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       T h e I n d e p e n d e n T J o h n F. k e n n e d y S c h o o l S T u d e n T S ‘ n e w S p a p e r
Volume XIV, Issue IX          Friday, May 13, 2011                         Circulation: 400                           PAGE 1

                                             Osama bin Laden is Dead
     M uckraker
                                       Osama bin Laden, head of the terrorist        acted by stating, “ich freue mich, dass
               Speaks!                 organization Al Qaeda for two decades,
                                       the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks,
                                                                                     es gelungen ist, Osama bin Laden zu
                                                                                     töten“(I am happy, that it was possible
                                       and the most hunted man in the world,         to kill bin Laden). Merkel was criticized
We, the editors, are appalled at       is dead, President Obama announced            even by some members of her own party
the recent scandal of copyright        on Sunday, May 1st. He was killed by a        who questioned whether or not a Chri-
infringement that took place           shot in the head in a firefight with U.S.     stian, or any human being, is morally al-
                                       forces at his residence in Abbottabad,        lowed to rejoice at someone’s death.
on last week’s episode of Glee.        Pakistan.                                     How much the Pakistani officials knew
Yes - those singing teenagers          What Obama called a “targeted operati-        about bin Laden’s whereabouts remains
had the audacity to steal our          on” was precisely planned out. Two he-        unclear. Al Qaeda’s leader lived in a lar-
                                       licopters landed in the large compound,       ge compound many times the size of the
infamous student newspaper’s           where bin Laden was living. In the fol-       surrounding houses in Abbottabad, a city
name, and pretend that their           lowing firefight, three men, one of them      located only one hour’s drive north of the
quality could even come close          believed to be bin Laden’s son, and bin       capital, Islamabad. Additionally, the city
                                       Laden’s wife, who had been used as a          is home to a Pakistani military base and
to ours. But since we love Glee        human shield by one of the men, in ad-        military academy. It seems near to im-
and frequently sing their songs        dition to bin Laden himself were killed.      possible that bin Laden could have gone
in the privacy of our showers          Finally, bin Laden’s body was taken into a    unnoticed. Like the Pakistani govern-
                                       helicopter, brought to an aircraft carrier,   ment, citizens of Abbottabad claimed not
- making them all the more             and dumped into the ocean, presumab-          to have known or been suspicious about
enjoyable - we have decided            ly, after a religious ceremony. This was      the complex. These events have made
not to press charges. We also          said to have been done to avoid creating      Pakistan’s relationship with the U.S. ex-
                                       a shrine for his followers. However the       tremely tense. President Obama was ca-
just don’t have any money.             question whether it was morally accep-        reful to mention Pakistan’s constructive
Neither does the rest of the           table to do this instead of leaving his       role in the fight against terrorism, but
world, it seems. The economy           body with his family remains disputed.        maintained that the United States didn’t
                                       The Western reaction to Osama bin             inform Pakistan, or any other country,
still sucks, Aloe Black still          Laden’s death was one of celebration and      about their planned operation before-
“needs a dolla’ “, and the             relief. Thousands of Americans crowded        hand. The American government had
Muckraker’s collective wallet          in front of the White House, on Ground        previously evacuated the U.S. embassy
                                       Zero, and at Times Square cheering and        in Pakistan, leaving only enough staff to
has gotten awfully light of            chanting at the news. It was astonishing      keep the place running, but did not no-
late. Feel free to donate and          to see how alike the crowds are, east         tify the diplomats.
give us something heavy to             and west. By celebrating in this fashion,     There is no question as to whether Al
                                       people might have made a martyr of bin        Qaeda will continue their terrorism. They
lug around with us, we need            Laden although he was only one single         will. There is even a great chance that
the exercise while spending it         man in the end. But for America, bin          they will want to revenge their leader’s
all on ice cream and beer.             Laden was the symbol of terrorism and         death through further attacks. Obama
                                       their greatest enemy. By killing him, the     warned Americans to avoid demonstra-
We would also like to take the         U.S. went one step further in putting the     tions and mass gatherings. Other than
opportunity to urge you all            trauma of 9/11 behind them.                   this, bin Laden’s death will not make a
to seize your last productive          Obama, who had followed the operation         great deal of difference to the terrorist
                                       which was carried out by the Navy Seals,      threat. He was more symbolically than
efforts in these final 7 weeks         a group of elite soldiers, live over video,   strategically important to Al Qaeda, who
of school - study hard! Just           said “The death of Bin Laden marks the        confirmed his death last Friday, thus si-
kidding. Try with all your             most significant achievement to date in       lencing those, who questioned the factual
                                       our nation’s effort to defeat Al Qaeda.”      base of bin Laden’s death. Osama bin La-
might to thwart the teachers’          However he also pointed out, that this        den is gone, but thousands of other ter-
bombardments of homework               will not be the end of Al Qaeda’s attacks,    rorists remain free. The U.S. government
and spend as much time lying           and that the U.S. “will remain vigilant       now hopes to prevent future attacks and
                                       at home and abroad”. Bin Laden’s de-          capture other leading figures of Al Qae-
in the sun as you can. Berlin          ath may give Obama an opportunity to          da using the information provided by bin
is rarely this beautiful. And so       withdraw more troops from Afghanistan,        Laden’s ceased computer. If those hopes
are you.                               because the war there was primarily           were fulfilled, the world would be a safer
                                       started to fight Al Qaeda. The death of       place.
                                       Osama bin Laden is most likely Obama’s
Cheers,                                greatest success since taking office.
The Editors.                           Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel re-                                     Ina Schmidt
Volume XIV, Issue IX            Friday, May 13, 2011                    Circulation: 400                        PAGE 2

                                                 JFKS Life
  RECYCLING CAMPAIGN                                                                   U18
End of May, beginning of June                                 Anyone interested in changing something about the
This year, JFKS GOES GREEN started a project to               world? No? Yes? If yes, then this is your time to orga-
raise awareness on recycling and educate studen-              nize a project and help politics become important to fu-
ts on how to reduce waste at our school. In March,            ture adults- us teens. Here’s how: Last year, Charlotte
                                                              von Streit invited politicians of all main 5 parties to
we asked an expert in the field of recycling from
                                                              come to our school and be questioned on various topics
the BSR to come visit our green room and tell us              by students. After this huge event, students of the JFKS
about recycling. During this session, we learned              were able to participate in the Unter 18 Wahlen (U18)
about many new things concerning recycling and                the school. This year, the Berlin government is keen
now want to spread the word to you! Therefore,                to organize the project again. It will take place in Ber-
we will be decorating the trash cans with stickers            lin, Brandenburg and Rheinland-Pfalz at any interested
that explain what trash goes into which can. If               schools. Engaged students open polls (Wahllokale) at
you are still unsure where to throw what, posters             their school which any student under 18 can attend.
explaining recycling will be hung up around the               The ballots are then counted, and soon afterwards the
school for you to stop and read. For your own use,            results are sent out to all schools Germany- wide. Now
                                                              the question is how do you open a Wahllokal? You sim-
BSR Recycling pamphlets are lying in the library
                                                              ply register your school on the U18 Website and with
to take home and start recycling there as well!               the help of a few dedicated people print out the bal-
Most importantly, remember how important it is                lots, set the date, and organize the event. Interested
where you put what in the trash -it not only saves            in helping to organize this event? If so, please email
you money, but helps the environment as well. So              miele.wish@yahoo.com or go on the official U18 Web-
join us and recycle!                                          site http://www.u18.org/ for more information.
                                       Milena Kula
                                                                                                            Milena Kula

                                             Classroom Learning Made Real –
                                      10th grade fund-raising event for AIDS charity

“It all started as a rumour… Then we found we were            spread of the disease, HIV is still one of the leading
dealing with a disease. Then we realised that it was          causes of death in Africa. Besides lack of education on
an epidemic. And, now we have accepted it as a trag-          disease prevention, the continent suffers from unavail-
edy.“                                                         ability of affordable medication.
- Chief epidemiologist in Kampala, Uganda                     Motivated to do what we can to help, our English class-
                                                              es will be organizing an event to raise funds for a char-
Fact: Every fourth person in Swaziland is infected with       ity in Africa where it is assured that all money will go to
the HIV virus                                                 medications and prevention measures for AIDS.
Fact: Since the start of the epidemic, 14.8 million chil-     The event will be held in conjunction with the Flag Foot-
dren in sub-Saharan Africa have lost one or both par-         ball championship game on Friday, June 17th on the
ents due to AIDS                                              JFKS sports field from 10:30 am – 1 pm. The school
Fact: The average life expectancy of the people living        administration grants all students 4th, 5th and 6th
in sub-Saharan Africa is 51 years                             hour free to attend the game. Food and drink booths
                                                              for everyone visiting the game as well as an informa-
These and other facts mentioned above learned in the          tion booth selling red ribbons and other awareness-
course of the project convinced us 10th graders that          related items will be available at the event. The profits
we couldn’t just finish the project and move on without       from the booths and drinks will go to a charity working
doing something to help those ravaged by the devas-           in Africa in AIDS prevention. We hope to raise at least
tating disease. Mr. Robertson’s tradition to discuss and      300 Euros during the event.
present the topic of AIDS in each 10th grade English          So- come join us to watch the football team and help
class was taken to a new level- unlike many classes           combat this awful disease!
before, we have decided to take action.
Although many awareness campaigns throughout
Western and Eastern cultures have helped to tame the                       Mr.Robertson’s 10th grade English classes

Comments, Replies?

send your opinions and articles to:
Volume XIV, Issue IX         Friday, May 13, 2011                       Circulation: 400                              PAGE 3

                            JFKS Life/International
    GREEN DAY                            Mit Handys gegen Polio kämpfen!
16th of June                           Neues VEREIN Fundraising Projekt             New JFKS VEREIN Fundraising Project
No, it’s not the rock band (though     Mit gebrauchten Handys Kinderlähmung         Fight Polio and support our school
                                       bekämpfen helfen und unsere Schule           through a used mobile phone donation
they’re smashin’ good, too). But       unterstützen                                 drive! Most of us have an old and un-
it’s a rockin’ good event that the     Jeder von uns hat ein gebrauchtes            used mobile phone sitting somewhere
SC Environment Committee will          Handy in der Schublade. Der JFKS             in a drawer. The JFKS Verein would like
be hosting hand in hand with JFKS      VEREIN will die Initiative des Rotary        to support the initiative of the Rotary
                                       Club Berlin International unterstützen       Club Berlin International and collect
GOES GREEN and a few dedicat-
                                       und gemeinsam Handys sammeln, um             used mobile phones so that the money
ed teachers. It’s a day for us to      deren Verkaufserlös der Aktion End-          made from their sale can be donated to
encourage the JFKS community           PolioNow gegen die Kinderlähmung zu          EndPolioNow, an initiative fighting Polio.
to live a little “greener” and in-     spenden. Die Hälfte des erreichten Be-       The collected amount will be split, with
spire students to think globally       trages kommt zur Verwendung für JFKS         50% going to benefit the Rotary Club
                                       Schulprojekte in unsere Schule zurück!       program and 50% going to support the
and act locally. On this great         Ein wichtiger Partner des Projektes ist      John F. Kennedy School. The Company
day, two guest speakers will tell      die Firma asgoodas.nu in Frankfurt/          asgoodas.nu in Frankfurt/Oder is an
us their stories of going green        Oder, der die Altgeräte abkauft und den      important partner in this project; they
and explain what recycling is          Erlös an das Projekt weiterleitet. Zu        buy the used phones, refurbish them,
                                       beachten ist lediglich, dass die Geräte in   and resell them. The phones should be
about. Furthermore, JFKS GOES
                                       einem guten Zustand bei asgoodas.nu          in a good condition and if possible they
GREEN will inform you about all        ankommen und dass Sie nach Möglich-          should be accompanied by original ac-
the things we did last past year       keit sämtliches Zubehör (Ladekabel,          cessories (cable, ear phones, handbook,
and show you some great films          Kopfhörer, Installations-CD, Handbuch,       packaging, etc.). In case you do not still
that will hopefully encourage you      Verpackung etc.) mitschicken. Falls je-      possess any original accessories, we will
                                       doch kein Zubehör mehr vorhanden ist,        be happy to accept the phone itself as
to understand the importance           reicht auch das Handygerät.                  a donation.
of our environment! Last but                                                        Starting in May, we will set up collection
not least, the aula in which this      Ab Mai werden für zunächst einen Monat       boxes in the secretaries’ offices of both
event will take place will be full     in den Sekretariaten der Grund- und          the High and Elementary School, as
                                       Oberschule, sowie in den Bibliotheken        well as the Elementary and High School
of stands on which you can buy
                                       und im VEREIN SHOP Sammelstellen             libraries and the VEREIN SHOP. The col-
our t shirts, learn more about         für die alten Handys eingerichtet. Wir       lection drive will be running for an initial
recycling and our school garden,       hoffen auf zahlreiche Unterstützung aus      period of one month. We hope for the
and admire our awesome 100%            unserer Schulgemeinschaft!                   strong support of the John F. Kennedy
recycled posters!                      Weitere Informationen dazu erhalten          School community for this worthwhile
                                       Sie unter:                                   cause.
Looking forward to seeing you          www.handyspenden.de sowie www.po-
there,                                 lioplus.de                              Further Information can be found at:
                                                                               www.handyspenden.de and www.po-
  SC Environment Committee &
                                                Das VEREIN Fundraising Team                   The VEREIN Fundraising Team
            JFKS GOES GREEN                         info@jfk-schule-verein.de                   (info@ jfk-schule-verein.de)

                              The National Honor Society
Founded in 1921, the National Honor Society is an in-       Chiara Badur
ternational academic and service organization. NHS          Aletta Bühler
members exemplify the characteristics of character,         Nicolas Dorrmann
scholarship, leadership, and service. Under the ad-         Tamar Forman-Gejrot
visement of Mr. Lazar and Mr. Reap and with the stellar     Karen Heitz
leadership of Ksenia Weisz and Katarina Windemuth,          Sofie Hemprich
the 2010-2011 JFKS NHS chapter is soon to bid fare-         Elena Hunger
well to 13 tremendous students. We are grateful for         Rebecca Jetter
their efforts to serve their community, both in and out-    Kurt Koehler
side of JFKS.                                               Martha Maxwell
                                                            Emily Roczek
Though we will miss the current NHS members, we             Timo Roßberg
eagerly anticipate working with                             Isabel Vicaría Barker
the new members who will be inducted on the evening         Michael Winnick
of May 18th. The JFKS NHS
members for 2011-2012 are:
                                                                                                 -Mr. Lazar and Mr. Reap
Volume XIV, Issue IX              Friday, May 13, 2011                          Circulation: 400                          PAGE 4

                                 And what about Japan?
The protests in Libya continue to rage violently against the        in Japan- discrimination due to fears of radiation transfer. Al-
regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi. The people of Egypt are still         though Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Yukio Edano, heavily
fervently demonstrating in regards to Hosni Mubarak’s per-          condemned such discrimination by saying, “I would like to ask
secution. Knut died. Prince William and Kate Middleton (now         the public to understand that the radiation would not transfer
Duchess Catherine of Cambridge) got married. But Japan              from person to person by touching the person or his or her
was hit with a tsunami and an earthquake with a magnitude           clothes,” the people of Fukushima continue to receive unfair
of 9.0 about three months ago. Yeah, remember that? All of          treatment.
these other mind-boggling events occurred after the devas-          Additionally, the trash problem is not to be forgotten- experts
tating earthquake/tsunami hit Japan on March 11th, and the          say that the disaster caused about 100 million tons of trash
reports of Japan’s efforts to recover from the disaster were        – that’s about 16 years’ worth- which contain asbestos and
overshadowed by their media coverage. Due to the reduced            radioactive waste, materials that will most likely pose dangers
amount of headlines about Japan’s earthquake/tsunami-in-            for the Japanese people’s health, and therefore, will be more
duced predicaments these past few weeks, numerous people            costly to clean up. Industrialized cities have been made into
are under the misconception that Japan’s condition has stabi-       junkyards by the disaster and baseball fields and parks have
lized for good and that the country is well on its way to recov-    been transformed into collective dumpsters. The situation has
ery. But this, in fact, is not true. This is not the case at all.   become so unbearable, that the ringleader of a volunteer corps
The worst may have passed for the most dangerous nuclear            said, “If you really want to help us, take a piece of trash home
accident since Chernobyl, but cleaning up the nuclear power         with you.” To relieve areas from mountains of trash, the Japa-
plant in Fukushima once the reactors in the plant have stabi-       nese Cabinet approved an emergency spending for cleanup,
lized will most likely take decades and cost Japan more than        but it did not provide specific plans. Local governments are
$10 billion. The plants in Three Mile Island and Fukushima          also making efforts to coordinate cleanups, but their workers
have been bombarded with millions of gallons of water to            are still reeling from the loss of their colleagues and offices.
cool down the reactors, and the water that was used is now          Therefore, many citizens have been forced to take matters
highly radioactive. This water needs to be decontaminated           into their own hands; volunteers are currently clearing roads
in order to be safely discharged. Also, the 80,000 displaced        in addition to delivering food and other supplies to evacuees.
former residents of the vicinity of the plant in Fukushima          These facts all point to one conclusion- Japan is far from fully
have still not been given the green light to return to their        recovering from the disaster and its needs must be taken into
homes, and despite the Japanese authorities’ promise that           consideration by the international community. The aftermath
they will decontaminate “as much of the area as possible,”          of the country’s catastrophe must not be forgotten by the
those displaced do not expect to return to what was once            public as a consequence of other major occurrences. Sure, we
home. As if reconstructing their homes and lives was not an         are still marveling at the elegance of Kate Middleton’s dress.
immense, challenging task enough, the displaced are also            But let’s snap out of it and turn our attention back to what
becoming subject to social obstacles; according to reports,         really matters.
the evacuees of Fukushima are receiving a treatment similar
to one that the survivors of the atom bombings of Nagasaki
and Hiroshima experienced by the people of other regions                                                               Hyerin Park

            Die deutsche Medienlandschaft im Hochzeitsfieber
Märchenhochzeit im königlichen               getratscht wurde über das so wich-           gen Monaten kürzte die britische
Hause Englands: Prinz William hei-           tige Brautkleid, ja sogar Gesich-            Regierung Sozialleistungen, strich
ratet die bürgerliche Kate Middle-           tsausdrücke analysierten und in-             Jobs und erhöhte die Studiengebüh-
ton. Romantisch, riesig und vor al-          terpretierten die selbsternannten            ren, um dem Haushaltsdefizit ent-
lem: wichtig. Kein anderes Thema             Experten. Richtig gehört. Natürlich          gegen zu wirken. Da macht es sich
wurde Ende April in den deutschen            guckt die Braut leicht eingeschüch-          nicht besonders gut, ein Ereignis wie
Medien so zelebriert wie die royale          tert, wenn sie vor zwei Milliarden           die Hochzeit zu inszenieren, die 14
Hochzeit dieses Traumpaares. Welt-           Menschen ihrem Ehemann einen                 Millionen Euro in Anspruch nimmt,
weit verfolgten rund zwei Milliarden         Kuss gibt. Dazu brauche ich keinen           von den Sicherheitsvorkehrungen
Menschen vor Fernsehern oder beim            Diplom-Psychologen. Das gesamte              ganz zu schweigen.
Public Viewing das Ereignis des Jah-         Fernsehprogramm am 29.April er-              Nicht nur deshalb steht diese prunk-
res.                                         schien eher wie eine schlechte Tele-         volle Hochzeit letztendlich in der Kri-
Pech für Nordafrika, Fukushima und           novela. Natürlich kann das britische         tik. Auch die deutschen Fernsehan-
sämtliche weitere Krisenherden der           Königshaus selber als eine kleine            stalten hätten sich im Voraus über
Erde. Die ganze Welt glotzt Prin-            Telenovela betrachtet werden, wo             die Einstellungen ihrer Zuschauer
zenhochzeit. Allein in Deutschland           man fremdgeht, säuft und sich auf            zur Trauung von William und Kate
übertrugen sechs Fernsehsender               viele andere Weisen danebenben-              informieren sollen. Hierzulande gab
das Medienereignis live – darunter           immt. Nicht zu vergessen, Prinz              nur jeder Fünfte an, die Hochzeit im
auch die Öffentlich-Rechtlichen von          Harrys kleiner Fauxpas, bei dem er           Fernsehen verfolgen zu wollen. Ne-
ARD und ZDF. Gleichzeitig. So etwas          in Nazi-Uniform auf einer Kostüm-            hmen wir dieses Ereignis wahr als
gab es noch nicht einmal bei der er-         party erschien.                              das, was es ist: schlechte Unterhal-
sten Mondlandung. Etliche Stunden            Dabei konnte der Hochzeitstermin             tung. Es bedarf keiner Fortsetzung.
Programm mussten gefüllt werden;             nicht ungünstiger gelegt werden.
ganze Heerscharen von „Society-“             Großbritannien ist nach wie vor fest
und „Adels-Experten“ wurden nach             im Griff der internationalen Finanz-                                      Felix Manig
London verfrachtet. Spekuliert und           und Wirtschaftskrise. Erst vor eini-
 Volume XIV, Issue IX                   Friday, May 13, 2011                               Circulation: 400                                PAGE 5

Musings from Beyond the Looking-Glass: Transsexuality
Imagine you wake up one day for school. Still half
asleep, you stumble towards the bathroom. As you
                                                           Many people don’t have a clear idea of what trans-
                                                           sexuality means, or think that transsexuals want          Staff Box
rub the sleep out of your eyes, you glance at the          to change their gender – which is not the case:
mirror and freeze. Staring back at you is someone          they don’t want to change their gender, they want       Founding Fathers:
who is not you – or, to be precise, it is you, but the     to change their body to match the gender which
person in the mirror has the wrong gender!                 they already have. Also, imagine being transsexual
                                                                                                                   Mikolaj Bekasiak
Well, obviously this is some dream. You pinch your-        in the average American school. Somehow I don’t         Seth Hepner
self and flinch at the sting. You look at the mirror,      think a male-bodied person who suddenly starts          Adam Nagorski
but for some reason you still haven’t woken up and         dressing in girl clothes and insisting to everyone
your body still has the wrong gender.                      that they are, in fact, a girl, will be accepted or
Okay, you think, don’t panic. This is kinda weird,         even left in peace by his peers. So many gay boys       Senior Advisor:
but it’s also kinda cool. You’ve always wondered           still commit suicide because of constant bullying       Moritz Zeidler
what it’s like to be a boy/girl, and surely this will      – transsexual people are no different. The prob-
pass, there’s no way this is permanent...                  lem is simply that in our society, gender is seen as
So you dress as usual (and damn, but your usual            something that’s determined by one’s genitals and
clothes look so funny on you right now) and go             maybe also by one’s upbringing. The idea that this      Victoria Christians
downstairs to have breakfast. Your mum eyes your           doesn’t always have to be the case doesn’t even         Carolynn Look
outfit. “Is it gender bender today or something? I         cross most people’s minds. A further problem is         Manuela Schwarz
didn’t know it was spirit week.”                           that in order to have the various sex change op-
… That’s not the sort of response you were expect-         erations and get your name and gender changed
ing. “Um, no, I just woke up today and now I’m a           in your official documents, you have to convince        Layout Editor:
guy/girl!” You say.                                        your psychologist that you are, in fact, transsexual,   Isabel Vicaría Barker
Your mum looks at you strangely. “Don’t be ridicu-         which isn’t always easy. Another issue which trans-
lous. You’ve always been a boy/girl!”                      sexual people are deeply divided about is the clas-
You gape at her. But no matter what you say, you           sification of transsexuality as a psychological dis-    Journalists:
can’t seem to convince her, and when you go to             order. Some activists say this is discriminatory and    Sophia Hengelbrok
school, no-one is surprised at your gender change.         that transsexuality is just another natural variation   Lisa Feklistova
Instead, they tease you about your clothes and roll        in the human makeup. They point to studies that
their eyes at you when you try to convince them            show a correlation between testosterone insensi-
                                                                                                                   Yannick Kather
you’re actually a girl/boy.                                tivity and transsexuality in male-bodied persons,       Milena Kula
The next day, your body still hasn’t changed back.         or to a study that showed that the brain structure      Sophia Kula
You’re starting to feel really terrified that this might   of transsexual people matched that of their self-       Mira Leass
be permanent, and you have no idea how to get              identified gender, rather than that of their body
your body to match your inner self.                        (male and female brains look slightly different, as
                                                                                                                   Felix Manig
                         ~*~                               some areas differ in size). Other activists are wor-    Hyerin Park
Thankfully, this scenario is highly unlikely to hap-       ried about what will happen if transsexuality is no     Vanessa Rock
pen to anyone, ever. But something similar plagues         longer considered a psychological disorder – as it      Paul von Salisch
about one in every twenty thousand people. The             stands right now, most of the time health insur-
only difference is that they’ve never had the body         ance will pay for some of the operations, but they
                                                                                                                   Ina Schmidt
of the gender they identify with – they’ve been            wouldn’t do that if it weren’t considered a medical     Friederike von Streit
born with the body of the wrong gender. This con-          issue. Sex change operations are very expensive,
dition is called transsexuality (or transsexualism if      and if this happens, many transsexuals will be un-
you want to go all medical).                               able to pay for these operations that will help them
Transsexual people have a great desire to have             feel more at peace with their bodies.
their body and other people’s perception of them           As you can see, transsexuality is not a walk in the
match their own perception of themselves. Luckily,         park for most people, so if someone in your circle of
thanks to about a hundred years of efforts on the          friends and acquaintances tells you they’re not the
part of activists and medical professionals, today,        gender you thought they were, respect them! And
at least in the western world, this is more achiev-        don’t forget: use the right name and pronouns! You      The Muckraker is an independent
able than ever. There are international Standards          can be sure that they will appreciate it.
                                                                                                                   newspaper. The opinions expressed
of Care which tell psychologists how to deal with
their clients telling them they’re actually a differ-      Don’t Get Transsexuality Confused With:                 here in no way reflect those of
ent gender than they seem. There are operations            - homosexuality: being attracted to your own            the administration of the John F.
available that can change the body to something            gender                                                  Kennedy School.
at least similar to the person’s self-image (Sci-          - bisexuality: being attracted to both men and
entists haven’t yet managed to imitate the inner           women
reproductive organs, and phalloplasty, i.e. penis          - transvestism: occasionally dressing in the
reconstruction, is nowhere near perfect.) which, in        clothes of the opposite sex. It just means you want
                                                                                                                       How to join
most cases, will at least partially be financed by the     to wear the clothes occasionally, not that you’re       the Muckraker Staff
health insurance. Visibility and education amongst         gay or transsexual. As might be expected, due to        1. Come to our weekly meet-
the general populace has increased dramatically in         the way our society works, this applies virtually       ings in the 20-minute-break
the last fifty years or so, and transsexuality is now      only to men. Women can wear masculine clothes           on Tuesdays in B214
part of the LGBT movement (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and            every day and no-one would blink twice.                 2. Send in your articles to
Trans movement, though occasionally extra letters          -intersex: people whose body gender is not defi-        themuckraker@gmail.com
will be added, such as ‘Q’ for queer or ‘I’ for in-        nite – for instance, they have XY chromosomes,          3. Drop a note in our mail-
tersex or ‘A’ for either asexual or ally). Most west-      but because of testosterone insensitivity, they look
                                                                                                                   box or approach us random-
ern nations (and even some other nations, such as          like girls, or they have both testes and ovaries, or
Iran) have laws in place that allow transsexuals to        any other combination you can possibly imagine.         ly in the hallways
change their name and the gender that’s written in         Considering that body sex can be divided into five
their passports and similar documents. There are           separate areas where things can go wrong, there
many ‘self-help’ groups, both online and in real life,     are quite a lot of these combinations.
where transsexual people can talk to each other            Further Information:
and gain support for the often rather difficult pro-       www.tsroadmap.com/index.html,          www.susans.
cess of transitioning (adapting your body and social       org/ and www.transsexual.org/
image and role to your own self-image).
Because yes, despite all these positive develop-
ments, being transsexual is still anything but easy.                                              Endless Song
Volume XIV, Issue IX    Friday, May 13, 2011         Circulation: 400            PAGE 6


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