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									                              STACEY DASH

                                         Exclusive Interview                                                                     By Karen McKnight

                 T       o look at her, you’d never know
                         that Stacey Dash has been a TV
                         and lm actress for more than 20
                         years. She’s incredibly beautiful—
                         an exotic blend of Latin and
                 Caribbean heritage with captivating
                                                               fashion, music and celebrity,” the series
                                                               Single Ladies has been in production since
                                                               February of this year.

                                                               We caught up with Stacey as she was
                                                               wrapping up lming on the set in Atlanta.
                                                                                                              R: Val is a stylist and boutique owner. What
                                                                                                              is her fashion style?

                                                                                                              SD: Val’s fashion style is constantly
                                                                                                              evolving. It’s inspired by iconic fashion
                                                                                                               gures of the past, and she puts a
                 green eyes and a svelte, curvaceous gure                                                     contemporary spin on it.
                 that landed her in the pages of Playboy       Runway: So you’re starring in a new movie
                 magazine at age 40.                           and a new television series, Single Ladies.    R: Do you have input into what your
                                                               Tell us about it.                                       character gets to wear?
                 Her youthful appearance
                 has always worked to her                                                                                  SD: Absolutely. [Fashion
                 advantage. She got her rst                                                                                consultant] Anthony Williams
                 big break when she was cast                                                                               and I have total control when
                 as Dionne, a high school                                                                                  it comes to the vision of Val’s
                 beauty, in the hit movie                                                                                  style.
                 Clueless in 1995. Although
                 at the time she was in her                                                                                R: Who are your personal
                 late 20s, she convincingly                                                                                favorite designers?
                 played the comedic role
                 of Alicia Silverstone’s best                                                                              SD: I’m loving Chanel right
                 friend. In 1996, her role                                                                                 now—Karl Lagerfeld. Also,
                 was reprised in the popular                                                                               Oscar de la Renta and Pucci.
                 Clueless television series,
                 which aired until 1999.                                                                                   R: You’re in great shape. What
                                                                                                                           do you do to stay that way?
                 Over the years, she has
                 steadily worked as an                                                                                     SD: I eat healthy, I run and
                 actress in both television                                                                                I work out with a personal
                 and movies, landing parts                                                                                 trainer who does a very
                 in The Fresh Prince of                                                                                    strenuous, athletic workout
                 Bel-Air, CSI: Crime Scene                                                                                 with me four to ve times a
                 Investigation, Eve, The                                                                                   week.
                 Game and Mo’ Money,
                 to name a few. She has                                                                                    R: What do you like to do in
                 also become a favorite of                                                                                 your time off?
                 the hip-hop community,
                 appearing in music videos                                                                                 SD: I’m a mother, so I’m
                 alongside stars like Kanye                                                                                focused on my children and
                 West, and most recently in                                                                                am working on a few projects
                 the Rick Ross music video                                                                                 I have in the making.
                 for “Super High.”
                                                                                                                           R: What other projects do you
                 Last summer, Stacey was                                                                                   have in the works?
                 cast in a movie called Single
                 Ladies, which follows three                                                                                SD: At the moment I’m
                 best friends with different                                                                                building my battered women
                 philosophies on sex and                                                                                    shelter task force and working
                 relationships. Produced by                                                                                 on a skincare line and lifestyle
                 Queen Latifah’s production                                                                   brand. I also have a book coming out called
                 company, Flavor Unit Entertainment, the                                                      How to Stay Dashing, which should be
                 movie explored what women really want         Stacey Dash: It’s about three ladies,          released by the fall.
                 from a relationship. Stacey was cast as an    one newly single, maneuvering through
                 aspiring fashion mogul—a woman coming         the dating world in Atlanta and trying         R: In three words, how would you describe
                 out of a heart-wrenching breakup and          to nd their own “happily ever after.”          your life right now?
                 facing being single for the rst time in       My character is Val. She’s the ultimate
                 years. When VH-1 executives saw an early      optimist. She’s a determined, hardworking      SD: Creating my future! The Single Ladies
                 cut of the movie, they decided to make        and independent businesswoman who will         movie will premiere on May 30 on VH-1.
                 their rst foray into the hour-long scripted   not settle for anything less than true love.   The eight-episode series premieres on
                 series genre. Described as a “modern,                                                        June 6.
                 sexy series set in the world of Atlanta

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