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aplication portable best for windows 7


									                         list portable aplications good for windows 7

Are Portable applications that? Applications are portable applications that can be used without having
to install it into the computer system, application can be run directly from a flash disk or other storage
Typically, these applications are distinguished by the OS that is used so that the portable Windows
application can only be used in OS Windows, Linux portable apps can only run on Linux, as well as other

If you want to try a portable application on Windows, here are some applications that are proven to be
able to walk perfectly without having to install it first:

1) Mozilla Thunderbird (eMail Client)

EMail clientyang Thunderbird is commonly replaces the function of the Microsoft default mail client is
Microsoft Outlook. Aside from being a substitute, some IT agrees saying that Thunderbird feature is
better than Outlook Express in Windows.

If you are curious and interested to prove what was said by the IT expert, you can try it yourself with
how to download and install Thunderbird on your Windows computer. In addition, the application is
also available in portable form that can be stored and taken anywhere.

Link download free portable Thunderbird Mail Client can be found here
 2) Foxit ReaderFoxit Reader is a free application to open a PDF file (could say this is a rival application
from Adobe reader). In addition to the installer can be found in the form (which must be installed to the
Windows System), this application can nevertheless be obtained in the form of a portable program that
can be stored in a folder anywhere, including in the flash disk.

Because of that, you can take her anywhere without having to install up first if you want to use it. If you
want to get this application, try visiting here U-TorrentFor true downloader must
know the name U-Torrent. U-Torrent is a client application used to download files berektesni. Torrent,
file which is specifically provided for download.

If you want to get a portable version of this application, please visit this page and use for your daily activities.4)
SkypeSkype is an application used for chatting with someone who both have a Skype account. At first,
Skype is only available as a regular installer application and are not yet available in portable form.
Gradually, as many enthusiasts (probably a lot of request), the application is available in portable form.
If you are interested in using the portable version of Skype, visit the following page and download the file.5) Pidgin
Almost the same as Skype, Pidgin is a portable application that can be used for chatting. The difference
can be used for the Pidgin chat portals such as Yahoo, ICQ, GTalk and more. Because it is Open Source,
the developer of this application also provides for use in portable versions that can be taken anywhere.

You are interested in using pidgin portable? Visit the web page here and keep them in any media that can digunakn
to mennyimpan files such as flash disks, external hard drives, memory cards and other media.6) GIMPIf
you are changing computers and pleased with the work related to graphics (Or perhaps you're a
designer), it would not hurt you to try the GIMP portable applications that can be taken anywhere.

You only need to store it in a flash that can be used anywhere as long as you use your computer using
Windows operating systems. Interested in using GIMP portable? Visit this page and immediately store them in your
flash.Still want to experiment with other portable apps? Visit the Portable Apps website and looking for
a portable software that does what you need for your daily needs.

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