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HeueR           Introducing
Celebrates       Roger
150 years       Dubuis
TUDOR           ZeNITH’S
Returns To        El Primero
The Spotlight   Strikes Back
welcoMe note

                    o open, I would like to personally
                    announce and invite all of our
                    distinguished customers to visit
                    the most recent addition to our
                    The Time Place family, our Pacif-
                    ic Place boutique. It is interesting
    that despite the major expansion of our compa-
    ny’s retail network, encompassing INTime, TAG
    Heuer, Chanel, Cartier, Urban Icon, Fossil and
    WatchTime International, that we are only now
    opening the fourth The Time Place.

    In fact, The Time Place is meant to be some-
    thing quite unique and a true destination for the
    timepiece fan. To paraphrase an old cliche, “if
    you can’t do something great, better not do it at
    all.” We have worked hard on developing inter-
    nal standards that can put us in the category of
    “world class” service. This is a continual process
    and we are doing our utmost to ensure that each
    store has the best products, the best brands and,
    most of all, the best teams to serve you. We be-
    lieve that the new boutique will certainly live up
    to those high standards.

    In keeping with the theme of great brands, this
    edition focuses on commemorating the history of
    TAG Heuer and Chopard, both of whom are cel-
    ebrating their 150th anniversaries. In addition,
    we have an interesting article about how some
    brands in the timepiece industry are doing their
    part to help save the environment.

    We hope you enjoy this edition and anxiously
    await your comments on the new boutique as
    well as any other ideas you have on how we can
    serve you even better.

     Irwan Danny Mussry
     Editor-In-Chief and Publisher


    26 Time Place contentS                                     INDONESIA

                                                        16                                                                                                18

                                                                                               44                                                         36
    06   welcoMe note

    cover FeATUre
    36    tAG HeUeR
    TAG Heuer takes a swing
    at its 150th anniversary
    with the pendulum.

    42 cHAnel
    Marine expedition
    A new version of the J12 is making waves.

    44  cHoPARD
    Great Machines & Playful creatures
    Glitz and great machines combine as                                                        42
    Chopard hits a milestone.

    48  DIoR
    Triple Threat
    Dior’s 2010-2011 collection takes a
    feminine direction.

    50 RoleX
    Submarine emerald
    Rolex takes green to a new level with
    a new Submariner.

    53 RoGeR DUBUIS
    enduring Identity
    A newcomer shows that greatness need                                             the time Place Magazine, edition 26.
    not take much time.                                            All rights reserved, copyright 2010 by PT Komunikasi Perkasa International
                                                                          Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited
    62  ZenItH
    The el-Primero Strikes Back                                             editor-In-chief and Publisher: Irwan Danny Mussry
    Zenith strikes a blow for great watch making                                  Managing editor: Matthew Mendelsohn
    with its newest El Primero piece.                                          Associate Managing editor: Shannon Hartono
                                                                                    Production Manager: Shinta Hukom
    72 MInUteS of cAlIBRe                                  contributors: Astrid Natasastra, Christine Terrisse, Carl Cunanan, Liza Sani, Andini Haryani
    carl cunanan                                                                       Art Director: Noni Soeparman
    How Tudor is returning to the spotlight.                       contributing Photographers: Iswanto Soerjanto, Pujiono, Agus Pakan

                                                                                           for Advertising Inquiries:
    INTervIeW                                            Please contact Anindita Maharupini at or +62 21 522 8182
    GIUlIo PAPI                                                     To receive a free copy of The Time Place Magazine at your home or office,
    When Intricacy Becomes an Art Form                                   Please contact us at or +62 21 522 8182

                                                                                           The Time Place, Plaza Senayan:
    reGULAr coLUMNS                                                         Plaza Senayan, Level 1 #125, Jakarta, tel: +62 21 572 5759
    10    SocIetY                                                                         The Time Place, Plaza Indonesia:
                                                                           Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 #165, Jakarta, tel: +62 21 310 7715
    25   InDUStRY newS                                                                      The Time Place, Pacific Place:
    56   PHoto SHoot                                                    Pacific Place, Ground Floor #12A-B, Jakarta, tel: +62 21 5140 2776
    78   celeBRItIeS                                                                    The Time Place, Tunjungan Plaza 4:
                                                                       Tunjungan Plaza 4, Level UG # 14-16, Surabaya, tel: +62 31 532 7991


 1                                                2                                  3                                           4

                               5      6

                                                                                                                    A Musical Tribute
                                                                                                                    The Time Place recently held a special
                                                                                                                    party to mark the launch of Audemars
                                                                                                                    Piguet’s limited edition Quincy Jones
                                                                                                                    Millenary timepiece. During the event,
                                                                                                                    composer Andi Rianto, was presented
                                                                                                                    with one of the limited editions watches
                                                                                                                    in appreciation of his contribution to
                                                                                                                    the Indonesian music scene. Andi then
                                                                                                                    played a short medley of Quincy Jones
                                                                                                                    hits for the gathering of VIP customers
                                                                                                                    and media.

 7                            8                                                                 9         10

     1. Mr. & Mrs. Jones Djati Sasmito 2. Tisa Wiranata 3. Grace Herosav & Michael 4. Mr. & Mrs. Jacky Mussry 5. Chossy Latu 6. Julie Chandra, Melly Chandra & Walid Birak
     7. Taufik Hidayat 8. Dewi Ifo & Alfia Setiawan 9. Mr. & Mrs. Indra Bakrie 10. Irwan D. Mussry, Michael Dong & Andi Rianto.


 1                2

 3            4       5

 6        7

                                8                                                                          9                             10

                                11                                         12

                                                                                    Time for a Road Trip
                                                                                    Last June, Jaeger-LeCoultre and The Time Place
                                                                                    held their third annual VIP road show dinner in
                                                                                    collaboration with Horomundi. This year, the
                                                                                    Jakarta dinner was held at Shangri-La Hotel’s fine
                                                                                    Italian restaurant, Rosso, while in Surabaya, the
                                                                                    exclusive gathering was held at the ballroom of the
                                                                                    Shangri-La Hotel. Over 180 guests attended in total
                                                                                    for the two events to enjoy cocktails and dinner
                                                                                    while viewing the 2010 collection by the famed
                                                                                    manufacture. Patrick Boutellier, Managing Director
                                                                                    of Jaeger-LeCoultre South East Asia was on hand
                                                                                    for the event, accompanied by commentator and
                                                                                    connoisseur Ng Tjeng Jaw from Horomundi.

                                 13      14                                                                                              15

1. George Alamsyah, Robby Alamsyah, Liem Swee King & Alex 2. Irwan D. Mussry & Sugiharto Santosa 3. Noel Arbianto 4. Mr. & Mrs. William 5.
Annie Adjam & Tisa Wiranata 6. Nomura & John 7. Mr. & Mrs. Ruddy Susanto, Anton Harsono & William M 8. Budi Santoso Gunardi & Michelle Quan
9. Patrick Boutellier, J. R. Radjimin, Irwan D. Mussry 10. 2010 SIHH Novelties on display 11. Wawan Rajamin & Daughter 12. Mr. & Mrs. Hendra
Joewono 13. Ivan S. Hartono & Yulia Hunjaya 14. Mr. & Mrs. Jos Mardanus 15. Mr. & Mrs. Hendriadi Wachid


 1                                                                                                                        2


      A Round of Golf
     Corum, together with The Time Place and a handful
     of other prestigious brand names, supported a
     golf event, held by the Indonesian Chambers of
     Commerce and Industry West Europe Committee
     (KIKEB) at Rancamaya Golf Club and Resort. The
     Minister of Industry, Mr. M. S. Hidayat, Chairman
     of KIKEB, Mr. Maxi Gunawan, and the Ambassador
     of the European Union, Mr. Julian Wilson, were all
     on hand at the event together with Indonesia’s
     2009 Miss Tourism, Ms. Andara Rainy Ayudini. The
     Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Jero Wacik,
     presented Mr. Kokorjadi Chandra with a Corum
     Admiral’s Cup as a lucky draw prize.

 4                                                                             5

     1. John Praseto, Hayono Isman, Iman Hilmansah & Reza Abidin 2. Maxi Gunawan & Iwan Chandra 3. Ian Robert, Ilham Habibi & John Salvin 4. Rohyanto,
     Jero Wacik & Nunus 5. Rudi Borgenheimer, Andara Rainy Ayudini, H.E. Julian Wilson.


                              1                                                          2                                                                          3

 4                                                               5

                                                                                                                Celebrating 150 years
                                                                                                                of Heritage
                                                                                                                Earlier this year, TAG Heuer and Time
                                                                                                                International kick – started a series of four
                                                                                                                exclusive exhibitions, in commemoration
                                                                                                                of the brand’s 150th anniversary. The
                                                                                                                opening cocktail event was held at Plaza
                                                                                                                Senayan’s atrium, featuring a special
                                                                                                                musical performance by Ello, one of
                                                                                                                Indonesia’s best solo male artists. Guests
                                                                                                                were led by the bubbly, Melissa Karim.
                                                                                                                The fun-filled exhibition which offered
                                                                                                                daily fashion shows, a live DJ and games
                                                                                                                – started immediately after the opening
                                                                                                                cocktail and lasted for four days.

 6                                     7                                                                            8                                               9

     1. Deborah Iskandar 2. Mr. & Mrs. Hotma Sitompoel 3. Special performance by Ello 4. Rifat Sungkar, Sissy Prescillia & Scott Beckwith 5. Irwan D. Mussry & Soetikno
     Soedarjo 6. Paul F Lie 7. Julie Estelle 8. Malik Bawazier & Yuni Soediro 9. Joelle Sassoon & Justin Cohen


 1        2                                    3        4   10                                         11                                                                             12

 5                                                  6        13                                                                      14     15

              Country Style
              Chanel’s seasonal fashion shows
              are always among the most widely
              anticipated social events of the
              year. For the Spring Summer 2010
              season, Chanel created a barnyard
              theme inspired by French peasants
              of earlier days. More than 300
              attendees     witnessed      models
              walking down a unique hay and
              wood catwalk showing off this
              season’s risque collections.

                                                             16                                                         17                                         18

 7                 8                                    9

                                                                 1-5. The looks of Chanel Spring Summer 2010 6. Michelle Sassoon & Dian Muljadi 7. Mr. & Mrs. Bambang Rachmadi 8. VIP front row seating
                                                                 9. Ria Juwita & Isabel Jahja 10. Agam Riadi & Sebastian Gunawan 11. Lena Darmawang, Lilianti, Henny Sugiharto, Swanny S 12. Juni Sudiro 13. Mr.
                                                                 & Mrs. Dimple Ramchandani 14. Amanda & Irma Hutabarat 15. Michelle Sassoon, Nadia, Victor Sassoon & Loemongga 16. Ivan Gunawan & Desy
                                                                 Ratnasari 17. Jania Mulam & Manisa Keswani 18. Sarah Moerad Oestara & Cecile W

18                                                                                                                                                                                                                 19

 1                                      2                                              3                          4


                                                                                                         Turning Three
                                                                                                         Leading men’s lifestyle and fashion
                                                                                                         magazine DaMan celebrated their
                                                                                                         its anniversary at Buddha Bar with
                                                                                                         Tudor and The Time Place among
                                                                                                         the main sponsors of the exciting
                                                                                                         event. MTV VJ Utt, along with
                                                                                                         publisher Ronald Liem were on
                                                                                                         hand to lead the event. Singer and
                                                                                                         crowd pleaser Chris Salvatore was
                                                                                                         flown in to perform for the elite

 6                                  7                               8                                                 9

     1. Mr. & Mrs. Wahyu Nugroha 2. Patrice Egron & Family 3. Suhaka Nordin 4. Juana Rorimpandey & Aline Andita 5. MTV VJ Utt, Eugene Wong, Ryan
     Masao, Andrea Risjad & Ronald Liem 6. Ike V Beekum & Salome Dacey 7. Michelle & Denisa Suwandhi 8. Christina Djaja, Gladys Suwandhi & Peter
     Colman 9. Mr. & Mrs. Ferdy Hasan


 1                                              2                                     3                                       4

                                                      5                                 6

      Swiss watchmaker IWC together
      with The Time Place treated their
      special guests to an exclusive
      preview of their 2010 novelties at
      Vin+, located at Plaza Senayan’s
      Arcadia building. Hosted by The
      Time Place’s very own Irwan Danny
      Mussry together with Goris Verburg,
      General Manager of IWC South East
      Asia, the event was attended by over
      140 guests.

 7                                                                   8                                    9            9

     1. Sugiharto Santosa & Sydney 2. Peter Hendry & Kennis Yam 3. Serene & Ted Sulisto 4. IWC’s Collection during the event 5. Meitha Anton 6. Joe Slaglan, Ade
     Andrini, Irwan D. Mussy, Taufik Hidayat 7. Virnie Ismail, Indra Brasco & Mona Ratuliu 8. Yuti Okta & Intan Febriana 9. Goris Verbug

society                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                iNDUstRy NeWs

 1                                                         2                                                      3

 4                                                                                                 5
                                                                                                                                                                  A Plastiki
                                                  Piguet Comes
                                                  to Surabaya
                                                  To celebrate Audemars Piguet
                                                  timepieces becoming available                                                                                       IWC SupportS a
                                                  in Surabaya for the first time ever
                                                  through The Time Place Tunjung-
                                                                                                                                                                      Ground-BreakInG                                                     4Ingenieur Automatic
                                                  an Plaza, the boutique held a                                                                                       envIromental InItIatIve                                             Mission Earth Edition
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          “Adventure Ecology”
                                                  champagne party for more than
                                                  100 VIP customers. On hand to
                                                  emcee the event was former Pu-

                                                  teri Indonesia runner-up, Nadia                                                                                     WC Schaffhausen is one of the most ac-     Recently, a one of a kind Platinum Ingenieur     and bicycle-powered electricity genera-
                                                  Mulya.                                                                                                              tive timepiece companies in the industry   Automatic Mission Earth Edition “Adventure       tors. The barge was built to raise aware-
                                                                                                                                                                      in backing environmental projects. Aside   Ecology” was auctioned off to the highest bid-   ness of progressive ideas that help fight
                                                                                                                                                                  from striving to be the first Carbon Neutral   der for 30,800 Euro, with all proceeds going     against environmental pollution.
                                                                                                                                                                  timepiece company, IWC has also worked on      toward funding the expedition of the same
 6                                                  7                                                                      8                                      a number of other initiatives including the    name. The Plastiki is an 18-metre catamaran      For their voyage, the members of the Plas-
                                                                                                                                                                  Plastiki Expedition.                           that travelled across the Pacific Ocean and      tiki were each equipped with a stainless
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 was outfitted with solar panels, wind turbines   steel IWC Ingenieur Automatic, limited to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1,000 pieces. To commemorate the Plasti-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ki expedition, the stainless steel case back
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  is engraved with the Plastiki logo, mak-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ing the timepiece an instant and highly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  sought after collectors item.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Water-resistant to 120 metres, the case fea-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  tures protective shoulders for the crown
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  and houses the IWC-manufactured 80110
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  calibre, containing a soft-iron inner case
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  to shield it against magnetic fields and a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  shock absorption system as protection
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  against impact. As with the Plastiki expe-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  dition itself, IWC’s “Adventure Ecology”
                                                                                                                                                                    4The Plastiki                                                                                 edition is equipped to take on even the
                                                                                                                                                                    Adventure Ecology                                                                             harshest conditions.
                                                                                                                                                                    logo engraved on the
                                                                                                                                                                    case back
     1. Erni & Rizal 2. Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Susanto Hartono 3. Mr. & Mrs. Herman 4. Johanes & Patria 5. Irina Damayanti, Sylvi Mutiara, Virgorina & Arlia Renasvati
     6. Mr. Soegiarto 7. Nicholas Pramono, Jos Mardanus, Michael Dong 8. Koesprijono

24                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               25
iNDUstRy NeWs

                                   HiGH                          out equipped with a backlight and a high-
     BreItlInG                                                   performance night vision compatible

     takeS to the                                                system, known as NVG for night vision
                                                                 goggles. All functions are controlled by
     SkIeS WIth the                                              analog-digital pushers located at 2 and

     ChronoSpaCe                                                 4 o’clock. The star-shaped bezel makes
                                                                 it easy to operate the turning of circular
                                                                 rack-and-pinion mounted side rule. For
                                                                 those worried about missing their alarm,

                                                                 this watch has the capability to reach 90
        ver since Breitling launched the
                                                                 decibels, enough not to be drowned out
        Navitimer with its navigational
                                                                 while in the cockpit. The Chronospace is
        slide rule bezel, they have been
                                                                 available with a sporty perforated rubber
known for their professional pilot watches.
                                                                 strap, aviator style leather strap or a new
This year, injecting cutting-edge electron-
                                                                 satin-brushed woven steel bracelet for the
ics into the famous circular slide rule bezel
                                                                 retro vintage look.
for handling essential calculations for air-    The many faces
borne navigation, Breitling has developed       of the new
a worthy quartz successor to its pilot watch
heritage in the new Chronospace.

The Chronospace employs a number of
functions perfect for the pilot including
a 1/100th of a second chronograph with
split times, coordinated universal time
(UTC), perpetual calendar, 24-hour mili-
tary time, alarm, countdown timer and a
dual time zone display with independent
alarm. The movement is not only COSC
chronometer-certified but features Bre-
itling’s famous SuperQuartz ™ movement,
ten times more accurate than an ordinary
quartz movement.

The dial features a traditional central hour,
minutes and seconds hand with luminous
hour-markers and a dual digital LCD read-

                                                                      noble cause. Actors including Meryl Streep,
                1                                             2       Hugh Jackman, Sienna Miller and Kristin
                                                                      Chenoweth personalized a total of twenty-
                                                                      seven Audemars Piguet watches.

                                                                      As a special highlight, the Audemars Piguet
                                                                      “Royal Offshore 57th Street” limited edition
                                                                      watch was designed to commemorate this
                                                                      New York moment and partnership with
                                                                      the Tony Awards. A pair of men’s and wom-
                                                                      en’s Royal Oak Offshore 57th Street watches
                                                                      signed by Daniel Radcliffe and Scarlett Jo-
                                                                      hansson along with “Sex and the City” star
                                                                      Cynthia Nixon’s Lady Royal Oak, and Nathan
                                                                      Lane’s “Jules Audemars” self-winding chro-
                                                                      nograph with 18-karat pink gold case were
                                                                      each offered on auction.

                                                                      As part of the Tony Awards sponsorship, the
                                                                      brand decorated the carpet with eight wall

Showtime with                                                         clocks signed by the nominees for “Best
                                                                      Musical” and “Best Musical Revival”. These

                                                                      clocks were auctioned off to benefit Broad-
                                                                      way Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

PiGUet                                                                                                         3

     StarS joIn the
     to Support
     BroadWay CareS

                             udemars Piguet is well known for
                             maintaining a range of charity col-
                             laborations with various celebrities.
                        The most prominent initiative of the com-
                         pany is the Time to Give Foundation,
                          founded in 2000. The brand is also a re-
                           nowned patron of the arts and for the
                           second year in a row, Audemars Piguet
                           was also the official red carpet sponsor
                           of the 64th Annual Tony Awards.

                           Recently, in conjunction with the open-
                          ing of its 57th Street flagship boutique
                       in New York, Audemars Piguet, partnered
                       with the Tony Awards to hold an auction
                       to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights
                       AIDS. The Tony Awards, a celebration of the
                      best in Broadway shows, was the perfect co-     1. Nick Cannon
     5                operation that brought out the most gifted      2. Vanessa Williams
                       and revered Broadway actors to the fore-       3. Morgan Pressel & Cristie Kerr
                                                                      4. The Hugh Jackman personalized watch
                        front in helping to bring attention to this   5. Meryl Streep’s personalized version

iNDUstRy NeWs

                                                erhaps no watchmaker has a trophy case as full
                                                as Jaeger-LeCoultre. This prestigious manu-
                                                facture has, through its history, perfected the
                                         manufacturing of distinctive and complex movements
                                         and timepieces admired the world over. This past June,
                                         the brand added yet another award as Grande Reverso
                                         986 Duodate was honoured as Watch of the Year in the
                                         €3000-10.000 price range category by 00/24 Horloges

                                         A limited edition in the classic Reverso collection, the
                                         Grande Reverso 986 Duodate was created with a 31.3
                                         mm wide by 52 mm high case produced in only 2000
                                         pieces, 500 pieces in 18k pink gold and an additional
                                         1,500 stainless steel. The watch has two faces, the first
                                         of which displays the main time zone with date and sec-
                                         onds against an intricately designed silver Clou-de-Paris
                                         hobnail pattern standing out against a surrounding ver-
                                         tical guilloche area.

                                         Swivel the watch back and it reveals an equally beauti-
                                         ful display inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1930s,
                                         the birth period of the Reverso collection. This dial
                                         features a day and night indicator and
                                         is elegantly accentuated with a
                                         black velvet finish, all pow-
                                         ered by the manually
                                         wound Calibre 986

     The Grande
     Duodate 986

Another Award for
     the Grande reverSo
     duodate GraBS WatCh
     of the year
                           4The opposite
                           face features
                           a day and night

iNDUstRy NeWs

          ne could reasonably equate the Paneristi, the
          dedicated community of Panerai fans, with
          Harley Davidson Hogs or Grateful Dead Dead-
heads. As the largest independent community of luxury
watch enthusiasts on record, Paneristis have a devotion
to their brand unequalled in the industry. The club re-
cently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the launch of
their fan website and forum,, the ulti-
mate ‘central market’ where Panerai fans share infor-
mation and get connected to each other.

In honour of these fans, Panerai recently released the
limited edition Luminor for Paneristi’s Anniversary.
Keeping in mind the most popular features of a Pan-
erai according to the Paneristi and the guidelines and
preferences expressed by the fan community, the time-
piece comes with a 44mm Luminor case, a diamond-

                                                                   A special
                                                                   engraving to
                                                                   the site’s tenth

                                                                              paneraI releaSeS SpeCIal
                                                                              pIeCe for panerIStI.Com

                                                                           like coated case, bezel, bridge and crown, the classic crown-protecting
                                                                           bridge device and the trademark Panerai classic numerals and large index
                                                                           markers. The watch also uses a special ecru SuperLumiNova to coat the
                                                                           hands and add to the watch’s vintage look. The watch is fitted with an OP I
                                                                           calibre movement and the case back is engraved with the words “Paneristi.
                                                                           com Tenth Anniversary”  .
                                                 The classic and
                                                 vintage look
                                                 of the PAM360             The launch of this very special 300-piece limited edition watch was an-
                                                                           nounced on the forum this summer and almost immedi-
                                                                           ately sold out. More importantly, the watch was hailed as an important
                                                                           step in bringing Panerai and its most dedicated followers just a little closer



                           oday’s cosmopoli-
                           tan female is a mix
                           of many moods;
                    strong yet feminine, fashion-
                    able yet casual, talented yet
                    humble, stunning on the red
                    carpet yet also a head turner
                    on the street.

                      Piaget has chosen to appeal to
                         the multi-faceted female by
                           selecting Sienna Miller as the
                             muse for its iconic Possession col-
                              lection’s 20th anniversary. Not
                               only is Sienna well known as
                                an English model, actress and
                                   fashion designer, her signa-
                                    ture style has also crowned
                                    her as a modern fashion icon.                                            Sienna Miller
                                   She serves as the Global Ambas-
                                 sador for International Medical
                                Corps and is a leading activist in       For the more lively look, Sienna appeared full
                               the Haitian relief effort.                of life with a more simple attire rounded out
                                                                         by a Possession timepiece, simple round ear-
                              To integrate Sienna into the campaign,     rings and white gold and diamond rings on
                            a talented fashion industry team includ-     each middle finger. Finally, Sienna was pic-
                         ing legendary photographer Raymond              tured In a more elegant mood with a perfect
                     Meier, regular Vogue contributor, Elissa Santisi,   little black dress and neatly pulled hair that
                    makeup artist Gucci Westman, noted hair styl-        showcases the Possession collection beauti-
                    ist, Esther Langham and master manicurist, Jin       fully with its gold diamond double hoop Pos-
                    Soon were enlisted to help in bringing out the       session earrings, pendant with white gold and
                    beauty of both Sienna and the iconic Possession      fully paved diamonds to the classic diamond
                    pieces.                                              ring. To add a touch of modernity, a white gold
                                                                         and diamond cuff in circle motif encircled her
                    The campaign takes on three moods, the confi-        arm.
                    dent, strong and feminine woman mood inte-
                    grated a black and white outfit with sleek, slim     Irrespective of the mood, Piaget’s decision to
                    black leather pants paired with a silky, sleeve-     choose Miller to embody one of their most
Possession          less white top adorned by a Possession neck-         successful jewelry collections will inspire oth-
Watch               lace, bracelet and ring in luxurious yellow gold     er woman of today on the image of modern
                    material.                                            beauty.


                          TAG Heuer
                          Cadran Black

     TaG HEUER
     150 Years of Excellence
                                                                                         TAG Heuer

        AG Heuer is a brand that is not short of
        historical breakthroughs. For a com-
        pany who’s name is a little-known ac-
ronym for techniques d’avant garde, (advance
guard or vanguard techniques in French),
invention and precision have always been
hallmarks of the brand. This dedication to
breaking the boundaries of watchmaking has
resulted in the brand’s rapid ascent over the                                            Pendulum Eclate
last four decades in particular. Despite all of
the celebrity ambassadors, the participation
in major automobile racing and golf events
and the other glamour and glitz that goes with
the brand, the highlight is really the product.
Moreover, the last decade has been a “gold-
en age” of sorts for the brand in developing           THIS dEdICATION TO bREAkING THE bOuNdARIES
groundbreaking products.                               OF WATCHmAkING HAS RESuLTEd IN THE bRANd’S
An example of such groundbreaking prod-
                                                   RAPId ASCENT OVER THE LAST FOuR dECAdES IN
uct is the Monaco V4 watch which was com-
mercially introduced in 2009 after being ini-
tially introduced into the market as a concept



                                             TAG Heuer
                                             Pendulum Cadran

43,200 bEATS PER HOuR
WATCH-mAkING.           TAG Heuer
                        Case Back


                                                   Pendulum     The movement
watch in 2004. The remarkable concept watch        Tourbillon
was able to substitute traditional pinions and
gear transmission with a belt-driven mechan-
ical transmission instead and fast became the
one of the most audacious movement designs
in history.

This year, to celebrate their 150th anniversary,
TAG Heuer unveiled the revolutionary watch,
the Pendulum Concept, a concept watch that
completely reinvents the idea of an oscillator.
The avant-garde Swiss watchmaker swapped
the traditional hairsprings with magnets, ul-
timately creating the first-ever mechanical
movement without a hairspring.

Most mechanical movements involve four
basic operations where energy is generated,
stored, transmitted then regulated. The hair-
spring has always played a pivotal role in the
regulation system. Now, thanks to an “invis-
ible” or virtual spring derived from magnets,
the physical coiled strip of fine metal alloy –
better known as the hairspring – is no longer

The magnetic fields generated are able to pro-
vide alternative oscillations of the balance
wheel and make the pendulum an excep-
tionally good timekeeping device due to its
resistance to changes from perturbing forces.
Created by TAG Heuer’s Research & Develop-         TAG Heuer
ment engineers together with Microsystems          Monaco
research experts at the Integrated Actuators
Laboratory (LAI) over a span of five years,
the TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept beats
at 43,200 beats per hour (6 Hertz) and has
marked a new era in watch-making.


     Marine Expedition
     THE j12 mARINE IS

                                                The J12 Marine
                                                is available in
                                                Blue, White and

                                                                      SuPPORTEd by A CAREFuLLy CRAFTEd
                                                                      ENGRAVEd STEEL bACk, A SANd-bLASTEd
                                                                  CERAmIC ANd STEEL CASE, A POLISHEd ANd
                                                                  SATIN FINISH ARdILLON buCkLE ENGRAVEd
                                                                  WITH THE CHANEL LOGO, NOTHING IS
                                                                                        available in white with a white bezel (38mm),
                                                                                        black with a blue bezel (38 and 42 mm),
                                                                                        or black with a black bezel (38mm). Sup-
                                                                                        ported by a carefully crafted engraved steel
                                                                                        back, a sand-blasted ceramic and steel case,
                                                                                        a polished and satin finish ardillon buckle
                                                                                        engraved with the Chanel logo, nothing is
                                                                                        compromised. The self-winding watch offers
                                                                                        a 42-hour power reserve and is highly shock
                                                                                        and scratch resistant. A nautical instrument
                                                                                        in itself, the J12 Marine watch is everything
                                                                                        you could ask for in a watch and more.

     n conjunction with the 10th anniver-
     sary of one of their most popular line
     of watches, the J12, Chanel launched
the J12 Marine watch, an extremely sporty,
elegant, high fashion-worthy timepiece.
Unique for Chanel, the J12 Marine is an ac-
tual diving watch that is water resistant to
300 metres in both the rubber matte brace-
let and the case.

Over the summer, with the launch of the
J12 Marine, the watch’s own mini film cir-
culated over the net showcasing the incom-
parable style of the timepiece, featuring the
watch at the depths of the ocean floor.                                      The J12 Marine
                                                                             was crafted to
The carefully crafted watch is not made                                      breathe in the
to just withstand the water, but rather to
breathe in the water. The J12 Marine is


                                                                                               The L.U.C
                                                                                               - The Tribute
                                                                                               watch bears
                                                                                               the L.U.C
                                                                                               Calibre EHG

       GREaT MacHINES
        & Playful Creatures
         ITS 150TH ANNIVERSARy
         WITH A VARIEd

            50 years and numerous mind-blowing collections later, Louis-
            Ulysse Chopard would undoubtedly be very proud to see how
            his baby has grown and developed into a giant in the industry.
     Celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2010, the Chopard brand is still
     pervaded by the spirit instilled by its founder and nurtured by a blend
     of fine hand craftsmanship and daring technical developments.

                                                                               The L.U.C 150
                                                                               “All In One”
                                                                               bearing the
                                                                               Calibre 4QTE

                                                      the L.U.C Louis-Ulysse – The Tribute pre-
                                                      serves a century and a half of Chopard’s ho-
                                                        rological heritage.                                 CELEbRATING
                                                                                                            ITS 150TH
                                                        Expanding on the theme, the L.U.C Cali-        ANNIVERSARy IN 2010,
                                                         bre 4TQE is composed of 516 parts and its     THE CHOPARd bRANd
                                                          multi-complication mechanical hand-
                                                            wound movement houses four barrels
                                                                                                       IS STILL PERVAdEd by
                                                            ensuring a seven-day power reserve.
                                                                                                       THE SPIRIT INSTILLEd
                                                                                                       by ITS FOuNdER ANd
                                                                                                       NuRTuREd by A
                                                                                                       bLENd OF FINE HANd
                                                                                                       CRAFTSmANSHIP ANd
                                                                                                       dARING TECHNICAL

                                                                                                     The L.U.C Calibre 1TRM – L.U.C Engine One
                                                                                                     Tourbillon is distinguished by an innovative
                                                                                                     design inspired by the automotive industry. In
                                                                                                     reference to the world of fine cars, the “engine
                                                                                                     block” featuring a reamed and sloping plate,
                                                                                                     is engraved with the name “Chopard” The    .
                                                                                                     COSC certified L.U.C Calibre 1TRM move-
                                                                                                     ment is mounted on shock-absorbing “silent
                                                                                                     blocks” and held in place by three lever-arms
                                                                                                     carved out of the case middle. Designed, de-
                                                                                                     veloped and produced by Chopard, the time-
                                                                                                     piece beats at a cadence of 28,800 vibrations
                                                                                                     per hour and boasts a 60-hour power reserve.
                                      L.U.C Calibre
                                      1TRM L.U.C
                                      Engine One

Over time, Chopard has become known for
two dueling strengths, its reputation as a mas-
ter jeweler and a more recent recognition as a
fine watch manufacturer and movement de-
veloper that has been fostered primarily over
the last two decades. To celebrate its 150th
anniversary, Chopard marks its milestone
by unveiling four new proprietary mechani-
cal movements and timepieces designed,
developed, fine-tuned and produced by the
Chopard Manufacture in Fleurier.

The L.U.C Calibre EHG – L.U.C Louis-Ulysse –          This movement is also COSC-certified and is
The Tribute is a tribute to the company’s ded-        equipped to Poinçon-de-Genève standards
ication to fine watchmaking. Developed as             the L.U.C Calibre 4TQE shows the hours,
collaboration with the Geneva Watchmaking             minutes, small seconds on a tourbillon and
School, this mechanical hand-wound move-              also amazes with a perpetual calendar with
ment fascinates at a cadence of 21,600 vibra-         24-hour indication, day of the week, date
tions per hour and is endowed with an 80-             aperture, month, leap year, power reserve,
hour power reserve. The L.U.C Calibre EHG is          24-hour indication, equation of time, sun-
chronometer-certified by the COSC and also            rise and sunset times and moon phases. This
bears the prestigious Poinçon-de-Genève               achievement of fitting so many complications                                      The L.U.C
quality hallmark. Inspired by a pocket-watch,         in one watch shows how far the manufacture
but reinterpreted as a contemporary object,           has come.


The Animal
World watches

The power-reserve display at 12 o’clock is po-                                                      At first sight, one would consider this lady
sitioned opposite the tourbillon bridge at 6                                                        wristwatch collection as jewelry bracelets
o’clock, shaped like a brake disc.                     THE ANImALS ARE                              rather than timepieces. Its full diamonds
                                                       mAdE OF SHINING                              design is eye-catching and the pentagon-
The L.U.C Calibre 1.010 – L.U.C 1937 repre-        dIAmONdS PLACEd WITH                             cut diamond plus other dazzling totally
sents a significant development linked to its      THEIR RESPECTIVE LIVING                          weigh 21.48 carats and the diamonds on
suitability to industrial-scale production. This
mechanical self-winding movement meets
                                                   ENVIRONmENTS. THE                                the round dial weigh 2.70 carats making

the most demanding market standards of per-        POLAR bEAR IS quIETLy                            the watch far from modest. Housed inside
                                                                                                    the case is the hand-winding mechani-
formance, namely those of the COSC and the         NESTLEd IN THE ICE                               cal movement. The platinum arc-shaped
Chronofiable tests. Representing the indus-        WORLd. THE mONkEy                                bracelet strap is encrusted with 80 rectan-
trial wing of Chopard Manufacture and incor-       LIVES HAPPILy IN THE                             gle-cut diamonds and 290 round-cut dia-
porating 207 parts, the L.U.C Calibre 1.010 is     juNGLE ANd THE PENGuIN                           monds.
distinguished by its crown at 4 o’clock, along
with a 60-hour power reserve, 31 rubies and a
                                                   HAS ITS mATES TO kEEP IT
frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour.           COmPANy.                                         The collection is really a collection of
                                                                                                    artworks. The “Polar Bear” wristwatch
                                                                                                    is crafted from 18k platinum. The dial is
HaPPY DIaMoNDS                                                                                      made from the mother-of-pearl while the
While the new movements are a major focus          watch. Following the traditional style of Cho-   animal is fully paved with diamonds. The
of the 150th anniversary, jewelry pieces take      pard Happy Diamonds watches in terms of          watch bezel and crown are also encrusted
a co-starring role. In 1976, Chopard unveiled      case shape and free floating diamonds inside     with dazzling diamonds yet is waterproof
the now-famed Happy Diamonds collection            the watch, polar bears, monkeys and pen-         to 30 metres.
to the world, designed by the talented Ronald      guins are featured in a most beautiful way.
Kurowski. The incredible success of this col-      The animals are made of shining diamonds         The “Monkey” of the collection is crafted
lection, which has been offered many times         and placed with backgrounds of their respec-     from 18k rose gold with the dynamic dia-
since is now forever inextricably linked to the    tive living environments. The polar bear is      mond monkey on the MOP dial and gold-
Chopard name.                                      quietly nestled in the ice world. The monkey     en satin strap. The “Penguin” is also craft-
                                                   lives happily in the jungle and the penguin      ed from 18k platinum with a dynamic pen-
This year, to mark its 150th anniversary, Cho-     has its mates to keep it company. These ador-    guin on the MOP dial and black stain strap.
pard also launched a major new Happy Dia-          able themes make for a playful, fun and pre-     The other details of the latter two styles are
monds collection with The Animal World             cious collection.                                the same as the polar bear reference.


          3Dior Christal              3La Mini D
          Full Diamonds               de Dior in Pink

                     2010 COLLECTION RuNS
                     THE GAmuT OF dIOR’S

                                                                            tation of the Christal line. Launched in a limited series of just eight
                                                                            piece in gold and lacquer, the Christal 8 offers the versatility of a jew-
                                                                            elry version with a set bezel or an Art Deco patterned reference.

                                                                            The Christal 8 incorporates a 33mm case and employs an automatic
                                                                            Elite movement by Zenith. This movement enables the watch owner
                                                                            to read three items of information on a single index such as local
                                                                             time, time in eight time zones worldwide, as well as day and night
                                                                              indications. The mechanism contains an oscillating weight inlaid
                                                                                   with a gold leaf.

                                                                                                  Mother-of-pearl, sapphire crystal, lacquer, io-
                                                                                                    lites, tangerine garnets, tsavorites, rubies, cit-
                                                                                                   rines, sapphires and rhodolites each provide
                                                                                                   a different theme to the various references.
                                                                                                  Through its colors and decorative motifs, each
                                                                                                timepiece makes reference to a style from the
4Dior                                                                                         show after which it is named. The dial echoes the
Christal                                                                                     subtle detailing on dresses or jackets in tribute to the
38mm                                                                                       seamstresses in the Haute Couture ateliers. Keeping
                                                                                         the watch secured to the wearer’s wrist is a black python
                                                                                      leather strap with a yellow gold ardillon buckle that is fitted

                                                                            to a black sapphire crystal insert.
       s a watchmaker, Dior’s collections have been known for their
       undisputable beauty, which often derive its inspiration from
       the concept of refined and elegant couture clothes. The brand
has been established on three main pillars, the La D de Dior, the Chif-
fre Rouge and the Christal. Each come together this year to make a
                                                                               mOTHER-OF-PEARL, SAPPHIRE
spectacular 2010 collection.                                                   CRySTAL, LACquER, IOLITES,
                                                                            TANGERINE GARNETS, TSAVORITES,
PUTTING THE ‘D’ IN DIoR                                                     RubIES, CITRINES, SAPPHIRES ANd
Ever since its launch in 2003, the La D de Dior, created by talented jew-   RHOdOLITES EACH PROVIdE A dIFFERENT
elry designer Victoire de Castellane, has established itself as the most
whimsical of the brand’s collections. This season, La D de Dior makes
                                                                            THEmE TO THE VARIOuS REFERENCES.
a comeback with a dual personality, a small version in 19mm and a
larger 38mm. The La Mini D de Dior “Snow Set” Diamonds is rendered
in white gold and is fitted with a bezel and a crown illuminated by the
play of dazzling diamonds. The new dials are designed with all the fea-
tures of luxury jewelry including a snow setting, chrysoprase, jade, tur-
quoise or serpentine, all reminders of the material combination in the
haute joaillerie collections of the house. Meanwhile the 38mm style is
embellished with a black fire opal dial, resulting an iridescent reflec-
tion making it look simply sublime for the modern spirit.

RoUGE To bLack
Another classical watch that makes an unprecedented debut is the
Chiffre Rouge T01. Constructed around a self-winding movement, the
patented Dior 8 Fuseaux Horaires calibre, this unique movement was
born from a collaboration with Swiss watch engineers Orny and Girar-
din. Launched in a limited edition of 100 timepieces, the Chiffre Rouge
T01 enables you to read simultaneously on the same disk, not only lo-
cal time and eight time zones, but also using a day/night indicator. The
correction of the time and the time zones is done with a single crown
on the 42 mm steel case. Encompassed by a matte black ceramic bezel,
accented with an iconic pique-de-coton patterned dial with four dia-
mond indices and with a translucent black sapphire caseback, this is a
truly mysterious and alluring timepiece.

In recent years, the Christal has served as the champion of the brand.                                                                 Chiffre Rouge
                                                                                                                                       in a Khakhi
This year, as a tribute to the brand’s passion for art and the lucky                                                                   Fabric Strap
number of Christian Dior, the Christal 8 watch serves as a new intepre-


                                                                                                       The color green, which is sTrongly
                                                                                                       associaTed wiTh The brand, is noT only
                                Paved Dial
                                                                                                 feaTured on The bezel, buT also wiThin The dial
                                                                                                 where eighT emeralds are eleganTly seT as
                                                                                                 hour markers. The enTire case and braceleT
                                                                                                 is made in 18-caraT whiTe gold, and True To
                                                                                                 iTs iniTial purpose, is able To wiThsTand The
                                                                                                 pressure of waTer To up To 300 meTers or 1,000

                                                                               Paved Dial

                                                      riginally designed for divers in the
                                                      1950s, the Rolex Submariner watch
                                                      quickly became a symbol of pros-
                                             perity and luxury and has long been one of
                                             the most recognizable watches in the mar-
                                             ket. The watch has been part of expeditions
                                             both at land and sea, even withstanding
                                             temperatures of 45 degrees below Celsius in
                                             the famous Moana expedition. Having even
                                             appeared in eleven James Bond films, the
                                             Rolex Submariner is a watch that has a love
                                             for action, ready to take on the world. From
                                             London to Paris, San Francisco to New York,
                                             Shanghai to Jakarta, the Submariner has of-

     The Rolex
                                             fered a great reminder.

                                             The new Submariner Emerald is a strong ex-
                                             ample of such enduring greatness. In 2010,
                                             Rolex has created a new classic in the Oyster

                                             Perpetual Submariner Emerald set with 36
                                             emeralds and 12 diamonds within its unidi-
                                             rectional rotatable bezel, the Submariner is
                                             an advanced version of the 2003 Green Sub-
                                             mariner version that was released in conjunc-
                                             tion with the model’s 50th anniversary.

          Submarine emerald
                                             The colour green, which is strongly associat-
                                             ed with the brand, is not only featured on the
                                             bezel, but also within the dial where eight em-
                                             eralds are elegantly set as hour markers. The
                                             entire case and bracelet is made in 18-carat
          a classic shows iTs                white gold, and true to its initial purpose, is

          green sTreak                       able to withstand the pressure of water to up
                                             to 300 metres or 1,000 feet.
                                                                                               Black Dial

50                                                                                                                                                 51
                                                                                                                    Roger Dubuis
feature                                                                                                             Manufature

                                 Rolex Submariner
                                 Emerald Black Dial

                                                      an enduring
                                                      roger dubuis leaves
                                                      an undispuTed
                                                      legacy in The
          The waTch has been                          world of luxury
          parT of expediTions
     boTh aT land and sea,
     even wiThsTanding
                                                          n the so-called ‘old days’ great watch brands became
     TemperaTures of 45                                   known generally over time. Because the technologies
                                                          involved in fine watchmaking were so advanced, it
     degrees below celsius                            could take decades for a new manufacture to start to create
     in The famous moana                              complicated pieces and to become known as a truly fine
     expediTion. having even                          watchmaker for these pieces.
     appeared in 11 James bond
     films and sTill counTing,                        Enter the high-speed technology age and much has
     The rolex submariner is a                        changed in the watch industry. Today, great watchmakers
                                                      are considered as those who make great timepieces as op-
     waTch ThaT has a love for                        posed to simply those who endure for many years. It is in
     acTion, ready To Take on                         this environment that 15-year old brand Roger Dubuis has
     The world.                                       emerged and flourished.
                                                      The tenacity of Carlos Dias as the founder of Roger Dubuis       Butterfly
                                                      has become a hallmark of devotion in the universe of horol-

52                                                                                                                                 53

                                                   sign. The Excalibur, this year comes in platinum,                                                                         a satin strap. It is a sheer voyeuristic pleasure presented
                                                   marking Roger Dubuis’ first venture into using                                                                            through the openwork movement.
                                                   platinum. Exclusively made in a limited quantity
                                                   of only 28 units the Excalibur design prowess ac-                                                                         Committed to its founding mission, and with a line of nov-
                                                   tually lies in its distinct features a 45 mm diam-                                                                        elties as well as the all-time favourite classic New Golden
                                                   eter, wristband secured by the unique triple lugs,                                                                        Square, Roger Dubuis will remain on the front row when
                                                   majestic crown guard, fluted bezel and the re-                                                                            it comes to time measurement accorded with an audacity
                                                   markable “Grande Complication” movement. The                                                                              of design.
                                                   latest collection comes in different models, in-
                                                   cluding the flying tourbillon and rose gold minute
                                                   repeater, along with self-winding of double micro
                                                   rotor in platinum. The five - windows perpetual                                                                                commiTTed To iTs founding
                                                   calendar, with a manual wind, double flying tour-                                                                              mission charTer, and wiTh a
                                                   billon with differential, tourbillon cages visible
                                                   between 4 and 5 o’clock and 7 and 8 o’clock adds
                                                                                                                                                                             line of novelTies as well as The
                                                   to the innovative design. While the jumping dials                                                                         all-Time favouriTe classic new
                                                   are expressed in Roman numerals, the retrograde                                                                           golden square, roger dubuis
                                                   minute dials are in Arabic numerals, in deference                                                                         will remain fronT row in Time
                                                   to the company’s unique ability in combining dif-                                                                         measuremenT accorded wiTh
                                                   ferent cultural influences.                                                                                               an audaciTy of design.
                                                   The centerpiece of Roger Dubuis’ international
                                                   marketing campaign, with its popular appeal to
                                                                                                                                                               The Subtle
                                                                                                                                                               King Square
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Easy Driver
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sporty Elegant

     The Factory

ogy. Equipped with a well-rounded experience
amassed during his career in the watchmaking
manufacturing and business, his decision to
found his own company in 1995 seemed to be
a natural progression. While the brand started                                                           a wide spectrum of clients, the EasyDiver collec-
out with the rather inauspicious SOGEM (So-                                                              tion was first intended to infuse the lines between
ciété Genevoise des Montres) moniker, the                                                                aesthetically pleasing watches and the robustness
change of the brand identity to Roger Dubuis                                                             of a sports watch. For a number of years now, the
seems to have worked wonders in making the                                                               EasyDiver, has been proven as a steady compan-
company better recognized.                                                                               ion for its clients’ many challenging activities,
                                                                                                         thanks to its sturdy feature and enduring appeal.
The company’s rise to credibility is founded on                                                          Whether in the self-winding, hours and minutes
                                                                                        factory[1].tif   in 43 mm diameter, or the chronograph with mi-
its subtle mix of the tradition and modernity,
seamlessly blended in its collection reflecting                                                          cro rotor self-winding, the EasyDiver is marked by
watchmaking culture and the most advanced                                                                the distinct orange accents on the bezel along with
technology available. Every Roger Dubuis                                                                 the rubber accent on the back. For the ladies, a 40
timepiece is built to the Poinçon de Geneve                                                              mm version is available in mother-of-pearl dial
standard, marking a superiority of the move-                                                             and diamond- encrusted accents on the bezel.
ment and quality of the timepiece.
                                                                                                         The KingSquare conjures up images of an en-
At the 2011 SIHH, Roger Dubuis proudly pre-                                                              dowed aristocratic shape, a truly remarkable feat
sented the four most prominent signature                                                                 in combining tradition, structural design and in-
pieces that are the brand’s main pillars; The                                                            novative technology, the tourbillon comes in mat-
Excalibur, Kingsquare, Easy Diver and Golden                                                             te and alligator strap and the hand wound move-
Square.                                                                                                  ment is stamped with the ubiquitous Geneva Seal.
                                                                                                         Retaining only the bare necessities, a skeleton
Choice of material has been an essential part in                                                         version exudes the contemporary edge of King-
every collection, signifying a comittment in ap-                                     Automatic           Square. The KingSquare for ladies is a celebration
                                                                                     Flying Tourbillon   of feminity, offering a graceful movement marked
plying new technology and innovation in de-
                                                                                                         by the triple beating hearts, Cupid’s arrows and

54                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       55
Mille Miglia GT XL
Racing, White Dial
   Limited Edition

        El Primero
     Striking 10th

  Chronomat B01

                    audemars piguet
                    Millenary Pink Gold

Master Compressor
Extreme World
Cartier              hamilton
Calibre de Cartier   Khaki Pioneer
with Paved Bezel     Mechanical

Calibre de Cartier
Black Dial

                                     iswanto soerjanto
                                          ART DiRECToR
                                      noni soeparman

                                                                                         Although the El Primero has been so ac-
                                                                                         claimed, Zenith is not stopping in further
                                                                                                                                           El Primero
                                                                                         developing it. With new CEO Jean-Frédéric         36’000 in a
      El Primero                                                                         Dufour taking the helm, the El Primero was        stainless steel
      Striking 10th in                                                                                                                     bracelet
      Rose gold                                                                          adapted for a new El Primero Striking 10th
                                                                                         timepiece. The watch is the first salvo in Mr.
                                                                                         Dufour’s efforts to highlight the technical ex-
                                                                                         pertise that brought Zenith to the forefront of
                                                                                         movement manufacturing in the first place.

                                                                                         With a jumping seconds chronograph, the
                                                                                         El Primero Striking 10th provides visibility
                                                                                         of the smallest fraction of time measured by
                                                                                         a series-produced mechanical movements.
                                                                                         The making of one Striking 10th timepiece in-
                                                                                         volves nine months of work by twenty watch-

                         Strikes Back                                                                                                            in comparison To The original el

                                        or more than three decades, Zenith’s El                                                                  primero, The new sTriking 10Th has been
                                        Primero movement has been the epitome                                                               improved and opTimized enabling The greaTer
     zeniTh’s el primero adds           of precision and technical elegance. Despite                                                        acceleraTion of movemenT. driven by The
     sophisTicaTion wiTh a      Zenith’s tremendous watchmaking history, the El
                                Primero has been able to carve a special place for
                                                                                            4El Primero
                                                                                            Striking 10th
                                                                                                                                            el primero 4052 b auTomaTic calibre, The el
                                                                                                                                            primero sTriking 10Th chronograph comes
     sTriking 10Th              itself in the brand’s history thanks to its ability to
                                beat ten times a second and subsequent break-
                                                                                            has been
                                                                                            improved and
                                                                                            optimized                                       in a choice of a limiTed ediTion (500 uniTs)
                                throughs in its dry lubrication construction and
                                                                                            compared to
                                                                                            the original                                    18-caraT rose gold or sTainless sTeel 42 mm
                                specially-adapted power reserve function.                   El-Primero                                      case.

62                                                                                                                                                                                     63

                                                 Awards the
                                                 El-Primero has
                                                 collected over
                                                 the years

                                                 6 From Top:
                                                 The El-Primero
                                                 Stricking 1969

                                                 The original
                                                 movement &
                                                 assembling at
                                                 the Factory

In comparison to the original El Primero, the
new Striking 10th has been improved and op-
timized enabling greater acceleration in the
movement. Driven by the El Primero 4052
B automatic calibre, the El Primero Striking
10th chronograph comes in a choice of a lim-
ited edition (500 units) 18-carat rose gold or
stainless steel 42 mm case. The heart of the
El Primero beats at 36,000 vibrations per hour
and the hands make ten jumps per second, a
particularly stunning technical feat.

A silver sunray-brushed dial features circular
satin-brushed zones for the rose gold version.
Both the stainless steel model and rose gold
model also feature three counters. For the
stainless steel version, these come in subtle
shades of blue and grey, while the rose gold
version features three anthracite counters.
The faceted hands and hour-markers coated
with Superluminova are rhodium-plated on
steel models and gold-plated on the rose gold
references. The distinctive 1/10th of a second
indication is clearly marked off by the dedi-
cated chronograph hand. The movement is
also elegantly finished with an oscillating
weight decorated with a Côtes de Genève pat-

Exuding exclusivity and power, the El Prime-
ro Striking 10th is for those of the same na-
ture, the perceptive few who appreciate the
past while looking toward the future. With a
timeless, attention-to-detail design and sub-
stance unlike any other, this new El Primero
is a worthy addition to a famed heritage.

CeleBrity & WatCHes

                                                                                                                                                                                             roBin tHiCke – Cartier
                                                                                                                                                                                             With a vocalist mother and actor
                                                                  Blake lively – CHanel                                                                                                      father, Alan Thicke from the TV se-
                                                                  Unlike her role as the rebellious party girl                                                                               ries Growing Pains, it was inevitable
           Jesse mCCartney – Panerai                                                                                                                                                         that singer Robin Thicke would have
                                                                  Serena Van der Woodsen on television’s
           Singer/actor Jesse McCartney has decided to join                                                                                                                                  a taste of his own stardom. Having
                                                                  Gossip Girl, Blake Lively was actually quite
           the social media bandwagon by using his Twit-                                                                                                                                     spent his childhood listening to mu-
                                                                  the overachiever during her actual high
           ter account to announce the completion of his                                                                                                                                     sic and teaching himself the piano,
                                                                  school days. Lively, who went to school
           highly anticipated fourth solo album. The first                                                                                                                                   Thicke recorded his debut album, A
                                                                  in California, was a member of the school
           single, apparently to be named Shake, will be on                                                         taylor lautner – iWC                                                     Beautiful Day, selling 59,000 copies.
                                                                  choir, class president and cheerleader.
           airwaves sometime in September this year. The                                                            Thanks to the phenomenal success of the Twilight Saga franchise, ac-     His second album, The Evolution of
                                                                  Though she left school for awhile to star in
           20 year old multi-talented artist, who received a                                                        tor Taylor Lautner is now one of Hollywood’s most successful young ac-   Robin Thicke, sold 20,000 copies in
                                                                  her breakout role of Bridget, on The Sister-
           Grammy nomination for co-writing the hit Leona                                                           tors. Lautner, who also became a junior world champion in martial arts   its first week alone. Thicke is the first
                                                                  hood of the Traveling Pants, she returned
           Lewis single Bleeding Love, has yet to announce                                                          when he was twelve years old, recently won Favorite Breakout Movie       white artist in over twenty years to
                                                                  just in time to finish her senior year. Blake
           the title of the album. Jesse McCartney wears a                                                          Actor at the People’s Choice Awards and Favorite Movie Actor at the      top the US R&B charts. Robin Thicke
                                                                  Lively, on screen and in real life, wears a
           Panerai.                                                                                                 Kids Choice Awards. Taylor wears IWC.                                    wears Cartier.

                                                                                                                                                                                             emma Watson – CHanel
                                                                                                                                                                                             When one hits mega-stardom, it
                                                                                                                                                                                             seems every bit of information
                                                                                                                  roBin Williams – iWC                                                       causes a buzz. For Harry Potter
                                                                                                                  Writers often hate it when actors                                          actress, Emma Watson, appar-
                                                                  Jason statHam – Panerai                         go off script. This was not the                                            ently a simple haircut can cause a
                                                                  No matter how many bad reviews the mov-         case however when it involved                                              commotion. Her new pixie hairdo,
                                                                  ie received prior to its commercial release,    seasoned actor and comedian
                      ello – taG Heuer                                                                                                                                                       which she had apparently wanted
                                                                  numbers speak for themselves when Jason         Robin Williams. Since his early
                      Singer-songwriter Ello was recently                                                                                                                                    since she was 16 years old, was
                                                                  Statham’s new movie The Expendables hit         days as alien Mork on the hit 1978
                      spotted at a TAG Heuer party at Pla-                                                                                                                                   debuted in early August and has
                                                                  number one on the US Box Office charts.         TV show Mork and Mindy, writ-
                      za Senayan, marking the kick-off of                                                                                                                                    earned strong opinions from mil-
                                                                  easily beating out Julia Roberts’ highly an-    ers would deliberately leave gaps
                      their four-day exhibition. Leading his                                                                                                                                 lions of fans. Her own father, ap-
                                                                  ticipated movie Eat, Pray, Love, Statham,       in the script, allowing Williams to
                      band to a set list of his best songs, the                                                                                                                              parently, told her she looked like a
                                                                  joins two of the biggest names in action        improvise. These days, Williams
                      crowd gathered around the atrium                                                                                                                                       boy. Claiming it was the most lib-
                                                                  film, Sylvester Stallone and Jet Li, in the     is busy with his latest stand-up
                      to witness one of Indonesia’s finest                                                                                                                                   erating thing, Watson is enjoying
                                                                  two-part movie as Lee Christmas, a for-         comedy act dubbed Weapons of
                      in action. Currently working on his                                                                                                                                    time to herself now that the last in-
                                                                  mer British-American S.A.S solider. Jason       Self Destruction. Robin Williams
                      fourth album this year, Ello fondly                                                                                                                                    stallment of the Harry Potter series
                                                                  Statham wears a Panerai.                        wears a IWC.
                      wore a Monaco LS that evening.                                                                                                                                         has ended. Emma Watson wears

78                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       79

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