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					Stars who were bullied and quiz

It is surprising to think that celebrities who have great music, sports and film careers
and seem to ooze confidence were once bullied, but bullying can happen to anyone –
it’s your reaction that is important. A lot of these stars wish they had spoken up
sooner and advise this as well as taking part in activities that will boost your self-

Mischa Barton
Tom Cruise
Angelina Jolie
Jessica Simpson
Christina Aguilera
Eva Mendes
Winona Ryder
Chad Michael Murray
Victoria Beckham
Kristen Stewart
Christian Bale
Lady Gaga
Megan Fox
Robert Pattinson
Kate Winslet
Emma Watson
Bill Clinton
Sandra Bullock
Prince Harry
Michael Phelps
Chris Rock
Pierce Brosnan
Tiger Woods
Chris Colfer
Demi Lovato
Fred Durst
Jessica Alba
Taylor Swift
Taylor Lautner

See if you can guess which stars are being talked about here…

1.This bloodthirsty star was called Bella in a series of films about vampires?
2.His name has been Bond, James Bond as well as recently starring in Mamma Mia?
3.Playing golf to a world class standard this sports star has a feline name?
4.Being an American president is a tough job….
5.This famous English actress has sailed on the titanic?
6.Wacky outfits and a unique on stage persona belong to a music star that was “born
this way?”
7.This Olympian is more at home in the water than on land?
8.Having recently had a proposal this American actress is also very congenial?
9.Singing, dancing and being full of glee is the name of the game for this actor?
10.Harry Potter has some good pals; this young lady is one of them?

Well done, hope you enjoyed that. Now scroll down for the answers…

Answers –
1.Kristen Stewart
2.Pierce Brosnan
3.Tiger Woods
4.Bill Clinton
5.Kate Winslet
6.Lady Gaga
7.Michael Phelps
8.Sandra Bullock
9.Chris Colfer
10.Emma Watson

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