How to install Google AdSense on Blog by enggar-17


									                                    How to apply Google AdSense on Blogspot

        How to apply Google AdSense on Blogspot is very easy. Yes ... List of Adsense ads using Blogger
or Blogspot is very easy via the Blogspot because it has given the facility to be a publisher's ad "Simbah"

How do I start a list of Google Adsense GA or directly via blogspot? How the heck sign up tips via Blogger
GA? Can we put Adsense Indonesian in Blogspot? How to initiate steps to be publisher of this ad from

Yes, after this great ad now support or supported Indonesian, I'm sure many of the bloggers, especially
the Indonesian article content greeted with delight. The bloggers immediately enroll a publisher or a
publisher that could dimonetize blog. So far, only a particular language articles that can serve ads from

Basically the way Google adsense mendaftarkankan Indonesia on Blogspot that is through your Blogspot
dashboard. Well ..... On the dashboard there are several tabs which are:


Just go to the Tabs titled Monetize. When you format Indonesian then click the Tab titled Monetize.
After that just follow the step-stepnya and fill out the form correctly and it must be true because the
consequences will be fatal kealahan little direct application is rejected. Sorry tisak detailed steps I wrote
complete because you already know.

My experience when one fills me address a few moments later the company received a reply via email
that the application is rejected due to incomplete addresses. When in fact complete. I live in the village
so that no Street number. After I add the numbers in the RT and resubmit it was accepted on the first
stage. Now just waiting for the review until the Adsense ads to appear. At the time I wrote this post is
still vacant advertisements in the form of a plain background.

That's what I was sharing about how to make application to become a Google Adsense publisher directly
through blogger or blogspot. But the issue or problem was when I lost Monetize tab will list the invisible
alias missing. Monetize tabs do not appear. How do I restore Monetize Tabs on blogspot dashboard? Yes
how do I show Tab or bring redeemable in blogger? Tab lost earnings?

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