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New iPhone photo sharing app is made in Hamburg, Germany

Everybody has seen instagram and heard about twitter's plans. Mobile
real-time photo sharing has become the next big thing.

Still, there's plenty of room to grow and for innovation. Menschmaschine
publishing is a small startup based in Hamburg, Germany and over the last
few months it has built a photo sharing craze that is becoming quite a
phenomenon in Germany.

The german developers are now working on building a bit of a buzz around
tadaa internationally. They are releasing an update on Friday (10th of
June), but people can already download tadaa on the app store
( ).

Being a former bebo team, the Founders Nikolas Schoppmeier and
Friedemann Wachsmuth’s specialty is social - which is why with the
upcoming release they are focussing on that. The team is obsessed with
user experience and both knew early that users care most about photos by
people they know which most competitors haven't fully embraced. It's all
about relevance. Retro filters are great, but not everything.

Cool thing about tadaa is that people get immediate feedback on their
photos, no matter whether it's a gorgeous arty photograph or just a
snapshot of something that matters to them and that only friends & family
would care about.

Users can like, dislike, reply with a photo, engage in threaded
conversations. Every user gets a browsable photo blog (like the one above)
so friends that are not on the service or don't have an iPhone can stay in

touch. Photos on tadaa are super high res, which can be really appreciated
on a large screen when browsing the site. Differently to other services,
Users keep the rights to their own photos on tadaa.

Seeing how tadaa evolved over time is awesome, the Startup from
Hamburg is running fast release cycles (2-3 weeks) and users love that.
And the german team is loving them as well, because they are learning so
much from them. Niko and Friedemann say: “We have originally decided
to go this step by step approach simply because of ressource constraints,
but now we've built a culture around that. It's way better to see how a
feature gets picked up around the world by real users than spending weeks
planning, designing and building something that later turns out to not
matter all that much”.

The best thing would probably be to check out the app! Just give it a
try…and get addicted.

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Press Contact:
Manunia Friedel
menschmaschine Publishing GmbH

Pickhuben 2
20457 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 235 10 804
Mobil: +49 151 270 60 553

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