Billiards Tips: Master the Creative Shot

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					                        Billiards Tips: Master the Creative Shot

Regardless of how long you have been playing the sport, there is always room for
improvement when it comes to bringing your A-Game to the pool table. While it is true
that your ability to master the game depends on the quality of your pool cues, it is also
essential that you take the time to truly practice and master both basic and creative
shots. You don't have to be a mathematician to perfect the art of creating angles for the
perfect shot.

The Break Shot
You can never practice your break shot enough, as this important play should
accomplish three key things: scatter the billiard balls, sink at least one ball, and keep
the cue ball at the table's center. A little creative thinking and practice will ensure that
you accomplish all three and get the upper hand.

Using different pool cues (specifically, a break cue) is smart here, as a break cue sick is
lighter, allowing for more speed and control. You must also ensure that the rack is
tightened, and move your bridge distance further back from the cue ball; this helps
boost acceleration. You may also consider breaking from the rail due to the fact that the
angle of approach will be more conducive to pocketing balls.

Rail Shots
For those with a fear of rail shots, it is imperative that you master the skill through
practice. Try lining up all balls so that they are positioned frozen along the rail, bordering
the entire table. Now try to sink all of the balls in corner pockets without using
combinations. This will boost your confidence and teach you what to expect when you
approach the ball from different angles.

Practice Drills
One simple way to sharpen your skills while gaining a better understanding of the
mechanics of where your billiard balls will go when hit from certain angles and speeds is
to drill yourself on shot making. Line up five balls on one side of the pool table with the
cue ball at a forty-five degree angle to the innermost ball (this creates a perfect shot to
the opposite corner pocket). Shoot the five balls in order. Each time you miss, place the
ball back where it was and make note of your speed, angle of approach, and where the
ball went.

Now break open those pool cue cases and start practicing so you can get to master
your shots!
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Description: With continuous practice there is always a room for improving your pool skills. And obviously you need not be a mathematician to make the perfect shot. Just choose the right pool cues and start practicing so you can get to master your shots