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					New Walt Disney World Resort iPhone App Includes Elusive “On Ride”
Date: 08-08-2011 08:40 AM CET
Category: Leisure, Entertainment, Miscellaneous
Press release from: TimeStream Software

Portland, OR – TimeStream Software’s new “Walt Disney World Pro” app for the iPhone and iPod touch gives guests all the
information they need to plan and execute a trip to the magical Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, but the app’s
benefits don’t end there. Included within the app are over 500 high-quality original photos, including captivating yet elusive
“on attraction” images.

 “Capturing ‘on attraction’ photos is sometimes very difficult to achieve.” said Mike Westby of TimeStream Software. Many
Disney attractions are fast-paced, have low visible light, include double off-set images as part of Disney’s exciting 3D
technology or, as in the case of Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids, are too wet to photograph. We’ve captured the exciting
images most guests miss, and it’s why our new ‘Walt Disney World Pro’ app is the only leading Walt Disney World iPhone
app to include original and exclusive on-attraction photos, as well as the only app to include multiple photos per attraction.”

 The new Walt Disney World Pro iPhone app includes “on attraction” photos for many of the most difficult to photograph
attractions, including Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Twilight Zone Tower of
Terror, Test Track, Soarin’, Muppet Vision 3D, Toy Story Midway Mania!, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain and

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many others.

 “We’ve had more than one reviewer say many of our images are better than Disney’s promotional images, which may or may
not be true, but we’ll certainly take it as a compliment.” continued Mr. Westby.

 Available now from the iTunes App Store, the new Walt Disney World Pro app contains an extensive array of valuable
resources and features, including:

* Over 120 Walt Disney World Attractions, Parades & Events
 * Exciting Highly Detailed 2D Maps – Look great on the iPad!
 * Accurate Wait Times with Multiple Displays
 * Daily Park Hours
 * Parade & Event Hours, Descriptions and Photos
 * Walt Disney World Dining with Menu Items
 * Over 500 High-Quality Photos
 * Multiple Photos per Attraction
 * “On-Ride” Photos
 * Walt Disney World Attractions “Tips & Strategies”
 * Walt Disney World Hotels & Resorts
 * One-Touch “My Favorites” Tagging
 * Walt Disney World Tickets

The New “Walt Disney World Pro” is the Only Leading Walt Disney World App With:

   * Over 500 Large Photos
    * Complete Attraction Descriptions with Multiple Photos
    * The Most Detailed 2D Maps of the Theme Parks Available
    * Walt Disney World Hotel Information
    * Multiple Photos per WDW Hotel
    * “Quick Find” tabs for Attractions, Dining and Hotels
    * Attraction Tips & Strategies
    * Parade Descriptions with Multiple Photos
    * Event Descriptions with Multiple Photos
    * Walt Disney World - Annual Events
    * Walt Disney World - What’s New
    * Walt Disney World - What’s Coming
    * Walt Disney World - Phone Numbers
    * Walt Disney World - Hotel Phone Numbers
    * Walt Disney World - Tips
    * Walt Disney World - Toddler Tips
    * Walt Disney World - Tours
    * All About Disney’s FASTPASS
    * How to Plan Your Vacation
    * Guests with Disabilities Information
    * Vacation Planning Tips
    * And more…all with photos!

 The new “Walt Disney World Pro” app is native to the iPhone and iPod touch, so users always have access to the content and
do not have to rely on having a Wi-Fi or cell signal. As a result, it works throughout all four Walt Disney World theme parks.


The “Walt Disney World Pro” for the iPhone and iPod touch is available now at the iTunes App Store.


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Designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Requires iPhone iOS 4.0 or later


Part of the Walt Disney World Mobile series. Other TimeStream Software apps for Walt Disney World include:

“Walt Disney World Notescast”
 “Walt Disney World Secrets”
 “Walt Disney World Secrets Gold!”
 “Walt Disney World Hidden Mickeys”
 “Walt Disney World Main Street, U.S.A. Windows”
 “Disneyland Park”
 “Disneyland Secrets”
 “Disneyland Secrets Gold!”
 “Disney at Work: Magic Kingdom”
 “Disney at Work: Epcot”
 “Disney at Work: Disneyland”


 The “Walt Disney World Pro” is $4.99 USD and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel

 TimeStream Software’s new “Walt Disney World Pro” app for the iPhone and iPod touch is the first Walt Disney World
iPhone app of its kind to combine Wait Times, Park Maps, WDW Dining, Attractions, Park Hours and Parade & Event times
with over 500 high-quality photos, including elusive “on attraction” photography.

TimeStream Software
1212 Actual Street
Atlantis, FL 90210

You can find this press release here

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