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					                                                                                          Please print pages 1&2 and post or fax to
                                                                                          A+ English
                                                                                          The Mount, Glossop Road,
                                                                                          Sheffield. S10 2QA
                                                                                          South Yorkshire. UK
General Enrolment Form                                                                    Courses

Personal Details
                                                                                          □     General English Programme 1

Family name: _____________________________                                                □     General English Programme 2

First name/s: ______________________________
                                                                                          □     General English Programme 3
Country of Origin: _________________________
Date of birth: _______________Age:___________                                             □     English Plus

Passport/ID number:_______________________                                                □    1:1 Private Tuition

Male     □    Female      □                                                               Home address:____________________________
Course Dates
Start date:____________End Date:____________
                                                                                          Tel: ___________________Fax:_______________
Length of course:__________________________

Airport Transfer                                                                          Address in UK:____________________________

Do you require a transfer?          Yes   □         No   □                                _________________________________________

UK Arrival date:_________ Arrival time: ____________                                      Tel: ___________________Fax:_______________
UK Arrival airport: ___________Flight No.__________                                       E-mail:___________________________________
UK Departure airport: ____________ Flight No.: _____
                                                                                          Company Details
Do you require a single or return transfer?                                               Company Name: __________________________

Single   □    Return   □                                                                  Company Activity: _________________________
                                                                                          Position: _________________________________
If you do NOT require airport transfer but need information
                                                                                          Company Address:_________________________
about alternative transport, please specify:
Coach    □    Train   □                                                                   __________________________________________
                                                                                          Tel: __________________Fax:________________
Documentation                                                                             E-mail:___________________________________
□ Please send me a letter of invitation so that I may
apply for a visa.                                                                         Name of person/embassy responsible for fees /
□ I do NOT need any documentation for a visa.                                             __________________________________________
                                                                                          Supervisor’s Name: _____________________
                                                                                          Supervisor’s Tel No: _____________________

              www.aplusenglish.co.uk                                                                           info@aplusenglish.co.uk
                                   A+ English Ltd, The Mount, Glossop Road, Sheffield. S10 2QA. South Yorkshire. United Kingdom
                                                        Tel.: +44 (0)114 268 7104 Fax: +44 (0)114 268 0796
                                                                            Form EF108
Please supply two passport sized                                                           Other
                                                                                           Please tell us where you found information about A+
photographs with your application
                                                                                           English Language Centre.

                            Attach                                                         ____________________________________________________

                                                                                           I have read, fully understand and agree to the
                                                                                           booking conditions.

                                                                                           Signature: ___________________ Date: ____________

I enclose a deposit of £150                           □
I have sent a deposit of £150                         □
I enclose a visa deposit of £1,000                    □
OR full course fee of £__________________             □
(see Booking Conditions)

Payments can be made direct to our
account using the following details:
Bank: Barclays Bank, Chesterfield Branch
Iban Code: IBANGB79BARC20205053198413
BIC Code: BARCGB22 (if 11 digits are
requested add xxx to end)
Account No: 53198413
Sort Code: 20-20-50

The total course fees and accommodation costs (if booked)
are payable at least 28 days before the start of the course.
Please see the Booking Information for details of payment

           www.aplusenglish.co.uk                                                                               info@aplusenglish.co.uk
                                    A+ English Ltd, The Mount, Glossop Road, Sheffield. S10 2QA. South Yorkshire. United Kingdom
                                                         Tel.: +44 (0)114 268 7104 Fax: +44 (0)114 268 0796
                                                                             Form EF108
                                                                                   and dates specified on the Enrolment Form. You
                                                                                   will forfeit accommodation fees for the days
                                                                                   involved if you arrive late, are absent or leave
                                                                                   before the accommodation ends.

                                                                                   (b) Accommodation fees are non-transferable,
                                                                                   non-refundable and non-changeable.
Terms and Conditions April ’09
                                                                                   (c) In arranging accommodation the School is
1. Registration                                                                    acting as the supplier’s agent.
(a) You must be at least 18 years old on or before                                 4. Airport Transfers
your course is due to start, and hold a valid passport
and/or visa.                                                                       (a) Airport transfer charges are non-transferable,
                                                                                   non-refundable and non-changeable.
(b) Before the start of your course, we must have
received your original completed Enrolment                                         (b) A maximum of two hours waiting time is
Form and your fees, and we must have also seen                                     included in the airport transfer charge. Additional
your original passport/visa and taken copies. No                                   waiting time is chargeable at £10 per hour.
documents will be issued unless full payment for                                   Waiting time charges commence two hours after
the course fee is received.                                                        the arrival given to the School by you.

(c) We also require your address and telephone                                     (c) It is your responsibility to ensure the School
number in the UK and the address/telephone                                         has the correct arrival details. If incorrect arrival
number of a member or friend of your family who                                    details are given and you are subsequently not
we can contact, in an emergency. It is the                                         met, no refund will be given.
student’s responsibility to inform the School
about the changes to their address and/or                                          5. Books
telephone number.
                                                                                   You will be provided with relevant course materials.
(d) Your enrolment documents, if required, will be
                                                                                   6. Classes
sent to you by normal post. If you want us to send
the documents by recorded delivery or with a                                       (a) The School is normally open from Monday to
courier company, we can do so. However, the                                        Friday each week, but is closed on all public/bank
cost of this will be added to your fees.                                           holidays and December school holidays. (2 weeks)
                                                                                   The exact dates of these holidays will be notified to
2. Tuition Fees
                                                                                   you upon request.
(a) The School’s current fees for its courses must be
                                                                                   (b) Classes start on a Monday (or on a Tuesday, if
paid in full before the start of your course.
                                                                                   Monday is a public/bank or other holiday). You
                                                                                   must take an entry test and attend an interview
(b) The tuition fees include a letter confirming your
                                                                                   before starting your course
registration at the School, your tuition, audiovisual
material, grammar book, handouts and for some                                      (c) If you are a complete beginner, we may not have
students                                                                           a suitable class for you when you arrive, in which
a leaving report/certificate but do not include                                    case, you would be offered one of the following:
travel, accommodation, all other living expenses,
writing equipment, external examination fees,                                      (i) 1:1 tutoring or
health/property or other insurance, bank charges                                   (ii) smaller group – fewer hours
on international money transfers, books (except
grammar book, some excursions or social                                            (d) Morning classes start at 09:30 and finish at 12:45,
programmes.                                                                        afternoon classes start at 13:30 and finish at
                                                                                   15:00. Morning classes have a 15 minute break.
3. Accommodation
                                                                                   (e) Every attempt will be made to place you in a
N.B. Accommodation may be available on a first-                                    class at the time of your choice, but if that is not
come,                                                                              possible, you must attend a class at one of the
first served basis but cannot be guaranteed.                                       other available times.

(a) Accommodation fees are only valid for the person                               (f) We reserve the right to cancel any class for any

         www.aplusenglish.co.uk                                                                         info@aplusenglish.co.uk
                            A+ English Ltd, The Mount, Glossop Road, Sheffield. S10 2QA. South Yorkshire. United Kingdom
                                                 Tel.: +44 (0)114 268 7104 Fax: +44 (0)114 268 0796
                                                                     Form EF108
                                                                                    (e) If you do not comply with these provisions, your
                                                                                    enrolment may be terminated, with no refund of
                                                                                    your fees.

                                                                                    9. Attendance

                                                                                    (a) If you arrive at the School later than the date
Terms and Conditions April ’09                                                      your course is due to start, we will not extend
                                                                                    your course and you may lose your place in your
reason and without any notice, in which case, you                                   class and have to wait until another place
would be offered the following alternatives:                                        becomes available. In addition, if you cannot
                                                                                    provide a legitimate reason for your late arrival,
(i) an extension to your course of one extra day                                    we may terminate your enrolment with no refund
for each class that has been cancelled; or                                          of your fees.
(ii) if (i) is not possible, for any of the days your                               (b) If, when you arrive at the School, a place in a
classes were cancelled, your fees will be refunded                                  class is not available on your start date, we will
(with no administration charge) at the end of your                                  postpone your course until one becomes
course.                                                                             available. If you are unable to remain in the
                                                                                    United Kingdom until that time, we will refund
(g) The School reserves the right to change the                                     your fees in full (with no administration charge).
teachers on any course at any time during the course
for any reason and without any notice. We also                                      (c) You must arrive punctually for classes and
reserve the right to transfer you to any existing or                                teachers have the right to deny entry to a class if
future premises.                                                                    you do not do so. You will be marked absent if
                                                                                    you arrive more than 10 minutes after the class
7. Tests                                                                            has started or leave more than 30 minutes before
                                                                                    the class has ended.
(a) In order to attend a higher level, you must pass
the relevant test for your current level. If you fail that                          (d) In addition, your place in the class may be given
test, you must repeat your current level.                                           to another student if you are absent for 9
                                                                                    consecutive classes or more without informing
(b) End of level test dates are published at
                                                                                    the reception staff first. You will not then be
least 3 months in advance. If you fail to attend the
                                                                                    allowed to attend the class, even if a place
relevant test on those dates, you will not
                                                                                    subsequently becomes available, without the
be given an alternative date and will be required
                                                                                    consent of the School 's Director of Studies.
to repeat the relevant level.
                                                                                    (e) We will contact you if you are absent for 9
(c) When entering for external examinations, it is
                                                                                    consecutive classes or more to inform you that
your responsibility to make sure all examination
                                                                                    you must attend, unless you have given us written
entries are completed and all examination entry
                                                                                    notice of your absence in advance. If you
fees are paid on the due dates.
                                                                                    continue to fail to attend without a valid reason
8. Regulations                                                                      (in the School’s opinion) (for example, you are
                                                                                    unwell and provide the School with a
(a) Students are expected to behave well and comply                                 certificate from your doctor) or if your attendance
with the regulations set out in the Student                                         falls below 80%, we will terminate your
Handbook and any other regulations issued by us                                     enrolment on the course and your fees will not be
from time to time.                                                                  refunded.

(b) Mobile phones must be turned off at all times                                   (g) Courses will not be extended due to absences
during classes. You may be asked to leave a class                                   which are not authorized in writing by the School or,
or be excluded from the class if your mobile                                        in the case of illness, certified by your doctor.
phone rings during a lesson.
                                                                                    10. Holidays
(c) Teachers have the right to ask you to leave a class
if you behave inappropriately or improperly or if                                   Holiday entitlement
you break any of the School’s regulations.                                          0 to 6 weeks study - No holiday entitlement
                                                                                    7 to 12 weeks study - 1 weeks holiday entitlement
(d) Students must cooperate fully during fire drills at                             13 to 26 weeks study - 3 weeks holiday entitlement
the School and follow the instructions given.                                       27 to 52 weeks study - 6 weeks holiday entitlement.

           www.aplusenglish.co.uk                                                                        info@aplusenglish.co.uk
                             A+ English Ltd, The Mount, Glossop Road, Sheffield. S10 2QA. South Yorkshire. United Kingdom
                                                  Tel.: +44 (0)114 268 7104 Fax: +44 (0)114 268 0796
                                                                      Form EF108
                                                                                   than 14 clear days before the start of the course or
                                                                                   after the commencement of your course, your fees
                                                                                   will not be refunded.

                                                                                   (d) Unless otherwise stated in these Terms and
                                                                                   Conditions, if you do not attend any of the classes
                                                                                   on your course, you will not be entitled to any
Terms and Conditions April ’09                                                     refund of your fees.
 (a) Courses are automatically extended for school                                 (e) We will not refund your fees if your visa is
holidays. There is no reduction or refund in our                                   denied or terminated due to one or more of the
fees where a Course includes a bank/public                                         following reasons:
                                                                                   (i) inadequate attendance on the course (or
 (b) If you would like to take a holiday during your                               any other courses previously attended at
Course, you must inform the Reception staff at                                     other colleges or schools) or your failure
the School before you complete your enrolment,                                     to complete the course;
otherwise no holidays may be taken.
                                                                                   (ii) working without a valid work permit; or
(c) If you take holidays which are not agreed in
advance, you may lose your place in your Class                                     (iii) having provided incorrect and/or misleading
and have to wait until another place becomes                                       information to the School (including on the
available.                                                                         Enrolment Form) or to the immigration or
                                                                                   any other relevant authorities.
(d) You may take 1 week of holiday for every 12
weeks of your Course. We will not extend your                                      (f) If you are denied a student visa but are granted
course for those holidays you take during your                                     another kind of visa, whether to enter or remain in
course which are not agreed with us in advance. If                                 the United Kingdom, no refund will be given.
you want to extend your holiday, you must
inform the school before the end of your                                           (g) If your visa is denied for reasons other than those
authorized holiday.                                                                referred to in paragraph 12(e), your fees will be
                                                                                   refunded, calculated from the date your visa was
(e) Unauthorized absences from the School cannot                                   denied, subject to:
be converted to holidays.
                                                                                   (i) the School retaining £90 or 20% of
11. Leaving Report/Certificate                                                     the fees for your course, whichever is the
The School will only issue you with a leaving                                      greater; and
report/certificate if, in our opinion, you have
maintained satisfactory attendance.                                                (ii) you providing the School with a copy
                                                                                   of the visa refusal letter issued by the
12. Cancellations, Refunds & Visa Refusals                                         British Embassy or a photocopy of your
                                                                                   passport with the entry refusal stamp.
(a) If you give the School written notice of the
termination of your enrolment on the course 30                                     (g) Once agreed by the School, refunds will be
clear days or more before the start of the course,                                 made in no longer than 5 working days, unless
your fees will be refunded, subject to a £50                                       otherwise stated. Refunds can only be made by
administration charge, provided you return the                                     cheque, payable to, or by credit transfer to, the
documents issued to you by the School.                                             account/card of, the person who paid the fees (as
                                                                                   per the Enrolment Form) and in no circumstances
(b) If you give the School written notice of the                                   will it be made in cash. We will not make any
termination of your enrolment on the course                                        refunds to any other person.
between 14 and 30 clear days before the start of
the course, then your fees will be refunded,                                       (h) Refunds will not be made for failure to complete
subject to a £75 administration charge, provided                                   or attend a course (including if the course has
you return the documents issued to you by the                                      ended before you attend).
(c) If you give the School written notice of the                                   (i) Refunds will only be processed within 1 month of
termination of your enrolment on the course less                                   visa refusal or course starting date, unless other

         www.aplusenglish.co.uk                                                                         info@aplusenglish.co.uk
                            A+ English Ltd, The Mount, Glossop Road, Sheffield. S10 2QA. South Yorkshire. United Kingdom
                                                 Tel.: +44 (0)114 268 7104 Fax: +44 (0)114 268 0796
                                                                     Form EF108
                                                                                    you against us will in no circumstances be greater
                                                                                    than the fees you have paid.

                                                                                    (d) We will not be liable to you by reason of any
                                                                                    delay in performing, or any failure to perform,
                                                                                    any of our obligations to you, if the delay or
                                                                                    failure was due to any cause beyond our
Terms and Conditions April ’09                                                      reasonable control, including the default of any
                                                                                    other person, firm or company engaged by us or
arrangements have been made with the School.                                        any acts of God, strikes, lockouts, fire and flood.
(j) Fees will not be refunded for a course which has                                15. Data Protection
already finished.                                                                   In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998,
                                                                                    you consent to the School holding and
(k) In case of a visa refusal after the course starting                             processing in any form and transferring to any
date any refund will be calculated with effect                                      immigration or other relevant authorities the data
from the refusal date.                                                              it collects which relates to you during your
                                                                                    enrolment on the course (including sensitive
13. General                                                                         personal data), for the purposes of the School’s
                                                                                    administration and management of its business
 (a) You may occasionally be photographed while                                     and for compliance with applicable procedures,
attendingthe school or asked to provide passport sized                              laws and regulations.
photos. The School reserves the right to all such
photographs which will only be used for identity and                                16. Assignment and Waiver
record keeping purposes.
Please note photos may also be taken during social                                  (a) You are not entitled to transfer, assign or
activities for inclusion in school literature and website.                          subcontract
                                                                                    your rights and obligations under these
(b) The School does not provide any parking and /                                   Terms and Conditions to anybody else.
or storage facilities of any kind including the
storage of bicycles. Bicycles must be left outside                                  (b) The waiver or non-enforcement by the School
the School’s premises at the owner’s risk.                                          of any breach by you of these Terms and
                                                                                    Conditions will not prevent us from subsequently
(c) No personal calls or messages can be taken at any                               enforcing them against you and will not be
time by the School on your behalf, other than                                       deemed to be a waiver of any further breach.
in a real emergency.
                                                                                    17. Proper Law and Jurisdiction
(d) It is the policy of the School not to disclose
any of your personal details to a third party, other                                (a) These Terms and Conditions, their subject matter
than to the appropriate authorities, without your                                   and your enrolment on a Course are governed by
prior written consent.                                                              and are to be interpreted in accordance with
                                                                                    English law and you and the School
14. Warranties and Limitation of Liability                                          irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive
                                                                                    jurisdiction of the English Courts.
(a) We warrant that we will provide our services to
you using all reasonable care and skill.                                            (b) These Terms and Conditions are not intended to
                                                                                    and do not confer on any person other than you
(b) Except in the case of death or personal injury                                  any enforceable rights, so that the Contracts
caused by our negligence, and subject to                                            (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 does not apply.
paragraph 14(a) and to the extent permitted by
law, we will not be liable to you by reason of any                                  18. Sponsored Students
representation or any implied warranty or                                           Students who are sponsored by their Embassy or
condition or any duty at common law or for any                                      employer etc must also comply with their Terms &
consequential loss or damage which relate to your                                   Conditions alongside those of A+ English Ltd
enrolment on a course at the School.

(c) To the extent permitted by law, the aggregate of
our liability in respect of any claim brought by

         www.aplusenglish.co.uk                                                                          info@aplusenglish.co.uk
                             A+ English Ltd, The Mount, Glossop Road, Sheffield. S10 2QA. South Yorkshire. United Kingdom
                                                  Tel.: +44 (0)114 268 7104 Fax: +44 (0)114 268 0796
                                                                      Form EF108