“Getting Back to Our Roots” by wuyunyi


									 Please continue to visit the Spalding Family Web site:    “Getting Back to Our Roots”

We will be adding a photo gallery to the site, and would          Welcome to the 150th
    love to include photos of you and your family.
                                                                 Birthday Celebration of
  Email your pictures to: spalding@schroderpr.com
                    or mail them to:                             Jack Johnson Spalding
               Schroder Public Relations                    and the Spalding Family Reunion
             1355 Peachtree St., Suite 1250
                  Atlanta, GA 30309
       We will see that they are returned to you.

                    Special Thanks to:
            Mason Stephenson, King & Spalding
             Chris Underwood, King & Spalding
      “Old Jack Himself ” (Charlie Shaffer, Retired K&S)

                    Schroder PR Associates:
                                                                   August 29, 2006
               Reid Childers, video editing                           6-9 p.m.
                    Ivey Doyal, Web site
         Grace Young, Web site, Emails & Research
                Schroder PR Summer Associates:
                      Catherine Butsch
                         Katie Egan                                  King & Spalding
                   Kelly Spalding Voyles                            1180 Peachtree St.
                      Jessica Younglove
                                                                    Atlanta, GA 30309
              Lobby Greeters, Children’s Room Leaders
                Chris Butsch, Sheldon Taylor
   Thank you to our sponsors whose financial support                                       Schedule of Events:
             made this reunion possible:
                                                                              6:00 Arrival
              Jack Spalding Society
 Lynn Cochran Schroder & William Henry Schroder III                           6:45 Children’s Room Opens !
                Jan & Chris Schroder                                                  Cookies & Movie: “Finding Nemo”
                                                                                      (Movie Intermission during Family Photo)
                     Deerland Level
                  Marianne & Frank Craft                                      7:00 Welcome: Chris Schroder
                  King & Spalding (in-kind)                                         Mason Stephenson, Managing Partner,
                   Karen & Jack Schroder                                                 Atlanta office, King & Spalding
                 Anne (Mrs. Jack J.) Spalding
                                                                              7:05 Web site, Database, Trivial Pursuit
                    Family Level
                                                                              7:10 Historical Family Video
Hughes Spalding Schroder Family (Frances, Anne & Beth)
             Martiele & Michael Schroder                                      7:22 A Visit from “Old Jack Himself ”
     Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. William H.) Schroder
                Maysie & Phil Beeson                                          7:40 Family Photo
               Elizabeth & Jeff Morgan
           Van (Mrs. J. Spalding) Schroder
             Michael & Suzanne Spalding                                 Be sure to see the King & Spalding historical tree display in the
                John Spalding Family                                    16th floor lobby, as well as portraits of Jack, Hughes Sr. and Jr. and
                                                                        Charles Gowen. There are also books, photographs and articles on
                  Belle & Bob Voyles
                                                                                 tables located near the podium in the reunion hall.
              Haden & John Winborne
             Lauren & Robert Winborne                                      Please pick up your commemorative gifts on the way out.
                                                                        They include a piece of the Basswood tree planted by Jack Spalding
                      Individual Level                                          when he lived at the site of 1180 Peachtree in 1892,
                          John Craft                                    a King & Spalding paperweight made from the same marble as dis-
                       Charles Spalding                                        played in the 1180 lobby (one per family, please) and
                      Muffin & Jeff Sewell                                 a history book for the 120th anniversary of King & Spalding
                                                                                  that was produced by Schroder Public Relations.

  If you are interested in helping to offset expenses for this event,      The Historical Video and the “Old Jack Himself ” presentation,
   your donation is welcome. All checks can be made payable to           as well as prints of the Official Family Photograph, will be available
                        “Spalding Reunion.”                             for purchase next month. We will notify you when they are available.

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