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									                        What a Difference Welcoming Makes
Here is my confession. There was a time when I was a Church drop out, one of those folks who
disappear from regular Sunday worship. Here is my story.

I was once a member of a congregation that went through a painful and ugly split over the minister. I
never knew what the problem was. But after a while, it became too unpleasant to be at church, and I
stopped going. It was tough staying away, and I missed worship. These were the very folks who had
awakened my curiosity and love for God.

Rather than going to church, I started attending a swim club. I could hardly wait for Sunday morning
to come when our club gathered at the pool to work out. We came not only for the exercise, but also
for the friendship and encouragement. Our swim coach was a remarkable woman named Vicki. I
remembered how after our Sunday morning swim, Vicki would head off to church.

Many months passed, and I decided that I had to get back to a church. “Church shopping” was a
frightening experience. As a stranger, just walking in the front door on a Sunday morning took all my
courage, and I literally turned and ran from the doors of a church more than once.

One Sunday, I gathered up my courage to investigate a small church about a mile from my
apartment. I remember being so afraid when I walked in the door, feeling like such an outsider. The
place seemed like it was just filled with strangers, and I was ready to bolt for the door. Then I heard
someone calling my name, “Harold, Harold.” I turned around. It was my swim coach, Vicki. This was
her church! She came over and put her arms around me, and said, “Welcome, Harold.” It was one of
the most incredible things anyone has ever done for me. And all Vicki did, was welcome me.

I became very involved in that congregation, Dentonia Park United in East Toronto. It’s the church
that supported me as a candidate for Ministry. It’s the faith community where I met and married my
wife, Susan. I look back with wonder to that fateful Sunday morning, and when someone welcomed
me. Because of that person’s warmth, my life was turned back to God.             What a difference
welcoming makes!

September is the time when many folks make the decision to return to church. Some may have been
away for a couple of months. Others may have been away for some time. Some may be newcomers
to our town. In our worship and activities this fall, in Sunday School and Youth Group, our focus will
be on welcoming. As followers of Jesus, we all have a role in sharing hospitality and welcome.
Sometimes it only takes a kindness and welcome, to change a life.

In the name of our Savior Christ, crucified and risen. Welcome!

Harold Kenyon

Friday, September 5 (7 – 9 p.m.)&                 Carman United Church
Saturday, September 6 (10 a.m. – noon)            Cookie Walk

Sunday, September 7                               Sunday School Resumes

Wednesday, September 10                           Crossroads Council Meeting
                                                  7:30 p.m. – Carman United

Saturday, September 13                            Card Stitching at Carman United
                                                  9:30 a.m. – noon

Sunday, September 14                              Golf at Scotswood Links
                                                  2:00 p.m. – $10/person

Thursday, September 18                            9:30 a.m. – Pastoral Care

Friday, October 3 & Saturday, October 4           Visioning Retreat at Rock Lake
                                                  United Church Camp

Sunday, October 19                                Carman United Church Fall

Saturday, October 25                              6:00 p.m. – Social Club at
                                                  Carman United Church

November 7 – 9                                    ALF ’08 – Fear Factor
                                                  Youth Retreat for Grade 7 – 12’s
                                                  Oakbank , MB

Wednesday, November 12                            Crossroads Council Meeting
                                                  7:30 p.m. – Carman United

November 16 – 23                                  Visitation Week

Saturday, November 22                             Carman United’s Talent Auction

Saturday, November 29                             6:00 p.m. – Social Club at
                                                  Carman United

Friday, December 5                                Carman United Church
                                                  December Luncheon

“To serve and to care for others in the larger world” is part of the Mission of Crossroads United
Pastoral Charge. Is this important to you? Currently we have need of 3 church folk to serve on the
Mission and Service and Outreach Committee; 1 from St. Andrew’s, 2 from Carman. If you wish to
see the Grocery Assistance Program and M&S Fund succeed and awareness of global issues (like
Fair Trade products) improve please volunteer by contacting Betty Park or the church office. This
committee will be disbanded in September if help is not forthcoming.

**Please note that Fair Trade coffee is available for sale in the office. Cost is $11.25/1 lb. bag. $3.00
from each bag goes to our Refugee Sponsorship.

              Crossroads United Pastoral Charge – M&S Objective for 2008 is $48,200
                          Total collected to June 30th, 2008 - $20,057.89

1.     Mission and Service and Outreach reported due to the resignation of the St. Andrews’ member
       and two additional Carman members not found through nominations, the committee has not
       met. An appeal will be placed in the bulletin and September Update. If new members cannot
       be found the Committee will disband after the Sept. Crossroads Meeting.
2.     The Ministerial Grocery assistance program has provided $2804.51 of support so far in 2008.
       Families may use the fund for $75.00 up to 3 times a year if they qualify.
3.     A used drum set for $250.00 will be purchased for Carman. A new set would cost $650.00.
       The drums will add to our opportunity for diverse music during worship and other church
       events. Donations are welcome to offset this expense!
4.     Fellowship golf is scheduled for September 14th at Scotswood links.
5.     Fall visitation will be Nov. 16-23/08 with a theme around food.
6.     Carman finances were discussed with the summer stress of cash shortfalls. A joint meeting
       with Stewardship & Finance and the Trustees will be planned to decide about renegotiating the
       mortgages, increasing the line of credit and providing more information to the congregation in
       the September Update.
7.     The refugee children have settled well in school (Ben is 6, Gus is 15 and Janet is 11) No word
       on the arrival of Victoria and 3 more children. Christian has moved to Winkler. Our legal
       obligation for him, Christiana & Jestina will end at the end of June.
8.     Communion was offered to tenants of Boyne Towers and Boyne Lodge residents this spring
       and was well received.        It will be offered in the fall and planned for twice a year following.
       Pastoral Care Committee assisted.
9.     The CE committee did some visioning with the youth and received some interesting
       responses. They were asked the same questions as were adults.
10.    Cathie’s vacation dates are July 14-21st and Aug. 11-25th. Harold’s vacation will be July 20 –
       August 10th.
11.    A note of thanks was received from Blake Unruh for the support towards his trip to Zambia.
12.    Future Council meetings were set at Sept. 10, Nov. 12, Jan. 14/09, May 13/09, June 10/09.

The property committee has worked on three main projects this year.

Five more folding tables and 50 additional chairs have been purchased. We did this so our hard
working caretaker would not have to carry tables and chairs up and down the stairs between the
basement and United Place Hall.

Our old sound system was giving us some problems, so we purchased about $4500 worth of new
equipment. A secure room was built at the back of the church with volunteer labor by Don Lemon,
Dave Burr and Vic Rance. The cost of this project was fully covered by special donations. A big
thank you to Rob McGill for all the technical advice and for installing our new equipment.

We are in the process of making a new sign out in front of our church. A new sign board holder has
been made from bricks salvaged from our church renovations. Many thanks to Murray Dudgeon for
doing an excellent job on the brick work. A new sign board will be added in the fall.

A new bike stand has been purchased and installed outside United Place.

Property committee members are:
Deb Penner, Don Lemon, Arni Barr, Harvey Kehler and Vic Rance.

                              Murray Dudgeon at work on the new sign

On April 24th, Communion was offered to United Church members and adherents who reside in
Boyne Personal Care Home and the Boyne Towers. Some folks from other churches also came. 25 -
30 residents attended and appreciated the service. A Committee decision has been taken to offer
Communion at Boyne each spring and each fall.

Approximately 40 Crossroadians make regular pastoral care visits. Eight of those attended the
Agassiz Presbytery-sponsored Pastoral Care Workshop April 26 th in Morden. They found the
sessions beneficial, in particular, the session on Pastoral care within the Congregation.
Many thanks to all the volunteer visitors. These visitors keep those connected to the congregation
who can no longer attend services and events due to ill health. Some visits are made frequently –
some less often.

Many visits are made in person – some by phone. Whatever the parameters of the visits, they are
appreciated very much by folks receiving the visits. Without this contact, they can easily feel

New requests for visits always surface. Sometimes visitors want to take a break for awhile, so more
visitors are always needed. If you feel called to this ministry please let Karen know in the office, or if
you have questions, any committee member would be happy to chat with you.

We were pleased to hear that former Moderator, Stan McKay, will be in town this fall. He will be the
guest speaker at the Carman Palliative Care banquet. Stan is a man of wisdom and we encourage
you to mark your calendars for October 23rd to hear him at the Active Living Centre.

Respectfully submitted,
Mae Lyle, Helen McKay, Mary Rance, Doreen Edwards, & Jeannie Baker

                                    WORSHIP RECORDINGS
  If you know of anyone who is unable to come to church on Sunday but would appreciate a CD of
 Carman United Church’s Sunday worship, please let the office or a member of Pastoral Care know.

                  THE WEAH FAMILY UPDATE – SUMMER 2008
On April 10th Lucy happily welcomed her three orphaned grandchildren to Carman. Gus (15), Janet
(10) - formerly known to us as Jennet, and Benjamin (6) were enrolled in school so able to complete
the last 2 ½ months of the school year. They love riding their bikes and were thrilled to try out the
King’s Park Pool as a wind-up to school in June.

It is hard to believe that Jestina, Christiana, & Christian arrived here from the refugee camp in Accra,
Ghana over a year ago. This means that our sponsorship responsibility for these three has
concluded. Christiana has successfully completed her Health Care Aid Course. All three chose to
move to Winkler to pursue employment and Christian has since moved to Winnipeg to pursue further
education. Susan and Massa have moved back to Winkler as low rental housing became available
for them there.

Recently, Lucy made the decision to move to Winkler where she was able to obtain low rental
housing as well for Sept 1st. She has qualified for social assistance and Lucy’s guardianship of the
three children is in progress. We have legal responsibility for Gus, Janet & Benjamin for
approximately eight more months.

We’re still awaiting word on an arrival date for Lucy’s daughter Victoria, her daughters Amie (15) and
Princess (9) and Lucy’s niece, Angelian (16).

Respectfully submitted,
Leonard & Mary
Lloyd & Jeannie
Since taking over the books in March, I’ve been busy figuring out how Carman United Church and
Crossroads Pastoral Charge mesh. Thanks to Cheryl Hudson for her dedication to the Treasurer’s
position and for her help during the transition period.

We’ve updated the software to Quickbooks 2008 and done some fine-tuning to the records with the
hope of making the completion of some of the statistical and government forms more efficient.

Much time was spent in March and April completing forms and supplying year- to-date information for
our employees to be enrolled in the automatic payroll program mandated by the United Church of
Canada. With a few glitches we are now up and running with ADP the company used by United
Churches across the country. Thanks to Dorothy McKay for her help with this project.

The mandatory “review” of the 2007 Carman United, Crossroads Pastoral Charge, Flower Fund and
Memorial Fund books was completed by the Finance Committee and recruits in May and all were
found to be in order.

The Revenue Canada Charitable Organization Return was completed and mailed by mid-June. We
await word from them indicating our compliance with the rule that we must spend 80% of the funds
we raise charitably in a charitable fashion.

In May Janice Stow completed the conversion of the Pastoral Charge Books from paper to
Quickbooks 2008. This will make the Financial Statements in the Annual Report more similar.
Thanks Janice for the changeover.

Throughout the spring and into June we at Carman United experienced a “cash crunch” which saw us
at the top of our line of credit most of the time. To deal with this the Finance Committee met with the
Trustees (who have ultimate responsibility for the finances of the church) to come up with a possible
solution. As a result of this meeting we lowered the monthly payments on both of the mortgages and
increased our Line of Credit limit with the Credit Union. Lowering our monthly payments does extend
the length of the mortgages but has already helped with the cash flow troubles we were experiencing.
Also at the joint meeting there was a suggestion that we complete a cash flow comparison for the last
2 years as well as for 2008 in an effort to monitor our funds and keep the congregation up-to-date. A
recap of the work Dave Burr did on the cash flow appears in this newsletter for your perusal. With
everyone’s help we will continue to work towards more easily balancing the annual budget. We won’t
include complete financial reports at this time but will give you a brief summary. Full reports are
always available at the church should you wish to study them in more detail.

Carman United - Income and Expenditures to July 31/2008
Total Income (includes M&S)        $144,589
Total Expenses (includes M&S)            $160,352
Plus Mortgage Payments                          $ 27,195

Submitted by Terry Gosnell

                                 Income/Expense Recap
                                 2006/2007/2008 Year to date
Total income including M&S was $372,739. Total expenses including M&S and mortgage payments
were $398,753. The Roof and Brick project accounted for $58,665 of total income and $85,742 of
total expense. Mortgage balance Dec 31/2005 was $214,479 and Dec 31/2006 was $179,183.
Total income including M&S was $310,329. Total expenses including M&S and mortgage payments
were $358,030. The Roof and Brick project accounted for $37,470 of total income and $44,740 of
total expense. Mortgage balance Dec 31/2006 was $179,183 and Dec 31/2007 was $197,437.
2008 Year to date (June 30th)
Total income including M&S is $109,775. Total expenses including M&S and mortgage payments
were $161,936. The Roof and Brick project accounted for $2,550 of total income and no expense.
Mortgage balance Dec 31/2007 was $197,437 and June 30/2008 was $180,508.
Mortgage Balance
The June 30/08 mortgage balance is approximately the same as it was Dec 31/06. Since Dec/06 an
additional $70,265 has been borrowed. This financing was to pay the difference between the Roof
and Brick project donations ($98,685) and the actual cost ($130,482). The balance was used to
reduce the church’s operating loan. During 2007, $41,747 in principle payments were paid on the
mortgage. During this same time period, total income dropped from $372,739 to $310,329 or
$62,410. There was simply not enough income to pay the mortgage down that quickly. In July 2008,
the monthly mortgage payment was reduced to $2,870.
Outlook through to Dec 31/08
Income year to date (June 30/08) is $109,775 compared to $103,580 in 2007 and $151,477 in 2006.
Substantial funds were generously given in 2006 to kick off the Roof and Brick project. Projected
income for July to December 2008 is $217,000. Compared with second half income of $206,749 in
2007 and $221,262 in 2006, this appears to be a reasonable goal. The church recently received a
significant bequest, part of which will be used in the day to day operation of the church and part of
which is invested to use for future major projects.
All major projects/purchases for 2008 have been completed. It will be regular operating expenses for
the remainder of the year. Based on projections, Carman United Church would have a small surplus
of approximately $4,000 after meeting all expenses including mortgage payments. In order to have a
balanced budget, Carman United Church needs to have as generous fall financial contributions as in
previous years.
Carman congregation should be proud of their accomplishments. The mortgage is reduced to less
than $180,000. The structural well being of the church has been ensured through the Roof and Brick
project which cost in excess of $130,000. This was accomplished at the same time as many other
smaller projects were taking place. Carman congregation continues to support M&S. Year to date
(June30/08), received givings are $18,000. Assuming 2008 second half donations are similar to 2007
donations of $26,000 (July –December) a year end total of $44,000 should be reached. This would be
up from $40,000 in 2007 and $42,000 in 2006.
So, continue to give of your time, talents and financial ability to Carman United. Look forward to
Sundays as a time to spend with your church family, look around and appreciate all that you have
helped to accomplish and leave knowing that again, you have made a difference in people’s lives
through your generous gifts to M&S.
Prepared by: Dave Burr

                      UPDATE FROM THE HALL COMMITTEE
For January to June 30,2008 rentals include 27 times for the Hall, 11 for the Lower CE Hall, 7 for the
Upper CE Hall, Quiet Lounge 5 times, Kitchen and Sanctuary once each. We catered to 356 people
raising $4493.00.

This activity was over and above our Church functions such as catering to 3 Agassiz Presbytery
Executive meetings, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper & St Patrick’s Day Stew Supper.

The Committee has decided that in the fall we will be using Fairtrade Coffee exclusively at our

Upcoming events for the Fall include the 2nd annual Cookie Walk (Sept.5 & 6), Pancake Breakfast &
Talent Auction (Nov.22) & December Luncheon (Dec.5). Please mark your calendars!!

We thank everyone who has helped in so many ways.

  New aprons made and donated by Barb Murray for        Rev. Harold Kenyon with Brother Pretzel and
            our caterers. Thanks Barb!                                   friends

The grade 7 & 8 Sunday School Class wrote a skit in the fall of 2007 for the Christmas Concert
performed in December. The skit explained the meaning of Christmas using the letters of the
alphabet. This play was submitted to “gathering”, a United Church Resource for Worship Planners. It
may be printed in a future edition.

Diane Unruh, Susan Weppler, and Cathie Waldie attended an Emerging Spirit workshop in Winnipeg
in January. This United Church campaign targets 30 to 45 year olds. How can we encourage
attendance and involvement of this age group? How do we welcome all into our congregational life?

The month of September 2008 will focus on how our congregations can be more welcoming.

   •   Newcomers take 6 minutes to decide whether they will return to a church and that includes
       time spent looking for parking.

During Lent, wise Brother Pretzel, a puppet created by Lorraine Stevenson in Carman, and Jean
McIntyre in Elm Creek visited us with his friends. It was a delightful way for all ages to understand
the meaning of Lent and Easter. We plan to develop more puppet characters for teaching a nd
sharing at the fall services.

Outreach fundraising by Carman Sunday School
   •   February sale of valentine cookies and cards for anti landmine campaign - $83.00
   •   April/May sale of scarves to raise money for Blake Unruh’s trip to Zambia with other United
       Church youth from our Conference - $132.00
   •   “Make your own sundaes” at the Sunday School windup picnic – June 1 in King’s Park
   •   Collection and donations to Rock Lake Camp - $345.45


Crossroads Pastoral Charge will now require Child Abuse Registry and Criminal Background checks
for teachers and those who are considered to be in contact with vulnerable persons. The cost is free
for volunteers. This is a national church policy.

Upcoming events:          Evening six week study group led by Cathie in Oct./Nov.
                          Daytime four week study group led by Harold in October.
                          Guest speakers after fellowship lunch – first to be in October
                          second speaker in November
                          Two speakers in the New Year - possibly January and March

CE committee members:
Diane Unruh & Susan Weppler, co-chairs
Cathie Waldie
Karen Park
Karen McGill

                            ALF Youth Retreat ’08 – Fear Factor

  A United Church of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Conference sponsored Youth Retreat for
             those in Grades 7 – 12. November 7 – 9th at Oakbank United Church.
                          Registration forms available at the church office.
             Group rate (4 or more sent in one envelope) is $60.00 before October 15.
      Karen will be sending in two mailings – one by September 15th and one by October 10 th.

                                Remember the Cookie Walk
                                          September 5 & 6
                                          United Place Hall
                       Drop off donations of baked cookies Sept 5 by 2:00 p.m.
                                       Cookie Purchase times:
                                       September 5: - 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
                                      September 6: - 10:00 a.m. - noon
                      For more information call Karen at the office or Betty Park.

                     AGASSIZ PRESBYTERY REPORT 2007-08
As I write this report on behalf of Betty, Ivey and me, I conclude my term as Chair of Agassiz
Presbytery. It was a very successful year with no major issues beyond dealing with the weather.
Six executive meetings were held throughout the year with Beth Clark of Cartwright- Mather pastoral
charge being installed as Chair at the June meeting 2008.

Presbytery met as a full court four times, although a fifth meeting scheduled for Jan.08 had to be
cancelled twice due to extremely cold weather.

There were four covenanting services within the Presbytery, McGregor with Sandra Rex, Kelwood-
McCreary-Alonsa with Beth McLean, Valley with Barb Roberts and Pembina Parish with Wendy

The fall meeting of Agassiz Presbytery was held Sept.18/19, 2007 at Rock Lake United Church Camp
with meals provided by members of the camp board. The UCW report highlighted the 45th
Anniversary celebrations held in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland. 31 women from our Conference
attended the event.

The 20/20 Task Group (looking at what our church might be like in 2020) invited members of the Tri-
County Ministry in North Dakota (A cooperative ministry) to tell a bit about what they offered. They
told us how they shared the services of clergy between the communities they served. Much of what
they had to say was the need for communities to maintain open communication for such a
cooperative to function well. This is similar to our team and multi point charges. They also maintain a
relationship with the theological institutions to have interns spend time with them during their studies
and as such many return to paid accountable ministry with them. Their message was “If the Mission
of your Church is to keep the doors open, you will fail; If the Mission of your Church is Mission you will

Wednesday Harold Kenyon reported on the International Rural Church Conference held in Brandon in
July 07. Sustainable farm practices were discussed along with the obstacles that prevent this from
happening. One of the theme speakers John Ikerd was subsequently invited to be the theme speaker
for Conference annual meeting.

Nominations chair Allison Halstead reported on progress of finding committee persons. She asked
that we all reflect on our own talents and skills and enjoy the challenge of serving on a committee.

The next meeting of Agassiz Presbytery was held November 7 th at Gladstone United Church.
Gladstone folk provided great hospitality and delicious food. Discussions took place around Pastoral
Oversight visitations within our Presbytery and also around Conference’s responsibility for oversight
of Presbyteries.

January saw Mother Nature deliver a long cold snap and after consultation with executive members a
decision to cancel on two separate occasions was made in the interest of safety. Our presbytery is
large and a lot of miles are involved so placing volunteers at risk did not seem wise.

The April meeting of Agassiz was held at Trinity United Church in Portage la Prairie. UCW reported
the upcoming Presbytery rally in Austin June the 4 th and the Conference rally in Pinawa June 13-15th.
Margaret Scott reported on the “Affirming Conference” Train the Trainers event held in Portage

Two young folk from Agassiz, Kate Menzies and Blake Unruh are to be part of a youth delegation to
Zambia. They hope to be able to invite a similar group from Zambia to come to Canada for a return
visit in the future. Presbytery decided to support their trip with a $50.00 donation for each.

Pastoral relations provided two workshops: “What is “Sabbath”” Led by Cathie Waldie, Bev Simpson
and Rick Britton with presentation and table group discussions.
 Judy Hare, Conference Personnel Minister presented information on the updated “Sexual Abuse
Policy” in effect July 1, 2007. Following lunch the second part of the workshop on “What is “Sabbath”
was presented.

Following a review by the Life committee a motion was brought forth raising the meal prices for
Presbytery meetings from $5.00 to $7.00 for lunches and from $8.00 to $10.00 for suppers beginning
with the fall 2008 Presbytery meeting.

Saturday, May 24th the Conference meeting of Agassiz Presbytery met in Morden to deal with the
necessary business before the summer recess.

Respectfully submitted,
Ivey McNeill, Betty Park and Lloyd Baker

DID YOU KNOW?......For many years the annual “fowl” supper was held in the basement of the
church(Carman United) on the Monday of the anniversary weekend in October. As the years passed
and times changed, in 1985 the “fall” supper was moved to the Carman Community Hall on the
Sunday following Thanksgiving or anniversary weekend. (from Jean McCullough’s anniversary notes)

                REMEMBER: Carman United Fall Supper 2008 – October 19, 2008

In 2006, the United Church of Canada developed a Sabbatical policy which encourages clergy to take
a Sabbatical after completing 5 years of service in a Pastoral Charge. A sabbatical is seen as an
opportunity for study, rest, spiritual retreat and prayer. One of our ministers, Cathie Waldie has
applied to Prairie Jubilee Program Spiritual Formation and Direction at the University of Winnipeg.

At the Crossroads Council meeting on April 29, the Council passed a motion which was brought
forward by the M&P committee. This motion read, That Crossroads Council support & endorse C.
Waldie’s proposal for a Sabbatical leave Apr. 13- July 13/09. This is conditional to Cathie’s
acceptance into the Prairie Jubilee Program. Seconded I. McNeill. Carried.

Cathie is one of 14 people accepted into the Prairie Jubilee program which will run April 13th to July
13th, 2009. During this 3 month period Cathie will be paid her regular salary while she is on sabbatical
leave. There is a grant which is available to assist congregations, that show financial need, when
ministry personnel participate in a sabbatical leave. The Crossroads Council will be applying for
assistance with supply ministry and other costs involved in this project.

This is an exciting opportunity for our Pastoral Charge to support our ministers by providing a
sabbatical which in turn will rejuvenate our minister’s energy, spirits and opportunity for life long

If anyone would like further information or has any other concerns regarding M&P please contact a
committee member.

Respectfully submitted,
Phil Unruh, Leonard Rance, Ivey McNeill and Julie Ruban McDonald

                                         Crossroads Golf

September 14, 2008 – 2:00 p.m.
Scotswood Links, Elm Creek
Cost: $10.00 per person.
Supper is potluck. Please bring your own dishes.
St. Andrews will supply a beverage for supper.
All Welcome to attend!
A sign up sheet is posted on the bulletin board. Please sign if you plan to attend.

                         FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT
To date…..
During the first half of 2008 the ongoing work of fellowship committee continued. Fellowship lunches
were organized, the social club met in Jan & February and the bowling alley sign was updated.
 A few special Crossroads events took place including the family curling March 9 th in Elm Creek
where a number of new curlers participated. The annual camping weekend at Stephenfield Park
June 6-8th was rain free and enjoyed by all. In May a “regionally produced” dinner was prepared for
the cyclists traveling to conference.
In progress……
The bowling alley sign will have a church logo and the words “United Church” added to the top of the
sign. This will allow more space for messages.
Plans for the 2008 Stewardship /visitation week…..Watch for bulletin updates and listen for
announcements on the events for the week of November 16 – 23rd.

Items under consideration…..
Free will offering at fellowship lunches in Carman
Stitching card peace dove fundraising project

Upcoming events……
Embroidered Christmas Cards: A “card making bee” has been set for Saturday Sept 13 th. The
stitching cards will be made available to the pastoral care committee for delivery/mailing.

Family Golf: Sunday September 14 at 2:00pm ….an afternoon of golf followed by a pot luck supper at
Scotswood Links. Cost is $10.00.
Social Club: The first gathering of the Social Club will be October 25 th. Social Club is a time of food,
games & fun. It is held on the last Saturday of the month. A pot luck supper is followed by an evening
of board games and visiting. All are welcome.
Fellowship Lunch: September 28th
Stewardship Week: November 16 –23rd. Special events are being planned for this visitation week.
For information on any of the Fellowship committee events or activities contact a member of the

Dorothy McKay
Lorraine Stevenson
Val Lemon
Lois Burr
Harold Kenyon

                                    Christmas Card Making Bee

                                           September 13, 2008
                                          9:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

      This work bee is to make embroidered stitching cards to send/deliver to persons on the Crossroads
                                        pastoral care visitation list.
                         For more information call Karen at the office or Val Lemon.

                           VISIONING COMMITTEE REPORT
A Visioning Committee was established in March 2008. Bill Gillis from the Conference Office was
invited to assist with planning a visioning retreat for the Carman United Church congregation.

The members of the committee are Rob McClement, Diane Unruh, Susan Weppler, Cathie Waldie
and Harold Kenyon. Susan and Diane are co chairs.

The steps of the visioning process are:
1. Preliminary gathering of information.
2. Visioning retreat – the purpose to dream and vision and develop consensus on the direction in
which we as a congregation want to proceed.
3. Formation of goals – done by a smaller group as follow up to the retreat.
4. Congregational approval of goals.
5. Assignment of goals to committees and groups to work towards.
6. Ongoing evaluation.

A variety of methods were chosen to gather input from people. Five questions were developed for
a survey that were added to the Sunday bulletin for April 20 & 27.

The questions were as follows:
1. What is it that you most cherish about Carman United Church?
2. What keeps you involved?
3. What is your dream and vision for Carman United Church?
4. What improvements could be made to enhance your church experience?
5. In five years I would like Carman United to…..

Written responses were collected. Discussion groups were facilitated by Brent Van Koughnet
and Phil Unruh after church on April 27. (Questions #1 & #2 discussed)
Ideas were collected from the grade 4 – 8 Sunday School youth.
A list was compiled of people connected to the church who we wanted to question directly, either in
person or by phone. A letter was sent to these individuals/families.
Follow up contact was made in July.

All information will be compiled and shared with the congregation. An information meeting will
be held after fellowship lunch on Sunday September 28. Anyone interested in contributing to the
survey questions may still do so.(contact the church office)

A Visioning Retreat is planned for Friday October 3rd and Saturday October 4th at Rock Lake
United Church Camp. It will begin at 7:30 p.m. Friday evening with a sharing of desserts, appetizers
and possibility of a bonfire. (weather permitting) The event will wrap up at 3:00 p.m. Saturday
afternoon. There is limited accommodation for those who wish to stay overnight. Programs may be
available for children if needed.

We look forward to the participation of all those who wish to share in our visioning journey.
Report by Susan Weppler

                                   Crossroads United Social Club
 Social club is the last Saturday of the month beginning September 27th. Everyone meets at United
 Place Hall at 6:00 for a potluck supper. Board games begin at 7:00 p.m. Come for supper or come
               for the games only. Sign up sheets will be posted on the bulletin boards.

                                 WORSHIP COMMITTEE
The worship committee (Carman Members) maintains the volunteer list with the help of a list of our
church family that each Sunday in Carman, include scripture readers, greeters, cash counters and
communion servers and the ever popular coffee makers. We are thankful for everyone who is helping
to make this valuable service work each Sunday. If you would like to have your name added to the
list, contact one of our committee or the office. We also enjoyed helping with the Conference Sunday
service when Cathy and Harold were away.

Other duties for our committee include changing banners according to the church season,
recommending names for baptism, assisting in discussions about weddings, music and Sunday
services. We are pleased to have acquired a used drum set to support the music program in Carman.

Committee Members
Kathie Findlay (Choir Rep), Victoria Froebe, Helen McKay, Judy Park and Karen Rempel

                            UP TO NOW AT ST. ANDREWS
June 1st dawned bright and sunny and made it possible for us to have our Camp Sunday Service
outside. The only downside was the wind which really interfered with the props Cathie and Harold
had so carefully prepared for the service. Anyway it was nice just to be able to be outside but did
move in for our hot dogs and cake.

Our outside light has been fixed so no more stumbling around in the dark when you leave the church.

Inquiries to be made re having a paid caretaker clean the church and the Board is still working on
getting someone to repair the steps from the street to the church.

With Jared Poulsen graduating this year, Taylor Poulsen assumed the duties of cutting the grass
around the church.

                                       Mailing List Updates

If you received a paper copy of this newsletter, please check your name and address and make sure
  there are no mistakes. Help us keep our records up to date by notifying the office of any changes.
               If you would like to receive newsletters by e-mail please notify the office.

                                        Gone Fishing
When you go fishing on a Sunday morning, to the cottage for the weekend, to your winter home, or
away on vacation or business, your congregation’s life goes on. Even when you are away, you can
fulfill your financial commitments to your congregation and the Mission and Service Fund through the
United Church Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) program.

With automatic monthly donations through PAR, you specify the amount and your gifts are
electronically transferred to your congregation’s bank account.

PAR is convenient for you, and convenient for your congregation. You can budget and regulate your
offerings with no last minute catch-up periods, no hassle trying to find money on Sunday mornings,
and no worry about missing some weekly gifts. And, your church receives reliable and regular
income throughout the year. Perhaps most important, PAR makes giving to your congregation and
the Mission and Service Fund a priority that reflects your spiritual commitment.

                                      What can I offer the Lord
                                for all [the Lord’s] goodness to me?
                                 In the assembly of all [the] people
                                  I will give [the Lord] what I have
                                Psalm 116:12, 14, Good News Bible

The Mission and Service Fund supports in part the PAR program and enables the receiving and
sharing of all gifts for the work of the church.

                               Crossroads United Pastoral Charge
                                Box 1177, Carman, MB     R0G 0J0
                                         Phone: 745-6835
                                      Kitchen/Fax: 745-2542

                                      Email: cupc@mts.net
                                 Web: www.crossroadsunited.com

                                        Ministry Personnel

             Rev. Cathie Waldie                                 Rev. Harold Kenyon
               Phone: 745-2959                                   Phone: 745-3564
          Email: cathiewaldie@mts.net                          Email: hkenyon@mts.net


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