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					The AZ Insider: Brad’s Film in Phoenix Delayed and More

Written by Written by Kathy Shayna Shocket

"The AZ Insider" with Kathy Shayna Shocket: Get the inside scoop on Arizona's social scene and celebrity news.

This week: Breaking Brad news: studio delays Brad’s filming in Phoenix...Brad Casper dials up Hollywood bucks...and more.

Studio Delays Brad’s Filming in Phoenix

Production on Brad Pitt’s new movie “Moneyball” was scheduled to begin in Phoenix today. But over the weekend, at the last minute,
Columbia Pictures dropped the ball. The baseball drama is based on the Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane and his attempt to build a
competitive team with a smaller payroll using computer analytics.

Crews were set to film at Phoenix Municipal stadium, the Oakland A’s spring training field. But director Steven Soderbergh’s script changes
hours before the Phoenix filming, struck out with head of Columbia Pictures Amy Pascal, who put the movie into “limited turnaround.”

All this drama, even after the movie first had to be approved by Major League Baseball.

“Moneyball” is the adaptation of Michael Lewis’ bestselling book “The Art of Winning an Unfair Game” about Beane, the former ball player
turned general manager. Soderbergh has now scripted for a non-traditional format, with live interviews with actual athletes such as Daryl
Strawberry and Lenny Dykstra.

Soderbergh and Pitt’s agents are now scrambling to get another studio on board. So will they make it to the Phoenix field to film? Stay tuned...

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Phoenix Attracts More Hollywood Bucks

Here’s some breaking news from the “Father of the Year 2009 Awards” dinner. Mega hit TV producer Mark Burnett (“Celebrity Apprentice,”
“Survivor”) sent a $5,000 donation for the fundraiser in Phoenix to benefit the American Diabetes Association.

It came at the request of Dial Corporation’s head honcho Brad Casper. When Donald Trump and “Celebrity Apprentice” flew Brad to New York
to appear on the hit show, he told them of the importance of the Phoenix fundraiser.

(Brad appeared on the episode in which the celeb contestants were challenged to create a photo spread in “Redbook” for Dial’s Yogurt Body

Not only that, but the 3 Father of the Year honorees; Douglas Ducey ( iMemories), Christopher Richardson (Grand Canyon University) and
Brad Casper (pictured above from left to right on one of the silent auction items) together raised about $225,000 for the ADA prior to the event-
reaching out to friends and business associates to contribute in their honor .

That’s impressive, especially in this economic climate. Not to mention the turnout of 300 guests for a summer affair when many escape the heat
to cooler locations.

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                                   The AZ Insider: Brad’s Film in Phoenix Delayed and More

                                   Written by Written by Kathy Shayna Shocket

                                   Also.. Kudos to chair and attorney Cynthia Ricketts and her committee. Her firm DLA Piper was the event’s major sponsor. And the room
                                   swelled with attorneys.

                                   And here’s a pic of some Valley businessmen I snapped of one table at which it was a sort of Men’s Night out.

                                   Insurance entrepreneur Wick Pilcher invited his married buddies for the evening which also included some sentimental moments, with stories
                                   of amazing dads, as well as the spotlight on those with diabetes.

                                   Pictured from left to right above are community movers and shakers : Jim Myers, Myers Management; Myers’ guest, Mike Welborn, president
                                   of Global Brand Development and director at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro; Dan Wachtler, CEO of IPSA International; Wick Pilcher of Wick
                                   Pilcher Insurance, Bill Metzler of West Coast Capital Partners; Patrick Pilcher, (Wick’s son); Dan Grubb and son Cotton Grubb (as in the
                                   Grubb car dealership famous Grubb name.)

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                                   Racy Bachelor

                                   Craig Jackson of the famous Barrett -Jackson – the car collector event king – who is dating Susie Alofs, former owner of Eyewear by ROI -
                                   celebrated Father’s Day together. The couple (pictured above at their recent Sonoma trip combined with Craig’s love of racing cars) dined at
                                   Benihana with their children. Craig has two and Susie has three - ages 8 through 16 years.

                                   Later that night, Craig and his children enjoyed a movie in his Paradise Valley abode. Ironically, they watched Kung Fu Panda. Guess it was that
                                   great Asian food that inspired the movie for dessert.

                                   Kathy Shayna Shocket is a Phoenix based writer. If you have a good item for The AZ Insider, you can email her at

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