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					What UNEP does:
• Monitors the global environment and relays
  scientific information to governments and
  other stakeholders
• Supports the development of solutions to
  environmental challenges, including binding
  international agreements and voluntary measures

• Assists countries to take action at the national

  level, through capacity building and technical

• Encourages partnerships with civil society,
  including the private sector

UNEP’s work focuses on 6 areas:
• Climate Change
• Post-Conflict and Disaster Management
• Ecosystem Management

                                                           the authority on
• Environmental Governance
• Harmful Substances

                                                           the environment    Regional Office for
• Resource Efficiency/Sustainable
 Consumption and Production

                                                                              North America (RONA)
The mission of UNEP is to provide leadership
and encourage partnership in caring for the                in the UN system
                                                           helping the
environment by inspiring, informing and                                       RONA, established in Washington, D.C. in
enabling nations and peoples to improve their                                 October 2000, serves Canada and the United

                                                           world kick
quality of life without compromising that of                                  States. RONA’s mission is to build support in
future generations.
                                                                              the region for UNEP’s work, to promote effec-

                                                           the CO2 habit
                                                                              tive responses to international environmental
                                                                              challenges and to foster cooperation on
                                                                              environmental issues between North America

                                                           leading by
              United Nations Environment Programme                            and the broader international community.
              Regional Office for North America (RONA)

                                                           example in
                                                                              To achieve this mission, RONA’s strategy is to
              900 17th St. NW, Suite 506
              Washington, DC 20006
                                                                              promote collaboration between UNEP and all

                                                           North America
              T: 1 202 785 0465 F: 1 202 785 2096

                                                                              sectors of North American society, including
              Email: info.rona@unep.org

                                                                              U.S. and Canadian governmental institutions,

                                                                              the private sector, non-governmental organi-
                                                                              zations and other civil society groups.
              Brochure design and photography: Lana Wong

              Printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper
   “As the voice of the environment in the United
   Nations, UNEP is proud that its Regional Office
                                                          Welcome to UNEP’s Regional Office for North America (RONA)
   for North America has achieved LEED Gold
   certification. This achievement demonstrates           UNEP RONA has put into practice the principles             Material-related strategies included specification of       Steps to minimize energy consumption included:
   that green building and office practices are
                                                          that we advocate by obtaining LEED certification.          recycled content and locally manufactured materials         layout and selection of light fixtures to decrease lighting
                                                                                                                     and wood from certified, renewable sources.                 power density, provision of occupancy sensors and
   indeed possible, through strong partnerships

                                                          We invite you to tour our offices and see how we have      Examples include:                                           daylight-responsive light fixtures, and selection of
   and a shared commitment to our planet.”
          -Achim Steiner, UNEP Executive Director
                                                          lowered our carbon footprint.                                                                                          Energy Star rated items for 97% of the appliances
                                                                                                                     (1)   Ceiling tile with recycled content (not shown)        and equipment.
                                                          Not only is UNEP RONA LEED certified, we have              (2)   Carpet with recycled content
                                                          achieved LEED Gold. This achievement is the result of      (3)   Doors with Forest Stewardship Council certification   Environmental efforts made by UNEP RONA, which
                                                          an unprecedented collaboration among a team of part-       (4)   Rapidly renewable bamboo trim and flooring            occupies a suite in an eleven-story building, has had
                                                          ners including landlords, architects, contractors, real    (5)   Flooring made from recycled plastic bottles           an impact on the green practices of the entire building—
                                                          estate agents, and building management companies.          (6)   Alkemi countertops made from post-industrial scrap    for example, the management is lowering the thermostat
                                                                                                                     (7)   Bio-composite desks made from compressed wheat        temperature in winter and raising it in summer, in line
                                                          UNEP RONA and the project team took advantage of the                                                                   with a directive of the UN Secretary General.
                                                          opportunity presented by our relocation to new offices     In an effort to the reduce environmental impact from
                                                          by employing eco-friendly building practices to help us    employees commuting to work, UNEP worked with the           The UNEP RONA office is only a small part of an innova-
                                                          “kick the carbon habit.” The green strategies imple-       real estate agent and other team members to:                tive initiative that UNEP is undertaking with architects
                                                          mented provide UNEP staff with an energy efficient,        • Select a building near metro and bus lines                worldwide to promote green building practices on a
                                                          healthy, environmentally sound and sustainable office.     • Identify a space within walking distance of a range of    global scale: www.unep.or.jp/ietc/Activities/Urban/
                                                                                                                       services                                                  and www.unep.fr/scp/sun/.
                                                          With employee comfort and indoor air quality as high       • Provide secure bike storage and access to showers
                                                          priorities, the project team selected low-emitting           and changing rooms                                                                 Partners who made UNEP RONA’s
                                                          adhesives and paints as well as lighting and thermal                                                                                             LEED GOLD possible:
                                                          controls which enable individuals to manage their                                                                                                   The Ezra Company
                                                          indoor environment.                                                                                                                                   Grubb & Ellis
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hitt Contracting
                                                          Recycling and construction waste management were                                                                                                           ING
                                                          parallel goals focused on the long-term protection of                                                                               7                        OTJ Architects
                                                          the environment. Dedicated bins provide a place to                                                                                                             Sustainable Design
                                                          recycle paper, glass, and plastic.                                                                                                                                Consulting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Vornado Realty
                                                                                                                                                 3                                                                               Trust
                                                          UNEP and the design and construction team went above                                               7
                                                          and beyond efforts made in similar projects to reuse                                                                       7
                The U.S. LEED® (Leadership in Energy

                                                          materials and furniture from our former offices. The
                  and Environmental Design) Green

                                                          general contractors exceeded expectations by sal-                                                                                               3
                  Building Rating System is the nation-

                                                          vaging nearly 90% of construction debris. Glass panels                                     2
                  ally accepted benchmark for the

                                                          were recovered and carefully placed to enhance the
                 design, construction, and operation of

                                                          design of the new space. Partially frosted panels pro-
               high performance green buildings which
                                                          vide privacy to perimeter offices while allowing natural
utilizes a voluntary, point-based rating system for
                                                          light to filter into corridors and interior work areas.
building projects. LEED for Commercial Interiors

                                                          Almost all furniture and millwork was reinstalled in the
(LEED-CI) is the green benchmark for tenant improve-
                                                          new offices. These measures address the ‘embodied                                 6
ment projects, such as the refurbishment of the UNEP

                                                          energy’ inherent in materials, and kept waste from
offices in Washington, D.C.
                                                          going to landfills unnecessarily.

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