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									                                                                                 “The Navigator”
                                                                                               Principal’s Newsletter

St. Charles North High School                                         Vol. V1 No. 5                                                              June 2005
255 Red Gate Road / St. Charles, Illinois 60175 / Phone 630/443-5700                                                               Mr. Frank Kesman, Principal
We value feedback from the District 303 community. Write or call us. Your response is always appreciated                  

 The Class of 2005: Sailing into the
       Sunset at St. Charles
         North High School

While the Class of 2005 graduated on May 29th, there have
been many events that they have sponsored or started that
have helped them create memories throughout the year.

On March 10, 2005, the senior class hosted the 2nd annual
Film Fest, an evening that showcased five films made by our
students who were competing with one another for the                                   Seniors (L to R) Patty Dillon, Nick Baldwin, Katie Van Cleave, and
                                                                                          Laura Holm carry class flags into commencement ceremony
grand prize. This year’s winner was Day of the Dead,
directed by Sieg, Inc., and they were awarded a laptop for
their cinematography. On April 16th, the senior class
hosted the 2nd annual Father-Daughter/Mother-Son Dance
at the high school for local elementary students and their
parents. The following week the Class of 2005 organized
the first ever Taste of SCN. All school clubs and athletic
teams were invited to participate by operating a booth.
This carnival style evening entertained students as well as
members of the community.

Two main activities for the Class of 2005 take place before
the commencement exercises. The Senior BBQ was held
Thursday, May 26th, from 6 to 10 p.m. in conjunction with
Trunk Full O’ Funk. Hamburgers, hotdogs, good music and                                    Seniors (L to R) Kara McDaniel, Andy McCoy, and Ben Bauer
                                                                                             prepare to march into the Main Gym for Commencement
good friends—a nice way to spend one of the last nights of
high school together. Friday morning brought one last
graduation practice before the ceremony on Sunday. After
reading names and maneuvering through seats, it was off to
Christ Community Church for the Senior Breakfast. The
senior class was “roasted” by staff emcee’s Dawn Hall and
Mark Moore before the notable awards were announced and
a preview of the Senior DVD were viewed.

On May 29th, the Class of 2005 graduated in a field of
royal blue with smiles on their faces and diplomas in hand.
They would like to thank ALL of you for making their high
school years ones to remember.

                                                                                       Senior Jonah Malarsky receives congratulations from Principal Kesman
Principal’s Newsletter

Page 2                                                                                                    June 2005

      North S.T.A.R. Award Recipients

S.T.A.R. Awards were bestowed upon these senior students
who exemplified the criteria attributes of the S.T.A.R. It
was an honor to be considered for this award since this
prestigious award is the capstone of the student’s high
school career.     The awards were presented at the
Candlelight Senior Farewell Candlelight Ceremony.                 Paige                                   Katie
                                                                Stoecklin                                 Schmit
NORTH                                                                                Kirby

S.    Service through sacrifice and stewardship.

Took initiative and promoted service to our school and local
community and was frequently seen as serving others.
Contributed to our environment through a genuine caring
and lack of self-promotion, oftentimes placing the needs of
the individual, project or activity before their own personal
agendas.                                                          Kris                                      Eric
                                                                Isabelli                                  Jamison

T.    Traditions that developed or sustained culture and                            Alexandria

Was instrumental and one of the guiding forces in
implementing or promoting a tradition(s) that have become
part of our collaborative spirit. Had a clear picture of who
we are and more importantly, who we can become.

A.    Accomplishment that exceeded expectations.

                                                                Patty                                      Sean
Used modeling, exhibited a deep understanding of what it        Dillon                                    Courser
takes to go “beyond the bar”, was able to cause peers to
excel at their own level. Championed our school and                                   Katie
                                                                                    Van Cleave
mentored through example, performance and personal
achievement. Demonstrated a clear focus for what needed
to get done.

R.    Resourcefulness    through         character       and
      unshakeable commitment.

Used a variety of strategies to motivate and promote an
activity or task. Was enthusiastic, energetic and confident
in moving forward toward the end result. Produced positive
results with remarkable, sustained commitment. Made a
genuine attempt to interface and branch out beyond our                      Arthi                Maggie
                                                                            Susai                Fahey

Principal’s Newsletter

June 2005                                                                                                                    Page 3

                                                        “Pen of the Principal”
                    The moment is at hand and I can delay no longer. My secretary is looking over my shoulder anxiously waiting
                    for my farewell “Pen of the Principal”. My hesitation has been due to an uncertainty as to how to begin to
                    say, “it has been great”, “thank you”, or “good-bye”. This journey, which for me began in July of 1999, has
                    been both amazing and personally rewarding. How does one begin?

   Frank Kesman    I would like to take a few words from the April 2000 Pen of the Principal. “It seems that just yesterday,
                   construction was beginning at the site of Wredling Middle School and the first clouds of dust swirled along
Red Gate Road. In fact, it was nearly one year ago that we began our journey with the Groundbreaking Ceremony in June and
the first excavation in July. Together, we have come a very long way in making St. Charles North High School a reality and I
would be remiss if I were not to take a moment and reflect on the year that is about to come to closure.” Today, I would be
remiss if I were not to take a moment and reflect on the six years that are about to come to closure.

My most treasured memories are of people. For six years, we have shared the privilege of common purpose working together as
students, parents and staff. The students of SCN have lived up to every expectation. The excitement of a new school, planning
with students to shape their experiences, establishing now long-standing traditions, competing against worthy rivals, and the
sharing of time and talent has all combined to forge the identity that our students portray. The many contributions by
students have made an impact on a high school that provides opportunity and is successful well beyond its three graduating

Our school logo contains three stars and while the students are the first star, the second star represents the staff. Many of
the inaugural staff remains at North, and together we can recall the early hectic days of a new school. Their experience and
commitment have brought many others to our family and all now work together to make the four-year high school experience an
opportunity for learning and exploration. As the visible representative, I often receive the awards and congratulations that are
bestowed on North High School. Always, I receive the recognition in the name of so many others who have dedicated
themselves as teachers, support staff and leadership. I am indebted to each of them.

The third star of our logo represents the contribution of parents. Combined with the first two stars of students and staff, we
have come together to establish a climate of cooperation that will ultimately create learning experiences for our students
worthy of their efforts. I am appreciative for the involvement of parents, the time already given and their ideas for the
future. Together, we have transformed “bricks and mortar” into a living school.

Throughout it all, we have not always agreed on strategy or even priorities. I am, however, certain that we all agreed on the
common purpose of helping the students of North High School to prepare themselves for their future. We have laughed
together, shared exciting moments of competition and even drew close during those times of grief. That is what memories are
made of and that is what I will remember.

My wife, Natalie, and our children, Amy and Mark, have been with me through this all. They have enjoyed the excitement,
joined with me in the rewards, calmed me down, raised my spirits, and shared in my most amazing and exciting journey. They
are the purpose of my efforts and I am proud that they have been with me throughout these years.

Marilyn is still standing there, tapping her foot, and waiting for the last few lines. I can now say “it has been great”, “thank
you”, and “good-bye”.

Frank A. Kesman
Principal’s Newsletter

Page 4                                                                                                                    June 2005

                                                               Curriculum Corner

                             The following information is a summary of the major school improvement actions and
                             curricular initiatives at NHS during the 2004-05 school year.

School Improvement Process
Cognitive Goal:        Staff Development
improve student         • All teachers trained in creating effective writing assignments (PAR)
communication in        • All teachers trained in Write Traits rubric to assess student writing
writing                Assessment
                        • All 9 and 10 grade students perform Timed Writing Prompt
                               th        th

                        • Student writing samples scored from courses in every Learning Area
                        • HSSSE survey of all students to measure length and frequency of writing assignments
Affective Goal:        Staff Development
increase student        • All teachers trained to support student use of Planner for recording and prioritizing assignments and
responsibility             project/deadlines management
                        • All teachers trained in decision-making model
                        • Progress report comments note % of students regularly using planner
                        • Staff/student survey gather % work completed late and why late
                        • HSSSE survey to measure student work habits and decision making skills
Climate Goal: all      Staff Development
members will            • Staff trained to implement activities during “411” schedule
contribute to          Assessment
positive school         • Survey to gather feedback on “411” schedule and other culture/climate initiatives
culture                 • HSSSE survey to measure student attitude toward school climate
Future Directions      Next year will be the 5th and final year of the current NCA School Improvement Cycle. We will use data
                       collected from the 2005-2006 school year to show overall progress toward our three goals. In the fall of
                       2006, a new school improvement process will begin with a new K-12 structure. The new process will
                       include the use of a uniform K-12 school improvement model called Smart Goals / Smart Schools. This new
                       model will support SIP team improvement efforts on goals that are:
                       Strategic and specific; Measurable; Attainable; Results-based; and Time-bound.
                       In addition, the new model will effectively integrate the use of technology for sophisticated analysis of
                       student achievement data in the school improvement process.

Curriculum         Actions
Mathematics         • Implemented the new College Preparatory Mathematics Program in Algebra I and Geometry LH
                    • Launched Math Resource Room to provide additional support for student learning mathematics
                    • Developed Summer Accelerated Algebra I, to enable more students could complete Calculus in high school
                      Adopted Mathematics Investigation Program/materials (from IMSA) for Algebra II and Pre-Calculus
English             • Re-structured 9-12 English Program to integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening, and research
                      throughout each year
                    • Created Access to Excellence, an enrichment course for students seeking entrance into the 9th and 10th
                      grade honors English course
                    • Created Literacy Block, a course designed to support students who struggle with literacy skills
                    • Adopted Springboard English curriculum (from College Board) for 9th and 10th grade
Science             • Proposed “Physics First” Program (physics, chemistry, then biology) for all students to BOE in May
Future              • Social Studies Steering Committee will propose new program structure to BOE in Fall 2005
Initiatives         • Foreign Language Steering Committee will propose new program materials for each language
                    • Physical Education and Health Steering Committee will review and revise HS curriculum/courses to build
                      upon new 6-8 Wellness Program
                    • A joint committee will conduct a comprehensive review of graduation requirements and weighted grade
                      policies for both D303 High Schools
Principal’s Newsletter

June 2005                                                                                                                 Page 5

Greetings, Members of the Class of 2009 and Parents!

As your vacation begins and summer calendars are established, be sure to reserve Friday, August 12 for Freshmen Orientation
Day. This is a half-day program, morning or afternoon depending on your alphabet assignment, for all our incoming 9th graders.
It is an opportunity to meet and interact with new classmates and learn about the locations and procedures of many of the most
important places and people on our high school campus. On Freshman Orientation Day students receive their textbooks,
schedule, locks and locker assignments. We want all freshmen to participate in our Orientation Day Program since this is so
vital to a successful transition experience.

As summer vacation gets underway, look to the future - our future “North Stars”. We know our new 9th graders are looking
forward to starting their first year in high school. We are excited about meeting the Class of 2009 and welcome them to North
High School.

While your student attends their Freshman Orientation Day, you are cordially invited to attend the Freshman Parent Survival
Meeting. An hour of information you won’t find anywhere else. Experienced parents are here to help you survive your
freshman’s first year of high school. Seasoned high school parents will share their experiences and answer your questions
about high school. Please come to the main entrance of the school for a tour of the essential areas of the school, receive a
Parent Survival Guide and have time to talk with parents who have “been there done that” and survived.

               Calendar Dates for Getting Started with the St. Charles North High School
                                        2005-2006 School Year

Friday, July 22               Completed registration forms and fees due
(TENTATIVE)                   If you have not paid your fees, only students who complete Mail In Registration can participate in
                              Material Pick Up Days in August. We will be accepting payments on Late Registration Days, August 18
                              and August 19, 2005.

Friday, August 12             Freshman Orientation Day includes Material Pick-Up
                              Morning Session      BY Alpha assignments      8:00 to 11:30
                              Afternoon Session    BY Alpha assignments      12:00 to 3:30

Monday, August 15             Sophomore Materials Pick-Up Day - 7:30 – 3:00 pm.

Tuesday, August 16            Junior Materials Pick-Up Day - 7:30 – 3:00 pm.

Wednesday August 17           Senior Materials Pick-Up Day - 7:30 – 3:00 pm.

Thursday, August 18           All School Material Pick-Up and Late Registration - 7:30 – 3:00 pm.

Friday, August 19             All School Material Pick-Up and Late Registration - 7:30 – 3:00 pm.

Friday, September 2           First Home Football Game, Peer Leadership Dance

Tuesday, September 6          Back-to-School Night

Friday, September 16          Staff Development/Teacher Institute-No school for students

September 26
through October 1             Homecoming Week Festivities

Friday, October 17            Staff Development/Teacher Institute-No school for students
Principal’s Newsletter

Page 6                                                                                                           June 2005

  Adopted January 24, 2005

                               ST. CHARLES COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DISTRICT 303
                                           2005-2006 SCHOOL CALENDAR


Aug. 22, 23, Monday, Tuesday ……………Teachers’ Institute Days
Aug. 24, Wednesday ………………………All Students Report
Sept. 5, Monday ……………………………Labor Day – Schools Closed
Sept. 16, Friday ……………………………Teachers’ Institute Day – No School for Students
Oct. 7, Friday ……………………………….School Improvement Day – No School for Students
Oct. 10, Monday ………………………….. Columbus Day – Schools Closed
Oct. 28, Friday ……………………………..End of First Quarter
Nov. 21, Monday ……………..…………….K-12 Parent/Teacher Conferences – No School for Students
Nov. 22, Tuesday                      K-8 Parent/Teacher Conferences – No School for Students
                                      High School Teachers’ In-service – No School for Students
Nov. 23, Wednesday ……………………….Non Attendance Day (offices open)
Nov. 24, 25, Thursday, Friday……. ………Thanksgiving Vacation
Dec. 16, Friday ……………………………. Last Day of School in 2005
Dec. 19, Monday – Dec. 30, Friday ……….Winter Vacation – Schools Closed


Jan. 2, Monday ……………………………..New Year’s Day Observed – No School for Students
Jan. 3, Tuesday ………………………….. ..School Resumes
Jan. 16, Monday …………………………...M.L. King’s Birthday – Schools Closed
Jan. 19, Thursday ………………………….End of Second Quarter
Jan. 20, Friday ……………………..............Teachers’ Work Day – No School for Students
Feb. 17, Friday ……........................……….Teachers’ Institute Day – No School for Students
Feb. 20, Monday …………………………...Presidents’ Day – Schools Closed
Mar. 24, Friday………………………….......End of Third Quarter
Mar. 27, Monday – Mar. 31, Friday ………. Spring Vacation – Schools Closed
Apr. 3, Monday ……........………………….School Resumes
Apr. 13, Thursday ………………………….K-5 only – afternoon Parent/Teacher Conferences (K-5 in classes in AM)
Apr. 14, Friday ……………………………...School Improvement Planning – No School for Students
May 29, Monday …………………………..Memorial Day – Schools Closed
June 2, Friday ……………………………….Last Day for Students if No “Emergency Days” are used
June 9, Friday ……………………………….Last Day for Students if 5 “Emergency Days’’ are used

Teacher Institute Days                  K-12 Parent/Teacher Conferences
No School for Students                  No School for Students
August 22                               Nov. 21 K-12; No School for Students
August 23                               Nov. 22 K-8 only; No School for Students
September 16                                    High School In-service; No School for Students
February 17                             Apr. 13 K-5 only – afternoon Parent/Teacher Conferences (K-5 in classes in AM)

School Improvement Planning Days        Teacher Work Day
No School for Students                  No School for Students
October 7                               January 20
April 14
Principal’s Newsletter

June 2005                                                                                                               Page 7

                National Business Leadership Conference                                   BOOK WORM ANGELS
Jeff Engel, junior, and Molly Stevens, sophomore, along with Mrs. Barb Schmit from                     Science       teacher,
St. Charles North High School participated in the April 22 – 26, 2005 National                         Janice Young and
Leadership Conference of Business Professionals of America in Anaheim, California.                     North     HS       AP
Jeff participated in the C++ Programming and Fundamentals of HTML competitions         Biology students, with the help from
while Molly competed in the Fundamentals of Accounting exam.                           National Honor Society and Student
                                                                                       Council, recently collected and
BPA has a national membership of over 54,000 students. Approximately 3,200 high        donated over 1,000 books to the Book
school student state winners and 800 college students from throughout the United       Worm Angels organization, which
States participated in Business Professionals of America’s 39th National Leadership    provides books to 30 inner city
Conference. Activities included general sessions with keynote speakers, business       schools in Chicago. Kudos on a
meetings, leadership workshops, contests and election of national officers. The        wonderful community-minded effort.
highlight of the conference was the presentation of the awards to the winners of the
national contests.

                                                                                        WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!
            IL Drafting Education Assoc. Competition                                   We need your help!!! The Physical
                                                                                       Education and Health instructors are
    Five North students were among 196 from across the state who                       interested in collecting data specific to
    competed in the April 16, 2005 Illinois Drafting Education Association             the parent perspective as they embark
    Competition at Illinois State University. North High’s participants                on the curriculum renewal process.
    included Steve Whitten – Introductory Board; Jordan Krage –                        Anyone that has had a child involved
    Introductory CAD; Liz Van Dril – Architectural CAD; Brad Baranick                  in the North PE program is invited to
                                                                                       participate    in     a    survey      at
    and Alex Hinrichs – Architectural Board. Krage received 3rd place in
    Introductory CAD and Baranick earned a 2nd place in Architectural                  The survey will take about 15 minutes
    Board. Congratulations to all!                                                     to complete, and the data will be a
                                                                                       piece of the puzzle used to inform the
                                                                                       Curriculum Committee regarding their
                                                                                       upcoming work.

  Auto Designers are Finalist in National                                              Thank you in advance for your input
                                                                                       and support!

 A team of District 303 student automobile designers is among eight teams                 Family Relations Class
named finalists for the 2005 DaimlerChrysler Build. The team consists of two
North HS students, senior Glenn Dickey (Marketing) and senior Erik Eichmann            Susan Pesch was the guest speaker
(Finance) and two East HS students, Jason Rask (Design) and Mike Richards              during first hour for the Family
(Environment/Safety/Ergonomics). The students are all in the Product Design            Relations class on Thursday, April
class taught by Ron Brown at North HS. The East students travel to North for           21st at St. Charles North High
the class.                                                                             School. Susan is a resident of Saint
                                                                                       Charles, with a family law practice
Students must use mathematics, science, social skills, language arts,                  in Wheaton. She shared with the
technology, and design skills to develop and design a vehicle packet. This             class about her area of specialty,
year students specifically had to “customize a vehicle of their choice, but also       which includes divorce, child
budget it out as a limited production model, just in case their vehicle becomes        custody, child support, mediation,
a ‘must have’. They had to develop a vehicle that offers fuel efficiency while
                                                                                       and child advocacy. Susan also
maintaining the innovative design upon which manufacturers have built their
                                                                                       discussed with the students her
                                                                                       work with children through the
                                                                                       Kane County Divorce Education
The team presented to competition officials their entire plan for designing and
                                                                                       “Kids” Program. Throughout the
marketing their dream vehicle, “Tsavo”, within a 30 minute time period.
                                                                                       presentation students received
Judges looked for organization, content, communication skills, appropriate and
                                                                                       ideas on career opportunities that
effective visual aids, correct and insightful answers to questions, while staying
within set time limits. Results are forthcoming.                                       relate to working with children and
Principal’s Newsletter

Page 8                                                                                                                         June 2005

               Child Development Classes                                    develop all aspects of the nine and ten curriculum to be
                                                                            launched this fall.
Grace Bardsley from Kindermusik in St. Charles presented a music
workshop to the four Child Development II Preschool classes at St.          The art department had a busy and fulfilling year. They
Charles North High School on April 11, 2005. Child Development II           showcased the students and their creative work in the Upstate
students run the StarKids Teaching and Learning Center that is              8 Art Show, the Administration Building, twice in the
housed in the high school. Kindermusik was created to align with the
Montessori method of education and is an international program
                                                                            Auditorium Lobby, the AP “Art Attack” Showcase, and now
geared towards early childhood. Grace demonstrated and involved             they are preparing a display for “Imagination,” which is the
the high school students in rhythm techniques using props, musical          annual student display at the St. Charles Public Library during
instruments or their body parts. She discussed the structure of the         the month of July. The art department has also been busy
lesson breaking it down into four parts: greeting time, rhythm time,        raising money for the community through the Empty Bowls
calming and self-regulating time and departure.                             project and Face Painting. The art teachers have taken full
                                                                            advantage of the time given for ETC this year. They
                                                                            developed a standardized template for students to use when
               StarKids Preschool Program                                   drafting artist statements. In addition to this, they have
                                                                            adapted the “Write Traits” rubric to use as an assessment tool.
Introducing Mr. Dave, Juggler Extraordinaire!!! Dave Hutter, a              Another mission of the art department has been to build a
SCN junior, entertained the StarKids preschoolers in May with
his fantastic feats of juggling. The children helped Mr. Dave
                                                                            collection of art history resources, and they have been able to
count the balls as he juggled them, adding an additional ball to            move forward on this goal thanks to the support of grant
make juggling more difficult. The children shouted out the                  money from the PARTS organization.
color of the balls as he bounced one at a time in his juggling
routine. During the week of May 2-6, 2005, the theme in the                 The music department has been involved in exciting
StarKids Teaching and Learning Center was “Under the Big                    enterprises as well. The teachers in music collaborated in two
Tent”.                                                                      ETC groups, one focusing on implementing strategies to
                                                                            improve vocal understanding and performance, the other
                                                                            working on improving the assessment of musicians. In
                                                                            addition to ETC work, the music teachers successfully
                                                                            implemented their PAR assignments into their classrooms and
                                                                            effectively executed all aspects of our school improvement
                                                                            goals. Our talented students were showcased at numerous
                                                                            concerts and events including the spectacular Constellation
                                                                            Concert in 2004 and the well received 2005 Jazz Café which
                                                                            this year included both instrumental and vocal jazz. With the
                                                                            help of the music boosters, many clinicians were brought into
                                                                            the classroom, in effect bringing the world to our door.

                                                                            Ann LaBotz has been serving as the lead teacher for the
                                                                            Humanities Learning Area. This is the first year of this
                                                                            position and she worked with the Instructional Coordinator on
                                                                            budgets, hiring, building plans for interdisciplinary studies,
 Junior, David Hutter, entertains the StarKids with his juggling routine.   and helped run ETC and SIP days. She will continue in her
                                                                            position during the 2005-06 school year, expanding her role as
                                                                            she reviews the fine arts curriculum and works toward
  Humanities Learning Area Has a Busy Year!                                 effective and positive change in both art and music.
All areas of the Humanities were bursting at the seams with
                                                                            All teachers in the Humanities were active in many aspects of
positive change for students, parents and teachers alike.
                                                                            our school community as well. From school improvement
                                                                            plan co-chairs to Cognitive Committee institute day
The English departments of both high schools presented a
                                                                            presenters, from sponsors of the Madrigal Dinner and the
four-year curriculum renewal plan to the D303 Board of
                                                                            plays to sponsors of Project Dance and Trunk Full of Funk,
Education in November of 2004. The Board was so
                                                                            every Humanities teacher is involved in these and many other
enthusiastic in its response that they asked the English
                                                                            aspects of the lives of St. Charles North students and staff.
departments to seriously consider speeding up the renewal
process.    This was accomplished through the ongoing
                                                                            Finally, the Humanities staff is bursting at the seams with
implementation of Springboard, a grade 6-12 College Board
                                                                            thanks to all the parents of our SCN students. Your
sponsored reading and writing program. To honor the
                                                                            commitment to your children’s well-rounded education is
commitment made to the board that the curriculum effectively
                                                                            greatly appreciated. We thank you for all your support during
integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening, research and
                                                                            the 2004-05 school year!
technology, teachers this summer will be trained and will
Principal’s Newsletter

June 2005                                                                                                                       Page 9

                TECHNOLOGY UPGRADE                                   National Honor Society Continues to Serve!
The computers at North will be getting an upgrade over the        This spring has continued to bring out service opportunities for
summer. Currently all the building computers are using            members of NHS. With proceeds from the doughnut competition, the
Microsoft Office 2000, but will be moving to Office 2003.         all-school Variety show and other fundraising events, NHS was able
Software upgrades will make North’s software compatible with      to spend $5,300 on 48 district 303 elementary students. The students
the Microsoft Office versions being used in many workplaces.      were able to purchase new spring and summer clothes, shoes, socks
Students will probably notice differences in the newer versions   and various other items at Kohl’s department store in Charlestown
of PowerPoint and Publisher next year when working on             Mall.
projects. Students should be aware of what versions of
software they are running at home in order to avoid               Several junior and senior members of NHS went through extensive
compatibility issues with software at school. If students or      training to serve as lead tutors for the athletic/activity tutoring
parents have questions about software compatibility, they can     initiative that began this spring. Members of NHS were available on
call the LRC or the Network Operations Center. The North          Wednesday evenings from 7:00-9:00 p.m. to offer tutoring services to
website lists the school’s software versions in the area of the   those individuals who needed extra help in order to remain eligible
website called NOC (Network Operations Center).                   for their extra-curricular activities. This effort will continue in the
                                                                  coming year.

        FLASH DRIVES OR THUMB DRIVES?                             Senior citizens were once again invited to an ice-cream social prior to
                                                                  North’s theatrical productions, this time showcasing Little Shop of
                                                                  Horrors. The senior citizens were accompanied by members of NHS
Some people call it a pen drive or a jump drive. Others call      and then were offered free admission to the show.
it a thumb drive, a keychain drive, a memory stick, or a
flash drive. No matter the name, students at North are
being encouraged to use flash or thumb drives instead of
the traditional floppy disks to transport files from home to
school or school to home. Flash drives are more durable
and capable of holding more memory than a floppy disk.

Since last year, the USB flash drive market has changed
greatly. Many manufacturers have updated their product
line and prices have dropped. While North staff members
are not recommending any particular manufacturer, a drive
that holds 128mb or 256mb would be adequate for student
use.                                                                            Nat’l Honor Society students ready to shop!

                   PROJECT DANCE!                                         National DECA Marketing Contest
                                                                  Eight North HS students participated in the DECA National
              On April 23, 2005, 125 St. Charles                  Competition, held April 26 – May 1, 2005, in Anaheim, CA.
              North High School students came
                                                                  DECA is the Marketing & Management Club for high school
together to celebrate the money raised for the Fox                students. It is one of the premier business education clubs for
Valley Special Olympics. Since November, these                    HS students in the US. Over 12,000 students traveled to
students have been fundraising by sending letter,                 Anaheim to compete in the event.                    North High’s
                                                                  representatives qualified to compete at nationals by placing in
contacting businesses, and even going door-to-door                the top three of their event at the state competition in March.
asking for support. The actual event took place
from 9 AM to 9 PM, and the rules were simple: no                  Junior Ashley Wade was a Top 20 Finalist in Full Serve
                                                                  Restaurant. Juniors Adilene Medina, Jessica Lang, and Karina
sitting and no caffeine. During the day there were                Tovar received competency honors for their work in the
different theme hours, many of which began or                     General Marketing Research event. Also representing North
ended with Special Olympian athletes, coaches, and                HS were Junior Laura Molitor and Laren Kasanders and
                                                                  seniors Scott Wine and Preston Reilly.
volunteers speaking. All in all, the project was a
complete success, and the high school students                    In the competition, students had to complete an exam in their
                                                                  event area and present judges their responses to case study
raised over $30,000 in its first year!                            situations. Corporations sponsor many of the events and
                                                                  supply business professionals to judge the competition.
  Principal’s Newsletter

  Page 10                                                                                                                       June 2005

             French National Honor Society
                  On April 7th, 30 students were inducted into
                  the inaugural chapter of SCN's French
                  National Honor Society (Société Honoraire de
                  Français). The following students were
                  recognized for their high standards of
                  academic achievement: Aimee Barrowclift,
                  Dan Blumeyer, Lauren Carr, Genny Coulson,
                  Kaylin Dalrymple, Lauren Dutkiewicz, Kate
  Fasbender, Vince Frantz, Lauren Greener, Jane Haglund, Conor
  Hamilton, Jeanette Huber, Shawn Jeffers, Sarah Jones,
  Brynson Lehmkuhl, Denise Lovorn, Lindsay Madziarczyk,
  Naveen Mohiuddin, Tara Orech, Johnathan Pettinato, Hannah
                                                                           Inaugural Chapter of French National Honor Society
  Qualls, Susie Remitz, Jillian Rigert, Ryan Sanders, Risa
  Sacomani, Sam Schreiber, Heather Stark, Allison Stephens,
  Stefanie Stephens, Mike Young.                                     IHOA Sportsmanship Award Winners
  The candlelight ceremony was sponsorsed by French                Congratulations to the St. Charles North High School
  teachers Laura Wilkinson and Korin Heinz, and presided over      Hockey Club for being chosen to be one of the 2005
  by society president Dan Blumeyer and vice president Lauren
  Greener. After the ceremony, inductees and their parents and
                                                                   Recipients of the Illinois Hockey Officials Association
  friends were invited to a reception in the auditorium lobby.     (IHOA) Sportsmanship Award. The Club was selected
                                                                   by the on-ice officials for displaying good
                                                                   sportsmanship, integrity and fair play from all of their
                                                                   teams, staff and spectators during the past season. The
                    National Latin Exam
                                                                   awards are banners that will be hung with pride in our
  Students enrolled in Latin took the National Latin Exam in       home arena
  March 2005. Over 135,000 students from all fifty states and 14
  foreign countries participated. The following North HS
  students received awards:

  Melissa Proulx              Gold, Summa Cum Laude
  Kelsey Anderson             Silver, Maxima Cum Laude
  Courtney Copping            Silver, Maxima Cum Laude
  Jenny Jung                  Silver, Maxima Cum Laude
  Daniel Webel                Silver, Maxima Cum Laude
  Jonathon Alexander          Magna Cum Laude

  Robert Gonnella             Magna Cum Laude

  Samantha Copping            Magna Cum Laude                                             JV Hockey Team
  Cari Olson                  Cum Laude
  Kelle Sills                 Cum Laude
  Brian Wright                Cum Laude

  Joseph Lancaster            Cum Laude
  Jessica Wallace             Cum Laude

                    MARKET DAY
Did you miss Market Day in May? Don’t despair, you
have one last chance! Order on-line by noon
Saturday, June 18th, for our last scheduled delivery
June 22nd. If you need help, call Jeff Forsell at
(630)513-9236 or e-mail him at
                                                                                             Varsity Hockey Team
Principal’s Newsletter

June 2005                                                                                                                              Page 11

   60th Annual FCCLA State Leadership Conference                                        BREAKFAST WITH THE STARS
The Illinois Association of Family, Career and Community Leaders of              The Breakfast with the Stars Program honors individual
America (FCCLA) 60th annual state Leadership Conference was held April 14
                                                                                 stars within our school community. Some of the individuals
– 16,2005 at the Convention Center, Renaissance and Hilton Hotels in
Springfield. At the conference 1,100 members and advisers from 147               nominated are out there for all of us to see and
schools demonstrated leadership skills by participating in proficiency events,   congratulate. Others are behind the scenes or who, in
showcasing community service projects, exploring careers, attending              their quiet way, demonstrate a level of excellence through
educational sessions and electing officers. Members demonstrated the skills      service, academics, competition, or simple kindness. Some
learned in their Family and Consumer Science courses. In addition to the
National Star Events, twenty-three State Proficiency Event competitions were     of these students give of their special talents on a day-to-
held. Congratulations to the following students for their achievements:          day basis in the classroom and some of them excel in our
                                                                                 extra and co-curricular activities. Each student is unique
Name                 Proficiency Event     Placement                             and special in the way they share and develop our school
Sara Switzer         Storytelling Team     Silver                                community.
Emily Rayl           Storytelling Team     Silver
Sarah Sams           Storytelling Team     Gold and Most Outstanding
Ali Johnston         Storytelling Team     Gold and Most Outstanding                                   APRIL STARS
Eric Loots           Culinary Relish       Silver
Brittany Ginger      Culinary Relish       Gold and Most Outstanding             Presenter                           Recipient
Katelyn Keck         Food Production       Gold
                                                                                 Ms. Barb Schmit                     Jena Spenske
Stefanie             Culinary       Arts   Silver
Gutierrez            Occupation                                                  Ms. Julie Bishop                    Morgan Styke
John Taube, IV       Culinary       Arts   2nd Place.      Qualified for
                     Occupation            National         Competition.         Ms. Laurel Howard                   Matt Hilgenberg
                                           Awarded $4000 Scholarship
                                           to Kendall College                    Mr. Steve Mahoney                   Greg Rutkowski

A Most Outstanding rating indicates that the judges voted on competitors that    Mr. Jacob Burlingame                Natalie Garcia
were the best in their proficiency event. In March, SCN students John Taube
                                                                                 Ms. Debby Scully                    Danielle Miller
(senior) and Stefanie Gutierrez (sophomore) attended the State Culinary Arts
Star competition for FCCLA at Kendall College in Chicago. This team event        Mr. Jim Lotarski                    Riley Andersen
is somewhat similar to the “Iron Chef” series on TV in that teams of 3
students are given recipes for a dinner they are to prepare. They have 30
minutes to plan the meal and 60 minutes to prepare. Judges (usually area
chefs) evaluate students on sanitation, food preparation skills and plating
                                                                                                        MAY STARS
techniques. Both students performed very well, John received 2nd place out
of 30 students, with the top 3 qualifying for National Competition held in San   Presenter                           Recipient
Diego this summer.
                                                                                 Ms. Lara Bell                       Anna-Lise Olson
Family Career and Community Leaders of America is a dynamic and
                                                                                 Mr. Joe Larson
effective national student organization that helps young men and women
become leaders and address important personal, family, work and societal         Ms. Tanis Loudon                    Christopher Klaczek
issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Since it’s
founding in 1945, FCCLA has involved more than nine million youth.               Mr. Gene Olsen                      Ann Petrzilka

                                                                                 Ms. Lindsay Trudell                 Emma Pranaitis

                                                                                 Ms. Sandy Szmajda                   Sarah Daley

                                                                                 Mr. Mark Moore                      Jeffrey Engel
                                                                                                                     Katherine Evans
                                                                                                                     Daniel Polito
                                                                                                                     Vincent Frantz
                                                                                                                     Eric Jamison
                                                                                                                     Kathryn Skelton
                                                                                                                     Elizabeth Van Dril
                                                                                                                     Derek Welch
                                                                                                                     Raymond Hsu

                        FCCLA State Competitors
Principal’s Newsletter

Page 12                                                                                                                                                      June 2005


                                 On Saturday, May 14th, North HS held its annual Junior-Senior Prom. Organized by the Class of 2006, the
                                 theme this year was "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra. Students traveled a short half-hour drive
                                 to The Seville in Streamwood, where they enjoyed a dinner of either chicken, beef or pasta and were treated
                                 to an ice cream roll cake as desert. The dance portion of the event began promptly at 8:30 pm and students
                                 enjoyed themselves immensely. This year's King and Queen, seniors Sean Courser and Katie Schmit, were
                                 crowned near the end of the evening to the cheers of the crowd. Students were offered a goody bag as they
                                 were leaving as a gift from the Class of 2006, containing water bottles, a picture frame, a car CD case and key
                                 chains. By all accounts a success, this year's Prom was truly a night of elegant attire and cherished
 King Sean Courser &
 Queen Katie Schmit
                                                                                Post Prom

Thank you to all our Post Prom CORPORATE Sponsors:                                     Thank you to all the SCN STUDENT volunteers that
Automotive Parts Service Co., Inc.         Meijer                                      helped with Post Prom:
Awesome                                    Mendel Plumbing & Heating, Inc.             Nick Reilly                Stephanie Granquist           Chris Zimmerman
B&B Enterprises/Fox Mill Subdivision       Mr. Kesman/Pepsi Fund                       Maggie Keen                Monica Fischer                Tony Damico
Baird & Warner                             Nick’s Pizza & Pub                          Beth Figura                Molly Fremgen                 Jake Hosler
Barbara Collins – Photogrphy               Norris Culteral Arts Center
                                                                                       Stefani Guttierrez         Pat Manser                    Risa Sacomani
Beef O’Brady’s                             Paperless Business Solutions
                                                                                       Chelsea Fu                 Nick Manser                   Colleen Fabing
Blue Goose                                 Paramount Arts Center
BP Gas Station                             Pepperidge Farm                             Stephanie Johnson          Natalie Aneskavinch           Mike Galvin
Caribou Coffee                             Pepsi America                               Jayde Huxtable             Mike Hopkins                  Karl Becker
CFT Inc.                                   Pheasant Run’s Noble Food Theater           Carolyn Nield
Colonial Café                              Pizza Hut
Dominos Pizza                              Plandscape                                  Thank you to all our Post Prom PARENT volunteers!!!!
Dominick’s                                 PMA Outdoor Equipment, Inc.                 More than 150 parents volunteered to make our first on-campus Post Prom Party a
Dellora A. Norris Cultural Arts Center     Print Queen                                 success. Months of planning, making decorations, soliciting prizes, food & donations,
Delnor Health & Wellness Center            Prudential Realty-Debbie Notaro             recruiting volunteers, decorating, staying up until 3 AM & disassembling. This fun &
Delnor Public Relations & Marketing        Randall 16                                  safe party for juniors & seniors would not have occurred without the help of:
Drs. Horton & Vranas                       RC Racing Experience
Fox Valley Orthopaedic Institute           Rex’s Cork & Fork                           Sue & Norb Becker          Marsha Sprengel              Karen Porter
Geneva Eye Clinic – Dr. Norbert Becker     Robert G. Miller                            Amy & Peter Storm          Eve & Neil Tubman            Kathy Janci
GMI Gill Management                        Shearer & Agrella-Attorneys at Law          Shirley Nichol             William Zabler               Beth Baldwin
Graham’s Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream       Specialty Food Groups                       Gil Herreras               Diane Dewitte                Theresa & Darlo Sacomani
Grimms Hallmark Store                      St. Andrew’s Golf & Country Club            Thomas Weigner             Marilyn Ringsby              Denise & Don Zimmerman
Harris Bank                                St. Charles Paddlewheel Riverboats          Nadia & Peter Daley        Julie Peterburs              Cindy & Rick Hueneke
Indigo School of Art                       St. Charles Park District                   Kim & Jerry Sutcliffe      Diane Detelich               Gwen & Larry Breeden
Integrated Fitness                         St. Charles Youth Commission                Jeanne & Scott Hosler      Tami & John DiFulvio         Jayne Richardson
John B. Norris Recreation Center           Taco Bell                                   Jeff & Sue Forsell         MaryBeth & Preston Reilly    Connie & Tony Coulson
J. Foster Enterprises                      TGI Friday’s                                Angie Gawron               Paula White & Jim Keen       Karen & Jennifer Casement
Jewel Food Store                           Dr. Todd S. Hewell                          Deb & Jim Hopkins          Krista Goldberg              Karin & Chris Roberts
Kane County Chronicle                      Tranquility                                 Gary & Karen Hoyne         Liza Elliott & Ric Manser    Marianne & Mike Jamison
Kane County Cougars                        Turtle Wax Car Wash                         Frank Devitt               Sue Vincent Keen             Darlene Barrowclift
Kelly Orthodontics                         Villa Olivia                                Donna Bihner               Kathy Lamb                   Rita Larson
LaSalle Bank                               Vino Thai Restaurant                        Rose Kowal                 Heather Matuszak             Laura Zimmerman
Life Journey’s Counseling Center           West Suburban Bank                          Mary Fremgen               Linda & Lalo Ponce           Laurel Matthews
Marcus Cinema – Elgin Fox                  Wilson Travel & Cruise                      Jane & Paul VanDril        Kathy Polito                 Chris Zannis
Margarita Man                              Wolff Fitness                               Mary McNamara              Jim & Pat Screeden           Ron & Maureen Haluczak
McDonald’s – Yanni Management Inc.         Zimmerman Ford                              Sue & Jon Wachs            Karen & Greg Stoner          Deborah Gonzalez-Mendez
McGrath Motors                                                                         Rosemary Dittman           Treva Wine                   Pam Watson
                                                                                       Lorraine Henry             Beth Zanis                   Vickie Justice
Thank you to the SCN FAMILIES who made a special donation                              Nancy Travers              Tina Zucker                  Carolyn McDonald
to the Post Prom:                                                                      MaryLynn Zwolinski         Angelo Bravos                Rene Averett
Abramowski             Gross             Matuszek           Schuetz                    Valerie Bailey             Ken & Kerry Fenoglio         Lisa Autry
Berry                  Hansen            McDonald           Screeden                   Glenn & Kathy Harks        Chris Katkus                 Terry Bauer
Brooks                 Harks             McEmery            Sergi                      Jim Broecker               Margie Jiminez               Mike & Donna Bull
Courser                Harriett          McGushin           Sohl                       Chris & Kim Manny          Jennifer Benson              John Conte
Doepke                 Hilligoss         McLean             Storm                      Anita Nelson               Terry White                  Al Dickey
Dziuban                Holm              Melcher            Teichart                   Pat Shales                 Jan Stark                    Gregg & Ann Dvorak
Flood                  Hopkins           Nosal              Travers                    Brigid Young               Maureen Damico               Tom & Karen Flood
Fore                   Hoyne             Novorolsky         Tustin                     Lisa & Dan VanDyck         Joe Petrie                   Scott & Sue Fors
Frank                  Huxtable          Perez              Vincent                    Lynne Pittner              Bob & Sue Gehm               Amy Boynton
Fremgen                Jamison           Pittner            Wachs                      Bruno & Carole Gentile     Scott Horton                 Rich Juszcak
Gentile                Jones             Ponce              Weinberg                   Bob & Mary Lanning         Jeff Majka                   Jeff & Pam McCoy
                                                                                       John Picinich              Wendy Sedwick                Mark & Theresa Shoup
Giamberdino            LaBarre           Reilly
                                                                                       Denise Campbell            Anthony & MaryJane Battaglia
Principal’s Newsletter

June 2005                                                                                                                               Page 13

   Supporting the Needs of ALL Children with
              Parent Partnerships
A parent group was recently formed to support the needs of
gifted and talented students in District 303.         The
Gifted/Talented Parent Support Group is a partnership
between the District and parents interested in topics and
issues surrounding gifted education.

Last October, parents of students enrolled in District 303 gifted
and talented programs were surveyed to determine areas of              Prentiss Among Coach of the Year Finalist
interest relative to gifted education. Survey results guided the
agenda of the first meeting held in November. National              North HS golf coach, Rob Prentiss, is one of eight national finalists
speaker Joan Franklin Smutny addressed the group of over            for Golf Coach of the Year for 2005, to be presented by the
100 parents on the topic, “Supporting the Needs of the Gifted       National High School Athletic Coaches Association.
                                                                    All Golf Coach of the Year finalists will be recognized, and the
A steering committee of parents has been selected to organize
                                                                    Coach of the Year named, on June 30th at the Association’s annual
and plan future meetings. Steering committee members
include:                                                            meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Gabriella Filippi           Prentiss was nominated for his “dedication to the athletes (he
Cyndy Halleran                       serves), the administering of programs and (his) foresight and
Tricia Huber                          success,” according to a letter from NHSACA Executive Director
Shawn Kruzan                              Dick Galiette.
Patti Lopuszanski
Leslie Mann      
Donna Slowik     
Margaret McDonnell
                                                                               Howard to speak at Relay for Life
Peg Sanders      
                                                                    Global Studies teacher, Laurel Howard, will be a guest speaker
                                                                    along with her husband, Alan, at the Carol Stream Relay for
The Gifted/Talented Parent Support Group meetings are open
                                                                    Life in June. They’re both cancer survivors and will address
to any parent or teacher interested in gifted education issues
                                                                    fellow survivors and caregivers before the kickoff lap at the
and topics.       Future meeting dates will be posted on the
                                                                    June event. Relay for Life is a 12-hour walkathon that raises
district’s website, Please contact a member of
                                                                    money through donations through 10-15 member teams of
the steering committee if you are interested in additional
                                                                    walkers and runner. Laurel is also seeking contributions to the
                                                                    American Cancer Society for this event. Please contact her via
                                                                    the High School at (630)443-5700.

                Annual Staff Recognition
                                                                          Kesman Nominated for Educator of the Year
On April 21st, the following North High School staff                  Principal Frank Kesman was nominated for this year’s Kane County
members were recognized at the 26th Annual Staff                      Administrator Award. He was formally honored at the 30th Annual Kane
Recognition Dinner for their years of service to students:            Co. Educational Service Region Educators Awards Banquet.

20 Years of Service                                                   During Mr. Kesman’s tenure here at North HS, he emphasized the need
                                                                      for solid relationships between students, staff, parents and the
Ron Brown, Technology Education Teacher                               community as the foundation for success.
Gregg Mundt, Humanities Teacher
Rob Prentiss, Health/Driver Ed Teacher                                “It is very easy to get caught up in the minute details of running a school
Dr. Susan Terronez, Social Worker                                     and think it is all that matters, but it was clear from the beginning that
                                                                      Frank’s priority was people,” wrote North HS social studies teacher
25 Years of Service                                                   Michael Kuper.
Mark Gould, Health/Driver Ed Teacher
                                                                      “The genius of Frank’s relationship with staff is that he understands that
                                                                      high quality schools are built by high quality staff that do what they are
                                                                      best at doing,” wrote Assistant Principal, Dr. Bruce Lane.
Frank Kesman, Principal
Susan Schwerdtfeger, Faculty Secretary                                “Good administrators are rare in our field,” wrote Band Director, Jim
Judith Vonasch, Foreign Language Teacher                              Strombres. “Frank Kesman is the best I have ever worked for in my 27

        DECA Marketing Educator of the Year
 Congratulations to Business Ed teacher , Kendra Lee, who
 has been named the DECA (Distributive Education Clubs
Principal’s Newsletter

Page 14                  June 2005
Principal’s Newsletter

June 2005                                                                                                                                                                   Page 15

                                                                     “Between the Lines”
The 2004-2005 sports season has come and gone very quickly. We have enjoyed many successes over the past nine months both in and out of the athletic arena. We were UEC
Champions in Girls Volleyball, Football, Girls Golf and Baseball. We won Regional titles in Boys Basketball, Girls Swimming, Boys’ Volleyball, Girls’ Soccer, and Girls’ Softball and a
Sectional title in Boys Swimming. Our student athletes have reaped the benefits of all of their hard work, dedication, and determination, each of which, has become the cornerstone of
North Star athletics. We had many student athletes whom achieved individual success throughout the year including: Emily Shankman, who was chosen to perform the National
Anthem at the IHSA State Basketball Tournament, and Lauren Switzer who was selected as an All-American Soccer player by both the National Soccer Coaches Association and Parade

All Academic award winners are athletes who are varsity letter winners with a 4.5 GPA or better. 229 student athletes represented St. Charles North. Those include:

                                                                      Fall ALL ACADEMIC Varsity Athletes

Girls’ Volleyball                      Cheerleaders                           Boys’ Golf                             Boys’ Soccer                           Football
Joanna Bebenek                         Lindsay Brady                          Scott Fore                             Taylor Autry                           Frank Bisceglie
Kerry Brown                            Amanda Kunos                           Vincent Frantz                         Nathan Becker                          Tyler Chamberlain
Kelly Carpenter                        Amber Millard                          Kyle Moynihan                          Erik Ellingson                         Mark Dague
Kristina Forester                                                             Collin Prentiss                        Max Mahaffey                           Dan Duncan
Laura Holm                             Girls’ Cross Country                   Michael Thomas                         Tyler Mahaffey                         Doug Fry
Cristina Piazza                        Jennifer Dinges                        Michael Weaver                                                                Peter Kelder
                                       Brittany Haas                                                                 Boys’ Cross Country                    Ryan Lavaja
Girls’ Tennis                          Lindsey Hitt                           Girls’ Swim & Dive                     Jordan Brewner                         Steven Little
Brittany Albers                        Ashley Hodgson                         Aimee Barrowclift                      Kody Carr                              Brian McDonald
Jaclyn Bober                           Kristine Kaduk                         Anna Bultema                           Mathew DeLise                          Ian Pfeiffer
Lauren Dutkiewicz                      Elizabeth Lanning                      Jessica Cohen                          Mathew DeSilva                         Logan Ponce
Kimberly Gurga                         Jill Rigert                            Melanie Edgar                          Michael Mcdonnell                      Jake Rigert
Kristin Isabelli                       Paige Stoecklin                        Kaylee Jamison                         Ian Miles                              Derek Sanders
Kelly McNamara                         Sara Thorne                            Laura Johnson                          Chris Rosso                            Adam Shiltz
Denise Lovorn                                                                 Heather Kopec                          Stephen Wiitanen                       Bryson Thomas
Laura Quock                            Drill Team                             Stephanie Kos                                                                 Alex Tietz
Anne Reuss                             Jennifer Atkocaitis                    Laura McCaffrey                                                               Scott Wine
Allayne Schmitt                        Lauren Brown                           Briana Motley                                                                 Michael Francek
Christy Shirreffs                      Jennifer Cook                          Tracy Merwin                                                                  Michael Goduco
Jacqueline Shirreffs                   Jessica Dvorak                         Carolyn Nield                                                                 Jeff Pechan
Kendall Williams                       Erin Flinn                             Catherine Nosal
Emily Zepeda                           Arielle Johnson                        Stacy Pancratz
                                       Brittney Lutsch                        Isabel Perfect
Girls’ Golf                            Katelyn Ohlrich                        Jennifer Peterburs
Danielle Detelich                      Emily Pittner                          Amanda Richer
Melissa Kocek                          Stephanie Poquette                     Robyn Walter
Kelsey Proud                           Kira Varava                            Caitlin Zaccagnini
Jena Spenske

                                                                          Fall ALL UEC Varsity Athletes

Girls’ Golf                            Girls’ Volleyball                      Boys’ Soccer                           Football                               Honorable Mention
Jena Spenske                           Tina Brown                             Joe Averett                            Pat Brown                              Mike Collins
Kelsey Proud                           Laura Holm–Unam.                       Taylor Bond                            Peter Nelson                           Dan Duncan
Danielle Detelich                      Cristina Piazza–Unam.                  Kyle Russell                           Jake Rigert                            Matt LaBarre
Kate Babcock                           Katie Walsh–Unam.                                                             Logan Ponce                            Pat Malek
                                                                              Honorable Mention                                                             Chaz Millard
Boys’ Golf                             Honorable Mention                      Nate Becker                            Special Mention                        John McAndrews
Josh Eggleston                         Joanna Bebenek                         Andrew Elke                            Brett Bates                            Alex Tietz
Vince Frantz                           Jaime Spolum                           Clint Schreiber                        Phil Conte                             Ron Vik
                                                                                                                     Brian Holtrop                          Dan VisoSenior
                                                                                                                     Ryan McPherson

                                                                    Winter ALL ACADEMIC Varsity Athletes

Drill Team                             Gymnastics                             Girls Basketball                       Cheerleading                           Boys Basketball
Jennifer Atkocaitis                    Heather August                         Monika Cepaitis                        Kathryn Bakstad                        Erik Ellingson
Lauren Brown                           Kelsey Ransom                          Ruta Cepaitis                          Lindsay Brady                          Jake Fenoglio
Jennifer Cook                          Laura Siemianowski                     Tara Goodarzi                          Rachel Dittman                         Dustin Lee
Jessica Dvorak                                                                Wes Johnson                            Denise Gonzalez-Mendez                 Derek Sanders
Erin Flinn                             Boys Swimming                          Kathleen Kaduk                         Amanda Kunos
Arielle Johnson                        Andrew Fenton                          Kristine Kaduk                         Megan Langille                         Wrestling
Brittney Lutsch                        Robert Force                           Erin Kane                              Amber Millard                          Cory Jacoby
Katelyn Ohlrich                        Eric Jamison                           Jessica McNamara                       Kathryn Wolverton                      Bryan Lesswing
Emily Pittner                          Alex Kraus                             Katie Schmit                                                                  Andy McCoy
Stephanie Poquette                     Joseph Lancaster
Kira Varava                            Tom Lancaster
                                       Chris Peterson
                                       Matt Wolf
Principal’s Newsletter

Page 16                                                                                                                                                                  June 2005

                                                                          Winter All UEC Varsity Athletes

Girls’ Basketball                                Honorable Mention                                 Boys’ Basketball                                 Honorable Mention
Jessica Biddle                                   Jessica Najarian                                  Dustin Lee                                       Brad DeJong
                                                                                                                                                    Peter Nelson

                                                                     Spring ALL ACADEMIC Varsity Athletes

Boys Tennis                            Girls Soccer                            Boys Track                              Girls Track                            Girls Badminton
Colin Ducharme                         Jenna Atkocaitis                        Dan Blumeyer                            Heather August                         Natalie Albers
David Kowal                            Megan Christiansen                      Jordan Brewner                          Melanie Edgar                          Samantha Copping
Bryan Lesswing                         Brittany Higgins                        Kody Carr                               Katherine Fasbender                    Aaron Herreras
Charles Mallari                        Lynda Judy                              Matt DeLise                             Kelsey Feiza                           Shannon Newman
Naveen Ponnuswamy                      Erin Kane                               Matt DeSilva                            Kaylee Jamison                         Amanda Kunos
Andrew Price                           Jess McNamara                           Michael McDonnell                       Kim Justice                            Katie Evans
Jarret Roloff                          Kelly McNamara                          Ian Miles                               Rachel Juszczak                        Jennifer Klink
Adam Screeden                          Kirby Nelson                            Logan Ponce                             Liz Lanning                            Jena Spenske
Michael Weaver                         Danielle Ranieri                        Chris Rosso                             Stacy Pancratz
                                       Stephanie Shirkey                       Derek Sanders                           Jill Rigert                            Boys Volleyball
Softball                               Laura Smith                             Jake Thompson                           Samantha Stewart                       Paul Bartel
Stephanie Cihlar                       Jen Stopka                              Stephen Wiitanen                        Paige Stoecklin                        Andrew Fenton
Christy Engel                          Allison Weinberg                        Scott Wine                              Alison Teichart                        Brandon Havens
Kelley Mennie                                                                                                          Christine Weaver                       Jonathan Klaczek
Kylee Sprengel                                                                 Baseball                                Ellen Zanis                            Ryan Strub
Marla Tetzlaff                                                                 Ben Bauer                                                                      Keith True
Kristen Zwolinski                                                              Jake Fenoglio
                                                                               Jason Javers
                                                                               Jake Rigert
                                                                               Adam Shiltz
                                                                               Andrew Vycital

                                                                          Spring All UEC Varsity Athletes

Baseball                               Girls’ Soccer                           Boys’ Volleyball                        Softball
Kenny Smalley                          Erin Kane                               Ryan Strub                              Christy Engel
Kevin Schuetz                          Sam Messacar                            Steve Soucy                             Kylee Sprengel
Andrew Vycital                         Maddie Lehman                                                                   Steph Cihlar
                                       Allison Weinberg
Honorable Mention                                                                                                      Honorable Mention
Andrew Elke                            Honorable Mention                                                               Keeley Mennie
Rob Currie                             Kelly McNamara                                                                  Jessica Swanson
Jason Javers                           Val Pelizza                                                                     Jessica Serritella
                                       Jenna Atkocaitis

                                                 Fall All-State Girls Swim                         Winter All-State Girls Swim
                                                 Catherine Nosal                                   Doug Brooks
                                                 Briana Motley                                     Jimmy Brooks
                                                 Kaylee Jamison                                    Robert Force
                                                 Sarah Van Oss                                     Alex Kraus
                                                 Melanie Edgar                                     Eric Jamison

Congratulations to the St. Charles North High School Boys Swimming Team, the St. Charles North High School Girls Swimming Team, and the St. Charles North High School Girls
Basketball Team for achieving the IHSA Team Academic Award. This award recognizes teams that maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher throughout their respective season.

As a reminder, we are accepting registrations for our summer programs online at Go to North HS and then to camps and lessons. Payment will be accepted the first day
of camp only. Summer camps offered include baseball, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls cross country, drill team, football, boys soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball and water
polo. Register now!

The athletic department would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents whom have provided us with rides to and from practice, washed our uniforms, prepared our pre-game
meals, dropped off our forgotten clothes, and supported us through thick and thin - you’re very much appreciated.

And lastly, I remind each athlete and parent that the school registration packet will be arriving shortly. Please make sure your physical examination and parent consent forms are on file
in the athletic office and your activity fee is paid prior to beginning your next sport.
Principal’s Newsletter

June 2005                                                                                                                        Page 17

                                                P. P. S. Class Notes
First and foremost, the Pupil Personnel Services Learning Area wishes to congratulate the Graduating Class of 2005!            You have
worked hard and persisted through twelve years of education to earn your high school diploma and to move on to successful lives. All
of us will look to your future accomplishments with pride in knowing that you are Alumni of St. Charles North High School! It has been a
pleasure to work with you!

Next we want to thank Mr. Frank Kesman for all he has done for the students, parents, and staff of St. Charles North High School. If
you know Frank, you know that family is very, very important to him. For the last five years Frank has been the heart of the St. Charles
North High School family. He has been the Polaris, the guiding North Star, that has helped all of us remain focused on the purpose and
importance of our journey. We will all miss Frank greatly next year! We wish him the absolute best in his retirement.

We also wish to welcome the Freshman Class of 2009! We are excited to have the opportunity to help you develop your academic and
personal talents. We are confident that, with effort and commitment, you too will move successfully toward the highest of academic
standards and outstanding life-long accomplishments as graduates of St. Charles North.

Finally, we wish to extend to Mrs. Kim Zupec, our new Principal and our new guiding North Star, the warmest of welcomes. The
experience, talent, and commitment to students and parents that you bring to our school will help the North Star Family move forward to
help all students succeed at the highest levels. We are proud to have you at the helm!

On the behalf of the entire Pupil Personnel Services Learning Area, I want to thank all of the North Star students, parents, and staff for
an outstanding semester and year!
                                                                                                                   Dr. Bruce A. Lane

                                            Congratulations Seniors Class of 2005!
The PPS staff wishes to congratulate the Graduating Class of 2005!

The PPS office will continue to provide you support as you move forward with your life. Counselors remain good sources for letters of
recommendation our Registrar will continue to assist you in sending a copy of your transcript to schools or employers. You will also
continue to be able to use with your St. Charles North user name “north” and password “high” to search for
information on careers and colleges. In a year we will send you a one-year graduate follow-up survey to hear how you are doing and
gather your feedback regarding how your experience as a North Star helped you.

We will always welcome hearing from you! Don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line to let us know how you are and what you are
doing. No matter where the course of your life takes you, no matter how far away you are, or how long it has been since you
graduated, you will always be a North Star, and our thoughts and best wishes will be with you!

                                                  The New Senior Class of 2006
You have made it to the final stretch of your high school career! This year you will be making important decisions regarding careers
and colleges. This year will require focus, balance, and effort in order to have a strong finish to your high school career. Students who
have a strong academic schedule and work hard to do well in these courses keep the doors to opportunities after high school wide

The best advice for your senior year is, “Do not miscalculate.” Near the beginning of the school year you will receive a senior mailing
that will provide you important information for your senior year, including a current transcript of courses taken. Double check the
courses listed on your transcripts against the requirements for graduation. If you have questions, contact your counselor.

Career and College Search
You should have a very good idea of the kind of career in which you are most interested. However, there are many resources that can
assist you this summer.
    •    You can access by using the username “north” and password “high.” offers interest
         inventories that can help you identify career areas of interest to you and the colleges that best serve those career areas.
    •    You may also access ACT’s Discover Program by:
              o Logging on to
              o Then entering SCNHS-your student ID number in the User ID box and leave the Password box blank, and click
                  submit. (Contact Dr. Lane if you have problems.)
              o It will ask you to complete a user profile form before you can enter the program.

Summer is also an excellent time to do college visits that will help you narrow your choices.
Principal’s Newsletter

Page 18                                                                                                                         June 2005

                                             The New Senior Class of 2006 (Cont’d)
NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse
The NCAA requires all new college athletes who want to compete in Division I or II athletics to meet specific initial eligibility
requirements. To help our students better understand these requirements, Coach Bobbie Cesarek, Northern Illinois University’s
NCAA Compliance Director has again been invited to speak to all District 303 high school athletes regarding the initial eligibility
requirements in September. You can also obtain information on the Initial Eligibility requirements and complete the application online
at NCAA requires that you forward a transcript with your application.

PSAE Retakes
This summer you will receive your Prairie State Examination Scores, including your ACT, PSAE, and WorkKeys scores. The State of
Illinois allows seniors the opportunity to improve their PSAE scores by retaking both days of the PSAE in October. Once you receive
your PSAE results, you should decide if your scores are satisfactory. If you choose to retake the test, notify Dr. Lane in the Guidance
Office and request a voucher for the testing. The retake tests will October 22nd (ACT) and October 25th (Prairie State Exams and
WorkKeys). Students who were unable to take the PSAE tests in the Spring of 2005, may retake the tests in October. Students must
take both days if they choose the retake option.

                                                  The New Juniors Class of 2007
You have crossed the halfway milestone! As juniors you need to continue to build a strong academic base and achieve the knowledge,
skills, and attitudes that will serve you well after high school. Juniors also face a number of critical standardized tests that provide them
opportunities to demonstrate their achievement and abilities.

PSAT/NMSQT. The PSAT is a practice test that prepares juniors for the SAT. The PSAT is also the test that is used for the National
Merit Scholarship Program. The PSAT will be offered Saturday October 15, 2005.

ACT. The ACT is College Admissions Exam. The ACT will be given at St. Charles North High School on Saturday October 22, 2005
and again Saturday, April 8, 2006. These dates are national administration dates.

PSAE. The PSAE is a set of tests required by the State of Illinois to assess the progress of all Illinois juniors in reaching the State
Learning Standards. The State requires all juniors to take these tests in order to receive a high school diploma. These tests will be
administered to all juniors on Wednesday, April 26 & Thursday, April 27, 2006.

SAT. The SAT is a College Admissions Exam. It is designed to provide information regarding a student’s verbal , mathematic and
writing ability. The SAT will be offered at St. Charles North on Saturday, June 3, 2006.

Students may take the ICEPT to meet the State requirement that students take a consumer education course. The test is offered
October and January.

Taking academically challenging courses and working hard to do well in these courses is the absolute best test preparation activity for
any student. However, there are a number of private companies that offer specialized courses designed to prepare students for
specific tests. A list of these companies and courses can be found on the PPS website. Several courses will be offered at St. Charles
North during the 2005-06 school year.

PSAT 240. This seven week PSAT/NMSQT preparation course will be offered by ExcelEdge at St. Charles North students on
Tuesdays from August 30 to October 11th. This course will help students analyze the PSAT, practice questions relating to the verbal,
writing, and math components of the test, and master the pacing required to complete the test. While ExcelEdge has designed this
course specifically for students who are in the top 15% of their class, it can assist and is open to all juniors who wish to take the PSAT.
Students interested in taking the PSAT240 will be able to pick up registration packets and fee information in the guidance office in June.
The cost of the program will be $192. The deadline for registration is August 29th.

ACT 36. ExcelEdge will offer an ACT preparation course at St. Charles North. This course provides its students with an in-depth
practice on the ACT. The course will begin January 23rd and finish on March 20th. The cost of the program will be $192. The deadline
for registration will be December 13th.
Principal’s Newsletter

June 2005                                                                                                                      Page 19

                                              The New Sophomores Class of 2008
You have completed your first year of high school! As sophomores you will build a strong foundation for your future by working hard to
build a strong academic record and by beginning to define the long-term career goals that will help guide your work in high school and
define the your post-high school educational plans.
Continue to Work With Your Holland’s Self Directed Search Materials. On April 28 you completed the Holland’s Self Directed
Search (SDS). The SDS is a self-administered, self-scored, and self-interpreted career guidance tool that helped you begin to think
about the kinds of activities you like, the skills you have, and the occupations that interest you. The SDS can help you define more
clearly how your vocational interests and aspirations fit. It can help you to think about the wide range of alternative careers that your
interests and skills match. The Occupations Finder booklet you were given provides over 1300 occupations organized by types of
careers and the level of education needed to help you explore the wide range of occupations that are available. You can use (username “north” and password “high”) to further explore potential careers.

                                         All Students: Course Selection Notes
We are now at the final stages of scheduling for the over 2100 students who will be attending St. Charles North High School next
year. A master schedule that maximizes our ability to honor the course requests of the maximum number of students has been created
and polished. Counselors are now working to resolve the schedule conflicts that always occur when we try to shape the over 33,600
individual course requests into a schedule of classes for over 2100 students. If you receive a call from a counselor regarding a
schedule conflict, please be sure to return it immediately. Fee sheets that show the courses you have requested will be mailed in late
June; however, a final schedule showing classes and periods will not be available until materials pick up in August.

                                                  Farewells and Welcomes
We wish to congratulate Mrs. Kim Munro-Krusz for her recent appointment as the Director of Guidance at Glenbard East High
School. Mrs. Munro-Krusz has been with St. Charles North from the beginning and has contributed significantly to the
development of our guidance department. We wish Mrs. Munro-Krusz the best in her new position!

We also wish to say thanks to Mrs. Rachel Rogers who has done excellent work for our students this year. Mrs. Rogers will be
returning to part-time work guidance work in order to spend more time with her family. We will all miss her.

Finally, we wish to welcome to the PPS Team, Ms. Sarah Lynch. Ms. Lynch will be assuming the responsibilities for Mrs. Munro-
Krusz’s students. Ms. Lynch is a St. Charles High School graduate and has her bachelors degree from the University of Iowa.
She is completing her masters degree from Roosevelt University. Ms. Lynch has been an art teacher at North for the last two
years. She has received academic and athletic recognition as a Big 10 soccer player for Iowa and is a girls soccer coach at
North. Ms. Lynch has worked closely with Mrs. Munro-Krusz throughout the year providing guidance services to our students
this year. She will be an excellent addition to our guidance team!

                                                  Summer Guidance Hours
Select counselors will be available on an appointment only basis on Tuesday through Thursday during selected weeks throughout the
summer. Counselors will be available form 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on the following days: June 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, July 12, 13, 14,
19, 20, and 21. An effort will be made to accommodate special appointment arrangements if the appointment is made in advance and
there is a counselor available. You may make an appointment with a counselor by calling Eileen Kibble at 630-443-5668.

                                                                 Thank You Marilyn

                        Marilyn Ringsby, Secretary to the Principal, has served District 303 since 1995. Before assuming her
                        current position in 1999, she was the secretary to the Assistant Principal at St. Charles High School.
                        Among her responsibilities is the publication of "The Navigator". We thank Marilyn for her continuing
                        efforts in maintaining this information network on behalf of students and parents.

  Marilyn Ringsby
Principal’s Secretary
Principal’s Newsletter

Page 20                                                                                                         June 2005

                                                     IMPORTANT DATES

Aug 12 – Freshman Orientation & Material Pick-up              Oct 10 – Columbus Day – Schools Closed
Aug 15 – Sophomore Material Pick-up                           Oct 19 – ETC Day
Aug 16 – Junior Material Pick-up                              Oct 28 – End of First Quarter
Aug 17 – Senior Material Pick-up                              Nov 2 – ETC Day
Aug 18 & 19 - Late Registration & Material Pick-up            Nov 16 – ETC Day
Aug 24 – First Day of School for All Students                 Nov 21 – Parent/Teacher Conferences – No School for Students
Sept 5 – Labor Day – Schools Closed                           Nov 22 – Teacher In-Service Day – No School for Students
Sept 7 – ETC Day                                              Nov 23 – Non-Attendance Day (offices open)
Sept 16 – Teachers’ Institute Day – No School for Students    Nov 24 & 25 – Thanksgiving Vacation
Sept 21 – ETC Day                                             Dec 19 – Dec 30 – Winter Vacation
Oct 5 – ETC Day                                               Jan 2 – New Year’s Day Observed – No School for Students
Oct 7 – School Improvement Day – No School for Students       Jan 3 – School Resumes

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                        A community dedicated to achievement and growth through
                           Discovery, cooperation, preparation, and inspiration

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