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									                        STATE OF ALASKA

                     Division of Alaska State Troopers
                    Alaska Bureau of Investigation (ABI)
                          c/o Public Safety Supply
                             524 E. 48th Avenue
                          Anchorage, AK 99503-7315

                   REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
                      Number 12-118742
                        Purchase of Four (4)
                 Forensic Data Recovery Computers,
                    ABI Statewide Investigations

                      Date of Issue: February 27, 2007

                    Proposal Due Date: March 13, 2007

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is solicited under the State of Alaska Procurement
Code for purchases under $50,000. This purchase will be documented through the
State of Alaska Standard Contract Form for Goods and Non-Professional Services

Robert C. DeGroot
DPS Chief Procurement Officer
DPS Supply Section
524 E. 48th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99503-7315
(907) 561-1092, extension 233
(907) 561-9178 FAX

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                                   (RFP 12-118742)
                                  February 27, 2007


The State of Alaska, Department of Public Safety,       Division of Alaska State Troopers,
Alaska Bureau of Investigation is soliciting vendor     proposals for purchase of four (4)
forensic data recovery computers, related software      and training. The offered forensic
computers must comply with the Alaska Bureau of         Investigation Product Specification
as outlined in Paragraph B, Scope of Contract.


   •   The forensic recovery computers will be used by personnel in the Alaska Bureau
       of Investigation’s Computer & Financial Crime Unit (CFCU) located in Anchorage
       and at three other ABI locations throughout the state.

   •   The ABI personnel using these computers have received specialized training in
       the forensic recovery of electronic data from computer hard drives and other data
       storage devices that have been seized as evidence during the course of criminal

   •   The forensic data recovery is a highly technical process requiring the use of
       uniquely customized computers and specialized forensic software in a controlled

   •   These ABI personnel also conduct investigations of computer and internet
       related criminal activity that may require them to assume an undercover covert
       identity during the course of an investigation to identify and document a suspect’s
       criminal activity.

   •   The forensic data recovery computers will be used as stand alone forensic
       examination computers that will not interface with the Department of Public
       Safety’s computer network.


This equipment provisioning contract requires each of the four (4) required forensic data
recovery computers be identical in configuration and fully compliant with the following
Product Specification:

   1. Hardware (or State Approved Equivalents)

       •   ATX Aluminum Server Case, 12 x 5¼", Dual Redundant 500W Power

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                                     (RFP 12-118742)
                                    February 27, 2007
•   Core 2 Duo Dual Core Motherboard with Intel 975X Chipset
•   Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 CPU (Dual Processor), 1.86 Ghz, 1066 Mhz FSB
    (Upgradeable on Request).
•   2 x PCI, 2 x PCI-X, 2 x PCI-Expressx16 Slots
•   2 GB DDR2-800 Dual Channel Memory (Upgradeable on Request)
•   Nvidia 7600 PCI-Express Video Card (256MB) with dual monitor output
•   Dual 10/100/1000 Mbs Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapters
•   8 Channel High Definition Audio Controller with Dolby Digital Live
•   4 Port (4 Drives) Primary 3.0 Gb/s Serial ATA (SATA) Controller (RAID
•   4 Port (4 Drives) Secondary 3.0 Gb/s Serial ATA (SATA) Controller (RAID
•   1 Port (2 Drives) DMA 66/100/133 Parallel ATA (IDE) Controller
•   8 USB 2.0/1.x Ports (4 Front Mounted)
•   3 FireWire IEEE 1394a (400 MB/s) Ports (1 Front Mounted)
•   2 FireWire IEEE 1394b (800 MB/s) Ports (1 Front Mounted)
•   Ultra 320 SCSI Controller (Narrow, Wide, Ultra, Ultra160, Ultra320)
•   Digital Intelligence UltraBay Hardware Write-Blocker:
    - Integrated IDE Drive Write Blocker
    - Integrated SATA Drive Write Blocker
    - Integrated SCSI Drive Write Blocker
•   Digital Intelligence Integrated Forensic Media Card Readers - One Read-
    Only Hardware Write Blocked and One Read/Write (MSC, MS Pro, SMC,
    CFC, MD, XD, SDC, and MMC Memory Card compatible)
•   2 x 300Gb 7200 RPM 3.0 Gb/s SATA Hard Drives in Shock-Mounted Trays
•   2 x Native Shock Mounted Serial ATA (SATA) Removable Hard Drive
•   1 x Native Shock-Mounted Parallel IDE Removable Drive Bay

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                              (RFP 12-118742)
                             February 27, 2007
   •   1 x HotSwap Shock Mounted Serial ATA (SATA) Removable Hard Drive
   •   1 x HotSwap Shock-Mounted Parallel IDE Removable Drive Bay
   •   DVD ± RW/CD ± RW Dual-Layer Combo Drive
   •   3½" Floppy Diskette Drive with Write Protect Switch
   •   Integrated Universal Imaging Workshelf
   •   104 key PS/2 Microsoft Keyboard
   •   Microsoft Intellimouse
   •   19" LCD Monitor with Built-in Speakers
2. Software (or State Approved Equivalents)
   •   MS-DOS 6.22 (Pre-Installed & Configured)
   •   Microsoft Windows 98SE Standalone DOS (Pre-Installed & Configured)
   •   Microsoft Windows XP Pro (Pre-Installed & Configured)
   •   Suse Linux 10.1 Professional (Pre-Configured)
   •   Norton GHOST 10.0 & 2003
   •   Nero DVD/CD Authoring Software
   •   Forensic DOS Shell program to emulate and extend the capabilities of
       DOS to meet forensic needs (Equal to Digital Intelligence DRIVESPY)
   •   Forensic program capable of generating either highly compressed or
       “flat” images for forensic analysis (Equal to Digital Intelligence IMAGE)
   •   Forensic standalone utility program to wipe (zero) physical hard drive
       (s) (Equal to Digital Intelligence PDWIPE)
   •   Forensic standalone utility program designed to prevent unexpected
       writes to a physical disk (Equal to Digital Intelligence PDBLOCK)
   •   Forensic program capable of listing summary information about all
       partitions on a hard disk, switch bootable partitions and hide/unhide
       DOS partitions (Equal to Digital Intelligence PART).
3. Accessories (or State Approved Equivalents)
   •   Adapters, Terminators, and Cables: All the necessary cables, adapters,

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                                 (RFP 12-118742)
                                February 27, 2007
           and terminators to image and process internal/external SCSI drives, 1.8 inch
           IDE (iPod) drives, 2.5 inch IDE (laptop) drives, and 3½ and 5¼ inch IDE
       •   Security Screwdriver Set: A varied assortment of standard-sized security
           bits for opening computer enclosures that may have been locked down in a
           private or public sector business environment.
   4. System Training (or State Approved Equivalent)

       •   Contractor will provide cost for training at least four (4) DPS employees for
           use of the forensic data recovery computers and associated software. DPS
           will pay for all travel costs related to this training.

A. Contract Deliverables

   •   The contract deliverable will be four (4) fully functional, configured and
       operationally deployed forensic data recovery computers with full completion of
       related installation and training support services.

B. Period of Performance

   •   Three (3) months from date of award of purchase document. Approximately
       March 15, 2007 through June 15, 2007.

C. References

   •   Offeror must provide at least three (3) law enforcement agencies and/or
       comparable private sector organization references to which they have sold their
       system within the past two (2) years.

   •   Reference information must include agency name, contact name, address, and
       phone number and e-mail address. Proposal will also provide a short summary
       of each sale completed (who, what, when, where, cost of system and any other
       relevant information).

A. Proposal Evaluation Criteria (100 Point Evaluation System)

       NOTE: Each submitted proposal will be evaluated using the following factors and
       their respective weights:

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                                     (RFP 12-118742)
                                    February 27, 2007
1. Cost Proposal (75% of available points)

The cost proposal should consist of the total price for all products and services
that are offered (including all hardware, software, installation and training, system
maintenance and warranty). The cost proposal evaluation factor will be
determined on the basis of this total price.

The cost proposal may clearly state costs for software, hardware, training, and
warranty; a proposing company can breakdown all the cost factors if desired;
however, this detailed information is not required.

The State of Alaska standard RFP Cost Proposal Evaluation Formula will be
used for calculating the cost evaluation points:

[(Price of Lowest Cost Proposal) X (Maximum Points for Cost)]
______________________________________________________ = POINTS
              (Cost of Each Higher Priced Proposal)

2. Customer References: (15% of available points)

Each proposal should include at minimum of three (3) customer references that
would allow DPS to readily contact for confirmation of the following items:

a.   Successful system installation overall.
b.   Contractor ability to integrate software/hardware with department operations.
c.   Ability to deliver system within budget and on schedule.
d.   Ability to service system problems after initial installation.

Contractor will need to provide the following business reference information:

a.   Law enforcement department name and key point of contact(s).
b.   Law enforcement department (physical and mailing addresses).
c.   Law enforcement department telephone and fax numbers/e-mail address.
d.   Law enforcement department – scope/description of system installation
     including start and finish dates of installation.

3. Alaskan Offeror's Preference: (10% of available points)

2 AAC 12.260(e) provides Alaskan offerors a ten (10) percent overall evaluation
point preference. Alaska Bidders, as defined in AS 36.30.170(b), are eligible for
the preference. This preference will be added to the overall evaluation score of
each Alaska offeror. Each Alaskan offeror will receive ten (10) points (10 percent

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                               (RFP 12-118742)
                              February 27, 2007
     of the total available points of 100 for this RFP) added to their evaluation score
     for this preference.

D. Submitting Proposals:

  Please limit your proposal, including price, to not more than thirty (30) 8.5" X 11"
  pages. Each printed side of each sheet, including covers, transmittal, etc., equals
  one page. A proposal may be corrected, modified, or withdrawn before the time and
  date set for submission of proposals.

  Faxed or scanned/e-mailed proposals are acceptable to meet the submission
  deadline date with the original signature proposal document to follow by mail not
  later than five (5) business days after the deadline date.

  Proposals are due prior to 3:00 PM Alaska Standard Time (AST), on Tuesday,
  March 13, 2007 and should be sent or delivered to:

            DPS Supply Section
            Reference: RFP 12-118472
            524 E. 48th Avenue
            Anchorage, AK 99503-7315
            (907) 561-1092, ext. 233
            (907) 561-9178 Fax

E. Authorized Signature

  All proposals must be signed by an individual authorized to bind the offeror to the
  provisions of the RFP. Proposals must remain open and valid for at least ninety (90)
  days from the proposal due date.

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                                   (RFP 12-118742)
                                  February 27, 2007
                         INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS
Offeror's Notice:

By signature on the proposal, the offeror certifies that:

(1) The Offeror does not have a possible conflict of interest concerning the performance
of services under this contract. An example of a possible conflict of interest would be
the Offeror or Offeror’s employees being employed by the State of Alaska. There may
be other examples of a possible conflict of interest for this contract. The Commissioner
of the Department of Public Safety reserves the right to cancel the contract award if any
interest disclosed from any source could either give the appearance of a conflict or
cause speculation as to the objectivity of the program to be developed by the offeror.
The Commissioner's determination regarding any questions of conflict of interest shall
be final.

(2) The Offeror has a valid Alaska business license and has written the license number
in their offered proposal AND has submitted one of the following forms of evidence of an
Alaska business license with the proposal: a copy of the offeror’s valid business
license; a copy of the business license application with a receipt date stamp from the
State's business license office; a receipt from the State’s business license office for the
license fee; a canceled check for the business license fee; a sworn notarized affidavit
that the proposer has applied and paid for a business license;

NOTE 1: For small procurements (below $50,000 in contract award value),
contractors must possess a valid Alaska Business License (ABL) before the
award of a contract.

NOTE 2: An ABL is not required for small procurement contracts if:

   •   If the vendor is located out of the State and Alaska and
   •   The vendor ships a product to Alaska or performs a service outside of the
       State of Alaska. (Reference AAM 81.120)

(3) The submitted proposal was independently arrived at, without collusion, under
penalty of perjury and that the offeror is complying with:

   a) the laws of the State of Alaska;
   b) the applicable portion of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964;
   c) the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and the regulations issued thereunder by
      the State and Federal Government;
   d) the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the regulations issued thereunder
      by the federal government;
   e) that programs, services, and activities provided to the general public under the
      resulting contract conform with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and

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                                       (RFP 12-118742)
                                      February 27, 2007
      the regulations issued thereunder by the federal government;
   f) that the offer will remain open and valid for at least ninety (90) days; and
   g) all terms and conditions set out in this Request for Proposals (RFP).

If any offeror fails to comply with sections (1) or (2) or (3) of this paragraph, the State
may reject the proposal, terminate the contract, or consider the contractor in default.

By signature on the proposal, the offeror also certifies that:

   a) all services provided under this contract by the contractor and all subcontractors
      shall be performed in the United States;
   b) the offeror is not established and headquartered or incorporated and
      headquartered, in a country recognized as Tier 3 in the most recent United
      States Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report; or
   c) if the offeror is established and headquartered or incorporated and
      headquartered, in a country recognized as Tier 3 in the most recent United
      States Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report, a certified copy of
      the offeror’s policy against human trafficking must be submitted to the State of
      Alaska prior to contract award.

       The most recent United States Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons
       Report can be found at the following website:

       Failure to comply with (a), (b) or (c) of this requirement will cause the state to
       reject the bid or proposal as non-responsive, or cancel the contract.


This RFP is written in accordance with Alaska Statute 36.30 and Alaska Administrative
Code, 2 AAC 12.

RFP Review

Offerors shall carefully review this RFP for defects and questionable or objectionable
material. Offerors comments concerning defects and questionable or objectionable
material in the RFP must be made in writing and received by the DPS Procurement
Officer at the following address before the proposal due date:

Robert C. DeGroot
DPS Chief Procurement Officer
524 East 48th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: (907) 561-1092
FAX: (907) 561-9178
E-mail address:
Filing a Protest

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                                       (RFP 12-118742)
                                      February 27, 2007
When an offeror or potential offeror has a dispute over the solicitation or the award of a small
procurement, the offeror must first attempt to resolve it with the Procurement Officer. If the
attempt is unsuccessful, the offeror may protest. The protest must be filed with the
Commissioner or Commissioner’s Designee. The offeror must also file a copy of the protest
with the Procurement Officer.

   a. If protesting a small procurement solicitation, the protest must be filed before the
      date and time that quotations or informal proposals are due.
   b. If protesting the award of a small procurement not exceeding $25,000, the
      protest must be filed within 10 days from the date of the solicitation or the date of
      the award, whichever is later.
   c. If protesting the award of a small procurement contract exceeding $25,000, the
      protest must be filed within 10 days from the date that Notice of Award is made.

To be accepted, the protest must contain the following information:

   a. The name, address, and telephone number of the protester;
   b. The signature of the protester or the protester's representative;
   c. Identification of the contracting agency and the solicitation or contract at issue;
   d. A detailed statement of the legal and factual grounds of the protest, including
      copies of relevant documents; and
   e. The form of relief requested.

Upon receipt of a protest:

   a. The procurement officer must immediately give notice of the protest to the
      contractor; or, if no award has been made, to all firms or persons that were
      solicited for the small procurement.
   b. If the protest is filed with the procurement officer instead of with the
      Commissioner or Commissioner’s Designee, the procurement officer shall
      immediately notify the Commissioner or Commissioner’s Designee.

The Commissioner or Commissioner’s Designee has the following options to resolve the

   a. with the concurrence of the protester, he/she may assign the protest to the
      procurement officer or other responsible State official for a final administrative
      resolution under alternate dispute resolution;
   b. he/she may issue a decision denying the protest and stating the reasons for
   c. he/she may issue a decision that sustains the protest, in whole or in part, and
      instruct the procurement officer to implement an appropriate remedy; or
   d. he/she may conduct a hearing on the protest consistent with the procedures
      contained in AS 36.30.670(b).

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                                        (RFP 12-118742)
                                       February 27, 2007

In the performance of any contract resulting from this RFP, the contractor must comply
with all applicable federal, state and local regulations, codes and laws; be liable for all
required insurance, licenses, permits and bonds; and pay all applicable federal, state
and local taxes. Offerors will fully comply with all terms of the request for proposals.
Offerors that do not comply are nonresponsive and will be rejected.

Standard Contract Form

The State of Alaska Standard Contract Form for Goods and Non-professional Services,
General Conditions (Appendix A¹), and state insurance requirements (Appendix B¹,
Indemnity and Insurance) are attached for reference and are applicable to any contract
resulting from this RFP.


Prices quoted for services must be quoted in U.S. Funds. Prices quoted in proposals
must be exclusive of federal, state, and local taxes. If the offeror believes that certain
taxes are payable by the State, the offeror should list such taxes separately in his
proposal. The State is exempt from Federal Excise Tax under Registration No. 92-73-

Firm Offer

For the purpose of award, proposals made in accordance with this RFP must be good
and firm for a period of at least ninety (90) days following delivery of the proposal.

Late Proposals

Proposals received after the time and date set for their receipt (due date) will not be
accepted and will be returned to the offeror unopened.

Proposal Rejection

The State reserves the right to reject all proposals at any time prior to award, and to
waive formalities when it is in the State’s best interest to do so. The State may reject
proposals if they are incomplete, fail to acknowledge addenda, are improperly signed, or
conditioned in any way. The State is not liable for any costs incurred by the offeror in
proposal preparation.

Contract Funding

The agreement that is entered into as a result of this RFP is subject to the availability
and appropriation of funds.

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                                      (RFP 12-118742)
                                     February 27, 2007

Assignment of rights and duties under a contract resulting from this RFP is not
permitted unless authorized in writing by the Department of Public Safety.

Conflict of Interest

An officer or employee of the State of Alaska may not seek to acquire, be a party to, or
possess a financial interest in this contract if (a) the officer or employee is an employee
of the administrative unit that supervises the award of this contract; or (b) the officer or
employee has the power to take or withhold official action so as to affect the award or
execution of the contract.

Force Majeure

The contractor is not liable for the consequences of any failure to perform, or default in
performing, any of its obligations under an agreement entered into as a result of this
RFP, if that failure or default is caused by any unforeseeable Force Majeure, beyond
the control of and without the fault or negligence of the contractor., For the purpose of
this agreement, Force Majeure will mean war (whether declared or not); revolution;
invasion; insurrection; riot; civil commotion; sabotage; military or usurped power;
lightning; explosion; fire; storm; drought; flood earthquake; epidemic or quarantine.


Any dispute arising out of the agreement resulting from the RFP shall be resolved under
the laws of the State of Alaska. Any appeal of the administrative order or ruling and any
action to enforce any provision of this agreement or to obtain any relief from or remedy
in connection with this agreement may be brought only in the Superior Court of Alaska.


Award will be made to the responsive, responsible offeror providing the proposal
determined to be the most advantageous to the state.


   1. Standard Contract Form for Goods and Non-Professional Services (1 page)

   2. Appendix A¹, General Conditions (1 page)

   3. Appendix B¹, Indemnity and Insurance (1 page)

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                                      (RFP 12-118742)
                                     February 27, 2007

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