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									                                                         MICHAEL JACKSON!
Born August 29, 1958; died __ 25, 2009, age 50, of cardiac arrest                                     J                                       E C N A R A E P P A H L Y N T
Fought multiple __ and criminal legal battles; many settled out of court                                          I                           M P A N B M Y L N E                       I   L O D E
The single glitter __ debuted in 1983 in the video for "Billie Jean"                                      L                                   O R K N E G S E O V P                         I   P N M
Siblings: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Randy, Rebbie, La Toya, __                                              E                           O E N         I   L O R E         I   N T S T A C
An interview with Martin Bashir in 2003 led to __ troubles                                                            L                       N S K O N D E C L C D E                           I    L R
He suffered second-degree burns to his scalp filming a __ commercial                                      E                                   W L V L           L G V D U T R O A R                      I
His "We are the World" contribution still supports "USA for __"                                           F                                   A E T         I   J B O A         I   T A C N E M
Had 13 Number 1 hits including "Bad", "Billie Jean" and "__ __"                                                           T                   L Y H A E J R F A V                       I   E A V        I
Michael won 19 __ Awards and many others for his music                                                                M                       K C N A A J               T   I   P R C E B E N
His wardrobe included the famous red multi-zippered __                                                            K                           D E T C U D N                 I   F O L       I   N N A
Had planned a comeback tour in __ prior to his death                                                  L                                       T    I    K S N E O A D F P A S U L
He fell into debt in later years and had to __ some of his property                                       U                                   T E G T R R C Y M M A R G U J
Purchased extensive music rights, including works by the __                                                       T                           T M C C A R T N E Y C A G E M
Married Lisa Marie __ in 1994 and divorced 2 years later                                                      E                               G D E D G U               I   N N E S S V Y L
He was frequently featured on supermarket __ magazines                                                        B                               T H R         I   L   L E R T A B L O                  I   D
__: Prince Michael I, Paris Michael Katherine, and Prince Michael II                                      H                                            Enter unused letters from puzzle, in order:
Hits: Bad, Man in the Mirror, Dirty Diana, Smooth __, Rock with You                                                       N
Holds multiple __ World Records including Most Successful Entertainer                                 G
He was __ into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice                                                                           D
Black shoes, white socks and a dance move everyone tried to imitate                                                           K
Albums: Off The Wall, __, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, Invincible                                                     I
He was nicknamed the __ __ __, similar to Elvis' nickname                                                                         P               Copy boxed letters to form your hidden message:
Collaborated with Paul __ on three duets, with two in the Top 10                                              C
Referred to himself as Peter Pan, and owned a ranch called __                                                         R
His __ went through many changes with paler skin and a smaller nose                                                           N                   Solve Hundreds of Clue Search Puzzles
Thriller's 14 minute __ __ redefined the art form and helped MTV                                                              D                    Covering All Kinds of Topics for FREE!
Many actions stirred __ including hanging his son over a balcony                                                                      S             No Membership or Email Required!
Michael was an exceptional __ from age 6 to 50                                                                T                                               www.ClueSearchPuzzles.com
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