war between the gods. He has
                  a movie is being released about          many adventures along the way
                  the first book in the series, The        such as dealing with angry gods,
                  Lightning Thief, directed by Chris       an evil betrayer and a rise of an all
                  Columbus.                                mighty Titan Kronos.
                     Columbus wanted to direct the            His friends Annabeth Chase,
                  Percy Jackson movie because it           Daughter of Athena (The Greek
                  gave him the “opportunity to do a        Goddess of Wisdom), and Grover
                  movie that we haven’t really seen        Underwood he will go on an ad-
                  before for this generation.”             venture that will save the world.
                     When I was a kid,” Columbus              You will see that in the movie,
                  says, “there were movies that            The Lighting Thief, Percy Jackson,
                  dealt with Greek mythology, which        is being accused of stealing Zeus’s
                  in terms of visual effects were          Master Bolt as well. And he is
                  really primitive. So I thought this      given until the Summer Solstice to
                  was an opportunity to deal with          return it and, similar to the book,
                  Greek mythology which children           war will follow upon the gods if
                  and adults all over the world are        not done so. Along with his friends
                  fascinated by and it was not a new       Annabeth and Grover, he will go
                  genre but a new avenue, dealing          on an adventure that will save the
                  with mythological creatures in a         world.
                  contemporary setting”                       The plot line is very similar to
                     Percy Jackson, the main charac-       the book but there are many more
                  ter, is a twelve-year-old boy diag-      flaws in the movie. Here are some
                  nosed with dyslexia and ADHD. He         examples. (To read more about
                  tries to live a normal life but, after   the movie, please view the review
                  getting kicked out of every school       of this movie by Leah Arakaki.)
                  he ever attended, he is fed up. Af-         •One of the biggest flaws in
                  ter going on a field trip and being      the movie was that Percy, Grover,
                  attacked by his math teacher, he         and Annabeth were portrayed as
                  finds out that he is a half–blood,       at least 16 years old where in the
                  half Greek god and half human.           book he was only 12.
                  He is sent to Camp Half-Blood, a            •When he reached camp, there
                  camp for children like him. After        were many missing scenes and
                  he arrives, Poseidon, the sea god,       missing characters such as Cla-
                  claims Percy as his son. A proph-        risse, the daughter of Ares. She
                  ecy states that a child of the big                       …continued on page 14
 March 2010                  The CMS Courier                                                 Page 14

                              was an interesting character and        stole the bolt. But in the book, it
                              she despised Percy. There were          was a plot to start a war between
 4 Percy Jackson Book         hilarious chapters about their skir-    the Gods so the Titan Kronos could
   …continued from page 13    mishes and fights.                      reclaim the world again.
                                 •One of the main features of            •There were additional scenes
                              Camp Half Blood was Thalia’s pine       added to the movie as well such as
                              tree and magical boundary. Thalia       the Hydra scene and The Perse-
                              was a daughter of Zeus and was          phone and Hades battle scene. In
                              turned into a pine tree by her          the book Percy never battled the
                              father to prevent her from dying.       Hydra in the temple. This scene
                              Now this pine tree protects the         didn’t even occur in the series.
                              boundary of Camp Half Blood.            Persephone was not introduced in
                                 •Chiron, the camp trainer, in the    the book nor did she ever stop Ha-
                              movie knew the parent of Percy,         des from stealing the bolt. In fact,
                              whereas in the book he was deter-       Hades didn’t steal the bolt at all.
                              mined or claimed by Poseidon.              Percy Jackson and the Lightning
                                 •In the book, when he reached        Thief was a great movie, if you
                              Camp, Percy was given a quest by        haven’t read the books yet.
                              the Oracle, or prophet, to find the        If you are a huge fan of the se-
                              lightning bolt. But in the movie        ries, then this movie, sorry to say,
                              this never happened. Instead he,        will be disappointment.
                              Grover and Annabeth ran away to            But the books were great. If you
                              find three pearls to save Percy’s       are interested in reading them,
                              mom from the underworld and find        please check out the following
                              the lightning bolt as well.             books.
                                 •In the book, Hades didn’t              •Lightning Thief
                              want the Master Bolt. He wanted            •Sea of Monsters
                              his Helm of Darkness. But in the           •Titan’s Curse
                              movie he did want the Master Bolt.         •Battle of the Labyrinth
                              In the book and the movie, Luke            •Last Olympian

Valentine’s Day:              By Michele Miao & Melissa Miura         Harrison gave her, and leaves.
                                                                         One of Julia’s students, Edison
‘A Love Story.                 T    he poster for the movie Valen-
                                    tine’s Day reads, “a day in the
                                                                      (Bryce Robinson), orders a flower
                                                                      from Reed to be sent to his Valen-
More or Less.’                life of love.” What it should read,
                              however, is, “Warning: this movie
                                                                      tine. He gives them to Julia, and
                                                                      Julia tells him to give it to a girl in
                              is only for those who enjoy bore-       his class.
                              dom.”                                      Edison’s baby sitter, Grace
                                  In other words, it was a Valen-     (Emma Roberts), plans to sleep for
                              tine’s Day disaster. Valentine’s Day    her first time with her boyfriend,
                              is neither heartbreaking nor earth-     Alex (Carter Jenkins). However,
                              shattering, a movie that is not         Grace’s mom and Edison’s grand-
                              moving at all, unless you count the     parents find out about this plan,
                              fast and confusing transitions from     causing Edison’s grandmother
                              story to story every five seconds. A    (Shirley MacLaine) to reveal a
                              disappointment, especially con-         secret affair to his grandfather
                              sidering there were so many A-list      (Hector Elizondo). In the end,
                              stars with roles in the movie. Then     Grace and Alex decides to wait,
                              again, maybe it was just too much       and Edison’s grandparents plan to
                              to take in all at once; too many        say their marriage vows again.
                              great actors and actresses shoved          Grace’s friends, Willy (Taylor
                              into a poorly plotted movie trying      Lautner) and Felicia (Taylor Swift),
                              to pull off what other classic ro-      experience new love, and talk
                              mance movies have already done.         about their love and support for
                                  The movie starts off with a         each other on the news.
                              florist, Reed (Ashton Kutcher),            Edison’s mother, Kate (Julia
                              proposing to his girlfriend Morley      Roberts), meets a recently-single
                              (Jessica Alba). She accepts, and        man named Holden (Bradley
                              he tells Alfonso (George Lopez),        Cooper) on an airplane back home
                              Reed’s friend and co-worker, and        to see her son. At the end, it is
                              Julia (Jennifer Garner), a elemen-      shown that Holden broke up with
                              tary school teacher, this news          Sean (Eric Dane), but he goes
                              happily. Later on, Morley changes       back to him. Sean, a professional
                              her mind, and Reed discovers that       football player, contemplates end-
                              Alfonso and Julia always thought        ing his career with his publicist,
                              that it wouldn’t work out.              Kara (Jessica Biel), and his publi-
                                  Julia falls in love with Harrison   cist, Paula (Queen Latifah).
                              (Patrick Dempsey), a doctor, not           Kara plans her annual “I Hate
                              knowing that he is married. Reed        Valentine’s Day” party, but be-
                              finds out that Harrison ordered         comes interested in sports re-
                              flowers for both Julia and his          porter Kelvin (Jamie Foxx), who
                              wife, and tries to warn Julia. Julia    also dislikes Valentine’s Day. Paula
                              brushes this off, and goes on the       hires a new receptionist, Liz (Anne
                              plane to meet Harrison. When she        Hathaway), who starts dating Ja-
                              is at the hospital where Harrison       son (Topher Grace), the mail room
                              works, she learns from a nurse          clerk. Jason is shocked when he
                              that Harrison is indeed married,        finds out Liz is a phone entertainer,
                              and makes a scene at a restaurant       but accepts it later.
                              where Harrison is eating with his          The review—story: one star;
                              wife. Julia gives back the toy that     acting: one; direction: a half star.
March 2010                  The CMS Courier                                                     Page 15

                                Sally tries to explain about Percy’s         He demands the bolt in ex-
                                father, but the explanation is cut       change for Percy’s mother.
4 Percy Jackson Movie           short when the Minotaur attacks              When he disappears, Chiron tells
  …continued from page 13       them. Grover reveals he is a satyr,      Percy to bargain with Zeus.
                                and they race toward the Camp                So, that night, Percy leaves to
                                Half-Blood border. But because           find Hades. But, Grover and Anna-
                                Sally is mortal, she cannot enter        beth insist on coming along. Percy
                                the safety of the camp. She is           reluctantly agrees, and they set off.
                                caught by the Minotaur, and turns            So, with the help of Luke, his
                                                                         flying converse shoes, Percy’s new
                                                                         shield, and his enchanted map
                                                                         telling where the pearls that will
                                                                         safely get them out of the Under-
                                                                         world, they find the pearls in three
                                                                         different locations – Aunty Em’s
                                                                         Garden Emporium, the Nashville
                                                                         Parthenon, and the Lotus Casino
                                                                         and Hotel.
                                                                             But of course, they meet some
                                                                         problems on the way. Aunty Em
                                                                         turns out to be Medusa, and she
                                                                         turns a lady to stone right in front
                                                                         of Annabeth.
                                                                             But, Percy slices off her head,
                                                                         and on her wrist is the first pearl.
                                                                             At the Nashville Parthenon, the
                                                                         second pearl is on top of a replica
                                                                         of Annabeth’s mother, Athena. But,
                                                                         it is nearly 30 feet up, and there
                                                                         are mobs of people around. So,
                                                                         they come back at closing, where
                                                                         Percy uses the Converse shoes to
                                                                         grab the pearl. But five custodians
                                                                         turn out to be a fire-breathing Hy-
                                                                         dra, and they are nearly burned a
                                                                         few times. But, Percy draws water
                                into dust.                               from a water fountain, and they
                                    Using Riptide, Percy defeats the     make it out safely.
                                Minotaur by stabbing it with its own         At the final location, the Lotus
                                horn, but passes out after the feat.     Casino and Hotel, they try to locate
                                    After being unconscious for three    a pearl in this huge casino. But,
                                days, he wakes up in the Camp            they are blinded by the powers of
                                Half-Blood infirmary, where he           the lotus flower, and end up forget-
                                slowly learns he is a demigod. He        ting about the pearl. But, in the
                                sees Annabeth Chase, daughter of         end, they find the pearl, steal a
                                Athena, dueling about four warriors      Lamborghini, and make it out… five
                                at once. He also learns that Mr.         days after they went in!
                                Brunner’s actual name is Chiron,             That means the summer solstice
                                and that he is a centaur.                would arrive the following day!
                                    But the biggest surprise is that         Will they find the bolt? Will there
                                his unknown father is actually one       be war? And how does Luke tie into
                                of the biggest gods up on Mount          this?
                                Olympus – Poseidon.                          Some things about this movie
                                    And his stepfather, “Smelly          don’t really match the original
                                Gabe”? Well, the only reason Sally       book, The Lightning Thief, by Rick
                                Jackson stayed with him was to           Riordan.
                                cover up Percy’s demigod scent.              First of all, Annabeth Chase has
                                Being one of the Big Three, his          brown hair in the movie. But, the
                                scent would attract more monsters.       book clearly says that Annabeth is
                                But, because of Gabe’s stench, he        blonde. And, if you look at every
                                was able to stay safe all that time.     drawing of Annabeth Chase on
                                    But, there is the stolen lightning   Google, the artists will give her
                                bolt, and he learns that he is the       blonde hair.
                                prime suspect. He knows that he is           In the book, their quest is
                                not the culprit, and Chiron believes     mostly to find the entrance to the
                                him. But, if they do not find it, war    Underworld to win back the soul of
What’s wrong with this pic-     will fall upon the gods.                 Percy’s mother. But, in the movie,
ture? That depends on whether       But, for now, Capture the Flag is    they mostly focus on looking for
you know the book or only the   coming up. Percy is put on Luke’s        the three pearls that would get
movie!                          team. (Luke is a son of Hermes.)         them out of Hades’ palace.
                                    After running away from some             For more book/movie changes,
                                Ares warriors, he ends up by the         read Sarini Saksena’s article on pg.
                                stream where, surprisingly, the flag     14.
                                is. He reaches out to grab it when…          Out of 5 stars, I’d give it the
                                Annabeth leaps out of the tree.          movie a 1.5. I give it this rating
                                She beats him up pretty badly, but       because of the way they changed
                                Percy uses the water to heal, and        the story. The kids are portrayed
                                beats everyone who stands in his         as 16 when should be 12, the story
                                way, securing the Blue Team vic-         line is pretty messed up, and there
                                tory.                                    are a bunch of things that didn’t fit
                                    At the campfire, Annabeth            the story.
                                confesses she has feelings for him,          If you’re planning to see this
                                positive or negative. But, at that       movie, I hope you didn’t read the
                                moment, Hades explodes out of the        book because, for me, it really
                                campfire.                                messed up the movie.
 March 2010           The CMS Courier                                                 Page 16

Fire Up the Oven       By Melanie Lee                             1/4 cup butter, softened
                                                                  1/4 cup canola oil (or olive oil)
and Try This Recipe     I   f you’re one of those people
                            trying to banish junk food from
                       your diet, don’t give up just yet.
                                                                  1/3 cup granulated sugar
                                                                  1/3 cup brown sugar
                                                                  1 large egg
                          Fire up your oven, dust up              1 teaspoon vanilla extract
                       your dustpan, and shop for these           1 cup chocolate chips
                       ingredients because we’re making
                       cookies.                                    Directions:
                 has a variety of          1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Coat
                       healthy cookie recipes to choose         two baking sheets with cooking
                       from and the recipe that I chose         spray.
                       was “Bev’s Chocolate Chip Cook-             2. Grind oats in a blender or
                       ies”.                                    food processor. Transfer to a me-
                          These healthy cookies have no         dium bowl and stir in flour, baking
                       hydrogenated fat, contain all-           soda and salt. Beat butter in a
                       natural ingredients, and as much         large bowl with an electric mixer
                       whole-grain flour as possible.           until fluffy.
                          When I baked them at home,               Add oil, granulated sugar, brown
                       I tried the recipe with a few            sugar, egg and vanilla; beat until
                       changes. Instead of canola oil, I        smooth and creamy. With the
                       used olive oil and 2/3 cup Splenda       mixer running, add the dry ingre-
                       brown sugar blend to make them           dients, beating on low speed until
                       more healthy.                            just combined. Stir in chocolate
                          They turned out great.                chips.
                          The recipe makes about two and           3. Drop the dough by heaping
                       a half dozen cookies, and the total      teaspoonfuls, at least 1 inch apart,
                       time taken to make them is 35            onto the prepared baking sheets.
                       minutes.                                    Bake cookies, 1 sheet at a time,
                                                                until firm around the edges and
                         You’ll need:                           golden on top, about 15 minutes.
                         3/4 cup rolled oats                       Cool the cookies for two min-
                         1 cup whole-wheat flour                utes on the baking sheets, then
                         1/2 teaspoon baking soda               transfer to wire racks to cool com-
                         1/2 teaspoon salt                      pletely.

The Hot Book:          By Yeseul Do                                 This made the Capitol feel
                                                                extremely degraded, and Katniss
Catching Fire           I   n 2009, the acclaimed book
                            writer Suzanne Collins started
                       a new book series
                                                                created a rebellion against the
                                                                Capitol. The President threatened
                                                                                   to Katniss’s best
                       called The Hunger                                           friend, Gale,
                       Games Trilogy.                                              because of the of-
                           The first book                                          fensive rebellion.
                       was titled The                                                 The President
                       Hunger Games.                                               knew about the
                       It is set in an un-                                         secret plan of
                       known future, and                                           pretending to be
                       the main charac-                                            lovers. He wanted
                       ters are named                                              Katniss to per-
                       Katniss Everdeen                                            suade Peeta that
                       and Peeta Mel-                                              they really did
                       lark.                                                       love each other,
                           Every year,                                             and the reward
                       there is a compe-                                           would be: he
                       tition called the                                           wouldn’t kill Kat-
                       “Hunger Games”                                              niss’s loved ones.
                       where two teen-                                                In Catching
                       agers from an                                               Fire, Katniss and
                       area of Panem                                               Peeta are forced
                       (the supposedly                                             to be part of
                       future name of                                              the next Hunger
                       the demolished                                              Games, and go
                       North America”)                                             through many
                       fight to the death, and the winner       troubles. Other than trying to stay
                       gets a year’s supply of food and a       alive during the game, Katniss is
                       substantial amount of money.             also stuck with love problems.
                           Katniss Everdeen and Peeta               She has mixed feelings for her
                       Mellark were the contenders of the       childhood friend Gale and Peeta’s
                       73rd Hunger Games and the first          in love with her.
                       pair to win.                                 Catching Fire was excellent, as
                           As part of their plot to both sur-   it is full of adventure, suspense,
                       vive, they acted as “star-crossed        and romance. I would recom-
                       lovers.” This was unusual in that        mend this to everyone, especially
                       only one person normally wins            if you’ve read the popular series
                       the games. To show their stub-           Gregor the Overlander, which was
                       bornness, they both threatened           also by the same author, Su-
                       to commit suicide. With no other         zanne Collins. Also, if you haven’t
                       choice, the Capitol (the govern-         read the first book of the Hunger
                       ment of Panem) allowed both of           Games trilogy, I highly recommend
                       them to win.                             it before reading this one!
 March 2010         The CMS Courier                                                Page 17

2010, 52nd Annual    By Amanda Chau                          emony, there is a “General Field”
                                                             of awards. It consists of four main
Grammy Awards         O    n January 31, 2010, the 52nd
                           Annual Grammy Awards took
                     place at the Staple Center in Los
                                                             awards: Album of the Year, Record
                                                             of the Year, Record of the Year,
                                                             Song of the Year, and Best New
                     Angeles, California.                    Artist.
                        If you didn’t know what the             This year, a lot of popular artists
                     Grammy Awards were, they are            were awarded during this celebra-
                     awards for critical success in mu-      tion. Taylor Swift’s album, Fear-
                     sic. They were estab-                            less, received Album of the
                     lished in 1958. How the                          Year.
                     awards got its name was                               Beyonce, famously
                     because “grammy” is                              known, won six awards,
                     short for gramophone,                            breaking the record for
                     an old-fashioned record                          most wins by a female art-
                     player. The awards are                           ist in one night. Her song,
                     presented annually by                            “Single Ladies,” won the
                     the National Academy                             award Song of the Year.
                     of Recording Arts and                               The song, “Use Some-
                     Sciences of the United                           body” by the rock band
                     States for outstanding                           Kings of Leon won Record
                     achievements in the mu-                         of the Year.
                     sic industry.                              The Grammy awards are fo-
                        The gramophone trophy, manu-         cused on giving awards to the
                     factured by Billings Artwork, is a      hot new artists, and broadcasting
                     small, gilded gramophone statu-         celebrities across the world on
                     ette. It is awarded each year for       national television.
                     outstanding achievements in the            The evening of the awards is
                     musical industry.                       about relaxing on your couch and
                        The awards ceremony fea-             enjoying performances from some
                     tures performances by hit artists,      of your favorite bands, artists, and
                     and some of the awards of more          singers.
                     popular interest are presented in a        Some of them are just “one hit
                     world-wide televised observance.        wonders,” and some will go down
                     Basically, during the award cer-        in music history.

And the Oscar        By Libby Hoffenberg                     best picture was “Wings.”
                                                                The Oscar statuette, officially
Goes to.....          E    very year, the Academy
                           Awards recognizes the out-
                     standing films of the past year in
                                                             called the Academy Award of
                                                             Merit, shows a knight holding a
                                                             crusader’s sword, standing on a
                     several categories, and awards the      reel of film. The film reel has five
                     hardworking actors and directors        spokes, which signifies the five
                     with a shiny gold statuette.            original branches of the Academy
                        This year, on March 7th, Alec        (actors, directors, producers, tech-
                      Baldwin and Steve Martin will          nicians, and writers).
                       be co-hosting the 82nd annual            It was designed by Cedric Gib-
                       Academy Awards ceremony.              bons, chief art director of Metro-
                          How did the Academy Awards         Goldwyn-Mayer and has a height
                          start?                             of 13.5 inches and weighs 8.5
                               In early 1927, M-G-M stu-     pounds.
                             dio chief Louis B. Mayer had       The statuette is manufactured
                             dinner with actor Conrad        by R.S. Owens & Company in
                             Nagel, director Fred Niblo,     Chicago, and it takes about three
                             and producer Fred Beetson.      or four weeks to manufacture 50
                               They began talking about      of them, which is about how many
                           creating an organization to       the academy gives out each year.
                         benefit the entire film industry.      Over the 81 years that the
                            The next week, they had an-      Oscar ceremony has been held,
                         other dinner with 36 people to      2,701 statuettes have been given
                         hear a proposal to found the In-    out.
                         ternational Academy of Motion          Because the Academy Awards
                         Picture Arts and Sciences.          have gone down in ratings over
                            The group liked the idea and     the years, the Academy has been
                        by mid-March of that year, the       looking for something that they
                       first officers were elected and       could do differently this year.
                       Douglas Fairbanks was elected            Instead of having only five nom-
                       president of the academy.             inees for the best picture category,
                          The first Academy Awards           there will be ten nominees.
                      were officially presented at a din-       Those nominees are: Avatar,
                              ner at the Hollywood Roos-     The Blind Side, District 9, An Edu-
                               evelt Hotel on May 16,        cation, The Hurt Locker, Inglouri-
                                 1929, where 15 Oscars       ous Basterds, Precious: Based on
                                 were given, honoring the    the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire, A
                                 achievements between        Serious Man, Up, and Up in the
                               August 1, 1927 and July       Air.
                               31, 1928.                        The 82nd annual Academy
                                       Tickets were five     Awards ceremony will be held
                                     dollars.                on March 7th at 5 p.m. Hawaiian
                                        The first movie      standard time. Go to
                                     recognized as the       for a printable ballot and enjoy!

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