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					                  Protecting Yourself                                          SSN FAQs
                  from Identity Theft                                          Why is the use of the last
                                                                               four digits of my SSN not
                  Social Security Numbers and CPE Monitor                      sufficient?
                                                                               Unlike all nine digits of the
                                                                               SSN, the last four digits are not
Being asked for your Social            verification and board of               unique to an individual, and
Security number (SSN) when             pharmacy licensure processes.           potentially are shared with up
applying for a loan or credit          In addition, NABP has high              to 10,000 other individuals. It is
card, or even when setting up          security protocols and utilizes         possible that this data would not
an account with a business for         required technologies and               be sufficient to uniquely identify
a service, is now commonplace.         protections, including encryption       licensees within NABP systems.
Many organizations ask for this        technologies, to protect sensitive
number because it is the only          information.                            Why can’t NABP use my
unique identifier distributed                                                  license/registration number
nationally. With this increased        Some pharmacists have asked             issued by my board of
use of SSNs comes the                  about using the National                pharmacy as a unique
increased risk of identity theft,      Provider Identifier (NPI) number        identifier?
and reputable businesses have          from the Centers for Medicare           The license number is not
been diligent in taking measures       & Medicaid Services (CMS) as            unique in all cases. Sometimes
to implement security protocols        an alternative to providing their       multiple states could use the
to protect their customers.            SSN. However, applying for an           same licensing numbering
                                       NPI number requires candidates          schema, which could result
Although some may believe that         to disclose their SSN to CMS,           in duplication or errors within
non-governmental organizations         and may not address candidate           NABP’s databases. In addition,
are prohibited from obtaining          concerns about providing                licenses may be allowed to
SSNs, in fact there is no law          their SSN to third parties. In          lapse and may no longer be
banning private organizations,         addition, this excludes pharmacy        associated with a licensee.
such as the National Association       technicians, who are not eligible
of Boards of Pharmacy ®                for an NPI number.                      Why can’t my driver’s
(NABP ®), from collecting this                                                 license number or state ID
information. In recent years, a        A verification process using            card number be used as an
federal government task force          the SSN is the best way for             identifier?
recognized the importance of           organizations like NABP to              Driver’s license numbers and
SSN use by private entities            help ensure the accuracy of             state-issued identification card
and preservation of such use.          data within its systems. NABP           numbers, like many other types
In addition, many states’ laws         collects and reports data such          of unique identifiers, are not
specifically permit private entities   as examination scores and               routinely collected by all licensing
to collect and use individual          continuing education records            boards for all licensed staff, and
SSNs for purposes of application       to the boards of pharmacy               therefore would not be of use to
and enrollment processes,              and having incorrect data               NABP when attempting to verify
to confirm SSN accuracy,               could create serious adverse            the accuracy of the self-reported
or for internal verification or        consequences for licensees. The         licensure information.
administrative purposes.               use of the full nine-digit SSN,
                                       along with other demographic            What does NABP use my
For many decades, NABP                 information such as license             SSN for?
has supported the boards of            number(s), will help NABP               NABP only uses a registrant’s
pharmacy in their licensure            internally verify that each profile     SSN to verify data information
processes and the Association          created within its systems              with the Association’s member
adheres to state and federal           is unique, contains accurate            boards of pharmacy and for no
laws when collecting SSNs              information, and will match             other purpose. It is not shared,
for purposes of internal data          state board licensure records.          sold, or distributed externally,
                                                                 (continued)                            (continued)
Identity Theft Protection (cont)               About the CPE Monitor Service
                                                                                        SSN FAQs (cont)
The SSN is not used for any                    The
other purposes and is not shared               Accreditation                            for any reason, except to a
with other entities except for the             Council for                              member board of pharmacy
purposes of delivering requested               Pharmacy                                 in conjunction with an official
services.                                      Education
                                                                                        purpose related to application
                                               (ACPE) and NABP are working              for licensure, or maintenance
Reputable organizations use                    together to streamline and centralize    of that license, and only where
secure collection, storage, and                the reporting of ACPE-accredited         required by the board. NABP
disposal procedures, such as                   continuing pharmacy education            has implemented strong security
SSL encryption, access restriction             (CPE) for providers, pharmacists‚        measures to safeguard the
and monitoring, firewalls, and                 and pharmacy technicians. As             security of this information
shredding to protect customers’                a centralized registry of this           in its systems, to prevent
information and thwart would-                  information, CPE Monitor™ will           unauthorized access or use of
be hackers and identity thieves.               help to streamline the tracking of       the information, and complies
Nevertheless, understanding                    information and enhance the ability      with all applicable federal and
how identity thieves steal your                of licensees to document their CPE       state laws regarding data
information will help you protect              activities when necessary.               privacy.
yourself from identity theft.
                                                                                        How does NABP keep my
According to the Social Security               In addition, it is expected that CPE
                                                                                        personal private information
Administration thieves acquire                 providers will phase out the issuance
your personal information by:                  of paper-based statements of credit
                                                                                        NABP monitors data traffic
•   Stealing wallets, purses, and              once the CPE Monitor service is
                                                                                        within its systems to help
    your mail (bank and credit                 fully functional. Thus, e-Profiles
                                                                                        ensure personally identifiable
    card statements, pre-approved              maintained through NABP, which
                                                                                        information is not improperly
    credit offers, new checks, and             will include licensee CPE activites
                                                                                        disclosed and limits internal
    tax information);                          recorded through the CPE Monitor
                                                                                        access to this information. NABP
                                               service, will become the accepted
•   Stealing personal information                                                       deploys firewalls, encryption
                                               record for licensees to verify
    you provide to an unsecured                                                         technology, intrusion prevention
                                               compliance with the state board(s)
    site on the Internet, from                                                          technology, and audits as part
                                               of pharmacy CPE requirements. It
    business or personnel                                                               of its comprehensive security
                                               is incumbent upon NABP to take
    records at work, and personal                                                       program. Further, NABP
                                               the necessary steps to help ensure
    information in your home;                                                           continues to monitor and
                                               the accuracy of this data within its
                                                                                        implement new technologies
•   Rummaging through your                     systems.
                                                                                        to harden its systems against
    trash, the trash of businesses,
                                               Any errors in an individual’s CPE        unauthorized access.
    and public trash dumps for
    personal data;                             Monitor section of their e-Profile may
                                               result in unrecorded or mis-recorded     Is the NABP Web site secure?
•   Posing by phone or e-mail                  CPE, with possible adverse               When you click on a link that
    as someone who legitimately                consequences for licensees when          brings you to online registration
    needs information about                    renewing their licenses. The use         forms for examinations, CPE
    you, such as employers or                  of the SSN as the unique national        Monitor, accreditations, and
    landlords; or                              identifier is the way for NABP to        publications, you have been
•   Buying personal information                help ensure that each individual is      brought to a secure site. You can
    from “inside” sources. For                 correctly identified.                    tell when a site is secure because
    example, an identity thief                                                          the Web site address begins
    may pay a store employee                   For additional information on CPE        with HTTPS rather than HTTP,
    for information about you that             Monitor and SSNs, visit the CPE          and often there is an icon such
    appears on an application for              Monitor FAQs section of the NABP         as a padlock in the browser. Any
    goods, services, or credit.                Web site at            portion of the NABP Web site
                                                                                        that requires private, personal
         National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
                                                                                        information from a visitor is
         1600 Feehanville Drive, Mount Prospect, IL 60056                               secure and encrypted.
         (P) 847/391-4406 • (F) 847/391-4502 •

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