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									                And How Are You Dr?

                - By Dr Robert Sexton
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                                                                                                                                  Issue 66
                                                                                                                              21 July 2011

The new NPS Medicines List iPhone app

                     The new NPS app is           Not having this information at hand can
                     now available for free       sometimes lead to missing a dose,
                     from iTunes. The             accidentally taking a double dose,
                     Medicines List app           interactions with other medicines or
                     allows people to be          forgetting to finish a course of
                     medicinewise by              medicines.
                     tracking the brand,
                                                  The new Medicines List iPhone app
                     active ingredient,
                                                  provides a way for people to keep this
                     strength and dosage
                                                  essential information on hand.
of their medicines, including prescription,
over-the-counter and complementary                You can preview the NPS app and
medicines.                                        download it for free from iTunes
                                                  (you will need to have the iTunes
Caring for a relative? Can‟t remember
                                                  software installed on your computer
those long names and impossible
                                                  first), or from the App Store on your
                                                  iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
The launch of the app represents the first
NPS initiative in the area of smartphone
application development and has already
been downloaded by more than 2000                 Get the app here http://
people since it went live on iTunes in mid
June.                                             id440111671?mt=8

NPS clinical adviser Dr Danielle
Stowasser says people who take one or
more medicines often struggle to keep
track of what they are taking and the
important details that they need to tell
their health care providers.

                                                                                                Click here for the quick-start guide to Twitter.

                                                                                                        Adelaide Northern Division of Gen-
                                                                                                                              eral Practice
                                                                2 Peachey Road, Elizabeth West, SA 5113 | PO Box 421 Elizabeth SA 5112
                                                            T 08 8209 0700 | F 08 8252 9433 | | ABN 12 061 979 048

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Medicare Locals                              GPAH Grants                                  “And How Are You Dr…?”
From AGPN Acting CEO, Leanne Wells           A new round of General Practice After        By Dr Roger Sexton
                                             Hours (GPAH) grants was advertised on        Medical Director, Doctors‟ Health SA
This week has been eventful across the
                                             Friday 8 July 2011. GP organisations
Network moving us closer to bedding                                                       When patients ask this question, we need
                                             interested in receiving funding to provide
down the Medicare Local Network.                                                          to take heed. They have usually noticed
                                             after hours services and who are not
Submissions for tranche two and three                                                     something!
                                             currently located within the boundary of
Medicare Locals closed on 19 July and the
                                             a first tranche Medicare Local are invited   It is easy in a busy professional life to
Government announced it will invite
                                             to apply.                                    take our health for granted and assume
AGPN to establish a new national body to
                                                                                          that our minds and bodies will continue
support and coordinate the Medicare          GPAH service providers [including
                                                                                          to deliver peak medical performance
Locals Network.                              existing GPAH grant recipients], located
                                                                                          under all conditions.
                                             within the boundary of a first tranche
The organisation will expand on the
                                             Medicare Local are ineligible to apply for   Our patients expect and deserve to be
current functions undertaken by AGPN. A
                                             a GPAH grant in the 2011-12 funding          treated by a doctor who is well, but
particular role will be to promote better
                                             round.                                       providing the necessary time, skill and
links between primary health care,
                                                                                          professionalism can sometimes come at a
hospitals, aged care and the social care     Instead, GPAH service providers located
                                                                                          personal and professional cost.
sector. The Government has outlined two      within the boundary of a first tranche
main functions for the national              Medicare Local [including those currently    We know that in SA, 2800 doctors do not
organisation: to act as a lead change        receiving a GPAH grant] will be able to      have their own doctor and that self-
agent for the Medicare Local network and     apply for funding support through their      diagnosis and self-treatment is a
to support Medicare Local performance.       Medicare Local.                              convenient and popular option. Barriers
More information is available at:                                                         to seeing another doctor exist including
                                             The final guidelines for Medicare Locals                                                                     confidentiality, access, a lack of
                                             after hours responsibilities until 30 June
                                                                                          professionalism of previous treating
Along with that announcement came the        2013 will be published next Monday, 18
                                                                                          doctors and mutual discomfort during a
news that SBO direct funding would be        July on the
                                                                                          doctor-doctor consultation.
extended to December 2012. A strong          website.
state-level presence for the Network is                                                   The efforts over many years of local
                                             In the next few weeks DoHA expect to be
vitally important in the current COAG                                                     doctors and others interested in
                                             in a position to advise the first tranche
environment if we are to facilitate the                                                   advancing doctors‟ health has finally
                                             Medicare Locals about the amount of
integration and coordination of                                                           come to fruition with the establishment
                                             funding that will be available to them to
Commonwealth funded primary health                                                        of our own profession-controlled, state-
                                             address priority gaps in after hours care
care programs and services with state                                                     wide doctors‟ health program, Doctors‟
                                             until 30 June 2013.
services. AGPN will be working with the                                                   Health SA.
SBOs to determine critical state functions
                                                                                          It is fully independent with a Board of
and how best to coordinate their delivery    After Hours Grants
                                                                                          management and funded by the
from 2013 in a manner that best
                                             Program                                      dissolution of the SA Medical Board.
leverages from existing state-level
capability and capacity in the Network.      Fourth round of General Practice After       A survey of the SA medical profession in
                                             Hours Grants Program now open –              2008 identified that the program can
Ovarian cancer screening                     applications closing 19 August.              confidently offer preventive health check-
                                                                                          ups in the first instance It will expand
                                                                                          the 24-hour phone advice line, offer an
                                                                                          accredited, „Doctors for Doctors‟ training
                                                                                          course in September this year for doctors
                                                                                          who wish to treat other doctors and a
                                                                                          new helpful website.
General practitioners using Genetics in      Practices Nurses Incentive
                                                                                          The program will be professional and
Family Medicine: The Australian
                                             Guidelines Now Available                     confidential and help doctors without a
Handbook for General Practitioners
                                                                                          doctor, everyone whose doctor retires
originally developed by Biotechnology        Guidelines for the Practice Nurse
                                                                                          and troubled colleagues at work who
Australia may wish to consider the           Incentive Program [PNIP] are now
                                                                                          need medical care.
information regarding ovarian cancer         available through the Medicare Australia
screening included in the chapter on         website.                                     This profession-controlled program will
Cancer in the Family in light of the                                                      grow this year from our new premises at
                                             The PNIP provides incentive payments to
National Breast and Ovarian Cancer                                                        327 South Terrace.
                                             practices to support an expanded and
Centre's position statement.
                                             enhanced role for nurses working in          Register your interest to receive further
Genetics in Family Medicine is currently     general practice.                            information on Doctors‟ Health SA or the
being reviewed by the National Health                                                     September Doctors for Doctors workshop
and Medical Research Council [NHMRC].                                                     by clicking here to Register

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Abbott Pathology Pathway                      National Conference for                      Therapeutic Goods
Pathway is Abbot Pathology‟s new web          Practice Managers                            Administration Report
based portal for Doctors to log in, via the
                                              The Australian Association of Practice       The Australian Government has released
internet, from anywhere to get their
                                              Managers [AAPM] is hosting its first         the report of the Therapeutic Goods
                                              National Conference to be held in Perth      Administration (TGA) Transparency
Pathway is free of charge to Abbott           18-21 October, 2011.                         Review panel, chaired by Professor
Pathology users.                                                                           Dennis Pearce.
                                              AAPM‟s conference program has been
Pathway features:                             designed to gauge your opinions,   
                                              increase your knowledge and gain an          publishing.nsf/Content/mr-yr11-ck-
▪ All tests that have been received and       insight into many diverse areas in the       ck027.htm
  entered into our system, including          health care industry.
  those pending results.
                                              AGPN‟s Principal Adviser, Nursing in         National Primary Health
▪ Abnormals                                   General Practice, Lynn Walker is one of      Care Awards
▪ Urgents                                     the invited speakers along with
                                              University of Western Australia‟s Carmen     Nominations close
▪ All results                                 Lawrence and former Australian Test          August. Australia‟s
                                              Cricketer, Justin Langer OA                  primary health service
▪ Has the ability to search via a                                                          providers will now be
  multitude of fields, e.g. surname,          The Australian Association of Practice       able to achieve well
  DOB, medicare number, address etc           Managers (AAPM) represents Practice          earned recognition
                                              Managers and the profession of Practice      and rewards for
▪ All doctors at a location or all doctors
                                              Management. Founded in 1979, AAPM is         outstanding
  at multiple locations, or just one
                                              a non-profit, national association           performance through
  doctor – can see results. It‟s their
                                              recognised as the professional body          the inaugural HESTA
                                              dedicated to supporting effective Practice   Primary Health Care
▪ Shows if results have been read             Management in the healthcare                 Awards.
▪ Allows Doctors to see results of                                                         HESTA in conjunction with AGPN created
  Patients who have seen other doctors        AAPM represents and unites practice          these awards to mark excellence in
  in the practice (if that is how they        managers and the profession of Practice      primary health care.
  want it set up)                             Management throughout the healthcare
                                              industry and promotes professional           ME Bank has provided $30,000 in prize
Visit the website for more information.       development and the code of ethics           money for the awards which will
                                              through leadership and education.            culminate in a HESTA Primary Health,
                                                                                           Care awards dinner at AGPN‟s National
                                                     Forum on Wednesday 16 November, to
                                              index.html                                   which finalists will be flown.

Cancer Care Pathways                                                                       There are three categories for
                                              Lifeline calls free from                     nominations:
Last month the Division held our GP
                                              mobiles 13 11 14                             Young leader
Delirium in older persons and cancer
services session in Gawler and it was co      Mobile phone calls to Lifeline are now
presented by Dr Jacqui Adams Head of                                                       Individual distinction
                                              free from mobiles from anywhere in
Oncology at Lyell McEwin.
                                              Australia.                                   Team excellence
She is also on the Cancer Care Network
(see link below) and on quizzing our GPs      The Federal Government says mobile           Nominations can be made online at
it was discovered that a number of GPs        phone companies have agreed not to 
were not aware of their Cancer Care           charge people calling the helpline
pathways website or referral pathways.
Below is their link to the cancer care
pathways and Cancer Care Network.             “Lifeline has been telling us for some            time that the cost of very long calls from
wcm/connect/public+content/                   a mobile, calls where there's an
sa+health+internet/health+information/        extensive counselling period, particularly
                                              for mobiles with pre-paid plans, has been
                                              a potential disincentive for Australians            who are in very serious crisis” Said
wcm/connect/public+content/                   minister Mark Butler
clinical+networks/                            Around a third of the 450,000 calls that
cancer+clinical+network                       Lifeline receives every year are from
                                              mobiles and many of them are from
                                              people at very high risk of suicide.

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Changes to Home                              For further information, including, on       New GP Liaison at RAH
                                             being a QUM service provider, visit
Medicines Review (HMR)
                                               Corey Adams has started as GP liaison at
and Residential Medication                                                                The Royal Adelaide Hospital and has
                                             HMRs also have some changes in regard
Management Review                            to referrals. General Practitioners (GPs)
                                                                                          issues a short, 1-page questionnaire to
                                                                                          gather comments and feedback about the
(RMMR)                                       will now have the choice to refer to an
                                             accredited pharmacist as well as the pre
                                             existing arrangements.                       The aim of this is to improve
                                                                                          communication and continuity of care
                                             Also rural loading payments will be based
                                                                                          between hospital staff and a patients
                                             on the location of the consumer, rather
                                                                                          local GP.
                                             than the location of the Section 90
                                             pharmacy and paid by the Pharmacy            Click here for the questionnaire
                                             Guild of Australia.                

                                             For more information please contact
                                             Angela Close at the Division                 Fighting Obesity
RMMR and Quality Use of Medicines   8209 0700
                                                                                          School and work are the latest South
[QUM] services will be separated and                                                      Australian battlegrounds in the fight to
payment will be made separately for both                                                  combat obesity and make healthier
types of services and both services can      Hospital Referred HMR’s                      lifestyle choices following a huge boost
be provided by different pharmacists or                                                   to the Healthy Children and Healthy
business.                                    Hospital-referred HMRs is also being
                                                                                          Workers initiatives.
                                             initiated for those patients considered to
All RMMRs must be collaborative, i.e.        be at risk of medication mismanagement
they are requested by the resident‟s GP,     on discharge. Final details regarding        publishing.nsf/Content/mr-yr11-nr-
and both the GP and accredited               these referrals are yet to be determined     nr128.htm
pharmacist participate. Those                and there will be an opportunity to
pharmacists currently providing a RMMR       comment on the consultation paper and        Influenza
service should note that the existing        written comment will be sought from
quarterly reporting on QUM services has      pharmacists, hospitals, prescribers and      Influenza Specialist Group (ISG) - is
ceased. Pharmacists have to reapply for      consumer groups.                             warning that high rates of influenza
approval under the new program                                                            outbreaks have been confirmed in QLD,
arrangements. To continue providing          There is a HMR Hospital Referral Pathway     SA and NSW, but there is still time for
RMMR services to a residential age care      Working Group set up to:                     most Australians, especially those in at-
facility (RACF), a new RMMR must be          Examine results from current and past        risk groups, to protect themselves and
entered into and complete a new MMR          trials/pilots/models to understand the       those around them.
application form, and submit them to         successes and pitfalls;                      The Australian Government's
Medicare Australia by 31 July 2011.
                                             Provide expertise on how a pathway           Communicable Diseases Surveillance
Remuneration changes from 1 October          could be implemented based on                data shows that reported cases of
2011, approved providers will be paid        experience and current working               influenza - most notably the pandemic
$100 for each eligible RMMR service. This    environment, having regard to the            (H1N1) 2009 and influenza B - have risen
fee will be subject to yearly indexation     unique challenges of public and private      sharply.
[July]. RMMR services conducted prior to     hospital systems;                            The confirmed number of notifications
1 October 2011 will be paid at the
                                             Compare and contrast suggestions,            reported to the National Notifiable
current rate $130.
                                             discuss risks that may arise and possible    Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS)
QUM services vary and cover areas such       solutions, as well as opportunities;         have increased by more than 200 percent
as medication advisory activities,                                                        since May 1, and is an indication that the
education and continuous improvement.        Provide options on how best to               peak flu season is now imminent in
The aim is to assist the RACF in meeting     implement a HMR Hospital Referral            Australia.
the health needs of their residents. The     Pathway.
                                                                                          While there was an unusually high
type and frequency of the QUM services
                                                                                          number of diagnosed cases through
should be documented in the service
agreement between the service provider
                                             E-Health                                     Summer and Autumn 2011, four to five
                                                                                          times the usual level 1, current data
and the RACF.                                The e-health management agency NEHTA         indicates that the main flu season will
The QUM service fee will consist of a base   has launched its strategic plan (see link)   occur as usual.
amount of $240 plus $24 per eligible age     for 2011-2012, giving expected mile-
                                             stones for the rollout of key programs       For more information about immunisation
care place within the RACF. The fee is
                                             such as the PCEHR.                           contact Bronwyn Myles at the Division
paid by Medicare Australia on a quarterly
                                                                                 8209 0700
basis on the receipt of a correctly
completed claim form.                        cat_view/219-nehta-stategic-plan

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Towards quality care at                      Blokes Night Out
the end of life                              Recently, local footballer
                                             Paul Thomas referred to
Palliative Care Australia has released its
                                             men‟s health as
Autumn 2011 edition of EoL – Towards
                                             something that isn‟t
quality care at the end of life. EoL is
                                             talked about too often
Palliative Care Australia‟s platform for
                                             and there is a culture
policy dialogue. In each edition leaders
                                             with men to just have
from across the health sector are invited
                                             the attitude that things
to identify the issues and propose
                                             will be fine‟.
solutions to the barriers that currently
exist in end of life care.                   To increase awareness
                                             and to encourage
The Autumn 2011 edition theme is „aged
                                             conversations about
care‟ and poses the question „Is the
                                             health issues affecting
health system positioned to provide
                                             men both Salisbury and
quality care at the end of life for the
                                             Playford Councils
aged?‟. Contributions in this edition
                                             recently collaborated to
explore the aged care system from
                                             organise the Blokes
different perspectives, identifying gaps
                                             Night Out event as part of Men‟s Health Week 2011. Both ANDGP and Craigmore
that must be closed and problems for
                                             Family Practice staff were invited to participate in this evening that was held at Central
which solutions must be found to deliver
                                             Districts Football Club in Elizabeth on June 15th from 6-10pm.
on the promise of quality care at the end
of life for all Australians.                 Keynote speakers for the evening included Dr Vikas Jasoria from Craigmore Family
                                             Practice, Channel Nine sports presenter Troy Gray and Mental Health Clinician Noel
EoL is available to download
                                             Johns from ANDGP.
electronically from the PCA website:      With about 200 attending this evening event, there were many ideal opportunities for
tabid=1951 and hard copies can be            Division staff Noel Johns, Fiona Hill, Karen Bellchambers and David Gordon to provide
requested from the Palliative Care           relevant men‟s health information, hand out promotional items and „man‟ the free
Australia office.                            health check booths set up for blokes interested intheir health.

                                             For more information contact Fiona Hill at the division
What Works 4 U?
                                    8209 0778

The headspace Centre of Excellence have
                                                            Calvary Central Districts Private Hospital
teamed with The Mental Health Literacy
research team at Orygen Youth Health
                                                            welcomes Paediatric Surgeon
Research Centre to develop a website                        Professor Saeed Ahmed
                                             Professor Saeed Ahmed, Paediatric Surgeon is currently Emeritus
The site allows young people to share        Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at the Adelaide Children’s Hospital
what treatments have worked for their        and will commence private consulting and operating at Calvary
mental health problems and learn what        Central Districts Hospital from July 6th 2011.
treatments have worked for others. We
hope to increase awareness of treatment
                                             Professor Ahmed will be available for
                                             consultation in all aspects of General
options and inform treatment decisions
                                             Paediatric Surgery and Paediatric Urology.
based on what has worked for similar
young people.                                The surgical procedures Professor Ahmed
                                             will be performing include:
Some psychological and pharmacological
treatments that have been found to be        ▪    Circumcision
effective for adults have not proved to be   ▪    Hernia repair
as effective for young people, and some      ▪    Hydrocele
do not work at all. Further investigation    ▪    Orchidopexy
into what treatments work for young
                                             ▪    Miscellaneous Paediatric conditions
people is required in order for the most
                                             For more information please click here
appropriate treatments to be sought. This
consumer report website is an ethical
way to collect information about             Appointments can be made by phoning 8282 5304.
treatment effectiveness, as well as          Calvary Central Districts Hospital
allowing the information of what has         25- 37 Jarvis Road
worked for consumers to be fed back to       Elizabeth Vale SA 5112
health professionals.

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Relapse Prevention Group                      New online training assists                  The Health Provider
for Recurrent or Chronic                      GPs with cancer screening                    Registry – a web directory
Depression                                    A new interactive online educational         for SA health providers
                    Mindfulness-Based         activity on cancer screening has been
                                                                                           The Health Provider Registry (HPRy)
                    Cognitive Therapy has     released to assist GPs.
                                                                                           website stores the contact details of SA
                    demonstrated              Developed by the RACGP, National Breast      GPs, specialists, allied health and health
                    effectiveness in          and Ovarian Cancer Centre (NBOCC) and        services. Many providers and services
                    reducing relapse for      Cancer Council Australia, Cancer             also include service directory information
                    depression. During this   Screening is an evidence-based,              in their entries. All details are included
8-week group program participants learn       educational module which examines the        with the consent of providers and
simple meditative practices and some          criteria used to decide which cancers are    services.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy strategies.     suitable for a population screening
                                                                                           The HPRy details are available only to
Participants will be asked to practice        program, including the overall potential
                                                                                           other health providers and services.
meditation approximately one hour per         benefits and harms. Cancer screening
day (with assistance from a CD). An           covers general screening principles and      Who uses them?
assessment is required to determine           how they apply to population-based
suitability for the group.                                                                 ▪      The metropolitan public hospitals
                                              screening for cervical, breast and bowel
                                                                                                  to send discharge summaries
Who can attend?                               cancers.
                                                                                           ▪      Communicable Diseases to send
People aged 18 to 65 years living in the      NBOCC CEO Dr Helen Zorbas said that
                                                                                                  public health alerts
North or North Eastern mental health          cancer is the leading contributor to the
zones with 3 or more past episodes of         total burden of disease in Australia with    ▪      GP practice staff to locate
depression (or chronic depression).           one in two men and one in three women               specialists, allied health and
                                              expected to be diagnosed with cancer                services for referrals
This course is suitable for people            before the age of 85.
currently in recovery or who are currently                                                 Want more information or a logon to the
experiencing mild to moderate                 Population screening programs have           HPRy website?
symptoms.                                     been shown to significantly reduce the
                                                                                           Go to or
                                              mortality from cervical, breast and bowel
Participants may be taking                                                                 ring the HPRy team at General Practice
                                              cancers, and in Australia, we have
antidepressant medications or have had                                                     SA on 08 8271 8988 (press 1 for the
                                              organised population screening programs
prior CBT.                                                                                 HPRy)
                                              available for these cancers.
Monday mornings from 31st October             The Cancer screening educational module
Northern Mental Health Services               is designed to offer accessible, flexible
91 John Street, Salisbury                     and interactive education to assist GPs in
                                              supporting patients to make informed
Cost: $15 for purchase of CD‟s.               choices about cancer screening.
This group is not intended for people         The Category 1 Activity Cancer screening
whose primary complaint is an anxiety         active learning module (ALM) is approved
disorder. It is not suitable for people       by the RACGP QI&CPD Program for 40
with psychotic symptoms, personality          Category 1 points in the 2011–2013
disorder, or substance/alcohol abuse.         triennium.
People with suicidal thoughts or feelings
will need an individual therapist while
participating in group.

For more information or to arrange an
assessment appointment please contact
Maria Chorney 8282 0503 before Friday
9th September 2011 or Amanda Burlock
8282 0615.

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IT Expands services                         Telehealth                                   There are item numbers for GPs, Practice
                                                                                         Nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers to
The Division is pleased to announce the     Medicare on the July 1st 2011 introduced     provide telehealth clinical services to the
expansion of Information Management         rebates for a range of Telehealth            Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
and Information Technology services,        services. The government has recognised      Communities where patients are located
and is now providing low cost services to   the value of practice nurses in this         at a Aboriginal Medical Service or
all health care organisations and           initiative and have provided numbers for     Aboriginal Community Controlled Health
professional in keeping with the Medicare   the practice nurse where appropriate.        Service.
Local philosophy of providing integrated
                                            The initiative is available from Mawson      General Practice does not need to
                                            Lakes continuing north to rural and          register for the incentive payment and
Traditionally services were only provided   remote areas. There are a number of          are automatically registered when they
to General Practice at a reduced market     criteria under which the incentives can be   submit their first Telehealth item
rate to ensure access to quality and        claimed, the incentive payments are at a     number; Aged Care Facilities need to
affordable IT/IM professionals whom         premium now with the reduction of the        register to obtain their one off on-board
have specialised knowledge of the Health    payment being made over the next few         incentive payment. There are a
Care setting.                               years and possibly phased out in             significant number of item numbers given
                                            2014/2015                                    to this long awaited initiative.
The same affordable services are now
being offered to Allied Health, Dentists,   A General Practice can claim the             To implement the Telehealth service
Specialists, Pharmacies and Aged Care       Telehealth item number when the              requires more than the use of skype with
Facilities, to ensure the wider health      practice nurse visits a registered Aged      a webcam or any basic videoconferencing
professional community is able to access    Care facility and via video conferencing     facility. It must meet the standards set
the same high level of support for their    discusses the residents‟ condition with      by the department which include the use
business.                                   the resident present to the General          of strong passwords, 2 stage
                                            Practitioner. In this case the General       authentication, audit trails, and where
The Division runs the IM/IT area on a
                                            Practice can claim an item number for        appropriate encryption.
cost recovery basis and not on a profit
                                            the nurse and for the GP.
business model which allows for the                                                      Over the next 2 weeks the Division will
provision of high quality services to be    A GP can claim a Telehealth item number      be looking at a number of systems which
kept at a very competitive and affordable   as well as a Psychiatrist if; a patient      would be suitable for Telehealth use. For
price.                                      attends the surgery and the gp initiates a   those who are interested in taking up the
                                            videoconference session with the treating    Telehealth initiative please send an email
The number of IM/IT employees has
                                            Psychiatrist for the provision of services   to
recently risen to 4 with the recent
                                            to the patient.
employment of Stephen Copeland who                                                       When the systems have been compiled in
has extensive knowledge of a wide range     There are a number of other specialists      a list and if there are any updates Jodie
of systems. The Division IM/IT team         that item numbers exist for given the        will send out details to those who have
together has over 100 years of              same scenario as the Psychiatrist one.       registered their interest via email.
experience in providing high quality        Similar item numbers exist for the
service in the health sector. If you have                                                For further information please visit
                                            scenario where the GP attends the Aged
any queries or require assistance please                                       
                                            Care Facility and initiates the telehealth
feel free to contact the Jodie, Simon or                                                 mbsonline/publishing.nsf/Content/
                                            session from there.
Stephen at the Division on 8207 0900.                                                    mbsonline-telehealth-landing.htm for a
                                                                                         comprehensive set of guidelines and

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Watto Purrunna                                Being Safe Not Sorry                       Survey on Unmet Health
Watto Purrunna Aboriginal Health Service      The Australian Government has launched     Promotional Material for
provides free primary health care             the DVD Being Safe, Not Sorry in           Online Resources
services for our Aboriginal community         conjunction with the National Road
from three sites: Muna Paiendi (Elizabeth     Safety Council today, focusing on          The Australian National Preventive Health
Vale), Maringga Turtpandi (Gilles Plains)     practical initiatives to improve road      Agency [ANPHA] is conducting a survey
and Kanggawodli (Dudley Park).                safety for Indigenous Australians.         to determine unmet health promotion
                                                                                         online resource needs.
Watto Purrunna has recently developed a       Indigenous Australians are around three
Multidisciplinary Diabetes Clinic to          times more likely to die in road crashes   Network members are encouraged to
provide access to a Diabetes Nurse            and about 1.5 times more likely to be      complete the survey which will take
Educator, Nutritionist, Podiatrist and        injured than other Australians.            around ten minutes. ANPHA will produce
Aboriginal Health Worker in a single                                                     an overview report and publish the find-
                                              The DVD highlights key safety concerns     ings on its website.
appointment. This clinic is operating at
                                              for Indigenous people, including
Muna Paiendi and Maringga Turtpandi                                                      The survey is open until Friday 22
                                              unlicensed driving, overcrowding of
sites and has proven effective, with                                                     July.
                                              vehicles, driving intoxicated and not
Aboriginal clients accessing all or most                                                 ANPHA-onlineresources-survey
                                              wearing seatbelts.
services at a single appointment.
                                              „I hope this DVD provides some
Staff are able to be involved in the
                                              inspiration for communities around         Managing Chronic Disease
development of Diabetes Management
                                              Australia to find new and imaginative      From today, Australian general
Plans and/or Team Care Arrangements
                                              ways to tackle Indigenous road safety,‟    practitioners (GPs) will have easier
for Aboriginal clients. They are a public
                                              Minister Snowdon said.                     access to some of the most advanced
health service therefore do not require
Medicare funded EPC visits. They would        The video can be downloaded from the       internet and mobile technologies to help
encourage that where appropriate, visits      Department‟s website:                      them manage one of the country‟s
be utilised in addition to their service to    greatest healthcare challenges, treating
enable clients to access private services     index.aspx                                 chronic disease.
which we are currently unable to offer
(e.g. physiotherapy, exercise physiology,     Therapeutic Goods                          RACGPcdmnet.pdf
If you would like to refer a client to the
                                              The TGA is advising health professionals   Chronic Disease Advisory
Multidisciplinary Diabetes Clinic or
                                              and consumers that use of the diabetes     Council
individual allied health services, please
                                              medicine, pioglitazone, for more than a
complete the referral form which is
                                              year may be associated with an increased   Moves to prevent the lifestyle risks of
available at the following link:
                                              risk of bladder cancer.                    chronic disease in Australia have been
                                          boosted with the creation of an expert
                                              Pioglitazone_and_risk_of_bladder_cancer    Advisory Council for the Australian
                                                                                         National Preventive Health Agency .
                                              Family Doctors                   
Further information regarding the range
                                              AMA showcases the work of family           publishing.nsf/Content/mr-yr11-mb-
of services provided by Watto Purrunna
can be found here           doctors -

Free Hearing Screening
Over half the population aged 60-70 have
some form of hearing loss.
Australian Hearing is offering a new
screening program free for GP practices
free of charge. Hearing screenings are
part of an ongoing community outreach
program they conduct throughout each
Contact Lorraine Sanderson for more

To receive the Northern Pulse in your inbox monthly please email:
New Resources            (For more resources visit

Page 9

Watto Purrrunna Referral Form                                                                                      New resources listed in red

Parenting, Relationship and Separation groups and Service directory

Free Medical Calculators
Medical Observer has launched Mobile Dr, a free iPhone app with over 90 essential medical calculators.
GP Plus Referrals
Referral forms for the new GP Plus clinic in Elizabeth

New resources on the NCIRS website for Homeopathy

New flow chart diagnostic guide for endometrial cancer
Designed for GPs - released by Cancer Australia

Getting Started Guides (Safety and Quality)
The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality has released several “getting started” guides designed to help staff create safe and high
-quality care for all Australians.
Clinical Practice Guidelines for Depression and Related Disorders in the Perinatal Period
External Links
A new section has been added to the Division website featuring links to external websites sorted by related program area as w ell as
general websites of interest.

Practice Privacy Statement
A poster to display at reception of your practice informing patients of the confidentiality of their information

Division IT Help Guides on Website
IT help guides for various clinical software online

ANDGP Schools Immunisation Program 2011, ANDGP Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Program >Immunisation Section

New Aboriginal and Torres Strait                                       Multiple language Influenza Resources
Islander hypertension resources                                        There are new resources to hand out to the community about
                                                                       influenza in other languages besides English.
The National Prescribing Services‟ „Good medicine: Better
Health‟ initiative aims to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait        Immunise Australia Program website-
Islander people's quality use of medicines.                  
                                                                       Content/home in 16 languages other than English
Working with the National Aboriginal Community Controlled
Health organisation and the Aboriginal Health Council of SA,           The influenza brochures are available in PDF versions in the
the Heart Foundation was involved in the development of                following languages:
resources for hypertension.
                                                                       Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Dari, Farsi, Greek, Italian,
The resources, listed below, can be used in discussions with           Khmer, Korean, Macedonian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish,
clients and families to explain the medicine, including its            Vietnamese, Burmese.
benefits and risks:
High Blood Pressure DL brochure
ACE Inhibitors A5 flyer                                                The Lifescripts resources were recently updated and are now
Angiotensin Receptor Blockers A5 flyer                                 available as electronic clinical templates as well as a combined
Beta Blockers A5 flyer                                                 assessment and prescription pad.
Calcium Channel Blockers A5 flyer
                                                                       The clinical templates for the Lifescripts resources are available
High Blood Pressure Flip Chart (for small group discussion
                                                                       for Medical Director (2) and (3), Best Practice, Practix and Genie
and education sessions with health workers, clients and
                                                                       and can be downloaded from

To order copies visit the NPS website below:                           Accredited Online Mental Health Training
                                                                       beyondblue: the national depression initiative has produced a free
                                                                       accredited online mental health training program for health
                                                                       professionals working with women in the perinatal period (during
                                                                       pregnancy and the first year after birth).

Education - ANDGP            (for Education Calendar visit

Page 10

          Title              Date, Time, Venue              Topics / Objectives               Target Audience             Flyer and RSVP

Perinatal Mental Health    Saturday 30 July           - Overview of perinatal mental health   GPs                         Mental Health Unit
Training                   9:30am - 4:40pm            disorders                               Practice Nurse                   SA Health
                                                      - Lived experience of postnatal                                         8226 6241
                           Mawson Lakes Hotel
                           10 Main Street
                                                      - Local referral pathways                                         education/ANDGP-flyer-
                           Mawson Lakes
                                                      - Overview of medication                                                 PMHT.pdf

Update on Wound            Wednesday 3 August         - Review of pathophysiology of          Practice Nurse              Division 8209 0700
Management                 5:30pm - 7:00pm            wound healing                                                      Click Here for Flyer &
                                                      - Wound care dressings                                                  Registration
                           ANDGP Training Room
                                                      - Pain free wound care
                           2 Peachey Road                                                                       
                                                      - Best practice for managing skin
                           Elizabeth West                                                                               education/ANDGP-flyer-

Dealing with Medical       Wednesday 10 August        - Knowledge of what determines a        Practice Staff              Division 8209 0700
Emergencies                6pm - 9pm                  medical emergency                                                  Click Here for Flyer &
                                                      - Increase awareness on how to                                          Registration
                           ANDGP Training Room
                                                      recognize medical emergency

         Full                                                                                          Full
                           2 Peachey Road                                                                       
                                                      - Improve skills in dealing with
                           Elizabeth West                                                                               education/ANDGP-flyer-
                                                      medical emergency

headspace - Motivational   Monday 15 August           - Effective interventions               Anybody                     Division 8209 0700
Interviewing               8:45am - 4:45pm            - Using motivational interviewing                                  Click Here for Flyer &
                                                      appropriately                                                           Registration
                           ANDGP Training Room
                                                      - Assessment of cognitive based
                           2 Peachey Road                                                                       

                                                      behavioral models for treatment
                           Elizabeth West                                                                              education/ANDGP-flyer-

Continuing the Journey:    Wednesday 24 August        More information coming soon            GP                       More information coming
Local Aboriginal Culture   6:30pm - 9:30pm                                                    Practice Nurse                     soon
and Services                                                                                  Practice Staff
                           Mawson Lakes Hotel
                           10 Main Street
                           Mawson Lakes

headspace - Working        Friday 9 September         - Communication and engagement          Anybody                     Division 8209 0700
with Families and          8:45am - 4:45pm            techniques                                                         Click Here for Flyer &
Significant Others                                    - Identifying and discussing medico                                     Registration
                           ANDGP Training Room
                                                      legal issues
                           2 Peachey Road                                                                       
                                                      - Utilising the Wise Ways to Win
                           Elizabeth West                                                                               education/ANDGP-flyer-

Six Week Baby              Wed 21 September           - Familiarity of complete physical      Nurse                       Division 8209 0700
Assessment                 6pm - 9:30pm               and neurological assessment             GP                         Click Here for Flyer &
                                                      - Assessment and understanding of                                       Registration
                           Mawson Lakes Hotel
                                                      infant growth and nutrition
                           10 Main Street                                                                       
                                                      - Recognition pathology from normal
                           Mawson Lakes                                                                                 education/ANDGP-flyer-
                                                      psychological variations

Process Communication                           Detect and correct miscommunication              Clinical Exam Preparation
                                                before it creates a predicament
Model: Introductory                                                                    
                                                Find out why something has happened              ClinicalExamPreparationWorkshop.pdf
                                                Respond quickly to situations and                The workshop will include:
After the seminar you will have the
                                                defuse stress
tools to:                                                                                        ▪    Proficiency with clinical stations
                                                Make people do a U-turn back into                     (practice role-plays).
Achieve listening skills at a mastery
                                                positive behavior                                ▪    Case studies prepared by an AMC
                                                This activity has been approved by the                medical examiner.
Decode and understand other people‟s                                                             ▪    Expert exam help with patient centred
                                                RACGP QI&CPD Program, Total Points:
behavior                                                                                              case management.
                                                40 (Category 1)
Predict and identify the onset of                                                                ▪    Understand how to encourage
                                                For further information and registration
behavioural failure patterns                                                                          behavioural change, such as smoking
Intervene constructively through
                                                comskills/info.html                              See flyer link about for more information,
                                                                                                 costs and registration details

Education - External

Page 11

          Title               Date, Time, Venue                Topics, Objectives            Target Audience            Flyer and RSVP

GP Management of             Monday 25 July             To provide evidenced based new       GPs                         Bookings through
Asthma and                   6:30pm - 9pm               clinical guidelines for GPs in the                
Pre-eclampsia in                                        management of asthma and pre-                                           au
                             Lyell McEwin Hospital,
Pregnancy                                               eclampsia in pregnant women                                    Phone: 08 8226 6241
                             Haydown Road, Elizabeth

Cardiology Skills Training   Thurs 1, 8, & 15 Sept      See flyer for more information       GPs             
                             8:30am - 12:30pm                                                                       education/GPpartners-flyer-
                             Cardiology Unit
                             Level 6 Theatre Block

Osteoporosis and             Saturday 24 September      See flyer for more information       Health Professionals
Arthritis Update             9am - 4pm                                                                                  education/Arthritis-
                             Enterprise House
                             136 Greenhill Road

Shine SA Sexual              Various dates              See flyer for more information       GPs             
Health Sessions April                                                                                                 education/shine-flyer-
                             Shine SA
                             GP Plus
                             64c Woodville Road

Opioid Pharmacotherapies                          DRANZCOG Pre-Exam & GP                           EduCARE: GP Orientation
Prescriber Training Course                        Revision Course                                  Weekend
                                                  Limited places left. Register online now to      Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, 13-14
                                                  confirm your place.                              August
                                                                                                   Registrations close next Friday 29 July
                                                  Being held in the Training room,
                                                  RANZCOG, North Adelaide on Friday eve-           The EduCARE: GP Orientation Weekend is
                                                  ning 22nd – Sunday 24th July, this Work-         for International Medical Graduates who
                                                  shop includes:                                   have recently arrived in SA, and who
                                                                                                   have not previously attended.
                                                  2 day procedural medicine grant in ob-
The Drug and Alcohol Services SA is               stetrics                                         The next weekend will be held Saturday
offering a free “Opioid Pharmacotherapies                                                          13 and Sunday 14 August 2011 at the
                                                  RACGP: 40 Womens health points in
Prescriber Training Course”. The course                                                            Majestic Roof Garden Hotel in Adelaide.
includes an afternoon Workshop on                 Category 1
                                                                                                   RDWA will arrange accommodation for
Saturday July 30th, 2011, 1.30 – 6.30
                                                  ACRRM: 6 PDP Core, 18 PRPD, 10                   participants and their families.
pm at Norwood and two ½ day Clinical
Attachments.                                      BLS and MOPS: 18 PRPD O&G, 6 Core
                                                                                                   Topics covered include women's health,
This Activity was approved by the RACGP                                                            difficult consultations, successful self
QA&CPD program, 2008-2010 Triennium               OSC: 4 OSC points with the Obstetric             management for GPs, effective
Clinical Attachment component TOTAL               Shared Care Program                              communication, Aboriginal health and
POINTS: 40 (Category 1), Workshop                                                                  Fellowship support.
                                                  This workshop is limited to 18 partici-
component TOTAL POINTS 9 (Category
2)                                                pants, so follow the link below for more         For further information and to register,
                                                  information, or to register https://             contact Sandy Hammat on 08 8234 8277
For more information please contact Jane
                                                          or email
Scarborough: or              reg_p1_form.aspx?                      
telephone 8274 3306 to register for this          oc=10&ct=FULLREG&eventid=5139                    u.

Employment Opportunities

Page 12

New advertisements are listed in red                      busy computerised practice wanting to open more              All Health Medical Centre
                                                          hours to service the growing demand. Located within          VR or non VR female or male GPs, including overseas
General Practitioners                                     a shopping centre. DWS Section 19AB exception                trained doctors, required for a large, busy medical
                                                          available.                                                   centre in Paralowie Fully accredited and computerised
                                                          Contact: Prashiba on 0402 279 144 or 8359 4222.              practice. Friendly staff & modern rooms. Excellent
Northern Clinic                                                                                                        remuneration & conditions.
Seeking a part time or full time VR/GP to work in a
                                                                                                                       Contact: Joe 8250 1333 or 0412 744 394 .
warm and busy practice female Doctor preferred,           Paralowie Medical Centre
friendly fully computerised and accredited practice.      Looking for a female doctor part-time. 70% salary.
Contact: Practice Manager Adriano 08 82641322
                                                          Contact: Melissa Mon-Fri 9-4 on 0422 312 750.                Allied Health

Northern Clinic                                           Trinity Medical Centre                                       Montague Farm Medical Centre
Part-Time Female GP required Tues/Wed/Thurs.              Seeking a GP to work in our well established,                An exciting opportunity exists for an enthusiastic and
Immediate Start. Para Hills.                              accredited practice on Mondays. We also have                 highly motivated Physiotherapist to join a growing
Contact                     evening work available 4-8pm week days. 2 nurses             multidisciplinary medical centre in Pooraka. For
or after hours Dr Jaber 0408 871 871                      available during the week. Remuneration can be               Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Please
                                                          discussed on application.                                    contact Kally on 0411685387 for further details.
Blakeview Medical                                         Contact: Practice Manager on 8258 1677 or email to
Fully Accredited, Bulk billing Practice requires a full                                  Elizabeth Grove Surgery
time or partime VR or non VR Doctor to work in our                                                                     We require a part-time physiotherapist, psychiatrist,
very busy 7 day Practice. Friendly Staff, fully           Ingle Farm                                                   audiologist, or any allied health service provider to
computerised. RN support. The medical centre              VR or Non VR male/female required for new practice           join our busy, bulk billing, computerised and
qualifies for a DWS status and has a 19AB excemption      15 minutes north of city. DWS. Practice nurse on             accredited practice. We are open six days a week, and
in place. Remuneration is negotiable.                     site. Fantastic rates.                                       can be flexible with hours. We pride ourselves on
Contact: Jenny Vithoulkas, Manager 8254 6888              Contact: Bruno Rositano on 0418835886.                       being a happy and supportive place to work.;
                                                                                                                       Contact: 8255 2133 or
Salisbury Superclinic                                     Martins Road Family Medical Practice
VR or non VR GP required for our modern purpose           FT/PT GP required for busy, computerized, AGPAL              Vale Medical Group
build surgery. Open 5 days currently but will be          accredited practice. VR preferred but not                    Dietician and physiotherapist required for sessional
extending to 7 days. Friendly staff and modern            necessary. Have 19AB exemption and DWS                       work to join busy, fully accredited, computerized and
consulting rooms. Practice nurse in attendance daily.     approval. We are a growing medical practice with FT          modern medical centre. Friendly staff, open 6 days
25 minutes from CBD. Hours are negotiable.                Practice Nurse and offer on site pathology, podiatry         per week. Session times may be negotiated.
Contact: Joanne 82812777.                                 and psychology services.                                     Contact: Toni Jones on 8255 1178.
                                                          Contact: Taryn 08 8283 4411 or 0420 853 471.
Munno Para Medical Centre
FT/PT GP required for a very busy accredited medical      Craigmore Family Practice
practice. Friendly staff. Fully computerised. RN          Fully accredited, bulk billing practice requires full time   Practice Nurse
support. Mixed billing. Hours and remuneration            doctor to work in a very busy 5 1/2 day practice. 9
negotiable with or without a view of partnership or       doctors, 3 Practice Nurses, numerous Allied Health           Northern Clinic
associationship.                                          professionals, great staff and a very friendly               Practice Nurse (RN) Walkley Medical Services. Casual/
Contact: Donna-Lee Mallia ph 8284 5588                    environment. 75-80% of gross billings available to the       Part-Time to start immediately. Previous Experience
                                                          right person.                                                required with Careplans/EPC/Health Assess etc.
Adelaide Road Clinic                                      Contact: Raelene 08 8255 1999                                Contact:
Full Time GP to work at busy, family orientated,                       or after hours Dr Jaber on 0408 871 871
modern, accredited practice in Gawler. Fully
computerised with latest equipment. Full time nursing     Lyell McEwin Hospital                                        Montague Farm Medical Centre
support and friendly support staff. Excellent             Requires a GP with an interest in hip and knee               Pooraka area. Seeking registered nurse to work within
remuneration and working conditions.                      specialisation to work 3-4 hours on a Friday                 busy practice on 1-2 days a week. Casual position.
Contact: Amber Parham on 85221466 or email                                                                             Contact: Prashiba 0402 279 144.
                                                          Contact: Soorah 0402 973 301 or 8222 8147
                                                                                                                       Midway Medical Clinic
Christian Family Practice                                                                                              Midway Medical Clinic requires a Practice Nurse for 2
                                                          Europa Medical Centre
Seeking a GP for 3 months work/year Monday to                                                                          days a week. Able to do Health Assessments and
                                                          Busy accredited practice requires a full-time doctor
Friday.                                                                                                                CMA's and Diabetic Reviews.
Contact: Dr Soo on 8250 6299 or 0414 713 888 or           VR/Non-VR. We are open 7 days a week and offer a
                                                          modern environment to work in, we are                        Contact: Dr. K. H. Tan or Deirdre on 8255 2488.
                                                          computerised, have the latest equipment and the
Munno Para Medical                                        expertise of 3 practice nurses.
                                                          Contact: Karen Ames 08 8258 9103
FT/PT GP required for a very busy accredited medical                                                                   Practice Staff
practice. Friendly staff. Fully computerised. RN
support. Mixed billing. Hours and remuneration            Trinity Medical Centre
                                                          Seeking a Fulltime or Part time VR GP to join our busy       Adelaide Road Clinic
                                                          Accredited practice.                                         Casual Medical Receptionist required for busy, family
Contact: Donna-Lee Mallia ph 8284 5588
                                                          Contact: Helen 08 8258 1677                                  orientated, modern, accredited practice in Gawler.
Virginia Medical                                                                   Fully computerised with latest equipment. Approx 11
Seeking a Part Time or Full Time GP in Fully                                                                           ½ hours per week and must be able to cover sick
computerized and accredited practice in area of           Salisbury Plain                                              leave at short notice and annual leave. Expertise in
need. With Full time practice nurse VR preferred but      Locum with view required for busy bulk billing               Zedmed and Best Practice preferred.
not necessary Has a 19AB exemption and DWS                practice. Fully electronic practice with two practice        Contact: Amber Parham on 85221466 or email
approved Contact: Sam 0448828977 / 83809145               nurses and strong allied health team.                        resume to                              Contact: Dr Brian Symon on 08 8332 4077.
                                                                                                                       Fields Medical Centre
GPAxis Medical Centre                                     Health Matters Medical Centre                                Part time receptionist required. Experience in clinical
GP required for modern computerised medical centre        VR GP required for medium size medical centre. Fully         surgery required alongside good computer skills.
in Munno Para area. VR and non VR doctors                 accredited and computerised. Open 5.5 days. Friendly         Contact: 8254 2855 or 0415 764 994
welcome. The medical centre qualifies for DWS status      staff and modern consulting rooms. Practice nurse in
and has plans for significant expansion with rooms for    attendance daily. Also incorporates other allied health
new doctors, allied health and specialists.               professionals. Attractive remuneration. Hours are
Contact: Dr Jim Kosmas on 8254 7700 or email              negotiable.                                     Contact: Dr Balendran 8285 8888.

Fields Medical Centre                                     Evanston Park Surgery
Part time VR GP wanted. Clinic is fully computerised,     New practice requires one full-time or part-time GP,
updated software, friendly staff and a lot of patients    VR or Non VR, with clinical, procedural and
need to be seen.                                          counselling skills, also experience in emergency
Contact: Dr M. Mohemmed on 0415 764 994 or the            medicine and computer literacy. Flexible hours. IMGs
clinic reception on 08 8254 2855.                         welcome. New premises, bulk-billing practice that is
                                                          fully computerised. Supervision available. Hospital,
Vale Medical Group                                        accident and emergency work also available if
Full-time VR GP required for our well established,        interested.
accredited, bulk billing practice at Elizabeth Vale. We   Contact: 8522 4933.
have 19AB exemption approval so OTDs can apply.
Contact: 8255 1178                                        Elizabeth Grove Surgery
                                                          Seeking part-time VR or NON-VR GP to join busy, bulk
Paralowie Medical Centre                                  billing, computerised and accredited practice. We
Looking for a female doctor part-time. 75% salary         have a practice nurse, psychologist and audiologist.
Workforce shortage, provider number available.            Practice established for 50 years and continues to
Contact: Mark Mon-Fri 9-4 on 0413813967.                  have growing clientele. Open 6 days a week and can
                                                          be flexible with hours. We pride ourselves on being a
Pooraka / Mawson Lakes Area Practice                      happy and supportive place to work. OTDs can apply
Tired of working 9 to 5? Had enough of locum work?        and are also entitled to $30,000 grant. 19A
We require multiple VR GPs willing to work Mon to Fri     exemption. Work your own hours, any time, any day.
3pm to 9pm and Sat, Sun from 9am to 3pm. We are a
                                                          Contact: 8255 2133,

       Advertisements are free for members of the Division. To place and ad please email or phone (08) 8209 0700

       If you have filled a vacancy on this page please inform the Division so that your advertisement can be removed from future issues.


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