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					                                                                                           VOLUME 16, ISSUE 4
 P H O TO O F TH E MO N T H                                                                              APRIL 2011

Photographer:     Joseph Windolph                                                           Inside this issue:
Camera:           Sealife Reefmaster Mini                                                   Feature Article:        2
Medium:           Digital                                                                   Casino Point Perfect!
Location:         LABUE's 2008 club trip to Belize
                                                                                            President’s Message     2
Subject:          Pink Coral
                                                                                            Member’s Corner:        3
DIVE SAFETY MONTH                                                                           Palou & Truk Lagoon

BY RICHARD RICE                                                                             DWP VII                 5
As we prepare for upcoming Spring and Summer dive activities and tropical dive vaca-        Diver News              6
tions, our April focus is on Dive Safety. Join us at the Natural History Museum on April
12th for the LABUE General Membership Meeting featuring a program on Dive Safety.           New LABUE Website       7

The meeting will include a presentation by Brett Bovard, steering committee member for      Map & Directions        9
the May 4th Chamber Day/Evening fundraiser event being held at the Aquarium of the          To Meeting Location
Pacific. He will be discussing this upcoming event and the importance of the Catalina
                                                                                            Discover Scuba          10
Hyperbaric Chamber to the Southern California dive community. You won‟t want to miss
this informative meeting.                                                                   Membership App.         12

     Dedicated to Expanding the Knowledge and Enjoyment of Scuba Diving among African Americans
LABUE NEWS                                                                                                                       Page 2

                                                                                                           V O LU M E 1 6, IS S U E 4

  Summerlike weather and near per-          Reggie Brown and Lory Rodriguez.                            the   park‟s   several
fect California beach dive conditions       After a dive briefing by Lamont John-                       sunken boats that
welcomed LABUE divers on a March                                         son,     we                    serve as a habitat for
5th dive trip to Catalina Island‟s Casino                                were re-                       many of these crea-
Point dive park.                                                         minded                         tures. After complet-
                                                                         that it was                    ing our dives and
                                                                         still winter                   packing our gear, Carl-
                                                                         as we en-                      ton Jordan and his
                                                                         tered the      daughter Lauryn joined the group for
                                                                         cold     56    a casual lunch and welcome libations
                                            degree water. In spite of sand and          at our favorite Catalina restaurant,
                                            silt kicked up by the numerous divers       Antonio‟s, before returning to Long
                                            enjoying the site, visibility was good      Beach on the Catalina Express after a
                                            at 30+ ft..                                 rewarding winter‟s dive day in South-
                                            As       usual,                             ern California.
                                            Casino Point
                                            offered     an
   LABUE divers participating in this       abundance
monthly Beach Dive Committee activ-         of interesting
ity included Debora Ewing, Lamont           sea life in-
Johnson, David Robinson, Randy              cluding bat
Tillery, Richard Rice, Mike Dillard, and    rays, horned sharks, lobster, giant
Carlos Spivey. We were also pleased         sheep crab, and colorful red anem-
to welcome our newest member Lori           one; as well as the usual assortment
Atwater on her first LABUE dive activ-      of Garibaldi, halibut, sheephead, and
ity. Shore support was provided by          senorita fish. Divers also explored


                                            President, and At-Large Board Mem-          moting LABUE‟s continued success and
                                            bers Steve Scruggs, Joe Windolph,           facilitating the club‟s evolution into an
                                            Lamont Johnson, and Pat Williams.           active and self-sustaining dive club
                                            On behalf of all LABUE members, I           that will continue to function effec-
                                            would like to thank outgoing Board          tively and grow. I have been encour-
                                            Members Bob Simmons, Debora Ew-             aged by the success we have seen in
                                            ing, Sharlene Johnson, and Denise           these efforts over the last year. LA-
                                            Barker for their dedicated and unsel-       BUE‟s Bylaws have undergone a major
                                            fish service to LABUE as Board mem-         revision that encourages and facili-
                                            bers over many years.                       tates greater member involvement in
                                               It is clear that over the last 15        all aspects of running the club. The
                                            years, LABUE has played an impor-           LABUE News has been greatly ex-
                                            tant role in supporting the sport of        panded and enhanced, earning na-
                                            scuba diving in the Southern Califor-       tional recognition and readership. The
                                            nia dive community; and a critical          LABUE website has been revamped,
                                            role as the primary advocate and            providing a wealth of interesting new
                                            promoter of the sport in the African        content and useful features. Atten-
                                            American community, responsible for         dance at LABUE membership meetings
                                            hundreds of divers becoming certi-          has increased as we have focused on
                                            fied and continuing to actively par-        adding more interesting dive related
  After a long delay, we finally com-       ticipating in the sport. As I consider      program topics. We have seen a re-
pleted the LABUE election process,          the next two years, my personal ob-         cord number of Discover Scuba and
confirming Board Members for 2011 &         jective remains the same as I stated        Dive Refresher Course participants.
2012. The new Board will include Rich-      back in January 2010 when I agreed          Member interest and participation in
ard Rice-President, Tina Houston-Vice       to serve as LABUE‟s President; pro-                                 Continued on page 3
LABUE NEWS                                                                                                                    Page 3

                                                                                                        V O LU M E 1 6, IS S U E 4
Continued from page 2                      BY: RICHARD RICE

our beach dive activities has picked       GREETINGS FROM THE FROZEN                  Odyssey. We met some Canadians
up substantially. Our new Trip Plan-       NORTH:        DIVING PALAU AND             who had decided to a very similar trip
ning Committee has been busy orga-         TRUK LAGOON                                to us going to Truk and then on to
nizing, marketing, and making final           The following is an email I received    Palau but they employed the budget
arrangements for their first planned       from a great couple I met at the At-       plan - big mistake. The boat in Truk
warm water dive vacation to Grand          lantis Dive Resort in Dumaguete, Phil-     was full of roaches, terrible food, lim-
Cayman Island‟s East End later this        ippines in October 2009, while LABUE       ited fresh water, cramped and dirty
month. We have been successful at          members were enjoying their visit to       conditions etc. On the other hand,
promoting LABUE in local newspa-           the Atlantis Dive Resort in Puerto         we had a wonderful experience on the
pers with coverage of our Discover         Galera.                                    Odyssey, which is a superbly run
Scuba Program, participation in DWP           Clare and Brian Elwood live in Lon-     boat, very clean, great food and a
efforts to find the sunken slave ship      don Ontario, Canada. DonCosta Sea-         very congenial and professional crew.
Guerrero, and as advocates of the          well and I enjoyed daily dives with        Anyone with a sense of history could
NOAA sponsored Aquarius II educa-          them in Dumaguete and neighboring          not fail to be impressed by these
tional project designed to inspire and     islands of Apo and Siquijor. They are      wrecks and the detritus of war. We
educate youth in marine science            very experienced divers and were on        now know why the Japanese lost the
studies. In addition, member partici-      a two-month dive vacation to loca-         war, the evidence reveals thousands
pation in other activities including       tions in the Philippines and Pacific       of saki and beer bottles everywhere.
our Cozumel dive vacation, Catalina        islands. I thought LABUE members           If you want to dive this site and get
Hyperbaric Chamber Evening benefit,        would find their report on Truk and        the most out of it, I would suggest
Dive-Camp Weekend, and our sold-           Palau interesting and informative.         doing it in the next five years or so
out Holiday Dinner has been a very                                                    since they are beginning to show their
encouraging sign that LABUE is alive         “Hello Richard, Greetings from the       age. I think you would really have a
and well thanks to supportive mem-         Frozen North: We are back from Asia        wonderful time at Truk and enjoy it
bers. The new Board will continue to       and still feeling the effects of jet-lag   very much. The island, however, is
work to plan and promote this year‟s       but thought we'd like to put pen to        quite another matter with the worst
activities while making progress in        paper, so to speak, and let you know       poverty and the most desperate con-
our vital ongoing efforts to recruit       our evaluation of Truk and Palau.          ditions imaginable. Apparently the US
new members and retain existing              After we parted company, we went         gives twenty-five million in aid each
members.                                   off on the next leg of our journey on      year but it ends up in the pockets of
   Give me a call or send me an email      the Odyssey at Truk Lagoon. The            the five top families who, strangely
( to share your        best place to stay is the Blue Lagoon,     enough, now reside in Hawaii - truly
thoughts and ideas on how to make          which is pretty marginal but is ok for     an outrage.
LABUE a better dive club and to let        one night. This is a must do dive va-         Palau is a lovely spot and we stayed
me know how you can help us in             cation but only from a live aboard                              Continued on page 4
these efforts.                             and, from what we saw, only from the
                                                                                      BOAT DIVING?
ANNOUNCE YOUR DIVES ON THE WEB!                                                       If you decide to sign up for a boat
BY: STEHPHEN SCRUGGS                                                                  dive and you want a LABUE dive
  Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and           with the dive trip details to              buddy, please contact DonCosta Sea-
girls. Now you, yes you, can an-  and your         well at 909-593-1877 or don-
nounce your dive on the new and            posting will be reviewed and ap-  with your trip de-
improved LABUE website for the             proved for public posting.                 tails and he will convey that informa-
world to see. Do you need a beach            And to help you even more, send          tion to the club so that anyone who
dive buddy? Do you need a boat dive        an e-mail to          desires to join you will be aware.
buddy? Are you looking for someone         and your posting will be widely dis-
to dive with? Find that someone            seminated throughout our mailing list.
with the latest feature on our new           No more sitting on the couch won-
club website, the “Submit Dive Post-       dering who to call. Plan a dive outing
ing” function under the Member             with friends and let LABUE do the
Menu on the Home Page of the LA-           work for you. It‟s your club, it‟s your
BUE website.                               web site and it‟s your dive gear.
  It‟s new, it‟s easy and it‟s free. All   Use it!
you have to do is send an e-mail
LABUE NEWS                                                                                                                  Page 4

                                                                                                      V O LU M E 1 6, IS S U E 4

This year the scuba show will take place on June 4 and
June 5 at the Long Beach Convention Center located in
Long Beach, California. There will be many exhibitors
offering travel bargains and dive gear deals. There will
also be dozens of seminars offered, along with door prizes
and a continuous film festival. Don‟t forget to bring your
LABUE business cards with you to the event so that you
can easily spread the word about LABUE.

Continued from page 3

both before and after the dive boat at     marine world goes past as if in parade.    CHAMBER EVENING
the Palau Pacific Resort where Brian       The photographers loved this posture       BY SHARLENE JOHNSON
fell in love with the heated toilet with   since both hands were free to deal
heated jet sprays for cleansing, true      with the cameras. We stopped count-          This year‟s Chamber Evening will
decadence.       Like Truk, this place     ing sharks after a few minutes and         be held on Wednesday, May 4,
really has to be done on a live aboard     were mesmerized by this display of         2011, at 7:00 p.m. Like the years
since you would have from between          aquatic life streaming past us. This is    past, LABUE will be purchasing one
45 and 90 minutes of travel time in a      definitely a destination for you with      table to support this very important
small boat to the dive sites and there     photo opportunities that are truly         event. Act quickly to purchase your
is a lot of rain in Palau. We dove on      amazing. On this part of the trip, we      spot our Club table.
the Aggressor, which was definitely        shared the boat with a bunch from LA         This is our opportunity to support
the best boat there with great food        who proved to be demanding, high           our local chamber in the same
and was extremely well organized.          maintenance and extremely self-            manner thousands support their
The other Canadians chose to use the       involved, needless to say, we dove a       chambers in the many exotic desti-
Big Blue Explorer, which turned out to     lot and read a lot and had nothing in      nations our members visit every
be awful with broken air conditioning,     common with that group.                    year. The fundraiser is a wonderful
lack of water etc. We dove on Blue           I hope this helps you formulate fu-      opportunity to enjoy the Aquarium
Corner, which is touted as the worlds      ture dive trip plans. Hopefully, we will   of the Pacific in Long Beach while
best dive and without hesitation, yes      manage to dive together at some time       socializing with friends and dive
it is. We bought reef hooks on the         in the future and would love to join       buddies.
boat (a must) to do a lot of the dives,    you if you need a couple fill any free       The ticket includes night-time
as there are very strong currents.         spots on future trips.                     admission to the Aquarium and its‟
What they have you do is get to the          We also heard of some other great        exhibits, a sit-down dinner, and
edge of the reef overlooking a fairly      spots to dive from those we met:           raffle tickets. Ticket cost is $90.
deep channel with a ripping current,       Oman, Komoto Dancer Bali, and the          Please e-mail Sharlene Johnson for
hook in with your hook, which is at-       Dancers in Papua New Guinea and            additional information and to make
tached to the bc, inflate the bc and       Maldives. We will keep in touch.           your        reservation          at
voila, you are now a human kite in the                                      
current. From this vantage point, the                               Clare Elwood”
LABUE NEWS                                                                                                                 Page 5

                                                                                                     V O LU M E 1 6, IS S U E 4
DWP VII - Search for Sunken Slave Ship Continues

  The 2011 edition of „Diving With a      club trip and had to cancel their enroll-   then be downloaded for analysis by
Purpose‟ (DWP VII) is scheduled for       ment.                                       trained archeologists who will try
the week of May 1st – 7th in Key Bis-        Never fear, I am here. I will be par-    and identify the ship based on clues
cayne National Park. If that date         ticipating during week one in this po-      found hidden in the sand. If the
sounds familiar it‟s because that‟s the   tentially historic undertaking and re-      Guerrero is found, history will be
same date as the LABUE club trip to       porting back on the results. The theory     made. The first sunken slave ship
the Cayman Islands. Normally there        proposed by Gail Swanson in her book        with slaves known to have perished
would a second week of DWP VII but        „Slave Ship Guerrero‟ on the location of    on board will have been located
due to government budget cuts, the        the Guerrero‟s remains will be explored     and a very important piece of
program had to be scaled down to          and will determine where the search         American history will have been
one week which of course is sold out.     will be concentrated during DWP VII.        identified.
Therefore those LABUE members who         Divers will be documenting ship wreck         Look for my post-dive article in
would have been participating in          sites using the basics of underwater        May and also check out our special
„week two‟ of DWP could not change        archeology: Trilateration mapping and       section on slave ships, DWP and
their option to „week one‟ due to the     In-Sutu drawing. All collected data will    Gail Swanson at

                      CHECK OUT THE LABUE STORE

 Look great on the boat or beach with official LABUE apparel including T-shirts, Polo
 Shirts, and Baseball Caps. T-shirts and Baseball Caps are in stock and are available in
 most sizes at $20 each. Check out the LABUE Store at to place your or-
 der, or you may purchase items at the monthly membership meeting.
LABUE NEWS                                                                                                                  Page 6

                                                                                                      V O LU M E 1 6, IS S U E 4

   The Discover Scuba program is de-      perience the thrill of scuba diving. If
signed to give the participants a         you would like to find out how easy
chance to experience the thrill of        it really is to become a certified
scuba diving. The Instructor, George      scuba diver, please come and join us
Linares, and his assistants will guide    at Pacific Wilderness on April 16,
you through some                                             2011 from 9:00
of the basics on                                             a.m. until 1:00
scuba diving and                                             p.m. The address
the use of the                                               is 1719 South Pa-
equipment in a                                               cific Avenue, San
classroom environ-                                           Pedro,    California
ment. If you so de-                                          90731. The dive
sire, the dive pro-                                          shop's phone num-
fessionals will help                                         ber is (310) 833-
you have your first                                          2422. If you're
experience of                                                interested, please
breathing underwa-                                           contact    George
ter in the safe and warm confines of a    Linares at 661.547.4010 (cell) or
heated indoor pool! The cost is only      661.729.6626 (home) to reserve
$15 per person (all participants MUST     your spot.
already know how to swim).                  We love this stuff and would be
Discover Scuba is safe, easy and the      happy to explain all the options avail-
most fun you have had in the water        able to you to get you underwater to
since your childhood years. It's the      experience all the excitement of
most convenient way we know to ex-        scuba diving!

                                         DIVER NEWS
                                         New Members                                                ~~~
                                         Lori Atwater
                                         Keenon Adamson                             These past members are missing in
                                                                                    action. If you know of their where-
                                         Renewing Members                           abouts, please inform Tina Houston,
                                         Calvin Berry                               Membership Chair, at
                                         Eric and Myra Shepherd                     (213) 359-2131.
                                         Salim Jordan
                                         Joe Windolph                                      HAVE YOU SEEN US?
                                         Clifton and Pat Williams
                                         James Wiley                                1. Phillip Samuels
                                         Randy Tillery                              2. Drosa Seranton
                                                                                    3. Marianne Sicard
                                         Lifetime Members                           4. Darryl Smith
                                         Quinal Johnson                             5. Huey Peter Stanley
                                         Sonny Hill                                 6. Shirley Staten
                                         Lori Morrish                               7. Wilma Walker
                                         Christopher Ricks                          8. Randolph Ward
                                         Jay Morgan                                 9. B.J. Weathersby
                                                                                    10. Siri Weich
                                          It’s that time of year! Renew
                                          your membership before April                              ~~~
                                         30, 2011 and receive your 2011
                                                                                    Know of any member Certification
                                                  LABUE Bucks!!
                                                                                    announcements? Please notify Deb-
                                                                                    ora Ewing at
                                                                                                                       Page 7

NEW LABUE WEBSITE                                                                                  V O LU M E 1 6, IS S U E 4


  In 1997 LABUE was licking stamps, putting them on an eight page newsletter and sending it out to club members
across the country. It was a wonderful newsletter filled with interesting articles about our club dive trips locally and
around the world including various articles on activities and social functions too numerous to mention and it was the
resulting seed of hard work and countless hours of volunteer labor.
  Now flash forward to 2011. LABUE has been launched into the world of cyberspace with a website reaching out to
club members, students, divers, filmmakers, writers and anyone who ever turned on a computer. The website offers
aesthetics such as stunning digital photography from our members and a colorful introductory home page that pulls visi-
tors right in.
  Since its introduction only a few months ago, the revamped LABUE website has been directly responsible for at least
three new members and a noticeable increase in guest attendance at club meetings. There have been an increasing
number of visitors to our website and we have received numerous compliments on the its quality. We have been receiv-
ing similar feedback on our expanded LABUE Newsletter which has benefitted from the additional website exposure.
There have also been inquiries from documentary filmmakers seeking LABUE members as subjects for their projects.

For „non-member‟ public viewers, our MENU options consist of the following topics:
        “Latest News & Activities”
        “Annual Dive Trip”
        “Archived Newsletters”
        “Crossword Answers” (answers to our newsletter puzzle)
        “Discover SCUBA”
        “Other Dive Related Sites” (website listings)
        “Diving With a Purpose” (info on the historical search for a sunken slave ship)
        “Calendar of Upcoming Events” (with maps and driving directions)

For our „members‟ the website offers the options listed above and more:
        “Members Home Page” (contains club sensitive information)
        “Latest Member News” (club elections, etc.)
        “Board Meeting Minutes”
        “General Meeting Minutes”
        “Forum” (under consideration)
        “Polls and Surveys”
        “Officers and Committees”
        “Submit Dive Posting” (members advertising boat/beach dives-see related article)
        “Unsubscribe” (option to unsubscribe from receipt of e:mail)
        “My Profile” (personal info viewable by members only – optional)
        “My Account” (personal info viewable by members only – optional)

These are the fruits of a seed planted in 1997 by club members whose continuing mission has been to make LABUE the
number one dive club in the country. Websites of this quality are not easy and thanks to Francois Desamours we have
created a cyberspace ship in which we can seek out new life and new civilizations….. to boldly go where no club has
gone before.
                                                                              Page 8

                                                          V O LU M E 1 6, IS S U E 4


Assortment of dive equipment in good condition for sale at bargain
prices. Items include 2-buoyancy compensators, 2-regulators, 3-
wetsuits, weight belt, mask, fins, snorkel, dive computer, dive light,
35mm underwater camera, aluminum 80 cylinder, dive gear bags, and
much more.
   For more information and pricing, contact Kim Fuller at
LABUE NEWS                                                                                                                      Page 9

                                                                                                          V O LU M E 1 6, IS S U E 4
LABUE is offering newsletter ads for nominal prices. The price structure          Meetings
is as follows:                                                                    The LABUE meetings are held the second
          $15 for a quarter page ad (per month);                                  Tuesday of every Month at 7:00 PM in the
          $20 for a half page ad (per month);                                     Times Mirror Room at the Natural History
          $30 for a full page ad (per month).                                     Museum in Los Angeles.
If you‟re interested in purchasing an ad, please contact Debora Ewing at          Directions
(310) 284-4556.                                                                   The Natural History Museum is located in
                                                                                  Exposition Park, at 900 Exposition Boule-
PHOTO OF THE MONTH                                                                vard between Vermont Avenue and Figue-
                                                   Reminder: Please e-mail        roa Street.
                                                   your photos for the
                                                   “Photo of the Month”           Due to Metro line work on Exposition
                                                   contest. You just may          Blvd., and museum construction on
                                                   see your photo on the          the Exposition side of the Museum,
                                                   cover of an upcoming           the Museum offers some helpful tips
                                                   edition of the LABUE           for driving to minimize your incon-
                                                   News!     Please e-mail        venience:
                                                   photos for consideration
                                                   to        From the 110 (Harbor) Freeway, take
                                                   as soon as possible!           the Martin Luther King Boulevard exit and
                                                                                  head west towards Vermont Avenue.
                                                                                  Turn right (north) on Menlo Avenue.
                                                                                  Make a left into Exposition Park
UPCOMING EVENTS 2011                                                              Lot 3.
April 12, 2011 -- LABUE‟s Meeting of the General Membership - 7:00 PM
April 16, 2011 -- Discover Scuba - 9:00 AM - Pacific Wilderness Dive Shop
                                                                                  Please visit the Museum website for more
April 26, 2011 -- LABUE‟s Board Meeting - 6:00 PM
                                                                                  information at
April 30 - May 7, 2011 -- Club Trip - Cayman Islands
May 1, 2011 -- Beach Dive - 9:00 AM - Woods Cove
May 4, 2011 -- Chamber Evening - 7:00 PM - Aquarium of the Pacific

BOARD OF DIRECTORS      Joe Windolph                   Internet Administrator
                        (818) 209-2504                 Francois Desamours
                                                       (703) 463-6857
Richard Rice            COMMITTEES
(323) 299-3798                                         Website Editor
                        Membership                     Steve Scruggs
Vice President          Tina Houston (Interim)         (310) 795-0851
Tina Houston            (213) 359-2131
(213) 359-2131                                         Program Committee
                        Ways & Means                   Open
Treasurer               Debora Ewing
Open                    (310) 284-4556                 Technical Dive Committee
Secretary               Beach Dive
Open                    Joe Windolph                   Youth Committee
                        (818) 209-2504                 Joe Windolph
Members at Large                                       (818) 209-2504
Lamont Johnson          Boat Dive
(310) 387-8193          DonCosta Seawell               Newsletter Staff:
                        (909) 593-1877                 Richard Rice - Publisher
Steve Scruggs                                          Debora Ewing - Editor
(310) 795-0851          Dive Events &                                                  Parking Lot 3
                        Trip Planning                  (310) 284-4556
                                                       Sharlene Johnson -              Entrance at South West corner. Look for
DonCosta Seawell        Tina Houston (Interim)
                                                       Production Manager              security guard shed behind covered chain
(909) 593-1877          (213) 359-2131
                                                       Staff Writers -                 link fence.
Patricia Williams       Dive Training & Safety          Steve Scruggs
(619) 459-0944          George Linares (Interim)        Dangil Jones
                                                                                    Contact Us:
                                                                                    PO Box 90069, Los Angeles, CA 90009
HOW ARE WE DOING? We would love to hear your comments, critiques or
suggestions. Please e-mail Debora Ewing at the following e-mail address and         Phone/Fax: (323) 299-3798
your voice will be heard:                                      Email:
                                                                                    Web Site:
                  Scuba diving is something to be shared and the
                Los Angeles Black Underwater Explorers
                             would like to introduce you to …

 This DISCOVER SCUBA Program is designed to briefly introduce individuals to a new world and to
help prepare non-divers for a dive training certification program (this is not a certification program).
  Certified divers will be available to answer questions and provide support throughout the entire
  Program. Participants interested in training for certification can discuss concerns with program
                                   leader. Featured components are:

                     Introduction to the world of S C U B A and equipment review
               (optional) Pool session with certified divers (bring swimsuit, drying towel)
                                        (optional) dive shop tour

                 WHEN: Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ 9:00 A.M. until Noon
    WHERE: PACIFIC WILDERNESS 1719 So Pacific Ave.; San Pedro 90731 (310) 833 2422
        COST: $15.00 per person in attendance (NO SIT-INS—guardians exempt)

                              Call 661 729 6626 to sign-up
                                          DISCOVER SCUBA

Name _______________________________ Birth Date ______________

Address _________________City _________State ______Zip ________

Day Ph # ____________Eve Ph # ___________Cell Ph #____________

E-address ____________________ Referred by ___________________

Amount                  $15.00              ** Make check payable to LABUE
                                              (check all that are applicable)
      < > I am a good swimmer       < > I am comfortable in the ocean
                         < > I have snorkeled before
                  < > I am ready to enroll in a training class
< > I currently do not have any physical health and/or other condition issues
                                            (if so, please see Program Leader)

I __________________, hereby agree to participate in the Los Angeles Black Underwater Explorers’ (LABUE) DISCOVER
SCUBA Program and agree to abide by all club rules. I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating with full knowl-
edge of the potential dangers of scuba and dive-related activities. In consideration of my application acceptance, I agree
to assume all risks of bodily injury, death or property damage; arising out of or in connection with my participation in
LABUE activities. I also agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless LABUE and their members and officers
from any liability arising out of or in connection with my participating in LABUE activities. I further agree that this re-
lease and indemnification is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the laws of the State of California. I
have carefully read this release and fully understand its contents. I sign this release of my own free will with full knowl-
edge of its significance.

_____________________________           __________________________
     *Participant’s Signature                   Today’s Date
                                              *Guardian’s Signature
                          * - guardian’s signature required for participants under 19 yrs of age
                           P.O. BOX 90069, LOS ANGELES, CA 90009
                                 (323) 299-3798 (Phone and Fax)
                             MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                        For the Year _______

General Information:
Name:                                                         Birthdate:
City:                                         State:                  Zip:
Day Phone:                                    Evening Phone:
Fax:                                   E-Mail:
Referred By:
Emergency Contact Name:

Certification Information:
Year First Certified:    No. of Dives         Date of Last Dive:        o Warm Water o Beach o

Agency Certification

Diving Preferences: o Beach Dives o Boat Dives o Warm Water Dives
Amount: $30.00 o Individual Membership o New o Renewal
$45.00 o Family Membership o New o Renewal
$300.00 o Lifetime Individual
$450.00 o Lifetime Family
Please make checks payable to: “Los Angeles Black Underwater Explorers” or “LABUE”

I                                      , hereby apply for membership in the Los Angeles Black Un-
derwater Explorers (LABUE) and agree to abide by all club rules, I acknowledge that I will be vol-
untarily participating in LABUE events with full knowledge of the potential dangers of scuba div-
ing and diving related activities. In consideration of your acceptance of this application and my
membership in LABUE, I agree to assume all risks of bodily injury, death or property damage, aris-
ing out of or in connection with my participation in LABUE activities. I also agree to release, in-
demnify and hold harmless LABUE and their members and officers from any liability arising out of
or in connection with my participation in LABUE activities. I further agree that this release and
indemnification is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the laws of the State of
California. I have carefully read this release and fully understand its contents. I sign this release of
my own free will and with full knowledge of its significance.

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