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					Monday, August 05, 2011

The Honorable Tom Latham, Chairman
Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development,
and Independent Agencies
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

The Honorable John Olver, Ranking Member
Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development,
and Independent Agencies
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

RE: Community Development Block Grant Program and the HOME Investment
Partnerships Program

Dear Chairman Latham and Ranking Member Olver:

The United Conference of Mayors asks you to support at least $3.9 billion in formula
funding for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program and at least $1.825
billion in formula funding for the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program in the
FY12 budget.


The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program was enacted in 1974 as the
cornerstone of federal investment in our nation’s communities. The Act, signed by then-
President Gerald Ford, stated that sustained action by all levels of government is necessary
to maintain viable urban [and rural] communities. This could not be more true than now
with the economic down turn wreaking havoc on communities nationwide. Now in its 36th
year, CDBG is arguably one of the Federal government’s most successful domestic
programs. A recent study by HIS Global Insights of ten (10) large city and urban counties
found that the $3.9 billion in FY 2010 CDBG funding generated 120,000 jobs and
contributed $10.7 billion in Gross Domestic Product. CDBG also provides crucial funding
to small and rural communities for basic infrastructure and facilities. When disaster strikes,
Congress invariably turns to the CDBG program to provide relief to States, counties, and
cities in times of hurricanes, floods, wild fires, and in the aftermath of the disaster on 9/11.

The success of the program stems from its utility; providing cities, counties, and States with
the flexibility to address their unique community development needs. It helps fund a wide-
range of activities, including housing-related assistance, public improvements, public
services, and economic development projects.

Because of the massive cut to the program in FY 2011, local and state agencies and their
non-profit partners will have to lay-off staff; services will be reduced or eliminated;
infrastructure projects will stop in their tracks; job-creating economic development projects
will be canceled; and affordable housing will be curtailed; but most important, the low- and
moderate-income families served by the program will see huge reductions in program
benefits at the community level. Some families rely on CDBG for down payment
assistance, funds to rehabilitate their homes, start-up funds for small businesses, to name a
few. Other families rely on the program for food assistance through local food banks, utility
assistance, day care assistance, and even health care assistance through locally-funded health
clinics. These are the faces of America struggling in this economy.

Grantees distribute CDBG funds through a large network of local organizations that provide
direct assistance to low- and moderate-income beneficiaries. This network includes our
nation’s most seasoned and relied upon organizations, such as Feeding America, Salvation
Army, Meals on Wheels, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Alzheimer’s Association,
Hospice Foundation of America, Visiting Nurses Association, National Council on Aging,
the Red Cross, Girl Scouts of America, Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, the
YWCA, and the YMCA.

CDBG provides vital funding to projects and services within each of the 1,169 cities,
counties, and States which receive the funding; projects that directly impact the lives of our
low- and moderate-income citizens. CDBG provides the flexibility to fund a myriad of
activities, fill gaps where needed, and attract additional resources to projects. This
combination of CDBG with other funding sources adds to our national economy and to the
betterment of the lives of our citizens through improved neighborhoods and a better quality
of life. The problems which CDBG funds address have not lessened, but have grown more
acute over time. With the down turn in the economy, CDBG is needed more than ever to
help our communities.


Enacted into law in 1990, the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program was
developed to provide resources to communities to provide decent, safe and affordable
housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income persons. The program recently
celebrated an incredible milestone – the completion of one million units of affordable
housing. Prior to the creation of the HOME program, there were few options available to
communities to develop affordable housing. Families lived in overcrowded situations and in
unsafe housing. Working families struggled to save enough for a down payment.
Communities lacked the resources needed to design large-scale affordable housing programs
to address these problems.

Like CDBG, the HOME program is an effective program. One needs to just look at the
accomplishment and program data provided to HUD by the over 600 participating
jurisdictions; cities, counties, and States that receive the funds directly. Or better, we urge
you to tour the HOME-funded projects in your congressional district to get a flavor of how
the program works effectively at the local level. HOME does not just provide funding for
rental projects. It provides assistance to creditworthy families seeking to purchase their
first-home. It also provides assistance to existing homeowners to make improvements to
their properties. Much of this funding is repaid through loans that come back to the local
programs to help future families. A recent HUD study found the number of persons
experiencing “worst case housing needs” skyrocketed by 20 percent from 2007 to 2009 and
by 42 percent since 2011. Clearly, the need for the HOME program has never been greater.

While the FY 2011 budget cannot be undone, we ask for your full support of CDBG and
HOME in the FY 2012 budget.


Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa
City of Los Angeles                                 Mayor Bob Foster
                                                    City of Long Beach, CA
Mayor Michael A. Nutter
City of Philadelphia, PA                            Mayor Brenda L. Lawrence
                                                    City of Southfield, MI
Mayor Scott Smith
City of Mesa, AZ                                    Mayor John R. Marks, III
                                                    City of Tallahassee, FL
Mayor Elizabeth Kautz
Burnsville, MN                                      Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
                                                    City of Baltimore, MD
Mayor Thomas M. Menino
City of Boston, MA                                  Mayor Setti D. Warren
                                                    City of Newton, MA
Mayor Donald L. Plusquellic
City of Akron, OH                                   Mayor Ralph Becker
                                                    City of Salt Lake City, UT
Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.
City of Charleston, SC                              Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez
                                                    City of Doral, FL
Mayor J. Christian Bollwage
City of Elizabeth, NJ                               Mayor Christopher L. Cabaldon
                                                    City of West Sacramento, CA
Mayor Michael B. Coleman
City of Columbus, OH
Mayor Robert Cluck, M.D.         Mayor Alan M. Arakawa
City of Arlington, TX            County of Maui, HI

Mayor Joy Cooper                 Mayor Fred L. Armstrong
City of Hallandale Beach, FL     City of Columbus, IN

Mayor Buddy Dyer                 Mayor Carlos Hernandez
City of Orlando, FL              City of Hialeah, FL

Mayor Anthony Foxx               Mayor H. Frances Enright
City of Charlotte, NC            City of Spring Lake Heights, N J

Mayor Mike Gin                   Mayor Bobby Horton
City of Redondo Beach, CA        City of West Columbia, SC

Mayor William P. "Billy" Kenoi   Mayor Marcia A. Leclerc
City of Hilo, HI                 City of East Hartford, CT

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu       Mayor Michael J. O’Brien
City of New Orleans, LA          City of Warren, OH

Mayor Kim McMillan               Mayor Ed Pawlowski
City of Clarksville, TN          City of Allentown, PA

Mayor Lori Cohen Moseley         Mayor John Dickert
City of Miramar, FL              City of Racine, WI

Mayor Frank C. Ortis             Mayor Robert G. Sabonjian
City of Pembroke Pines, FL       City of Waukegan, IL

Mayor Miguel A. Pulido           Mayor Joseph E. Sinnott
City of Santa Ana, CA            City of Erie, PA

Mayor Pedro E. Segarra           Mayor Marie L. Gilmore
City of Hartford, CT             City of Alameda, CA

Mayor Francis Slay               Mayor Mary Ann Lutz
City of St. Louis, MO            City of Monrovia, CA

Mayor Mark Stodola               Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt
City of Little Rock, AR          City of Vancouver, WA

Mayor Jennifer T. Stultz         Mayor C. Kim Bracey
City of Gastonia, NC             City of York, PA

Mayor Rahm Emanuel               Mayor Luke Ravenstahl
City of Chicago, IL              City of Pittsburgh, PA

Mayor Michael Bloomberg          Mayor Pete Lewis
City of New York, NY             City of Auburn, WA
Mayor Ronald O. Loveridge     Mayor Paul A. Dyster
City of Riverside, CA         City of Niagara Falls, NY

Mayor Pamela Bushnell         Mayor Micheál O’Leary
City of Tamarac, FL           City of Culver City, CA

Mayor Jim Ridenour            Mayor George K. Heartwell
City of Modesto, CA           City of Grand Rapids, MI

Mayor John Marchione          Mayor Leopoldo Palacios, Jr.
City of Redmond, WA           City of Pharr, TX

Mayor Noam Bramson            Mayor Scott Avedisian
City of New Rochelle, NY      City of Warwick, RI

Mayor Kitty Piercy            Mayor Andre D. Pierre, Esq.
City of Eugene, OR            City of North Miami, FL

Mayor Linda M. Balzotti       Mayor Mark Preisinger
City of Brockton, MA          City of Leavenworth, KS

Mayor Michael McGinn          Mayor Scott W. Lang
City of Seattle, WA           City of New Bedford, MA

Mayor Patricia S. Gerard      Mayor Carleton E. Carey, Sr.
City of Largo, FL             City of Dover, DE

Michael J. "Mike" Moncrief    Mayor Peter Bober
City of Fort Worth, TX        City of Hollywood, FL

Mayor of Jim Woodward         Mayor Marilyn Strickland
City of Englewood, CO         City of Tacoma, WA

Mayor of John Cook            Mayor John Callahan
City of El Paso, TX           City of Bethlehem, PA

Mayor Michael J. Ryan         Mayor AC Wharton, Jr.,
City of Sunrise, FL           City of Memphis, TN

Mayor Matti Herrera Bower     Mayor Ray Stephanson
City of Miami Beach, FL       City of Everett, WA

Mayor Doug Mah                Mayor Dave Beiter
City of Olympia, WA           City of Boise, ID

Mayor of Sherman Guyton       Mayor Sam Adams
City of Gadsden, AL           City of Portland, OR

Mayor Richard Montgomery      Mayor Carolyn Goodman
City of Manhattan Beach, CA   City of Las Vegas, NV
Mayor William V. "Bill" Bell   Mayor William R. Wild
City of Durham, NC             City of Westland, MI

Mayor Harry C. Goode, Jr.      Mayor Kasim Reed
City of Melbourne, FL          City of Atlanta, GA

Mayor Ashton Hayward           Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic
City of Pensacola, FL          City of Plantation, FL

Mayor Georgia Lord             Mayor Teresa Pike Tomlinson
City of Goodyear, AZ           City of Columbus, GA

Mayor Robert J. Lovero         Mayor Dwight C. Jones
City of Berwyn, IL             City of Richmond, VA

Mayor Mary B. Verner           Mayor Ronnie K. Wall
City of Spokane, WA            City of Burlington, NC

Mayor Annise D. Parker         Mayor Dennis Hanwell
City of Houston, TX            City of Medina, OH

Mayor William J. Mueller       Mayor Buddy Dyer
City of Lombard, IL            City of Orlando, FL

Mayor Ronald O. Loveridge      Mayor Jess Talamantes
City of Riverside, CA          City of Burbank, CA

Mayor Paul D. Fraim            Mayor Joe Adame
City of Norfolk, VA            City of Corpus Christi, TX

Mayor Matthew T. Ryan          Mayor Linda Blechinger
City of Binghamton, NY         City of Auburn, GA

Mayor Jack E. Kirksey          Mayor Nancy J. Chaney
City of Livonia, MI            City of Moscow, ID

Mayor Jackie Meck              Mayor Micheál O' Leary
City of Buckeye, AZ            City of City of Culver City, CA

Mayor Bill Bogaard             Mayor Richard Moccia
City of Pasadena, CA           City of Norwalk, CT

Mayor James Baker              Mayor Jerry Sanders
City of Wilmington, DE         City of San Diego, CA

Mayor Phil Gordon              Mayor Chris Beutler
City Phoenix, AZ               City of Lincoln, NE

Mayor Linda Jackson            Mayor Thomas M.Leighton
City of Glendale Heights, IL   City of Wilkes-Barre, PA
Mayor Vincent C. Gray             Mayor Tom Barrett
City of Washington, DC            City of Milwaukee, WI

Mayor Thomas A. Masters           Mayor Bob Link
City of Riviera Beach, FL         City of Visalia, CA

Donald R. Culliver                Mayor Thomas McMahon
City of Mansfield, OH             City of Reading, PA

Mayor Matti Herrera Bower         Mayor Howard A. Schieferdecker
City of Miami Beach, FL           City of Maitland, FL

Mayor Scott Vandergrift           Mayor Sly James
City of Ocoee, FL                 City of Kansas City, KS

Mayor Sharon Konopa               Mayor Jennifer Hosterman
City of Albany, OR                City of Pleasanton, CA

Mayor Joe Jaworski                Mayor James T. Butts, Jr.,
City of Galveston, TX             City of Inglewood, CA

Mayor Frank G. Jackson            Mayor Paul David Babb
City of Cleveland, OH             City of Butte, MT

Mayor John Salem                  Mayor Edward J. Zabrocki
City of Kingman, AZ               City of Tinley Park, IL

Mayor Angel Taveras               Mayor Bobby E. Irons
City of Providence, RI            City of Florence, AL

Mayor Mike S. Rawlings            Mayor Mark Burroughs
City of Dallas, TX                City of Denton, TX

Mayor Peter S. Carlisle           Mayor Michael C. Blake
City of Honolulu, HI              City of Cocoa, FL

Mayor William D. Euille           Mayor Chuck Reed
City Alexandria, VA               City of San José, CA

Mayor José Guillermo Rodríguez    Mayor Paul K. Tanaka
City of Mayagüez, PR              City of Gardena, CA

Mayor Melvin L. “Kip” Holden      Mayor Thomas P. Schneider
City of City of Baton Rouge, LA   City of Florissant, MO

Mayor Tomas P. Regalado           Mayor A C Wharton, Jr.
City of Miami, FL                 City of Memphis, TN

Mayor Chris Coleman               Mayor Helene Schneider
City of Saint Paul, MN            City of Santa Barbara, CA
Mayor Stephen DonCarlos           Mayor R.T. Rybak
City of Baytown, TX               City of Minneapolis, MN

Mayor Larry Forester              Mayor Robert Cashell
City of Signal Hill, CA           City of Reno, NV

Mayor Michael Bissonnette         Mayor John Rhodes
City of Chicopee, MA              City of Myrtle Beach, SC

Mayor Thomas D. Long              Mayor Michael Hancock
City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA   City of Denver, CO

Mayor Joseph D. Serrano           Mayor "Louie" A. Aguiñaga
City of Santa Fe Springs, CA      City of South El Monte, CA

Mayor Harry Jeffries              Mayor William Wild
City of Watauga, TX               City of Westland, MI

Mayor Joseph McElveen             Mayor Dennis Donohue
City of Sumter, SC                City of Salinas, CA

Mayor Bob Link                    Mayor Dave Heilmann
City of Visalia, CA               City of Oak Lawn, IL

Mayor Dennis Doyle                Mayor Steve Pougnet
City of Beaverton, OR             City of Palm Springs, CA

Mayor Peggy Noland                Mayor Dean Dickey
City of Deerfield Beach, FL       City of Columbia, TN

Mayor Roy Gold                    Mayor Clare Higgins
City of Coral Springs, FL         City of Northampton, MA

Mayor Gerald D. Jennings          Mayor Willie Adams Jr.
City of Albany, NY                City of Albany, GA

Mayor Graig Lowe                  Mayor Barrington Russell, Sr.
City of Gainesville, FL           City of Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Mayor Robert E. Walkup            Mayor Terry M. Bellamy
City of Tucson, AZ                City of Asheville, NC

Mayor Bob Foster                  Mayor Dave Heilmann
City of Long Beach, CA            City of Oak Lawn, IL

Mayor Matty Mattioli              Mayor Dennis Donohue
Village of Royal Palm Beach       City of Salinas, CA

Mayor Frank Scotto
City of Torrance, CA

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