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    Future of Internet Recruiting
    Will Clarke
    Chicago, March 8th, 2011
          Recruiting Solutions


 Intros                                Will Clarke
                                        Enterprise Account Executive
 Quick Poll
                                        LinkedIn | Internet | Chicago
 History of Internet Recruiting        Connections: 388 | Recommendations: 6

 Social Networking Today
 Brief Overview of LinkedIn
 Why be engaged with Social
 Social Media & Recruiting
 10 Tips in 10 minutes
 Q&A

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What I hope this isn‟t

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   Stand up – and stay on your feet if…
             You have a LinkedIn profile
             You have more than 100 connections
             You‟ve logged in at least once in the last 7 days
             You hired someone last year via LinkedIn
             You‟ve used LinkedIn Jobs to post a position
             You have a LinkedIn premium account
             Your last hire came through LinkedIn

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                                  The Internet Background
PC Era--------Internet Boom ------------------------------Dot Com Bust----------------------------Web 2.0 Era -------------------->
              Telecom Boom - fiber optic cable – connected the world excess bandwidth

Lessons Learned
Internet Land Rush                                 Business Discipline Matters                 Everyone is Online
•Internet creates efficiency                       •Business models are critical               •People want to interact
  Publishing, Communication, eCommerce             •Search is a killer application                 share, communicate and express themselves
•Scale is critical to success                             -Offers   superior business model    •Individuals‟ content is valuable
•People find value in portals                      •Hosted applications will work              •Members invite others to join
•Distribution is expensive                                                                     •Network value rises as network grows
                     Recruiting Solutions
        „95                                                         „00                                                „05

                     Why Web 2.0 is Working
    Inexpensive distribution
             Viral growth – Members invite others to join

    Inexpensive and unique content
             UGC – User Generated Content

    Unprecedented engagement levels
            Network activity – As many as 50% of members return daily/weekly

              No hiding behind screen names

    Timing is right – right services at the right time
              LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc are the right
                services targeted at the right audiences at the right time

                     Recruiting Solutions

               Quality, career-oriented students are well
               represented and active on LinkedIn
                                                                         Distribution of students on
                                                                         LinkedIn by graduation year
    LinkedIn has attracted students                                               100%
     from high quality schools                                                                         2012

        22% of seniors on LinkedIn go to US                                                           2011
         News Top 100 schools                                                              80

    ~54% of graduating class at top 25                                                                2010
     schools are on LinkedIn

    Engagement and participation                                                          40

     highest in junior and senior years
        Opportunity to strongly influence career                                                      2009
         and company choice closer to
                                                                                                All students on LI

                Recruiting Solutions

 “World‟s Most Engaged Brands” Fall Into Four Engagement
 Profiles (Charlene Li, Altimeter Group)

                Recruiting Solutions   Altimeter Group / Wetpaint Study - July 2009
                                               LinkedIn Confidential – Do Not Distribute

 Social Media Predictions
Jeremy Owyang, Forrester
         –   “Social networks will become next-generation CRM systems”
         –   Will become the “intermediary between brands and consumers.”

Pete Blackshaw, Nielsen Online
         –   Timeless truths will reemerge – “friendship must be earned, fame is fleeting, excess begets
             backlash, it always pays to listen, and credibility is our most enduring…asset”

Joseph Jaffe, Crayon
         –   Social Search – “Just when you thought search was saturating or mainstreaming, we think
             there‟s going to be explosive new functionality which will make search even more valuable”

Charlene Li, Author of Groundswell
         –   Exclusivity trumps accessibility. “Having thousands of friends becomes „so 2008‟ and
             defriending becomes the hot new trend…The movement is rooted in a desire to have quality,
             not quantity…”

Scott Monty, Ford Motor Co.
         –   The future is about the “human element – the opportunity to build a relationship that isn‟t
             necessarily centered around a single transaction. These will be cumulative events and
             interactions that will build brand loyalty for the companies that pay attention to them.”

                Recruiting Solutions
                                               LinkedIn Confidential – Do Not Distribute

 How well do you know your industry?

 1. What percentage of recruiting teams already use or
    plan to use social media to recruit?
           83%.

 2. Where are recruiters reducing spend?
           Traditional job boards and staffing firms.

 3. What do recruiters say is the least effective tool
    to recruit professionals?
           Print newspapers and trade journals.

          Recruiting Solutions

Firms most worried that their competitors will
“figure out” social recruiting

  What are you most nervous your competitors might do?

  Learn to use social networking and social media more effectively                      50%

  Build and nurture a strong talent pool                                                46%

  Invest in their employment brand                                                      37%

  Improve their referral program                                                        27%

  Hire recruiters to strengthen their team                                              25%

  Invest in new recruiting tools (ATS, job boards, LinkedIn, etc.)                      24%

  Further invest in their existing recruiting tools (ATS, job boards, LinkedIn, etc.)   22%

  Prepare hiring managers to help ramp up hiring quickly                                22%

          Recruiting Solutions

 The profile of leading social
                                             The Backyard BBQ

                                             The Business Lunch

                                                 The 24-Hour

          Recruiting Solutions

Our Mission
    We connect the world‟s professionals to make them
    more productive and successful

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        Members in

        200+ countries
        and 150+ industries

                                                90 million+ members
     3 million new members/mo

                                 Members from every single

                                 Fortune 500 company
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Why are the world‟s best professionals
on LinkedIn?
    De-facto way for business people to manage their professional brand
    Build and maintain their professional network
    Access valuable knowledge, insights, and opportunities

                                 Jane Wu
                                 Director of Sales
                                 Current Co: ABC International
                                 Retail Industry | Greater Sydney
                                 Previous Co: XYZco | Melbourne, VIC | High
                                 Education: MBA, UNSW
                                 Connections: 433 | Recommendations: 4

          Recruiting Solutions

78% of Firms Make Passive Candidate
Recruiting a Focus Area
                                      To what extent does your
                                      organization focus on
                                      passive talent?

                                      Feb 2010 Survey – 395 US respondents
                                      – internal leads of Talent Acquisition



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Only 10-20% of Professionals are Actively Looking

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There Are Fundamental Differences Between
Active and Passive Candidates

 Active Candidates            Passive Candidates
 - Will apply to ATS          - Do not have a current resume
 - Listen to opportunities    - May listen to opportunities
 - Respond quickly            - Do not respond to “apply now”
 - Seek information           - Higher bar to respond

       Recruiting Solutions

 You need a better strategy to reach


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The good news is that they want to hear
from you
     Does a recruiter approaching you unsolicited on LinkedIn bother you?

                                                                              “ Not at all, assuming that the
                                                                                 inquiry is relevant to my
                                                                                experience. This should be
                                                                                  viewed as a benefit of
                                                                               LinkedIn, not a detriment.” –
                                                                                VP, Fortune 500 company

         Recruiting Solutions   Source: LinkedIn Poll, January 2011, 13918 responses                           20

 Let‟s Surface Your Biggest Recruiting Challenges
 Best Practices for Hiring Passive Candidates

       Understand                                                                      Position
                                                                                 your company as an
    your target audience
                                                                                 “employer of choice”

   Recruitment                                                                         Career Pages
    Insights                                                                            Work With Us Ads
                                                                                        Recruitment Ads

          Measure                                                                      Engage
          Results                                                                      top talent

   Usage reports & metrics                                                    Recruiter     Jobs For You
   Campaign analysis                                                          Jobs Network  Talent Direct

         Recruiting Solutions

1. It all starts with your profile.

 “Brendan was the staffing manager for Microsoft Research. He did a
 fantastic job of recruiting top technical talent for us…”
                                                           Dan Ling, Corporate VP, Microsoft Research

 “Brendan hired me at LinkedIn. It was a tough decision to leave my former
 company, but Brendan really made the case.”
                                                                Sarah James, Director of Sales, LinkedIn

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2. Leverage your recruiters‟ profiles too

 I would love to help you be a part of our team in making LinkedIn THE social networking site for

 LinkedIn is a company that is changing people‟s lives around the world. We are at a point in our
 growth where your input will help shape our future.

 Please contact me if you‟re interested in working for a great pre-IPO, hyper-growth company

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3. Utilize Groups

                              Join many

       Participate in a few
                                                                                                       800,000 +

                                   Run one                                 Biotech &        .NET
                                                                                          Developers   Design

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4. Download the Outlook Social Connector

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 5. Save your searches

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 6. Create a poll

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 7. Update your status

     Recruiting Solutions               28

 8. Follow companies

     Recruiting Solutions               29

9. Add Company Insider to your career site

     Recruiting Solutions               30

10. Create employee ambassadors - and
drive social adoption in YOUR organization!

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 What‟s YOUR single biggest
 recruiting challenge?
                                            Boosting your
           Finding better
                                            employment brand
       quality candidates

 Successful passive                            Managing your
candidate recruiting                           team’s spend

     Building a pipeline                       Other
        of strong talent

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         Will Clarke
                                     Enterprise Account Executive
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                                     LinkedIn | Internet | Chicago
                                     Connections: 388 | Recommendations: 6

 Want to connect with Will, stay
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