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Temple Beth El                                                                                              Visit the Temple website
  Temple Beth El Jewish Community Center, Aptos, California           ✡    Vol 44. No 8     ✡   April 2011     ✡   Adar II–Nisan 5771

              Temple Beth El Celebrates Passover
                                          Sing along with us to this Passover classic:

                                         Exodus (Sung to the tune of “Yesterday”)
                                          Yesterday, were slaves in Egypt yesterday,
                                            Now be thankful that we’re free today,
                                                We must remember yesterday.
  It takes many hands to prepare,           Slavery, Pharoah kept us all in slavery,
  set up and serve this feast.              We were working hard as hard can be,
  Contact Andrew Goldenkranz                     Oh yesterday sa w slavery.
  at agoldenk@gmail.com or                     Why we couldn’t go, I don’t know,
  688-7971 or to sign up for a                       He made us stay,
  shift.                                            Then God set us free
                                                Now we teach ’bout yesterday.

Community Second Night Seder                                          A Peasch Celebration to Remember with our
Tuesday, April 19                                                     Neighbors and Friends of the Resurrection
Doors open at 6pm. Seder begins at 6:30pm.                            Catholic Community
Come one, come all! Pesach’s Second Night Seder 2011! Brisket?        Who will Drink the Wine?
Check. Lamb? Check. Matzah ball soup? Check. Pickled salmon?          The Cup of Jesus and the Cup of Elijah?
Check. Mendelbrot? Check. Carnivore? Vegetarian? Sephardic?
Ashkenazic? Plenty of happy for everybody! (We could go on            An Interfaith Dialogue on Easter and Passover
and on—14 courses for the 14 steps of the Seder.) Reserve a           Thursday, April 7 • 7pm at TBE
whole table to ensure you can sit with your chavurah, family or       Join us for a deep conversation about the similarities and
friends.                                                              differences surrounding these two major festivals and what they
    Tickets: Adults $25. Children under 13, $12.50. Free child        mean to us today. RSVP requested by 4/5.
care for children under 6 with paid admission. No charge for          Interfaith Seder at Resurrection Catholic Church
children under age 5. We will provide ceremonial wine for each        Thursday, April 14 • 6pm
table; we encourage you to bring your own wine for dinner.            This very special seder is led by Rabbi Richard Litvak,
    Brought to you by the Three Brisketeers—Andrew, Keith             Fr. Ron Shirley and Cantor Meeka Simerly. The evening includes
and Wally—and featuring celebrity apprentice Jay Lerman. This         a full dinner prepared by Deacon Patrick Conway and Andrew
event sells out, so get your paid reservations in by 4/12.            Goldenkranz for a small donation. A most enjoyable, delicious
                                                                      experience. Please bring a side ritual dish. RSVP by 4/12.
                                                                      To RSVP for either or both events, please use the the reservation
                                                                      form on the inside back page of the Shofar or email Kathy
                                                                      Goldenkranz at k.ruiz.goldenkranz@gmail.com.

                                    Celebrate Passover with Your Rosh Chodesh Sisters
                                    “The Journey From Oppression to Liberation” Tuesday, April 5 • 6:30pm
                                    We come together in prayer, song, story and reflection to explore the journey from oppressio to
                                    liberation. For reservations, please contact Shirley Ginzburg at shirley@ginzburgs.com or 685-2710.
                                    For the vegetarian potluck you will be asked to bring to share: a ritual food, wine or grape juice,
                                    vegetarian soup, matzo, charoset, hard-boiled eggs, nuts, dried fruit, cheese or passover sweets.
                                                               info@tbeaptos.org         www.tbeaptos.org     April 2011   The Shofar     1
                                               THOUGHTS FROM RABBI PAULA
         Basic Judaism
       Classes for Adults
                                               The Blessing of Place
                                                                      As one of my close       past week, stories I had forgotten about
New Basic Judaism Classes                                             friends and colleagues my father gently surfaced, bringing me
Begin This Month                                                      said recently, “We’re    feelings of warmth and caring.
If you want to learn more about your                                  at the time in our lives     Since returning from Florida after my
Jewish heritage, are a non-Jewish member                              when we’re having        father’s memorial, I have been met with
of a Jewish household, or are considering                             surgeries and our        an outpouring of cards, donations, e-mails
conversion to Judaism, these classes are                              parents are dying.”      and phone calls and this has been a source
for you.                                                              I have had the sacred    of strength during my mourning period.
The Bible Through Jewish Eyes                   Rabbi Paula Marcus
                                                                      honor of sharing         I am once again reminded of how this
Become familiar with the Five Books                                this season of life with    community knows well the importance of
of Moses and the many traditional and          many of you and now,                            sharing in each other’s pain.
modern approaches to their interpretation.     I find myself walking the mourner’s path.            Jewish tradition provides us with a
                                                   The first seven days of shiva for my         blessing we say when we encounter a
Instructor: Rabbi Shifra Weiss-Penzias
                                               father have just ended and I have come to       person in mourning. We say HaMakom
Thursdays, 4/14–6/9, 7–8pm
                                               understand, from the inside, not just on        y’nachem etchem b’toch sh’ar avalei
$60 TBE members. $75 Public
                                               an intellectual level, the wisdom of our        Zion. May God comfort you among all
Classes are FREE for TBE members of
                                               mourning practices.                             mourners of Zion. In this blessing, the
three years or less.
                                                   This time period forces us to reflect        name of God is “The Place.” There is a
Beginning Hebrew III                           upon our loss and come to a greater under- deep teaching here about where we may
This class is for those who wish to learn      standing of how the death of a loved one        find the divine presence in our time of
or brush up on Hebrew, or are considering      changes our place in the                                           grief. This presence is
having an adult bar/bat mitzvah. The           world. We take the time          There is a deep teaching…         in the comfort of the
class focus is on basic Hebrew reading of      to review how the person                                           people who surround us
                                                                                   about where we may
Shabbat and festival blessings.                who had died influenced                                             with their love. From
Instructor: Rabbi Shifra Weiss-Penzias         our lives. What were           find the divine presence in our this blessing we also
                                               the gifts they gave us,                                            understand that there
Thursdays, 4/14–6/9, 8–9pm                                                             time of grief.
$60 TBE members/ $75 Public                    how did their challenges                                           are others who are in
Classes are FREE for TBE members of            impact us? When we                                                 mourning and we are
three years or less.                           gather for a memorial service and shiva         truly not alone in walking this path.
                                               minyan we share stories and memories                As I move through shloshim, the 30
Community Torah Study                          about our loved one’s life, different facets    days that are the next stage of mourning,
with Rabbi Paula Marcus                        of their personalities are revealed and we      I know that the love and support I receive
The Torah has guided the Jewish people         may come to understand more deeply how from this community will continue to
throughout our history, transmitting the       they touched us and their friends and other sustain me and I am grateful for this
wisdom and values of our tradition. Please     family members. As I watched the flame           incredible blessing of this place.
join us to discuss the week’s portion.         of the shiva candle burn over the                                    —Rabbi Paula Marcus
Beginners are welcome. FREE and open to
the public.
Thursdays, 12–1pm                                           PESACH & YISKOR SERVICES
                                                            First Day Passover Service, Tuesday, Apr. 19, 10am
                                                            Last Day Passover Yiskor Service, Tuesday, Apr. 26, 8am
        B’nai Mitzvah Gallery

Joshua Martin will be called to the Torah                               Kaitlyn Smith, daughter of Tara
as a Bar Mitzvah on April 30. Josh is the                               Birnbaum and Scott Smith,
son of Aimee and Andy Martin, brother                                   granddaughter of Mark and Sarah
of Rachel, and grandson of Harold and                                   Birnbaum, will be called to the Torah
Francine Raphael and Mary Jo Stout.                                     on April 16. Kaitlyn attends Branciforte
Josh is in 7th grade at Aptos Jr. High. He                              Middle School as a 7th grader. She enjoys
enjoys soccer, hanging out with friends and                             writing, photography, creating videos,
reading. Josh has attended Temple Beth El                               music, art, cooking and spending time with
since preschool, and for his mitzvah project        Joshua Martin       family and friends. Kaitlyn is working          Kaitlyn Smith
he has been helping with Jewish-a- Lot at                               with a local organization, Women‘s Crisis
temple.                                                                 Support, Defensa de Mujeres, for her mitzvah project.

2   The Shofar    April 2011   www.tbeaptos.org       info@tbeaptos.org
In The Temple Family
                                                                                                                                  TEMPLE BETH EL
                                                                                                                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                   Gatherings Bring                                               2010–2011

                                                                   Together Members
                                                                   of the Tribe!
                                                                                                          EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                                          We have divided the entire
                                                          Temple Beth El membership                       President............................................. Gus Gold
                                                          into neighborhoods and you                      Immediate Past President .............. Barry Marks
                                                          are invited to attend your                      VP Resources ................................David Kliger
                                                          own neighborhood gathering!                     VP Education .................................Wilma Gold
                                                          These events are entirely                       VP Membership & Growth ...........Scott Roseman
                                                          social. We want you to have                     VP Worship & Justice .............Kathy Goldenkranz
                                                          the opportunity to meet some                    Treasurer ..................................... Drew Barkley
                                                          of your neighbors who you                       Secretary .................................... Dennis Caspe
                                                          have not had a chance to get
                                                          to know.                                        Fundraising ................................................TBD
   We would like to thank the hosts and hostesses for these events: Mimi Guiney,                          Human Resources ................Branwyn Wagman
Andrea Yanowitz, Renee Winter, Linda Brackenbury, Susan Karon, Lauren Goldstein,                          Building & Grounds..........................Dan Seftel
Gail Michaelis-Ow, Jane Michaelis, Wilma Gold, Ann Bornstein, Mike and Terry Rein,                        Cemetery ............................. Wally Brondstatter
Laurie and Jerry Goldstein, Teal and Cindie Messer, Steve and Carmella Dautoff, Cindy                     Education ........................................Gail Levine
Rubin and Brian Rosenthal, Carol Shapiro, Julie Lorraine, Amy Harrington, Carolyn                         Ritual Practice ..............................Mimi Guiney
Coleman, Scott Roseman and Peg Shemaria-Hedman.                                                           Social Action .................................Rick Zinman
   If you have not received an invitation to your neighborhood event, please contact                      Youth .............................................Karen Kohut
Gail at 423-0128. We hope you have a great time with your neighbors.                                      Volunteer Coordinator ..............Richie Solomon
                                                                                                          Member-at-Large .....................Toby Alexander
WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS (* CHILDREN)                                                                   Member-at-Large ....................Mark Silberstein
                                                                                                          Sisterhood Rep ............................ Susan McKay
Leslie “Lolly” Fix (*Amarus)                         Rebecca & Brian Mussetter                            Brotherhood Rep ..........................Bob Feldman
                                                     (*Nathan & Samuel)                                   Sr. Youth Group Rep ............Nathan Silverglate
Sara & Robert Hapner (*Ezra)
                                                     Rebecca & Scott Rubin
Orly Levy & John Richards
(*Tal Richards, Etai, Maya and                                                                                               This ’n’ That
Shani Levy-Richards)                                                                                      TBE’S COMMUNITY GARDEN will
                                                                                                          open for planting on Earth Day, Friday,
May Their Memories be for a Blessing                                                                      Apr. 22. This pilot project will begin
             Mark Samuel Barnes, brother of Stephanie Barnes-Castro, brother-in-law                       with a four-bed demonstration garden
             of Pedro Castro and uncle of Camilee, Elena and Rachael Castro                               open to TBE members, employees and
             Roberta Berman, sister of Sheila Baker, sister-in-law of Tom Baker and                       their families. If you are interested in
             aunt of Sara and Joshua Baker                                                                being involved, please contact Mark Ingel
                                                                                                          at 475-1819.
             Al Canter, father of Leslie Krzeczowski, father-in-law of Ken Krzeczowski
             and grandfather of Rachel and Sean Krzeczowski                                               SINCEREST THANKS to everyone who
Curtis Hoxter, father of Vicky Finder, father-in-law of Les Finder and grandfather of                     contributed to the beautiful Oneg on my
Hannah Finder and Joe and Greg Strecker                                                                   “Woman of Valor” evening, and for the
                                                                                                          many good wishes from all. I was truly
Robert Marcus, father of Rabbi Paula Marcus, father-in-law of Aryeh Nanas and
grandfather of Daniel Nanas
                                                                                                                                     —Estelle Levine
   Attn: Parents of June Grads                                                                            REMEMBER TEMPLE BETH EL
   Include your graduating student (high school, college and graduate degrees) in                         in your will, trust retirement account or
   the June issue of The Shofar. E mail the student’s name, parents’ names, school,                       life insurance policy. Contact Planned
   and post-grad plans (college, travels or alternate activities) to dianarw@aol.com.                     Giving Committee chair Steve Shapiro at
                                                                                                          465-1148 or steveshapiro@cruzio.com.
                                                                                                          CELEBRATE WITH US
Copy Apr. 1 (first day of the previous month) Advertising deadline Apr. 6.                                 When you are celebrating a birthday or
Email copy or advertising questions to dianarw@aol.com or call 831-421-9254.                              anniversary, let us know so that we can
SHOFAR Published Sept–June by Temple Beth El Jewish Community Center, 3055 Porter Gulch Road, Aptos, CA   share your simcha at the Friday night
95003. p 831-479-3444, f 831-475-7246. A TBE membership benefit. Non-member subscription rate $40/year.    Shabbat service that week.
Vol. 21, No. 8. Diana Rose, Editor/Publisher, 831-421-9254, dianarw@aol.com.

                                                                        info@tbeaptos.org          www.tbeaptos.org            April 2011         The Shofar           3
Calendar Highlights
       Senior Moments                        Brotherhood Goes to the Movies
                                             Saturday, Apr. 2
All Senior Connection events are             All Brotherhood members and their
FREE and run from 1:30-3:30pm on             significant others are invited to a free hot
the second and fourth Mondays of each        dog potluck followed by “Weekend in
month. Our programming content is not        Tel Aviv,” the gripping TBE Jewish Film
only for seniors and all are welcome.        Festival’s featured movie on Saturday             11th Annual Temple Beth El
Refreshments are always served and           evening. The potluck dinner begins at                 Jewish Film Festival
donations to the Senior Connections Fund     5:30pm at the home of Denise Marco,
                                                                                               March 26 & 27 • April 2 & 3
are greatly appreciated. Transportation      6336 Baseline Dr., Aptos. RSVP to Drew
needs? Please contact Marlene Pitkow at      Barkley at drew.barkley@gmail.com.                 For a complete schedule,go to
marsp7@pacbell.net or 462-6080.                  The movie begins at 7pm ($5 ticket),                http://bit.ly/fryehy
                                             followed by a discussion led by Rabbi
Monday, Apr. 11, 1:30pm
                                             Paula. This 2008 film tells the story of
The Golden Age of Yiddish Theatre
                                             Tarek, a suicide bomber whose vest fails to   Mitzvah Day!
with Mark Levy
                                             detonate and must spend Shabbat among         Sunday, Apr. 10
From its beginnings in Romania to New
                                             the people he was to kill. He connects with   Mitzvah Day is based on the highest
York’s Second Avenue, the names
                                             several Israelis including the beautiful      Jewish values of tzedakah and gimilut
Avrom Goldfaden, Boris Thomashevsky,
                                             Keren. When the weekend ends, Tarek           Chasidim, righteousness and acts of
Jacob Adler, Molly Picon, Aaron Lebedef,
                                             must make the decision of his life.           loving kindness. This TBE-wide annual
Jenny Goldstein and Moishe Oysher are                                                      event has something for all ages—Temple
just a few of the great actors and singers   Jewish-a-Lot for Parents & Tots:              School students, parents, seniors, youth
who graced the Yiddish stage over a          Passsover                                     groupers and preschoolers—and a variety
50-year period. These artists will be seen   Sunday, Apr. 3, 9:30–10:45am
                                                                                           of projects. Arrive at 9am, meet your
and heard on vintage recordings and film.     This month’s get-together for families with   teammates, enjoy a delicious nosh and
    Mark Levy has performed and taught       children under 5-years-old is all about       after a quick pep rally, we’ll be off to do
in the San Francisco Bay area for over 30    Pesach (Passover). Everyone is welcome        a mitzvah. For more information, contact
years. He specializes in older Judaic folk   (members and non-membe rs) and no             Rick Zinman or Kathy Goldenkranz.
music in Yiddish, Hebrew and Ladino.         RSVP is needed. Please bring a healthy
                                             snack to share. For more information,         Brotherhood’s Jewish Heritage
                                             contact Wilma Gold at wilmagold@gmail.        Night with the Golden State
                                             com or Shira Coleman at 722-8778.             Warriors
                                                                                           Sunday, Apr. 10
                                             TBE Progressive Dinner                        Hop aboard Brotherhood’s carpool to the
                                             Saturday, Apr. 9, 6pm                         Golden State Warriors’ Jewish Heritage
                                             We’ll shmooze with old friends, meet new      Night in Oracle Arena in Oakland on
                                             TBE members and socialize in members’         Sunday Apr. 10. We’ve upgraded to $40
                                             homes. After dinner at the home of your       seats this year. We promise fun (and
                                             host/hostess followed at 8pm by a dessert     even kosher food)! If interested, contact
                                             course at the lovely home of Carol and        Michael Rein at mike@reinlaw.net.
Monday, Apr. 25, 1:30pm                      Paul Berman. Desserts provided by our             Our annual trek to Oracle Arena
Yoo Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg                       talented bakers! The cost is $18 per          features the Warriors against the
A screening of the 2009 documentary          person ($36 per couple). Sponsored by         Sacramento Kings. Activities include a
about Gertrude Berg, considered by some      Sisterhood,                                   post-game Q&A with the Kings’ Omri
to be the ‘most famous woman you never       this event is a                               Casspi, a native of Israel.
heard of.’ Berg was the creator, principal   fundraiser for
                                                                                           TBE Book Club Meeting
writer, and star of “The Goldbergs,” a       SRFY youth
                                                                                           Tuesday, May 10, 7:30pm
popular radio show for 17 years, which       group.
                                                                                           At the Hilbermans’, 148 Kenny Ct, SC
became television’s very first character-         If you are
                                                                                           The book we’ll discuss is The Great House
driven domestic sitcom in 1949.              reading this after
                                                                                           by Nicole Krauss, a 2010 candidate for the
    Berg created the character Mrs.          3/22 and you
                                                                                           National Book Award. This is a complex
Goldberg, a lovable and loving Jewish        would like to
                                                                                           story of several individuals who at different
mother, shaped in the immigrant              attend, contact
                                                                                           times possess the same towering piece of
neighborhoods of New York City, who          Cathy Levy at
                                                                                           furniture—a desk, which connects them
became a national heroine and one of the     drimboden2@aol.com or 430-9317; or
                                                                                           in ways that will be revealed to the reader.
first true pop culture icons of the 20th      Lori Scher at scherlo59@aol.com or
                                                                                           Available only in hardback.
century.                                     335-2402.

4   The Shofar    April 2011   www.tbeaptos.org     info@tbeaptos.org
Calendar Highlights
                         Special Shabbats                                                   SRFY Creative Service
                                                                                            with Rabbi Stephanie Kolin,
                                                                                            URJ’s Just Congregations
                  Hadassah Shabbat
                  Service                                  Rock Shabbat                     Friday, Apr. 29,
                  Friday, April 1, 7:30pm
                  Hadassah, the Women’s
                                                          Goes Downtown                     7:30pm
                                                                                            Our Senior Youth
                  Zionist Organization                  Friday, April 8 • 7:30pm            Group, SRFY, will
                  of America, is about                     At The 418 Project               lead services. We
                  to celebrate its 100th               418 Front Street, Santa Cruz         have a cool theme
birthday. Founded in 1912 by Henrietta                      Pre-Oneg 6:15pm                 using Beatles
Szold, it is now one of the largest Jewish                   Service 6:30pm                 music to celebrate
organizations, with some 270,000 members         Temple Beth El brings its high-energy      the coming of
around the world, most of them women.            musical service to downtown and the        Shabbat and hope         Rabbi Stephanie Kolin
    Come and learn about the wonderful           West Side.                                 you will join us.
projects Hadassah supports and the                   This month’s Rock Shabbat is made          Following services, we will hear
inspiring miracles it helps create at the        possible through the generosity of the     from Rabbi Stephanie Kolin, lead
Hadassah Medical Organization Hospital           members of Chavurah By The Sea:            California organizer of the Union for
in Jerusalem.                                    Stephanie Barnes-Castro and Pedro          Reform Judaism’s Just Congregations.
                                                 Castro, John Leopold and Teresa Buika      Rabbi Kolin will share her insights on
                                                 Leopold, David and Suzanne Silverglate,    organizing and strengthening TBE’s
                                                 Debra and Tony Sloss, Cary and Melissa     work in COPA, Communities Organized
                                                 Sunberg, Shmuel Thaler and Kathy Cytron,   for Relational Power in Action. Look
                                                 Bill Underwood and Karen Zelin.            for special activities that day in future
                                                 Thank you!                                 announcements.
                                                                                                Rabbi Stephanie was ordained in 2006
Second Annual Chavurah Shabbat                                                              at the New York campus of the Hebrew
Dinner & Service                                                                            Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
Friday, May 13, 6–7:30pm                                                                    and achieved a distinguished record as a
This dinner is for members of TBE’s                                                         rabbinical student. Her rabbinical thesis,
chavurot. Chicken, challah and grape juice                                                  “Empathy, Equity and the Establishment:
will be provided by Temple Beth El.                                                         An Unclaimed Legacy of Social Justice,”
    Each family should bring a non-dairy                                                    explores the biblical and rabbinic world
salad to share, or a fruit or dessert item for                                              views of social justice and reflects her
the Oneg. Friday evening services follow                                                    deep commitment to the Jewish expression
this special Shabbat dinner at 7:30pm.                                                      of social justice. She was named as a
     RSVPs are required using the form                                                      Woman of Valor by the Jewish Funds
on the inside back page of this Shofar.                                                     for Justice and is included in a list that
Questions? Contact Susan Karz at                                                            the Forward called “The Sisterhood 50:
chavurahTBE@aol.com or 688–4764.                                                            America’s Influential Women Rabbis.”

                   Please RSVP and/or order bulk meat packages using the form on the inside back page!

                                                                info@tbeaptos.org     www.tbeaptos.org     April 2011    The Shofar     5
Youth News
                                              TEMPLE SCHOOL

            Mitzvah Day                       Kindergarten Open House is May 1st – Spread The Word!
          Sunday, April 10!                                         Our Temple School            RSVPs for the open house are
                                                                    is dynamic, exciting,    very helpful. Please contact us at
                                                                    important and            sclarkson@tbeaptos.org or 479-3444
                                                                    surprising. It is        x218. You don’t have to be Temple
                                                                    probably quite           members to be a part of our Temple
                                                                    different from the       School kindergarten family.
                                                                    religious school             Our Temple School students benefit
                                                                    experience you may       from being a part of the largest Jewish
                                                  Rabbi Shifra      have grown up with,      community in the Monterey Bay area. Our
                                                                    and I want to ask your   program strengthens their Jewish identity
                                              help in spreading the word. I hope that        and sense of community by connecting
                                              you will invite anyone you know with a         them with so many other Jewish kids
    Please come to TBE at 9am and join        Jewish child going into kindergarten in        their age. We have classes for students
    us for bagels donated by Noah’s           the fall to our Kindergarten Open House        from kindergarten through tenth grade.
    Bagels and muffins baked by Simcha         on Sunday, May 1at 11am. It will take          Interfaith families are welcome, and
    Preschool. Wear your Mitzvah Day          place in the classroom so everyone can         we are open and affirming. If you have
    t-shirt or pick up one when you come      experience learning with Jewish friends,       disability-related needs, please let us
    and sign up to do a mitzvah.              arts and crafts, music, stories and more.      know so that we can make sure that every
        There are many community service      We’ll be in class for the first 45 minutes.     aspect of our program is accessible to you.
    volunteer opportunities to choose         Please bring a lunch as we will picnic                       —Rabbi Shifra Weiss-Penzias
    from including beach clean-up, garden     from 11:45am–1pm on the Temple                                    Temple School Principal
    work at Homeless Garden Project, and      playground together with kindergarten
    collecting food items for Santa Cruz      and first-grade families. This will give          Campership Deadline - April 19th
    AIDS Project.                             the children time to play and parents time       If you are planning to apply for help
        THANK YOU to this year’s sponsors:    to meet and ask questions of staff and           with fees for a Jewish camp this
    SunRidge Farms, Connor Plumbing           currently enrolled families.                     summer, please fill out a campership
    and Soy Vay. Thanks also to Noah’s            Our Jewish kindergarten is a once-           application as soon as possible. Forms
    Bagels (Pacific Ave); and to Rick Zinman   weekly learning experience with our              are available in the TBE office.
    and the Social Action Committee.          beloved kindergarten teachers who are
                                              California credentialed and have lots of
                                              experience and knowledge to make the           TEMPLE SCHOOL DATES TO REMEMBER
SRFY Living a Jewish Life                     lessons wonderful. Students learn to count     Apr. 3 Jewish-A-Lot for Parents & Tots
Check on FB and on our website for details.   in Hebrew and use basic Hebrew phrases                 & First Grade Family Learning
Saturday, Apr. 2                              and blessings. They learn about Shabbat        Apr. 10 Mitzvah Day
SRFY goes GoKarting at the Hollister          and the Jewish holidays and enjoy edu-         Apr. 17–24 No Temple School
Speedway.                                     cational activities, puzzles and games such            (Spring/Passover Break)
                                              as Hidden Hebrew letter of the week that       May 1 Kindergarten Open House 11am
Saturday, Apr. 9                              teach Torah and Aleph-Bet.
Help with TBE Progressive Dinner.
Sunday, Apr. 10                               BETY Big Fun Coming Events
TBE Mitzvah Day
                                                                     Sunday, Apr. 3, 1:30–6pm
Tuesday, Apr. 19                                                     BETY Trip to Egyptian Rosicrucian Museum
Work (and get paid!) at the Community                                Located in San Jose, this popular museum takes visitors
Passover Seder                                                       to ancient Egypt at the time of the pharaohs. The entrance
Help prep food a few days before the                                 fee is $9. All 6th, 7th and 8th graders are invited. Bring a
event and serve food on the day of the                               snack or snack money. We will meet at the temple and need
event. If you are interested, contact                                drivers. RSVP by 3/27 to Kathy Goldenkranz at 688-7971 or
Nathan Silverglate on Facebook or by                                 kgoldenk@msn.com.
email at nsilverglate@gmail.com.              Sunday, Apr. 10, 9am–Noon
Friday, Apr. 29                               Mitzvah Day
SRFY Creative Service                         BETY will be going to the Homeless Garden Project to help in the garden. Join us for fun
Contact Naomi Wizeman at 566-3462 or          and a very important mitzvah. Watch for the sign-up notice and RSVP to Rabbi Shifra.
naomiweizman@gmail.com to participate.

6     The Shofar    April 2011   www.tbeaptos.org    info@tbeaptos.org
                                                                 Why is this night different than all other nights?

                                                                 April 2011 Temple Beth El JCC, Aptos Adar II - Nisan                                              5771

      SUNDAY                    MONDAY                TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY                   THURSDAY                  FRIDAY                  SATURDAY
                           1                      1                        2                        3                       1                        2
                                                                                                                            Hadassah Shabbat         Minyan Tazria (w/ Chadeish
                                                                                                                            Service 7:30pm           Yameinu)10am
                                    Spring/Passover Break
                  No Simcha Preschool, Temple School, 7th Grade or Hebrew High                                                                       SRFY GoKarting (out)
                                          April 17–24                                                                                                TBE Jewish Film Festival

                                                                                                                                  Shofar Deadline

3                          4                      5                        6                        7                       8                        9
Jewish-A-Lot for Parents                          Weekday Minyan 8am       Temple School 4pm        Exec. Com. Mtg. 8:30am Rock Shabbat              Minyan Metzora 10am
and Tots 9:30am                                                            7th Grade 7pm                                      at the 418 Project     (out/First Congregational Church)
                                                  Meditation Circle 7pm    Hebrew High 7pm          Torah Study w/ Rabbi      Downtown Santa Cruz
Temple School & 1st                                                                                 Paula 12pm                                       Kai Wyatt Golden
                                                  Rosh Chodesh Women's                                                        Pre-Oneg 6:15pm        Bar Mitzvah 10:15am
Grade Family Learning
9:45am                                            Seder 7:30pm                                      An Interfaith Dialogue on Service 6:30pm
                                                                                                    Easter and Passover                                     Sisterhood
TBE Jewish Film Festival                                                                                                                                Progressive Dinner
2pm                                                                                                 7pm
                                                                                                                                                             6pm (out)
Neighborhood Gathering/
Dautoff 3pm (out)                                                                                                                7:18pm

10                         11                     12                       13                       14                      15                       16
TBE Mitzvah Day            Senior Connections:    Weekday Minyan 8am       Temple School 4pm        Torah Study w/ Rabbi    Simcha Preschool Seder Minyan Acharei 10am
9am–12 Noon                1:30pm                                          7th Grade 7pm            Paula 12pm              11am
                                                  Meditation Circle 7pm                                                                             Kaitlyn Smith
                                                                           Hebrew High 7pm          Yiddish Circle 2pm
Neighborhood                                      General Board Mtg 7pm                                                     Neighborhood Gathering/ Bat Mitzvah 10:15am
                                                                                                    Interfaith Seder 6pm    Gold/Wolff 6pm (out)
                                                                                                    (Resurrection Church)
Harrington, 11am;                                                                                                           Shabbat Service 7:30pm
Susan Karon, 2pm (out)                                                                              Basic Judaism with
                                                                                                    R. Shifra 7pm
                                                                                                    Beg. Hebrew II with
                                                                                                    R. Shifra 8pm                7:24pm

17                         18                     19                       20                       21                      22                       23
Neighborhood Gathering/                           1st Day Passover                                                          Shabbat Service &       Minyan Shemini 10am
Shapiro 4pm (out)                                 Service 10am                                                              Dedication of Community
                                                                                                                            Garden 7:30pm           Neighborhood Gathering/
                                                  Second Night Community                                                                            Yanowitz 5pm (out)
                                                  Seder 6pm

                                Eve of Passover                                  No Temple School                                7:31pm
                                 (Erev Pesach)          Offices Closed            No Hebrew School                                4th Day Pesach
     No Temple School              First Seder          1st Day Pesach            2nd Day Pesach          3rd Day Pesach             Earth Day              5th Day Pesach

24                         25                      26
                                                  25                       27                       28                      29                       30
                           Senior Connections:    Last Day Passover        Temple School 4pm        Community Torah Study SRFY Creative Service, Minyan Kedoshim 10am
                           1:30pm                 Yiskor Service 8am       7th Grade 7pm            w/ Rabbi Paula 12pm   Guest Rabbi Stephanie
                                                                           Hebrew High 7pm                                Kolin 7:30pm           Joshua Martin
                                                  Meditation Circle 7pm                             Yiddish Circle 2pm                           Bar Mitzvah 10:15am
                                                                                                     Basic Judaism with
                                                                                                     R. Shifra 7pm
     No Temple School                                   Offices Closed
                                                                                                     Beg. Hebrew II with
                                                                                                     R. Shifra 8pm               7:371pm
      6th Day Pesach            7th Day Pesach         Last Day Pesach

Sponsor an issue of the Shofar.                                                             All events are subject to change. Please check the Temple website,
Contact Diana Rose at 831-421-9254 or dianarw@aol.com                                       www.tbeaptos.org, or call the office at 831-479-3444 to verify information.

                                                                                  info@tbeaptos.org            www.tbeaptos.org            April 2011      The Shofar                7
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                                    Sisterhood Gift Shop
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                      Exciting new designs for Matza Cloths
                      Passover Plates • Elijah Goblets • Haggadot
                      Hostess Gifts from Israel
                      Lots of novelties to keep the youngsters engaged
                      as they learn about the ancient rituals.
                      Why not treat yourself to a festive fun apron?
                      Whether you are an old hand or new to the customs, we have
                      cookbooks and CDs to bring fresh tastes and melodies to your

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                                                                                                                National Fund Blue
                                                                                                                Box for Your Home
                                                                                                                Planting trees,
                                                                                                                reforestation after
                 HOLIDAY HOUR
                                                                                                                the Carmel fire,
                 March 28–April 17
                                                                                                                water conservation,
                 Monday–Friday 10am–4pm
                                                                                              alternative energy solutions, low-water
                 Sundays 9:30am–12 Noon
                                                                                              farming techniques—these are the
                 OR by appointment.
                                                                                              mission of the Jewish National Fund
                 Call Shirley at 685-2710
                                                                                              (JNF), and you can help by putting
                 Closed Saturdays
                                                                                              your loose change in the traditional
                                                                                              Blue Box you keep in the kitchen or at
                                                                                              your bedside. Please contact Bernard
                                                                                              Hilberman at 476-4740, 462-4500,
                                                                                              or bhilberman@surfnetusa.com to
                                                                                              request your tzedakah box.

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                                            TBE Interest / Response Form
 Please check the boxes next to the events and activities that you would like to RSVP, are interested in attending or would like
 more information. Please mail this form (with your check for donations or events with fees) to: Temple Beth El, 3055
 Porter Gulch Rd, Aptos, CA 95003. If your mailing label is not on the reverse side of this page, please include your contact

     ❐ Basic Judaism: The Bible Through Jewish Eyes          Thurs., 4/14–6/9, 7–8pm
          $60 TBE members, $75 Public. Free to new members in their first three years at TBE.                            $______

     ❐ Hebrew III    Thurs., 4/14–6/9, 8–9pm
          $60 TBE members, $75 Public. Free to new members in their first three years at TBE.                            $______

     ❐    Community Passover Seder Tues, 4/19. Doors open at 5:30pm. Seder starts at 6pm. RSVP by 4/12.
          # _____ adults @ $25 each # _____ of children under 13 @ $12.50 each # _____ of children under 5
          # _____ Vegetarian Main Course(s)                                                                              $______

          Childcare (ages 2–9): Please list name(s) and age(s). ________________________________________


          Seating preference: If possible, please seat me with _________________________________________



     ❐    Deli Night Saturday, 5/ 7, 6:30pm. RSVPs required. Please make check payable to TBE Brotherhood.
          # _____ of adults 13+@ $25 each    # _____ of kids (5–12 y.o.) @ $15 each   # _____ Children under 5 FREE      $ ______

     ❐    Deli Meats for Sale (Pre-packaged, available at Deli Night). Please make check payable to TBE Brotherhood.
          Hot Dogs - $10 per pound    # _____ of pounds
          Corned Beef - $13 per pound # _____ of pounds
          Pastrami - $13 per pound    # _____ of pounds                                                                  $ ______

     ❐    Chavurah Shabbat Dinner Friday, 5/13, 6-7:30pm. RSVP by 5/3. Chavurah members only. No FEE.

          Name of chavurah _______________________________________            # _____ of adults   # _____ of children

     ❐    Interfaith Dialogue on Easter and Passover Thurs., Apr 7, 7pm, at TBE. RSVP by 4/5. No fee.

          # _____ attending

     ❐    Interfaith Seder at Resurrection Catholic Church Thurs., Apr. 14, 6pm. Donations appreciated. RSVP by 4/12.

          # _____ of adults   # _____ of children

      Please send all event-related payments in advance so              Please submit a separate check for
      that we do not have to handle money on Shabbat.                   each event.                                     $_______

10       The Shofar   April 2011   www.tbeaptos.org    info@tbeaptos.org


                                         Felton • Boulder Creek • Half Moon Bay
                                                                                                    classes and wellness lectures!

                                       Downtown and Westside Santa Cruz • Capitola
                                                                                                Check www.newleaf.com for upcoming

                                                                                             Santa Cruz’s neighborhood markets for 25 years.

                    TEMPLE BETH EL                                                                                                             Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
                    JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER                                                                                                         PAID
                    3055 Porter Gulch Road                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 13

                    Aptos, CA 95003                                                                                                              Aptos, CA

April 2011
                    Rabbi Richard M. Litvak • Rabbi Paula Marcus • Executive Director Jane Sable-Friedman

The Shofar
                    Board President Gus Gold • Temple School Educator Rabbi Shifra Weiss-Penzias
                    Sisterhood Gift Shop Maven Shirley Ginzburg • Shofar Editor/Publisher Diana Rose


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