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									Met Beauty Blitz: Who's Seeing Who for Makeup, Hair, and Beyond - Vogue Daily - Vogue                                    9/20/10 1:39 PM

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Met Beauty Blitz: Who's Seeing Who for Makeup, Hair, and Beyond - Vogue Daily - Vogue                                                     9/20/10 1:39 PM

                                         Later this evening, fashion’s finest—from Blake Lively, Renée Zellweger,
               VOGUE DAILY               Sienna Miller, and Gisele to Alexander Wang and Tom Ford, along
        Serena Williams Walks            with cohosts Oprah Winfrey and the Gap’s Patrick Robinson—will
             the Runway                  ascend the red-carpeted stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for this
                                         year’s annual Costume Institute Ball. As the cameras click and flashbulbs pop,
              VOGUE DAILY                all eyes will be fixed on the ladies and their dresses. But it takes an entourage
             Tom Ford's Gift to          to look this perfectly preened. Here are the hairstylists, makeup artists,
                                         facialists, nail technicians, and even yoga masters in charge of making this
                                         year’s style stars picture-perfect. Vogue’s Times Square offices will morph
              VOGUE DAILY                into a miniature beauty parlor today, with Frédéric Fekkai hairstylists
        Overheard: Alejandro Ingelmo     Marshal Lin (212/888-2600) and Anthony Sorenson (212/396-4600),
         Opens His First Boutique In
                   SoHo                  and Dolce & Gabbana makeup artists Mugtaba Mudani, Michelle
                                         Morrow, and Karina Medina—from Pat McGrath’s own team—arriving
                                         bright and early on the twelfth floor to deftly blow-out, updo, and otherwise
              VOGUE DAILY
                                         perfect a gaggle of Vogue’s editors. (Pat herself will be readying CoverGirl’s
          "V" Is for Victoria: Mrs.
          Beckham's New Handbag          newest face—in fact just announced this past weekend: Taylor Swift.)
                    Line                 Charming Italian hairstylist Oscar Blandi (212/421-9800) will tend to
                                         Julianne Marguiles’s radiant raven hair, while his handsome brother,
              VOGUE DAILY                Luca Blandi, primps Rosario Dawson. The always buzzing Warren -
         Models Off Duty: Get Ready      Tricomi Salon (212/262-8899) will see neighbor Linda Fargo (of Bergdorf
             For Fashion Week
                                         Goodman) sitting in Edward Tricomi’s chair. Also making the Plaza Hotel
                                         location her salon of choice is Marina Rust. Vogue’s always-elegant
                                         Alexandra Kotur will be turning to freelance hairstylist Tim Rogers.
                                         Holding court downtown at his Fifth Avenue Parlor, hairstylist Ashley
                                         Javier will be taking it to the limit with a roster that includes Chloë
                                         Sevigny, Emma Roberts, Zoe Kazan, Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza
                                         Schouler, Allison Sarofim, Tamara Mellon, Angela Lindvall, and R&B
                                         singer (and Diddy date) Cassie Ventura. While Fekkai’s mini-team works
                                         its magic at Vogue, the rest of its all-star crew will be racing around town with
                                         cases of curlers, combs, and pins in tow. Renato Campora has
                                         appointments with actresses Jessica Alba and Kristen Stewart; Andre
                                         Rodman (212/888-2600) will see Vogue’s Senior Accessories Editor, Filipa
                                         Fino (who will later visit the John Barrett Salon’s lovely Irina Krupnik for
                                         makeup; 212/872-2700), and will then boldly take Amanda Brooks’s hair
                                         back to the 1970s with some disco-inflected glamour (for makeup, Amanda
                                         swears by Suzy Gerstein; Both Jessica Biel and
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                                         Elizabeth Banks are in luck with red-carpet wizard Adir Abergel. At
                                         Fekkai’s latest outpost, at the Mark hotel (212/396-4601), stylist David
                                         Cully (212/396-4600) is booked with Margherita Missoni; Stefanie
                                         Henriquez, with Joy Bryant. But that’s not the only thing Missoni and
                                         Bryant have in common tonight—they’re both also seeing Dior makeup artist
                                         Ricky Wilson. The SoHo-area Ion Salon (212/343-9060) stylist, Marco
                                         Santini has an appointment lined up with Rachel Bilson. While editorial
                                         star stylist Peter Butler is planning on stopping by Claire Danes and
                                         Bumble and bumble’s Rolando Beauchamp off to see Camilla Belle. And
                                         L.A.-based actress Kate Hudson has brought her pal, stylist David Babaii
                                         for the event. Stopping by Rachel Weisz’s East Village town house is West
                                         Coast stylist Mark Townsend, whose new New York home is at the recently
                                         opened Marie Robinson salon (212/358-7780). Revlon makeup pro Gucci
                                         Westman will be at longtime friend Cameron Diaz’s side, as will hair
                                         stylist Giannandrea. Also planning on making house calls that evening is
                                         hair guru Danilo, who has plans to see Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani.
                                         Meanwhile, Ted Gibson (212/633-6333) will have his brush busy with                                       Page 2 of 5
Met Beauty Blitz: Who's Seeing Who for Makeup, Hair, and Beyond - Vogue Daily - Vogue                                           9/20/10 1:39 PM

                                         brunettes Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson—who will be privy to the
                                         attentions of Chanel makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi (also attending to Naomi
                                         Watts this evening). Fellow Chanel artists Rachel Goodwin, Kate Lee,
                                         and Jeannia Robinette will dabble in more makeup magic with January
                                         Jones, Kate Bosworth, and Lily Collins, respectively. Model Anja
                                         Rubik will put herself in the deft hands of makeup artist Jenna Menard,
                                         and L’Wren Scott will be lucky enough to command the full attention of
                                         Lancôme editorial maestro Aaron De Mey. Ever-popular makeup artist
                                         Alexa Rudolfo ( has a jam-packed afternoon, with
                                         Zani Gugelmann and Fabiola Beracasa stopping by her Flatiron
                                         apartment, followed by house calls to Carolina Herrera and Ivanka
                                         Trump Kushner. NARS star James Boehmer will be dashing between
                                         M.I.A. and Erin Fetherston and fellow NARS artist Elaine Offers with
                                         Blake Lively, while hairstylist Ric Pipino will be swinging by fellow Aussie
                                         Abbie Cornish’s hotel suite. There is something to be said, too, for advance
                                         skin prep. Among the devoted paying visits to facialist Tracie Martyn’s
                                         lower Fifth Avenue spa (212/206-9333) are Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane
                                         von Furstenburg, Francisco Costa, Narciso Rodriguez, Queen
                                         Noor, Jamie Tisch, and photographer Inez van Lamsweerde. Vogue’s
                                         Entertainment Editor Jill Demling—who got “chandelier highlights”
                                         courtesy of Ashley Javier on Thursday—visited Dr. David Colbert, M.D.,
                                         at the New York Dermatology Group (212/533-8888) on Friday for his famed
                                         Triad Facial.’s Candy Pratts Price started her beauty program
                                         early, too, at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning with an Eileen Harcourt oxygen
                                         facial, followed by a mani/pedi back at home with Jackie Padilha. Today,
                                         it’s Birgitte Philippides for makeup and John D’Orazio for hair. Fashion
                                         Features/News Director Sally Singer gets the most points, though, for her
                                         carefully considered, masterfully scheduled head-to-toe mind-and-body Met
                                         prep: This past Wednesday she popped into groovy Nolita nail oasis Valley
                                         (212/274-8985), where her go-to nail artist, Maki, touched up her signature
                                         silver-glitter French manicure. Over the weekend, it was total body fitness
                                         with a twelve-hour-long walk around Manhattan’s perimeter—the Great
                                         Saunter—followed by Edward’s Express class at OM Yoga (212/254-9642) and
                                         a well-deserved stop at Angel Feet Reflexology (212/924-3576). Today she’ll
                                         see Derek at the Tommy Guns Salon (212/477-1151) for a blow-out, and
                                         editorial makeup artist—and friend—Tina Turnbow for a “swipe of liquid
                                         liner and a Givenchy red lip.” Tomorrow, see how everyone turned out in
                                         pictures! —Christina Han

                                                                                                     May 03, 2010 2:30 a.m.

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Met Beauty Blitz: Who's Seeing Who for Makeup, Hair, and Beyond - Vogue Daily - Vogue                                                                          9/20/10 1:39 PM

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