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					Hans Lorenz                                  1st                          News letter

                        Early Life

Will Smith was born on September 25, .Smith
was Born and raised in West 1968Philadelphia
and Germantown in Northwest Philadelphia.                                       Smith started as the
Caroline Smith is Smith’s mother was a school                                   singer of the two. He
administrator, who worked for the Philadelphia                                  also worked with
                   school board. Willard                                        Ready Rock C
                   Christopher Smith, Sr. was                                   (Clarence Holmes) as
                   his father and a refrigeration                               the human beat box.
                   engineer.                                                    Smith was nearly
                                                                                bankrupt in 1990
                                                                                when the NBC
                                                    television network signed him to a contract and
                                                    built a sitcom called The Fresh Prince of Bel-
                                                    Air! The show was successful and launched his
                       Still Early Life
                                                    acting career. Smith set himself the goal of
                                                    becoming ‘the biggest movie star in the world’
                                                    he still works at it today.
Smith was raised Baptist. His parents got
divorced when he was thirty-two but they
separated when he was thirteen. In high school,
he got the nickname "Prince". Later that turned
into the "Fresh Prince”. Getting into his teens
Smith began rapping and eventually stared
rapping with Jeff Townes (a.k.a. DJ Jazzy Jeff)
whom he met at a party. He attended Overbrook
high school in West Philadelphia. That turned
into the DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. Smith
Came up with the lyrics and Townes came up
with the beat.
         Hans Lorenz                          1st                          News letter

                                                                                  Career cont.

                                                     After The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ended May
                                                     20, 1996, Smith began a successful solo music
                                                     career while simultaneously starring in a series
                                                     of films. The first two films were hugely
                                                     successful summer blockbusters: Independence
                                                     Day (1996), in which he played a fearless and
                                                     confident fighter pilot, and Men in Black 1997),
                                                     where he played the comic and confident Agent
            Movies with Will Smith                   J. Smith's acting in Men in Black won critical
                                                     praise. He originally rejected the lead role in
 2008      Hancock, Lakeview Terrace, The Secret     Men in Black but his wife Jada Pinkett Smith
movies                                               pushed him to accept it.
                Life of Bees, Seven Pounds
 2007                   I Am Legend
 2006              The Pursuit Of Happiness
 2005                       Hitch

 2004      I, Robot, Shark Tale, American Chopper,
movies                  and Jersey Girl
 2003                    Bad Boys 2

 2002                  Men in Black 2

 2001                        Ali
 2000      Welcome to Hollywood and The Legend
movies                  of Bagger
 1999      Torrance Rises and The Wild Wild West

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