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									             You'll Be Amazed To Learn What Your Ipad Can Really Do

With the technological advances that we have today, a recent gadget that has earned
its popularity is the iPad. Accessing information, whether for business or personal use
has never been convenient since the creation of this Apple tablet – which offers
functions of a computer and a mobile phone with just clicks and swipes of the tablet
screen. Among its advantageous feature is also the fact that it is very compact,
lightweight, versatile and portable, making it a very effective tool for business, school or
leisure use. If you're wondering what can my ipad do you'll be surprised how much
there is.

                             But, despite its numerous functions and features, one thing to
note is the fact that it can be quite a challenge to use it for those people who may be
considered low-tech. Nevertheless, the user-friendly interface and the goal of its
manufacturer to produce it to provide ease and sophistication can be note-worthy.

Most people may have familiarized themselves with touch screen mobile phones, which
can pretty much give them some idea on how to use the iPad, since these gadgets have
similar features themselves.

As for those who may not be familiar, here are some things we may learn about the
iPad. The iPad is a distinct multi-touch device, with high graphic resolution. It is very
light and thin that you can wonder where it stores the battery and power it requires for
operating. It has an average of 10 hours for battery life. These hours will allow you to
handily access the internet with its Wi-Fi capabilities, listen to music with its built-in
speakers, or record videos with its built-in mic and camera.

The more detailed features and functions of the iPad are the following.
First, it can allow you to surf the web. You can access the built-in web browser in the
iPad known as Safari, which allows you to surf the internet provided that you are
connected to a Wi-Fi access. Once you have the Safari browser opened, you can have
the iPad on either portrait or landscape orientation, depending on what you want.

Second, you can check your emails with the iPad. The Apple mail application that
comes with the iPad is just a click away, and will allow you to sync in your email with the

Third, you can watch YouTube videos and also listen to music from ITunes. You can
have the YouTube or ITunes application which can allow you to HD TV shows, videos,
podcasts and movies.

Fourth, you can read electronic books by using the iBooks application. Reading from the
iPad is very handy and convenient. Various books can be downloaded for free or with a
cost through the iBooks app.

Lastly, you can play various games by downloading them through the Apple Store.
Some will be free; some with certain prices, but all of them will surely entertain you.

An iPad can do so many things; thus, learning how to use it, and owning one can be a
very good and wise decision. There are so many things your ipad can do.

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