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V Fashion Week Designers                                               

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V Fashion Week Designers                                                                             

                                     Featured Designers from VA Fashion Week 2010
                     Matthew Casche (New York)
                                       Matthew Cashe is an award winning, Trinidadian born designer specializing in Men
                                       and Women's day and evening wear using only the finest mix of fabrics with the
                                       detailing and finishes of a master tailor. His garments are exqusite and defy
                                       description, his client list is a who's who in Hollywood! . The actress Dalia Phillips
                                       (Akeelah and the Bee) wore one of his elegant designs to the 2006 Oscars. His
                                       designs have graced many "red carpet" events. In July of 2010, Matthew presented his
                                       line in a solo collection to a full house including national press and celebrities.
                                       Matthew always recieves rave reviews for his brilliant couture designs and the
                                       collection he will show at VAFW 2010 is guaranteed to dazzle. Prepare to be amazed
                                       by one of the greater New York area's best kept secrets in haute couture.

                     Francesca Bachour (Italy/Houston)
                                 She was born in the Bologna province and she moved at 4 years old to a small town called
                                 Taglio di Po. Discovering her passion for sewing and design, she moved back to Bologna to
                                 study, increasing her love for high couture and craftsmanship, characteristics that unite her
                                 personality and the Italian tradition. After having graduated, she decided to study abroad in
                                 order to learn English and to add to her knowledge of fashion and management. This, and the
                                 opportunity for business, are the reasons why she moved to Houston, TX, enrolling at the
                                 University of Houston-Downtown. The name Francesca Bachour was born when Francesca
                                 Zaghi and Sara Bachour decided to fulfill their dream and open a fashion company together.
                                 When Bachour left the company, Zaghi, who used to take care of the managerial part of the
                                 company, took in her hands the design part as well, keeping the name to simplify the transition.
                     Francesca’s first collection is this Spring 2011. Francesca Bachour wants to create outfits for an elegant
                     woman, someone who cares about fashion without giving up simplicity and comfort. Style and elegance are
                     mixed in handmade dresses, coming from a country that is famous for its couture and its traditions: Italy.

                     April Spring Designs & Foxers (Norfolk)
                                         Clothing design and manufacturing have been a lifelong dream for April. Educated in
                                         Business Management, she spent 15 years in investor relations and business
                                         development. In 2002 April moved towards her dream and opened "Vintage 'n Vogue"
                                         where she featured Florida designers. In 2004 she followed her husband to Malaysia and
                                         used the opportunity to study fashion illustration. While in Malaysia, April was invited to
                                         show her first collection at Silk Week in HangZhou, China. Shortly afterwards, April
                                         created "Foxers" women’s underwear with the waistband design from men’s boxer shorts.
                                         Essentially they serve as a way for women to have the comfort and style of boxer shorts
                                         but still look and feel sexy. In a little over a year, "Foxers" has gone from start-up to
                                         national distribution, making it's launch nationwide as well as being the exclusive outfitter
                     for the Lingerie Football League! Celebrity fans include Beyonce, the Backstreet Boys, and Jordin Sparks.
                     April will be showing her exciting new 2011 collection with lots of surprises!

                     Michael Taylor Couture (Richmond)
                                      Michael Taylor never ceases to dazzle and amaze with his couture gowns and his
                                      2010/2011 collection will be no exception! Michael Taylor Couture was born in Richmond,
                                      VA when its 2006 spring collection was unveiled. The business sprang forth from 7th
                                      Avenue in New York City where owner Michael Taylor spent 16 years at his previous
                                      fashion firm specializing in women’s and men’s custom fit designer garments in outerwear,
                                      sportswear, active sportswear, suiting, and evening/special occasion. Michael has an
                                      extensive background in fashion and has served as an adjuct professor at Parsons School
                                      of Design, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Virginia Commonwealth University.
                                      Recently Michael had the privilege of outfitting several prominent women for the 2009
                                      Presidential Inauguration and Ball. He currently creates his couture gowns in his studio
                     and shop in Richmond.

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V Fashion Week Designers                                                                              

                     Azi Blas/Blas Couture(Richmond)
                                            Azi Blas is foremost a creative and passionate man. From fashion, art and design,
                                            now hair and wig designs including headdress. All this is not coincidental. But God
                                            breath and given , his grandmother a humble seamstress and his grandfather a
                                            carpenter. His father a photo journalist; Wonderful elements to a great start. A
                                            graduate of Parsons School Of Design, Azi also continued professional studies at the
                                            Fashion Institute Of Technology. Although permanently partially disabled, he still
                                            believes that one can still do something to some degree! Starting as a fashion
                                            producer at the age of fifteen, seamster, tailor, at the age of nineteen, later as a
                     young man an accessories designer and fashion designer, Azi Blas uses all senses of art and design to
                     produce one of a kind couture gowns, dresses, and separates.

                     Brehon Williams(Chesapeake)
                                        Brehon Williams, a 20 year old a native of Chesapeake, Virginia, has been designing for 3
                                        years. His unique, innovative, and minimalist-like aesthetic has allotted him the opportunity
                                        to participate in numerous shows across the East Coast. He was awarded the Best
                                        Upcoming Designer Award at the 2009 Virginia Fashion Awards. His line, BREHON
                                        (formerly known as Noihsaf or "Fashion Backwards"), is on an upward advance with the
                                        help of God, hard work, and perseverance. "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings
                                        him before great men." Brehon will surprise and stun with his latest collection.

                      Cheryl Altschuler(Columbia, MD)
                                       Cheryl Altschuler, CEO of Cheri Fashions, LLC received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in
                                       Fashion Design from the prestigious Pratt Institute of New York in 2006. Recent
                                       presentations of Cheryl’s collections include: “Baltimore’s Fashion Week”, 2008, 2009; “VA
                                       Fashion Week”, 2008; and the “Fashion For Hope” charity fashion event, Washington, D.C.,
                                       2009. Cheri Fashions, LLC’s collection for evening, couture and ready-to wear outfits is
                                       comprised of vibrant colored prints combined with stretch cotton and velour fabrics
                                       highlighted with faux fur, faux leather and other trims. The clothing that Cheryl designs
                                       provides a fresh and perky look for all ages. Her creative use of stretch fabrics in her fashion
                                       designs permits a wide variety of women of all shapes and sizes to look stunning. She gets
                     her inspiration from natural pristine environments such as rain forests and oceans. Cheryl uses a variety of
                     colors in her designs inspired by animals and their surrounding natural habitats. Cheryl designs outfits
                     versatile enough for sports wear and après sports, allowing the individual to mix and match pieces, and to go
                     from daywear to eveningwear.

                     Bozena Carter (UK)
                                        "Paper dolls. This is what I blame for my obsession. When I was a child growing up in
                                        Poland I would spend countless hours dressing them up in my own paper clothes
                                        designs making sure my favourite doll, Beata, had the prettiest dress of all. I was lost in
                                        my own fantasy world and I loved. My wardrobe is full of stories. Each item of clothing has
                                        a tale to tell .mainly in my head. And I love each item in a different way. Is it wrong for a
                                        person to want to wear each item a specific number of times so the item in question
                                        doesn’t feel unloved? Recently I have shown my collection at Leeds Fashion Show, which
                                        was pretty amazing seeing pretty models in my own creations. This made me realize that I
                                        want do this for rest of my life."

                     Marina Makaron (Moscow/New York)
                                       Russian-born designer Marina Makaron spent her life living, working and studying in
                                       diverse metropolises ranging from Moscow and London, to Paris and Philadelphia.
                                       Makaron’s background lies in International Business, in which she earned her degree at
                                       the age of 20 at Drexel University. Upon graduation, she pursued careers as a researcher
                                       and analyst until she decided to further her studies at the London School of Economics
                                       and later at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. It was not until the

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V Fashion Week Designers                                                                             

                                        conclusion of her second dissertation that her creative calling kicked in and her passion for
                                        design took over. With a nod to her Eastern-European roots, Makaron began
                                        experimenting with basic Russian imagery and folklore depictions. Combining her
                     knowledge of the International marketplace with a penchant for fashion-forward design and a fondness for
                     her culture’s traditions, it was not long before Makaron created a silk collection unlike any other— fusing
                     within its dappled patterns the nostalgia of times past, the style sensibilities of the present and the global
                     attitudes of the future. Endless nights of generating business and investment plans paid off in the end with
                     the creation of her line, Marina Makaron Moscow.

                     Mikasa La'Charles(Virginia Beach)
                                     A graduate of the College of William & Mary who interned in Paris , Mikasa was the winner of
                                     last years student designer competition. In 2009 she began working for A.K.O.O. and Play
                                     Clothes designs as well as working freelance as a stylist and designer. She was delighted in
                                     the summer of 2010 to accept an offer to work in the New York fashion house of Laundry by
                                     Shelli Segal. Mikassa is also creating her own couture line and will return home to VA to
                                     debut at VA Fashion Week 2010. Her designs are highly original and include everything from
                                     swimwear to evening and cocktail dresses, from the very wearable to the spectacular
                                     couture meant to dazzle! We look forward to a dazzling show from emerging star Mikasa

                     Stephon Stallings/Vintage Hazel (Virginia Beach, VA)
                                    Born and partially raised in Brooklyn New York, Stephon Stallings entered the world of
                                    design at a young age. As a child, Stephon has always showed a great interest in fashion by
                                    illustrating elementary design concepts.By the time Stephon was done with his sophomore
                                    year in high school he had taught himself how to sew and was producing clothing from his
                                    illustrations; and because of his talent, Stephon has designed for numerous local designers,
                                    fashion shows, and clients. At the age of 20, Stephon has created a female clothing line
                                    called Vintage Hazel that showcase his love for old time fashions with a new twist. Vintage
                                    Hazel is an elite clothing company targeted towards the urban community. The company is
                     designed to provide vintage couture fashions with an edge, geared towards young women and men to set
                     them apart from the average consumer.

                     Sylvia Hill/Clu? (Hampton)
                                      Sylvia Hill has always had the passion and heart for fashion! Because of this, in 2008,
                                      CLU? clothing line was launched. Sylvia has jumped into fashion from the very bottom from
                                      a vision and is working diligently towards success with no limits! With a fresh Spiritual
                                      concept, her designs are to keep you gorgeous as well as encouraged. Sylvia has
                                      experience in counseling men amd women towards finding ways to better their
                                      she is joining the fashion world in keeping people beautiful as well as continuing her
                                      mission to encourage their Spiritual prosperity.

                     Willie Hall (New Jersey)
                                       Willie Hall After working for 20 years as a medical assistant, Willie Hall felt fashion was her
                                       true calling and went back to school to learn what was new in the fashion industry. She
                                       says "DESIGNERS ARE NOT MADE THEY'RE BORN. I owe all of what I do to God
                                       because he made me, and the amazing people he allowed me to meet along the way."
                                       Her designs have taken the industry by storm, her collection shown at VAFW 2009 was a
                                       stunning success. We all eagerly anticipate the brand new line Willie will show at VAFW

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V Fashion Week Designers                            


                     CONTACT: Ann Leister


                     FAX: 757.282.7669

                     SNAIL MAIL:
                       Splash Model Management
                       3419 Virginia Beach Blvd. # 149
                       Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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