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     Letter                             letter
                                                 SPRING 2006



Sienna Miller, Beyonce, Diane
                                SUBTLE IMPRESSIONS
Lane: redefining BEAUTIFUL.

                                          noisy vs. soft

                                  hot spots
                                                                           from the editor

A      fter months of taffeta, corsetry and moody blues,
       the romantic saga continues with this spring’s
charming choices and modish dynamism. Spring ‘06
collections are soft, less aggressive with clean cuts and a
no-fuss silhouette. Turn to your malleable side as spring
sweeps in and hit some high notes by going local. In this
issue of NEWSTYLE, local designers take the center stage
as we show you one of a kind pieces you can only find
right here at home. After all, dressing like everyone else is
as dull as the whole nouveau boho phase, which, by the
by, is beyond fini. Enjoy the early spring breeze with quiet
delights and a little preppy – very delish!

Andrea M.

                                                                                     Find the trendiest goodies in
                                                                                     town. Local Angle p.3

                                                 ON THE COVER:
                                                 Model: Tara Bush, Liz Bell Agency
                                                 Photo by: Al Robb
                                                 Dress: Patricia Rhodes
                                                 Make-up: Claire for MAC
                                                 Hair: Caylee for Xziste Studio
                                                           BC FASHION WEEK,
                                                                SPRING 2006
                                               local designers take center stage

V     ancouver is slowly becoming quite the shopping maze these days. Apart from countless new stores
      opening and big brands expanding, Vancouverites are finally witnessing the rise of the local. It all
constitutes for a well-diversified consumer arena. Both Armani and Holt Renfrew have opened new stores
uptown, not to mention the recent brand boom on Burrard: LaCoste, Gucci and the newly renovated Coach
boutique with marvelous marble floors. It seems that everyone wants your attention/dollars. There is also
another fashion segment, a local angle, emerging with a strong presence in Yalehattan, Gastown and Main
Street. I call them the edifying bunch – the creators of unique brands and garments you cannot find anywhere
else but there. Step out in local designs and I promise you will stop the copycats in their tracks. After all, the
beauty of local is that it’s not mass produced, hence no one will have the exact same piece as you and this is
priceless to a true fashionista.

W         e were quite impressed with the strangely decadent spectacle at BC Fashion Week, spring 2006. From
          the flirtatious Christina Darling collection at Christina Culver to the divine underwater blooms at Mala
Kuja and the crafty frocks at Ephoe, there was no lack of choice for that inner style sirene. Lucky for you, we’re

sharing the best.

  Christina Darling      Christina Darling        Ephoe                 Ephoe               Mala Kuja           Mala Kuja

                                                                                  SPRING BLUES
 Photography by Al Robb

                                                                   Subtle Impressions
                                               LL AN,
                                           YDO KU
                                        BAB SOFIA
                                 SAT SS by
                                  DR 0        576
                                   $25 .561.5
                                     60 4                                                                  CLEOPATRA PURSE by
                                                                                                           DRAMA QUEEN DESIGNS,

                                                                                            TROPIC STUDDED PUMP
                                                                                            by FORNARINA, $298

A       s spring blooms settle in and temperatures begin to rise, take note of this season’s key
        looks: streamlined, polished and ethereal with a hint of romantic. Bid farewell to the
folky, boho chic styles, put away those cowboy boots and find your soft feminine side with
something light and something white. Whether it’s a slinky but demure frock, the slimmest
pantsuit or nautical, white and blue, el capitan attire - this season true seduction doesn’t
necessarily call for a display of skin. In other words, play it like a lady and let your flirtatiously
feminine look go in for the kill. Spring/Summer 2006 collections bear a sexy 50’s reference with
a bit of 60’s as well. Clothes are passionate and fierce in the simplest of ways and accessories are

gentle yet satisfying. Here are NEWSTYLE’s top picks.

                                                                    SHERRY HADDOW,
SHELL PANTS by                                                      $125
MALA KUJA, $200                                           

                              ELSIE BOLERO
                              by DACE, $128

                                              STEFANIL SANDAL by
                                              ETRO, $525

                                                                          T2CHI TANK, $80

                                                             STAR Diane Lane:
                                                 Sienna Miller, Beyonce,
                                                           Redefining BEAUTIFUL

E     xploring celebrity is a never-ending task,
      if it can be considered that at all. Our
obsession with Hollywood vixens and their
personal side is simply natural – they epitomize
perfection and continually redefine beautiful.
And they do this in an effortless, hip and often
quirky way.

A      fter her recent split from a famous
       fiancé, Sienna Miller has become a
veteran of tabloid scrutiny. Through it all, this
23 year old style maven continued to flash her
perfect smile and set new standards of chic.
She is an icon already, with a down-to-earth
attitude and an irresistible charismatic appeal.
With a new hair do and a stack of critically
acclaimed feature films, Sienna’s quest for
domination is in full gear. And after all is done,
one question remains – Jude, Jude who?

                                                          W         ith a house full of music awards, a
                                                                    budding acting career and a successful
                                                          clothing line, it seems Beyonce truly has the Midas
                                                          touch. Her talent is undeniable and her beauty is
                                                          the new hot standard – she has single-handedly
                                                          put the curvy body type back on the map. The
                                                          singing sensation has shed her tacky teen image
                                                          (compliments of her mom and then stylist, Tina
                                                          Knowles) and emerged a true diva, taking the
                                                          fashion world by storm. She is a regular at designer
                                                          shows now, looking stunning in the first row with
                                                          boyfriend Jay-Z by her side. In his own words,
                                                          he’s got the hottest chick in the game wearing his
                                                          chain. True that!
                                                   STAR STYLES
                                       Sienna Miller, Beyonce, Diane Lane:
                                                     Redefining BEAUTIFUL

W        ith her sexy voice and ravenous beauty,
         Diane Lane is the epitome of the
Hollywood vamp that has gone missing in recent
years. Her simple demeanor with fierce red carpet
presence and sultry on-screen passion make her
one of the sexiest women in the biz.

S    he gets just as much attention from women
     as she does from men, and still manages
to look effortless, calm and humble. We love her
confident fashion selections and wonder how
does she always look so divine?

 Photography by Al Robb
                                    Aristocratic n o i s y v s . s o f t
 Styled & Produced by Andrea M.

A      lthough the softer color palette seems to dominate
       the runways this spring, organza and blues continue
to get rave reviews. Here is a closer look at the soft,
aristocratic dame versus the organza vixen – take your pick
for an out on the town you won’t quickly forget.          AM

                                                         vancouver hot spots
H      ere at Style Dome, we constantly get asked
about our favourite Vancouver hot spots. Do
                                                     We get our hair done at Xziste Studio in Burnaby. Yes, I know
                                                     it’s a tad beyond the downtown perimeters, but this talented
we know of secret boutiques, hidden treasures        duo is worth the trip. The cozy salon has a vintage feel with
and how do we stay atop all the happenings in        rustic floor to ceiling mirrors and a dusty mocha colour palette.
town? Well, our friends at Vitamin V help with       The walls are packed with awards – just a little assurance prior
their delish daily dose – hitting our inbox before   to the big cut. Master stylists Caylee and Anouk never fail to
the early morning dolce latte ( Here    amaze – but prepare for a long wait and book the next few
are a few shi-shi places where we often make a       appointment months in advance. Xziste Studio, 3766 Hastings
cameo, and you should too.                           Street, 604.298.9892

                                                     We get our nails done at Pure Nail Bar in Yaletown. This
                                                     salon has New York written all over it – with Sex and The
                                                     City showings and all. It’s a splendid oasis for you and your
                                                     girls! Catch up on the latest gossip while taking care of your

                                                     Pure Nail Bar, 1282 Pacific Boulevard, 604.605.1282

We love the Vancouver Art Gallery’s FUSE nights,     And if you’re looking for that perfect floral print, silk halter
where art, music and performance meet, as we         dress, head on down to west Robson Street. As you pass
view in delight. Every fourth Friday the gallery     by Zara, BCBG and such others, (don’t make eye contact)
takes on a different light and the scene is very      you will shortly hit a hidden boutique, Zari, with fab finds
European. Maybe that’s why we like it so much?       at ridiculous prices. Yes, the visual display might not be
                                                     what you expected, but this little place is full of treasures,
Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby Street ,
                                                     and in-the-know fashionistas are lining up for fitting
                                                     rooms. Zari (Specialty Clothing and Accessories), 1260
                                                     Robson Street, 604.899.9176.

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