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TAKS Review


									TAKS Final Review
                TAKS Review
1. What was the first permanent settlement in
  America and what year was it founded?

A. Plymouth; 1706

B. Jamestown; 1706

C. Jamestown; 1607

D. Plymouth; 1607
                   TAKS Review
2. What were the two main cash crops in the
  Southern colonies?

A. Flour; fish

B. Tobacco; rice

C. Rice; lumber

D. Fish; lumber
               TAKS Review
3. The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut is
     important because it

A. Was the first written constitution in America.
B. Served as a legislative model for the U.S.
C. Banned protest demonstrations against the
     English King
D. Established a large colonial military unit in the
     Revolutionary War.
              TAKS Review
4. Which of the following colonies was established
    for religious reasons?

A. Virginia

B. Georgia

C. North Carolina

D. Massachusetts
              TAKS Review
5. Who did the United States acquire Florida

A. Spain

B. Russia

C. Great Britain

D. France
              TAKS Review
6. What colony was established by James
    Oglethorpe as a refuge for debtors?

A. Virginia

B. Georgia

C. North Carolina

D. Massachusetts
                TAKS Review
7. What was the main issue behind Bacon’s
    Rebellion in Virginia in 1676?

A. Taxes

B. Trade laws

C. Land

D. Religion
              TAKS Review
8. What was the first representative assembly in
    the colonies (Virginia)?

A. Mayflower Compact

B. Committees of Correspondence

C. House of Burgesses

D. Virginia Plan
              TAKS Review
9. What was the name for the religious revival in
    the colonies headed by Jonathan Edwards?

A. Come to Jesus meeting

B. Great Awakening

C. Era of Good Feelings

D. Industrial Revolution
              TAKS Review
10. One result of British regulations such as the
     Sugar and Stamp Acts was America’s
     resentment of –

A. Foreign Alliances

B. Locally appointed governing bodies

C. Taxation without representation

D. Government control of speech
              TAKS Review
11. The reason that the Mayflower colonists
     signed the Mayflower Compact in 1620 was

A. Agree to share colonial lands

B. Form a social contract for self-government

C. Appoint a governor for their colony

D. Regulate the activities of local Native Americans
                TAKS Review
12. The main reason that Anti-Federalists did not
    support the Constitution was because it did not

A. Checks and Balances

B. Bill of Rights

C. National Bank

D. The Magna Carta
              TAKS Review
13. The Proclamation of 1763 stated that colonists
     could not settle beyond which of the
     following geographical features?

A. Rocky Mountains

B. Mississippi River

C. Great Plains

D. Appalachian Mountains
              TAKS Review
14. What was the term for a colonist that
     supported America’s fight for independence?

A. Loyalist

B. Whig

C. Patriot

D. Pilgrims
             TAKS Review
15. Who authored the Declaration of

A. Thomas Jefferson

B. James Madison

C. George Washington

D. Ben Franklin
             TAKS Review
16. What man authored Common Sense?

A. Samuel Adams

B. Thomas Jefferson

C. Thomas Paine

D. Patrick Henry
               TAKS Review
17. An unalienable right –

A. is established by majority vote

B. favors some people’s rights over others’

C. applies only in one’s home country

D. is a right that cannot be taken away without due
              TAKS Review
18. What officially ended the American

A. Treaty of Ghent

B. Treaty of Paris

C. Adams-Onis Treaty

D. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
               TAKS Review
19. What served as America’s first constitution?

A. The Articles of Confederation

B. The Great Compromise

C. The Federalists Papers

D. Bill of Rights
               TAKS Review
20. George Washington warned Americans of two
  things during his farewell speech as President.
  He warned against foreign alliances and—

A. Rebellion

B. Civil War

C. Sectionalism

D. Political Parties
                 TAKS Review
21. Which early political party favored a strong
     national government?

A. Whigs

B. Federalists

C. Democratic-Republicans

D. Free Soil Party
                TAKS Review
22. In 1787 Congress established a system for
      creating new states from western territories—

A. through the Monroe Doctrine

B. through the Northwest Ordinance

C. with the Treaty of Paris

D. with the approval of the Three-Fifths
               TAKS Review
23. Anti-Federalists had many of their concerns
     about the U.S. Constitution satisfied through
     the approval of the—

A. electoral college

B. Bill of Rights

C. Three-Fifths Compromise

D. Treaty of Paris
              TAKS Review
24. Which of the following terms describes a
  nation in which voters elect representatives to
  govern them?

A. mercantilism

B. republic

C. free enterprise

D. separation of powers
               TAKS Review
25. King John of England signed the Magna Carta
  in 1215. What American document did it

A. Articles of Confederation

B. Northwest Ordinance

C. Proclamation of 1763

D. Bill of Rights
               TAKS Review
26. The Bill of Rights are the first 10 amendments
  to the Constitution. They include all of the
  following except—

A. Freedom of religion

B. Speedy, fair trials

C. Right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness

D. No unauthorized searches
              TAKS Review
27. Which of these is an example of the system of
  checks and balances?

A. The president can veto bills passed by
B. Congress can regulate industry.
C. The Supreme Court can impeach members of
D. Governors can pardon federal prisoners.
              TAKS Review
28. Thomas Jefferson purchased this from France
  for $15 million in 1803—

A. Florida

B. New Mexico Territory

C. Louisiana Territory

D. Gadsden Purchase
                TAKS Review
29. The Mexican-American War was prompted by
  the annexation of –

A. California

B. Texas

C. New Mexico

D. Utah
              TAKS Review
30. The Thirteenth Amendment ____________.

A. Freed enslaved people

B. Granted citizenship for African Americans

C. Gave African American men the right to vote

D. Formed the Union

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