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									                                     The   Island Vegetarian
                                     Vegetarian Society of Hawaii Quarterly Newsletter

SUPPORTING HUMAN HEALTH, ANIMAL RIGHTS, AND ECOLOGY                                   VOL. 18, ISSUE 3, JUL – SEP 2007

        William Harris, M.D.
        John McDougall, M.D.
        Animal Rights Corner
                                           Hens rescued
                                               by Laurelee Blanchard
   ·    Calendar of Events                     VSH Board member
   ·    Reviews

                                           M       aui Fresh Eggs, a 100,000-hen egg factory, closed about two months
                                                   ago. Before it closed, I made a plea to other animal advocates on the
                                           island to adopt as many chickens as possible and save them from being need-
                                           lessly killed on the final day of operation. These creatures had pitifully miser-
Public Lectures*                           able lives, as do all hens used in commercial egg production operations. Their

       Tue., July 10th, 7 p.m.
  Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse

        JOHN KELLY, M.D.
                                              T      his study has rein-
                                                        forced the well-
                                                        known fact that
         BASED NUTRITION”                     “skinning your chicken”
      Tue., August 14th, 7 p.m.                  and “drinking low fat
  Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse               milk” is inconsequential.

        STEVE BLAKE, Sc.D.
       “VITAMINS & MINERALS                Maui activists rescued 46 hens from a defunct Maui egg factory. Photo left to
           DEMYSTIFIED”                    right: Marta Greenleaf, Catherine Blake, Laurelee Blanchard, and Bill
                                           Greenleaf. Not pictured: Steve Blake and Brook Simmonds.
    Tue., September 11th, 7 p.m.
  Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse
                                           days and nights were spent crammed together inside battery cages too small
                                           for them to move freely or even to spread their wings. To prevent fighting in-
                                           juries caused by stress-induced aggression, egg industry workers sliced off the
                                           tips of the birds’ beaks using hot irons. Beaks contain nerve endings, and the
                                           de-beaking procedure is extremely painful. After de-beaking some birds are
                *See page 10
           for more information                                                                        (See Rescued on page 19)
        and for Maui meeting dates.
The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007                                                                                Page 1
                            PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                    by Alida Rutchick, M.Ed.

    The Island Vegetarian                     G     reetings.

                                                       A visiting friend recently brought me a selection of newspaper articles
   The Island Vegetarian is published         highlighting vegetarian and vegan activities in my home state of Massachusetts.
 quarterly by and for the members of the      One wrote of a vegan fashion consultant; it was headlined: “Vegan fashion is no
     Vegetarian Society of Hawaii.            longer an oxymoron…” The consultant, Ginger Burr, described as a “smashing
             P.O. Box 23208                   fashion plate,” works out of Lynn, MA and charges $160 for a two-hour consul-
         Honolulu, HI 96823-3208              tation. She refers women to sources of cruelty-free clothing such as ve-
          808-944-VEGI (8344)       ,,, and (which
                        uses 100% biodegradable bamboo jersey and where it is alleged that stars Terri
                             Hatcher and VSH speaker Alicia Silverstone shop). (Note that VSH hasn’t
                       evaluated these places—if anyone does, please let us know your findings!). Dis-
                                              appointingly, even this expert has difficulty finding vegan shoes. She recom-
                                              mends PayLess, DSW,, and Lord & Taylor. Well, that’s a start.
                                              Again, if our readers have any other tips, please pass those along to us. Other
          Visit our website for a
                                              Massachusetts articles spoke of a vegan skin care line and a mainstream bakery
             restaurant guide,
                                              where 20% of the menu is vegan. In Hawaii this month I read of a state-
         TV and meeting schedules,
           newsletter archives,               sponsored project at KTA Supermarket on the Big Island—the Community
                 and more.                    Grocery Store Project—that promotes eating more fruits and veggies. Funded in
                                              part by the USDA’s food stamp program, the program is expected to be avail-
                                              able in the future to any store that wishes to participate. In KTA stores there are
                                              signs and jingles promoting different fruits, recipes, sales on featured produce,
            Board of Directors                and food demonstrations and sampling. This is a part of our Department of
                                              Health’s Start Living Healthy program, which also includes encouragement to
   President:   Alida Rutchick, M.Ed.         exercise and quit smoking.
   Vice Pres:   Jim Brown                              If you’ve already skimmed through this issue of The Island Vegetarian,
   Secretary:   William Harris, M.D.          you may have noticed page 17, a photo record of our activities on Kauai.
   Treasurer:   Mel Hertz, M.B.A., CFP®       Thanks in large part to our incredibly creative and dedicated vice president Jim
   Directors:   Laurelee Blanchard            Brown, who moved to Kauai last year, we have an enthusiastic and growing
                Patrick Moore                 program there. VSH Board members Bill Harris, M.D. and Karl Seff, Ph.D. are
                Karl Seff, Ph.D.              scheduled to speak in the near future, and we’re working on making DVDs of
                                              some of the Oahu/Maui speakers available as well.
                                                       And lastly, I am happy to announce the election of long-time volunteer
          Newsletter Committee                Patrick Moore to our Board. Patrick has served in various capacities
                Jim Brown                     faithfully for as long as I can remember. His duties now include internet
           William Harris, M.D.               secretary, postal liaison, literature table coordinator, and, most recently
          Alida Rutchick, M.Ed.               added to his portfolio, coordinator of volunteers. He has been and is an
                                              invaluable part of our team. We also welcome Lian Kwok, real estate agent, to
                                              our volunteer ranks as assistant volunteer coordinator. If you have attended the
                                              past two or so monthly VSH meetings, you will have seen Lian helping to man
                                              the reception table and coordinating the serving of refreshments after the meet-
                   Mahalo                     ing. We look forward to Lian’s increasing involvement with our organization.
           to all our volunteers!

Page 2                                                                                       The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007
                      SCIENCE CORNER
                          by William Harris, MD, VSH founding Board member

                                        health, Public Health Sciences Depart-       was involved in the [Am J Cardiol arti-
Fish Story                              ment, John A. Burns School of Medi-          cle], citing many [other] peer-reviewed
                                        cine. http://starbulletin.                   articles recommending fish as a health-

“D         ata supporting the inverse
           correlation of fish or long-
chain omega-3 fatty acid (FA)
                                             PCRM (Physicians Committee for
                                        Responsible Medicine) got into the act
                                                                                     ful substitute for meat, on the basis of
                                                                                     its high omega-3 content.
                                                                                          However, there’s not much to sup-
(eicosapentaenoic acid plus docosahex- at                  port the widespread nutritionist’s folly

aenoic acid)                                                       release070431.    that fish (and chicken) are healthy sub-
supplement con-
sumption and                here’s not much                        html with a
                                                                   picture of one
                                                                                     stitutes for other meat. All animal
                                                                                     source foods, and no plant source
coronary heart
disease are in-                to support the                      of the authors
                                                                   (Amy Lanou)
                                                                                     foods, contain measurable amounts of
                                                                                     cholesterol, the tough enzymatically
conclusive and
may be con-           widespread nutrition-                        and the head-
                                                                   line, “New
                                                                                     indestructible four-carbon ring mole-
                                                                                     cule that reinforces animal cell, but not
founded by
other dietary            ist’s folly that fish                     Study in
                                                                                     plant cell, membranes and coinciden-
                                                                                     tally delights in plugging up human
and lifestyle fac-
tors...our find-          (and chicken) are                        Journal of Car-
                                                                   diology Chal-
                                                                                          So what other factors indicate that
ings provide
evidence that        healthy substitutes for                       lenges Belief
                                                                   that Fish Con-
                                                                                     the fish world, at least, really is flat?
                                                                                          Using USDA data and software
associations ob-
served in studies                other meats.                      sumption Re-
                                                                   duces Risk of
                                                                                     (N-Squared Computing. Nutritionist
                                                                                     III, v4.5 Salem OR, 1988), I deter-
suggesting a                                                       Coronary          mined that 45 fish averaged out at
benefit of fish or long-chain omega-3 Heart Disease.”                                ~70% of Calories from protein. Hu-
FAs may be due to a convergence of           Retorted IntraFish (the fishing in-     mans only require ~10%. Fish also has
greater fish intakes with an overall    dustry media corporation), www.              the highest content of methionine and
healthier dietary pattern rather than      cystine of any of 10 categories of food,
with a specific effect of long-chain    ece, “The Earth is Flat, I Tell You,” on     and these are the amino acids that me-
omega-3 FAs.” Am J Cardiol. 2007        May 14: (requires password!). They           tabolize to sulfate, that drags serum
May 1;99(9):1230-3. Relation of         rightly alleged that some speculation        calcium out, as a buffer, into the urine.
omega-3 Fatty Acid intake to                                                               The lost serum calcium is replen-
other dietary factors known to                                                             ished by bone calcium, increasing
reduce coronary heart disease                                                              the risk for osteoporosis.Fish also
risk. Cundiff DK, Lanou AJ, Nigg                                                           has the highest content of his-
CR.                                                                                        tidine of the 10 food categories,
     Paraphrased: Fish eaters con-                                                         and this amino acid degrades by
sume more fiber-laden fruits and                                                           bacterial action to histamine,
vegetables than do meat-eaters.                                                            which probably explains why
     “It’s because fish-eaters                                                             emergency physicians see so
aren’t eating red meat and other                                                           many cases of hives and other al-
things that aren’t good for you,”
says Claudio R. Nigg, associate
professor of social behavioral                                                              (See Science corner on page 18)

The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007                                                                                  Page 3
Akamai shopping
for healthy
    by Scott Snarr, VSH member and
    Han-Wen Chang

A       lot of people we know avoid
       natural foods stores because of
their reputation for higher prices. We
noticed that there is often a big differ-

ence in prices from store to store, but
that it was not always the natural foods
stores that were the more expensive.
We wanted to examine this more
closely and find out who really had the
best deals. So we set out on a major
price shopping spree to investigate.
     First we selected over a dozen             * Highest price found among all stores.
                                                ** Ratio = highest/lowest recorded prices.
items to price, mostly ones that seemed         All prices were recorded from May 13 to 30, 2007.
to vary from store to store. We skipped
fresh produce, with the exceptions of       pare it with the amount that you pay.     ·             How much do you pay for goji ber-
spinach and sprouts, because of the         While looking at the prices, it’s good                  ries? We found them for as low as
constant price fluctuations. Then we        to keep in mind that VSH members re-                    $3.50/lb. in Chinatown at Pacific
visited about two dozen stores on           ceive 5% and 10% discounts at Down                      Hawaii Trading, Inc. Other shops
Oahu, including supermarkets, variety       to Earth and Huckleberry Farms, re-                     in Chinatown and Palama Market
stores, natural food stores, and inde-      spectively. Here are some shopping                      also carry them for a reasonable
pendent shops, recording the lowest         tips based on the highlights of our find-               price.
prices we could find. We excluded           ings:                                     ·             Hummus varies not so much in
wholesale stores like Costco and Sam’s                                                              price as in quality. Buy it fresh at
Club. Altogether, we recorded about         ·     Buying brown rice in a 5- or 10-
                                                                                                    Down to Earth or Kokua Market
250 prices. The table shows the lowest            pound bag may be cheaper than
                                                                                                    and avoid the nasty preservatives.
and highest recorded prices for each              buying it in bulk.
                                                                                              ·     Buy your rolled oats at the bulk
product. (See the footnotes for the lo-     ·     Natural foods stores have the best
                                                                                                    bins in the natural foods stores or
cations of most of the stores.)                   deals on dried fruit in their bulk
                                                                                                    Foodland for a fraction of the cost
     Of course, we don’t expect you to            sections. And unlike most pack-
drive from store to store in order to             aged brands, it’s unsulfured and
save pennies on an item. You can,                 doesn’t have added sugar and col-                                    (continued on page 5)
however, use this information to com-             ors.

Page 4                                                                                              The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007
(Continued from rom page 4)
                                             Vegan tidbits
     of the round containers sold in su-
                                                 by Scott Snarr
                                                 VSH member
·    Get freshly ground peanut butter
     from the machines at the natural                                                    On TV…
                                             New Shops for Health Food Junkies

     foods stores. It’s not only far
                                                   he Austin-based natural foods
     cheaper than the branded contain-
                                                   chain Whole Foods Market is ex-
     ers, but it also comes without                                                              “Vegetarian”
                                             pected to open its first Hawaii store at
     added sugars, salt, and hydrogen-
                                             Kahala Mall early next year. The store            View VSH lectures.
     ated oils.
                                             will occupy the 26,000-square foot
·    Take advantage of occasional sales                                                  Oahu—Oceanic Cable Ch. 52
                                             space recently vacated by Star Market.
     on soymilk to get it at prices lower                                                    Thurs. 6-7 p.m.*
                                             Whole Foods is also constructing a
     than what’s reported here.                                                          *You can also watch the shows
                                             67,000 square foot store in Ward Vil-
·    Save about 50% on spinach by            lage Shops that should open later next      online at 6 p.m. on Thursdays by
     buying it by the bunch rather than      year.                                       going to and clicking on
     by the bag. If you insist on organic,   Source: http://starbulletin.                “Oahu Channel 52.”
     get a 12-oz. bunch at Foodland for      com/2007/05/30/news/story01.html
     $3.19.                                                                              Maui—Calabash Cable Ch. 52
·    The cheapest sprouts are found at       Chicken Thief Unapologetic                    Tues. 8-9 p.m.
     Celestial Natural Foods, Long’s         Thirty-five-year-old vegetarian Michal        Weds. 6:30-7:30 a.m.
     Drugs, Don Quijote, and Safeway.        Kolesar of the Czech Republic has             Maui schedule is at
     Look for Taro brand rather than         saved the lives of at least 74 hens since
                                             August of last year by stealing them        Big Island—Na Leo O Hawaii
     LonePalm Farm.                                                                          Cable Ch. 54, Sat. 2-3 p.m.
·    Dry vegetarian meat is hard to          from large-scale farms. He is willing to
     find. Buy it at Phuoc Loc Tho or        be punished by the law, insisting that      Kauai—Hoike Cable Ch. 52
     Hong’s Grocery for about half the       “the saved lives are more [important]          Kauai schedule is at
     price of the competition.               than fines or prison.” See www.realita.
·    Do you do any baking? You’ll be         tv to watch the videos.
                                                                                             “McDougall, M.D.”
     happy to know that Down to Earth
                                             en/86/czech_national_news/6609/                 Check your local listings.
     and Kokua Market sell dry active
     yeast for $4.79/lb. and $5.29/lb.,Unusual Place for a Vegan Meal
     respectively. That works out to   If you’re going to have a run-in with
     about 1/16 the cost of the packetsthe law, do it in Vancouver, Canada.
     sold in other stores!             In an attempt to be more culturally sen-
Note:                                  sitive, the Vancouver jail has begun               Radio
Celestial Natural Foods: 66-443 Kame-  offering vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and
    hameha Hwy., Haleiwa               halal meals to pre-remand prisoners.
Down To Earth Natural Foods: Honolulu, Source:                         “Healing & You”
     Kailua, Pearlridge, Kahului, and        theprovince/news/story.html?id=b62f17c8-          Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D.
     Makawao                                 b2e3-4a6c-bab6-c312bd6ef8c8&k=25552                Dr. Diane Nomura
Hong Kong Market: Hotel & Maunakea                                                             Terry Shintani, M.D.
     Sts., Honolulu                          No More Horsing Around
Hong’s Grocery: 170 N. King St., Hono-       Domestic commercial horse meat may                 Sundays: 8-9 p.m.
     lulu                                    become a thing of the past as Illinois             K108 — AM 1080
Huckleberry Farms: 1613 Nuuanu Ave.,         lawmakers force the closure of the na-            Call-in line: 524-1080
     Honolulu                                tion’s last horse slaughterhouse. This
Lifestream Natural Foods: 702 Kapahulu       will be the third such plant to shut
     Ave., Honolulu                                                                             “Health Talk”
                                             down this year. Last year in the U.S.                Hosted by Hesh
Pacific Hawaii Trading, Inc.: 925 Mau-       over 100,000 horses were slaughtered
     nakea St. #C-1, Honolulu                                                                   Saturdays: 8-9 a.m.
                                             for meat.
Phuoc Loc Tho: 1123 Kapahulu Ave.,                                                              K108 — AM 1080
     Honolulu                                Source:
                                             meatingplace_content.asp?                         Call-in line: 524-1080
The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007                                                                                     Page 5
                                          two reasons. One (the dairies) is de-     Even with all these monetary infu-
Local slaughter-                          funct and the second (pigs) only sur-     sions and lease and loan breaks, HLC
                                          vives with the infusion of mainland       is foundering, but the Department of
house wastes                              pigs. The following illustrates how       Agriculture (DoA) maintains pub-
                                          nearsighted the legislature was in ap-    licly that livestock agriculture is a
millions of                               proving the $10 million of our tax        vital component of the state econ-

taxpayer dollars                          monies: Oahu’s two remaining dair-
                                          ies will be history by summer’s end,
                                                                                    omy! Something smells-and it’s not
                                                                                    the abandoned manure lagoons. The
                                          and local pig farmers cannot meet the     recent report by University of Hawaii
     by Cathy Goegell
                                          demand for pork, so thousands of          dairy extension specialist Chin Lee
     VSH member
                                          pigs are transported from Canada just     that locally produced milk contains

                                          to be slaughtered. Such is the vision     higher levels of bacteria than
    n 1999 Animal Rights Hawaii
                                          of the bureaucrats and politicians        mainland milk contradicts claims by
    (ARH) filed suit against the state,
                                          who decide how to spend our money.        DoA that local milk is healthier. That
Farmers’ Livestock Cooperative, and
                                              The Kalaeloa slaughterhouse is        claim was used earlier this year when
Palama Meat Co. in an unsuccessful
                                          hardly thriving. Correspondence ac-       the industry, hand in hand with DoA,
attempt to stop the

                                                          quired by ARH under       came to the legislature demanding
building of a new abat-
toir and a processing                   ocally pro- the Uniform Informa-            money because it couldn’t make a
facility funded by a ten                duced milk tion Practices Act
                                                          document that Sandra
                                                                                    profit. The legislature, so generous
                                                                                    with our money, in response gave
million dollar loan ap-
proved by the legisla-           contains higher Kunimoto, Chair of the             away six million dollars to offset
ture and signed by then       levels of bacteria Board of Agriculture,
                                                          has expressed concern
                                                                                    feed and transport costs. Unless the
                                                                                    public says “enough” and demands
Governor Cayetano.
The loan was to have               than mainland about its viability, that          accountability from the legislature
been guaranteed by
                                                milk. it is unable tocattle,
                                                          modate local
                                                                                    and the administration and until
                                                                                    members of the board of agriculture
Palama Meat, which,
                                                          and states that it is     who are engaged in livestock agricul-
after building a huge factory at
                                          “struggling.” Ms. Kunimoto went on        ture recuse themselves from voting
Campbell Industrial Park, declared
                                          to say that the future of the North       on issues relating to their own busi-
bankruptcy in 2004. The company
                                          Shore Cattle Company will depend          nesses, we shall continue to be the
was then sold to a mainland corpora-
                                          on the Kalaeloa facility. This is as-     unwilling benefactors of the cruel,
tion. The transformation of the de-
                                          tounding!                                 wasteful, environmentally catastro-
crepit buildings at the defunct mar-
                                              Not only are the swine and dairy      phic racket of murdering animals.
shaling/feedlot on Olai St. lagged,
                                          component foundering, but this ten
and even though the abattoir is now                                                 Cathy Goeggel is director of research
                                          million dollar boondoggle is unable       and investigations for Animal Rights Ha-
functioning, the facility looks much
                                          to adequately service the small beef      waii.
as it did before the generous infusion
                                          cattle operations on Oahu and Maui.
of taxpayer dollars and is now run by
                                          The Maui Cattle Company had been         Animal Rights
the Hawaii Livestock Cooperative
                                          shipping cows for slaughter but dis-     Hawaii
(HLC). The excuse provided by the
                                          continued this practice because of       P.O. Box 10845
state for funding the slaughterhouse
                                          inadequacies at Kalaeloa. The HLC        Honolulu, HI 96816
was two-fold: to provide fresh hot
                                          only began paying lease rent on six      (808) 941-9476
pork for local markets and serve the
                                          acres of beach front property in
need to slaughter spent dairy cows.                                      
                                          2004-a whopping $557 per month.
     The slaughterhouse was built for                                    

Page 6                                                                                 The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007
                                           and milk (derived from both). By com-
Miscellany                                 parison, the farm bill does almost noth-
                                           ing to support farmers growing fresh
     by Bill Harris, M.D.
     VSH founding Board member                               ●●●
                                                Safeway now has a “Guide to

I   t’s back to the ol’ milk mustaches! Good Nutrition” flyer featuring Dean
    Two national dairy advertising cam- Ornish, M.D. extolling mostly produce.
paigns overseen by the U.S. Depart-                           ●●●
ment of Agriculture will stop claiming          Joel Fuhrman, M.D., drfuhrman.
that dairy products cause weight loss, com, the VSH guest speaker in Febru-
because such                                                     ary 2004 and the
claims are not sup-                                              only other vegan
ported by scientific                                             doc I know of who      New vegan caterer
research. The deci-                                              thinks raw nuts
sion came in re-                                                 and seeds are okay     now open
sponse to an FTC                                                 foods and that nu-
petition filed by
Physicians Com-
mittee for Respon-
                                                                 tritional analysis
                                                                 should be by nutri-
                                                                 ent/Calorie ratio
                                                                                        L     icious Dishes, a raw vegan cater-
                                                                                              ing company, has opened in the
                                                                                        Dole Cannery in Honolulu.
sible Medicine                                                   rather than nutrient        A varying weekly menu of three or                                                    weight, was in         five healthy, packaged, gourmet meals
newsletter/jun07/                                                town in May. He        is available for people to pick up.
dairy.html and will                                              filled me in on a           Eating raw vegan has never been
end the “Milk Your                                               project supported      so easy.
Diet. Lose Weight”                                               by Bank of Hawaii
                                                                 that will install      To order:
and “3 A Day. Burn
More Fat, Lose                                                   him as the nutri-      Phone: 808-536-9680
Weight” promo-                                                   tional consultant in   Fax: 808-536-9683
tions. “3 A Day”                                                 an attempt to          E-mail:
was a particularly obnoxious dairy         lower health care costs via vegan die-       Or in person at:
ruse, since it was clearly lifted from the tary reform. If this high-end idea flies,    650 Iwilei Rd. #170 (Dole Cannery
“5 A Day” promotion of fruits and          it could make a big difference, so stay      across parking lot from Costco)
vegetables.                                tuned.
    Animal shelters across Israel are
preparing to take in new tenants after
the Knesset passed a law outlawing all         “C          an you really ask what
                                                           reason Pythagoras had
                                               for abstaining from flesh? For my
                                                                                        before bellowed and cried, moved
                                                                                        and lived. How could his eyes en-
                                                                                        dure the slaughter when throats
animal testing for cosmetic and clean-
ing products.                                  part I rather won-                                        were slit and hides
                   ●●●                         der both by what                                          flayed and limbs
     An article, “You Are What You             accident and in                                           torn from limb?
Grow,” www.nytimes.                            what state of soul                                        How could his
com/2007/04/22/                                or mind the first                                         nose endure the
magazine/22wwlnlede.t.html?                    man did so,                                               stench? How was
ex=1181188800&en=6504febfc4bc299               touched his mouth                                         it that the pollu-
7&ei=5070 explains how it is that the          to gore and                                               tion did not turn
people with the least amount of money          brought his lips to                                       away his taste,
to spend on food are the ones most             the flesh of a dead                                       which made con-
likely to be overweight. It’s because          creature, he who                                          tact with the sores
the USDA farm bill creates cheap food          set forth tables of dead, stale bodies   of others and sucked juices and se-
awash in added sugars (derived from            and ventured to call food and nour-      rums from mortal wounds?”
corn) and added fats (derived mainly           ishment the parts that had a little
from soy), as well as dirt cheap meat

The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007                                                                                    Page 7
                                             do. Most also have one or more risk   eating the typical rich diet and will
When friends ask:                            factors that predict premature death  scare many of them into including gen-
                                             and illness:1                         erous amounts of meat—unless they
“Why did you                               · 1/3 have elevated cholesterol
                                                                                   consider the fact that nutritional defi-
                                                                                   ciencies due to protein, iron, zinc, nia-
quit meat?”                                · 1/3 have hypertension                 cin, Vitamins B6 and B12 are essentially
                                           · More than 30% are obese               unheard of in people who have enough
    by John McDougall, M.D.                · More than 65% are overweight          of any kind of food to eat. Do you
                                           · 10% are diabetic
                                                                                   know anyone with “deficiencies dis-
    n my youth I thought meat meant
                                                Diseases of                        eases” caused from lack of any of these
    good health and strength. I reasoned

                                           affluence are epi-                                             nutrients?
this must be ideal food for my body
because my body is made up of meat;        demic among meat              ave you ever heard (Almost all iron
just like the body parts of cows, pigs,    eaters:                       of illnesses due to deficiencyto peo-
                                                                                                          ple is due
and chickens; therefore, these foods
                                           · 1/2 die prema- too many Calories or too bleeding, not
must contain every nutrient I could
                                             turely of heart                                              from dietary defi-
possibly require. Logically, could any-
                                             disease            much fat, cholesterol,                    ciency.)
thing be better for building muscle than
                                           · 1/2 of men de- protein, infectious mi-                            The National
eating muscle? This kind of faulty rea-
                                             velop life-                                                  Cattlemen’s Beef
                                             threatening can- crobes, and chemical
soning caused me to suffer problems as
                                                                                                          Association also
ordinary as acne and as rare as a stroke
by the time I was 18 years old. I am
                                             cer                contaminants? With ex- fails to explain in
                                           · 1/3 of women                                                 its promotional
alive and healthy today at 60 because
                                             develop life-      cess lies the problem.                    materials that
35 years ago I changed to primarily
                                             threatening                                                  meat fails to pro-
plants for my foods. (It is not too late
                                             cancer                                vide sufficient amounts of calcium,
for you.)
                                           · 30% have gallbladder disease over     dietary fiber, essential fats, and Vita-
                                             age 60                                min C to support the health of human
Meat is cat food—Plants are people
food                                       · One in seven suffers with serious ar- beings. Nor does it mention the prob-
                                             thritis                               lems caused by the excesses in meat.
    Every animal has an ideal diet.        · 60% complain of bad breath            Have you ever heard of illnesses due to
Meat is an ideal food for my pointy-         (halitosis)                           too many Calories or too much fat,
toothed carnivorous cats and my pow-       · Most have GI troubles (from indiges- cholesterol, protein, infectious mi-
erful-jawed omnivorous dog. Cows             tion to constipation)                 crobes, and chemical contaminants?
and cockatoos are herbivores and                                                   With excess lies the problem.
would soon sicken on a diet of meat.       Meat is promoted for its good
                                           nutrition                               People don’t like the taste of meat
This is also the case with people when
they consume a meat-centered diet.              According to the National Cattle-       Advertisements for Pizza Hut’s
                                           men’s Beef Association, “Red meat       Meat Lovers’® Pizza, Arby’s Super
Undeniable evidence that meat-
                                           plays an important role in a healthful  Roast Beef Sandwich®, Wendy’s Buf-
centered diets are wrong: Nearly
everyone who eats that way is sick         diet by providing more than 10 percent falo Crispy Chicken®, and McDon-
                                           of the Recommended Daily Allow-         ald’s Double Quarter Pounder® could
· Affluent people can afford to eat a      ances (RDA) for protein, iron, zinc,    lead us to believe that the meat is the
  diet with a central focus of beef,       niacin, Vitamins B6 and B12.”2 These
  pork, and/or chicken, and almost all     nutritional facts are accurate for people                        (Continued on page 9)

Page 8                                                                                   The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007
(Continued from page 8)                    tific research confirms that meat is       would be willing to destroy planet
                                           viewed as a superior masculine             Earth than give up their meat. Ac-
main attraction. However, it’s not the     food.4 If the truth were known, real       cording to a report, Livestock’s Long
slices of tasteless brown beef hidden      men would switch to real plant foods       Shadow—Environmental Issues and
in the center of the Arby’s sandwich       overnight. During a man’s reproduc-        Options, released in November of
that people want—instead, they sali-       tive years meat eating decreases           2006 by the United Nations Food and
vate over the “green leaf lettuce and      ejaculate volume, lowers sperm             Agriculture Organization, livestock
ripe tomatoes, all topped with a zesty     count, shortens sperm life, and            emerges as one of the top two or
red sauce on a toasty sesame bun.”         causes poor sperm motility, genetic        three most significant contributors to

The human tongue                                               damage, and infer-     every one of the most serious envi-
has no taste buds
for the protein and          nformed people                    tility.5,6 Meat eat-
                                                               ers are likely to
                                                                                      ronmental problems.
                                                                                           The killing and suffering of ani-
fat—the ingredients
in the beef—but we
                             should not re-                    become impotent
                                                               because of damage
                                                                                      mals for human food might be justi-
                                                                                      fied if meat were necessary for better
do have taste buds
on our tongue’s tip
                          main silent about                    caused to the ar-
                                                               tery system that
                                                                                      human health, but the opposite is the
                                                                                      case. Informed people should not re-
that are excited by
sugar and salt—the
                          senseless suffering                  supplies the penis
                                                               with the blood that
                                                                                      main silent about senseless suffering
                                                                                      of food animals.
ingredients that
make up the let-
                          of food animals.                     causes an erec-
                                                               tion.7 Erectile dys-
                                                                                           We stand on the brink of life-
                                                                                      ending health and environmental ca-
tuce, tomato, sauce,                                           function is more       tastrophes. It is time we shed our hy-
and buns—these are what drive re-          often seen in men with elevated cho-       pocrisies. Doctors interested in heal-
peat sales. My cats would enjoy the        lesterol levels8 and high levels of        ing patients of dietary diseases must
meat: they have taste buds for amino       LDL “bad” cholesterol9—both of             eat a plant food-based diet them-
acids (the building blocks of pro-         which are related to habitual meat         selves. People who profess their love
teins) embedded on their tongues’          eating. Later in life men who follow       for animals must stop eating them. A
surfaces, but the garnishes would be       a meat-centered diet face prostate         true environmentalist will no longer
wasted on these carnivores.                enlargement (benign prostatic hyper-       contribute to the major source of
                                           trophy) and prostate cancer.10,11          planetary destruction by feeding him-
What’s meat’s attraction?
                                           Beef—Real Food for Real Sexual             self and his family with products
      If people have no senses for ap-     Dysfunction.                               from the livestock industry. Making
preciating the taste of meat, then why                                                meat eating a social disgrace in this
                                           Meat eating characterizes a
is it so popular? Meat’s appeal is                                                    generation, just as we did with ciga-
driven by money and egos. Until re-                                                   rette smoking in the last generation,
cently the high cost of meat restricted         There are four well traveled          is a fundamental change that must
it to the plates of the wealthy. This is   roads to eating a meatless diet:           take place in order to advance our
a status symbol—meat eating en-            health, personal appearance, the en-       society to the next level and ensure
hances class distinction. Consider the     vironment, and animal rights. As a         our personal survival.
beef industry’s most famous slogan:        medical doctor I have mostly trav-         Additional information on this subject is
Beef—Real Food for Real People.            eled the roads of health and appear-       found by clicking on Hot Topics—
This is known as a bandwagon argu-         ance for the sake of my patients. That     Protein, Meat and Poultry at
ment—used to appeal to a person’s          journey would have not been possi-
desire to be popular, accepted, or val-    ble if I had not changed my personal
                                                                                      References may be found on the
ued—ignoring evidence and relevant         diet 35 years ago. People have trou- website.
reasoning.3 The message implies that       ble seeing beyond their own habits—
food, other than beef, is not real         ridding my dinner plate of animal          Reprinted with the permission of the au-
food, and that people who do not eat       foods has allowed me to become sen-        thor.
beef are not real people.3                 sitive to equally important issues—        Subscribe to the free McDougall
      If eating muscle turned into body    the environment and animal rights.         e-newsletter at
muscle, most men living in affluent             Many people would rather die          Dr. McDougall has been a VSH guest
societies would resemble bodybuild-        than give up their meat—and that’s         speaker a number of times, most recently
ers without a noticeable potbelly—no       Okay with me. But I find it unaccept-      in April 2006.
point in arguing the obvious. Scien-       able that some of these same people

The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007                                                                                    Page 9
                       Vegetarian Society of Hawaii
                                 Calendar of Events: July—September 2007
          WILLIAM HARRIS, M.D.                                                        JOHN KELLY, M.D.
                                                                          “What’s new in plant-
                                “The Raw Food                              based nutrition?”
                                                                        Tuesday, August 14th, 7 p.m.
                                                                       Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse

              Tuesday, July 10th, 7 p.m.
          Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse*
                                                                       F    ar from being a foolhardy fashion or
                                                                            far-out fad, plant-based nutrition is one
                                                                       of the most carefully studied subjects in the scientific literature
                                                                       and, increasingly, in the medical literature as well. Dr. Kelly will

I   n this well-illustrated presentation Dr. Harris will discuss the
    virtues of raw nuts, seeds, and avocados as components of an
optimally healthy raw vegan diet based on fruits and vegetables.
                                                                       present the latest information on plant diets that is sure to sur-
                                                                       prise and inform us all. He will also present some of the astound-
                                                                       ing results from his own research on treating diabetes in the Mar-
He will also include a critique of the high-carb, low-fat dogma.       shall Islands. He will explain why the emerging fields of nutrige-
     A vegan for more than 40 years, William Harris, M.D., is a        nomics and epigenetics are bringing plant nutrition to the fore-
founding and current director of the Vegetarian Society of Ha-         front in nutrition science and medicine. His bringing together of
waii. Prior to his retirement he was an emergency physician and        cutting-edge nutrition science, lifestyle medicine, and genetic
the director of the Kaiser Permanente Vegetarian Lifestyle             research together with a focus on veganism is sure to be both
Clinic. He received his medical degree from the University of          informative and entertaining.
California, San Francisco and is the author of The Scientific Ba-           John Kelly, M.D. received his medical and MPH degrees
sis of Vegetarianism.                                                  from Loma Linda University and holds a faculty appointment in
     Retirement has allowed Dr. Harris to maintain and even in-        the Department of Preventive Medicine in the Loma Linda Uni-
crease his physical activity. He swims and does other aerobic          versity School of Medicine. He is the founding president of the
exercise daily and continues to hone his trampoline skills. He’s       American College of Lifestyle Medicine, the medical specialty
been an active pilot for many years and is a skydiver with more        society for clinicians emphasizing therapeutic lifestyle interven-
than 800 jumps.                                                        tions in the treatment of disease.

Dr. Harris will also be speaking on Maui: Mon., July 9 ,
                                                             th        Dr. Kelly will also be speaking on Maui: Wednesday, August
7 p.m., Cameron Center, 95 Mahalani St., Wailuku.                      15 , 7 p.m., Cameron Center, 95 Mahalani St., Wailuku.

                                      STEVE BLAKE, D.SC.
                          “Vitamins & Minerals Demystified”
          Tuesday, September 11th, 7 p.m., Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse*

D      r. Blake will present fascinating facts from his new book, Vitamins and Minerals Demystified (McGraw-
       Hill 2007). Discover how vitamins and minerals work in the body. Learn which foods have nutrients cru-
cial to enhancing energy and fat burning. Find out which four nutrients are vital for strong bones. See which five nutrients are impor-
tant for a healthy pregnancy. Explore the special dietary needs of older people. An interesting slide presentation will show which
foods are important sources of vitamins and minerals.
      Steve Blake, D.Sc. has authored over a dozen major publications, including Healing Medicine. He also created the Diet Doctor,
computer software for evaluating and graphing the nutrients in diets. He lectures nationally and internationally about how to stay
healthy. He has taught anatomy, physiology, and exercise physiology. He holds doctorate degrees in naturopathic medicine and ho-
listic health.
Dr. Blake will also be speaking on Maui: Wednesday, September 12 , 7 p.m., Cameron Center, 95 Mahalani St., Wailuku.

*The Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse is located at 404 Kapahulu Ave., 0.2 miles behind the Waikiki-Kapahulu library.
Lectures are FREE and open to the public. Donations are appreciated and tax-free. Call 944-VEGI or visit for more info.
Page 10                                                                                            The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007
                                              Please post on your bulletin board!
                                                 VHS Events

        Bizarro cartoonist and stand-up                                                   Public health attorney Michele
        comic Dan Piraro’s compassionate                                                  Simon discussed her new book,
        yet amusing presentation drew                                                     Appetite for Profit: How the
        large audiences on Oahu and Maui                                                  Food Industry Undermines Our
        in April.                              Mrs. Hawaii International                  Health at the meetings in June.
                                               Ori Ann Li performed a
                                               hula dance at the start of
                                               her presentations in May.
                                               She then discussed the hu-
                                               mane treatment of animals
                                               and also shared gourmet
                                               vegan Chinese recipes.

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    The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007                                                                             Page 11
                                                                                       quantities of antibiotics are fed to most
Why vegan?                                      ·
                                                    type-1 diabetes
                                                                                       cows to keep them healthy. The down-
                                                                                       side to us of this overload of antibiotics
    by Hesh Goldstein                           ·   ear infections                     that we ingest through the milk is that
    VSH member                                  ·   sinus congestion                   it tends to make us more resistant to
                                                ·   skin problems such as rashes,
                                                                                       combating various strains of bacteria.
      hanks to mil-                                 dermatitis, eczema, hives, and           Wait—there’s more: dairy prod-
      lions of dollars                              acne                               ucts can cause immunological reac-
in advertising we                                ·  asthma                             tions when absorbed through an in-
have been brain-                                 ·  digestive problems                 flamed intestinal tract. This absorption
washed to believe
                                                 ·  arthritis and joint pain           is affectionately known as “gut leak-
that we need milk.
                                                 ·  cancer                             age,” which also is associated with
As a result of this,
                                                 ·  obesity                            many of the illnesses aforementioned.
cow’s milk and its
                                                                                             So, these are some of the adverse
byproducts have                                  In addition to the above problems effects on the body. But what about the
been accepted as an essential part of       there are many others. Milk proteins,      environment? Does it matter that the
the American diet. In addition to this      besides being the leading cause of the process of raising cattle for milk and
profit-driven advertising, federal laws     illnesses listed above, lead to bacterial meat is a leading contributor to both
mandate that all schools provide chil-      infections such as salmonella, listeria, water and air pollution and very hard
dren with milk at each meal or lose         E. coli, and staph and are the cause of on the environment?
federal funding. This despite the fact      most dairy product recalls. Dairy prod-          We are opposed to the slavery of
that 90% of blacks, 70 % of Asians,         ucts, as do all flesh foods, hold various people, but what about the slavery of
and 15% of white kids suffer from lac-

                                                                          poisons,     cows? That is a question that only you
tose intoler-                                                             including    can answer for yourself.
ance and
can’t digest
                         airy products, as                                pesticides
                                                                          and other
                                                                                             In the meantime when someone
                                                                                       asks you why you are vegan, you will
milk prod-
ucts.                          do all flesh                               environ-
                                                                          mental con-
                                                                                       no longer be at a loss for words.
     Ignoring                                                             taminants. Reference: NEW: No Body Needs
these stats
                      foods, hold various                                 Yes, pas-    Milk by Alan Goldhamer, D.C., http://
money is
more impor-
                       poisons, including                                 might kill
                                                                                       Hesh Goldstein is the moderator of Health
tant than
health, we           pesticides and other                                 organisms, Talk on K-108 radio (AM 1080) on Satur-
                                                                          but it can’t days, 8-9 a.m. (808) 258-1177, fax: (808)
find that half
of all dairy
                     environmental con-                                   kill pesti-
                                                                          cides be-
                                                                          cause they
tion, (per
capita con-
                                taminants.                                were never
                                                                          alive in the
                                                                                         Join the VSH
currently exceeds 584 pounds per
                                                                          first place.
                                                 And let’s not forget that in order to
                                                                                         e-mail news
year), comes from cheese, much of
which is a concentrated form of health-
                                            increase milk production, most dairy
                                            cows are injected with artificial growth
destroying saturated fat and salt. Also,
we are the only creatures that regularly
consume the milk products of other
                                            hormones. With this comes the in-
                                            crease of insulin-like growth factors
                                            that have been shown to promote the
                                                                                         Y        ou’ll receive three or four
                                                                                                  messages a month — meet-
                                                                                           ing reminders, the “Vegetarian”
species. Rat’s milk, anyone? Other          growth of cancer cells and to make a           TV schedule, and notices of spe-
than flesh itself, there is no other com-   person so big that he can blot out the         cial events. To join, send a mes-
ponent in the “modern” diet that causes     sun when walking down the street. It’s         sage to:
more pain and suffering, including          as if you can hear someone singing, “I
death and disability, than dairy prod-      feel the earth move under my feet…”            VSH-News-Group-Subscribe
ucts. In fact, there is strong evidence                                          
linking dairy products to:                      Then there’s the fact that large
Page 12                                                                                     The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007
                                           · “I became a vegetarian after realizing
Cesar Chávez and                           that animals feel afraid, cold, hungry,      Healthy pregnancy
Comprehensive                              and unhappy like we do. I feel very
                                           deeply about vegetarianism and the           and healthy baby
Rights                                              animal kingdom. It was my
                                                    dog Boycott who led me to
                                                                                        possible when
     by Dan Brook                                   question the right of humans        eating vegetarian
                                                    to eat other sentient beings.”
                                                                                            by Michael Greger, M.D.

C     esar Chávez (March 31,
      1927 - April 23, 1993)
was a great organizer and
                                                      · “Kindness and compassion
                                                      towards all living beings is a
                                                      mark of a civilized society.      F     or years the
                                                                                              official posi-
leader and a powerful advo-                           Racism, economic deprival,        tion of the
                                    Cesar Chávez                                        American Die-
cate for farm workers, people                         dog fighting and cock fight-
of color, and other poor people (“We       ing, bullfighting, and rodeos are all cut    tetic Association,
are engaged in a struggle for the free- from the same defective fabric: vio-            the largest asso-
dom and dignity which poverty denies lence. Only when we have become                    ciation of nutri-
us”) as well as for unions (especially                                                  tional profession-
                                           nonviolent towards all life will we
the United Farm Workers, which he                                                       als in the world,
                                           have learned to live well our-               has been that “[w]ell planned vegan
co-founded with Dolores Huerta, who selves.” (in a message to Eric Mills of
                                                                                        and other types of vegetarian diets
once quipped that half the leadership      Action for Animals)                          are appropriate for all stages of the
was vegetarian), unity, civil rights, en-                                               life cycle, including pregnancy, lac-
vironmentalism (indeed, his last public · “We need, in a special way, to work           tation, infancy, childhood, and ado-
remarks were against toxic chemicals), twice as hard to help people understand          lescence.” This is based on research
and non-violence (“Nonviolence is the that the animals are fellow creatures,            dating back 20 years showing that
only way to peace and justice”). Less that we must protect them and love                vegetarian and vegan diets can sup-
known, though no less important, he        them as we love ourselves...We know          port healthy pregnancies and healthy
was also passionate about animal rights we cannot be kind to animals until we           children.
and vegetarianism (“I feel very deeply stop exploiting them—exploiting ani-                  In fact, Dr. Benjamin Spock,
about vegetarianism and the animal         mals in the name of science, exploiting      who was perhaps the world’s most
kingdom”).                                 animals in the name of sport, exploit-       esteemed pediatrician, embraced
      Indeed, Cesar Chávez recognized ing animals in the name of fashion,               vegan diets in his final edition of
that all oppressions are connected and and, yes, exploiting animals in the              Baby and Child Care—described as
intertwined, and he saw these and other name of food.” (upon acceptance of a            the second best-selling book in his-
social issues and struggles as inti-       Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992           tory (second only to the Bible). Dr.
mately related to each other, all being from In Defense of Animals)                     Spock wrote, “Children who grow
                                                                                        up getting their nutrition from plant
necessary for achieving comprehensive           If we truly want to honor the inspi-    foods rather than meats have a tre-
rights and complete liberation. Yet,       rational life of Cesar Chávez, we need       mendous health advantage. They are
Cesar Chávez’s beliefs in animal rights to carry on his vital work by continu-          less likely to develop weight prob-
and his vegetarianism are less com-        ing to make the linkages amongst vari-       lems, diabetes, high blood pressure,
monly known than his other beliefs and ous social problems while being active           and some forms of cancer.”
practices, too often excluded from his in the struggles to solve them. ¡Sí, se               For more information on raising
biographies and celebrations. Although puede!                                           healthy children on plant-based diets
he didn’t focus on the major health and                                                 from birth to adolescence, see:
environmental benefits of vegetarian- Dan Brook is a writer, speaker, activist,
                                           community mediator, and an instructor of     Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care
ism, he did discuss poisonous pesti-
                                           sociology at San Jose State University. He   by Benjamin Spock, M.D. and Ste-
cides and viewed animal rights as an
                                           also maintains Eco-Eating at www.brook.      ven Parker, M.D.
integral component in the struggle for com/veg, The Vegetarian Mitzvah at www.
universal justice.               , No Smoking? at www.          Pregnancy and the Vegan Diet
     In the interest of balance, here is, and welcomes comments       by Reed Mangels, Ph.D., R.D.
Cesar Chávez, in his own words, on         via                    The New Becoming Vegetarian
the issues of animal rights, vegetarian-                                                by Vesanto Melina, M.S., R.D. and
                                           Reprinted with the permission of the au-
ism, and their connections to other        thor.                                        Brenda Davis, R.D.
The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007                                                                                  Page 13
                                         by altering the recipes, you can create      entire e-book. For the honest buyer, at

Book                                     many delicious variations. It also high-
                                         lights the health benefits of some of the
                                         ingredients and super foods used in the
                                                                                      $12.95 that makes The 7 Minute Chef
                                                                                      an extraordinary bargain and a mile-
                                                                                      stone in vegan e-publishing efforts.

Reviews                                  recipes.”
                                              The table of contents includes
                                         Preparation Basics, Season & Spice,          Dr. Neal Barnard's
                                         Fun with the Blender, Steam & Sauté,
                                                                                      Program for
The 7 Minute                             Roast & Grill, Grains, Beans & Pasta,
                                         Soup Creation, Glossary, Perfect Pan-        Reversing Diabetes:
Chef                                     try, A Few More Things, Ingredient
                                         Log, and Index. Both the TOC and             The Scientifically Proven
     by Mark Reinfeld and                Chapter by Chapter Guide to the 86
     Bo Rinaldi                          plus recipes on page 170 are hyper-          System for Reversing
     E-book                              linked. Simply clicking on the link          Diabetes Without Drugs
                                         takes you to the recipe. It would have
     Review by Bill Harris, M.D.                                                      Hardcover: 288 pages
                                         been a help to have a link from there
     VSH founding Board member                                                        Publisher: Rodale Books
                                         back to the guide, but there are links
                                                                                      (December 26, 2006)
                                         from recipes to their accompanying
      yping in “Vegetarian Cookbook”                                                  ISBN-10: 1594865280
                                         sauces, and this is one of the advan-
      at will get you
                                         tages of well thought out electronic
1,489 hardcover and paperback titles                                                  Publisher’s description
                                         books: no more flipping pages. Stan-

currently for sale. How-
                                                          dard Acrobat functions            ffering new hope to millions, this
ever, my mostly science
                                                          like search and mag-              new nutritional approach to dia-
bookshelf maxed out
                                                          nify text are built in.     betes will dramatically alter the way
several years ago, and
                                                                Cute tricks depart-   we think about treating the disease.
since my culinary skills
                                                          ment: “Toasting spices           Until now, most health profession-
are limited to boiling
                                                          brings out a depth of       als have considered diabetes a one-way
water anyway, there’s
                                                          flavor that enhances
no room for any more
                                                          dishes. Toasting can be
                                                          done in a sauté pan. 1.
     Comes now The 7
                                                          Heat pan on medium
Minute Chef, a 173-
                                                          heat. 2. When pan is
page e-book in Acrobat
                                                          heated, add spice and
PDF format, download-
                                                          stir constantly until a
able at www.onedegree.
                                                          strong aroma is re-
                                                          leased, approximately
htm for $12.95, payable
                                                          30 seconds.”
online by credit card, debit card, Pay-
                                              Other pages explain simply and
pal, or e-check. It’s by Mark Rein-
                                         adequately the ethical, environmental,
feld, our VSH speaker of July 2006, a
                                         and health benefits of the vegan diet.
prime mover (along with Bo Rinaldi),
                                         Gorgeous pictures like those in Vegan
at the Blossoming Lotus gourmet ve-
                                         World Fusion Cuisine, the hardcopy
gan restaurant in Kapaa, Kauai
                                         cookbook available at www.
(reviewed in the Island Vegetarian,
                               , are also
Vol. 17, Issue 4, Oct - Dec 2006), and
                                         in there.
it takes up only 6.06 MB on your hard
                                              Our review copy had an Acrobat
                                         password protection that prevented the
     To quote from the book, “Each                                                    street. Once you developed it, you
                                         copy/paste of text and images from the
chapter in 7 Minute Chef explores a                                                   were stuck with it—and you could an-
                                         cookbook to a word processor for those
few of the quick 7 minute techniques                                                  ticipate one complication after another,
                                         recipes you find irresistible and want to
involved in natural food preparation. It
                                         use again and again. However, Mark
includes recipes that demonstrate these                                                                     (Continued on next page)
                                         and Bo have agreed to remove that and
simple techniques and describes how,
                                         replace it with a copy protect on the
Page 14                                                                                    The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007
                                                                                      Ironman triathlete, The Thrive Diet fea-
(Continued from page 14)
                                           The Thrive Diet                            tures the best whole foods, a 12-week
from worsening eyesight and nerve                                                     whole foods meal plan, and over 100
symptoms to heart and kidney prob-         The whole food way to                      easy-to-make recipes with raw food
lems.                                      losing weight, reducing                    options that are all wheat-, gluten-,
     Enter Dr. Neal Barnard, who                                                      soy-, corn-, refined sugar- and dairy-
through a series of groundbreaking         stress, and staying                        free, including exercise-specific reci-
studies, the latest funded by the Na-      healthy for life                           pes for pre-workout snacks, energy
tional Institutes for Health, has shown                                               gels, sport drinks, and recovery
it doesn’t have to be that way. By fol-    by Brendan Brazier                         foods—an easy-to-follow exercise plan
lowing the diet outlined in this book,                                                that compliments The Thrive Diet.
                                           Paperback: 288 pages
readers can control blood sugar three
                                           Publisher: Penguin; 1st edition
times more effectively than with the
American Diabetes Association’s diet
                                           ASIN: B000P0RCS8
and, beyond that, improve their bodies’                                               A Rabble-Rouser’s
ability to respond to insulin—in effect
reversing the defining symptom of the                                                 Memoir
disease. And there’s more. Study par-
                                                                                      by Dan Mathews
ticipants lost weight, were able to cut
back on and sometimes even discon-                                                    Hardcover: 272 pages
tinue medications, and left behind tedi-                                              Publisher: Atria (April 17, 2007)
ous exchange plans in favor of deli-                                                  ISBN-10: 0743291875
cious foods in generous portions.                                                     ISBN-13: 978-0743291873
     It’s a new way to treat diabetes.
It’s about time.                                                                      Publisher’s description

                                                                                      I   n his new book PETA Senior Vice
                                                                                          President Dan Mathews talks about
                                                                                      his colorful crusades on behalf of ani-
                                                                                      mals that have landed him behind bars,
                                                                                      nearly naked on the campus of Har-
                                                                                      vard, and even “committed” (the chap-
                                                                                      ter and
                                           Publisher’s description

                                                                                      ence for
                                                 he Thrive Diet: reduce body fat *
                                                                                      which the
                                                 diminish visible signs of aging *
                                                                                      book is
                                           boost energy and mental clarity * en-
   Buy books thru                          hance mood * increase productivity *
                                           eliminate junk food cravings and hun-
                                                                                      named) to
                                                                                      an asylum                                 ger * build a stronger immune system
                                                                                      in France.
                                                                                      From his
                                           * lower cholesterol * improve sleep
   Y      ou can help raise cash for
          VSH just by buying your
   books through the web-
                                           quality * stay healthy for life.
                                               The Thrive Diet is a long-term eat-
                                           ing plan that will help you achieve op-
                                                                                      as a vic-
                                                                                      tim of
   site. And it’s easy. Click a title on   timal health through stress-busting
                                                                                      bullies to
   the “Booklist” and you will be          plant-based whole foods. It’s an easy-
                                                                                      his notori-
   transported to where         to-follow diet that will help you under-
   any purchase will generate a com-       stand why some foods create nutri-
   mission for VSH. So, buy some           tional stress and how other foods can
                                                                                      with Pamela Anderson, Dan’s stories,
   books, be more informed, and sup-       help eliminate it, giving you a lean
                                                                                      in the end, reveal his devotion to a
   port VSH.                               body, a sharp mind, and everlasting
                                                                                      cause that’s as dear to his heart as it
                                           energy. Fully researched and devel-
                                                                                      will be to yours.
                                           oped by Brendan Brazier, professional
The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007                                                                                    Page 15
                                           Govinda’s opened its new location on       veggies in tomato sauce and walnut

Restaurant                                 Fort Street Mall. Just a few doors down
                                           from Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, it’s conven-
                                           iently within walking distance from
                                                                                      dumplings with sweet and sour veggie
                                                                                      sauce. Perhaps you would prefer the
                                                                                      Thai yellow curry with cauliflower and

                                           almost anywhere                                                tofu or baked sesame
                                           downtown or Chi-
                                           natown. Serving         he all-vegetarian                      tofu squares with
                                                                                                          sautéed broccoli and
                                           the lunch crowd         rotating menu                          cabbage? Pick up a
Govinda’s                                  from 10 a.m. to 2
                                           p.m. weekdays,     features two entrées
                                                                                                          monthly menu the
                                                                                                          next time you’re
Vegetarian                                 Govinda’s is sure
                                           to hit the spot foreach day, at least one
                                                                                                          there and find out
                                                                                                          ahead of time what’s
Cuisine                                    anyone who
                                           works, lives, or   of which is vegan.                          cookin’.
                                                                                                              A mini-plate in-
1118 Fort Street Mall, Honolulu            goes to school in                                              cludes the entrée of
Phone: 271-4780                            the downtown area.                         your choice with brown rice, a mixed
10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., Mon.-Fri.                 The food is “the best on the          green salad, and a dessert for only
$4.50-$9.00                                planet,” brags server Jeanette Gailloux.   $4.50 (vegans will pass on the dessert,
                                           The chefs don’t use anything with          which contains butter). If you’ve got a
    by Scott Snarr
                                           MSG, preservatives, hydrogenated oils,     huge appetite, get the full plate for
    VSH member
                                           or artificial colors or flavors. Almost    $7.15. It includes all of the above plus

                                           everything is organic. The all-            a second entrée (or second helping of
      ver since the closing of Mr.
                                           vegetarian rotating menu features two      the first) and the soup of the day.
      Goodburger’s about three years
                                           entrées each day, at least one of which         You can also choose from a veggie
ago, it’s been hard to find a quick, af-
                                           is vegan. Among my favorite dishes         burger ($3.75) or several ala carte
fordable vegetarian meal downtown.
                                           are the tender kofta balls with mixed      items. I recommend the vegan samosa,
That changed on February 20th when
                                                                                      a baked whole wheat pastry stuffed
                                                                                      with potato and pea curry for $2.65.
                                                                                      The restaurant also serves lemon-mint-
                                                                                      ginger and blackberry-raspberry herbal
                                                                                      iced teas daily.
                                                                                           The food is already prepared, so
                                                                                      there’s no waiting time. The restaurant
                                                                                      is immaculate and has ample seating.
                                                                                      The décor is simple and pleasant, giv-
                                                                                      ing the restaurant a classy ambience
                                                                                      that belies its modest prices. There is
                                                                                      also outdoor seating under an umbrella
                                                                                      for those who prefer to enjoy their
                                                                                      meal watching passers-by.
                                                                                           Govinda’s, which is operated by
                                                                                      the Hare Krishna temple, also runs a
                                                                                      kiosk in the Sustainability Courtyard at
                                                                                      UH Manoa with all the same food and
                                                                                      prices. This location will reopen the
                                                                                      second week of July. Also reopening
                                                                                      will be their all-you-can-eat buffet, lo-
                                                                                      cated inside their temple on 51 Coelho
                                                                                      Way in Nuuanu. For only $5, it’s a
                                                                                      great deal if you can manage to get
                                                                                      there during their open hours from
                                                                                      12:10 to 1:10 p.m. on weekdays.

Page 16                                                                                    The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007
     Garden                                                                        G      ordon
                                                                                   M.D. was the
     Island                                                                        first speaker at

Potluck/Lectures                                                                   the potluck/
                                                                                   lecture held
                                                                                   April 1st.

M       onthly vegan potluck lunch-
        eons and lectures are held at
noon on the first Sunday of each
                                                                                   A family phy-
                                                                                   sician for Kai-
                                                                                   ser Perma-
month at the Kapaa Neighborhood                                                    nente, Dr. La-
Center on Kauai. Admission is free                                                 Bedz discussed the health benefits of
for those who bring a dish. All others                                             vegetarianism with emphasis on re-
are welcome with a $5 donation.                                                    versing heart disease and diabetes and
                                                                                   preventing cancer.

                                                                                   K      athy Matera,

                                                                                          Ph.D. won a
                                                ele Abrams spoke on “Raising
                                                                                   gift certificate to
                                                Vegan Children” at the VSH
                                                                                   Papaya’s Natural
                                         vegan potluck/lecture held June 3rd.
                                                                                   Foods store June 3rd
                                         From left to right: Kiran, Talia,
                                                                                   for her recipe:
                                         Kala’e, Mele, and Gabriel Abrams.

                                                                                         “Chinese Noodle Stir Fry”
                                                                                   (All ingredients are raw, organic, and

O    n Sunday, April 1st the first
     VSH Kauai monthly vegan pot-
luck luncheon was held.
                                                                                   Rinse 2 packages of kelp noodles and
                                                                                   place in bowl. Thinly slice 1/4 cup
    The prize for the best dish went                                               each of broccoli, carrot, celery, and
to Vigil Alkana’s (r) original recipe                                              red bell pepper and toss into noodles.
for Raw Dessert Pate'. The judges                                                  Sauce: In a blender place:
were Mark Reinfeld, cofounder of the
Blossoming Lotus restaurant, and                                                     1/4 cup of loose basil leaves

Jennifer Murray, coowner of the                                                      2 T of dry lemon grass (or 1/4 cup
                                              he winner of the best original
Blossoming Lotus.                                                                      fresh if you can find it)
                                              recipe at the May 6th potluck/
                                                                                     1 cup fresh coconut
                                         lecture was John Barnett (left) for his
                                                                                     1 t fresh ginger
O     n May 6th
      more than
50 people were
                                         Quinoa Salad. Chef Mark Reinfeld
                                         was the judge.
                                                                                     4 cloves of raw garlic
                                                                                     1 t of raw onion
                                                     Quinoa Salad                    3 T Braggs Amino Acids (or Nama
on hand as Chef
                                           2 cups uncooked quinoa                      Shoyu) (taste to find the right
Mark Reinfeld
                                           1/2 cup roasted sunflower seeds             amount of salty taste)
                                           1/4 cup chopped red onion                 2 T raw apple cider vinegar
recipes from his
                                           1/2 cup cilantro chopped fine             1/4 cup of cold pressed olive oil
new e-book,
                                           1/2 cup parsley chopped fine              1 handful of raw nuts that have
The Seven Min-
                                           1/4 cup red bell pepper chopped             been germinated (soaked over
ute Chef, Simple Tools for a Lifetime
                                           3 T lemon juice                             night)
of Health. See a review of the book
                                           1/4 cup olive oil
on page 14 in this newsletter. Go to                                                   Add some water, if needed, to
                                           1/2 T sea salt                                                     blend until smooth. Pour onto
index.htm for more information or to     Combine all ingredients and infuse        noodles and garnish with cilantro.
purchase a copy.                         with love!
The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007                                                                             Page 17
                                                                                    effect was mostly explained by the as-
(Science Corner from page 3)               Dermatology                              sociation with green leafy vegetables.
                                                                                    Conclusion: A dietary pattern charac-
lergic reactions, including scombroid      Department                               terized by high meat and fat intakes
poisoning, following fish dinners.                                                  increases SCC tumor risk, particularly
     In spite of its reputation as an
omega-3 fatty acid source, 45 fish av-
                                           A      bstracts at: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
                                           Dermatol Online J. 2006 May 30;12
                                                                                    in persons with a skin cancer history.”
                                                                                         SCC is strongly linked to sun ex-
                                                                                    posure, which causes radiation damage
eraged only ~50% of the RDA/Cal for        (4):1 Milk consumption and acne in       to DNA. As our speaker in March of
ALA (alpha linolenic acid), the only       adolescent girls. Adebamowo CA,          this year Karl Seff, Ph.D. explained,
essential omega-3 in the human diet,       Willett WC, De-                                     the antioxidants that

while 20 nuts and seeds averaged           partment of Nutrition,                                     limit this damage are
~195%. The putative value of fish          Harvard School of                 e found                  found almost exclu-
hinges on its content of EPA               Public Health.                                             sively in plants, par-
(eicosopentaenoic acid), not an essen-          Observing “a re-              a posi-                 ticularly in plant
tial FA, but a 20-carbon omega-3 FA
that the fish make from the 18-carbon
                                           markable paucity of
                                           evidence for an asso-
                                                                     tive association                 leaves, which evolved
                                                                                                      these antioxidants to
ALA they get by eating algae, a photo-
synthetic single cell marine plant.
                                           ciation between diet
                                           and acne,” the authors
                                                                   between intake of                  protect their own
                                                                                                      cells from constant               performed a prospec-
                                           tive cohort study to
                                                                     milk and acne.”                  bombardment by so-
     EPA apparently does lessen the                                                                   lar radiation.
risk for heart attack by reducing blood    evaluate that relation-                                         The relationship
clots in the coronary arteries. However,   ship in 6,094 girls                                        between animal
all omega-3 FAs begin with ALA, syn-       aged 9-15 years, who reported dietary source food consumption and various
thesized only in the chloroplasts of       intake on three food frequency ques-     skin disorders has been rampant in
green plants, and elongate first to EPA    tionnaires from 1996 to 1998. They       vegetarian circles for 50 years, so it’s
and then DHA, a 22-carbon omega-3          concluded: “We found a positive asso- gratifying to once again see science
FA. Given adequate dietary ALA,            ciation between intake of milk and       catching up with us.
adults can make their own EPA.             acne. This finding supports earlier
     Infants can’t synthesize EPA or       studies and suggests that the metabolic
DHA, but for those lucky enough to
have mothers who realize the enor-
                                           effects of milk are sufficient to elicit
                                           biological responses in consumers.”
                                                                                      VSH lectures
mous importance of breast feeding and
also of eating plenty of leafy greens
                                                Our thanks to Scott Snarr of the
                                                                                      now online
and nuts, there’s enough of both in
mother’s milk to ensure normal brain
and retinal development. For those not
                                           Vegetarian Club at UH Manoa
                                           (VCUHM) who brought this next inter-
                                           esting study to our attention:
                                                                                      Y       ou can
                                                                                       watch many
so lucky, many of the new soy infant
formulas have at least added DHA de-       Am J Clin Nutr. 2007 May;85(5):1401-        of the past
rived from algae.                          8. Dietary pattern in association with      VSH meet-
     Perhaps the last word in this fish    squamous cell carcinoma of the skin: a      ing lectures
story came from the University of Ha-      prospective study. Ibiebele TI, van der     online. Links
waii Department of Public Health Sci-      Pols JC,                              to the shows
ences and Epidemiology press release:                                                  may be
                                                Synopsis: “Two major dietary pat-      found on the VSH home page at stat-
                                           terns were identified: a meat and fat and in the drop down
ing: “Drs. Kimberly Warner and Jackie
                                           pattern and a vegetable and fruit pat-      menu of the TV Schedule. Most of
Savitz from Oceana (a Washington,
                                           tern. The meat and fat pattern was          these shows were recorded at
DC non profit that seeks to protect the
                                           positively associated with development      monthly VSH meetings.
ocean) are available to discuss the im-
                                           of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) tu-             We’d like to thank long time
plications of this study on the world-
                                           mors of the skin...A higher consump-        member James Thompson for his
wide crisis of overfishing in the
                                           tion of the vegetable and fruit dietary     expertise and generosity in making
oceans: 202-833-3900.”
                                           pattern appeared to decrease SCC tu-        this possible.
                                           mor risk by 54%, but this protective

Page 18                                                                                  The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007
                                          gan friends who live on farms in Haiku
(Rescued from page 1)                     and Kula, and they offered to help res-
                                          cue and provide homes for the aban-                    FILTER CIGARETTES
unable to eat and therefore starve to     doned hens. One couple had already
death.                                    taken in eight on the day that the fac-
     On closing day hens were sold in     tory closed.
groups of four with their legs bound           That night six of us went to the egg
tightly with twine, which caused pa-      factory after dark and met up with the
ralysis to some. Leftover hens that       on-site manager. The stench of manure
were not sold to the public, were         and chicken corpses inside the long,
killed: factory farm workers killed       narrow sheds was overpowering. It was
them by snapping their necks or bury-     pitch black, so we used head lamps and
ing them.                                 flashlights to illuminate the hellish               20 CLASS A DEATH STICKS
     While in the neighborhood about a    place. We were stepping on dead hens
month after the egg factory shut down,    everywhere. One poor bird had become
I noticed that the factory’s gates were   stuck between some bars and had died
open. I drove my car all the way inside   a slow, miserable death.                     Is smoking like
the giant compound just to make sure           It took a few hours to locate all the
that no live hens had been left behind.   abandoned hens and rouse them from           eating meat?
As I drove in, I saw dozens upon doz-     their sleep. They screamed in terror as
ens of emaciated battery hens near the    they were plucked up and taken away.         A. 1. There was once a time
sheds. I also saw countless dead hens     Little did they know how their lives            when people who opposed
lying on the ground after apparently      were about to change. At the end of the         smoking were viewed as an-
succumbing to starvation and dehydra-     night, 46 hens were saved. The man-             tisocial and unreasonable.
tion over the previous month. Further     ager said that we got them all.
into the compound I located a man              These rescued hens are now enjoy-          2. Then there was a time
working in a gigantic shed that housed    ing their new homes. The people who             when they were viewed as
battery cages and asked him whether       adopted them described their joy as             technically correct but their
these remaining hens were being given     they experienced the rain on their              cause was viewed as hopeless
food or water. He told me the hens        backs and the sun on their feathers for         because nothing would ever
were not, and he agreed to let me come    the first time. Liberation takes on new         change because smokers are
back with my cat carriers and retrieve    meaning as these gentle hens feel the           addicts, young people fall
them.                                     free breezes of Maui after their cruel          into it, and the tobacco in-
     I contacted some kind hearted ve-    incarceration.                                  dustry has the resources to
                                                                                          protect itself fully.
                                                                                          3. As of now lots of things
                                                                                          have changed.
                                                                                       B. 1. There was once a time
                                                                                          when vegetarians were
                                                                                          viewed as odd and sickly. It
                                                                                          was something that one
                                                                                          would grow out of.
                                                                                          2. Now we are viewed as
                                                                                          technically correct, I find,
                                                                                          and that we are respected,
                                                                                          but our cause is viewed as
                                                                                          having no chance of prevail-
                                                                                          ing because people will never
                                                                                          give up meat.
                                                                                       Karl Seff, Ph.D.
                                                                                       VSH Board member
Some of the rescued hens at their new home on the Blake Farm on Maui.
The Island Vegetarian • Jul - Sep 2007                                                                                  Page 19

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