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Talk Me Into It_ Convince Me_


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									Talk Me Into It! Convince Me!

   Let’s review persuasive writing!
• A persuasive essay gives the writer’s
  opinion on a topic and tries to get the
  reader to agree with it. When you write a
  persuasive essay, you must develop your
  “arguments” by giving facts and examples
  to back up your opinion. Otherwise, you
  won’t persuade, or convince, your reader
  that YOUR opinion is the right one.
 What is the goal of “arguing” in a
        persuasive essay?
The goal of an argument is to
 gain your reader's agreement
 to your central idea, despite
 their active opposition (thinking
 the opposite of what you do).
Or in other words, to change their mind or
 convince them to believe the way you do!
          A Quote about “arguing”
“Even wise, honest, caring people don't always agree on
    what is true or is fair. That's why argument is important in
    academic writing, where students try to convince
    professors and classmates to accept their ideas, where
    professors argue with students and with each other. We
    argue not because we're angry, but because arguing
    causes us to examine our own and others' ideas
    carefully. It causes us to weigh conflicting claims; to
    make judgments about the nature of evidence and the
    methods of investigation; to state our thoughts clearly,
    accurately, and honestly; to consider, respectfully and
    critically, the ideas of others.”

         Word Bank Vocabulary
•   Anecdote (story)
•   Audience                  • Position statement,
•   Audience awareness          thesis, or controlling idea
•   Call to action            • Rebuttal
•   Compromise or problem     • Rhetorical question
    solving                   • Statistics
•   Counterargument           • Transition words
•   Elaboration
•   Expert testimony
•   Opening or Introduction
  Every persuasive letter or essay
           must include:
• A clear thesis/position statement
• (paragraph 1)

• Three strong reasons, with supporting evidence
  and elaboration (paragraphs 2, 3, and 4)

• A counterargument and rebuttal (paragraph 5)

• A conclusion that restates the thesis, includes a
  direct call to action (paragraph 6)
       Practice in Developing an
• Work with a partner and come up with 3 reasons
  why you should be allowed to chew gum in my
• Individually, decide on your strongest argument
  and write a persuasive paragraph.
• Be ready to read your argument out loud.
• Convince me by telling true personal stories,
  using details, and true examples (This is called
      Let’s look at a sample of a
          persuasive essay:
• Essay about participating in Earth Day
  activities at school:
• http://eolit.hrw.com/hlla/writersmodel/index
 Now choose a real topic to write a
     persuasive letter about:
Closing the Library
In order to save money, your principal is
    thinking about closing the school library.
    Write a letter to your principal persuading
    him to keep it open. Give 3 reasons with
    elaboration to support your position.
               Or another idea:

Garbage in the Lunch Room: A garbage problem has
  developed in your school's lunchroom. Students are
  throwing trash on the floor, leaving empty milk cartons or
  leftover food on the tables, and dropping napkins and
  other trash on the cafeteria floor rather than carrying
  them to the trash can. Your principal has asked students
  to take more care, but the garbage problem persists. The
  principal has reacted by canceling all after-school
  activities until the problem is taken care of. What is your
  position on this issue? Write a letter to the principal of
  your school stating your position and supporting it with 3
  convincing reasons.
                Another idea to
                choose from:
Locker Searches/Personal Searches:
The principal at your school has instituted random
  locker and backpack searches to check for guns,
  knives, and other weapons. Anyone caught with
  these weapons will be immediately suspended.
  The principal argues that the random searches
  will not only guard against illegal weapons at
  school but will also will help students feel safer.
  What is your position on this issue? Write a letter
  to the principal of your school stating your
  position and supporting it with 3 convincing
    And one more to choose from:
•   Online Schools The  state department of education has
    provided funding for an experimental online school. All
    the classes will take place on the Internet, using email,
    online chat, and the world wide web. The students taking
    classes at this new online school will never meet each
    other face-to-face. They will only interact online with
    each other and with their teachers. The state is hoping
    this program will provide fairer educational access to
    students in outlying, rural areas. Opponents of the
    program argue that because of their lack of interaction
    with other students in a traditional classroom, the
    students who attend this online school will not develop
    the social skills that should be a component of their
    education. What is your position on this issue? Write a
    letter to the editor of your local newspaper stating your
    position on this issue and supporting it with convincing
        So now get to work!
• Use a graphic organizer tree map to begin
  to get your ideas down on paper:

Read/Write/Think Interactive Activity:
  Persuasion Map

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